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Remove Background panning animation before battle


Cool Newbie
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    • Seen May 29, 2024
    Hello there !

    I visited PokéCommunity for years now and today is my first post.

    I am creating a rom hack on my free time. Usually I find everything I need but today I don't. I searched here and on Reddit but can't find anything.

    Here is the thing :
    I created backgrounds for my Fire Red Rom Hack, and when a battle is starting, the background does this panning animation that I find confusing.
    Spoiler: Gif of the problem

    I know that in other rom hack, as Radical Red or even The last FireRed, they managed to remove this panning animation, letting just the still background.
    So my question is, is there a way to remove this panning animation ?

    Also, I am using HexManiac to add the battle background and everything else. Really convenient soft tbh.

    Any help is welcome ! :)

    (I am really new to posting stuff here, so if i am not on the right category or anything, just let me know!)