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The Plug.dj Charts with Rabinov!

Hello all at PC; I am aware I haven't posted for a while, however the previous idea has been ditched for something that I have an avid interest in. Music! I will be reviewing the first 3-5 songs that play on my plug.dj when I am in there. Now at the moment it's currently just myself, however this will be the case for anyone that joins! The plug channel is welcome to all, so come on and join the fun!



Rise Against - Savior

Rise Against. What a fantastic band. They managed - in my opinion, of course - to get that political edge to their songs without being as harsh as Rage Against the Machine and manage to play our heartstrings better than Ann Marie Calhoun herself (picture for reference below - she's an extremely talented violinist)


And boy, what a song this is! Savior is a song which goes against the Rise Against socio-political grain; it is a song with a theme of broken relationships and the forgiveness within these and boy it does that very well. Well enough in fact, that ithas managed to become one of the band's most successful singles to date. I would definitely recommend this song as one of the first ones you listen to if you start listening to Rise Against.


Zebrahead - Automatic [No Album Art due to NaughtyBits]

Ok I'll try to be as unbiased as possible as Zebrahead are my favourite band but again a very good track by the boys of La Habra, California. Coming from the well-received album 'Call Your Friends', Zebrahead carried on the Pop-Punk vibe starting from their 2011 album 'Get Nice'; a really refreshing album after the more serious production of Phoenix back in 2008.

Automatic is a really upbeat song, immediately coming in with a punchy beat and a great vocal line to boot. With Dan Palmer coming in as a new guitarist for this album there is a great new sound which is highlighted in Automatic.

Again this is a song I'd recommend for Zebrahead newbies, which says a lot about the song as I am a fan of the older stuff over the new when it comes to these guys. Also the vid is great too, check it out~!


Machinae Supremacy - Rise of a Digital Nation


An interesting band I imagine 90% of PokéCommunity have not come across, Machinae Supremacy are a SID Metal band. What is SID Metal, you ask? Why it's Metal that incorporates a Sound Integration Device (SID) into its music. A SID will allow you to insert sound chips/boards of various - in this case - older/retro gaming consoles and allow you to then use those sounds!

Now the song Rise of a Digital Nation is a newer song, coming from the album of the same name and therefore it actually leans towards less usage of the SID compared to some of their older albums for example. However I feel this makes the song good in its own way - it comes as a nice little surprise throughout the song, rather than something you expect.

However personally if you are wanting to get into the BAND as a whole, I would not recommend this song. In terms of the unique angle this band takes, it does not highlight it very well. Despite the interjection of the SID, it is still a fairly general Metal song which otherwise has nothing else that stands out for it. Delve back towards earlier albums (Read: Redeemer) to get more of a feel for this band's flair