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What I want for Christmas!


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    In ways, I feel quite a lot older this time of year- and thinking back, I realize how living on my own has changed me a lot, and even when I think I am mature, I look back again and see how much I mature further.

    That being said, I realize that this Christmas, what I really want is the comforting feeling of friends and family around- and just being happy to be there in their presence. Now, this Christmas, I am away from my parents and brother and other family (it's too expensive to fly to Canada- and my dad works long hours around this time of year) but I'm really happy to be welcomed by another family again this year (my bf's) and I am really looking forward to just.. spending a good time with people I care about. :3 It's weird, when I asked people "What are you doing for Christmas?" and they reply with a shrug and say "Not much, just a family meal" and I realize that.. honestly it's such a simple thing but it just sounds nice! I don't think I ever took it for granted but I think now I have more of an appreciation for it now that I'm away.

    Anyway, this New Year's Eve I will be spending with Will and his friends at his best friend's house- and I've decided to contribute by cooking something- so I'm really looking forward to entertaining and having a good laugh and good drink too. I don't think I have a resolution- just things I know I need to do, and things I want to do that New Year's is a great push to get you to say "yep, it's time to get cracking on that."

    What are your New Year's Resolutions? Have yours ever been successful?

    This year, I want to build up my assertiveness. I think it will help me in a lot of situations- like dealing with stress and having more confidence. I think I want to start by wearing makeup more often and taking more care into how I look, too, so I feel more professional. I think that might help with having that frame of mind. I also love fashion but I am always unsure of putting anything other than jeans and a shirt together, so I want to improve that since I am 24 and I want to enjoy it now and not put it off.
    Last year I joined a gym, and I'm still going to the gym and I've learned a lot about keeping healthy. So I want to have a healthier mind to accompany my body now :3
    I also want to learn loads of new things- like I will be cooking pierogi for the first time on New Years- and I want to continue learning new things and just progressing with life all this year. And another big goal of mine is to own property so in a couple years time I hope to have that :3

    Anyway, I'm starting to ramble now a bit. I haven't updated here in a while because I've been busy with work and other projects (and life in general) <3 I lurk still fairly often for about 5-10 minutes a day but don't usually have the energy to post. However, feel free to message me or vm me or whatever for a chat because I'm always up for that.

    And let's hear about your Christmas too! I miss you guys! UPDATE ME! :3


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    It's true, Christmas is an anomaly where people break away from the humdrum of their personal lives and just interact a lot more closely. I came here expecting to read a wishlist of things you wanted or details of an adventure you would be going on, but this is good, you have captured the essence of the season well.

    I don't know you Kura but you seem pretty assertive to me. Good to hear you're focused on continually improving your life :) Personally i've never liked New Years Resolutions, to me it seems like something people say in the happiness of the moment and forget once they have to go back to reality. As such I doubt i'm going to have one, because I know I will break it. I'd also get stressed about maintaining an unnatural standard on myself.

    Anyway, my Christmas will probably consist of a family dinner like yours with myself, my parents, my sister, perhaps my Grandma and of course the dog, drooling for any delicious scraps ;) A small affair. It will be pleasant enough but i'm sure my father will find some idiotic way to annoy me and ruin the mood. I don't appreciate family very much. After that I would prefer to be left to my own devices, reading books, posting on PC. I don't trust myself to play video games.