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User: Aquacorde

Desert Stream~

Holy Kipper!
  • 3,269
    • She/Her
    • Seen Aug 20, 2023
    Aquacorde wanted me to make a blog entry about her. So here I go:

    I really like some of her discord usernames, which often have to do with Bananas. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits, so that is a plus. Her current nickname is just A mess though...

    She also plays Pokemon, which is cool. Pokemon is a great series, full of awesome characters, and neat pokemon.
    I've heard she plays Ace Attorney, which is also really fun, but I personally wouldn't pay full price for it.
    And also she plays minecraft. I forget if she's been on the new server (I think so) but she was on the old one for sure.

    Unfortunately, she is on team Instict, like my brother. Oh well.

    Her occupation is self improvement, which is really inspiring (Although I have no idea how that makes much money)

    Her trainer shiny value is 0676. 6 is a cool number, because it can sometimes be a nine if you flip it. 7 is half of fourteen, and therefore is also a cool number.

    Her signature says "Imagine all you can be!" or something like that. I don't really have too many ideas, but I could be a wine enthusiast for all I know. Wait, I'm 13, and wine is made of rotting grapes! Never mind that.

    Two of her favorite pokemon (Azumarill and Breloom) were on my old competitve team. Her other favorite pokemon include Stunfisk and Torchic, which leads me to believe she likes strong pokemon more then cute pokemon.

    Her number of visitor messages is way more then most people will ever post, which is impressive.

    Furthermore, she has 78 friends, including mods and admins, which is quite a lot.

    Finally, she has 4 friends whose usernames start with L. Clearly L is the best letter, and 4 is half of 14, so everything is a tv ad.