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[Essentials] Xenoverse: Ordem et Chaos - A (Pokemon) Xenoverse: Per Aspera Ad Astra enhancement mod & story rewrite



This project is a mod that is meant to enhance every aspect of the original (Pokemon) Xenoverse. On a mechanical level, which is where help is needed the most, we want to update the game from Essentials v17 to Essentials v21, improve the UI navigation, the framerate, the pace of the game at large and its level curve by sticking to a single exp system and balancing it around that. Another mechanic that we want to add is a Let's go style partner mechanic, so you don't have to use the Starter in the party while still having them with you at all times, as one of the most unique features of this game's narrative is the Starter being story relevant, though being forced to have it in the party at all times was something a lot of people took issue with.

This leads to a paragraph on the story which, as inferred by the title, is getting tweaked. Aside from its translation getting improved, a lot more has been added to it. Some characters show up earlier, their characterization is highlighted more, and while the broad events of the story stay faithful to the original, a lot of context and content has been added in light of the postgame's storyline, and the Starter's relationship with the main character is highlighted through added sections of teamwork between them, facilitated by the Let's Go Partner mechanic. The only considerable rewrites that have been done so far (by the time of writing this, the whole main game from intro to credits after the "Champion") is the Starter selection getting an overhaul to better build the bond between them and their trainer, and the main villain of the game getting changed completely. While the latter is not a small change, I felt that to make sure everything else stayed as intact as possible, this aspect of the game had to change.

Our wish is to make this game shine as much as it can through updated mechanics and a smoother gameplay experience, doing all we can to enrich the story that the original team wanted to tell, while also adding our own original ideas through new regional forms for Pokemon and new scenarios in the postgame, but in order to achieve it, we need more passionate people and more capable programmers at our side.

Pokemon Essentials (v21.1)

Beehive Studios Mod Guidelines:


Current Dev Team (Discord Usernames)

Creative Director: konodiegoda (me)
Programmers: phye
Artists: ghasty_001
Spriters: ghasty_001, mintaka_ok
Gameplay Balance Assessment: doot_revenant666, nhshadow9, rex_aura, vizir_kg, .happyplayer.
Writer: konodiegoda (me)
Composers: (Vacant)

Server Link: https://discord.gg/Bxh7HU6M6M

Looking For:

- Programmers to port the game over to the newest version of Pokemon Essentials (or recreate the game in it should porting be an impossibility), and make all the planned additions should those be possible.
- An Artist that can replicate the official Pokemon Artstyle to have our original designs be rendered in an artstyle eligible for the portraits that the Party UI in Xenoverse uses.
- Test readers to review the rewritten story.
- Sprite artists to create animated sprites for the new Pokemon, reanimate some sprites for already existing Pokemon, re-sprite NPCs to conform with the new style and create more unified and cohesive tilesets for the world.
- A music composer for some custom OSTs.

Unique Features:

Of the original Xenoverse:


Planned for this Project:


Plot Outline:




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Introducing: Eldiwian Regional forms.

As mentioned above, this project plans to add new Regional forms, to both stretch our own creative muscles and give some company to the only regional form in the game so far, the Eldiwian Meowth line.

As such, once sprites and stats of a Regional Form are done, I'll put them here as a little content update every once in a while, so that you can see what we are coming up with.

Now, let's kick this off by introducing:

Eldiwian Ralts (Dark Fairy)



The Dark Whelp Pokemon
Its horns glow whenever it senses negativity. It seems to be drawn towards misery.

28/25/25/45/40/35 Tot: 198
HA: Serene Grace

This Pokemon will be found on Blackhole Island, a location where the sun normally doesn't shine and mysterious forces permeate it. As such the Ralts have adapted to their new environment by becoming more attuned with the darker forces of the island, leading to their new, vampire-inspired makeover.
Will you help us bring this little monster to life?