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Zygarde, Earth's core, and Pokemon Evolution (including the Mega kind) theory

OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire

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    Alright, I've had this theory for a long time, and have posted about it in several threads on here before. This time I'll be posting those thoughts here.
    First off the basic premise of this theory. I beleive that Zygarde is connected to the core of the Earth, and that it influences Pokemon evolution including Mega Evolution.
    First a quote from an recent post of mine
    "The Earth's iron core produces the magnetic field of the planet too. For those that don't recall or didn't play FrLg or the Johto games, Team Rocket's research on evolution involved the impact of magnetic waves on Pokemon evolution. The evolution of Gyarados in Lake of Rage was induced by radio waves which I guess were made to emitate the magnetic waves a Pokemon receives/gives out during evolution. Now to tie this back with Zygarde, Zygarde is theorized by fans to have a connection to Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is more or less an artificial evolution in which the Pokemon receives vast sums of energy which allows it to evolve. I think that the link has to do with magnetic waves. The brain also has magnetic waves in real life, so perhaps feelings are communicated to a Pokemon through the Mega Stones and Mega items. Sounds kind of hippieish, but I think at that instant theirs a connection between the Earth, the trainer, and the Pokemon. Primal Reversion on the otherhand removes the trainer. The rumored Synchro evolution could potentially be trainer and Pokemon only."

    Also note that the meteorite in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire harnessed some of the core's power. Both Maxie and Archie mention that by harnessing the power of the core they can transform the meteorite into a Mega Stone or a Key Stone. Note that in XY the Mega Stones are said to rise up from the ground at certain points of the day.

    Now, remember the green light that emerged from the Cave of Origin in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire after fighting the Primal? Well recall the appearance of Sootopolis prior to that battle and after it. You'll notice that not only did the grass turn green and the tree Az planted has bloomed, but that there are flowers and moss on the rooftops of houses where there was nothing of the sort before, not even dead vines. How did these things come? What about the sudden appearance of Mega Stones in Hoenn?

    That is all linked to Zygarde. In the anime Flare uses the cells to turn a barren island into a forested one, similar to how the dead looking Sootopolis regained it's greenery with a bit extra toss in there after the green light falls over the crater. Also, Zygarde is theorized by fans to have the potential to bring back extinct species. Professor Birch in OrAS notes that Pokemon that haven't existed in modern Hoenn before have appeared after the event. As for the Mega Stones, they likely were created or brought up from the Cave of Origin. Zygarde itself likely was the one who restored the ecosystem of Hoenn. Whether it was 100% or 50% it's unknown, but most likely it was one of the two.