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Stupid People


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    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize that half of them are stupider than that.
    - George Carlin​

    I am so done with asking people if they want all of their toppings on their burger, they say no tomato, I say "okay, no tomato, got it", and the they literally go "UGH, no, I said NO tomato." Heyyy, just cause you're a nurse doesn't mean you ain't a dumb bitch who apparently can't hear sentences correctly :^)

    Seriously can't wait to get out of Surgical Tech school so I can finally stop getting talked to as if I were a bug that rudely got in the way of their stride, rudely got stuck to the bottom of their nursing clogs, and rudely ruined their day because of this whole interaction. But then, I still have to ask them to have a niiiice dayyy! If I don't, I'm being RUDE.



    one more time
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    Yes, we have no bananas...~

    That sounds annoying indeed. Currently at a science operations place with a cafeteria, and at least from what I've seen the people there are luckily than you with people being rude to them. =( Although sandwiches being make-your-own probably helps...