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For a fair few days I've started recovering from a virus I caught a few weeks back, it's been a complicated process since I've been having pain in my kidney region which started right before the symptoms settled in. However, the doctors tested me in different ways and there was no sign of any kidney infection. I am recovering from the virus now but I still get kidney pains and the doctors are unaware why because there are no signs of anything wrong with them. The only logical reasoning behind my pain is stress, but I have nothing to be stressed about, so now I get anxious whenever the pain starts to worsen because the worst case scenario always seems to come to mind and I struggle to think of anything else when I get these pains. The only bright side in recent days was the steam sale, and I am able to capitalize on the amazing sales is because of birthday money! I hope to be back online soon, however, since my cousin has been playing the games I bought during the sale right next to my bed although he did give me the chance to play a bit