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WWDC 2009 Keynote Part 2

Gerri Shin

  • 3,582
    Continuing from my notes of the WWDC 2009 keynote …


    • 2.0 SDK has over 1,000,000 downloads
    • more than 50,000 apps available in the app store
    • over 1 billion apps downloaded as of April 23rd
    • over 40,000,000 iPhones and iPod touches sold
    • "The phone that has changed phones forever" Time Magazine
    • 65% of all mobile browsing is done on an iPhone/iPod Touch
    • when compared to Android's almost 5,000 apps, Nokia's almost 2,000 apps, blackberry's 1,030 apps and Palm's measly 18, the iPhone is miles ahead of the others in terms of app usage and choice.
    • iPhone has won the J.D. Power and Associate award for both businesses and consumers
      iPhone OS 3.0
      • New features
      • Cut, Copy, & Paste
      • works across all apps
      • Undo support via Shake
      • Developer APIs
      • Cocoa Touch support for text
      • Now in Mail, Notes, and Messages
      • MMS messaging available to all iPhone 3G and 3G users

      • Search the entire iPhone, email, calendars, notes, music, even Exchange accounts.
      • Simply swipe to the left of the main screen for Spotlight for iPhone.
      • Rent and Purchase movies, and tv shows directly from your iPhone
      • iTunes U now available on iPhone
      Parental Controls
      • New controls allow parents to choose which ratings their child can view in movies, tv shows and in the apps they run.
      • Allows you to use the iPhone's 3G internet connection with your Mac or PC
      • connect via USB cable or Bluetooth
      • Performance enhanced.
      • Passes SunSpider JS test in 126 seconds using version 2.2.1, on the mobile device
      • Passes SunSpider JS test in only 43 seconds using the 3.0 software on the mobile device
      • HTTP streaming audio and video that adjusts speed and quality to optimize for your connection
      • Auto-fill - optionally remembers your usernames and passwords, also uses contact info already on you iPhone to help fill in forms
      • HTML 5 support
      • Support for more than 30 languages on every iPhone and iPod Touch running the 3.0 software
      • All languages have a keyboard for Portrait and landscape views
      Find My iPhone
      • a MobileME service that allows you to see where on a map your iPhone is using GPS chip in the iPhone
      • You can send a message to your iPhone instructing the finder how to give it back to you.
      • You can send a message from your Home Phone for the iPhone to make a sound so that you might find it somewhere in your house.
      • Remote Wipe Command that will erase all of your data off the phone, everything gets wiped. If you find it, just sync it back with iTunes and all will be restored.
      [*]many more features
      3.0 SDK
      • More than 1,000 New APIs in this SDK
      • In App Purchase
        • Allows developers to present the option to consumers to purchase extra features or functionality for their app without having to leave the app.
        • Allows Subscription based apps, like digital magazines.
        • same cost model applies: developers gain 70% of profits, Apple handles credit card fees for free.
        • Free apps remain free, at no time will a customer be asked to purchase anything from within a free app.
      • Peer to Peer
        • Utilizes bluetooth to allow multiplayer games and file transfers locally
        • Automatically identifies and connects local iPhones, iPod touch using bluetooth, no pairing needed.
      • Accessories
        • You can now build an app that works seamlessly with an accessory that plugs in via the 30 pin dock connector or via bluetooth
        • Many standard protocols supported as well as support for custom protocols you include
      • Maps
        • The Cocoa touch has had an added control built in to allow developers to embed the Google map service into their apps
        • allow you to add custom annotations and geocodes.
        • allows Developers to build turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps for the iPhone
      • Push Notifications
        • Allows developers to push things like scoring alerts for ESPN and IM alerts for things like Yahoo! messenger.
        • you can receive three different alerts: text alerts, badge alerts, and sound alerts.
        • custom alert sounds
      • Free to all iPhone users, original and 3G
      • $9.95 for all iPod Touch 2G users, not available to original iPod Touch devices.
      • Available June 17th
      iPhone 3G - S for Speed
      • The Fastest, most powerful iPhone ever.
      • Same design as the 3G
      • The iPhone 3G passes the SunSpider JS test in only 15 seconds, faster even than the 3G running the 3.0 software, which ran the test in 43 seconds.
        [*]Open GL/ES version 2.0
        [*]3G is already compatible with the new 3G networks with the 7.2 Mbps HSDPA
        [*]New Camera
        • 3 mega pixel
        • Auto focus
        • Auto contrast
        • Auto White balance
        • Auto Exposure
        • Tap to focus
        • better low light sensitivity
        • Auto Macro photo for objects 10CM away
        • new Camera API for developers
        • Captures Video as well, just flick the switch in the bottom right.
        • 30 FPS VGA with Audio
        • you can even trim and share from the iPhone
        [*]Voice Control
        • hold the home button and in a few seconds and then just speak the commands you want to do.
        • Commands are scrolling across the screen for easy remembering
        • Make calls, control music, ask what's playing, tell it to make a genius playlist by saying "play more songs like this"
        [*]Digital Compass
        • New compass app links into Maps
        • Can even orient maps to the direction you are facing making it easier than ever to navigate your way to places.
        • Developer APIs to take advantage of the compass for their apps
        • Voiceover
        • Zoom
        • White on Black for visual impaired
        • Mono audio available in one or both earpieces
        • Speak Auto-text - allows the iPhone to speak the commands to the person as they hover over them with their finger
        [*]Nike+ integration
        • hardware encryption
        • Instantaneous remote wipe
        • encrypted iTunes backups
        [*]Battery Life Improved
        • The 3G battery specs, Internet(WiFi): 6hrs, Video: 7hrs, Audio: 24hrs, 2G talk: 10hrs, 3G talk: 5hrs.
        • 3G battery specs, WiFi: 9hrs, Video: 10hrs, Audio: 30hrs, 2G talk: 12hrs, 3G talk: 5hrs.

        [*]Most Environmentally friendly iPhone ever
        • Arsenic free, BFR-free, Mercury free, PVC free, and 23% smaller packaging.
        [*]Availability and Pricing
        • starts at $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB
        • Available in Black and white for both models
        • iPhone 3G now available for $99, 8GB in black.
        • 3G available on June 19th in U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, & the U.K.
          [*]Available on June 26th in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Japan, & the Netherlands.
          [*]Available in July for Belgium, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, & Uruguay.
          [*]Available in August for Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, Central Africa, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Guinea, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Niger, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela.

    well that pretty much wraps up the announcements fro the WWDC 2009 opening Keynote.
    I've included some link below if you wish to explore some of the new items further.