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Waaah, it's been a while.


  • Age 36
  • USA
  • Seen Dec 10, 2023
Oh my god this blog layout is so old, wow, Otonashi and Angel Beats.

Umm, right.

Hello. -w-

I've been rather effortlessly hanging around PC more over the last few days, and I hope that it'll continue, because I missed be around. Apparently my last blog entry was something similar. though back then I think I was posting around out of some obligation or "man it's PC, I need to post again!". But why force yourself to post on a forum? I had too much going on then.

I've got less issues with myself as a person these days, and feel like being more social, so I've been wanting to catch up with this place - Think I will. Not all of my friends are around anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't meet new people. I'm enjoying things so far, it's just nice to be back around normally.

I hope everyone is doing okay. v w v


[i]memento mori[/i]
but i still love your angel beats theme. <3

Hope to see you around more, Drewy! Missed seeing ya around, like the old days. :D Hope you're doing okay as well!