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Want cool handmade Pokemon Stickers? (FREE)

Hey y'all I'm gonna be painting and printing Pokemon stickers! :D You can get nice Pokemon stickers for FREE
I'll make a bunch because I'm giving them away in Art & Design's gift exchange! You should check it out, it would be a blast with more people!
If you need a refresher of what my style is like:

But if you'd like, I'll be posting the final sticker designs later. it will most likely be the Alola Starters and maybe 2 or 3 other pokemon. After knowing who wants stickers, I will personally mail them and write a thank you note! I ask if you are interested and are ok with sharing a mailing address to talk to me on discord about it. MusicalCombusken#2149

I can't do requests and I'm doing this for free, but if you'd like to donate or commission me for something - I have a discord you can contact me at! MusicalCombusken#2149 and we can discuss further!


These are great! I'm thinking about this, but not sure yet what I'd like.

Good job on the art portion, though! No doubt worthy of contributions!