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Something new is over somewhere

  • Age 31
  • Seen Dec 11, 2023
And it is over at Pokemon Trivia that really needs more attention than it has been getting. It's none other than

The PokeTrivia League!

Come answer trivial things or solve puzzles each week (or whatever amount of time you're given) and gain badges. After you gain all eight badges you'll receive the emblem of that region! There will often be multiple puzzles each time so that you can gain your emblems much sooner than if I tried to do one puzzle each time.

The current Puzzles are the good ol' Who's That Pokemon as well as a Word Scramble. You can easily get to them by viewing this thread here!

End date might be extended a week to give people more time to finish them, but please go forth and complete them! Or one of 'em doesn't matter you'll get a badge for whichever one you complete. :D
  • Seen Jul 4, 2013
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