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The Glitterati

Did you track this duo down to complete their 'side quest' (of sorts) ?
What did you think of the rewards?


Personally I did do this sidetrack.
Initially found them myself, but then when I had to find them on Glaseado Mountain I just looked their location up as I didn't want to scour that entire mountain for them lol
You get a lot of treasure items from them, which is nice if you're short on money. I buy a lot of Vitamins so I did appreciate it. I do feel like the reward for chasing them down over and over between Paldea and Kitakami could've been a bit more.
You get a Hisuian Growlithe with it's HA for doing the Bloodmoon Ursaluna quest. The woman you battle uses a Kanto Persian. Why not hand out an Alolan Meowth with it's HA at the end? Could even justify it by having her say that for some reason her different looking Meowth wont evolve despite spending a lot of money on it.


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Hunted them down. Viewed the reward as pretty nice. (Specifically kept an eye out for money sources, especially after the 1 million Pokedollar thing.) Cannot realistically get this in a new playthrough without beating most of the game, unfortunately. Adjusts the normal trainers' levels, but not these.

Wishes for better directions. Circled the entirety of Casseroya Lake looking for these two.

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I am thinking there will be some kind of way to evolve Alolan native Pokémon in the DLC Part 2. No firm reason why, just the idea trickling in the back of my mind with all the bits and pieces that are known.


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I tracked them down on my own for the first 3 or 4 locations then just used a guide to power through the rest. I wish they had given a cool costume or something to let your character rock some Glitterati style. They give enough money to get the special costume from the shrine guy, but that costume isn't really all that good.