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  1. BCarter

    [Completed] Pokemon - Aether and Chaos V1.0

    Pokemon Aether and Chaos About the game: I set out to create this game for two main purposes. The first was to write music, specifically focusing on guitar, bass and drum. I wanted a challenge to write pieces I wouldn't usually try, ranging from heavy to ambient styles. The second was to create...
  2. B

    BDSP Looking to trade for Shining Pearl regional exclusives

    Hello! My goal is to have all Sinnoh regional Pokemon in my copy of Brilliant Diamond. I need Misdreavious, Glameow and Bonsly. I'm willing to trade any of the regional Pokemon within Brilliant Diamond in return. I don't yet have the national Dex unlocked so i don't have access to those Pokemon...
  3. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire

    Zygarde, Earth's core, and Pokemon Evolution (including the Mega kind) theory

    Alright, I've had this theory for a long time, and have posted about it in several threads on here before. This time I'll be posting those thoughts here. First off the basic premise of this theory. I beleive that Zygarde is connected to the core of the Earth, and that it influences Pokemon...
  4. Tek

    The Hallways of an Integral Church

    At Broadway Church of KC, we hold it to be true that all people are spiritual beings on a human journey, rather than human beings on a spiritual journey. We are a Baptist church that honors the Christian traditions, embraces rationality and the scientific process, recognizes the context-bound...