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WWDC 2009 Keynote Part 1

Gerri Shin

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    WWDC 2009


    Well the Keynote started with a rather hilarious Apple commercial Parody of many takes of 'PC' welcomeing everyone telling everyone to stop having a great conference and having good ideas.

    • Phil Schiller - SVP of World Wide Product Marketing
      • A totally sold out Show
      • Steady growth from 2002 to 2007 of Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.5
      • Explosive growth since 2007, Growth increased 3-fold since the introduction of iPhone and iPod Touch
    Macbook Pro
    • New SD card slot in place of Expresscard
    • New Built-in Li-Ion battery with up to 7 hours, 2 hours longer than previous battery.
    • 1000 recharge cycles
    • 5 years of life before significant decrease in battery life
    • more environmentally friendly
    • New Updated Screen with 60% greater Colour gamut
    • New Price starting at $1699.00
    • New CPU speed range from 2.53GHz to 2.8GHz
    • Max RAM upgraded to 8GB 1066MHz DDR3
    • 17" CPU upped upped to 2.8GHz, price reduced $300, retains Expresscard
    MacBook Unibody - 13" Macbook Pro
    • New SD Card slot
    • Firewire 800
    • Built-in Battery, 7 hours
    • Upgraded screen w/ 60% greater colour gamut
    • Backlit Keyboard
    • 8GB 1066MHz DDR3 RAM limit
    • Starts at $1199.00
    • Moves into the MacBook Pro line leaving the White plastic the only Macbook.
    MacBook Air
    • CPU update to 2.2GHz[/list
      Entire line
      • All meet EPEAT Gold standard
      • All meet EnergySTAR version 5 status
      Snow Leopard
      • Bertrand Serlet SVP of Mac OS X Dev.
      Mac OS X
      • Leopard - Best selling Apple Product ever.
      • "It's by far the best operating system written for the vast majority of consumers." Ed Mendelson, PC Magazine
      • Snow leopard, to build upon Leopard: To build a better leopard
        Leopard Vs. Leopard
        • What sets Snow Leopard apart from Leopard?
        • 90% of all project that have made up Leopard have been refined or recoded in Snow Leopard.
      • Finder
        • Completely recoded from Carbon to Cocoa to provide the best base for the future.
        • re-coding also allows the Finder to be fully 64-bit
        • Stacks now allow you no navigate into an out of folder contained within the stacks
        • New magnification controls for finder thumbnails
        • thumbnails are now Live, which means you can flip through the pages in a PDF or even preview a video clip straight from its thumbnail instead of having to open it or even pull up the full quicklook window.
        • Exposé is now built into the dock
        • Simply click and hold down on an applications is on in the dock and in a second all windows for that application appear in a way that you can easily see what each window has and which window you want. To switch applications you see simply move to the application icon you want to see and repeat.
        • Copying info from windows is easier, even if the windows aren't side by side. simply drag the image/video/file you want drag it onto the destination application icon, which provokes dock exposé, and then simply drop the file onto the window you wish to copy it to
        • 45% faster than the Leopard install
        • You gain over 6GB of Disc space after upgrading.
        • JPEG opening i 2x faster
        • PDF smart-highlighting
        Chinese input methods
        • Draw on you trackpad which character you with to use
        • Mac OS X 10.6 can also try to predict the next character you are going to use
        • Move messages - 2.3x faster
        • Search - 1.9x faster
        • Launch - 1.8x faster
        • Official release of Safari 4 for Windows, Tiger, Leopard, and will come default on Snow Leopard
        • Top Sites display your most visited website as soon as the browser launches as well as indicates whether there has been any content change since your last visit
        • SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark results put Safari 4 7.8x faster than IE8 while Chrome 2 is only 5.8x faster than IE8
        • Safari 4 passes ACID3 test with flying colours
        • Search history gives you a coverflow view of all of your browsing history
        • History is searchable even in spotlight, not just by url, but by content on the history pages.
        Snow Leopard exclusive Safari 4 Features
        • Crash Resistance
          • The #1 cause for browser crashes is plug-in failure
          • Safari 4 in Snow Leopard allows the browser to simply disable the plug-in that might cause a browser crash and continue loading the rest of the page.
          • Simply refresh the page to try and load the plug-in content again properly. or continue to browse the web without having to restart the browser.
          More Speed
          • Due to the 64-bit architecture of the browser you can handle Javascript even faster, Up to 50% faster then in Leopard.
          QuickTime X
          • Recoded to Cocoa for a modern Foundation
          • Utilizes Hardware Acceleration for maximum media quality
          • Uses ColorSync to provide the best colour possible
          • Integrates HTTP streaming for top quality on web content viewing
          • New User Interface: the window now consist of the title bar and the controls which over lay the video. Both fade out during video playback to simply have a window with only your content playing in it.
          • Ability to trim and share video from within Quicktime\
          • Easily share with Youtube uploader or import straight to iTunes or upload to MobileMe.
          • 64-Bit
            • Take advantage of Infinite1
            • Much Faster
            • All of core Apps of Snow Leopard are rewritten in 64-bit
            Grand Central Dispatch
            • Built in Multi-core support
            • Organizes the thread within each CPU Core to optimize the response time and speed the system up while consuming less power.
            • Utilizes the GPU to alleviate some of the load off of the CPU while still speeding up performance.
          • Built in support for Microsoft Exchange servers.2
          • You can now conect your Exchange account into Mail, iCal, and Address book.
          • Simply plug in your info into the Mail account set up and exchange automatically sets up Mail, calendars and your contacts in Address Book.
          • Spotlight easily searches through your Exchange files as if it was on a local volume
          • You keep all Mac OS technologies like Quicklook & Data detectors for new contacts.
          • Exchange auto-syncs your your exchange calendar and iCal.
        Snow Leopard Release notes

        • Pricing
          • For Current Leopard Users
            • $29 Single user license
            • $49 Family Pack (5 user license)
          Release Date
          • September 2009
            1Upt to a theoretical 16,000,000,000GB, 2Requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (on the host server)​

    well that covers the first half of the keynote revolving around the Mac computer lines and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Here are some quick links for further exploration for those who wish to learn more about a specific product.


    R A W R
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    • Seen Jun 21, 2011
    I didn't even watch WWDC '08 but it felt kind of weird to be fanboying out this year. There's not many other things I can name that I obsessed over.

    I thought it was hilarious how they were trashing Windows and then their like, were integrating Exchange Support. i.e. more of the windows you hate, yay!

    Gerri Shin

  • 3,582
    Actually, I found that Bertrand Serlet's bias against windows is a little disheartening. While I agree that it should be time for Windows to move from DLLs and a registry to something better, as well as that the end user should never have to try and figure out disk defragmenting, the bashing of windows should not be a part of the presentation. It was for that reason that I omitted that part in my overview.