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When you've stretched yourself too thin...


響け〜 響け!
...what do you do? I'm not quite sure what to do about this.

So, my entire time on PC, I've always been interested in doing new things. And whenever I see something I'm interested in doing, I jump right on board with it. So, this is good in a way, but at the same time, it's resulted in me taking on more and more commitments, being active in more and more things, and as a result I haven't been very dedicated to any of it :c At least, not as much as I'd like to be. It's sorta like being in so many different places at once that you're nowhere, because barely anyone ever sees you in any one place for longer than 5 minutes.

This might sound a bit like I'm losing interest in PC. Quite the contrary :o I have fun doing everything I do here on PC, and I want all of it to receive my best efforts. But the more your efforts are divided among different things, the less effort you're able to put into each individual activity.

So...maybe it's about time I learned to prioritize. I've got so many different things on my to-do list, I never know what to tackle next ;; So a lot of times none of it gets done and I end up procrastinating. So, first and foremost, ORAS, the section I currently moderate, will be my top priority (well, it already was, but I'm giving it a few additional priority points, if that makes any sense. Probably doesn't. I stink at this bear with me).

Next will be my World of PC region. World building is one of my favorite things to do. I love creating a world, designing every aspect of it, thinking of ways to make it realistic, it encompasses so many different creative areas, I really love it a lot! And I've already put so much work into Auria, many of which are based on things that I've always wanted to see in a Pokemon region. Plus I have so many friends who love Auria just as much as I do! I really want to find some way to re-work my roleplaying choice-quest thingy into something a bit less demanding for me, but still engaging for everyone. But for now, I'll be content just designing and fleshing out new locations, holding occasional events, etc, rather than having an ongoing thing. For now, at least :)

And finally, the Auria fan-game. This is still something I totally want to finish :D I got as far as mapping out Floacea Town, then started having some problems with rmxp, and haven't worked on it since. But this will be an ongoing project that I'll be dedicating my efforts to, even if it takes a while and even if it's off and on.

But, yea, I just wanted to post this in case there's anyone who may have felt like I've been neglecting things. I'd hate for people to think that I've forgotten about them or lost interest. I just stink at time management [noparse]^^;[/noparse] I just feel like I may have let some of my friends down...ones who were counting on me to do my best, so I'll keep in mind the commitments I already have before taking on new ones.

So, besides all of that stuff about me, to anyone who's reading, have you ever taken on more than you were able to balance? How'd you deal with all of it? I'm interested in knowing other people's experiences with this :)


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This basically sums up my life: I've too many interests and too little time. Saying no to some of the things is something you need to learn, which is really hard and feels terrible at first, but believe me: it will pay off eventually.

And that reminds me, I should really pick up Raoga too.
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  • Seen Oct 17, 2023
I know the feeling, but I normally am able to find some balance and fight through the crazy busy times (like last week :x). I'm quite good at saying no once I'm at my limit, so even if I'm a bit busy for a while at least nothing new will come and steal my focus.

Do you have any pictures of your Auria game progress so far? Sounds like fun! :)