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March 26th, 2008, 10:19 AM

About 5 years ago, the downfall of Team Rocket brought people nationwide a sense of relief. Although defeated, the rockets left a deep scar of destruction behind. It took a long time for the people and pokemon of Kanto to recover, but a large amount of progress had been made. There weren't anymore daily news broadcasts of pokemon being stolen or large buildings being taken over, no more cities being overrun by merciless rocket grunts, and no more news reports of important pokemon icons being held hostage. Kanto was returning to the calm, peaceful region it once was. Little does everyone known, something big is happening..

Now, years later, Giovanni's preparations have been coming together. For years, he has been planning his resurrection of Team Rocket. He has put together a much more powerful army of rockets, now with many new members apart from old ones. There are even secret rocket bases in Jhoto and Hoenn, which are key in the success of Giovanni's takeover plan of all the regions. Performing all secret operations underground, they are now virtually undetected even though they are still active. Giovanni's plans are ready to be carried out, and the return of Team Rocket is close at hand..

RP Rules:

1. Follow the basic RP rules
2. No god-modding
3. All replies should be at least 5 lines long
5. NO OOCs! If you want to talk OOC, the thread is here: http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=132474

Character Roles:

Regular Trainer-Normal pokemon trainers are like the protagonists and are against Team Rocket. If you choose to be a normal trainer, you will be able to do many different things. You can travel, battle, challenge gym leaders, etc.
Team Rocket Member-Team Rocket members are like antagonists and cause trouble. If you choose to be a member, you will act as a secret gang member. You can go on rocket missions, battle, steal, and lots of other things.

Being a Rocket Member:

There are three rank levels to being a rocket:

Grunt/Adv. Grunt-The grunts of Team Rocket are the lowest class. Their job is to do whatever the rockets of higher class order them to and to assist them. Grunts go on basic missions, like guard duty, delivering messages, info gathering, etc. The grunts also go through tough training programs. They report to the admins.
Admin/Adv. Admin-The admins of Team Rocket are mid class, and hold some degree of power. Their job is to lead the grunts on basic missions and more advanced missions, like kidnapping, spying, stealing, etc. The admins are like leaders to the grunts, and they report to the elites.
Elite-The elites of Team Rocket are high class hold the most power next to Giovanni. Their job is to organize regular missions as well as to go on the most important and dangerous ones. They perform all tasks if needed, and mostly go on solo missions. Elites are the direct assistants to Giovanni, and receive the most important orders and plan information directly from him.

Aside from levels of rank, certain members are assigned special jobs other from being just a normal rocket. Some of the most important jobs are:

Scientist-The rocket scientists are in charge of carrying out and performing the team's pokemon experiments. Within bases, they perform the pokemon experiments in specialized labs. Sometimes, they work with the Techs.
Tech-The rocket technology specialists, or techs, are in charge of electronical things and whatnot. They invent all the gadgets the rocket members use, as well as develop machines and gadgets for the rocket pokemon. They also build or repair transportation equipment for the other members.
Spy-The rocket spies are key in carrying out plans. They specialize in secrets and disguise, and are most often working underground. A good spy's job is to gather information while undetected, secretly invade enemy bases, and to keep watch over targets.


Regular Trainer
Appearance: (please be detailed in describing your character)
Background: (a descrption of your character's life)
Pokemon: (Amount must vary with skill)

Team Rocket Member
Rank: (only adv. admins and below for now)
Job: (reg. member, scientist, tech, or spy)
Appearance: (please be detailed in describing your character)
Personality: (should be at least 3 lines long)
Background: (be sure to include how your character got recruited into team rocket)
Pokemon: (Grunts/Adv. Grunts-2 or less, Admins/Adv. Admins-4 or less, Elites-6 or less)

My Sign-Up:

Name: Rayne

Age: 16

Hometown/Region: Vermilion City, Kanto

Rank: Admin

Job: Spy

Appearance: Rayne stands at 5'7'' with spiky, jet black hair and steel blue colored eyes. He wears a somewhat "custom" Team Rocket uniform, but it really isnt the standard uniform at all. He simply wears the same colors as the other rockets do, choosing to wear a black and white t-shirt with a black vest, pants, and shoes. He does wear one sort of representation of Team Rocket though: a white wristband on his left forearm, which has the red Team Rocket "R" on it. He also chooses to keep his pokeballs attached to the white belt he wears on his waist.

Personality: Not being the typical loud and noisy rocket member, Rayne is more of the calm and laid back type. He speaks in a nonchalant way, which would normally make someone think he is a careless person. He is also easily irritated and annoyed. Although he is more calm than loud, Rayne can be very harsh and rude at times. He doesn't like to show his emotions other than his natural calmness and his harsh attitude and prefers to keep his feelings to himself, but sometimes he cant hide his feelings, and his attitude shows all over his face. He is also a bit of a rebel, and likes to do things his way sometimes.

Background: Rayne grew up being raised with and later on, by, his older brother, Hugo. His parents sadly passed away from illness when he was just 7 years old. At first, Rayne was a happy and carefree child, but his mother's death along from being raised without any real parents hardened his personality. Since their parents’ deaths, Rayne and Hugo were forced to live a street rat type of life. Hugo always did try his best to look after his little brother, and was hard on him sometimes to toughen him up. When Rayne was 10 years old, Hugo, being 13, joined Team Rocket. Since his brother joined, Rayne himself was surrounded by the rockets and became accustomed to their lifestyle and their ways. He joined Team Rocket and became a grunt at 13, and is now an admin. His brother Hugo is still a part of Team Rocket as well, now being an elite member.


Name: Houndour
Nickname: Howler
Gender: Male
Personality: Howler is very loyal, but very aggressive at times.
Obtained: Rayne first found Howler at night while on his way home. It was all alone, and was a very young puppy. He decided to keep it as his first pokemon, and the two have a very strong bond.

Name: Haunter*
Nickname: Nightmare
Gender: Male
Personality: Nightmare is a naughty pokemon and likes playing pranks.
Obtained: Rayne encountered Nightmare in an eerie dark forest. He decided to take the longer way home for some reason. As he was walking through the forest, a shiny Haunter appeared and startled him. He used Howler to battle the Haunter, and caught it.

Name: Golbat
Nickname: Fang
Gender: Male
Personality: Fang is very energetic, and likes to battle.
Obtained: Rayne encountered Fang while wandering lost in a cave. While he was looking to find a way out, a group of wild Zubat suddenly flew at him from out of nowhere and attacked him. Rayne fought them off, and caught one of the Zubat. It later evolved into Golbat.

Name: Weavile
Nickname: Cutter
Gender: Male
Personality: Cutter is a very sneaky pokemon, and enjoys stealing things.
Obtained: Rayne stole Cutter from a breeding center as an egg while on a mission. He hatched the egg into a young Sneasel, and trained it to become an excellent thief and battler. Sneasel evolved into Weavile during a pokemon capture mission.


1. Gyro
2. Silhouette
3. K9S8
4. Fuyuko the Rampant
5. AExcalibur
6. TheOldKoot
7. _One_Winged_Angel_
8. RenzokukenofCerberus
9. Cariger

Reservation/Pending List:

1. raichuchika-pending
2. Trainer Kat-reserved

March 30th, 2008, 11:10 AM
Name: Crystal Darkheart
Age: 17
Hometown/Region: Lavender Town, Kanto
Rank: admin
Job: regular member
Appearance: Crystal is what most guys would call attractive. She has long, dark brown hair, almost reaching her waist in length and big, hazel eyes. She is slightly tanned, but only slightly. She wears a black team rocket uniform, and big hoop earings. She is very tall and thin, being 5'7" and weighing 105 lbs. For makeup, she wears black mascara and eyeliner, and pink lipstick.
Personality: Crystal has always been somewhat depressed. She is also rather angry. She'd always be that girl blasting emo music in her room while wishing to die. She can be rather coldhearted sometimes, but she's really just shy. She wants to make friends, but can't due to her lack of social skills.
Background: Crystal was always completely ignored by her parents ever since she was a baby. Society was tough on her, so she devoloped many problems. She starting cutting when she was 11, got an eating disorder when she was 13, and starting thinking about suicide a 14. She joined Team Rocket at age 15 because she was mad at the world and wanted to get revenge on people she hated.
Pokemon- 3

Species- Chikorita
Nickname- Rose
Gender- female
Personality- Rose is in many ways the exact oppisite of Crystal. She is happy, cheerful, and outgoing. She can make friends with anyone, human or Pokemon. Rose has the docile nature.
History- Crystal got Rose imported from Johto when she was 10 years old.

Pokemon- Pichu
Nickname- Lightning
Gender- female
Personality- Lightning is a quick tempered little Pichu. She will often shock someone if she doesn't get what she wants from them. She is very energetic, and runs around a lot. She can often be found on Crystal's shoulder. Lightning has the rash nature.
History- Crystal found Lightning as an egg when she was 12.

Species- Vulpix
Nickname- Blaze
Gender- Female
Personality- Blaze is much like Crystal in many ways. She is shy, lonely, and depressed. She is very quiet, and barely makes a noise. Blaze has the lonely nature.
History- Crystal rescued Blaze from an abusive trainer at age 14.

March 30th, 2008, 12:02 PM
@raichuchika: your sign-up isnt bad, all you need to do is add a bit more to the appearance, personality, and background. For now, you're pending

March 30th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Hey, Gyro! I'm asking for a reservation, and I'll get to work right away on my sign-up.

March 30th, 2008, 12:49 PM
@Silhouette: you're reserved

March 30th, 2008, 1:44 PM
Team Rocket Member

Name: Darksteel

Age: 18

Hometown/Region: Snowpoint, Sinnoh

Rank: Admin

Job: Scientist

Appearance: Darksteel has a very mysterious appearance. His face is always shrouded with shadows. When people do (rarely) see him, he has long, spike black hair. His face is as sharp as a knife. His eyes gleam with darkness, signifying vengeance. He is somewhat tall and thin, standing 5' 10". He has muscular arms that are always hidden in his wears.

Speaking of which, he wears a long, black trench coat over his entire body, reaching down to his ankles. He has a dark shirt underneath, with whit pants. He occasionally wears sunglasses if he ventures out of his lab. He wears black gloves, but not all the time.

Personality: He has no playful side whatsoever. He is ruthless, and strong. Darksteel would rather study up on Pokemon, rather than have any sort of interactions with anything that breathes. His Pokemon fear him for who he is, though he DOES NOT abuse his Pokemon, but rather disciplines them. He likes to withdraw into the shadows and read, whether be it on the computer or a book. He is the type that can't live without his technology. He isn't the one to battle, and would much rather play mind tricks on people, or just simply hurt or kill them.

He spent most of his days in the lab, so he has a passion for studying Pokemon. People have no idea what he studies, though. He would fight for his life to protect his main computer, whom he keeps his deceased Porygon in.

Background: Darksteel had a life no child would want. When he was 6, his parents were killed by Team Rocket, and they burnt his house down. Darksteel went into a mental shock that nearly took his life. He recovered, and woke up on the streets at night, the only damage from that shock was that he forgot his name. He took on the name of Darksteel, which he got from a store his parents went to often. Since then, Darksteel has lived to get revenge on Team Rocket. His only Pokemonn was a young Porygon, which he obtained a while ago by stealing it from a data chip in the local lab. He has kept control over the Porygon only by inserting the chip into his computer. The Porygon now dwells within his current computer, and helps with network hacking and what not.

Soon, though, he thought that he could make people feel how he felt, and actually joined Team Rocket. He was assigned to the lab for his superior knowledge, and has proven to be a useful worker. He was promoted, and is in that position until today.

Nickname: [none]
Obtained: Stole from a computer lab in his hometown. For more, see Background.

Nickname: Unit
Obtained: Darksteel was exploring the old, abandoned Old Chateau, searching for some Pokemon he could study. He found an odd magnet Pokemon, Magnemite. Darksteel thought of this Pokemon as interesting, and captured it for further lab inspection. He ended up using it in his permanent team.

Nickname: Turret
Obtained: Darksteel was exploring the countryside of Sinnoh, and came across the Pokemon Sentret by the town of Solacean, rare to the region. He decided it was worth the catch, and obtained it by catching it.

Nickname: Ashisen
Obtained: Darksteel was near the Valley Windwork after he joined Team Rocket. He was curious as to why the Grunts of Team Galactic, now disbanded, were interested in the energy. He was just inspectiong the scene, and found a rare Drifloon. He wasted no time catching it, and it became a part of the team he now battles with.

March 30th, 2008, 2:26 PM
@Silhouette: excellent sign-up! You're accepted, but only Elites may have 5 pokemon or less, so I'll have to ask you to remove one of your pokemon for now (don't worry, you'll get it back later though)

March 30th, 2008, 2:28 PM
Name: Kamora

Age: 16

Hometown\Region: Pallet town, Kanto

Appearance: Kamora has black eyes, black short hair, black pants, a black shirt with a white vest, and black gloves. He stands at 5ft and 6in. His hair is worn down and in spikes. He has a tan skin tone that makes him look cool and weighs 105lbs. Kamora carries around a blue pack pack with his supplies and his pokeballs. Right now he is testing out his new running shoes that are red on the top but white on the bottom.

Personality: Kamora is a nice coordinator. He likes to talk to girls and help them out. However, most girls think he's a pervert and run away. He has a strong sense of justice and believes Pokemon should be treated with care. He hates the people who talk about contest in a bad way and immediately battles them to win. Kamora has a kind heart and always puts his Pokemon first when ever it comes to battling. He loves to help other Pokemon or teach his Pokemon new moves. Kamora is cheerful to anyone he meest and especially if that person is a girl.

Biography: Kamora was born in Sinnoh and loved Pokemon Contest as a kid. When he started his journey he became a coordinator and trained his Pokemon to their full potential. He started at the age of fourteen and has become quite skilled. Kamora shared a close bond with his Pokemon and when they battle he can feel the battle as if he was in their spot. He collected his first Pokemon, Turtwig, at Professor Rowan's lab then went on his journey. His Turtwig would soon evolve and later help him catch a Chimchar. He later obtained four ribbons from the Sinnoh contest. He sadly lost his chance to get his fifth ribbon and a chance to get into the Grand Festival to his rival Tyson. After his defeat he left his contest Pokemon at his parent's house. Kamora decided to go to Kanto and capture more contest Pokemon and then return to Sinnoh.

Pokemon: Chimchar
Gender: Male
Obtained: Kamora caught Chimchar right before his fifth contest and since he didn't get a real chance to bond with it he decided to take him to Kanto for some extra training.
Personality: Chimchar is a little shy but has the potential to be a powerful Pokemon.

March 30th, 2008, 2:28 PM
Whoops, I thought it meant that I can't have less than 4 pokemon.. Ok, I'll get rid of one!

March 30th, 2008, 2:37 PM
@K9S8: nice sign-up! You're accepted, but if you could just put the pokemon info in the right form, I'd appreciate it ^^;;

March 30th, 2008, 2:52 PM
May I ask for a reservation please? I'll finish it later.

Name: Nate Dakir
Gender: Male
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
Rank: Admin
Job: Scientist

Appearance: Standing at 5"8', Nate isn't as tall as some other people. In addition, he has a fairly light and slim build, standing at 110 pounds. His eyes are a piercing red, showing anger and frustration in them. Nate's hair is unruly and very messy. In addition, his black hair starts to hang all over, covering his left eye, actually. Nate's skin tone is a pale one, as he often is found inside all-day instead of going outside. Nate's attire is primarily the Rocket Scientist uniform (the lab coat, the pants, the shoes) given to all who choose to work in that field. However, his is black, fitting in with the rest of the Rockets. Plus, this is to represent his admin status, his superiority and experience over others.

Personality: Nate is one to manipulate those with less power than him, and not allied with him. Then, he leaves them to die. Alongside this, Nate has a twisted sense of humor. He has fun torturing the lab rat Pokemon, and manages to play several dark games with himself, like how many ways can a Ratatta die. Nate takes his studies seriously, though some don't know if it's to help enhance these "games" of his, or to actually help Team Rocket. Also, he will NEVER harm his own Pokemon, and they know that. Alongside this, the only things he will trust are his Pokemon, and other Rockets. Still, he'd rather ignore the Rockets that pester him constantly.

History: Nate grew up a depressing life for his younger years. His father was a drunkard who often spent his days at a tavern, rarely ever coming home. His mother tried to live the best life possible, but her husband never let her do anything that would benefit the family. This gone on until Nate was eight, and seen his mother being killed by his father in a drunken rage. Doing so, he had ran off, possibly as far away as possible. Living mostly in the alleyways, he assumed the role of a thief, and tried to make the best out of his decision.

Shortly after his twelfth birthday, Nate had stolen a Pokemon egg, mistaking it for an actual egg. Even shorter than that, the egg he kept for safe keeping had evolved into a Ralts knowing Wish, Growl, and Confusion. As a way to make money, he kept on stealing, but added street battles into the mix. But if he lost, instead of paying money, he simply would run off. This way, he wouldn't have any penalty. In private, unauthorized battles, he even ended up stealing Pokemon and sold them.

This made him a popular criminal, especially with the Rockets. They looked for an attempt to recruit him, even though they couldn't find him anywhere in Goldenrod. Nate traveled more often, having trained his Ralts into a Kirlia and only had to worry about dark-types at night (even though the Kirlia's Focus Blast didn't make this much of a problem, either). This continued, until his seventeenth birthday, where he was finally found by the police and the Rockets. Feigning off for himself, Nate ran off, though later on joined Team Rocket in secrecy. This wasn't to steal Pokemon, but to perhaps pursue a career in Pokemon research. Long as Nate could end up gaining power, he hoped joining the Rockets wouldn't be a for life thing that most gangs have a life full of crime like.


Species: Gardevoir
Nickname: None (Nate doesn't nickname his Pokemon)
History: Gardevoir was obtained as a Ralts, through a theft committed at a young age. Near an alleyway, a family bought a Pokemon egg. Mistaking this for some food due to the family being within a crowd, Nate rushed in and grabbed the egg. Dashing off, the family chased him throughout most of Goldenrod, until the family and Nate found themselves lost. Nate had just barely got away, idiotically diving into a moving car with a window pane removed. Faking that he wasn't a thief, Nate convinced the driver to bring him to the Game Corner. Nate kept the Ralts, evne when realizing it was a Pokemon Egg.
Other: Nate's Gardevoir is a shiny Pokemon.

Species: Hypno
Nickname: None
History: Hypno was a Drowzee sent to the Dakir boy on his second day as a Rocket Scientist. He was to inject it with a serum that would boost it's offensive capabilities. After doing so, he researched his Pokemon experiments and waited for the serum to take effect. Since there was no boost in power in a test battle, the Drowzee normally would of been killed. But since one of the elite were on a good mood (specifically the one who assigned the Drowzee to Nate), he was allowed to keep the Drowzee. After several months of training, the Drowzee had substantially increased in power and evolved into a Hypno. As of now, Nate uses it to force Pokemon into trances so it's easier to experiment on them.
Other: Hypno always has that circle he uses to hypnotize others moving. Those that look directly at it, end up confused and in a dream-like state.

Species: Ninjask
Nickname: None
History: Ninjask was a simple task, but not compared to Shedinja. As another assigned experiment, Nate was to find out how the requirements to obtain a Shedinja effects a Nincada's evolving process. After about a week of study, he caught several Nincada and experimented, though many of them ended up evolving just into a Ninjask no matter what the options. Finally, he released all the rest and used his last Nincada. Resorting to the standard, he had evolved it into a Ninjask and a Shedinja with the "1 Poke Ball, no more than 5 Pokemon in your party" rule everyone who wanted a Shedinja followed. He simply wrote down in the report that for some reason Shedinja's evolution is influenced by the different materials and environment generated in the Poke Ball rather than a Great or Ultra Ball.
Other: None.

Species: Shedinja
Nickname: None
History: See Ninjask.
Other: The Shedinja had begun to trust Nate and sealed up the crack in it's back when it's not facing him. This way, Nate's soul won't accidentally be absorbed by the Shedinja. However, the crack can open up in emergencies, specifically as a last resort against powerful Pokemon.

March 30th, 2008, 2:54 PM
@AExcalibur: yes, you are now reserved

Fuyuko the Rampant
March 30th, 2008, 3:04 PM
Name:Ange Animi
Hometown/Region:Alamos City/Sinnoh
Rank: Admin
Job: Spy

Appearance: Her hair is a light shade of blue, tied up in a bun with a chopstick. Standing at 5'6, she is not very tall, but luckily for her, she isn't very short either. Her Team Rocket outfit is quite standard, the regular Tee-Shirt and Pants, with a R printed directly in the middle of her shirt, with a triangular cut in the middle, With a thin build, she can slip in and out of areas, which is quite useful for tracking missions. Her skin color isn't too dark, but enough to make her able to hide without being seen. Her hair, and part of her eyes are usually covered with her Team Rocket hat, colored black with a yellow trim. Her eyes are near exactly the same as her hair, which blends in quite well when hiding.

Personality: Although she speaks in a soft spoken tone, her true intentions are much darker then is usually expected in her. She loves to see the look on people's faces when they realize that, she was only using them for her own gains. This only give her more reason to side with Team Rocket. She enjoys hiding away in the shadows, because of this, people think of her as anti-social and grim, even the members in Team Rocket tend to avoid her. The only things she treats kindly, or even humanly to, are her Pokemon. Her Ninetales believes the "wall" she hides behind is because, she has no one to trust.

Background: Ange was both born and raised in Alamos city. Her parents were, and still are total opposites, but they claim, that's exactly why they love each other. Her mother is a Pokemon breeder, with a calm and simple demeanor, while her father, is a Pokemon trainer with a hot head. Ange used to aspire to be like her father, to become a professional Pokemon trainer, that changed after the events that happened one year before she left to become a trainer. As Ange started to defeat more and more trainers, and gain four of the eight official league badges, she gained a larger thirst for power. So she turned to Team Rocket, hoping that she could gain the power of the legendary Pokemon. As she started out as a Grunt, the Elites eventually recognized her strength, and suggested to Giovanni that she be moved from Grunt, to Admin. Currently, she is hunting after the elusive Mew.

Personality: Refia is very hot tempered, once she starts to get into something, she won't back down until she has beaten down the competition.
Background: Refia was given as a gift from her mother on the day Ange would leave for her own adventure, like her mother and father did years ago. Refia has always been at Ange's side ever since, following her in whatever choice she chose. Refia evolved when she somehow was easily beaten down by Gardenia's Leafeon. A "stranger" came by, handing her a Fire Stone to evolve her Vulpix. Refia is the powerhouse of Ange's group.

Personality: Ange found two Cherubis playing on a sidewalk to Oreburgh city, it seemed to Ange that the two were playing a form of "tag". As the Cherubi who was it, counted with it's cries, it was directly under a building still being constructed. One of the ropes, holding a steel bar snapped, about to crush the young Cherubi, out of instinct, Ange ran forward, picking up the Cherubi quickly out of harms way. Ever since then, Cherubi feels as though she owes a debt to Ange.

March 30th, 2008, 3:29 PM
@Fuyuko: great sign-up! Accepted

Trainer Kat
March 30th, 2008, 4:47 PM
I plan on finishing history and personality in a bit. <3 Reserve me?

Name: Claire Marshall
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hometown/Region: Goldenrod, Johto
Rank: Grunt
Job: Regular Member

Appearance: Claire is petite, to say the least. She’s 5’5”, and 103 lbs. Her silky auburn hair is fashioned in a typical scene fashion, though she isn’t a scene girl at all. Heavy eyeliner surrounds her green eyes. She's got beautiful, pale skin. Claire's fingernails are always perfectly manicured, with a substantial coating of clear nail polish, though they are never seen from under the standard-issue gloves. Her uniform is typical, a black, long-sleeved shirt with a red 'R' on the front, black gloves, a black mini skirt, and black boots, all topped off with a black cap. On the left side of her lip is a small hole, the result of a dare from a night on the town. She rarely, if ever, wears the piercing that fits into it.


Name: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbg052.gif Meowth
Gender: Male
Personality: A mischievous little rascal, Meowth can often be found getting into other people's things. He gathers shiny objects, hiding them around the base, much like a dog digs holes for its bones. Meowth has a sweet tooth, and will do nearly anything for sugar in some form. However, this playful exterior gives way when it comes time to battle. Meowth is relentless in attacking, and won't stop until either he or the opponent is no longer able to battle.
Obtained: Meowth is Claire's only Pokémon, given to her by her mother, an expert breeder of feline Pokémon. Claire has only had Meowth for a few months, tops.

March 30th, 2008, 5:42 PM
@Trainer Kat: okay, you are now reserved

April 1st, 2008, 3:34 PM
I have finished my sign-up. If there's anything you might want me to add, let me know.

April 1st, 2008, 4:03 PM
@AExcalibur: your sign-up was great! You're accepted, but I think you chose the wrong sign-up form. Judging by your sign-up, you picked the regular trainer's s/u instead of the team tocket member's s/u by mistake. The forms don't really differ, you just need to add your Rank and Job to your sign-up ^^

Digimon Kaiser
April 3rd, 2008, 11:47 AM
Regular Trainer
Name: Eric Damon
Age: 16
Hometown/Region: a village somewhere in the Sevii Islands that was obliterated by Team Rocket, so therefore, it no longer exists.
Appearance: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/frlgemtr/frlgemtrex001.png, only with a Snag Machine on his left arm.
Personality: He may be hot-tempered, impatient, rude, and rebellious, but he is actually a nice guy, as long as you're on HIS side. He despises Team Rocket, and is determined to overthrow them and kill Giovanni to get his revenge for what they did to his people. He will not rest until Giovanni is dead. If you're on HIS side, he will be loyal, friendly, and will respect you. Save his life, and he will do anything to repay you. He is very persistent when it comes to anything, and everything, that he does. He is kind to his Pokemon, but he is a mericiless battler who comes up with strategies quickly.
Background: His village was destroyed completely by Team Rocket, who murdered everyone there except him and his girlfriend Peggy Crier. He would be dead if Mewtwo didn't save his life. Eric then obtained a Snag machine (which was his father's), and used it to steal six Pokemon from Team Rocket. Eric will do anything for Mewtwo, and they both have similar goals. Eric wants to save his girlfriend, who was kidnapped by Team Rocket, and kill Giovanni. He will never rest until he gets his ultimate revenge. He promised his parents, as they were dying, that he would avenge everyone who was killed that night. The Pokemon he stole bonded with him very quickly.
Name: Rhyperior
Gender: Male
Personality: Brave, loyal, and a merciless battler.
Obtained: Stolen from Giovanni himself.
Name: Sceptile
Gender: Male
Personality: Jolly, calm, and lazy.
Obtained: Stolen from a Rocket Admin
Name: Donphan
Gender: Male
Personality: Very hyperactive, and a total spaz with a short attention span.
Obtained: Stolen from a Rocket scientist.
Name: Kingdra
Gender: Female
Personality: Relaxed and very selfish.
Obtained: Stolen from a Rocket Spy.
Name: Crobat
Gender: Female
Personality: Very hot-tempered and emotional.
Obtained: Stolen from a Rocket Executive
Name: Gyarados
Personality: Pessimistic, yet loyal.
Obtained: Stolen from a Rocket Grunt

April 3rd, 2008, 6:41 PM
@_One_Winged_Angel_: your sign-up isnt bad..just add more to the personality/background. For now, you're pending

*I will start the RP tomorrow, as well as make an OOC thread..I'll post a link to the OOC under the "RP Rules" in the plot post, so you'll be able to find it there. Also, if anyone wants to join AFTER the RP starts, I'll accept late sign-ups..for those who are pending or reserved, just finish your sign-up when you can, and let me know when you've finished or edited by PM and you'll be able to post in the RP*

Digimon Kaiser
April 4th, 2008, 3:50 AM
I edited it, is that enough?

April 4th, 2008, 7:02 AM
@_O_W_A_: I meant add more lines to your sign-up, not sentences. It's still rather short..try adding more detail to your sign-up.

April 4th, 2008, 10:46 AM
(ooc: this may be my first post but i assure you i have some experience in role play, a sample will be provided at the bottom of this post :ooc)

Name: Bertrum
Age: 65
Hometown/Region: Cinnibar Island, Kanto

Rank: Adv.Admin

Job: Member/Tech

Appearance: Bertrum resembles an old man, frail and weak. with a reseeding hairline and a bushy white mustache to boot. his clothing ranges from a simple trench coat and hat for undercover missions, and the custom rocket admin suit for the lesser missions. If he isn't on a mission he serves as a tech supervisor in the workshops, which results in him wearing a sparkling white lab suit. Taking a look at Bertrums other qualities would include his wrinkly skin and such (not for kiddies to know).

Personality: Being an older rocket member. Bertrum has aquired the personality of a strict serious Person, Humour doesn't come to him Easily. Even though Bertrum is a "angry old man" and will scold those who stray from the rules, he will pay respect to those who have earned it. Other then that he enjoys a good firefight. On bertrums time off, he will spend his timestinking up strategy plans for his pokemon, and enjoy a few drinks with his fellow admins. Even the most tollerent of men have a temper, bertrums temper on the other hand is more of the kind that involves him turning purple and blurting out things that cause chills to the boldest people.

Background: Bertrum grewup as an Orphan in the craggy cliffs of Cinnibar Island. he faught with other pokemon for what little food their was, constantly getting beaten to bruises. After several years he became an adolesence, and with his two life companions (geodude, and magby) they set out as a stowaway in a fishing tug. Decades passed as Bertrums hatred for humanity grew, but one day he noticed a strange man in a black suit handing out papers to shifty characters. Then one was given to Bertrum, "wanted: hardy men/and women, to join team rocket for the great geovani!" Having that said he joined up and instantly began his training (being much older then most grunts he advanced quickly), up until he stood as an Adv.Admin, patiently waiting for his rightful place of an elite.

Name: Golem ( age: 60)
Nickname: Guss
Gender: Male
Personality: Guss was the runt of his litter as a geodude, constantly being beaten by his siblings. Until the day a young boy saved him from a pool of water (if you didn't know, geodudes die if they are submerged in water) and over the long years it has grown to be an old, extremely loyal freind to his master Bertrum (Golem shed their skin with age and grow larger each year, being over 50 years old... you get the point), high temper.. short fuse

Name: Magmortar ( age: 60)
Nickname: Leopold
Gender: Male
Personality: Leopold being a Magmortar, tends to set things on fire for sheer enjoyment. Nothing will get in his way to play a prank on guss, his life long partner. Constantly bickering over whos older and more stronger with guss. Crude sense of humour, enjoys seeing things burn

Name: Snorlax ( age: 12)
Nickname: Beth
Gender: Female
Personality: Beth is the fruit of Bertrums service for Team rocket. Being a snorlax she is is only active when battling, other then that she is busy eating and trying to stop Guss and Leopold from killing each other, She is as stubborn as Bertrum is when it comes to getting her way. kind hearted, cruel to those who deserve it

Name: Flygon ( age: 10)
Nickname: Wendy
Gender: Female
Personality: Wendy started off as a very desperate trapinch, roaming the city and eating what ever it thaught was food. until it nipped the bottom of Bertrum, seeing this trapinch reminded Bertrum as his days of being an orphan with little to nothing to eat. Thus a freindship was born, a flygon with the taste for chaos stands by Bertrum's side. loving to her master, savage personality

Sample: (as promised) The Day had been a good one for bertrum and his team of eager grunts, The fruit of another succsessful mission laid in front of him. "Good work men, take your share and rondevous at the checkpoint in two hours." He said in a stern voice as he laid his arm towards the pile of stolen goods.
The Grunts pushed and shoved, courses thrown and such, as the mob of men crowded around the booty. Bertrum on the other hand Strolled down the street with his Trenchcoat accross his arm Wendy's pokeball in hand, He released her and hopped on. "back to base Wendy, no dilly dallying" he shouted.
Wendy and Bertrum disapeared over the treetops in the horizon... (end sample)

April 4th, 2008, 12:06 PM
@TheOldKoot: your sign-up was nice, but there were a few spelling/punctuation errors. Also, you need to add more detail to the personality. Your sign-up was pretty good overall and I'll accept you, just add more detail to the personality.


This will be the only OOC posted here. I don't want any more OOCs posted after this one. I'll create an OOC thread for this RP in the ROlePlay lounge, so post your OOCs there. I'll post a link to the OOC thread under the Rules of the RP in the plot post. Also, I'm Starting the RP now.


Rayne and his pokemon were in the Team Rocket Gym facility doing one of their routine workouts. Rayne and Howler were busy running on treadmills adjacent to each other. As for Nightmare and Cutter, Rayne's other two pokemon, they were already finished with their workouts and were taking a break inside their pokeballs. Small beads of perspiration appeared on Rayne's forehead, and Howler panted beside him as they both ran on their treadmills.

"We have about five more minutes to go Howler," said Rayne, looking at the electronic timer on his treadmill. The time read 4:59, and seconds continued to pass steadily. Rayne looked over at Howler's progress. It seemed to be doing quite well, not really showing any signs of fatigue other than a few pants. In the middle of their workout, an announcement came over the intercom.

"ATTENTION ALL TEAM ROCKET MEMBERS! REPORT TO THE MEETING ROOM IMMEDIATELY FOR A BRIEFING AS WELL AS TO RECEIVE YOUR NEW MISSION ASSIGNMENTS," boomed the stern, deep voice of Giovanni over the intercom. Then, as sudden as the announcement was made, the intercom clicked off with a tiny beep. The Rockets in the gym began to move and clear out, headed to the Rocket meeting room.

"So..we're finally getting our new missions," said Rayne, jumping smoothly off of his treadmill. Howler followed, landing on the ground after jumping from the treadmill. Rayne cut off the treadmills, and went to have a seat on one of the benches. He wiped his face with a towel and took a gulp of water, and then gave some water to Howler. Rayne gathered his supplies and waited for all the other Rockets to leave. After everyone left, he sat there for a moment, and then followed suit.

"Hm..I wonder what the Boss has planned for us..its been a while since he held a huge meeting like this, so it must be important," thought Rayne to himself as he walked down the hallway and headed for the meeting room. He chose to lag behind the other Rockets a little to keep from being in a crowded group. Howler followed him at his heels, sniffing the floor every now and then. After a few minutes, he had reached the meeting room. Once again, he waited until the others went inside and stayed behind for a few moments. For a moment, he hesitated outside of the huge steel doors, thinking. "I hope we get a good mission..I've been itching to have a little fun.."

Rayne then entered the meeting room, Howler by his side.

April 4th, 2008, 12:27 PM
(ooc: my last ooc as well, edited personallity :ooc)

Bertrum had just finished putting the last touches on one of the broken rocket subs as the speaker came on with geovani's orders. He put down his wrench and took off his goggles to whipe his eyes "well, i guess this is gonna have to wait" he said with a sigh. Bertrum skipped down the ladder as he proceeded to take of his coat at the same time, then proceeded down the hallways towards the breifing room. Halfway there he mumbled to him self " another looting mission perhaps? or this time something more juicy?" Bertrum arrived several minutes later and took a seat near the back, and put on his glasses.

He looked around to see most of the room was full "we sure have expanded quite a bit havn't we?" he mumbled.

Digimon Kaiser
April 4th, 2008, 3:26 PM
(I edited it again, fyi...)

April 4th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Nate was a scientist, a sadistic one at that. He often enjoyed seeing others' pain, and he did so now. Taking a disinfected syringe, he injected some sort of green liquid into it. Walking over to one of the cages consisting of just steel bars, he faced a harmless-looking Shinx. It cowered in fear, as it had seen what he had done to the other creatures. Since they were becoming a waste and no one, not even the grunts wanted such a weakling, Nate considered this a sort of early spring cleaning. Some extra research, if you will.

The Shinx backed up, quickly reaching the end of the small cage, with no where else to hide. As a last resort, it tried to charge up electricity in it's fur, if any physical contact was done to the creature. However instead it was sent back into the creature, giving more of a shock than it had intended for Nate.

"Hmph, it's best for you that you're gotten rid of. If not, you'd be put through worse experiments. Hypno, use Hypnosis, if you will," Nate said. Instantly, the Hypno that was behind him, moved infront of him and with a simple movement of the hand, the Shinx was instantly unaware of it's surroundings. It's eyes a dull grey now, the Shinx just stopped moving, unless for breathing. The Hypno then moved back as Nate stepped in. Putting a hand through the steel bars, he held the needle and injected it into the Shinx's neck.

"Give it a half a hour, and hopefully it'll be put out of it's misery under the trance, or this serum will actually work. Come back, Hypno," Nate told his Pokemon, before having it transform into a bright red light that traced back to a red and white sphere. He had lied though, about the last part. The serum was one of the few used to put down some of the Pokemon he just didn't like. The Shinx was overly active on it's own and made the small laboratory given to him, one of the loudest places he would rather not deal with due to the Shinx's attempt to chat with the once remaining Pokemon, and the want to just gain attention. One of the Elites had even told him, that the Shinx was an annoyance they don't want around. So he had decided it was time.

"ATTENTION ALL TEAM ROCKET MEMBERS! REPORT TO THE MEETING ROOM IMMEDIATELY FOR A BRIEFING AS WELL AS TO RECEIVE YOUR NEW MISSION ASSIGNMENTS," the deep voice of Giovanni yelled over the intercom. As soon as it was over, the intercom made a small beep and Nate proceeded to leave the laboratory, but not before locking it first. It was best not to angry any of his superiors yet, and locking his laboratory prevented any of the sneakier grunts and elites from sneaking in, peaking or even stealing his research. With some members of the Rockets, there was much distrust. He was one that often was the target of this, mostly from the grunts who didn't know how Team Rocket actually worked.

Done with his research, Nate had proceeded down the narrow hall his room was located in, and headed towards the meeting room. Important missions from Giovanni himself haven't been assigned in years. It would be a good opportunity to learn about new Pokemon, as well.

April 4th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Unlike the other Team Rocket members who were working diligently to keep up their training, doing their duty, or at least doing something worth their time... Annabella was just sitting down in a chair with her legs thrown on top of the desk infront of her filled with stacks of papers that were all in need of filling out and sending to the main office. But she was too lazy to pick up her black ball point pen so she could do what she was supposed to. And to make things even worse for herself, instead of being alert to any upcoming announcements, this sixteen year old's sapphire eyes were closed while her head was bobbing slightly to the beat of the music blaring from her expensive MP3 Player.

Thus when the announcement was said to all the Team Rocket members, this particular female didn't hear it. Luckily for her, her partner in crime did. See, while Annabella Lila Nightengale was listening to her music and neglecting her duties as a Team Rocket Grunt, her loyal Venonat was just sitting on the ground, doing nothing really except for occasionally glancing over at her trainer to see if she was going to get any orders what-so-ever. But as soon as the announcement was made, the small poison-type pokemon stood up and bravely jumped on top of the female's stomach, bouncing on it for a few minutes before the rich girl's eyes snapped open with a spark of annoyance and aggravation in her eyes.

"What is it you runt?" Her voice was slightly high-pitched and filled with the same aggravation as her eyes had. The Venonat nicknamed Venus hopped off of Annabella's stomach and landed back on the ground, motioning towards the door to try and tell her that they had to leave the small and somewhat badly lit office. "Great... What do these morons want from me?" Reluctantly the raven haired female stood up and turned off her MP3 Player before placing it on the table so she could listen to it later. "Alright Venus lead the way."

So as soon as they left the office the Venonat led her towards the Meeting Room, walking calmly infront of her while listening to the sixteen year old rant softly under her breath about what the stupid higher ranked members wanted from her and why the heck did they call her when she was listening to one of her favorite songs. And after a few minutes of walking, Annabella's rant ended and eventually they both walked inside of the Meeting Room. Trying to find a perfect place to stand since the room was quickly being filled by more Team Rocket members and their pokemon.

[[By the way, my character application was accepted and it's located in the first page of the OOC Rebirth of Team Rocket thread. ]]

Digimon Kaiser
April 5th, 2008, 3:16 AM
Eric Damon, a good Trainer who was against Team Rocket, was is Mewtwo's lair, talking with Mewtwo about getting their revenge against Team Rocket. Eric said "First, I have to save my girlfriend. She might be a great help, being a Pokemon Ranger and all. We'll take it from there." Mewtwo told him "Go ahead. And good luck." Eric then let out Crobat, and flew to the nearest Rocket base. When he got there, he returned Crobat to her Pokeball. Then, he contacted Mewtwo through a communicator, saying "I'm at the nearest base." He the noticed a giant metal door that only opened to Rocket members, and said "Oh, this is just GREAT! Rhyperior, come on out and use ROCK WRECKER on this door!" as he threw a Pokeball. Rhyperior came out and did what his Trainer told him to. Eric returned him to his Pokeball and said "Great job. Now get some rest." The alarm went off, and Eric then noticed a dark-skinned girl and a Pachirisu in the distance. It was his girlfriend Peggy Crier and her Pokemon partner. They were in a flimsy looking cage. Eric delivered an uppercut to the cage, and they were out. Eric said "Go to Mewtwo's lair. I'll be there soon. There's no time to explain, so I'll do it later! RUN!" She did what her boyfriend said, nodding. Pachirisu was on her shoulder.

April 5th, 2008, 11:52 AM
Sorry about asking if I could join late, but I just started but could I join?

Digimon Kaiser
April 5th, 2008, 2:01 PM
(It'll take a while for me to think of a good post, just so you know)

April 5th, 2008, 2:01 PM
Name: Mario
Age: 15
Hometown/Region: Pacifildog Town, Hoenn
Rank: Admin
Job: Tech
Apperance: Mario looks slightly nerdy, always pushing his glasses around. His hair is shoulder-length, and very dark grey with white strands. He is about 4'11". He always wears his passover white vest, with nerdy black shoes and long grey pants.
Personality: Mario is very strong-willed, confident, and competitive-minded, even with a hint of superiority complex, and feels no inclamation to hide his opnions when he doesn't like them. He tends to be blunt and sarcastic.
Background: Mario was only 5 when his parents were killed by team rocket. They took his pet dog and shot his parents and ran. When Mario was 10, he was strong enought to have a Pokemon. When h got his Pokemon it was stolen. He was so mad at Team Rocket. He thought "If you can't beat 'em, you have to join em'." He joined Team Rocket.


Name: Flaafy
Nickname: Fluffs
Gender: Female
Personality: Flaafy has been loyal to Mario ever since it was a Mareep. He considers it "A happy, shiny day!"
Obtained: While on a mission to steal a flock of Mareep, one stood out. It was amazingly smily and was looking at Mario adoringly. It joined his party. He left the rest of the Mareep there. It evolved while in a battle versus the competitor Team Aqua's boss Archie.

Name: Machamp
Nickname: Chopper
Gender: Male
Personality: It is very shy and docile. It has always seemed sad for some reason. It releases all its anger during battle.
Obtained: During a battle versus a trainer named Gary, Mareep easily fainted his Machoke. Gary said "I don't need useless Pokemon like you!" and got rid of Machoke. Machoke slowly walked over to Mario, as if it wanted to join his team. Mario accepted. It evolved while on a mission to capture a Lapras.

April 5th, 2008, 4:09 PM
1-2-3, Left-Right-Left, 1-2-3-4, Jab-Jab-Jab-Hook, Uppercut-Right Cross

The sound of fists hitting a punching bag can be heard to all those entering and coming anywhere near the fitness room in Rocket Headquarters.

Kallus can be seen shirtless with rivers of sweat running down his torso and a MP3 player secured in the belt of his pants as he listens to his playlist of assorted heavy metal. The proud Team Rocket Advanced Grunt continues to lay into the punching bag as if it had wronged him. Behind the bag is one of his partners, a Hitmonchan nicknamed Jacky. Jacky is bouncing back and forth at the force of every punch but holds his ground and allows his trainer to continue his furious training.

The usually well groomed blonde hair is now dripping wet with sweat and matted over top of his headband. His breathing seeming slightly haggard but showing no sign of relenting Kallus continues to treat the bag as his most hated enemy. Seeing that his headstrong trainer will end up killing himself one day with this intense work out regiment his other partner gets an idea. So the Kadabra picks up a towel and the water bottle and heads over to Kallus almost as if to call timeout.

Seeing his partner approach, Kallus stops his volley of blows momentarily to take a small rest. Once in reach he removes the towel from his Kadabra's shoulder and begins to apply it to his face and body, " Thanks Kaboom, you guys are always a big help in my training."

The Kadabra nods in affirmation as Hitmonchan walks out from behind the bag rubbing his chest and grinning as he snatches the water bottle from the unaware Psychic Pokemon's hand and takes a drink.

As the three stand there enjoying each other’s company, Hitmonchan indulging himself with some water, Kallus attempting to soak up the sweat enough to begin working on his kicks and Kadabra acting somewhat like the helpful mother, they hear the intercom click on and Giovanni's voice echo throughout the room, "ATTENTION ALL TEAM ROCKET MEMBERS! REPORT TO THE MEETING ROOM IMMEDIATELY FOR A BRIEFING AS WELL AS TO RECEIVE YOUR NEW MISSION ASSIGNMENTS."

Taking a moment to stretch and throw the towel into a corner, Kallus then walks over to his discarded Team Rocket jacket and places it back on after tightening his headband. " Well looks like training is over for now guys, back in the Pokeballs." Saying this as he tosses the two balls up into the air and the respective Pokemon turns into a red light and returns to the safety of their pokeball. As Kallus effortlessly catches the two Pokeballs and places them onto his trainer belt.

So with all that, he decides to leave his jacket open as if to air out his rather sweaty body and he places his MP3 player into one of the pockets. He then begins to walk forward as he runs his fingers through his hair in hopes that in falls in a decent enough way to look presentable infront of Mr. Giovanni.

Play time...

April 5th, 2008, 8:43 PM
cool i like this too cansomeone teach me how to play this

April 6th, 2008, 7:46 AM
Rayne and Howler entered the Rocket Meeting Room. The room itself was very plain, but also very big. The huge steel walls led to an equally huge steel ceiling, where there were huge stadium-like lights illuminated the room. On the opposite side of the room, there was a large balcony. It was packed and very noisy as all of Kanto's Team Rocket syndicate were in the room, awaiting Giovanni's instructions. Rayne looked around as he saw all sorts of Rockets: techs, scientists, and other spies like himself. As he looked around, Rayne spotted his older brother, Hugo. His brother smirked at him, and Rayne countered by merely raising one of his eyebrows. He went to stand up against a wall, Howler sitting beside him.

"Hugo seems to be excited about this meeting. He should be..being an Elite automatically gives him the best missions," said Rayne, eyeing his brother. He sighed for a moment and looked down at Howler. "Well I hope we at least get a good mission. I know you and the others have been waiting to get out and about Howler, and trust me I have too.."

Just as Rayne finished his sentence, the huge steel doors atop the balcony opened, creating a pillar of light. A dark, silhouetted figure emerged and stepped onto the balcony. An arrogant-looking Persian sat by the figure's side, sneering down at all the Rockets. At once, the whole room immediately became quiet, as everyone focused their attention onto the dark figure. "Well, well, well..are my Rockets ready for their missions?" boomed Giovanni's deep and commanding voice. "The time has come for our glorious return.."

April 6th, 2008, 8:15 AM
Annabella Lila Nightengale stood still, surrounded by other Team Rocket members like herself. The only problem was that unlike them, she had really no idea why they were all being crammed into this room like a bunch of tunas in a steel can. But atleast it was slightly big enough to distance herself from the really ugly looking guys in the room, because if any of them got close to her, she'd soo slap them silly. And last time she slapped the living crud out of someone, their face was sore for days.

"So what are we here for?" She asked the Venonat, the purple pokemon who was standing next to her on the ground was about to try and explain to her trainer what the whole meeting was about, but Annabella rolled her sapphire eyes spoke,"You know what, never mind, you can't even speak English. So don't bother, I'll figure it out eventually." The poison type then nodded before glancing over at dark figure who entered the room with his Persian. Not really seeming to mind the way her trainer treated her. After all the Venonat was too used to being pushed around, glared at, and ignored to really mind.

However soon Annabella's question was answered, although she personally wasn't too happy finding out the reason why every single Kanto Team Rocket member was in the room. The fact that they'd all get missions really didn't excite her all, it meant that she'd just actually have to do work. After all she personally preferred doing nothing in her little office than actually doing some useless mission like catching pokemon for some old guy who thought he was the best thing ever since the Masterball was created.

Annabella then sighed as she looked away from Giovanni, her sapphire eyes glancing around the room to see if there was anyone decent looking to talk to. But then again, everyone seemed to focused on the leader of the organization... No one really seemed to be in the mood to talk, or to ditch the room with her since most likely Giovanni would be talking for hours and hours about useless junk that wouldn't have anything to do with her. 'I guess next time we have to gather together to listen to Giovanni I'll just have to bring my MP3 player so I won't get bored.'

April 6th, 2008, 8:50 AM
After a few minutes, Nate had managed to arrive in the meeting room. It was crowded with Rockets, grunts, admins, and elites. Even the few executives who were Giovanni's right hand men. Most of the Rockets were chatting about anything from the mission to what rank they were. A majority of the people in the room had their Pokemon out, only helping to make the meeting room seem much more tiny than it actually was. Nate avoided most of the Rockets here, as they wouldn't be worthwhile talking to.

The chatter lasted on for several minutes, until a figure appeared on the balcony. A Persian appeared by his side, arrogant and staring at all the Rockets, making facial gestures occasionally. Everyone instantaneously fell silent, and for good reason. Right now, the boss of the Rockets was staring down at all of them.

"Well, well, well..are my Rockets ready for their missions?" Giovanni asked, though he knew the answer for a majority of them. "The time has come for our glorious return..."

"I just hope these missions won't suck like the last few I been getting," Nate thought, before listening to the rest of his leader's speech.

April 6th, 2008, 8:55 AM
Reaching the room Kallus takes a moment to run his fingers through his hair one last time before he walks in to meet the man he so idolized for all these years. But before he entering, his Hitmonchan pops out of the Pokeball and smiles at his trainer almost as if to say that he wanted to see this guy too. Kallus just shakes his head and grins as he and Jacky walk through the doors.

As he enters he sees many of the other Rockets in attendence with at least one Pokemon out, almost as if to say they trusted no one. So Kallus places his hand on Hitmonchan's left shoulder and whispers, " Thanks for looking out for me buddy." The Hitmonchan just shrugs and points out a nice spot against one of the walls for them to wait at.

Glad he popped out, or I would have looked like one heck of a naive chump...

As he and Hitmonchan lean against the wall he allows his thoughts wander for a moment as well as his peircing blue eyes. Around the room he sees a sea of people, some nerdy looking, a couple decent looking girls and a couple shady characters. Taking a better look at the room it seems more fitting to be a battle arena then a meeting room.

Kallus looks around not quite sure what to make of this whole room, and almost as if Jacky knew what he was thinking he nods and says, "Chan..."

He'd be lying if he didn't realize it was a little intimidating, but all the same he just gets comfortable in his spot and looks up just as the balcony doors open and a darkened figure walks through with what appears to be a Persian next to him.

"Well, well, well..are my Rockets ready for their missions?" boomed the man in a rather deep and commanding voice. "The time has come for our glorious return.."

Those words bring a mishcevious grin to Kallus lips as Jacky punches his gloves together to insinuate that he's ready for whatever Giovanni has to throw at them.

Finally, a chance to prove myself...and to prove the righteous wrong...

April 6th, 2008, 9:58 AM
"The time has now come for the return of Team Rocket. Five years has been a long wait, has it not? Well now we shall wait no longer. Team Rocket will be a force to be reckoned with. We shall show the region of Kanto that their moment of peace has been for nothing," said Giovanni ruthlessly. His deep, commanding voice echoed within the spatious room. Persian meowed at his feet. "We will destroy all who oppose us, whoever they are, whereever they are. This includes teams Magma and Aqua in Hoenn. They too shall realize there is only room for one team in the world, and that is ours."

Rayne looked up at the dark silhouette of Giovanni intently, his steely blue eyes focused hard. "Finally, it's time! The boss is finally ready to begin our plans," thought Rayne. "I can't wait to go on another mission.."

"Each of you will be receiving mission assignments, and some of you will be receiving partners as well. My elites will deliver each of you a letter stating your mission along with other details, and you will also teceive your Team Rocket ID cards. Once you receive your letters, you will have the rest of the day to prepare. Missions start tomorrow," boomed Giovanni. As he spoke, elites began walking amongst the crowd, handing out letters and IDs. Giovanni himself left the room and walked back into his office.

"Rayne!" said a loud voice. Rayne immediately recognized the voice as Hugo's and turned to look at him. Hugo handed him a rather thick envelope, smirking. "Looks like you'll have an important assignment. Don't blow it."

"Whatever Hugo," said Rayne calmly, snatching away the envelope. He opened it and looked into it. There was an assortment of papers along with a plastic ID card. He took it out and looked at it. On it was his mugshot, along with his ID number. He stuffed it down into his pocket and took out the paper labeled "Mission Instructions". As he read his paper, the other rockets delivered their envelopes. The others began to read their instructions as well. Rayne read all the instructions on the paper, and saw two pictures of the three partners he was going to be working with. One picture was labeled 'Grunt Annabella' and the other was labeled 'Adv. Grunt Kallus'.

"So I'm going to be working with these two," said Rayne to himself. He looked among the vast crowd of rockets in the room. "They're both Grunts and I've never talked to either of them before. I guess we should go find them so we can get this mission started. C'mon, Howler.."

He began to walk amongst the Rockets, looking for his partners.

April 6th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Kamora had Chimchar on his shoulder and just arrived in Pallet town. "Chimchar, we're going to meet my grandfather and then head off. I use to come play with his pokemon when I was younger. He was a strong trainer and almost beat the champion of the Elite Four. I left an egg here a couple of months ago and now I'm going to get that egg." So Chimchar jumped off his shoulder and followed him. Kamora ran to the door of his grandfather's house and saw no one was there.

He went outside and found his grandfather being held down by some men in black with a R on their chest. The man threw a pokeball and released a Golbat and Chimchar jumped in front of Kamora. "Grandpa, do you still have that Pokemon?" his grandpa nodded then threw Kamora a whistle. Kamora blew the whistle and a Flygon came down and released a hyper beam that blew all the men away.

After that incident was over Kamora's grandfather looked up. "The egg you sent has hatched and become quite a nuisance," then a bulbasaur ran and tackled kamora to the ground. Kamora was so happy and so he put Bulbasaur in a pokeball and went on his way. "We're going to participate in the Kanto contest, grandpa. I hope we will meet again." then Kamora went out of Pallet town.

April 6th, 2008, 11:08 AM
Annabella had folded her arms across her chest as her sapphire eyes looked up at the shadowy figure who was her boss, listening as he explained what they were going to do. "Grunt Annabella, this is for you, don't mess up." A man who was slightly older than her said with a gruff voice, thus causing her to turn around so she could face him and take the evelope that he handed her. "Thanks darling and next time shower before you decide to come to a public event like this." She responded back before turning around so her back could be facing the now ticked off elite.

"Now let's see what I have to do for the old man." She mumbled under her breath as she opened the envelope and took out the letter that was inside of it. She skimmed through the instructions, just really glancing over it without much care. But then she noticed the two pictures of her teammates. 'Well at least these two guys aren't hideous old wrinkly grunts. And they both each have a nice pair of blue eyes as well... Hm, I guess this mission won't be too bad after all.'

Annabella then bent down for a moment and showed her Venonat the letter,"If you see any of these guys tell me, we're going to be stuck with them for the mission." She told the pokemon before standing up straight and folding the letter a few times so it'd be small enough to tuck in her shirt. Then she glanced around to see if she could spot a blond haired male or a raven haired male. It didn't matter which one she found first, because she was stuck with both of them.

Venus, her Venonat used it's large red eyes to look around as well, although unlike Annabella, she spotted the male named Rayne first. "Veno! Veno!" Annabella then glanced down at the pokemon who was bouncing up and down excitedly,"Did you find them?" The Venonat stopped bouncing and nodded as she glanced over at the raven haired male who looked as if he was looking for something or someone.

Annabella immediatly noticed him as soon as she looked in the same direction as her pokemon, then she cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted,"Hey you! Rayne!" Hoping that the male would hear her, or at least the Houndour who was with him.

April 6th, 2008, 11:17 AM
"The time has now come for the return of Team Rocket. Five years has been a long wait, has it not? Well now we shall wait no longer. Team Rocket will be a force to be reckoned with. We shall show the region of Kanto that their moment of peace has been for nothing," said Giovanni ruthlessly. His Persian had meowed, providing the only other sound in the large spacious room other than Giovanni's commanding voice. "We will destroy all who oppose us, whoever they are, whereever they are. This includes teams Magma and Aqua in Hoenn. They too shall realize there is only room for one team in the world, and that is ours," Giovanni continued, informing the Kanto Grunts about their newest goals.

"Each of you will be receiving mission assignments, and some of you will be receiving partners as well. My elites will deliver each of you a letter stating your mission along with other details, and you will also receive your Team Rocket ID cards. Once you receive your letters, you will have the rest of the day to prepare. Missions start tomorrow," Giovanni said, before turning around as the steel doors on the balcony opened. He proceeded into his office, with the pet Persian of his following. When they had disappeared, the steel doors shut, as Elites walked around the room and handed the Admins and the Grunts their objectives, in a thick letter for each of them.

An Elite in standard Rocket clothing, except for the cap which was replaced by electric green hair, walked towards some of the Grunts. In one hand were several thin letters, whom he handed to a majority of the Grunts. Most of them uttered a "thanks," or a "nice," in response of him being lucky enough to be an Elite Rocket, or just him handing them the letter.

"Here," the Elite said, shoving the letter into Nate's hands. Turning around, the Elite left, as he proceeded to hand out the mission objectives to the rest of the Rockets who have yet to receive one. Opening his letter, Nate found out that he and two other scientists, "Darksteel" and "Bertrum" were working with him to infiltrate the Team Magma and Aqua hideouts. With a picture of them provided, he then began to search for his teammates within the meeting room, with the hopes they didn't miss the meeting or leave yet.

Pulling out a Pokeball from the inside of his jacket, Nate thrown it into the air, as a Ninjask appeared high into the air. Lowering to the height of Nate's head, it simply spat out a simple "...Jask?"

"Here, see if you can find any of these two," Nate commanded, showing the image of the two scientists he was assigned with. After a minute, the Ninjask memorized it and zoomed above the heads of the grunts, attracting attention as it lowered occasionally to scan the facial traits of the two it was shown.

April 6th, 2008, 11:40 AM
Rayne heard someone shout his name from somewhere within the vast group of Rockets that were gathered in the meeting room. He looked around and couldn't seem to pinpoint the exact source of the voice at first, but his steel blue eyes soon spotted the dark-haired girl that had shouted his name. Rayne pulled out his mission instructions once again, and looked down at the pictures of his partners. He matched the picture of Grunt Annabella to the face of the dark-haired girl that called his name.

"That's her alright. Let's go Howler," said Rayne, looking down at Howler. He made his way through the group of Rockets, Howler following behind him. This wasn't an easy task, as there were so many of them. Rayne resorted to elbowing and shoving people out of his way to make it past them faster. Even Howler snapped and growled at a few of them to get them moving. After a few moments, Rayne and Howler had finally made it to Annabella. She wasn't alone however, as a somewhat hyper Venonat jumped up and down repeatedly by her side.

"Annabella, is it? I'm assuming you already know that we're partners, seeing as how you yelled my name across the room," said Rayne, approaching the Grunt. He folded his arms indifferently and stood there. Howler stood next to Rayne, eyeing Annabella's Venonat in an intimidating way. Howler then focused his attention on Annabella, and walked over to her and began to sniff her. After sniffing Annabella, he sniffed her Venonat as well. Rayne smirked and introduced Howler as well. "That's Howler.."

April 6th, 2008, 11:40 AM
Kallus remained leaning against the wall throughout the entire speech elated that Giovanni seemed so determined to restore Team Rocket as a household name. So as the infamous leader sank back into his office Kallus closes his eyes momentarily envisioning himself in charge of a huge Rocket operation, possibly over throwing the Elite Four... or dominating that hermit champion Red or the Viridian fill in Blue.

Either way he doesn't have long to indulge his fantasy as he hears a female voice infront of him, " Advanced Grunt Kallus Schneider... these are for you. Make us proud." Kallus opens his right eye and raises the respective brow as he just smirks and takes the letter.

As the female Elite walks off Kallus opens both of his eyes and stands up straight appeased at least with how the delivery girl looked. But getting over the breif snippet of eye candy he opens his envelope and pulls out the ID card first.

" Well...at least I don't look like a complete wreck." He shows the picture ID to Jacky who just nods in full agreement that it could be much worse.

So after slipping the ID card into his pants pocket he reads his mission directive. Reaching the end he sees that he has two partners, one admin who is in charge of the group and the other a regular grunt.

" Once again...at least the girl is nice to look at...or very photogenic." He rips off the part with the pictures and hands it to Jacky, " If you see either of them...tell me."

As Pokemon and trainer are scanning the room for their soon to be partners in crime they each spot a different one. Jacky gives Kallus a tap on the shoulder and points to the girl with what appears to be a Venonat standing around. While Kallus spotted Admin. Rayne at the other end with his rather disgruntled yet calm Houndour.

Taking a moment before acting they both hear the girl yell, "Hey you! Rayne!", and realize that it's probably who they're looking for. So Kallus gets the scrap from Hitmonchan and places it back with his as he folds it up and places it in one of his jacket pockets no occupied by his MP3 player. After they both breathe out at the same time they begin to head over towards the young girl with the Venonat.

The first step to the top...

April 6th, 2008, 12:46 PM
"The time has now come for the return of Team Rocket. Five years has been a long wait, has it not? Well now we shall wait no longer. Team Rocket will be a force to be reckoned with. We shall show the region of Kanto that their moment of peace has been for nothing," said Giovanni ruthlessly. His Persian had meowed, providing the only other sound in the large spacious room other than Giovanni's commanding voice. "We will destroy all who oppose us, whoever they are, whereever they are. This includes teams Magma and Aqua in Hoenn. They too shall realize there is only room for one team in the world, and that is ours," Giovanni continued, informing the Kanto Grunts about their newest goals.

"Each of you will be receiving mission assignments, and some of you will be receiving partners as well. My elites will deliver each of you a letter stating your mission along with other details, and you will also receive your Team Rocket ID cards. Once you receive your letters, you will have the rest of the day to prepare. Missions start tomorrow," Giovanni said, before turning around as the steel doors on the balcony opened. He proceeded into his office, with the pet Persian of his following.

Soon after the doors closed Bertrum couldn't help but smile "after all these years, its time..." he said with glee. He stood up and put on his trench coat, and began roaming around the room greeting his fellow workmates. Most of the greetings were just a simple "FINALLY" or "YESSSSSS *orgasm*" and what not, until one of the elites handed Bertrum his own package.

"lets see what geovanni has planned for me this time" he said as he fiddled with the package trying to open it. eventually after a long struggle the package submitted, He reached in and pulled out two photos. "Nate and Darksteel eh? should be fun.." he mumbled as he put the photos back into the package and removed his assignment papers, "what Information could magma and aqua possibly have that is better then ours?" he mumbled.

Bertrum let out a sigh of temptation as he folded up the papers and began scouting for his partners.

April 6th, 2008, 1:55 PM
Darksteel was running through the hallway, vey late for the breifing. Was he going to get an earful when he arrived.. He was starting to break a sweat from his sprint. He really wasn't the one to do physical work. But, he had to do what the boss told him. Either that, or be thrown off on the streets like he had originally started.

He came to the front of the doors, and pressed his ear to it.

"..and you will also receive your Team Rocket ID cards. Once you receive your letters, you will have the rest of the day to prepare. Missions start tomorrow," he heard. It was the end of the conversation. He quietly opened the door and slipped in. As soon as he entered, a grunt threw a package at him that contained some different papers. He grabbed the paper, and nodded like he had been there the whole time.

Giovanni glared at him, putting an end to his fib.

"Sir, I--" he was cut off. There was a slam on the desk, and Darksteel saw a fist lift off.

"--I, uh, won't let it happen again.." he said quietly, staring at the ground. He almost instantly forgot about his mistake and ripped open the package. It contained an ID card, a fake ID card, and some documents.

I travelled all the way here for this? he thought to himself. The first thing he saw on his paper was who he was to work with: Bertrum and Nate. He had no idea who they were and what they looked like. He decided to stand with his hands folded across his chest, leaning against the wall until some of the Rockets cleared out.

April 6th, 2008, 2:16 PM
Bertrum scanned the room for the two faces he was assigned, he waltsed around in the hopes of finding them in this mess of activity. Until his eyes fell on the odd boy near the door "aha, found one" he said with a smirk as he swiftly made his way towards Darksteel.

upon reaching Darksteel, Bertrum had already plucked the photo out and held an open hand towards the boy "I am Bertrum *motions the photo* this is your photo correct?" he said loudly

April 6th, 2008, 2:32 PM
Eying the crowd of Rockets from above, Nate's Ninjask scanned the faces of every grunt, admin, and elite for the two Nate was assigned with. This lasted on for a while, until the crowd started to leave the room, except for the few who were still looking for their partners. After a couple of minutes, the insect Pokemon found it's two targets, and quickly reported back to Nate, swooping down to the lower level and flew back towards it's owner.

"Ninjask!" the bug Pokemon said. It had either found Darksteel and Bertrum, or didn't find any of them. Nate gave a notion to lead the way, in case the bug-type found the two. It flew off, though not too fast, so it didn't knock any Rockets down. While following Ninjask, Nate was busy scanning the letter's contents, rereading his mission several times, and viewing his Rocket ID. Putting it away, he found himself face-to-face with the Ninjask, whom hovered out of the way, showing Darksteel and Bertrum.

"These two are who I have to work with? I just hope they're good partners that I won't have to risk my ass to save," Nate thought as he looked at the two and gave a quick introduction.

"So... I assume you two are my partners, correct? I'm Nate Dakir, pleased to meet you," the scientist said as he pulled out a Pokeball and recalled the Ninjask, but not before it gave a few cries of Pokemon speech no one possibly could understand and turned into red light that was absorbed into the Pokeball. Putting the sphere inside his coat, he awaited for what the two would have to say.

April 6th, 2008, 2:36 PM
Bertrum held out his hand, expecting a shake.

"You better be somewhat useful," he grimaced. He looked breifly at the photo, nodding at his question. He looked in his pack, and found photos.

"So, there are photos in here.." he thought to himself. He looked at his other photo, and it was apparently Nate. Where could he be in this utter confusion of random inexperienced grunts.

Right now, Darksteel would much rather be planning on his precious computer. Was Giovanni crazy? Darksteel was much better in a lab than in the field.

"Oh well. I'll just have to find out exactly what Giovanni wants." he thought again. This time, he thought of his computer, and how much he was going to miss it. At least he had his laptop with him, which was in a thin, black breifcase.

He got up from his position, and paced around the area he was at. He had all the time in the world, so he didn't want to have to go out and find Nate.
After AExcalibur's post (yes, you posted just before me..)
The Ninjask retreated back into the Pokeball.

"So... I assume you two are my partners, correct? I'm Nate Dakir, pleased to meet you," Nate said to them.

"Yeah.. you too.." he said awkwardly. He was never good with introductions. Heck, he was never good with any interaction with human beings. He was always in his lab, so he never had any social practice.

"So, uh, what are we doing?" he asked, "I was late for the meeting."

April 6th, 2008, 2:52 PM
"quite" Bertrum said with a blank face to Darksteels form of insult. he turned towards nate with darksteel pacing around him
"ah so your nate!, the pleasures all mine" he said with a smile

Bertrum put on his hat and looked scoldly at darksteel for not reading his notes "i beleive nate will be gladly to enlighten you Darksteel"
Bertrums eyes scanned the two and he thaught to himself. *so young these two are... but i see great things coming from both...* he opened his hand towards the door "shall we go prepare?" he asked them

April 6th, 2008, 2:57 PM
"Yeah... You too..." Darksteel replied to Nate. Either he didn't want to bother or just wasn't good socializing. Though a lot of the scientists seemed to enjoy research, so they neglect socializing unless required. Nate was sort of like that, though he mainly just liked to create combinations that would increase the strength of the Pokemon and gamble with himself if it would kill them or not later on.

"So, uh, what are we doing?" Darksteel asked, "I was late for the meeting."

"Well, it seems like we're supposed to deal with Team Magma and Aqua in Hoenn, since Giovanni just doesn't want to deal with other gangs, no matter what their purpose is. If you're not going to read your letter, the scientists and techies are supposed to infiltrate the Magma and Aqua bases, stealing any Pokemon information and sending the data back to the Hoenn Rocket Division." Nate answered. He wasn't in the mood to answer, as he wanted to see the results of that twisted Shinx experiment of his. A glint appeared in his eyes, imaging him watching the Shinx end up berserk before it dies and even starts to foam at the mouth, somewhat noticeable signs of rabies. That had happened before, but it'd be interesting to see it again, as out of hundreds of Pokemon he experimented on, Nate only seen that happen to about ten.

"Still, I would prefer to just do something that involved lab work. But I guess this is the best we'll get with Giovanni's goals," Nate finished. However, he probably might be able to get a lab to work with in the Hoenn bas,e so that was a plus. Plus he rarely if ever worked with Hoenn Pokemon in his "experiments," except for the random Skitty or Zigzagoon.

Well... There's always the chance of me sabotaging their Pokemon as a present. That, I'll enjoy. Especially when they won't even realize it until we leave their base..." Nate thought, imagining the sight.

"Shall we go prepare?" Bertrum said as he had a hand already extended to open one of the steel doors leading out of the room. Honestly, it didn't matter whether he missed the experiment or not, but Nate still had to write down the data he found.

"Sure. I still have some stuff to do, but I'll hopefully still be able to prepare." Nate responded.

April 6th, 2008, 3:32 PM
Before Rayne's conversation with Annabella could continue on any further, Howler began to bark as it gestured off in a direction across the room. Rayne took notice of this, and cancelled his next statement and looked off in the direction Howler suggested. He scanned the room for a moment, and saw that another Rocket was making his way towards them, accompanied by a Hitmonchan. Howler stopped sniffing Annabella and her Venonat and went and stood next to Rayne, watching intently as the other Rocket and his Hitmonchan were coming over to where they were. The Admin once again referred to the pictures of his partners to be sure that the Rocket was indeed Kallus, after all he had never met or spoke to either him nor Annabella before.

"Well, it seems like Kallus has already found us. It looks like he's brought a friend with him too," said Rayne to Annabella. He didn't look at her as he spoke, but he just kept his eye on Kallus and his Hitmonchan. He cast an indifferent sort of look over in Kallus' direction and crossed his arms yet again. Howler seemed to be anticipating their arrival, obviously curious to check out Kallus' Himtonchan. "I hope these Grunts aren't weak..because I'm not playing babysitter if they are.."

April 6th, 2008, 4:42 PM
Annabella waited for Rayne to realize he was being called by her, her sapphire eyes watched as he looked at his paper and as he tried to make his way over to her,"Yeah it's me Annabella, and-" She was going to say something else but then she noticed that his Houndour began to sniff her, thus why she raised an eyebrow as she tried to move an inch or two away from the dog-like pokemon. After all she wasn't all too comfortable with having a mutt sniffing her. Or atleast this is what the raven haired female thought of the Houndour, but that's because she never was too fond of dog-like pokemon like Houndour, Growlithe, or Poochyena.

"Well next time tell your mutt Howler that not everyone enjoys being sniffed. Either that or keep him in his ball so he could be far away from me." She told Rayne, although her sapphire eyes weren't looking at him, instead they were looking at the Houndour in disgust as she watched him sniff her Venonat. Getting all his disgusting dog-like germs on her bug-type pokemon. Although unlike her, the Venonat didn't seem to mind much. Actually she seemed rather happy having another pokemon to be with since she was Annabella's only pokemon.

Then a moment later, the Houndour began to bark. And she was about to say something to hopefully shut the dark pokemon up, but then her Venonat once again began to hop up and down in an excited fashion. "Yeah I guess he did, although I hope his companion isn't as annoying or as ugly as yours."

April 6th, 2008, 5:07 PM
Howler, previously focused on the approach of Kallus and Hitmonchan, heard Annabella's remark and turned around and growled at her. His red muzzle curled upward as he bared his white canine teeth menacingly and looked at her with dislike. Howler flattened his ears on his head like all dogs do when they get angry. Rayne looked down and looked up, looking back and forth between Howler and Annabella. A calm smile appeared on his face as he watched Howler.

"Mutt eh? I'd watch it if I were you, you know. Howler doesn't take too well to strangers as it is, much less strangers who piss him off. I suggest you be grateful that Howler only sniffed you when he first met you," said Rayne in his calm voice, his steely gaze upon Annabella. He reached down and petted Howler, how was still growling at Annabella. He then turned away from her indifferently, obviously not caring whether or not Howler decided to attack her. He then spoke again without looking at Annabella. "Besides, Howler isn't afraid of anyone..least of all a lowly Grunt like yourself whose only pokemon is a Venonat. Right now the only thing stopping me from putting you in your rightful place is the arrival of another one of my partners. Now shut your mouth and keep quiet about Howler you Grunt, otherwise you'll get more than a growl the next time."

April 6th, 2008, 5:17 PM
With Bulbasaur and Chimchar on his side Kamora was ready for his first contest. Chimchar was on his shoulder and Bulbasaur was moving along side him. "You both need some fresh air and some exercise. Bulbasaur, you're going to love contest and the competition." with that a trainer jumped out of some bushes. The trainer wanted to battle Kamora and test his skills for a gym battle. With that Bulbasaur jumped up and got ready to battle. The young boy through a pokeball with a Weedle. Kamora ordered a tackle, but Bulbasaur used a razor leaf. The Weedle was barely grazed then delivered a pin missile. Bulbasaur fell to the ground in pain and so Chimchar stepped in. "Time to watch and learn Bulbasaur. Chimchar, use Flame wheel and wrap this up." Chimchar smashed into Weedle and then jumped back on Kamora's shoulder. Kamora told Bulbasaur that they would need to work together in contest and so he petted the Bulbasaur before they walked away. As they walked kamora could see the boy kicking the Weedle and saying something about joining a Rocket team with a loser pokemon.

April 6th, 2008, 8:17 PM
Seeing as he's already been spotted Kallus pushes through a few more people until he gets within ear shot of his soon to be partners just as they are having an arguement regarding the Houndour.

When he actually reaches the two, it is right as the admin finishes his statement about putting the girl in her place, which causes Kallus to smirk, " Nice to see that my company was worthy of sparing her embarassment. I do hope that's not always how you handle situations..." Said in a cold and slightly jeering way towards his superior.

Jacky walks up and looks down at the Houndour and grins a little personally feeling as though it's bark is worse than it's bite. What does a Fighting Pokemon really have to worry about in regards to a Dark type?

But to save face realizing that this Houndour belongs to his trainer's new leader he gets down to one knee and extends his right glove for the unevolved Dark Pokemon to smell.

Glancing over at Jacky, Kallus is happy to see him covering his bases with manners instead of saying hello with an uppercut. As well as his Pokemon he also notices the girl, and her Venonat which seems to be the polar opposite personality wise. Cute brunette, blue eyes... but damn does she have an attitude.

Doing nothing more then glancing over the cute little thing his attention then returns to his superior as he rubs his left shoulder and gets to the point rather quickly, " So if we start in Pewter we can ransack the Gym and Pokemon center...Rock pokemon don't stand a chance against Jacky's Fighting attacks. And while I'm beating down good ol' Brock, you can see if there's anything in the Pokemon Center worth grabbing...or maybe a few rookie trainers with an unknown gem."

Always being one to enjoy the business end more than the polite end Kallus hopes it goes over well enough with their group leader. Cause they will all need to work together unfortunately... and discord isn't going to accomplish anything.

Now time to see what kind of a Rocket this guy is...

April 7th, 2008, 12:53 AM
As soon as the dark-type mutt turned his head around to growl at her, her sapphire eyes narrowed down at it. But she was smart enough to bite her tongue and not say anything to the pokemon since the mutt looked as if he was ready to bite her at any given notice. And most likely his trainer wouldn't really care if his wild and crazy mutt ran loose and began to attack her. But eventually his trainer spoke up, and it wasn't to shut the growling pokemon up, instead it was to scold her for insulting the mutt and to tell her that she was lucky that the mutt hadn't done anything more than sniff her.

Annabella was tempted to tell him to shut up and to remind him that he too used to be a lowly grunt like herself until he was bumped up to admin. But since the other male had arrived, she didn't have a chance to speak up and tell him that verbally. However the blond male had spoken and what he told the admin was good enough to put him in his place. At least for now. Her sapphire eyes then glanced over at the Hitmochan, he wasn't a bad looking pokemon and didn't seem as annoying a the Houndour. So perhaps she could actually get along with this advanced grunt. After all the minor insult towards the admin, the decent looking pokemon, and the fact that he too was a rather decent looking guy all was a plus for Annabella.

Venus eventually stopped hopping up and down and used her powerful feet so she could jump up one last time. The reason for doing this was so she could gracefully jump up and land on her trainer's shoulder. This way she could get a better view of the whole area around her since everyone was so tall, including the new fighting type pokemon. Who hopefully was more social than the dark-type pokemon nicknamed Howler.

Annabella glanced sideways at her Venonat when she jumped on her shoulder and was about to tell her to get off. But then Kallus spoke once again, thus saving the poor bug-type pokemon. He was explaining to Rayne that perhaps they could head off first to Pewter City to steal some pokemon and anything of great value. And once he was done speaking, Annabella decided to bring up something herself to also contribute to the idea,"Yeah Pewter City is a perfect place to start especially since it has a museum loaded up with fossils. Plus the security there in Pewter isn't that great, the City is small and it would be the perfect location for us start off."

Although after saying this she added,"And, sir, going over there would be so simple that it'll be impossible for you to mess up." Which of course had to be added since Annabella had been wanting to tell him off for insulting her before. Her Venonat sweat dropped slightly at this finishing statement, but then she shrugged it off. After all her trainer was known for having a big mouth with a big attitude to match. Which was probably why she was still stuck as a 'lowly' grunt.

April 7th, 2008, 3:50 AM
"Targeting Brock first won't be necessary. He's nothing but a gym leader who is of no special interest to us. Well I suppose he may own pokemon fossils since he is the Pewter Gym Leader, but that isnt a solid fact yet. We will not waste time fighting with Brock and starting a commotion over fossils he may not even own. With that being said, our first target will be a place that is definitely known to contain fossils--The Pewter Museum," said Rayne, looking at Annabella and Kallus with his steel blue eyes. As he told his new partners of his plan, there was an indifferent expression on his face. Obviously, pulling a heist was nothing new to him, as he had done it many times before already. "I've already worked out how to get into the building. Scoping out the security system will be a breeze, and getting in won't exactly be brain surgery. My pokemon are perfect for this, so we shouldn't have any problems."

After he was finished informing the others about the plan, he just stood there with his arms folded and looked at the pair of them. "Now before we go anywhere, we'll need supplies, so follow me to the supply room so we can get going," said Rayne. He then turned and headed for the exit to the meeting room, Howler following behind him.

April 7th, 2008, 2:05 PM
He began to walk toward the door. Darksteel didn't care whether the other two followed him or not. He really didn't have much to prepare, since he had alreaady come from Sinnoh, and most of his supplies were already packed. He walked back to the rental lab, not much in it except for some beds, computers, and a small kitchen. Before entering the lab, he needed to know something.

"Are we going to be meeting in the lobby in about an hour?" he asked the two partners.

April 7th, 2008, 3:27 PM
Bertrum nodded with a tip of his hat "yes, an hour seems about right, goodluck on your shinx experiment nate.. or should I say out of luck? ohohoho" he said with a chuckle as he proceeded through the door first. Bertrum didnt stop to say farewell, and slowely disapeared at the end of the hall.

upon ariving back in his workshop, Bertrum activated his AI robot. He opened up a command panel and spoke "command #1232 operation vacation" he said clearly. Instantly the robot came to life and began racing around the room, grabbing specific doodads and clothing. Bertrum yawned and sat in his chair, he took a long breath and sighed "I think im going to take a nap..."

April 7th, 2008, 7:51 PM
The advanced grunt just sighs, " I would personally like to prove the power of Team Rocket instead of just going through the motions of the mission. But whatever... you are the leader..." With that he follows behind the Admin and his Houndour a little disgruntled but satisfied enough.

As Kallus walks off the Hitmonchan takes a moment to look at the hyper little Venonat. Not very accustomed to seeing Bug Pokemon, he waves to the little bug and follows after his trainer.

I hope we try to prove some power instead of just being theives...

April 8th, 2008, 12:22 PM
Annabella stood there, listening as Rayne agreed with what she said about going to the Pewter City Museum. However near the end of his explanation about how easy it would be to get in and how he had everything planned out her sapphire eyes had a small tint of aggravation. After all weren't they supposed to work together as a team to map a way to get in and to use all of their pokemon? For as that famous saying goes: 'There's no I in team.'

But whatever, the raven haired beauty just shrugged it off. Since Rayne apparently had done all the planning and ect. on his own, it meant less work for her. So she wasn't going to start complaining. "Alright let's go." She then began to walk forward, alongside the advanced grunt who complained about the fact that they should do a bit more than just steal fossils since he wanted to show the people in Pewter City how much power Team Rocket has.

"Well remember hun, when we were younger we had to learn how to crawl before learning how to run. Same goes with this mission. We start off by just stealing and in the future we'll have the whole region in the palm of our hands." She told him simply, not looking at him as she spoke since her eyes were focused on whatever was infront of her.

Venus was happily perched on her trainer's shoulder. And when the fighting-type pokemon waved at her, she used one of her small hands so she could wave at him back. After all unlike many of the pokemon who belonged to the Team Rocket members, she was an actually friendly pokemon who enjoyed socializing with others. The only problem was that she really didn't get to socialize often.

April 8th, 2008, 1:10 PM
Rayne walked down the hall to the supply shop room, Howler following behind him. Outside the room, there was already a huge group of rockets. He pushed his way through the crowd with a dull look on his face. When he broke through the crowd, Rayne approached the counter, where there was a fellow Rocket stationed to hand out the necessary supplies from the Rocket supply stock.

"ID?" asked the rocket in a rough voice, looking at Rayne. He looked at him with a sort of grumpy expression as he held out his hand. The guy was very muscular, and had a very thick neck and arms, which made him look like an ape.

"Ugh, here.." said Rayne disdainfully, taking the ID out of his pocket and handing it over. He crossed his arms in an irritated way, waiting for the guy to return his ID. "Let's move it..I don't have all day.."

"You little.." growled the rocket, scanning the ID. On the handheld scanner, Rayne's mugshot and other information appeared, and a green light showed with a tiny beep. After the scan, he thrusted the ID back at him. "What do you want?"

Rayne snatched the ID from the ape rocket's hand and shoved it down his pocket. He took out his envelope, which had the supply list in it. "I'll need..three CSD's, a pack of smoke bombs, mini cams, video receptors, three pairs of tech goggles, three black duffel bags, and three black backpacks. Throw in three pairs of sunglasses and two male outfits and one female outfit too," said Rayne, reciting the long list with indifference. The ape rocket gathered the supplies and laid them out equally on the counter. Smirking, Rayne took his share of the supplies from off the counter. He loaded the supplies into his backpack and did the same with the others' backpacks. He put on his backpack and then grabbed all of the others' supplies and brought them over to them.

"Here..this stuff is for you two," said Rayne, giving each Annabella and Kallus a backpack, already loaded with the necessary supples, and a black duffel bag. He seemed to already be getting used to the fact that he would have to be around the two of them for a while, and felt that he was responsible for the whole group. "If you guys don't know how to use any of the gear, just tell me and I'll show you."

April 8th, 2008, 2:23 PM
Before he left his room, Darksteel grabbed an odd, mechanical Pokeball. It had wires on the outside, and a small hole where a datachip would fit. This was for his Porygon, who lived inside his computer. Right now, the Porygon was still in the laptop he carried, but he could upload it from a chip and insert it into the Pokeball. Then, he could call upon it whenever.

Until then, the Porygon stayed in its computer. He would have no use right now to release it for a while. Plus, he had no time. He looked at his watch, which was hidden by the long sleeve of his labcoat. He exited the room, and waited in the main foyer, keeping a watchful eye for his teammates.

April 8th, 2008, 2:46 PM
Kallus just shrugs at the girl's comment and sighs, " Learn from past mistakes... don't repeat them..." But realizing whatever he says may fall on deaf ears he just shrugs and continues walking. All the while Hitmonchan falls back a little bit to where the Venonat is an begins to have a conversation, cause this is seriously the first time Jacky has ever met a Bug type Pokemon.

So as the Pokemon are talking about...well whatever Pokemon would talk about, Kallus reaches the checkpoint and watches Rayne rattle off this long list of rather arbitrary things. And as the other brutish looking Rocket pulls all of this crap out Kallus can't help but wonder why the hell they need all of this.

So as he takes his backpack he decides to question the whole thing once again, " If Team Rocket operations were foiled by Red waltzing in through the front door, why do we insist on stealth?"

He throws the backpack over his shoulder and awaits the response. Full well knowing that he'll go along with whatever the game plan is... he's just curious why the hell they aren't breaking old failed habits.

Old habits die hard apparently...

April 8th, 2008, 2:47 PM
Kamora and team had made it to Pewter City with no time to spare, but hadn't acquired anymore pokemon. Kamora just couldn't find any pokemon that would be good for contest. He liked his Sinnoh Pokemon better because they were so interesting and had some cool attacks. He knew that Kanto couldn't compair to Sinnoh, but he didn't know it would be such a let down. So he went to the Pokemon Center. Kamora missed his pokemon so he decided to call home on the video phone. His mother picked up the phone and had Mime Jr. on her shoulder. "Hello, how are you doing," said his mother and Mime Jr. waving hi. "Hi mom, how are my fifthteen pokemon doing at home and especially Torterra," as he said this Tirterra ran to the window and said hi. Kamora's mother asked him if he wanted her to send over some of his other pokemon. "No thanks, Chimchar and Bulbasaur need some time to train and test thier powers," he said while rubbing Chimchar's head. So Kamora thanked his mother for the pokemon care and said goodbye. Kamora was sad that he hadn't caught more pokemon so he left the center and tried to catch some outside the center. On his way out he saw the trainer that had kicked the Weedle. Kamora was wondering what he was up to now.

April 8th, 2008, 3:26 PM
"Learn from past mistakes...don't repeat them..."
True, the Team Rocket Organization was known for being thieves and sure, tons of their schemes to steal were foiled by Red and his companions. But they couldn't exactly come out and start attacking regular Kanto citizens and doing anything large-scale when just coming out. Plus, most of the Team Rocket members here in this room were either new or rusty, so pulling off an important large-scale mission would most likely be unsuccessful if they tried it now.

"Whatever you say hun, but I still think this is a good start." She replied, not bothering to argue back with what he said. For the statement was true and the organization had to learn from their mistakes in the past so they could become stronger. However now wasn't the best time to do anything drastic and difficult. Plus in a big-scale mission she'd actually have to get down and dirty. And heck, she didn't want to get her new outfit dirty already.

Venus had hopped off of Annabella's shoulder and landed on the ground behind her. This way she'd be able to walk alongside Hitmonchan and chatter a bit with the fighting-type pokemon.

As soon as they stopped walking so Rayne could get the supplies for the mission, she leaned against the cold steel wall and gazed up at the ceiling. Not really paying attention to what her leader was saying to the large Team Rocket male, and not really caring either. 'Hm, I wonder if I'll have enough time to go to my office and get my MP3 player.' Yeah, right now wasn't the best time to think about her music storage and playing device, but it was an expensive piece of machinery that she bought for herself a month or two ago. And it had pretty good music of different varieties as well. So since these guys on her team seemed like good-looking, yet rather dull males, she needed something to entertain herself with.

"Here..this stuff is for you two,"
Rayne's voice snapped the raven haired Team Rocket member out of her thoughts and soon enough she looked at the two items he was giving her. A unfashionable black backpack and an equally unfashionable black duffel bag. "Thanks Rayne." She then put the backpack on and slung the duffel bag over her right shoulder. And then Kallus spoke up and asked a question about the supplies and why Team Rocket was so worked up over using stealth if that's something that usually screwed up most of Team Rocket's plans.

Naturally since she wasn't asked the question, she just kept silent and waited to hear Rayne's answer to the question. But perhaps she could answer it if he didn't know. After all Red was just a trainer who was just blessed with ungodly like luck and if it wasn't for stealth then the Jennys would catch the Rockets before they could even do anything remotely evil.

April 8th, 2008, 4:02 PM
While Rayne gave Annabella and Kallus their supplies, he heard Kallus once again question the way they were going about things as he took his supplies. "If Team Rocket operations were foiled by Red waltzing in through the front door, why do we insist on stealth?" questioned Kallus, looking at Rayne as he put on the backpack.

Not in the mood for a lengthy lecture about the best way to complete a mission, Rayne decided to simply tell Kallus what was what. "Well, the answer to your question lies within your statement Kallus. You said Team Rocket operations were foiled by Red waltzing through the front door. If that were the case, why not plant a booby trap on the other side of the door for the next time someone tries to just walk in?" responded Rayne, giving a small hint of a smile. He sometimes spoke in complicated analogies when explaining these kinds of things. "Remember, the key to the success of any mission is proper strategy, not just brute strength. I suppose The Boss himself knows this now, seeing as how he took the time to plan the way he would go about resurrecting Team Rocket rather than just powerhousing his way through the whole thing yet again. In other words Kallus, think before you move, and learn from your mistakes so that you dont make the same mistake twice."

After his brief explanation, Rayne resumed his train of thought being on the current mission. He stood and folded his arms, looking at Annabella and Kallus with his steely blue eyes. "Now that that's over with, I guess we're ready to head out to Pewter now. Before we go, I'll give you guys a chance to make any last-minute preparations before we leave," said Rayne his a calm voice. "So if you have anything you need to do or get, do it now and do it fast."

April 8th, 2008, 4:46 PM
Kallus smirks as his piercing blue eyes seem to be aglow with amusement, " At least one of you guys has a decent head on your shoulders. I think we'll get along just fine." Shortly after finishing his statement he lets his Kadabra out of it's Pokeball.

As Kadabra pops out he sees a bunch of people and Jacky talking with a Venonat... this causes the Psychic Pokemon much confusion as he scratches the back of his head with his spoon and looks at Kallus, " Ka...dab?"

Kallus smiles a little as he points to Rayne and the Howler, " Kaboom, they are the leaders in the mission, I think you'll be a big help with your Psychic powers." Kadabra looks at Rayne and then at the small Dark pup and lets out a small grumble obviously not a fan of Dark Pokemon.

But being the more easy going of his trainer and Jacky he just sighs and looks at the bag Kallus is holding and then back to Rayne and extends his hand to the Admin, " Kadabara."

As Kaboom is introducing himself to Rayne, Kallus decides to pull out his MP3 player and start up the song 'Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?' by Megadeth.

" I'm ready when you are Rayne..." Kallus states rather bluntly just itching to get something going. Finally a chance to defeat something more than a sandbag...

What do you mean I ain't kind...just not your kind...

April 8th, 2008, 5:29 PM
As Nate received all that was needed so far, he dashed back to his laboratory, ignoring any Rockets that got in his way (primarily the grunts, another reason they hate him). A few of the grunts sent rude gestures his way, one even bothering to give him the finger as he got in their way, on purpose or not. However, Nate didn't care much. They couldn't do anything to him that could harm him and other Rockets, well without getting punished by one of the Elites, Executives, or Giovanni himself. Thus, they utterly helpless as the scientist had a habit of shoving people out of his way, but no matter how lightly, they always were pissed at him.

Arriving at his small lab, his own room to work in and where he slept in some cases, Nate pulled out a ring of keys from his pockets. Fitting one in a lock, his door made a 'click'. With a gentle twist of the knob and a push on the door, the entrance to what he would call home in the Rocket Base, was revealed. Entering it, he locked the door behind him, and checked on the poor Shinx. It had died already, with a stench of death most likely coming soon. Nevertheless, he was used to it, from many of the experiences.

Sitting on a chair, Nate was opening the bottom drawer of the computer desk he was facing, and pulled out a red and white sphere, placing it and the rest of his Pokeballs on a belt that held all of his Pokeballs for quick use. If they were going on a mission, it was best that Nate, Darksteel, and Bertrum had these Pokemon for easy access.

Not in a mood for anything else, Nate took the letter, his Pokemon, and a few healing items and locked the door to his lab. There wasn't much to do when he came back, except to air out the room. So with that, he proceeded to the main lobby, hoping to get the mission started.


April 8th, 2008, 10:20 PM
An Hour had come and gone in Bertrum's workshop. The room was completely quiet, only the light snoring of Bertrum filled the air. The tiny watch on his wrist began bleeping in a horriffying tone, sending Bertrum high into the air with a yelp. "ayeee! its an hour already?" He screamed as he reorganized his thaughts.

Bertrums bag sat by the door, conveniently placed by his robot. Bertrum rummaged through it to find his robot forgot to pack the most important things "where in the tarnation are me pokemon" he mumbled. Bertrum began scouring the room in search for his pokemon. A good few minutes went by before Bertrum remembered they were on his belt "ohoho silly me!" he chuckled.

Bertrum opened his door and slowly made his way to the chosen meeting spot. Along the way he noticed some very upset grunts. One waspractly screaming about th scientists being complete jerks, but this was none of Bertrum's concern so he proceeded through them on his slow pace.

Upon arriving Bertrum already saw that nate was ready to go, he aproached with a smile until he came within smelling distance. Nate stunk as if he slept with a dead corpse. Bertrum's nose cringed slightly "I presume your experiment went.. well ?".

April 9th, 2008, 1:36 AM
Annabella listened as Rayne answered Kallus's question calmly, and then when he told them that they could go and get any last minute items that were in their rooms or anywhere. Annabella glanced over at Venus who was still chattering happily with the fighting-type pokemon. "Venus." This caused the venonat to stop speaking to the Hitmonchan so her red eyes could glance over at her trainer. "Veno?"

"Since you are much faster than I am, got to the office and get my MP3 player." She told the bug-type pokemon, who just nodded before glancing over at the psychic pokemon who popped out of his pokeball. So before leaving the group, she waved a quick hello to the Kadabra and a quick goodbye to the Hitmonchan. And with that being said and done, the small pokemon dashed off to do what she was ordered to do.

As soon as the Venonat left, Annabella's eyes then glanced over at the psychic pokemon herself. Watching him as he introduced himself to Rayne and quickly after, her sapphire eyes glanced over at the pokemon's trainer who took out a MP3 player. One that looked remotely similar to her own, but not quite. And she was tempted to ask him what song he was listening to, but then again... Why bother? He didn't seem the social type of guy anyway.

Venus had returned and with the pink MP3 player in her hands. It wasn't hard getting the electronic device since she remembered where it was located. Which was why she returned so quickly. Annabella then bent down and took the MP3 player from the Venonat. "Thanks Venus, you actually came earlier than I expected you to." This was like a compliment for the bug-type thus why the Venonat hopped up and cheered happily after Annabella said that. Then she walked back towards the Hitmonchan to once again chatter with the fighting-type pokemon.

"Yeah Rayne, I'm ready to go now as well."

April 9th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Chimchar jumped off of Kamora's shoulder and hit the trainer with a flamethrower to the butt. The trainer screamed and then threw a pokeball at Chimchar. "What, you already have a trainer?" said the trainer shocked that such a strong Chimchar would have a trainer. That's when Kamora grabbed Chimchar and told him to apologize. Chimchar refused and so Kamora didn't force him. The trainer realized that Kamora was the trainer that had beaten his weak Weedle earlier. Then Kamora asked about the Weedle but the trainer pulled out a empty pokeball. "I released that weakling to be food for the forest pokemon" Kamora couldn't believe that and neither could Chimchar. The two soon became enraged and so Chimchar hit the boy with a full body flamethrower. The boy screamed in pain then ran off. Kamora was highly upset that he had released Weedle for losing a battle when it had a disadvantage. He couldn't do much, but he was still sad.

Kamora decided to look for pokemon as planned and pulled out a fishing rod. He found a nearby river and began to fish for pokemon. After three minutes of waiting a Poliwag grabbed on to the lure and Kamora began to battle it. Chimchar had a disadvantage, but Kamora wanted to show himself that the trainer was wrong for releasing Weedle. "Chimchar, flamethrower and then jump into the air." with that Chimchar hit Poliwag with a hot flamethrower and then jumped in the air. "Flame wheel with a tornado style and finish her off." Chimchar started to release fire from his mouth and then wrapped it around its body to make a flame wheel tornado. The attack came at Poliwag and she countered with her aqua jet. The two attacks collided and Poliwag and Chimchar still stood tall. Poliwag attacked with water gun and Chimchar launched a flame thrower. The attacks cancelled out and surprised Kamora. He couldn't believe how strong this Poliwag was, but he wasn't about to give up yet. "Chimchar, use dig and make four holes around Poliwag" and so Chimchar dug and made four holes around Poliwag.

Chimchar looked back at Kamora and realized what the plan was. Chimchar shot a flamethrower into the holes and started to make towers of flame around Poliwag. Poliwag started to become dry and tried to return to water, but soon found her strenght was gone. So Kamora ordered a flame wheel and Poliwag fell to the ground. Kamora threw the pokeball and caught his first Kanto pokemon.

April 9th, 2008, 5:32 PM
"Good, now lets get going you two. It shouldn't take us too long to get to Pewter City, so we might as well get going now so we can get this mission completed so we can move on our way towards bigger things. Now, first we'll--" said Rayne. Before he could finish his statement, he was cut off by the arrival of another Rocket.

This was no ordinary Rocket, he was an Elite, which meant he worked very closely with Boss Giovanni and that he was at the top of the ladder. Apart from his status, his personal relationship concerning Rayne was also apparent: he was Rayne's older brother, Hugo. The two looked very similar indeed, like how you would expect brothers to look. They had the same jet-black hair and steely blue eyes, although Hugo's hair was a bit longer, and his eyes a darker shade of Rayne's grayish-blue. He also looked a bit older as well. Rayne turned around and folded his arms, a slight look of annoyance on his face.

"What's up bro? Finally ready to set out on a mission I see," said Hugo, walking over to the group and standing in front of them. He stood face-to-face with his brother, hands in his pockets in a casual sort of manner. He petted Howler, who was used to being around him because of the fact that he was Rayne's brother. Hugo's Elite status was apparent; he wore an Elite Rocket uniform, as well as red-tinted glasses and a shiny silver chain that had the Team Rocket R on it. He liked to poke fun at his little brother, and always took great pleasure in seeing the look on his face when he did so. Hugo smirked at Annabella and Kallus, obviously amused at the fact that they were pretty inexperienced and would have a long way to go to prove themselves. "So who are the Runts?"

"The runts both have names you know. Her name's Annabella and his name's Kallus," said Rayne in an indifferent sort of voice, gesturing to Annabella and Kallus as he introduced them to Hugo. Rayne was obviously used to Hugo's annoying ways and it didn't bother him much, but he didn't feel like having the three of them ending up in an argument. "They're my new partners for our mission, and with me leading them they'll get the best training. Don't worry, Hugo..they wont be runts for much longer. They'll move up in the ranks quickly enough. Maybe even faster than you did.."

Hugo smirked at Rayne's statement. "Now, now Rayne..no sense in getting all hostile. I'm sure they'll get some good training under you, but I doubt they'll move up in the ranks as fast as you claim," he said.

"Hehe..you'll see soon enough Hugo," said Rayne in a calm voice, moving forward and standing toe-to-toe with his older brother. "You trained me, remember? Even with that, I've learned a few tricks on my own you know."

"I'm sure you have Rayne..I'm sure you have. Well I'm gonna go to the gym now, so I'll see ya around bro, bye Howler. Catcha later runts!" grinned Hugo, as he turned away and walked down the hallway. As he walked, he looked back over his shoulder and yelled. "Oh and by the way, don't blow your mission Rayne!"

"Don't mind Hugo you two..as much of an arrogant fool he seems to be, he's actually very smart and strong. Sure he has an odd way of showing people his liking for them, but he's taught me a lot of what I know," explained Rayne, looking at Annabella and Kallus with a reassuring expression. "Now as I was saying earlier, lets move out. We'll take the shortcut through Viridian Forest to get to Pewter. Since we'll be out in the open, it would be wise to take off all of our Rocket-labeled clothing.."

With that being said, Rayne removed his white wristband, which had the big red "R" on it. He put the wristband in his backpack and headed towards the door, Howler following in his wake.

April 9th, 2008, 7:45 PM
Kallus grits his teeth through that entire discussion as his blue eyes narrow with every snide remark and would be throwing daggers if at all physically possible.

This elite thinks he's so special just because he ascending the ranks of a beaten organization however long ago...and no matter how smart he is, he's a failure just like any of the older members.

The thoughts just stew in Kallus' mind until usually he would have cocked his arm back and knocked the guy out. But showing an unusual amount of restraint, most likely due to the fact that this HUGO was an elite, he calms himself and just grumbles incoherently for a few seconds.

Realizing his trainers about to snap, Kaboom walks over to him and begins to glow purple. While glowing that ominous haze, he lays a hands on Kallus right arm. What the Kadabra is doing is, using its Psychic powers to help relieve the tension in his trainer's body.

Only a few seconds later Kallus grins and places the palm of his right hand on Kadabra's head and smriks, " Thanks Kaboom..."

Coming back to his senses just in time to hear Rayne say that they were taking the path through Viridian Forest Kallus just rolls his neck a little to get some of the kinks out. Also realizing well before it was even said that they needed to be a little covert, Kallus removes his Team Rocket jacket and places it into the dufflebag he was given a few moments ago leaving him shirtless. And since the pokeballs where in his jacket, they too are now inside the dufflebag.

Now adorned in only his headband from Bruno, his black and yellow Team Rocket pants but holding no isignia so none would be the wiser, and his black combat boots Kallus really sees no easier disguise. So he just flexes his muscles and stretches a little to make sure he's ready for the trip before adjusting all his belongings.

The young male advanced grunt takes the time to adjust his earpiece and throw the bags comfortably over one shoulder as he just looks towards Rayne while speaking to Jacky, " Hey Jacky, come over here with me. You can continue your conversation when we're walking through the forest."

Stubborn, yet loyal to his trainer Hitmonchan waves goodbye to the Venonat and walks back over to Kaboom and Kallus. Once the Hitmonchan returns, the Kadabra just laughs a little and hits the Hitmonchan in the shoulder, most likely questioning him about his sudden interest in bugs.

So as his two Pokemon are having a dumb yet playful arguement, Kallus just starts walking in the direction of Rayne, just itching to see where this ride stops next.

"Whenever you're ready Rayne..."

Peace sells...but who's buying?

April 10th, 2008, 2:23 AM
Luckly for Annabella, the MP3 player had a clip in the back of the device so it could easily be attached to her skirt since unlike the guys, she didn't exactly have pockets on her clothes. Her sapphire eyes then glanced away from her pink electronic as Rayne began to talk since her attention now turned to her leader who was telling them how they were going to get to Pewter City. However soon enough, Rayne was cut off by a Team Rocket Elite who looked like he was Rayne's older sibling. 'Shouldn't he be off doing some 'Elite' junk for the old man now?' She thought as she watched the older male with slight annoyance because she was actually paying attention to what Rayne was saying.

But whatever, they had enough time to get to Pewter. So she'd just listen to whatever this Hugo guy was and see why he came over here to waste their time. Which was why she stood quietly, arms still folded over her chest as she listened to the two brothers speak to one another. And the more she heard the older male speak, the more she wanted to use her duffel bag to whack him. For he was insulting both Kallus and herself, however at least Rayne wasn't agreeing with his brother and trying to defend both Kallus and her.

Which was why when Hugo walked away, Annabella relaxed a bit, for she swore if he stayed a minute or two longer she would have beat the bloody pulp out of him with the duffel bag that was slung over her right shoulder. Her sapphire eyes also noticed that Kallus also looked rather ticked with Hugo, perhaps even a bit more ticked off than herself. Her attention then once again turned to Rayne who told them that Hugo wasn't such a bad guy and Annabella was tempted to tell Rayne that she still didn't like Hugo, but since he continued talking and was now continuing on his explanation about how they were going to go to Pewter, she kept silent.

Luckily for Annabella she wore a white tank top underneath her long sleeved black Team Rocket shirt. Which was why she didn't mind the order to take off all Team Rocket labeled clothing. So she quickly removed her black shirt, exposing her short white tank top underneath it. Then she quickly stuffed the black shirt inside of the duffel bag. "Okay I'm ready guys.-" She was going to say something else, but she ended her sentence since her sapphire eyes landed right on Kallus. A shirtless Kallus. But she quickly just shook her head and looked away. Deciding that following Rayne outside of the room instead of stareing at Kallus's bare upper body was a much wiser decision to make.

Venus nodded and waved Hitmonchan goodbye before going back over towards Annabella, walking right alongside her happily. After all talking to another pokemon who was just as outgoing as she was put her in a better mood than before. "So are you ready for this mission Venus?" The Venonat replied with a happy,"Veno!" Annabella nodded a bit at the bug-type pokemon's answer and then she continued to look forward as she too headed towards the door.

April 10th, 2008, 5:37 PM
Hey if it's not to late I'd like to join as an adv. grunt if I can.
Team Rocket Adv. Grunt
Appearance: He is quite tall for his age at about 6'5'', and his piercing dark red eyes put fear into almost anyone for no true reason. His hair is almost shoulder length and is sleek and slightly spiky, it also is almost Jet black color with a dark red streek, the color of his eyes, that goes down the right side. His clothing consists of a black T-shirt, Black pants, and a Long, yello coat with small flame trim at the bottom that goes to about 5'' past knee length. His face and hair style looks nearly identical to that of Volkner's, the 8th Sinnoh Gym Leader.
History:He started his pokemon journey at least 2 years before everyone else. He began his journey alot like Ash did, but Wes started at least a year before Ash did. It took the nearl whole first year to get his first set of 8 gym badges from Kanto. He didn't make very many friends in Kanto and for the most part traveled alone. He barely one the Kanto league, because his Pikachu was struck hard by an enemy attack. Shortly after the Indigo League was finished, he set off for Johto. Right before he left Prof. Oak gave him the Charmander which is his Charizard today.
While in Johto he tryed to be more layed back and make more friends, but that didn,t turn out so well. About after the time he finished the second Gym in Johto, a pokemon Ranger looked like he was in a hurry and dropped what appeared to be an egg case. Later on when the egg hatched Wes realized it was a Manaphy egg, now as trusted as his Pikachu. Even though he traveled alone he wants to be in team Rocket and travel with Rayne's group because he hears from a team rocket oppritave,Wes didn't know he was a Team Rocket member, that he is a great trainer and that the people he works with aren't so bad themselves. So he has went from a normal trainer to maybe team Rocket opprotive in training.
Personality:He is a very kind person and cares about almost everyone he knows. He can be very helpful to people in need of it.
All in all these don't sound like team Rocket material, but he has his heart set on becoming at least an Admin in team Rocket.
He is also sometimes a goofball, but will be serios when needed and he puts othersbefore himself, most ot the time.

Pokemon: Manaphy
Nick: N/A
Level: N/A
Moveset: Heart Swap, Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Surf
Personality: Kind and loving
Appearance:Slightly smaller than average Manaphy, hatched from an egg found in his travels
Also never really battles because it is really weak. It is manely one of Wes's friends.

Pokemon: Pikachu
Nick: N/A
Species: Pikachu
Level: N/A
Move Set: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt
Personality: Wants to battle alot and is quirky
Appearance: average for Pikachu except for the patch of tufted up fur on his head, SHINY, his first pokemon

Pokemon: Charmeleon
Nick: May sometimes be called Blaze
Move Set:Flamethrower, Slash, Ember, Smokescreen
Personality: Protective of Master
Appearance: Larger than average Charmeleon, a gift from Prof. Oak

He also has few others that also stay at the region Lab.

April 11th, 2008, 12:46 PM
I'd like to join if it's not to late.

Regular Trainer
Name: Reaven Valiant (Called Ven for short)
Age: 12
Hometown/Region: Pallet Town/Kanto
Appereance: Has short spikey sunny blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a orange, white and black short sleeved jacket. He wears light blue shorts that go just below his knees and wears a black shirt under his short sleeved jacket. He wears black and white running shoes and wears a navy backpack that holds his pokeballs and other belongings.
Personality: Reaven can be stubborn and reckless. He usually jumps into things head first without thinking. He's not very bright, but can be clever at times. He can be a bit carefree but is serious when it comes to becoming a Pokemon Master. He cares about pokemon alot and loves to battle. He doesn't give up and usually doesn't run away from a battle. He has fierce determination as well. He can be very energenic as well and can be childish at times. He likes to help out pokemon and people who need help.
Background: He was born in Sinnoh, but moved to Pallet Town when he was young. He grew up around pokemon his entire life, his parents both being trainers one time. He wanted to become a pokemon trainer himmself and beat the Pokemon Leauges. He became a trainer and started with a Pikachu that he recieved from his father, since he woke up late and there were no more pokemon for him. He started his journey in Sinnoh instead of Kanto, but he didn't end up going to the Pokemon Leauge, due to getting lost before getting the badges. Reaven came back to Kanto and is going to take on the Gym Leaders and Pokemon Leauge instead of Sinnoh again, deciding to get more training first.
Gender: Male
Obtained: From his father
Personality: Pikachu is energenic like Reaven, Pikachu is loyal to Reaven

Gender: Male
Obtained: In Sinnoh and caught it with Pikachu
Personality: Buizel is a bit carefree at times, but he can be very serious in battles

Gender: Male
Obtained: Got from his mother before he began to leave for Pewter City
Personality: Charmander is playful and is obediant, but can become serious in a battle

(He has other pokemon, but is travelling with these three right now)

April 11th, 2008, 2:37 PM
With poliwag now tagging along Kamora was ready to leave Pewter City. As he began to walk out the gate a man with a poster came to him. "Young man, would you like to enter a contest?" as soon as Kamora heard contest he snacthed the poster. The contest was in Pewter City and who ever won would get a rare fossil from the museum. The prize was so good kamora couldn't refuse, but saw that the contest wasn't for another day. With that he decided he would chill at the Pokemon Center until tomorrow then win.

So with the time a little short Kamora summoned his pokemon. "Tomorrow is a contest. I want to know who wants to eneter." Chimchar immediately jumped up and so Kamora decided to take him. With Chimchar's battle skills Kamora decdied to use him in the battle stage. So now he needed rther Poliwag or Bulbasaur to do the appeal stage. Poliwag looked at Bulbasaur and Bulbasaur looked at Poliwag. kamora could tell from their expressions neither wanted to appeal. He had to get one of them to appeal so he pulled out his video tape. On the tape were the best appeals Kamora and his other rivals had ever done. He took them out to the back room and they all saw Kamora compete in the Sinnoh contest and his rivals. the tape was only about thirty minutes. After they had seen the tape Kamora brought them outside for training. "Now who wants to do the appeal stage?" Kamora said hoping to get an answer. He was shocked to find that Bulbasaur and Poliwag still didn't want to appeal.

With that Kamora decided to call his mom, but then a Aipom landed on his head. Kamora looked down at the Aipom and could see it was working on a performance. Looking at the Aipom it reminded him of his Aipom at home that loved contest. Then a female trainer ran up to him. She apologized for Aipom landing on his head. "My name is Suzie and I'm in charge of watching that wild Aipom. It loves to perform, but loses its mind when it starts." on hearing this Kamora asked to borrow Aipom for the next contest. The Aipom seemed to like performing and Kamora thought he smooth out the edges on him. Suzie agreed so Aipom and kamora began their training while Poliwag looked on with a sad face and Bulbasaur slept.

April 11th, 2008, 9:55 PM
Rayne and Howler walked through the huge steel doors and exited the secret Team Rocket hideout. They were now outside, and were exposed to the secluded canyon-like scenery. The base itself was in between two extremely high, towering walls of rock that looked as though they were touching the sky. Rocket guards patrolled the surrounding area, some even being positioned on the roof of the building with binoculars to keep watch over the sky. Guards were usually of Grunt to Adv. Grunt rankings. As soon as Rayne exited the building, a guard immediately came up to him, throwing questions at him left and right.

"ID?" asked the guard in a rather pushy way. He was about Rayne's height, and wore the typical uniform that the Rocket guards wore. He wore a black hat, shirt, and pants, which were all labeled with the red Team Rocket "R". At his waist was a black belt, and attached to the belt was a handheld ID scanner and a walkie talkie, as well as a couple of pokeballs. The rocket had reddish-colored hair and brown eyes, and a few freckles on his face.

"Here, here..take it and hurry up. I have somewhere to be, you know," said Rayne in an irritated way, shoving the ID into the guards' hand. He stood there and folded his arms, obviously annoyed.

"Watch your mouth, and shut up while I scan your ID," said the guard, obviously trying to act tough. He took the scanner and scanned the ID. Rayne's information popped up on the screen, and the guard looked it over. He particularly noticed Rayne's rank, which was much higher than his own. After the scanner sounded with the tiny beep, the guard handed Rayne his ID back. After seeing Rayne's rank, his attitude underwent a sudden change. "Here's your ID, sir.."

"Hehe..so now it's sir? Just give me my ID and get out of my way," said Rayne, snatching back his ID and walking past the guard, bumping him with his shoulder. Howler growled a little as he followed Rayne past the guard, giving the guard an intimidating look. Rayne paused for a moment and then turned around, looking at the guard. "Oh yeah and I almost forgot..two other people will be coming out in a second. Don't bother checking them, they're with me."

After saying that, Rayne turned around and walked off towards one of the canyons. He leaned against the canyon wall. Next to him, at the foot of the canyon, there was a white square on the ground. In the middle of that square, there was a red diamond in the middle of it. Rayne and Howler stood and waited for Annabella and Kallus to join them.

April 12th, 2008, 1:02 PM
With time slowly passing by kamora tried his best to make Aipom a star. It would be fairly easy since Aipom knew swift and Focus punch like his Aipom. Aipom was very detremined to shine and almost refused to stop training. However, Aipom slipped and his stomach started to growl. With that Kamora decided to break out the food and feed his pokemon and Aipom. Chimchar ate next to Kamora and so did Poliwag. This surprised Kamora because he had only captured Poliwag three hours ago. Bulbasaur ate alone and after he quickly devoured the food started to take a nap. At first Bulbasaur was so energitic, but now he was lazy and that meant bad contest skills. Since Kamora had trained with Aipom he decided to tarin with Chimchar. "Suzie, do you have any pokemon with you?" "No" "Then battle with Bulbasar while I use Chimchar." "Okay" and so the battle began. Suzie was worried since Bulbasaur was weak against fire attacks, but Kamora told her what moves to use when he attacked. In some words you could say that Kamora wanted Bulbasaur to win or at least get up. Suzie started the battle with tackle. Kamora followed up with a flame wheel. When the two pokemon were about to collide Chimchar jumped into the air. "Now Chimchar, I want a beautiful fire spin tackle." Chimchar used fire spin then jumped into to create a tackle. Bulbasaur was now hit and trapped by fire spin. Suzie was a little scared but remembered what Kamora said. "BUlbasaur use tackle and then vine whip to hold on to Chimchar." Bulbasaur rushed in and captured both him and Chimchar in the flames. The two pokemon began to feel the heat and tried to escpae. With little time Kamora made Chimchar dig a hole. Suzie was scared again and ordered Bulbasaur to let go. However, before Bulbasaur could escape Chimchar executed a flame wheel. Bulbasaur flew out the hole and on to the ground. Chimchar jumped out of the hole. Bulbasaur began to stand and a light began to glow around him. Soon the sun was shining on Bulbasaur. "Chimchar, flamethrower before he recovers." Chimchar looked at Kamora confused, but quickly blasted out flamethrower. It was too late and Bulbasaur had recovered. Then it launched a petal dance attack and confused Chimchar. Bulbasaur had taken control and decided to end the battle with tackle. Chimchar moved and then revealed to Bulbasaur his confusion was a haux. Chi8mchar then launched a flamethrower that blew Bulbasaur away. Chimchar fell to the ground and so did Bulbasaur. Kamora went over to both and gave them hugs for their efforts.

April 12th, 2008, 1:25 PM
He takes a moment to place his backpack on correctly and carries the dufflebag in his left hand as he begins to exit the compound. Always loyal, and equally as smart, Kaboom and Jacky take up residence on his left and right sides respectively. The Psychic Pokemon forever scanning the area around them while the Fighting Pokemon is just waiting to hear the word go.

As they make their way out Kallus notices a scanner weilding, brutish...and rather dumb looking grunt. Yet, to his surprise he waves them by without the usual twenty questions, three peices of ID and demonstration of the company handshake. So he can only assume that Rayne struck the fear of God into that lowly grunt... a trait he probably shares with his elitist brother.

Though his own thoughts aside, it does tend to come in handy... just it's rather annoying to feel like added weight. But instead of dwelling on meaningless details he just approaches the spot that Rayne is waiting at and looks first to the square and then to Rayne, " Ah, teleportation squares...if it ain't broke don't fix it I suppose..."

After the small comment he glances over his shoulder still not seeing the snobby chick and her bug, so he decides to take the oppurtunity to search his MP3 player for an appropriate song.

All the time that he is search the normally calm and relaxed Kadabra continues to eye the Dark pup. Seeing this the Hitmonchan places his gloved hand on his shoulder and grins. Kadabra nods and goes back to his usual mood, calm, relaxed and waiting patiently by his trainer until further command.

Finally finding the right song Kallus just smirks and says under his breath, " ...ahh, there it is..." So he waits near Rayne for Mariabella...or whatever her name is to finally get there too.

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April 12th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Annabella Lila Nightengale followed both Kallus and Rayne as they headed out of the Team Rocket doors to go outside so they could venture out in the wild and do their first mission together as a team. Although she wasn't too sure if this was going to work out since both of her team members seemed more like solo-players than team-players. But whatever. Her sapphire eyes then glanced over at her bug-type pokemon who was assigned to her since she had no pokemon before joining the organization. 'Well I guess we'll be able to see if that training with Venus actually paid off. She's never been in an actual pokemon battle before.' She thought as she glanced downwards at the joyful Venonat. It was just simply amazing how cheerful that tiny bug could be. Even if everything was going wrong, this bug seemed to always have some reason to be happy.

Her attention then turned to the Rocket Grunt who was giving Rayne a hard time, asking his ID. However as soon as this Grunt saw the ID, his attitude towards Rayne dramatically changed, making the raven haired beauty giggle a bit in amusement. 'He must feel like a complete fool now. Poor ugly thing.' She then continued to walk forward, passing the grunt with her head held up in the air since she knew he wasn't going to ask her for her ID since she was with Rayne. After all he had warned the guard not to and since he was an admin while the guard was a simple grunt, he had to obey.

However her mood quickly changed as soon as she noticed through the corner of her eye that the grunt checking her out. She went from being cocky to being grossed out. Making her want to throw up as she thought about it. However she forced herself to hold in the urge to throw up and just looked away from him. Her slow walking pace was replaced with a slightly faster one so she could go towards where the other two males were located. 'I never realized how lucky I was to be stuck with two decent looking guys. Because I swear, there are more hideous males in this organization than handsome ones... Perhaps there should be a new rule about how only good-looking members could be accepted in Team Rocket.'

She then shook off her thoughts and focused her attention on walking. And in a few moments when she had managed to get there, she noticed that both of her teammates were already there waiting for her. Rayne was just standing there silently while Kallus was fooling around with his MP3 player, trying to find the song that he wanted to listen to.

"So shall we go boys? Or are we just going to hang around here and waste our precious time?"

April 13th, 2008, 7:41 AM
After Annabella and Kallus had joined him, Rayne stepped up to the teleportation square. Howler sniffed around for a bit and sniffed the white square, a bit curious because the scent of the hundreds of Rockets that have used it must be lingering around. Rayne stepped up to the teleportation square and looked down at it, his eyes focusing on the little red diamond in the center of the white square. He then turned around and looked over at Annabella and Kallus.

"Well like Kallus said..yes we're using teleportation squares. I don't feel like rambling on and on about this, so I'll just tell you the important stuff. This square in particular is a one-way teleporter, meaning that once you use this square to teleport to another square, you can't use that square to teleport back to this one," said Rayne. "There are only specific squares that can teleport back to this one, so not just any square will teleport you back to this one. It's all about keeping our hideout a secret..which is why the only other way to get back here is to actually travel back, so you have to already know where the base is to come back. Now with that being said, this one will teleport us to a location in Viridian City. I'll go first..then you guys can join me."

Rayne and Howler then stepped up onto the teleportation square. In an instant, the pair of them dissapeared in a flash and were teleported to the next destination, momentarily leaving Annabella and Kallus behind. On the other end of the teleportation route, Rayne and Howler had arrived in Viridian City in the basement of the Viridian City Gym. There wasn't really anything extraordinary about it, there were just large wooden crates stacked on top of one another.

"Looks like the teleporters have been upgraded..no more of that ridiculous spinning anymore," said Rayne. He and Howler stepped off of their arrival square to give Annabella and Kallus to arrive.The arrival square looked exactly like one of the shiny floor tiles, which gave the impression that it was just a normal floor tile so it wouldn't raise any eyebrows. He looked around the basement and went to lean against a wall. "Figures this is where we would end up..The Boss used to be a Gym Leader here a long time ago. I guess we'll just wait for the others now.."

April 13th, 2008, 12:07 PM
Kallus looks over to the girl and smirks, " Well Kiddo... don't get scared or anything." As he says that he and his Pokemon walk onto the telepotation square and he just waves to the pampered, yet cute little brat, as he disappears to the next destination with his Pokemon.

As they reach Viridian Gym Kallus looks around at what appears to be a basement filled with assorted crap and just stretches a little before walking off of the square and towards Rayne, " So...what's Blue going to do when he finds us? Or is there another way out aside from the front door?"

While the young blonde advanced grunt inquires about their current situation, his Pokemon are off examining a few of the boxes. Jacky finally stopping towards the stairs ready to knock out the first person to walk down there, as Kaboom takes his time going through things dilligently as he finds what appears a few Pokedexes shoved inside one of the boxes.

Taking his finds Kaboom walks over to Rayne and holds up one and tilts his head to the side, " Ka...dabara dab?" Obviously inquiring if the new leader will find them to be any use, or if should they just toss them back into the open box.

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April 14th, 2008, 1:29 AM
Rayne speaks up and tells them how they are going to get to Viridian City, telling them that they are going to use some sort of teleportation device that is basically a one way ticket to an unknown destination unless you actually remember where each square takes you to. After all there was no sign nearby this teleportation square to let others know that it'd take them to Viridian City. 'Well at least we don't have to walk there like I expected.'

She then stood there and watched as Rayne and his moronic mutt decided to go first on the square. Immediately vanishing in thin air as soon as they both stood on the red square. A small thought then popped into her head as she looked at the square, 'Perhaps one day I should shove that mutt on another teleportation square so I'll never have to see him again.' Yes it was a rather cold thought towards her leader's pokemon, but as mentioned before. Annabella wasn't fond of dog-like pokemon, especially the one that Rayne owned.

Kallus decides to ignore the 'ladies first' rule and steps up towards the square, waving good bye to her and telling her not to freak out before also vanishing in thin air with both of his pokemon. "Well it isn't exactly the most fashionable way to travel, but whatever. Let's go Venus." Annabella motioned for the bug-type pokemon to follow her and then the two walked over towards the red square before teleporting where both Rayne and Kallus were at. Which was some basement filled with boxes, boxes, and wait... Even more boxes.

And when she gets there, she is just in time to hear Kallus's question about how they were going to get out of this box-filled basement. "Well my question is why choose such a hideous place to teleport to." She then stepped off the square and looked around with her sapphire eyes, showing automatic dislike for the location she was now in with her teammates. "But whatever, the sooner we get out of here the better."

Unlike the two males, she really had no idea where they were teleported to. After all she was a new grunt and this was her first mission. So right now she just assumed they were in the basement of some old abandoned building located in Viridian City. Definitely not in the basement of the eighth Kanto gym leader.

So while Annabella looked at the place with disgust, Venus began to walk around. Not too far away from Annabella, but far enough so she could look at the boxes and even poke them to see if anything would jump out of them. For the bug-pokemon actually didn't seem to mind the basement and was filled with curiosity about why there were so many boxes in the room. But after looking around for a few minutes, the Venonat returned back to her trainer and stood right by her side as she waited to get on the move again.

April 14th, 2008, 10:41 AM
Kamora had finally completed his trainign with Aipom and started to test it out. As he waved to Aipom Poliwag lauched a bubblebeam into the sky. When Kamora saw this he realized that Poliwag wanted to compete in the appeal stage. "Why are you waiting so late to step up?" "Poli" "I see you were afarid you wouldn't be good at first." then Kamora began to pat Poliwag on the head to ease her tears. Kamora began to think if he should let Poliwag enter the appeal stage after he had just trained Aipom. kamora thought it wasn't fair ro either of the pokemon. As he was about to make a decision the man who had given him the flyer came and told him about a typo. The contest would have the grand festival rules and last for about two days. This meant Kamora could use Aipom and Poliwag for different appeal stages. The two pokemon cheered as they would finally get to perform for Kamora. With that Kamora began to train Poliwag before he went to the center and went to sleep ready for the contest.