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[Other Original] The Enchanted Maze [SWC - GT - 2023]


This is my SWC Entry for the GT - 2023. It's a bit rushed, because I was too busy and tired all the days before to start writing. I had to make a whole new idea, because my old one would have been even harder to write with the limited amount of time I had. At the last day I began writing this piece all night whilst I was tired and my head hurt, but I didn't let that stop me to finish this piece for my team. I also went to work the next day with only one and a half hours of sleep. So just a heads-up, it's rushed and my first language isn't english but german. The story has a total of 4022 words. I'm also thinking about actually making this story chaptered later on with time, so my whole planning process could be understood better. I still hope you will enjoy this piece despite all of it's flaws.


⟡ dig down, dig down ⟡
yknow it's kinda funny- one of my concepts for this prompt was also a maze haha. i didn't go through with mine, but it's neat to see how you took it on!

There are some parts that are difficult to read due to lack of paragraph spacing- especially when there is dialogue. The general rule is that if there's a new speaker, there should be a new paragraph. :) There are also some confusing grammar and vocabulary choices, but I understand English isn't your first language. Improvement in those areas comes with practise and time!

You took on some really complex plot elements- riddles and mysteries are pretty difficult to write well imo. It also managed to feel like a whole big adventure within a relatively small piece, which is impressive. The sense of magic was very strong throughout! But I feel like we spent a lot of time just wandering around the maze without advancing the plot, and the build-up was extensive for a rather short final confrontation. The pacing is somewhat off, I guess. I think the payoff would have been more satisfying to me if there were more hints and details about Oliver and Ophelia throughout the whole adventure. Ultimately, I think the way you descibe such a magical and ethereal place is one of the strongest things about this piece :)

Regardless, I think there are a lot of interesting ideas in here that would shine even more with more time and a chaptered format! As fun as SWC is, it does limit us in a way. :) I'm impressed that you did so much within the time given~