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Shine Diamond episode 88--The Afterpost


Make the Colors in the Sky!
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    This week, Dawn comes to learn that not all Pokemon want to evolve!

    This episode was dramatically rewritten to set up an arc down the line. Team Rocket was obviously taken out--Dawn's conflict about Kori evolving made for enough of a conflict.

    The rehearsal scene and the singing game with Danielle sets up for a couple of episodes down the road, where the group actually performs with the Fantasia Company. This replaces the ping-pong tournament in the real show (not only did that sound very weird to me, it also involved some Pokemon that were cut) Barry saying that he does not sing proved to be a nice running gag.

    I repurposed what Dawn does in the real show as a "what not to do" discussion in talking to Kori. So even though Dawn tries to have a respectful conversation about whether or not to evolve (offscreen), Kori takes it the wrong way, spurring the rescue.

    Gaia evolving was new for the story--I felt this place made the most sense for her to evolve (her story continues in the Kalos remix)

    Next time, Dawn and Brock trade places in each other's events!