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Straying away from religion


New year, new possibilities
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    Yesterday my big brother Robert was in a gloomy mood. He questioned if God exists or not, and I said he very much is real but Robert then asks "If God is real, why won't he do something right now, when the rest of the world is in turmoil, with other religions and also terrorism?"

    I am not giving up the fact that God is real, but I am looking for proof. I told my parents about it and they were concerned. We are good protestant christians and my brother is taking himself away. What proof is there to stop this?


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    questioning your beliefs is healthy and should be a natural part in the growth of one's faith

    there isn't any way to prove god's involvement or lack of involvement in the world and it's affairs
    that's the point of faith, belief without proof
    it's up to your brother to find a way to reconcile with that matter

    if he can't, well, that's just something you'll have to talk about amongst yourselves


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    • Seen Jan 30, 2015
    The logic is supposed to be something like "free will is an inherent good and something God gave us above everything else so God doesn't interfere in free will". I don't buy into it, but that's the religious argument.