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Silver III, the dream.

Bidoof FTW

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As some of you know I'm a huge fan of League of Legends and it takes up a lot of my free time. Sometime in July I hit lvl 30 (the level required to play ranked matches) and decided to see how I would do.

My first two games were very discouraging losses. They were when I first began to learn jungling and imo I shouldn't have rushed ranked with such a low pool of champions that I was good with playing. (Especially when the champion I played for both games I'm terribly bad at and haven't played him since those games)


My next three games were great! This is when I learned how much I loved my little wolfy <3 Had pretty good teammates, we worked together well, not much more to say.


My next four games were pretty uneventful, had some good games, bad games were generally because our team didn't get along and blamed each other. Every game I won out of these 10 was when we had great teamwork and were friendly.


One of my games hasn't loaded in yet, but I went 1/3/? with Warwick and we ff'd at 20. They had a fed Rengar and Yasuo, it wasn't fun ;-;

Speaking of Warwick, I have to say he is definitely my favorite jungler and my best champion. Here are all of my games as Warwick (except one that isn't registered yet, I will edit this blog when it shows up).


At the end of all of the hell that was ranked solo queue, I was happy to know I somehow achieved Silver III after 5 Wins & 5 Losses for my provisional matches. So now I can play normals and screw around knowing I'll have my silver border next season :)

If anyone wants to add me on League my ign is Drderpins and I'm on the NA server. Also, who was your favorite champion to play in ranked and how did you do? Do you have any champions/roles you think I should try? Please comment down below! I'll see you guys later, and good luck in the Rift!