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The Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge

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I actually restarted my game on Pearl - because Blaze Black is constantly crashing on me and I have no idea why :( I ll post updates as soon as I get a bit further into the game =)
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Well, that didn't last long :(
-Met my starter, Draeg the Seadra.
-Defeated May, who had a Spoink.
-Caught Squirts the Squirtleon Route 101
-Failed to catch a Grimer on Route 102
-Caught Billy the Growlithe on Route 102
-Grinded for a while on Route 102
-Met my Dad
-Helped Wally catch a ralts
-Failed to catch a Lugia on Route 104
-Failed to catch a Bannette in Petalburg Woods
-Caught Pokey the Weedle on Route
-Caught Rocky the Onyx in Rusturf Tunnel
-Challenged and defeated Roxanne and obtained the Stone Badge
-Took back the Devon Goods from a Team Aqua Grunt
-Received the PokeNav and the Letter for Steven
-Deveated May, who had a Toarkoal and a Mudkip
-Pokey evolved into a Kakuna
-Traveled to Dewford Town
-Caught NatNat the Natu in Granite Cave
-Lost Pokey to a Whismur in Granite Cave
-Returned to Dewford Town and laid Pokey to rest
-Challenged the Dewford Gym and failed to defeat Brawley.
I will now proceed to start over with the same rules!

I have already begun my second attempt at this challenge! Here is my progress so far:
-Met my starter, Meg the Bayleaf
-Defeated May, who had a Gengar
-Captured Nido the female Nidoran on Route 101
-Failed to catch a Caterpie on Route 102
-Caught Gulpy the Gulpin on Route 103
-Met Dad
-Helped Wally catch a Ralts (I haven't seen a Pokemon turn up that reliably since Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow!)
-Caught Swabbie the Swablu on Route 104
-Caught Pheta the Corphish in Petalburg Woods
-Caught HokeyPokey the Spinda on Route 116
-Caught Maggie the Magnemite in Rusturf Tunnel

Hope I don't lose to Brawley again, cause the next update comes when I battle him!
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MY game didnt save so heres Take 2
Game: Sacred Gold which is Heart Gold but a hack
Rules: Standard with Nicknames, and only pokeballs
IDK HOW TO CHANGE THE STARTERS: so ill just make the first pokemon i catch my starter
  • Sacred Gold Ep 1: The Boring Intro...
  • Started the game as Tommy
  • Mom gave me all my stuff
  • Met Lyra and her Marill
  • Met Prof. Elm and got a my nonstarter: cyndaquil
  • His aide also gave me some potions thanks bro
  • Lyra introduced herself and got my pokegear from mom thanks mom
  • Registered Prof. Elm
  • Route 29 Encounters: Happiny
  • The Guide Gent... this is the pokemon center... a what? blah blah blah and this is the ocean.. who? he gave me an old rod... yippee oh and theres more he loaded a map on my gear. Thanks bro
  • Route 30 Encounters: Plusle, Starmie, Pelipper, Gligar, Lumineon,
  • Got de Apricorns yuss
  • Met Cynthia! And she gave me an EEVEE!!! No handouts though :/
  • And just so you guys know if you're confused Sacred Gold is a hack made to more challenging and it includes stuff that's not canon in the original game
  • Got le mystery egg and the pokedex now time to go all the way back... whats this challenge from my rival named larry
  • Defeated his Totodile tsk for him not nicknaming his pokemon guess hes not doing nuzlocke
  • The popo almost busted me for my wee- cyndaquil but Lyra saved me

Cyndaquil (not for long)

Sacred Gold Ep 2: Getting Started
  • Since these games are weird and dont give you a chance to catch pokemon in the beginning Ill still capture one from R29 and 30.
  • Lyra was jumping around and approaching first pokemon... so excited :D
  • FIRST BATTLE!!! and it's a Zubat :D... not even mad
  • Caught Zayne the Zubat M Lv. 3 He's Jolly and I feel blessed for a fantastic nature for my starter.
  • Other R29 Encounters: Mothim, Crobat... Lol soon my baby Ill get to you
  • Got back to Cherrygrove and deposited the cyndaquil and eevee so now only Zayne remains
  • Time to Train Zayne on R29: Illumise, Dratini, Delibird, Barboach, Slowpoke, Togetic, Hippopotas, Wailmer, Tentacruel, Blaziken, Charmander, Finneon, Kyogre, Cyndaquil, Baltoy, Seviper and Wailord
  • Results: Learned Astonish, Supersonic LV. 10
  • Finally going ahead to R30 and new pokemon ahead
  • First in R30 is a Forretress... meh decided not to catch idek why
  • Encounters: Staraptor, Igglybuff,
  • BATTLES: Zayne vs. Rattata. Zayne wins with few injuries.
  • Zayne vs. Budew, Sentret, Seedot, Cherubi. No difficulty whatsoever.
  • Zayne vs. Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Skitty. Cute Charm is annoying af. Of those 3 Zayne elevated to Lv. 12.
  • Entered R31 and caught Drafler the Yanma!! She has the ability Speed Boost and a Bold nature!!!!
  • Obtained the vs. Recorder from Lyra and entered Violet City
  • Went back to the Dark Cave and caught Lucky the Typhlosion!!! He's got a neutral nature and Blaze. After healing went to train Lucky and Zayne :O

Current Team: Zayne the Zubat LV 12 and Lucky the Typhlosion Lv. 8
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I had to restart my game again - I almost finished Pearl when I tried open my save file yesterday I got that error saying: Couldn't open first slot or something like that >_> Ohwell I am happy that I restarted the game because while I was training in the etherna forest I found this:
- First shiny in the original game - I have a lot of them but they are all in the hacks that I played lately >_> I am not going to use him because my first encounter there was non-shiny male snorunt but I am still so happy <3

So I started Diamond and named myself Lara (my real life name) and my rival Barry since I was completly out of ideas on what to nickname him. I had to meet him in his house and he dragged me to the lake even though I didn't want to go - He forced me to go to tall grass with him even though everybody was telling us not to do so - starlies attacked us and I was forced to choose my starter pokemon. My choices were: Beldum (meh I don't like recoil from take down >_< ), togepi (it's useless untill it evolves) and bagon which is what I chose- defeated starly without any major issues and Lucas came back and got mad at us because we used those pokemon - but what were we supposed to do? Went to first city and got pokedex and named my bagon which was female Dina. I also got pokeballs after the tour trough the city was over and went to catch some pokemon. By the lake I found nosepass (Nosy) and on first route I found surskirt (Bugsy) - why? =( While I was grinding there I encountered: Kingler, corphish and electabuzz -everything would be better than surskirt >_> Grinded to lvl 10 and went back to mom to tell her that I ll be gone. I went to next route and captured adamant poliwrath (Blue) which is awesome. Battled some trainers and came to Jubilife city. Found the clowns and got pokech. I found starly (Starship) on the route north from Jubilife and fished east of jubilife to find totodile (Aligator). In the cave I found hippowdon (Hippo) that replaced my surskit. I battled my rival and defeated him with ease (he had togepi lol ) - and captured tyranitar (T-rex) on that route. I went through the tunnel and found drowzee in there but I didn't want to catch it. I went on and in orebourgh mine I found James the koffing (other pokes I encountered while grinding were monferno, swampert, grovyle... a bunch of awesome pokemon but nope I got koffing >_> ) captured flaffy on the patch of grass north from Oreburgh and named her fluffy. Nosy died while I battled the trainers in the Orebourgh mine and she was replaced with Fluffy. I defeated Roark without any problems since I grinded my team up to lvl 15 before I took him on - I didn't want to risk it because last time I battled him he had bonsly that destroyed my team >_> This time he had slowpoke (Fluffy for the rescue!) something that I don't remember and eggsecutor - or whatever's that lol I went on to the next city - and found shellos by the Windworks- named him Shells. Defeated the team Galactic and reunited that girl with her father. I went on and captured marowag on the route north from that city - and entered the forest - first encounter there was snorunt (Snowie). Came out of forest and first encounter there was buizel (Weaslie) I also found Duskull (Skully) and lillep (Lillo) on the route next to Mt. Coronet and in the Mt. Coronet.
I am off to train everybody to level 25 and than take on Gardenia.

Current team:

Dina (Bagon), female, lvl 25, Modest nature, ability: Rock Head



Fluffy (Flaafy), female, lvl 25, Timid nature. Ability: Static


Thunder Shock
Thunder Wave

Blue (Poliwrath), female, lvl 25, Adamant nature, ability: Damp


Bubble Beam
Double Slap

Hippo (Hippowdon), male, lvl 25, Bold Nature, Ability: Sand Stream


Take Down
Rock Smash
Sand Tomb

Starship (Staravia), male, lvl 25, Gentle Nature, Ability: Intimidate


Quick Attack
Wing Attack

Aligator (Croconaw), male, lvl 25, Quiet nature, Ability: Torrent


Water Gun
Ice Fang

Dead: Nosy (Nosepass)
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SG Ep. 3: Violet City
Trained Lucky. Some interesting battles: Regigigas.
Battled a Breloom on R32 and critical hit it :( stoopid Lucky.
Battled a Makuhita on the Sprout Tower and caught it!! Jabbr the Makuhita it is.
BATTLES: Lucky vs. Sunkern, Ralts, Bellsprout x2. No difficulty.
Lucky vs. Bellsprout, Poliwag, Exeggcute. Target practice for Lucky's nasty Ember.
Zayne and Lucky vs. Mareep, Hoothoot, Oddish. Mareep was a pain in the ass with Static.
Purchased pokeballs.
Battled a Marshtomp and caught him in the Ruins of Alph!! Meet Murkirk a funny way to senator mark kirks name.
Explored the Ruins of Alph. Some awesome encounters: Deoxys, Monferno.
Short episode :/.

Zayne - Anticipation
-Wing Attack
-Leech Life

Lucky - Blaze
-Quick Attack
This seems fun! I'll give it a go.

Username: LakituBroz
ROM Randomized: Pokemon FireRed
I have already started, but not out of Pewter City yet. :(

Additional Rules:
You must nickname Pokemon
A black out is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.

Should I post pictures of my party and my dead box first?
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SG Ep. 4: Goodbye my Friend
  • Zayne died. R.I.P He was a good Zubat and will be missed forever and always.
  • Lucky was also saddened by the unfortunate passing of his friend so he vows to train twice as hard for the both of them.
  • Returned to the Sprout Tower with Lucky alone.
  • BATTLES: Lucky vs. Bellsprout. No contest.
  • Lucky vs. Psyduck, Bulbasaur, Natu. Couldn't have been easier.
  • Lucky vs. Abra, Hoothoot, Hoppip, Exeggcute. Wrecked.
  • Received a Super Potion from mom.
  • Went back to the Ruins of Alph to train Lucky some more.
  • Then returned to the Sprout Tower to challenge the head sage.
  • ELDER BATTLE: Lucky vs. Bellsprout, Chingling, Hoothoot, Cherubi. I overestimated that one.
  • LEADER FALKNER: Lucky Lv. 22 vs. Doduo, Pidgeotto, Chatot, Farfetch'd, Swablu, Murkrow. His highest level was 15 -.- No contest. Too bad for Zayne he would've loved to have been apart of that battle.
  • Now I get an egg. Lol no handouts.
  • On to R32 - Battles: Lucky vs. Nidoran F, Ponyta. Lucky got poisoned :(.
  • Lucky vs. Nidoran M, Diglett, Pikachu. Frackin Poison Point got me again.
  • Lucky vs. Staravia, Nidorino, Oddish, Elekid. Gotta be careful of those physical contact abilities -.-
  • Interesting Encounter: Ho-Oh so did i beat the game yet. And Manaphy :).
  • Union Cave: Girafarig...! Interesting. Interestingly impossible to catch. And not worth it.
  • Battles: Geodude, Nosepass. Dem Rocks.
  • R33: Ponyta :(. Not having the best luck with these guys.
  • Ilex Forest: Failed to catch a Riolu. My luck has run dry :'''(
  • Slowpoke Well (AKA last chance to catch a pokemon before Bugsy): Machamp. Caught him!!! Finally another pokemon I can use. Please Welcome Byronn the Lax Machamp. He's gonna need to get some intense training to catch up to Lv. 28 Lucky. I've actually never had a Machamp and this is really exciting.
  • Battles: Byronn vs. Rattata, Zubat :/, Ekans. Curse that Glare.
  • Byronn vs, Grimer, Poochyena, Geodude. No challenge.
  • Byronn vs, Cacnea, Nidorina....
  • EXECUTIVE PROTON: Byronn and Lucky vs. Voltorb, Zubat, Koffing, Cacnea. One of the most annoying battles ever.
  • Togepi hatched. No freebies.
  • Entered the Azalea Gym.
  • Obtained Occa Berries from Mom.
  • RIVAL BATTLE: Byronn vs. Murkrow, Kadabra, Gastly, Croconaw. Byronn sustained little injuries.
  • Saved in front of Bugsy :].

-Vital Throw
-Karate Chop
-Rock Slide

-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack
If anyone knows how to post pics/gifs on these replies please pm me.

The Undisputed Era

Shock the System.
If anyone knows how to post pics/gifs on these replies please pm me.

I think you need 10 posts to be able to post links for pics, To post a pic you need to screenshot it first using a programme or PRINT SCREEN button at the top right of your keyboard, then you upload to a site like photobucket or Imgur.

Then once you upload the image in the share options of that image it will have the URL, copy it, then on your post you wish to add a picture click the button which is yellow and has a mountains on it, after that paste the url in to it and click okay. Bam! You're done.
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SG EP. 5: From Rustling to Bustling
LEADER BUGSY: Byronn Lv. 28 vs. Butterfree, Yanma, Scyther, Heracross (almost kills Byronn with Counter). Lucky vs. Pinsir and Beedrill. Type advantage was on my side here.
Obtained Payapa Berries from Mom.
Entered Ilex Forest.
Farfetch'd Quest. Received Cut.
Went back to Azalea to healed. Also got Haban Berries and Repel from Mom. Returned to Ilex.
Cynthia gave me an Odd Keystone... Too bad im too lazy to go back and get spiritomb. No freebies anyway. She said something about a new building replacing the bike shop...
R34: Double Battle: Byronn and Lucky vs. Elektrike, Snubbull, Spoink, Cranidos. EzZzZzZ.
Other Battles: Lucky vs. Hoppip, Ivysaur, Skiploom. It's a sad day to be a grass type.
Lucky vs. Mankey. Byronn vs. Bonsly, Nidorino. Beware of Poison Point.
Encountered a... Flareon.... :(. Didn't even bother.
Cue Daycare Cutscene.
Made it to Goldenrod and got more Haban Berries from Mom.
LYRA BATTLE: Byronn vs. Nidorina, Marill, Ninetales, Roselia. Byronn decimated that team.
Healed and received free Babiri Berries.
R35: Double Battle - Byronn and Lucky vs. Skiploom, Hoothoot, Combusken and Noctowl. No sweat.
Came back to Goldenrod and got a Super Potion from Mom. (These handouts are okay.)
Encountered another fracking Marshtomp -.-
National Park: Slaking :/. Idek. Caught Ebony the SlaQUEEN. Doesn't even have a good Nature :(.
R36 (Trying to add to my team for anyone confused).
Failed to catch a Carvanha. Woe is me.
Did some training to prepare for Whitney's battle. Battled in the Underground, R35 and the National Park.
Came to the Archaeological Facility run by Cynthia and a man gave me all the fossils in the game!!!
Got the Radio Card which made Whitney return to her Gym.
LEADER WHITNEY: Byronn Lv. 34 vs. Lickitung, Lopunny, Wigglytuff, Stantler, Clefable. Lucky vs. Miltank. Even in this hack Miltank was annoying as ever, Paralyzing both Lucky and Byronn, and don't even get me started on Attract. Submission finally ended it. Wow.
Saved at R35.

Byronn Lv. 35
-Karate Chop
-Rock Slide

Lucky Lv. 34
-Flame Wheel
-Quick Attack

SG EP. 6: The Legend of Ecruteak City
    • Started with some training in R35,R36,R37.
    • Failed to catch a Weezing on R37.
    • Got some Rindo Berries and a Silk Scarf from Mom.
    • Met Eusine and Morty in the Burned Tower. First meeting with Suicune.
    • RIVAL BATTLE: Byronn vs. Murkrow, Elekid, Kadabra, Haunter, Croconaw. Easy-peasy.
    • Encountered a Cyndaquil. What the hell. That was the last opportunity before Morty... but I'm fine with a Machamp and Typhlosion. Those two have brought me far into my first nuzlocke (cliche).
    • Entered the Ecruteak Gym.
    • Healed and obtained more Babiri berries.
    • Rescued the Kimono Girl from Team Rocket and obtained Surf!!
    • LEADER MORTY: Lucky Lv. 37 vs. Duskull, Misdreavus, Shuppet, Haunter, Gengar, Sableye. Lucky didn't lose a single point of HP.
    • Went West to R38 when I was interrupted by none other than Steven Stone.
    • Plate Quest: Iron Plate found 1/12.
    • Encountered Rotom!!!! Rotom is very important to me because it is one of the 6 pokemon i used to complete Platinum (the other 5 being Staraptor, Garchomp, Giratina, Roserade and Empoleon). But... please welcome Ambrikon. oh the nostalgia.
    • R39. Failed to Catch an Azurill. I feel really bad but I can't afford to watch Rotom fall with its inhibiting nature so im making the decision to box him for now but it was great seeing it again :/.
    • Entered Olivine.
    • Onto so many battles at the Lighthouse.
    • Saved in Ecruteak City.


    Byronn Lv. 40
    -Cross Chop
    -Karate Chop
    -Rock Slide

    Lucky Lv. 40
    -Lava Plume
    -Quick Attack

    SG EP. 7: Raising a New Family (more of an update to the 5th ep.)
    • So Im gonna repeal the idea of "no freebies" just because my team isn't up to par so I've added Bragadier the Squirtle, Steampunk the Eevee and Westt the Togepi. Maybe this'll spice up my team just a tad.
    • Plate Quest: Meadow Plate 2/12
    • Gonna be training the weaker part of my team all the way to Lv. 41 just like Lucky and Byronn, see you all later.
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Finally, beat E4 and Champion:


And here is my Final Team:


Bobby (Togetic), Kam (Ariados), Samec (Bagon), Ani (Shroomish), Smaza (Parasect), Ivy (Nidoqueen), Kitt (Wigglytuff), Rick (Metang), Zuzy (Hypno), Ace (Magmar)

This was really funny challenge, I think I will start another run:
Username: Janp
Game: Black
Additional Rules: Nicknames, SET style and Black-out Game Over
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Completed! Although I plan on taking on elite 4 and champion for the second time aswell :D The team is completly changed though :/ After more than half of the game with the same team the deaths started :/ Staraptor was the first to die :(

Anyways what happened after I got to Hearthome - I got few of backups - and I trained everybody to lvl 35 so I didn't have any problems with defeating Maylene and Crasher Wake - although Maylene had electrode and I was like: "Whatever you do, don't explode!!" Because that would be deadly for at least one of my team members :( And one of the trainers in the Crasher Wake's gym had regice D: I had the same problem - if it exploded it would be dangerous because one of my pokemon would have to die :( Anyways I progressed trough the rest of the story line losing one pokemon after another - but they were quickly replaced with backups I got from last few destinations (Like Mt. Coronet and Victory Road) - because they were the highest levels. I came to elite 4 with only one of my original pokemon staying with me - Dina my starter :) Than the painful grinding started - needed to get everybody to lvl 55 before the elite 4 and that took me few hours >_> But I did it <3 I completed the training and took on the elite 4 <3 Nobody was too big of a problem - but Cynthia had 2 dragon types (Kingdra and flygon)- luckily I outsped kingdra with Lucario who used dragon pulse on her and flygon was not that difficult since I had froslass. But her main pokemon was gyarados and it was painful to take down because I didn't have any electric types >_> Only one that fell in the process of defeating elite 4 and champion was Luna my lunatone.

Final team that survived through elite 4 and champion:

Empoly, lvl 57, Impish nature, Ability: Torrent,

Drill Peck

Nightmare, lvl 55, Relaxed Nature, Ability: Synchronise

Quick Attack
Last Resort
Faint Attack

Dina, lvl 56, Modest Nature, Ability: Intimidate

Dragon Breath
Zen Headbutt

Anubis, lvl 56, Mild Nature, Ability: Inner Focus

Aura Sphere
Swords Dance
Dragon Pulse
Rock Climb

Frostie, lvl 55, Lax Nature, Ability: Snow Cloak

Wake-Up Slap
Ice Shard

Dead: Nosey (Nosepass), Starship (Staraptor), Blue (Poliwrath), Torra (Blaziken), Aligator (Feraligatr), Fluffy (Ampharos), Mad Hatter (Mismagius), Hippo (Hippowdon) and Luna (Lunatone)

So I am off to do the after game and I ll take elite 4 on for the second time later on.
What I want to do is I want to do this on Blaze Black again and on Ruby in the mean time (I need to do a looooot of grinding here so I want to take a break from it :/)

Anyways new sign up:

Username: AoTora
Games: Ruby and Blaze Black.
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Sorry I haven't updated in a while, the game didn't save >(
Haven't worked up the motivation to replay the beginning a third time just yet, will try again soon.
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Sign me up for emerald,
Optional rules: Nickname
As this is my first NLocke in a while if I black out but have Pokemon in the PC it isnt a game over
Wow, first Nuzlocke after long time that I totally messed up:


:( I think I will have a little pause before another Nuzlocke...


The Godfather of Pokemon ;)
Username: MasterCade
Game: Emerald to start with.
  • You must nickname all of your Pokemon. (highly Recommended)
  • A black out is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC

i could not go any further on my first one as i didn't follow the first Pokemon i see rule is the only one i can capture so will start again.

Update 1:

Started as Male Trainer - Derren
Starter choices - Regirock, Yanma, Blastoise
Chose Blastoise as Starter
Beat May
Received Pokedex
Helped wally capture a Stantler
Captured Hariyama on Route 104
Saved Devon Researcher in Petalburg Woods
Defeated Roxanne Gym Leader - with Hariyama
Recieved Stone Badge 1/8
Rescued the Devon goods and saved Peeka in Rusturf Tunnel
Beat May a 2nd time.
Received the PokeNav and the Letter for Steven
Defeated Brawley with Blastoise but Hariyama died in Battle
Recieved Knuckle Badge 2/8
Captured a Muk inside Granite Cave
Gave Stephen his letter
Beat the Battle Tent in Slateport City
Delivered Devon Good to Capt Stern & thrashed Team Aqua

Current Team

Blastoise Level 24
Rapid Spin
Water Gun

Muk - Level 14

Hariyama defeated at the hands of Brawleys Feraligater
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Iny Gage

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Sorry, For the lack of keeping up with this thread... I Was Busy doing... Stuff...
*Hides 3ds*

Although it seems like I'm not the only one being distracted by this sort of Stuffy Stuff.
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Aaaaand it's over.
My beloved Pokemon who died:

Seed the Bulbasaur.
Multi-Sun the Pelipper.
Hawking the Armaldo.
Giant the Nidoking.
Phantom the Gengar.
Power Kid the Electabuzz.
Ninja the Ninjask.
Jellybelly the Tentacruel.

The masters of Hoenn:
Tyrantrum the Tyranitar
Lv. 54

Charcoal the Charizard
Lv. 55

Bandito the Ludicolo.
Lv. 53

Phantom the Gengar (Died during the Champion battle)
Lv. 50

Sylveon the Espeon.
Lv. 56

Hawking 2 the Armaldo.
Lv. 54
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