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Welcome to Get-Together 2023!

Arceus, having thoroughly enjoyed its misadventures tossing Lucas and Dawn into the past of Hisui, started wondering what might come of doing the same thing in reverse. It set its eyes on the quirkiest and most intriguing individual it could find in the past, one Professor Laventon, grabbing the researcher away from his studies and depositing him not only in a different timeline, but a geographical location. Thus, Professor Laventon of Hisui found himself in Paldea's Area 0.

Meanwhile, in a future timeline the rarely remembered scientist, Grand Oak, was hard at work on the extra spatial Pokemon Home system that would allow for unprecedented interregional and interdimensional trading of Pokemon. Unfortunately, he was a little too ambitious and a malfunction in his experiment launched him back in time. Grand Oak awoke in Area 0, having caused great delays in his progress with no way to get back home and fix the problem.

It was shortly after that these two professors from different timelines met each other for the first time... and very quickly fell into a dispute about whose fault everything was and whose timeline was superior. Arceus could have intervened and explained or decided to help the confused and frightened scientists. Instead, Arceus decided to turn this into a competition. The professors would gather teams in the time-bending Area 0 and compete for the chance to return to their own timelines.

What could go wrong?

Get-Together 2023

Hi everyone and welcome to PokéCommunity's Get-Together! This is a yearly event which is all about bringing the community together for two weeks to hang out, have fun and compete in a series of fun games and events!

Events will range from Pokémon trivia, Jackbox, Escape Rooms and much more! This year, the GT will be running from August 12th to August 27th.

As per the lore, users will join one of two teams, aiding their Professor. To refresh your memories, these are:

Team Apricorns

Team Gears

As you have found this thread, you should have already taken the quiz to determine which team you're on this year!

With that in mind, we will be hosting the majority of the events on our Discord server in some capacity, so make sure to join and enter your result including the link (if you have lost it, you can easily access it by going to https://www.pokecommunity.com/gt/team and it will automatically bring yours up) in our #gt-launch channel, so we can get you set up and in your team so you can chat with your teammates and start participating!

If you are not able to create and account and access the Discord server, some events have been made to be able to be access by both forum and Discord users, however take note that some definitely will not.

Feel free to have a look around at the events in this section whilst you are here, we'd also advise checking the Event Schedule so you can get familiar with when thing will be running. Also make sure to check out your team chats, to drum up morale over the next fortnight!

If there are any questions, feel free to drop a message to the GT Management Team, being:

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