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[Poetry] The Wonders of the Goddess (Short Poem)


So... I'm not really much of a poet, but I tried my best with this poem. I actually wrote it originally in a slightly different form years ago, but have changed it here and there. Just to clarify on what it's about, I believe in a Higher Power/Creator/Whatever you want to call Them. This personal belief has really helped me through some dark times in my life, so it is a sort of tribute to Them. Here it goes...

The Wonders Of The Goddess

She is an oasis in the desert life can often be
She is the light that allows us to see
She is the key that sets us all free
She is the one who fills our hearts with glee
She is the Goddess, the divinity

Her work is all around
Her work is above and below ground
Her work is in every sound
Her work is everywhere found
The Goddess' work is forever unbound

She is the fire we feel as the sun's heat
She is the air we breathe with every heartbeat
She is the water that makes all life complete
She is the earth we travel across with our feet
She is all these gifts and more, given like a treat

Her love sings loudly all around us, never mute
Her love is found in anything and everything cute
Her love is something no debate could ever refute
Her love is an elixir no solvent can dilute
The Goddess' love is forever and absolute

Sweet Serenity

Advocate of Truth
Interesting that the higher power you believe in is female. I like it! Also, I enjoy poems that rhyme a lot. It has a good rhythm with its rhymes that make it a fun read.


Interesting that the higher power you believe in is female. I like it! Also, I enjoy poems that rhyme a lot. It has a good rhythm with its rhymes that make it a fun read.

I appreciate the feedback!

There is something I want to say on that, though I know PC at some point had some rule about discussing religion, at least the last time I had been on here. I actually believe that Creator can take any form, but I don't want to end up starting some kind of debate on here, the following is just my own belief. I think that whether someone is worshiping God, Allah, various Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism, or whatever, in my personal beliefs it is all really the same Creator. It's just that I think all ideas about said Creator are limited by our own human understanding, which is imperfect. So, personally in the past, I tried to believe in a totally inhuman God, but that didn't really work. Then, I tried to believe in a masculine God, but that also didn't work for me due to not being able to bow down to any man or man-like figure. Finally, I settled on viewing that Creator as a feminine form, and that actually did work for me. Ever since then, that is the form I chose to worship. It should be pretty clear that I believe that whatever form someone chooses to worship, it's correct if it works for them. That's all I'm going to say on that, as I mentioned earlier I don't want to start a debate or argument over all this. :X