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The Art of the Disco Stick

So, on July 22nd, I'm going to see Lady Gaga in concert with my best friend, my boyfriend, and my amazing bbcakes Fausty.
To go "gaga" for Gaga, Fausty and I were chatting on IRC, and he mentioned he was making a disco stick. He then linked to a video tutorial on YouTube.
Taking that tutorial into consideration, I compared it to other tutorials, such as this one, and began to formulate a plan.

You see, I like Lady Gaga, but . . my boyfriend LOVES Lady Gaga.
So, I thought to myself, what would be a better present than a disco stick? :)

And, so, I did it.

The first step was to paint this dowel rod I bought at Hobby Lobby. Yet, I didn't have a paint brush! What was one to do?
Luckily, we were watching HGTV, and on one of the shows, they did some painting with old, unmatched socks. So, I donned two socks and coated it in black paint. And, it's pretty smooth. :)

These are the crystal dazzlers for the stick in some random dish we found.
Originally, we thought we could just put glue on the cup, and just roll it in there. We tested it on a demo cup, but it looked tacky. So, we removed those crystals and put it back on the platter.

One of the most important parts is the LED Flashlight. The one I had was red, so I covered it in black electrical tape. Sure, it looks a LITTLE messy, but in the dark, you won't tell any difference ;)

So, my dad cut out the bottom of one of the cups to match the light part of the flashlight, and then we hot glued the cups together. Then, we started putting the dazzlers on one by one.

My mom's holding it, btw. Lol.

The top part was now done (:

Turning the light on o3o;

And this is the entire top part, finished.

All that's left is to put the base of the flashlight and the dowel rod together. I'll post a picture of when it's done, of course n_n;

[sorry for the ~not so great res~, I took these with my iPhone and I couldn't be bothered turning on more lighting n_n]


So that's what a disco stick is...

For some reason, I got a completely different impression when listening to the song. XD


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  • Seen Mar 22, 2022
The art of disco stick is something that seems rather strange to understand, though i would prefer something more like the gluegunwiki.com authors are boasting about.