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Remember Me


[i]memento mori[/i]
Or I guess I could have thought of a better title…

I spent the rest of the afternoon looking back at almost 8 years of PokeCommunity memories. From when I became such a big ass noob to joining staff three times, to participating in a lot of events such as the Get-Together, and many more. These memories, these past 8 years on the site has been amazing.

It makes me really, really sad.

The whole thing is reminding me of when I went through Hurricane Harvey. We didn't know how long the rain would last, but the aftereffect was longer lasting and painful.

I don't want to write an opinionated statement about whatever happened here on the forums. I don't plan to start any drama, or anything really. Today, I simply came online on my downtime from my active life, just to see how everything and everyone's doing. When I found out all my friends (who are mostly staff members), left the forums, I was heartbroken. I never got the chance to say hello, or even tell them goodbye. Everything was just so…sudden for me. Online friends are so fragile, so gifted. Even if we're all apart, the internet brings us together.

I hate to leave on a sad and depressing note, and I really hate how there's so much tension and negativity on a site that I grew up on. I was 19 years old when I joined. I'm now 27. I wanted Pokefriends. I wanted an internet home where I can come back to. But that "home" is no longer my home, or at least…until things blow over. For those of you whom I've known throughout my time here, know that I still remember you. Whether we've had good times or bad times, I still do remember you, and I will continue to remember you. There are many to name, because like I said it has been almost 8 years…you guys made my time here on PC amazing. I grew up with the website, and I'm sure most of you did as well.

Until then, I am stepping aside from my internet home until the whole drama blows over. Everyone's leaving PC, but I'm not completely leaving. I really don't know what will happen now, and I do fear for the worst. If the rumors mentioned are true, then let me have the chance to say goodbye in advance. I actually have a lot of stuff to take care of in real life, which is more important so my activity is still null. If you know me and read this, please, please keep in touch. I would love to keep talking with my PokeCommunity friends. I want our friendships to carry on beyond PokeCommunity, like I have with a few people already. Therefore, I will be passing along my handles on the internet.

Switch ID: SW-6739-5825-8865
Twitter: @Axeliira
Discord: Axeliira#1348
Steam: Axeliira
Telegram: Axeliira
PSN: Axeliira
I love you guys. I love you all very, very much. <3