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This is so important, everyone should read.


meow meow meow <3
Ok so I actually did post in the Animal Crossing Fan Club a while ago, but sadly no one seems to care about it anymore so my cries for help went unnoticed.

So now I have to blog about it. Awkward.

Pretty much I want everyone with animal crossing new leaf to add my friend code... which I will post in a minute when I figure out how to get it again and then comment in the blog comment with your friend code.

Then I will be able to do things, because I don't actually have any RL friends with this game. Story of my life.

I just want everyone to know that my posting in the Animal Crossing fan club was a massive deal, because I sacrificed having 100 posts to do that. Now my post count is 101 and annoyingly reminds me of dalmatians every time I look at it.

Anyway, that is basically all I have to say, I will now attempt to find my friend code..........

ok yes so I have eventually found my friend code, it is 3239-2454-4997

Now everyone put out the bat signal to everyone you know with AC:NL and get me friends.



I come in here expecting you to be detailing some major epiphany in your life, instead it's animal crossing and an uneven postcount, such first world problems...

I don't own animal crossing or a 3DS so I can't help you. I played the older games a lot when I was younger but my sister liked it more than I did.

Oh hey, we have the same location. I live in the Western suburbs but don't listen to what the news says, most of us are very respectable, civilised people.
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Animal Crossing is not IMPORTANT are you mad




My FC is 1177-7075-4188. You need anything, send me a shout over PC. I can probably hook you up if we're online at the same time. I'm in the US and don't check PC quite as often as I used to, so it might be a bit hard to catch me. ^^;

(That goes to any of you that play New Leaf, for the record; send me a VM if you want to chill or need help or something.)