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[PKMN FULL] The World Series: Season One - Driftveil City

World Series: Season One - Driftveil City
Welcome to the Pokemon World Series where the best of the best compete for the number one spot in the rankings. Each season, the pros of the Pokemon world register a team of six and take to the battlefield - much to the enjoyment of their fans and critics alike.

This season, the tournament returns to Driftveil City, its place of origin. With this added hype and prestige, the world looks on with excitement as an exciting cast of competitors takes the stage.

How Does This Work?

This is a simple set up where the majority of the story is set to be told in battles. Once there are five accepted participants, we play out a 1v1 qualifying round and then fast-forward in time to the tournament itself, where every character will battle another once in a 3v3 round-robin format. The format is essentially:

Week 1: Qualification Battle
Week 2: Round One
Week 3: Round Two
Week 4: Intermission
Week 5: Round Three
Week 6: Round Four

The qualifying round serves as an introduction to your character and a showcase of their prowess. It is also a solo battle post against an NPC. After that, during each round, you will be matched with another RPer to write a joint post of a battle between your characters. The exception to this is the Intermission segment, which will give us a short break from all the battling to give the characters a chance to interact in a different environment.

As there are only five players, each week, one person will not be matched with anybody. During this time, your character is assumed to be taking a bye round. You can use this as a chance to take a break from the weekly posting or write a non-battling post of some sort. Whatever works for you!

The main point of this is to do a quick RP where we can write some flashy battles and interesting character interactions during those battles. It's not really a competition, so it doesn't really matter which character has the most wins at the end. If all goes well, we'll do a season two RP where any players with returning characters can have some fun referencing past battles.

Who Are You?



This doesn't need to be a novel, but you're probably a trainer of some prestige. A gym leader? A champion? A frontier brain? Or perhaps just a veteran of the tournament circuit? Up to you, but a brief rundown helps us know the character and their reputation.

In addition to the above, every character registers a team of six Pokemon for the tournament. Each Pokemon should have an Ability and six moves. Don't panic, you'll never use more than three in any one battle.


- We're going with a T rating on this one. It's mostly meant to be light-hearted fun. Nobody's going to worry too much about the language you use or anything, but let's not do anything crazy.

- You must complete one battle post each week once we get started. That's really not much to ask for a six week RP. You're welcome to do other posts if you have the time, but don't let that get in the way of the main point of the RP.

- No Megas. No Z-moves. No Dynamax or Terastalization. No exceptions. In universe, this is by design to keep everything fair and a test of skill.

- Don't get salty about winning or losing. Everybody should manage to get a win under their belt by the end and we're all old enough to remember that actually having the most wins isn't the point here. If you can't decide who should come out on top, flip a coin or something, otherwise I'll decide for you. Probably by flipping a coin or something.

- Having fun is mandatory.


1. Mersie as Wysteria
2. Eleanor as Courtney Nair
3. Caeser as Hugo Calloway
4. Cubeth as Deborah Cormac
5. Aquacorde as Lemon Lime
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Name: Wysteria [Teri]
Age: 24
Pronouns: She/Her

Appearance: https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/49143446_Cjv4r1PEKJndBev.gif (Made in https://picrew.me/image_maker/207297 )
Pale skin, blue eyes, bright pink hair (and a darker pink higlight) made to look like Skitty ears with a Wishiwashi hair clip and dark blue hair ribbons, very expensive looking clothes including a dark blue cardigan over a fancy white button up with a golden bow
Wysteria is a spoiled brat, she only care about becoming famous, nothing else. Winning is important as well, but if she became famous for losing, she wouldn't mind. She's definitely not a nice person though and very much tweeting bad things about her fellow competitors. The only other thing she cares about is her pet shiny Skitty [who isn't meant for battling, just a pet]. She always talks herself up and brags about her parent's business and how much money they make. She is very clever and good at thinking up plans, but tends to go a bit far with risk taking sometimes, showing little to no care for most of her Pokemon.

Born to a rich family, Wysteria has always had the silver spoon in her mouth. Her parents getting her everything she liked as long as she was as successful as they were. They raised her to be their perfect daughter, and she was more than happy to oblige. She was sent to private schools and excelled in them. She always craved their attention and worked hard to keep it. Once she graduated from her studies, her parents allowed her a phone and found the internet and influencers. Perhaps another way for her to get more of the attention she so craved, she started working to get a following online, even garnering one on Instagranbull. She got into a relationship for attention, but found herself to genuinely care for them a little, so when they broke up with her, calling her a selfish, self-serving bitch, it stung. While late night browsing on Chatter, she saw people chatting about the circuit and found it'd be a great distraction from recent events way to garner more attention and potentially become a famous influencer, battler, whatever. As long as she became well known she didn't care how. The gym challenge was a piece of cake, how hard could this circuit business be?

-Togekiss, Female, Opal, Serene Grace, Modest nature. Moves: Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Roost, Ancient Power, Safeguard
-Froslass, Female, Diamond, Snow Cloak, Mild nature. Moves: Snowscape, Blizzard, Fake Tears, Double Team, Draining Kiss, Aurora Veil
-Mimikyu, Female, Topaz, Disguise, Adamant nature. Moves: Swords Dance, Shadow Claw, Thunder Wave, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak, Will O Wisp
-Tsareena, Female, Jade, Queenly Majesty, Naughty nature. Moves: Seed Bomb, Knock Off, Power Whip, Synthesis, Play Rough, Taunt
-Sylveon (Shiny), Female, Lazuli, Pixilate, Sassy nature. Moves: Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Wish, Hyper Voice, Calm Mind, Draining Kiss
-Pawmott, Female, Amber, Iron Fist, Adamant nature. Moves: Focus Punch, Thunder Punch, Nuzzle, Revival Blessing, Mach Punch, Brick Break
(Since she's a spoiled private school kid I tried to have her have a scary, kinda dirty but within the rules, team xD)
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Princess Era 🎀
Courtney Nair
22 - ♀ - she/her
Cinnabar Island, Kanto

🌋 Appearance
Shoulder-length unkempt orange hair, light brown eyes, freckles, crop tops and shorts (covered up with oversized hoodies as soon as it's somewhat cold), make-up that is either absent or overdone. All of that and more in a neat, portable, 5'1'' package. That's not Gudako, or Hayley Williams in 2007 for that matter, that's Courtney.

🌋 Personality
The years go by, but the substance doesn't change. Courtney is still a loud, smug, overconfident girl, even more so in battles. She's really the manifestation of the Fire type in human form… which also means that she's quite rash and impulsive. Instead of thinking things through she's more likely to act all stubborn and stick with a plan made up on the spot until her energy inevitably peters out.
With time, however, she's learning how to channel this energy in the right way, both during Pokémon battles and during human interactions. If you can handle being her friend, you can always count on her to help out and give encouragement.

🌋 Background
After a journey through Kanto, plus some more errands across many other regions, Courtney is currently one of the most promising candidates to get appointed as the next gym leader of Cinnabar Island. She's been chasing that dream since her childhood, taking it with her past years of bullying at her trainers' school* and overworking herself in various tournaments and other endeavors, and now is at it again to prove everyone she's up to the task without having to compromise on who she really is.

* = she might clash strongly with a certain participant because of this...

🌋 Team

🔥Cinnamon - Magmortar ♀
Flame Body
Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Scorching Sands, Taunt, Rock Tomb

Saffron - Heliolisk ♀
Solar Power
Solar Beam, Parabolic Charge, Electric Terrain, Weather Ball, Thunder Wave, Sunny Day

🏔️Cumin - Archeops ♂
Taunt, Stone Edge, Bulldoze, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Tail, Endeavor

🥊Cayenne - Blaziken ♂
Speed Boost
Work Up, Baton Pass, Substitute, Blaze Kick, Reversal, Brave Bird

🍃Basil - Victreebel ♂
Encore, Sunny Day, Growth, Power Whip, Leech Life, Poison Jab

👻Juniper - Mismagius ♀
Will-o-wisp, Hex, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Perish Song, Phantom Force

Courtney's picture is by 7dango7 from https://www.zerochan.net/2677165

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Just as a heads up, since I forgot to say anything about this in the rules or anything, I've decided that we're not going to do items in this. When you start applying things more narratively than mechanically, things can start getting kind of weird.
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Hugo Calloway

70 - He/Him - Mossdeep City, Hoenn

Appearance: Hugo is small in stature, measuring in at five foot eight inches tall, and is very slim. His skin is tanned from living in Hoenn all his life, combine that with the wrinkles he has acquired over the years gives his face a leather-like look. Hugo has shaven what was left of his hair on top of his head, rocking the fully bald look. Hugo has dark green eyes, which he covers with thick coke bottle glasses. Hugo's fashion choices are pretty simplistic, polo shirts with either khaki pants or shorts, depending on the weather.

Personality: It has always been said that there are two Hugo Calloways, the one you meet outside of battle, and the one you meet in battle. The one you meet outside of it is an extremely nice old man, always happy to talk to anyone he meets in his travels, always sporting a smile on his face as he does so. The easy-going Hugo often finds himself late for events because he was too busy gabbing it up with a new friend he just met.

Then there's the Hugo Calloway you face in battle, who changes as quickly as flipping a light switch. Facing another trainer in battle brings out the other side of Hugo, the cold, callous and calculating one. A cunning and meticulous strategist in his glory days, as he gets older his in battle strategizing isn't as quick as it used to be.

Background: Hugo's live a full life of Pokemon. As following the sport of battling became bigger and bigger worldwide, Hugo was one of the early stars, gaining big time notoriety back in the day as one of the elite trainers of the world, representing his home region of Hoenn as champion for two separate periods of time, the first one a seven year stint in his twenties, and again for a ten year stint spreading across his forties and fifties. Adding to that, Hugo has also traveled the world battling in exhibition matches as well as tournaments. No doubt about it, Hugo Calloway is a name that a lot of trainers will know.

After a career spanning five decades, from the time he first touched a Pokeball to the last time he battled professionally, Hugo retired from battling in order to spend more time with his wife, Candace, as well as their kids and grandkids. Although on the surface it appeared Hugo was enjoying retirement at his villa in Mossdeep, those that knew Hugo best knew the competitive fire still burned deep inside him. So when the Pokemon World Series was kicking back up, Hugo signed up, in order to soothe his urge for battling. The question is, has the man gone soft in his old age? Some remember what Hugo was in his prime, but he was going to be put up against trainers who weren't even alive during those prime years. That's part of the draw for Hugo, to show the world he hasn't lost a step yet.


Species: Ludicolo
Ability: Rain Dish
Moves: Rain Dance/Surf/Giga Drain/Teeter Dance/Ice Beam/Leech Seed

Species: Alolan Raichu
Ability: Surge Surfer
Moves: Electric Terrain/Thunderbolt/Psychic/Reflect/Volt Switch/Nasty Plot

Species: Aerodactyl
Ability: Pressure
Moves: Stone Edge/Crunch/Stealth Rock/Fly/Roost/Giga Impact

Species: Gallade
Ability: Sharpness
Moves: Swords Dance/Psycho Cut/Sacred Sword/Night Slash/Leaf Blade/Teleport

Species: Camerupt
Ability: Solid Rock
Moves: Earth Power/Eruption/Flamethrower/Fire Spin/Sunny Day/Solar Beam

Species: Slaking
Ability: Truant
Moves: Rest/Drain Punch/Giga Impact/Yawn/Heavy Slam/Play Rough


Hi I'm Cube
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Pirate Queen

Deborah Cormac
21 ✦ she/her ✦ The Sea

Appearance: Deborah is a short and slightly bulky woman. She has naturally white skin, but sailing on top of her Wailord traveling the seas has slightly darkened her skin over the years. Deborah has chin-length, messy straight hair but with a pair of thin braids coming from behind her ears and falling over her shoulders. She wears a bandana that covers the top of her head, a worn out white blouse with long poet sleeves and brown skinny pants with a pair of black knee-high boots. A Dragon Scale hangs from her neck.

Personality: Deborah is an impulsive and joyful woman with absolutely no limit to either of those characteristics. She likes to battle to win and for the fun of it, and has no qualms in jumping the shark immediately and then brawl her way out of the situation. She does that so often that it's difficult to say if she has a plan or not; some would even say that's her own battle strategy. Outside of battle she's still as cheerful and loud and will most likely try to become friends with the trainers she's put up against.

Backstory: Deborah comes from Vermilion City in the Kanto Region. Her father was a sailor and her mother a Gym Trainer. She went to school with the purpose of becoming a trainer with the dream of traveling around the entire world. As she was traveling through Kanto she eventually adopted the Pirate Queen persona to mess with her best friend, but eventually it grew on her.

By the end of her journey, her objective became not only to travel around the entire world, but to do so for both gather as much Pokémon as she could to join her "crew" and leave her own mark in the places she visited under the name of "Pirate Queen". As of now, her crew consists on nearly a hundred Pokémon she rotates around the different tournaments she joins, including the Wailord she uses as a ship.

Team for this tournament:

Chesnaught (Chess) - Male
Ability: Bulletproof
Moves: Iron Defense / Body Press / Spiky Shield / Body Slam / Trailblaze / Wood Hammer

Gholdengo (Doublon) - Genderless
Ability: Good As Gold
Moves: Make It Rain / Power Gem / Charge Beam / Dazzling Gleam / Thunderbolt / Shadow Ball

Oricorio Pom-Pom Style (Pom-Pom) - Female
Ability: Dancer
Moves: Quiver Dance / Revelation Dance / Baton Pass / Swords Dance / Tailwind / Hurricane

Shiftry (Dott) - Female
Ability: Wind Rider
Moves: Hurricane / Leaf Storm / Tailwind / Sucker Punch / Heat Wave / Explosion

Baxcalibur (Baxy) - Female
Ability: Thermal Exchange
Moves: Glaive Rush / Giga Impact / Dragon Dance / Earthquake / Icicle Crash / Ice Shard

Perrserker (Purrserker) - Male
Ability: Battle Armour
Moves: Metal Burst / Fake Out / Dig / Endure / U-Turn / Flail
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⟡ dig down, dig down ⟡


36 ✦ they/he ✦ definitely an alias

✦ Appearance

Lemon is a gangly sort, all joints and limbs, and not particularly remarkable in appearance otherwise. They're five foot nine and usually wear their brown, shoulder-length hair in a half-bun. They would describe their clothing style as "normal" and "easy".

✦ Personality

Lemon is a pretty quiet and unobtrusive person. Their preference for little attention is somewhat at odds with being a regular tournament-going Pokémon trainer, but they've figured out a system: he's learned that people won't pursue him as often if he allows the occasional interview to replace the accusations of being "aloof and mysterious" with a journalist's description amounting to "shy and boring".

✦ Fun Facts

Lemon has several legal identities, which means that keeping his personal life hidden from the press is not entirely difficult. With a different name, Lemon has married and divorced the same person seven times and another person once (to spite the first person). The two are making plans for their eighth wedding.

✦ Team

Trevenant - Natural Cure
Grassy Terrain / Trailblaze / Phantom Force
Rock Slide / Haze / Toxic

Hatterene - Magic Bounce
Magic Powder / Shadow Claw / Misty Terrain
Gravity / Dazzling Gleam / Thunder Wave

Galarian Stunfisk - Mimicry
Fissure / Snap Trap / Bounce
Muddy Water / Ice Fang / Reflect Type

Klefki - Prankster
Magnet Rise / Sandstorm / Spikes
Flash Cannon / Fairy Wind / Thunder Wave

Pincurchin - Lightning Rod
Surf / Electric Terrain / Discharge
Toxic Spikes / Chilling Water / Hex

Chesnaught - Bulletproof
Frenzy Plant / Spiky Shield / Dig
Grass Knot / Taunt / Stone Edge

you know my agenda

Alright, first come first serve, so we're going with you guys. I'll be setting up the IC thread and a group Discord over the weekend. I'll ping you guys when that's ready.
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i would love to join if theres any more room!! ive gotten some of my character sheet completed! let me know and i can fill in the rest hehe

Name: Larsa
Age: mid/late thirties
Pronouns: he/him



Background: Larsa was born in Ambrette Town and would spend his time split between exploring the greater west of Kalos and the local fossil lab. After moving to Unova, he began posting online about the history and unknown mysteries of the region. While his posts were more entertaining than educational, his Tyrunt had gained a viral cult following as the star of every upload.

As time went on, Larsa confessed Tyrunt's behavior had become less predictable and more erratic. His two options were to relinquish the Tyrunt back to the lab or focus on enrichment for the mon and becoming a better trainer more capable of handling him.

Larsa's posts became much less frequent until his online presence all but disappeared. Over the next decade, there were countless rumors on his whereabouts. Photos of him participating in local battles would leak once in a blue moon. It wasn't until he started participating in more grand scale tournaments did his popularity begin to rise again. After all these years, he still enjoyed putting on a show and was proud to show off how much the bond between him and his Tyrantrum had grown. He now plans to enter the World Series and continue entertaining his loyal fans right where he left off.

Elio the Heliolisk
Ozzy the Swoobat

Okay guys, it's time!
Here is a link to the IC thread.
Here is a link to the RP's Discord.

You have one week to get your Qualification Round battle done. A more specific time stamp that will auto convert the deadline to your timezone will be present in the Discord.