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Tagged out at first.

Bidoof FTW

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    Tagged by Denny Hamlin

    1) What is your name (first, whole, doesn't matter)? If you're uncomfortable disclosing your name, then tell us where your username came from.

    My name is David Silvieus, although people here usually just call me David or Bidoof, irl I usually go by DJ (David Jr.) My username came from when I first went to the battle server after joining a club that involved a battling aspect. I joined showdown with the intent of having a dumb, pokemon related name that wasn't true... And i just happened to use Bidoof FTW. I really liked the name and decided to remake my PC account to match it :)

    2) How did you find the Pokecommunity, and why did you join?

    I first found pokecommunity when i discovered I had lost my gameboy, so I decided to see if i could play the old games on my cpu for free, and discovered ROMs. I didn't really want to be a part of creating roms or modding old gen games.. I just wanted to discover new ways to play the games and games that were very good that I had never played, so I googled "Fun gameboy roms" or something dumb like that and a thread here was the first thing that had come up. Normally, I would never ever ever sign up for a forum after clicking on it just to answer a dumb question I had, but somehow it intrigued me so I decided to sign up.

    3) What is your current stance on Pokemon, the franchise? Are you still in love with it, or is it something that you consider part of your childhood?

    I consider it a huge influence on how I acted as a child and how I am today, but that doesn't restrict it to just my childhood. I still love the game and although I love it for different reasons than I used to as a kid I still enjoy pokemon of all forms and am proud to call myself a fan of Pokemon.

    4) If you could meet one person from PC in real life, who would that be? Name others if you want, but who is the main person?

    There are a couple I'd really really LOVE meeting irl. So i'll go with the main first and then some others in no particular order.

    First of all, I would absolutely love to meet Vincent. He's a very good friend of mine that has been there for me when I've really needed him and is someone that I really would enjoy being around irl.

    If I was ever able to do it I'd like to meet Kanzler and Denny Hamlin (Megan how dare you tag me ;-;). They both have been amazing friends that I've known for as long as I can remember during my time here at PC. Distance would be a huge problem in all of these situations but hey, sometime it would be cool to see them all :).

    Also it's worth noting I visit the town Livewire lives in about twice a year so it would be cool to meet him if we ever got the chance and he was interested as well, but we aren't that close so it probably isn't something I'd get my hopes on about

    5) Tell us a little bit about yourself. Not too much, but enough to let us know you a little more. Afterall, that's the point of this!

    Um, what haven't I said before that I can say now? D:

    I'm a pretty outgoing person I'd like to think. I've have a pretty sharp temper since I've been little but I've been making huge improvements to the point where some people have never seen me upset. Which although this isn't always the best thing, to me it is great that I can control my actions so much better when I'm upset than I used to be able to do. I really enjoy listening to music and I love to talk about and discover new genres/artists so if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know about them :) I play a lot of video games on Xbox 360, PC, and on the 3DS. I'm a pretty lazy person overall, but when I get my mind ready to do something or if it's something I really care about then I will do anything I can to get it done.

    6) And lastly, which two people are you going to tag?

    I'm going to tag Vincent and halcyonic. #Quickscoped #Taggedbyahitmarker.