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[Coding Tutorial] The Basics of the Ruby programming language

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    • Seen Nov 28, 2022
    The basics of the Ruby programming language

    The purpose of this tutorial is to teach people who are new to Ruby or programming as a whole about some general programming concepts that apply to many more languages, but also about Ruby specifically. The clean syntax of Ruby will make it easier to understand everything and follow along with the tutorials.

    Please note that there is so much more to Ruby than just what is covered here. These are merely the basics with which you will be able to write your own programs or edit code you've seen somewhere without having to worry about breaking things.

    To be able to post this tutorial elsewhere and refer to it with ease, I've decided to write it down in a Google Document. I'm also able to do code blocks that way.


    You are allowed to comment in the document if you're confused about something and I'll help you out. If you are a programmer and see something that should be explained differently, feel free to leave a comment too. If this power is abused, it will be disabled.

    This tutorial will be updated every so often with an extra part! Stay tuned and good luck with coding!


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    Oh wow! I'll check this out! I remember hearing in 1 Class that it was Object Oriented.

    Okay, after reading, holy smokes. This is CRAZY. They make Printing so simple compared to dumb Languages like Java. Even as "sophisticated" as Java may be, it's really more just Capable rather than "Sophisticated". The unbelieveably simple use of an "if" Statement is beautiful too, you don't even need a Then as I gather? And are Spaces important in Ruby (like Indents and such)? I also love the use of printing a Math Equation that returns a Boolean as just a simple, "Bracket-less" thing!

    But simple Method Calls, greatly done Language. I had heard this was supposed to be a more Human Readable Language! However, is that example with the Method Calling of Arguments that feature a "b = 2" the trick where when you don't supply a Parameter in the Calling Code, it will automatically use 2 as a Preset Value?
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    I recently started to learn from this document a it is really well explained and entertaining. Thank you for all of this


    Oshawott uses Razor Shell
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    Hello guys, sorry for posting here, but i am reading the tutorial and i dont know how will i test what i make, where and how can i test?