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Username change, Favourite Video Game Music #6 (Final) - 19th May

  • Seen Jun 17, 2017
It's happened! I am now known as Cosmic! You're free to keep calling me GreenFlame, if you'd like :).


I do not own any of the videos in my Favourite VGM posts, nor do I own the music itself.

This is the final post of my Favourite Video Game Music! It's an awesome song :).

Favourite Video Game Music #6 (Final)
Song Name: Super Copy Ability
Series: Kirby
Game: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Kirby's Adventure Wii)

Context: This music plays when you have a highly powerful, limited-time-use Super Copy Ability, in which Kirby can go around destroying enemies and obstacles with ease.

Why I like this song: It's quite satisfying to be destroying everything while this epic music plays.

Remix of the above

Context: This music plays during the Ultra Sword you use in the very last level before the final boss. It is a remix of the normal version.

Why I like this song: Same reason as above, but this song is faster-paced and different. It's epic music :D

So that's the end of my Favourite VGM! I know there weren't too many, but they're some of my absolute favourites in VGM. Thank you to everyone and anyone who listened in, and I'll probably come on the Plug.DJ room with some of these if I get the chance.