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zeostar watches old disney movies after never seeing any of them

  • Age 23
  • Seen today
For the purpose of playing kingdom hearts for the first time, I thought it would be fun going through old disney movies for the first time too.

Day 1: Alice in Wonderland (1951). This was the most trippy movie I have ever seen. There was no plot. It was a series of random events that happened with nothing overarching story in the grand scheme of things. And oh gosh old disney is so dark at times. (The part with the two characters tricking the oysters and eating them for dinner). Then the evil queen at the end who was obsessed with decapitation. I seriously had no idea what to make of this film.

Pinocchio (1940). This is much better and I'm impressed with the animation for the time. It's overall a good film, with apparently a 100% critic score on rotten tomatoes. I can't think of much to say about it other than it's solid and charming. As I was watching this, I was kinda wondering what it would be like seeing this in theaters all the way back in 1940.