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So, about that announcement (and anime con stuff)

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On that 'Non stop road'
  • Okay, so I was originally going to post today about Ichibancon, that anime convention I went to this past weekend where I...
    *Pretty much headed to Charlotte NC and back home in secret
    *Endured 48+hours combined to and from on Greyhound buses
    *Stayed more upscale than I usually do - at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel (nice place but WHY do they charge $12.95/night for internet???)
    *Couldn't get into the "Pokemon Game Show" despite cosplaying as Blue/Leaf
    *Bought a whole lot of Sailor Mercury merchandise
    *Spent upwards of $700 total including hotel, meals, and travel
    *Felt that it was so totally worth the money and enduring Greyhound lol

    But then... the new Pokemon games announcement. Here are my thoughts on X/Y from the little I've seen so far.

    Thank heavens the announcement wasn't for R/S/E remakes. Then I would have been forced to bust out some of my lame "lipstick on a pig" jokes and puns, and I'm sure nobody wants to hear those...

    Starter Pokemon are okay but meh (please, don't give this Fire starter a Fighting secondary type when it evolves. Please, Game Freak. I'm begging you.), the graphics look pretty good, but honestly, the biggest draw for me is...

    I *really* like her look. I've always felt that the player characters needed an extra dose of formality and now it's looking like we're getting it. And extra points for making a return to a proper skirt. Now time (and official Sugimori art) will tell if I end up liking her better than Blue/Leaf but so far that seems like a very real possibility. And that is a HUGE statement coming from me. I do wish they gave her Mei/Rosa-like tights instead of knee/thigh-highs, but other than that I think they did a really good job with this girl :)

    Now I just hope that they don't ruin X/Y for me by including my personal Cardinal Sin of Pokemon Games like they did for B2/W2 (please, don't include him. Please, Game Freak. I'm begging you.)

    The only other issue is saving up enough money for a game, a 3DS, AND another anime convention all in October in addition to possible (probable) moving expenses earlier this year. I might be able to ask for the game as a birthday present, but for the rest of this stuff I'm on my own.


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    I like skirts but I always get a little twinge of feminist anger when you, as a man, start using the phrase "proper skirt". >_o


    I was waiting for something like this. She resonates Leaf to me.


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  • "Proper skirt"

    Oh.................................................. I didn't realize there was such thing as an improper skirt.