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To main, or not to main?

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    Why do we choose what we choose in competitive play?

    Ultimately, what made me pick Shulk over Ike in Smash at the end was merely, that he is difficult to play and because I found his Monado arts pretty interesting. Originally, I went with Ike, just because I saw some Youtuber playing with him and even now I like randomly picking Ike, though, I'd still pick Shulk most of the time, because of his interesting playstyle.
    Back when I played Dissidia I used to play a bunch of characters but ultimately went with Firion, not because I was drawn to him or his playstyle, but rather because I knew someone else who used to main him.

    Pokemon on the other hand doesn't really have too much of a main mentality. Partially because of the sheer variety of different Pokemon we can choose from and partially because of the metagame constantly changing, which means that at some point your fave mon can be viable, while sometime later it might end up being so easily counterable that you can't fit it onto a proper team, anymore.
    The game's all about adapting to changes and adapting goes as far as letting go of certain mons no matter how much you want it on your team.
    I suppose, I have somewhat of an easier time finding a proper replacement for certain Pokemon, as I tend to get interested into new options pretty quickly. When I started out, I never considered putting mons like Mega Diancie on a team, yet, as time went on I got curious what it could do. Manaphy is another OU mon that I didn't really bother considering at the beginning. In fact, I just grew attached to it _through_ competitive Pokemon. It certainly makes me wonder what'll happen when Sun & Moon come around.

    Then there's also people who don't really bother too much thinking about that stuff and just pick whatever they have in their box/they like.

    So, what's your mains? Can be from any game, really.

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    While I don't really do much competitive stuff in video games, that does not mean that I do not have mains that I use. Some characters that I seem to use as mains in certain games are as follows:
    Ares in Injustice Gods Among Us
    Samus in the Smash Bros series
    Deadpool in Marvel vs Capcom 3
    Garland in the Dissidia games