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Trade Corner Rules - NEW USERS READ THIS!

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Trade Corner Rules

  • Follow Pokécommunity Global Rules.
  • NO hacked or illegal Pokémon.
  • Do not hijack threads.
  • Don't attempt to scam or otherwise mislead other trainers into giving their Pokemon away.
  • Only official Cloners may offer cloning services.
  • Respect the distribution rights of the Original Trainer's (OT) Pokémon.
  • Tag all of your threads with the appropriate prefix.

Hacked and Illegal Pokémon

"A hack is any Pokémon not able to naturally exist within the game or any Pokémon edited or created by a cheating device."

You are responsible for all Pokémon that you trade here in the PokéCommunity forums. If you have any doubts about the Pokémon you want to offer, you can either do your own research (look for illegal Pokéball/Hidden Ability combinations, released events, etc.), or you can have your Pokémon hack checked by an official PC Hack Checker (see Cloning and Hack Checking section below). The Hack Checker's verdict is final.

All shiny Mew Pokémon are considered hacks, and all shiny Celebi Pokémon must be hack checked by an official Hack Checker before being traded.

PokéCommunity does not condone the use of illegally obtained copies of the official Pokémon games, including, but not limited to, ROMs, emulators, and otherwise unofficial releases of official titles. Therefore, no Pokémon obtained from these sources may be traded here.

Any trader found to offer hacked Pokémon may face heavy consequences via infraction points, which may directly lead to a ban in severe cases.

As a note of caution, all Pokémon that are "too good to be true" obtained from GTS, Passerby Trades or Wonder Trade are generally just that; too good to be true.

Trade Threads and Shops

All threads made in the Quick Trades and Trade Shops sections of Trade Corner must be tagged appropriately.

The tags available for Quick Trades are:
  • Breeding - Used for trades that are offering/looking for breedables.
  • Events - Used for Event trades.
  • Shiny - Used for trades that are offering/looking for shiny Pokémon.
  • Items - Used when offering/looking for tradable in-game items.
  • Gen VI - Used for all trades to/from Gen VI games (X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire).
  • Gen VII - Used for all trades to/from Gen VII games (Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon).
  • LGPE - Used for all trades to/from Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee.
  • Giveaway - Used for offering free Pokémon (more on this below).
  • General - Used when none of the other categories fit; generic trades such as Pokédex completion, evolving specific Pokémon, etc.

The tags available for Trade Shops are:
  • Breeding - Used for shops that specialise in breeding Pokémon.
  • Events - Used for shops that deal specifically with Event Pokémon.
  • Shinies - Used for shops that specialise in shiny Pokémon.
  • Services - Used for shops that help with training services (such as EV training).
  • Gen VI - Used for shops that only deal with Gen VI Pokémon games.
  • Mixed - Used for shops that mix-and-match all of the above categories.

Regarding Giveaways: All Giveaway threads must only offer FREE Pokémon. If you are using the GTS to organise the Giveaway, you must specify exactly what Pokémon you want your customers to place in the GTS to trade, and said Pokémon must be a common species easily found in the wild. All Giveaway threads that break this rule will be closed without warning, and infractions will apply for repeat offenders.

Bumping - Quick Trades: A trade thread may be bumped once every three days. After two weeks of inactivity, the thread will be considered 'dead'. Do not revive dead threads.

Bumping - Trade Shops: A Trade Shop can be bumped once every seven days. When you have new additions to your shop, you may post the relevant information once in #pokemon-trading (along with a direct link to your Trade Shop) to let other Trainers know you have new stock! Trade Shops will be closed after two months of inactivity, although you may ask any Trade Corner mod to have it re-opened once you become active again.

Opening a Trade Shop: Any user is permitted to open a Trade Shop, and even have a joint shop with another user! The only requirements are:
  • You only have one active Shop at any given time, including Shops that you co-manage with another user.
  • Your Shop contains at least 20 different offers. These offers don't have to feature different species, just so long as there is difference between each offer. For example, two Bulbasaur in two different Pokéballs count as two separate offers.

Under no circumstance may you hijack any other Trainer's threads. You are to trade with the original poster and only with the original poster of the thread.

Cloning and Hack Checking

You have two options in regards to requesting a cloning or hack checking service:
  1. Post your request in the respective Cloning or Hack Check thread.
  2. Ping the respective @Cloner or @Hack Checker role on PokéCommunity Discord in #pokemon-trading only. You must specify the details of the service you are requesting in your ping (see below).

When submitting a Clone Request, you must include the Pokémon you would like to clone and how many copies of each Pokémon. You may request up to a total of five clones (i.e. five clones of one Pokémon, or one clone of five different Pokémon) once every seven days. A Cloner is under no obligation to accept a request if they suspect the Pokémon is hacked.

For Hack Checks, you must include preliminary details to help the Hack Checker determine if the Pokémon is an obvious hack, or if a PKHeX hack check is required to know for sure. Remember, a Hack Checker will rarely be ever able to advise if the Pokémon is legitimate or not; they can only tell you if it is illegal or a likely hack. A Hack Checker's verdict on the legality of the Pokémon is final, and no Pokémon deemed as a hack by a Hack Checker may be traded on PokéCommunity and its Discord server.



It is understood that a Ditto with 6 IVs is the bread and butter tool of every Pokémon breeder. For this reason, it is acceptable for Trainers to use hacked 6IV Dittos for breeding services.
However, this comes with a few restrictions:
  • Do not ask for any 6 IV Dittos on PokéCommunity forums or server. In the same manner, you are not allowed to offer 6 IV Dittos to other Trainers.
  • You may request custom Dittos from r/morebreedingdittos and keep them for personal use only.

High IV Dittos that have been obtained via Chaining are exempt from these exceptions, and may be traded here like any other Pokémon. Note that the maximum amount of guaranteed IVs obtained through Chaining is 4, therefore any Dittos that have 5 IVs will be deemed suspicious and may be required to be hack checked.


Credits go to Spyro and TwilightBlade, who wrote the previous versions of the Rules, Cloning and Hack Check threads, which were used as inspiration for the current renditions.

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Update - There is now a Gen VII category tag to use for for all gen 7 trade requests. The other category tags such as General, Shiny, Breeding, etc. will now apply to Pokemon Sword and Shield games only.
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