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The $19.79 Soul Silver

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
  • So, how did I manage to obtain a copy of Soul Silver today for only $19.79?

    1. Open email from GameStop. Learn about a promotional coupon that lets you get 30% more for your DS trade ins.

    2. Gather together two DS games that have been collecting dust.

    3. Go to GameStop.

    4. Present DS games and coupon at checkout, get $12.67 credit.

    5. Cashier will tell you they have used copies of SS in stock for only $29.99

    6. Buy aforementioned used copy.

    7. Bask in your frugal-ness.

    Only disadvantage is, no Pokewalker included. But since I'm a lazy bum who keeps walking to a bare minimum, I'm not sure that the Pokewaker would have been much benefit to me anyway.

    Not sure who bought SS and deemed it not worth their time, but their loss, my gain. I just hope it hasn't been hacked to death...

    Won't be starting right away.... there's a Pokemon tourney on April 10 on campus and I still have two more Pokemon to breed, then I have to EV train the whole lot of 'em...

    I'll be playing as the female, as I have since Crystal. Any suggestions for my character's name (I really don't want to go with "Lisa" again)?


    ☆ E N T E R T A I N E R
  • Eh heh heh, it's a nice bargain though it isn't as good without the Poke Walker D:

    /and at least it isn't $85, which is what my SS cost back in September

    Oh, and for name, Lucy sounds nice~ Or maybe Crystal, for nostalgia purposes :3
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  • My SS (+PokeWalker) was $90NZ. wurrrrrth it, hellz yeah.

    Not like I'm saving or anything. *shrug*