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Such an odd little child

So, after reminiscing with my brother before he went back to uni i learnt a lot of things about my childhood that i couldn't remember. A lot of odd things. To be honest i don't think they could possible be true but hey, they'll make an interesting blog entry xD

First odd thing that i learnt is that i apparently got sent to a speech therapist at about 2-3 years old because they thought i couldn't speak. Turns out i could speak but i was being an awkward little so and so and refused to talk.
That ones probably true as i still barely talk now and even when i do i mumble so much nobody understands me xD

Another thing is that i was obsessed with dolls. I one time refused to leave a toys-r-us without getting a pram and a doll.
I pray to god that this one isn't true because i know that if my parents ever meet my friends that will be one of the first stories to pop up.

And gathering from a load of other stuff and that i was a very suborn child too.
I'm so glad i'm over that now NOT xD


Kicking against the earth!
My brother was thought to not be able to speak, so it was with this sing language and yeah. then he got over it. though we all are rly shy.
But I mumble :o
What boy dosent play with dolls? xD IT was so cool, we changed barbies hair color :D lmao.
And that me and **** planned on getting married and we um did some things. but whatever. I was 4ish i think.
Pointless post from me~

Mr Cat Dog

Frasier says it best
I didn't talk until I was about 3-years-old, but didn't have a speech therapist until about the second/third year of school. I can't remember any of it off the top of my head, but I did find a 'journal' that the therapist wrote for my parents benefit, and it was really weird reading it. I'm not massively extroverted now, but it's kinda harrowing reading about how withdrawn I used to be when I was so much younger...


[i]memento mori[/i]
I had a speech problem till I was about 5 years old. So I was in and out of therapy a lot back then. The problem with myself was my parents not being so responsive, and since they didn't speak English well (coming from Mexico), they were scared to teach me two languages, which today, I can speak very well.

I still mumble at times, though. But with proper communication training, you'll get over it.

Dolls. Oh how I miss those barbie dolls when I was little. I used to play with them.. A LOT. It's sad that very little kids are really into them these days. Now their hot "choices" for toys are iPods and laptops.