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April 17th, 2008, 2:39 PM
This is going to be EXTREMELY literate. Many positions will hold important roles in the plot's advancement. If you can't stick with RP's for long then please don't sign up.

The world has been in peace for many years, thanks to the behind the scenes efforts and accomplishments of what humans have come to know as Legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon have kept the world in balance using their unique powers that relate to the balance of life as we know it with Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus at the top, controlling Time, Space, and Creation. All of these legendaries were able to harness spectacular abilities except for Mewtwo. Seeing as he was a man-made clone, he only had raw strength to rely upon. Over time, Mewtwo started to become bitter and jealous of the legendary pokemon, with all of their great strength and abilities. This is when he began to hatch a plan.

Using the knowledge of his strength and his partially cloning of Mew, he soon discovered he had his own sort of transformation ability, much like he predecessor. He had the ability to consume another Pokemon's ability and use them once they were defeated. Infinite strength was possible. He started at first by hunting the larger and stronger Pokemon and defeating them, then controlling them. He soon realized the extent of his powers and how he could use them. Using this, he began to hunt down the other legends, battling them and stealing their powers. First was Rayquaza, the Sky Dragon. In a fight that destroyed Spear Pillar, the mighty dragon was defeated and absorbed. Quickly following came Groudon and Kyogre with their abilities to manipulate weather. He attempted to move on to the Latios and Latias siblings, succeeding in only capturing one of them while Latios escaped. He then moved regions, hunting down the powerful Psychic trio of Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, stealing their powers of illusion. It was after that where he made his big move. Taking down the mighty Darkrai, stealing his ability to see nightmares and one's worst fears. If Mewtwo succeeded in capturing all of the legends in the visible dimension, the portal to the final dimension would no doubt open, allowing him to travel inside and absorb Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus and control the universe.

It was at this time that the other legends decided to finally take action. It was appearing like none of them were strong enough to beat the ever growing powers of Mewtwo. The legendaries quickly communicated and decided to search the regions of the planet, searching for eligible humans to hide their powers inside of and hopefully allow them to gain the strength needed to defeat Mewtwo in combined effort. Trainers were selected, of all different shapes, sizes, and preferences from all across the world. They were each told of their situation then forcedly fused with a legend, obtaining their unique power. This is where you come in!

Your Role
You are a trainer, chosen by a Legendary Pokemon because of certain qualifying traits that you have. As a trainer you will meet with other trainers who are gathered on the floating safety of Pacidlog Town far off in the oceans of Hoenn. You will travel the world with the other trainers, battling Mewtwo and attempting to protect the remaining legendaries from harm. The ultimate goal is to defeat Mewtwo and return all of the legendaries to their rightful spot in the order and save the universe from Mewtwo's inevitable rule. How this comes about, is entirely up to question. You will face perils, Pokemon under Mewtwo's control, confusing paradoxes, and Mewtwo himself. The danger will be great, and it will be up to all of you to save the universe!

Legendary Pokemon and Abilities

Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos - Clairvoyance, the ability to see an event happening as it happens somewhere else: Taken by Umbreongirl
Mew - Hear human thoughts: Taken by Arachnid
Celebi - Communicate with Pokemon: Reserved by Jim
Entei, Suicune, Raikou - increased acrobatics: Reserved for Phanima
Lugia - Abililty to calm a pokemon's rage: Taken by Shadowfaith
Ho Oh - Power of Rebirth: Any life form may be returned to life. A tattoo of Ho oh's tail feathers are placed on the back of the hand with 6 feathers. Each time the power is used, a feather disappears.: Taken by Lash
Groudon - Intensify the sun's rays and cause extreme heat *Absorbed by Metwo*
Kyogre - Causes rain *Absorbed by Mewtwo*
Rayquaza - create fast powerful gusts of wind *Absorbed by Mewtwo*
Deoxys - immediately identify pokemon species and their strength: Taken by Kansas
Latios - Invisibility for 1 minute. The time cannot be increased. : Taken by Kay11190
Latias -transformation *Absorbed by Mewtwo*
Jirachi - Short range teleportation: Taken by Wilt
Regigigas, Regice, Regirock, Registeel - make body temporarily impervious, excessive use can cause the adverse effect
Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie - create illusions *Absorbed by Mewtwo*
Manaphy - can transform water into a healing agent: Taken by Sweet_Dreams
Heatran - The counter to Groudon. Can withstand VERY extreme heat.
Cres - Can call moonlight to illuminate the darkest area
Giratina - move through solid matter: Taken by Trainer Kat
Shaymin - Create antidotes
Darkrai - Find someone's darkest fears *Absorbed by Mewtwo*

~*Sign Up*~

Occupation: (Trainer, Coordinator, etc...)
Legendary and Ability: Only one. Only the abilities shown.

Appearance: (Be descriptive, no "looks like Gary with a hood")

Personality: (Same as above)

History: (A small history, i know this is the least favorite part)

Pokemon: (only have as many as you can use... be tactful 6 max)
Pokemon Personality:

RP Sample: (Upon Request, although It would help to post one before I ask.)

~*My Sign up*~

Name: Albrecht Pierson (Friends call him Breck)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: PokeMonthly Journalist
Legendary / Ability: Deoxys / Identifying pokemon

Appearance: Breck is a thin Caucasian young boy who does tend to take a small amount of pride in his appearance. He's a very skinny kid with virtually no muscle mass. He has a map top of jet black hair the sprouts wildly from the centre of his head and down to his eyes, gently covering roughly half of the sockets. The tips of the hair come to a multiple of sharp points, giving a loose spiked appearance on the thicker strands that hang down. On different various low hanging strands, the tips are dyed a deep midnight blue. On his eyes he wears a pair of thick rimmed black glasses that hold very snug on his face. His eyes always appear somewhat condescending and narrow with his black brow and deep black irises. Covering his lanky mid section very snug is a slim plain black t-shirt that he wears over top a long sleeved , dark-gray collar shirt with the collar sticking out above the t-shirt's neck. His legs, of proportional thinness are covered by a dark blue pair of slim fitted jeans held just below his waist line by a brown, fabric belt. He wears a pair of black low top converse on his feet with his socks tucked from sight and never visible. He always carries a single strapped brown back pack where he holds his Pokeballs dangling from its left side. In the bag he carries his pokedex which he no longer needs and various equipments for sketching and photography along with an album full of sketches and pictures of his most idolized trainers. A very noticeable feature about Breck is that upon activation of his ability, his right eye swirly in place into it meshes into a solid Jade Green color with a white iris in the center. When this eye is visible, then he is analyzing a Pokemon. When analyzing, he sees the world completely different. He can see different colored auras around pokemon which are directly proportioned to their strength, along with instant knowledge of their species and strengths.

Personality: Albrecht is a very controlled and maintained boy. He always has his emotions in check during any situation and tries to keep composure in rough situations, making sure his actions are flawless. Due to the nerve racking task of waiting for the perfect photo opportunity and sketching for hours at a time, Breck has also developed a great amount of patience...with Pokemon. People are an entirely different story. He has a small tolerance for illogical people. In the midst of his cynical ways, he also tends to act much like a con artist as shown in his history where he attempts to trick people all the time by getting them to bet on pokemon battles. Despite his sarcastic and bitter attitude, there is a time where Breck is seen as a happy kid in absolute bliss, and thats when he meets a popular trainer or Coordinator. He quickly recognizes the face or identifying marks of a pokemon at first glance just from the raw amount of fan-boy idolizing he does in his life. In the face of a trainer, he loses all composure and self respect, bidding at their every will. Breck only gives his respect to trainers he finds respectable with strong pokemon or prove themselves as intelligent people. Breck's battle style is based off of a composition of strategies he has seen used by high ranking battlers.

History: Albrecht's history is a sketchy one at best. He grew up as a top student, finding most general academics boring and monotonous. Because of this, he was easily accepted into a high school of his choice but quickly found it also boring and monotonous and often skipped class in order to lay out in a field and sketch pokemon or snap some pictures. He began keeping a portfolio of all of his work which piled up fast. On a windy day, the portfolio was blown out of his hands and scattered around the street but to Breck's luck, the editor of PokeWeekly, the worlds most renowned pokemon magazine which keeps millions of subscribers updated with the newest up and coming trainers and newest battle strategies and coordinators. The editor offered Breck a part time job as a photographer for the magazine and to maybe even publish some of his sketches. The chance to travel the world. Breck immediately jumped at the opportunity, traveling around the world, watching gym battles, contests, tournaments, and even Elite 4 challengers. His respect grew for Pokemon trainers by the day and he quickly began idolizing and closely following strong trainers while catching his own Pokemon and trying to become strong. One day while sketching and tuning into a local radio station, strange events had been occurring as of late, with Spear Pillar collapsing and abnormal rainfall and droughts around the world. While sketching, he felt like his eye had been struck with lightning. He whole body tensed up as he felt as if something was writhing through his veins. When he opened his eye, he found a new world, of multi colored pokemon and knew boundless information about them and their potentials. He quickly learned to control this new eye and began betting on the matches he watched and photographed, learning that the different auras around a pokemon represented its inner strength. Being able to see a pokemon's potential and bet large sums of money on who he knew was the clear winner and even more on under dog winners. This quickly funded his photography and sketch supplies. His photography and sketching hobbies finally took him to Pacifidlog Town where he planned to inspect the newly destroyed Spear Pillar and find some great sketches...

Pokemon/Nickname: Sandslash
Pokemon Personality: This was Breck's first and favorite pokemon and it knows it. A small Sandslash who is quite speedy when it comes to battles and is very affectionate towards his master, not to mention defensive. It almost appears to not be aware of its size but makes up for it with an unusual amount of strength, being able to tunnel at incredible speeds and deal powerful attacks. Its favorite attacks are Dig and Rollout.

Pokemon/Nickname: Mantine
Pokemon Personality: A happy-go-lucky Pokemon who is always happy to be out to stretch its... wings? It floats around through the air when on land and always glides on air currents quite skillfully but its true talents surface when on the water. Never against giving his master a ride, it jets through the water at incredible speeds while Albrecht “surfs” on his back. The occasional leap in the air sometimes gives Breck the appearance of riding a hover board. Mantine can take 1 other passenger on his back when traveling over seas. Mantine's favorite attacks are Hydro Pump and Mirror Coat.

Pokemon/Nickname: Ponyta
Pokemon Personality: Ponyta is Breck's choice of transportation when on land. Since Ponyta knows her impatient master all too well, she always comes out energetic and ready to get going. Breck is very knowledgeable of Ponyta's abilities and tends to push her kind of hard at times but she is always trying to become stronger for Breck. Her land speed is to be rivaled by any pokemon in existence and is always Breck's choice in a chase or escape. Her favorite attacks are Fire Spin, Agility, and Take Down

Trainer Kat
April 18th, 2008, 9:10 PM
Bawww, placeholder. xDD

Name: Jett Donnovan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trainer
Legendary and Ability: Giratina – Move through solid matter

Appearance: Jett (http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh51/soundwavebaclk/emoanimre.jpg)
Jett stands at around 5'10". He weighs very little for his height, amounting to no more than 112 pounds. His body is quite slim--most people can fit their hand around his wrist with ease. Though, that isn't to say he looks sickly, as he certainly doesn't. His bones aren't visible, and, while he's small, it isn't a trait most people can pick up on without having their hands all over him...and he's not going to let that happen. Ebony hair falls across his pale forehead, parted on the left side, causing his right eye to be completely obscured by his side bangs. His greyish-black eyes are somewhat narrow, slanting ever so slightly upwards. A devious grin can often be seen painted across his face. Around his slender neck, he wears a black choker. Jett wears a white button down shirt, form fitting yet had moving room, a red tie hanging loose around his neck. Atop this, he wears a black dress jacket that matches his nice black dress pants. His feet are covered by a pair of black dress shoes. Both his shirts are long enough that they obscure the Pokéballs latched onto his belt. All in all, Jett looks relatively nice, if not incredibly emo. To add to this, whenever he uses the ability of Giratina, his eyes begin to glow red...and not just the iris, either, but his entire eye.

Personality: Sadistic and masochistic, Jett is not the type of person you'd want to be alone with. He has no problem with death, and enjoys seeing others in pain. The kid is most definitely not right in the head. He is prone to going crazy at times, though he certainly gives a fair amount of warning before it is going to happen. That is, if you know what to watch for. Either his left eye or the corner of his mouth will begin to twitch, and his hands will start to shake. He has a laugh that would strike fear into the hearts of many...if you can call it a laugh and not a cackle. However, this side of him is kept locked away. On the outside, he appears to be a normal person, and keeps up the charade quite well. When he is covering up his insanity, Jett is generally quiet and reserved, preferring to stand by himself rather than with others. He can be insulting, and is usually the first to make a jab at someone else. He verbalizes what others are too timid to. He doesn't really pose a threat to the world, as his crazy mind is always locked away, and even if it weren't, he isn't brave enough to actually harm anyone. In fact, he is quite a coward as well, and won't hesitate to run from a fight if it looks like he's going to lose. Though he acts tough, he's really quite weak. Jett is merely scary, not dangerous. He has a strange love for apples, and giving him the fruit is the only surefire way to calm him down. He fears two things: death, and birds.

History: Jett was born in Ecruteak City in Northern Johto. His family was extremely wealthy, and gave him all the opportunities in the world. He was a happy baby, never wanting anything more than to play with his toys, perhaps watch a video from time to time. He had an older sister-Heather-who was the pride of the family. She was an excellent Pokémon trainer, and the favorite Donnovan child. As a result, their parents would dote on her, leaving Jett to entertain himself. As Jett grew up, he was compared constantly to Heather, as she was thirteen years his elder. He felt his parents were trying to raise another Heather, rather than accept him for who he was. Try as he might, nothing Jett did was ever good enough, as he didn't do it as well as Heather. When he was five, he was enrolled in a private kindergarten, where he met his then-best-friend, Akihiko. He would spend hours after school at the other boy's house, as it meant that he would not have to go home and face the wrath of his parents. When he finally did go home, they often had begun to dote on Heather, thus leaving Jett to sulk in peace in his room. Because he was alone in his room so much, he developed a brilliant imagination, and subsequently, a brilliant mind. He would often devise plans to escape, despite being only six years of age. He ran away from home numerous times, but had to return for one reason or another. Upon walking through the door, his father would pull out a wooden spoon and spank Jett with it.

The day Jett turned seven was the same day that Heather had a huge battle. His parents tried to take him along, but he refused to go with them, so the boy ended up spending his birthday alone. Or, at least, he would have, had Akihiko not come over that day. His friend brought him a cupcake (haphazardly made, but still, the thought had been nice), topped by a single candle. The two spent the rest of the day together, only separated when Jett's parents returned late that night. He later found out that his parents had been too busy planning for Heather's battle to purchase presents for him. That day, his only gift was a single cupcake. Despite being plagued with misery, Jett still tried as hard as he could to be happy. He would find small things to take pleasure in on days where he couldn't see Akihiko, such as reading comics, or flipping a coin to see how many times it would show tails. While it seems as though it was a sad life, these little pleasures helped Jett cope with day-to-day life, and, when coupled with Akihiko, are probably among the reasons he is still alive to this day.

When he was eight, he began to attend public school, along with his best friend Akihiko. The two were often picked on, both for being small and pale. This never affected them much, as they always had each other to fall back upon. Jett and Akihiko became closer by suffering together, so the taunting had turned out to be a blessing in disguise. While other kids played on the jungle gym or the swingset, Akihiko and Jett would sit together on a bench and play cards, or talk, but always something they could do by themselves. Jett spent an increasing amount of time at Akihiko's house. The two would wander off to the apple tree in Aki's backyard and sit on a branch for hours, just eating apples. His parents didn't miss him much, as his absence made it possible for them to dote on Heather more. The routine continued all the way up to Jett's tenth birthday. It was then that his life began to spiral downward.

A few weeks after he turned ten, Heather decided to take him for a walk. It was then that she apologized profusely for everything that had happened to him. She explained that she hadn't wanted the attention she had received, and only did half the things she did so that she wouldn't let their parents down. Jett begrudgingly accepted her apology. After all, he still wasn't happy...he had spent ten years of his life in utter misery. Heather, being twenty three, had had more than double the life Jett had, and it had been three times as better. How could he not feel some sense of resentment towards her? She then scooped him up into her arms and took him to her favorite spot. She confided in him, telling him that she would often walk along the train tracks and just think. It was her way of escaping the pressure their parents placed on her. As the two walked along the train tracks, they heard the unmistakeable sound of a train approaching. When they went to get off the tracks, Heather realized her foot had gotten wedged between them. Frantically, she called to Jett, who was now standing a few feet away. He had been too scared to help her. He had just stood there...watching. He saw everything...had felt the spray of her blood as the train collided with her body...had been unable to do anything about it. The only thing that would not leave him was the smell of apples...Heather had been wearing apple-scented perfume.

Jett was now left with the task of telling his parents. As he walked through the door, they immediately noticed his blood-caked face. Rather than ask him if he was alright, however, they merely asked where Heather was. Jett was rendered silent, terrified by the sights he had just seen. In response to his refusal to talk, his father raised his hand to the boy, bringing it down across his face. It had stung, he remembered, and hot tears filled his eyes. He retreated to his room for the next few days while his parents mourned the loss of their darling daughter. His only relief came in the form of Akihiko, who, once again delivered a rather sloppily-made cupcake to his friend's doorstep. It was the only thing in days that had brought a smile to Jett's tear-stained face. The boy consoled him the rest of the week, often bringing him to the apple tree, where they would just sit there, silently, for hours. Upon returning home, however, he was viciously beaten by his father, who had just purchased a whip for use on his son's back. His parents both blamed him for their daughter's death.

This continued each night for five years. Jett would spend the majority of the night at Akihiko's, and when he would return, he would receive a lashing. He was in high school by this point, and found himself ashamed to remove his shirt, fearing the scars he carried on his back would only cause him to be tormented even further. On the days he had gym, he made sure he wore a wife beater underneath his normal clothes to avoid revealing his back. Despite the embarrassment his father's hatred caused him, things were finally starting to look up for Jett. He was doing well in his classes, and he had, in his mind, the greatest friend the world could give him. He still blamed himself for his sister's death, and would cry himself to sleep most nights, but things were still better than they had been. That is, until the reports of a robber surfaced.

The robber situation really didn't worry Aki and Jett too much. After all, they really didn't have much worth taking, save Jett's parents' money. They would have been right, however, to fear. One day, Akihiko failed to show up at school. Jett had hoped Akihiko was sick, and dashed to his house straight from school to take care of him. What he saw shocked him. Police cars surrounded the building, and cops swarmed the area. Jett pushed his way through, though the police refused to let him in the building. Akihiko's mother called Jett over to her, where she took him into her arms and just cried. Jett found out that the robber had broken into Aki's house and threatened his mother. Fifteen year old Aki had stood up to the robber...and ended up getting killed for it. Jett's heart shattered into what felt like a million pieces...and to this day, is not whole. That night, he took his beating without a word, and, upon reaching his room, continued the assault on his body. His wrists have been sliced so many times that he should be dead...the fact that he's failed every time proves that he's destined for something more.

The following year, Jett dropped out of school and pursued his parents' dream of him becoming a Pokémon trainer. He initially resisted, though finally, he gave in, catching a Duskull with his sister's Mismagius. The Pokémon has become increasingly close to Jett, and is his sole companion. However, Jett will never forget Akihiko...the one person who cared for him for who he was.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb356.png #356 Dusclops
Pokemon Personality: Dusclops, being Jett's first Pokémon, is extremely protective of his owner. Because he knows how mentally unstable Jett is, Dusclops will resort to trickery and deceit to keep his master safe. He is Jett's protector, and will do things outside of Jett's orders if he feels they are in the best interests of his master. However, Dusclops is also very loving, and will comfort Jett during one of his rough days, allowing himself to be held while Jett cries. In a sense, Dusclops reminds Jett of a Pokémon version of his former best friend, and this only pains Jett more.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb033.png #033 Nidorino
Pokemon Personality: Nidorino is a violent Pokémon. He is cruel and relentless in battle, and will not stop attacking until his opponent is defeated. Nidorino doesn't get much showtime, as Jett sometimes has difficulty controlling the Pokémon. Nidorino often has disputes with Dusclops, since Jett sometimes finds himself under attack, Dusclops trying valiantly to protect him. Nidorino is a reflection of Jett's psychopathic side.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb228.png #228 Houndour
Pokemon Personality: Houndour is Jett's most mischievous Pokémon, always eager to play tricks, no matter how cruel, on fellow Pokémon and their owners. He is playful, though not at all caring. He has a tendency to bite other trainers if they get too close to Jett, though this is purely territorial, and not protective in the slightest.

RP Sample:

Tomorrow would be a long day. This was the conclusion Dean came to as he sat atop Heath’s bed. His guitar still sat perched on his knee, given minor attention in the form of a handful of soft strums. No, Dean had become more interested in something else, at least for the moment. Heath had stood to retrieve two plastic bags from his backpack, causing a grin to spread across Dean’s face. It was a move that the boy recognized all too well. The bags, one of marshmallows and one of chocolate chips, now sat between the two roommates. The marshmallows were tiny, the ones you would drop into a mug of cocoa. This excited Dean immensely. Though he was usually a cocky brat, he found himself occasionally taking pleasure in small, insignificant things. This was one of those times. Reaching down, he scooped up a handful of marshmallows, being sure to mix in four or five chocolate chips. This, he popped into his awaiting mouth.

“Man, Heath,” he managed through chewing. It was at this point that he swallowed. While he was often extremely rude, Dean drew the line at speaking whilst eating this heavenly concoction. It just wasn’t right. “You da man,” he finished. The junior stood, clutching his guitar with one hand. The other, he dragged through his shaggy black hair. It was still just as soft as ever. His guitar found itself seated in its usual stand in the corner of the room, while its master began to strip. Everything Dean was wearing, sans boxers, was soon heaped into a crumpled mess against the wall, leaving him clothed in only the black shorts. Never mind that the white shirt, which was growing increasingly wrinkled by the second, was part of his uniform. Dean couldn’t be bothered to deal with the fabric at this point in time. He was sure his roommate wouldn’t complain, anyway. This wasn’t the first year they had roomed together, after all.

It was obvious by the muffled creaks of the ladder that Dean was ascending the steps to his bed. Without another word, he planted his head firmly on the pillow and shut his eyes.

---Next morning---

There was no doubt about it--Dean was a restless sleeper. The sheet on his bed was now tangled around his legs, and the quilt…well, who knew where that was? As if to tell him he needed to awaken, light shone through the curtains, landing directly on Dean’s eye. At this, he furrowed his brow. Who was the sun to tell him to get out of bed? As if he, the attractive, rich Dean Caldwell, could be controlled by the sun. In one fist, he grasped the pillow beneath him and, in one swift motion, flung it at the window. He would be satisfied with himself, only now he had nothing on which to rest his head. The choice was his. He could either get up and get the pillow, at which point he would already be awake enough to get dressed, or he could try to sleep rather uncomfortably without. He decided on the former. It was already light enough in the room, to the point where he would not have to flip the light switch. As he descended the ladder, one balled-up object caught his eye.

“There you are!” he exclaimed gleefully, gathering the fallen quilt into his arms and hoisting it up onto his bed. The cover had obviously fallen in the middle of the night, most likely the result of one swift kick from Dean.

If there was one thing that Dean Caldwell was skilled at, it was quick showering. The warm water was certainly welcome after a cold night without a quilt. Into his hand, he squirted one glob of coconut-scented shampoo, letting the fragrance enter his nose before rubbing the shampoo on his hair. He could almost feel it permeate his scalp. Once he had both lathered and rinsed, he applied a conditioner, also containing the sweet smell of coconut. This was responsible for the silky smooth feeling his ebony locks carried.

This was the extent of his primping. Part of his appeal, after all, was his “I’m-too-cool-to-care” attitude. Now that he was dry, he began to dress. Momentarily, he considered substituting his black hoodie for that required sports coat, but he decided against it. It was better not to anger teachers on the first day back. They would probably chastise him for wearing a wrinkled shirt as it was, as if the pink tie didn’t anger male teachers enough.

The trek to his homeroom class was not a time consuming one. Dean was tall, and his strides were long. Upon reaching the newly segregated class, he slung his arms around two blondes, flashing them each a sparkly Dean smile.

April 18th, 2008, 10:50 PM
Name: Christina Prince
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Legendary and Ability:Manaphy - can transform water into a healing agent
Appereance: She has long blonde hair, and brown eyes, She wears a black t-shirt, and red skirt with white tennis shoes. She wears her hair in a ponytail tied with a red bow.
Personality: She is very competitive, and hard working, She is almost stuck up to a point, but can also be very loving and caring. She thinks she's the best, and that she is never wrong even when she knows she is.

History: Christina was born and raised on Mt. Coronet, where she lived with her father and grandmother, Her mother died when Christina was a young girl, but that didn't stop Christina from following her dream, too become a top trainer. At a young age she quickly became one of the top trainers on Mt. Coronet, But she quicky grew tired of batting and training in the same area. So she left home to follow her dreams.
Gender: Female
Obtained: From Christina's grandmother
Personality: A stuck-up pokemon that will only listen to her owner. She is greedy and selfish. And gets jealous easily.
Gender: Male
Obtained: From Christina's sister when it was still a Shellder.
Personality: A happy go lucky pokemon that loves everyone and everything around it. But when it comes down to it...He loves to battle.

April 18th, 2008, 11:35 PM
HotasIce - You're going to need a considerably greater amount of detail to make it into one of my RP's... sorry Denied

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 18th, 2008, 11:45 PM
Name:Sekuro Reiko



Occupation: Trainer

Legendary and Ability- Jirachi- Short Range Teleportation.

Appearemce:Sekuro is 6'1" tall and weighs 155 pounds. Sekuro has teal hair with silver streaks in them. For some reason Sekuro has a leaf-shaped scar on his right ckeek close to his eye. It is unknown how it got there,but Sekuro knows it has some thing to do with his destiny. Sekuro often wears a black T-shirt with a white vest-jacket,the vest-jacket has an Eevee logo on the back of it. Sekuro also wears black fingerless gloves with white leaf designs on it. Sekuro wears white cargo shorts and white tennis shoes with black leaf designs on them. Sekuro also has bright green eyes.

Personality:Sekuro is a happy-go-lucky indivual who aspires to be a champion and find out his destiny. Sekuro often seems to be somewhat dense but,in reality is quite intelligent. Sekuro is also a great repairman.

History:Sekuro was born in Twinleaf Town where he learned basic trainer skills. When Sekuro turned 15 he left Sinnoh and headed for Hoenn in hopes of being part of a team and it is believed that Sekuro's Destiny lies somewhere within Hoenn. When Sekuro's Leaf scar lights up in a green aura,then that means it's a clue to finding his destiny. When Sekuro went to Hoenn he had his Leafeon. HIs first Pokemon and main Enforcer. Sekuro also managed to catch a few other Pokemon as well.

Pokemon: Leafeon

Sekuro had Leafeon ever since it was an Eevee. Leafeon is his main Enforcer and will often be used in battle.
Personality- Leafeon is a brave, strong Pokemon. Leafeon is also a kind yet Strong Pokemon.


Sekuro caught Magneton at an abandoned Powerplant when it was a Magnimite in Mauville City.

Personality- Magneton is a classy Pokemon. It hates to play dirty and also enjoys peace and quiet. When nobody's doing anything, Magneton is known to lazily float around.


Sekuro caught Staravia when it was a Starly just before he left Sinnoh.

Personality- Staravia is a loyal Pokemon who does whatever Sekuro tells him to do. Staravia is often used by Sekuro for various things.


Sekuro caught Misdreavous in a dark forest one night.

Personality- Misdreavious is a very affectionate Pokemon. Misdreavious can often be seen outside of his Pokeball and will often Pop out of its Pokeball without warning. Misdreavous is often a peaceful Pokemon but is very willing to fight.
Other:Sekuro's favorite food is Egg rolls any kind are fine with him. Sekuro also has a thing for attractive girls. Sekuro's scar lights up whenever he is about to teleport using Jirachi's power.

RPG Sample(This is from Sekuro's dream when he was 9 when he first wanted to find his destiny.)

"Wha..What am I doing here?" said Sekuro as he opened his eyes and found himself in a thick brush of leaves and twigs.

Sekuro stood up and he realized he didn't have a shirt on. He just had on some black shorts and wooden sandals.

Sekuro frantically clawed his way through the thick branches and leaves.

Suddenly,he came across a strange rock which had the same leaf marking that was on his face.

Suddenly,his scar glowed,so did the rock. "Go to Kanto 6 years from now!" There you will find out why you have that leaf scar."said the voice "Bu..But..wait!"
yelled Sekuro "What do I do now?...What pokemon do I get?"

"Don't worry."said the voice "You'll know just the one..."
Then,Sekuro realized his full potential and began learning the basics on Pokemon.

Sekuro noticed that after the strange rock stopped glowing,he felt a strange warm glowing feeling and then,while entangled in the vines and branches,he suddenly sees a Carnivine!

The Carnivine lunged at Sekuro and all of a sudden,before Carnivine could land its bite attack,it's hit by a razor leaf attack. Then the pokemon looked at Sekuro with glowing Green eyes and left as quiclky as it came.

"What was that?" said Sekuro He remembered what the pokemon looked like,it was tan,had tattered-like leafs for ears and on it's legs. Sekuro vowed to one day meet this pokemon outside of his dream.

Later in his dream,Sekuro thought he was awake he found himself in the middle of the forest,snuggled next to him was that same pokemon that saved him before.

"Good Mroning." said Sekuro to the pokemon. "Leaf..Leafeon!"said Leafeon "oh,so you're a Leafeon!"said Sekuro

"Well,I am pretty hungry...I think-" all of a sudden Leafeon used Leaf Bladeon a tree and a medium pile or pecha berries fall from the tree. "Thank You."said Sekuro

After breakfast Sekuro jumps up and then Leafeon runs off. "Wait...Leafeon!...come back!" said Sekuro as he frantically tried to keep up with Leafeon "Where are you going?"
Leafeon then stopped...there,up ahead was a man with a raven-colored hood,shadowing his face.

"Heheheh...what do you want Brat?" said the man "Who are you!"demanded Sekuro "My,you're the questioning-type aren't you?" said the man The man was covered by the cloak,which was the same color as his hood. Then he pulled out a pokeball and shouted,"Carnivine,I choose You!!..Come out!!" Then out came a Carnivine,which was the same Carnivine that attacked him. "Hey!..you're the one that attacked me last night!"

"Allow me to explain myself,"said the shady man "I'm not going to
tell you everything,but I am a Pokemon hunter. I hunt rare pokemon and add them to my collection." "Just hand over the Leafeon and I'll let you go." "No!!"yelled Sekuro "Over my dead body!" "Let's battle!"

Leafeon vs. Carnivine

"Carnivine,use BITE attack!" Carnivine lunged at Sekuro

"Leafeon use VINE WHIP" Leafeon grabs Carnivine and tosses it.

"Carnivine,use BULLET SEED!" Carnivine shot seeds at Leafeon

"Leafeon...use Solarbeam!" Leafeon charged up.

"Carnivine,use WRAP!" as soon as Carnivine try to constrict Leafeon,it gets blasted by a powerful Solarbeam

"Carnivine use bite!" Carnivine bit Leafeon

"Leafeon,use Leaf Blade!" said Sekuro Leafeon slashes Carnivine

"Carnivine use Sludge Bomb!" Carnivine fired a barrage of sludge bombs at Leafeon

Leafeon got hit by a couple of sludge bombs. "Leafeon!" yelled Sekuro

Then,Carnivine truned to Sekuro and fired a barrage of Sludge Bombs at him and then,Sekuro woke up and realized it was all a dream,but knew he had to go to Kanto in 6 years.

"One day...I will fight alongside with you Leafeon."said Sekuro

After looking in a Pokemon encyclopedia,he found out Leafeon's pre-evolved form is Eevee. Sekuro knows that in order to obtain a Leafeon,he must first get an Eevee

April 18th, 2008, 11:49 PM
Master Trainer Empoleon - The same goes for you, your sign up lacks a lot of detail required to join this RP. As mentioned above, it will be a very literate RP. I'm sorry but Denied

Just a reminder... that aside from the reserved who helped me make this, All legends are fair game until the person applying for it is accepted and i cross it off the list.

April 19th, 2008, 3:00 AM
Name: Alexian Cale

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Legendary and Ability:

Alexian has the ability of Mew. This ability allows him to listen in on human thoughts. This is limited to the human being within a decent radius.


Alexian doesn’t care too much about his appearance (apart from his hair) and lacks style. He has medium short jet black hair and through it is a red streak that takes a right slant and is also alot longer than the rest of his hair– This tends to cause his hair to cruise around in the wind alot. Alexian has a tendency to bite on his thumb alot when nervous or concentrating hard – It’s a habit he has had since he was 8, and has never really grown out of it, much to his own dismay. Alexian usually sports a black long sleeved t-shirt, which has longer sleeves than his arms – He usually puts his hands inside the sleeves, as he finds it alot warmer. This is also accompanied by his skinny black jeans, which are too tight to fit anything in his pockets. Alexian has no facial hair, and when he feels any stubble growing, he immediately shaves it off – He likes to think the ladies like a clean shaven man. His eyes are a dark brown, with nothing special about them – apart from recently when using his Ability of Mew; people have said his eyes turn a light pink. Alexian hates the thought of this, as he feels pink is such a girl’s colour, yuck! Alexian has a very rugged stance, and with one hand near his mouth, and the other hiding in his sleeve, he doesn’t look too normal. Many people do comment on his appearance, but Alexian is a bit too oblivious to know he looks like a bit of a weirdo.


Alexian is quite quiet when it comes to meeting new people, he also feels intimidated by big crowds. After meeting someone though, and knowing a bit about them – he finds it alot easier to talk 1 on 1 with them. Alot of people mistake Alexian’s quietness for intended rudeness, and end up challenging him to battles. Alexian enjoys talking about Pokemon, and finds himself smiling when in an ongoing conversation about them. Anything else pretty much has a reverse effect, and you may often find him fidgeting while listening to something he isn’t particularly interested in. He doesn’t particularly like attention, and tries to avoid it – sometimes this is annoying for other people. Alexian is a good hearted boy – but sometimes he can get frustrated with losing and throw strops.


Alexian grew up with his mother, who was a single parent. He didn’t miss out on anything as a child, and had the same opportunities as every other kid. His mother would work as many hours a week as she could while Alexian was at nursery and school – and then try to work nightshifts while she had her mother look after Alexian through the night. At the age of nine, Alexian begun to gain different interests from other kids at school and was often ridiculed for it. He begun to enjoy the sound of classical music, he took an interest in Pokemon and often liked to sit at home and study books about them, he also took an interest in reading manga. All of these things were different to the usual kids wanting to play football, or watch movies and go to the local fast-food restaurants. Due to all of this Alexian didn’t grow up with many friends. At the age of 14, Alexian’s mother was diagnosed with Brain Cancer – She had another 6 months to live. Alexian was distraught – the only friend he had grown up with, was dying, and there was pretty much nothing he could do about it. For days he’d sit in his room with his knees up to his chest, as he felt his heart collapsing in. After a month or two, he found himself skipping school to help his mother – but every time he saw his mother in that state, he’d go back to his room to shudder in pain. As the time came, the doctor and he stood around his mother’s bed that she had been bound to for 6 months. She couldn’t speak, or show any emotion towards anyone. He prayed she’d say something to him, anything – He wish she could read his mind, or better yet read hers! But as the clock hit 3:47pm, his mother’s hand fell limp within his own. Many weeks and months past, and Alexian had moved in with his small and adorable grandmother. She was very supportive of everything Alexian wanted to do, and at the age of 16 – for his birthday she bought him a Poke ball Belt holder. On the day she laughed and gave him $100 and told him - “Go do it Alex, go become a Pokemon Master”. Alexian’s face lit up for the first time after his mother’s death, and strolled down to the poke’ mart – where he bought 3 poke balls and 2 poke potions. Alex strolled out towards his destiny – but wasn’t he forgetting one thing? You can’t catch Pokemon without Pokemon! He ran back home to his grandmother, and she was already at the door laughing. She smiled and handed over a poke ball – “Happy Birthday, Alexian”.


Pokemon: Beldum
Nickname: Clang
Pokemon Personality: Beldum is a very serious Pokemon. He doesn’t show any affection, but knows what to do when it comes to battling. His main skills are Take down, in which it ploughs into the target with its steel body. And magnet rise which allows it to float off the ground.

Pokemon: Snorunt
Nickname: Runt
Pokemon Personality: This was Alexian’s first Pokemon he received from his grandmother. It’s very shy, and has a hard time in battle. When out of its poke ball, it loves to snuggle up against Alexian’s body. Alexian loves his Snorunt more than anything else. It is probably his only friend.

April 19th, 2008, 6:31 AM
I'll start my sign-up in awhile, I have to get some things done first. But this sounds like a great Roleplay to participate in, so can I reserve Ho-Oh?

April 19th, 2008, 6:51 AM
Name- Michael Tuppno
Age- 13
Gender- Male
Occupation- Pokemon trainer and coordinator.
Legendary and Ability- I have the ability of the 3 legendary birds. I can see an event happening somewhere else. Eyes are a shiny blue, and eyes turn light blue when using the power
of the legendary birds.He wears short white socks and white sneakers. He is about 5'3.
Appearence- Michael has short, black hair. He wears a Baseball Cap,
and short sleeves and shorts, all red. He will put his hands in a light grey
light jacket for warmth, sometimes.

Personality- He doesn't have a temper, usually
trying to make sure someone else stays out of trouble. H is very friendly towards
people and his pokemon. He'll protect his friends and pokemon also. He is usually calm also.
He'll get furious if a villain tries to hurt his pokemon. He'll stand up tall, to protect his pokemon.
Many people also trust him, and he is also very smart and wise.
People will usually come to him to ask for help.

History- Michael grew up with both his mom and dad in New Bark town. He was the among the finest students in school. The teacher said he was very smart and talented, he
could leave school early. He talked with professer Elm to get his first pokemon. He chose
Totodile, and they became best friends evr since. At the start though, Totodile didn't respect Michael so much. But, Michael tried hard with Totodile, and formed a strong bond. The two grew and won many challenges at the Johto and Kanto gyms, along with meeting new poke friends.
They vowed to never let one challenge get in the way of their dreams. Even as a succesful trainer, Michael became a very succesful coordinator as well. He won some contests with his pokemon, and tried many contests. He now is traveling to Hoenn to try to get badges there, and his ship sails into Pacificlog Town...


Michael obtained Feraligatr as a Totodile, and is his favorite pokemon. Afetr recieving from professer Elm, the two formed a strong bond and won many challenges together. Feraligatr is his sweep pokemon, and his tank! Although, he also uses his other pokemon alot too, Feraligatr is relied upon for the toughest challenges.

Obtained as an Eevee from Bill, Michael recieved a Water Stone from a fisherman east of Mahogony Town, and used it to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon. Vaporeon is relied upon to surf. This is also his second strongest pokemon, as well, and his main for the beauty show part of contests, and relied heavily upon against gym leaders.

He caught Quagsire as a Whooper in the Ruins of Alph. The two have been best friends ever since. Whooper evolved on the FastShip, traveling from Olivine City to Vemillion City. When returning to Olivine, Quagsire won every battle on the FastShip it faced with Michael. Quagsire is relied upon as well, as one of Michael's favorites.

Michael caught a Dratini in Dragons Den. he quickly evolved it into a Dragonair. Michael won't forget the happy day when Dragonair evolved into Dragonite outside of Silver Cave. Also relied upon alot, Dragonite is a sweeper/tank. Dragonite is one of Michael's strongest powerouses. Dragonite is known to not back down from a challenge, but is extremely friendly at the same time.

April 19th, 2008, 8:51 AM
I hope I can reserve a spot. I have spent to much time on the computer and I'm going outside today. I'll have it done by tonight. There really isn't much missing.

Name: Julius Caesar
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trainer
Legendary and Ability: Jirachi – Short range teleportation


Standing at 5'9, Julius has a thin build, though he does have some muscle definition. Because of his thin build, and the fact that the has some strength in his muscles, he tends to be fairly good at sports. Although he isn't the strongest when it comes to some thing like football, his is fast, and he can jump high, which is good for sports like basketball. Of course these sorts of skills have nothing to do with his paranormal abilities; they are only products of his build.

Julius’ eyes are a light aqua marine, or turquoise color, that tend to always have a sparkle of mischief in them, though it's hard to say why. He has high cheekbones, and the curves of his face are fairly smooth, maybe even more than most average men. But for the most part his face is handsome, or at least that's what he's been told. His face is framed by his blazing red hair that hangs at medium length and is left in a shaggy style.

When it comes to clothing, Julius wears just about any thing that's comfortable. He usually tends to sway towards dark pieces of clothing, but doesn't mind lighter things. If he's going to some where important, then he'll dress up nicer, like in a suit of some sort, but only if it's absolutely necessary that he impress some one.


Julius has a very laid back and easy going personality. He tends to not care too much about things unless they are very important. To describe this part of him, you might say that he's the farthest thing from a worry wart that you could possibly be. Usually he's a fairly nice guy on top, he does how ever tend to push people's buttons, especially those that worry a lot about things and get frustrated easily. He and his best friend, Kat would often work out embarrassing scenes, to annoy who ever was with them. To Julius, life is just a big game, and you're only there to have fun. This is also true when it comes to his opinion about women. He doesn't hold back when it comes to flirting with them and hitting on them. Julius is always having perverted thoughts, but if some one were to say some thing like: "Julius, get your head out of the gutter!" He would simply reply: "I can't its stuck!" and then walk off giggling.

Not only does he annoy people and constantly flirt with girls, but he's very dramatic while doing it. He would be an actor, though the last time he took a drama class the teacher actually said that he was too dramatic. Julius is the type of person who enjoys to hear his own voice, and this is another reason that he talks so much and in such a dramatic way. He tends to arrange his words in strange ways and use strange analogies, instead of saying some thing right out. He usually has a smile on his face, and he doesn't get mad easily. It's almost impossible to make him mad, or at least to make him mad enough that he'll show it.

Behind his smiles, and jokes, Julius is a very good secret keeper, and likes to mess with things; some times making plans in the back of his mind that could lead to the ruin of a place, a thing, or even a person. He was once told that he shouldn't mess with things so much or else that they would break, though this advice was unheeded, for these strange and sometimes cruel plans still continued to brew in his mind. Though to him, he doesn't seem like these plans will break things but will some times make things better. He sees them more as experiments, and entertainment.


People knew the Caesar boy was going to accomplish many things in life on the day he was deemed alive. Julius was born in a different way then most. While babies come out head first, Julius’ hands were the first to appear, basically pushing him self out of the cave of life known as a womb. Because of his parent’s fondness of Greece, and ignoring the fact that the dictator was Roman, they named him Julius Caesar. His toddler years were spent like most others, running around with scissors, jumping on couches with muddy feet and getting jacked up on chocolate.

Julius’ mother had no job and his father was a low rank in the military, so his family was in the upper-middle class. Meaning that he had enough money to go on long expensive vacations, but his parents still complained about gas prices rising and cottage cheese containers gaining expense. They didn’t have a swanky house, but merely one floor and a basement.

At the age of ten Julius touched a pokeball in which contained his first pokemon. To Julius’ utter disappointment he ended up with a lazy ass tortoise pokemon known as Squirtle. His parents could only afford to get him one more pokemon; a Togepi. Thank god that this one was perfect. It obeyed everything its master demanded. Though he was of the right age limit, Julius decided that going on a journey would not get him anywhere in life, so he stayed home with his parents and studied like a good little boy.

As the rain in the Caesar’s town seemed infinite and at a constant downpour, other areas experienced a severe drought. It was in that time period a miracle, or something close to that, happened. Julius sat in his room plotting the idea of a joke when what felt like a thousand needles punctured his body all over. It was an excruciating twinge. When the pain was lifted and Julius opened his eyes, he noticed that he was lying in his drained bathtub. His heart began to race as he flickered back and forth between rooms of his house.

It was on a return trip to his room when he felt a smart pain in his ear. He cuffed it as blood seeped through his already red hair. A piece of his ear had disappeared from where it was originally. Julius does not use his power commonly anymore incase to do extreme damage to himself. The half an ear was never found and he hides what is missing with his hair.

After spending a month or so of it raining cats and dogs, the Caesar’s grew sick of the rain. The idea of a vacation came to Lucius, Julius’ father, head one day. A trip to the beach was out of question however, seeing that Slateport’s sand had been washed away by the wet. The little Island town of Pacifilog was fine, however, there was no drought nor was there downpour. The sailed off on a week long vacation.

Pokemon: Squirtle
Pokemon Personality: A tiny, blue Snorlax is how you would describe it. It is lazy and eats a lot. It never wants to do anything and sometimes is immobile during, even the most intense, battles. Though when, and if, it decides to attack the consequences are deadly. Squirtle are typically petite agile creatures, sadly, this Squirtle finds it habitual to eat everything in sight; making it over weight and at an extreme loss of speed. It is Julius’ first pokemon so he feels prompted to use it even though it is most of the time useless.

Pokemon: Togekiss
Pokemon Personality: “Your Togekiss sucks!” A fellow trainer once commented about the creature. The next day someone stumbled upon the person’s body slaughtered into pieces. Togekiss’, you might think, are supposed to be loving and caring, not sociopathic murderers. Well this one is, and it hides it very well in fact; seeing as how you could only tell if you somehow insulted it. To Julius, whom the pokemon trusts and admires dearly, the Togekiss is perfect and would only harm a pokemon, or a human for that matter, if commanded too. It does not show its brutal, cruel side around its trainer.

RP Sample: From the way you talked (XD I am so cocky!) and the simple fact that you saw my posts in your Gundam EXCEL role-play, I don't think I have to fill this out.

April 19th, 2008, 10:16 AM
welll welll welly welly well lets get down to business and cut straight to the chase.

Trainer Kat - i love you and Jett. End of story. Accepted
Arachnid - Alexian sounds like a wonderful trainer and great addition to the story. Accepted
Umbreongirl - You have a spot reserved in the RP for now, but i just said that all legends are fair game until the person applying for them is accepted unless i know your talents personally. This is especially the case for the Ho oh trainer, seeing as that trainer will be essential to the plot.
Dtrain24 - I'm sorry, you'll need a lot more detail than that in every area. Denied
Wilt - Reserved I know you'll pull a great Sign up as usual, so Jirachi is most likely yours. just try to finish asap.

Also as a side note, i've nerfed Ho oh's ability a bit... 10 is sort of much for ressurection so i reduced it to 6. and keep in mind that you'll have discovered your powers before meeting the group, so you'll probably be missing one feather, don't forget to add that in a history... it basically writes its own sub plot

April 19th, 2008, 11:52 AM
~*Sign Up*~

Sierra Agate



Traveler. [Does that count? If not then Trainer]

Legendary and Ability:
Celebi, Communication with Pokemon.

Sierra's figure is that of a generic fifteen year old; slim and slender, not too tall and not too short, standing at about 5'5". Her skin is quite pale to the point of being a near-milky colour, however she manages to not look sickly looking due to the colour of her hair and eyes, not to mention her clothes. The aforementioned hair falls at her middle back, the colour of which draws her skin's cadaverous away from immediate attention; an extremely pallid Mint Green colour. (http://www.more4kids.com/images/ButterfliesGreenSolidWebReady.jpg) Her eyes are described as 'baby blue, cyan etc.' personally she prefers the word 'Cerulean' as they best sum up the electric blue colours of her irises. She garbs herself in a plain, nondescript, quite boring attire consisting of a lime green tube top, the exact same colour as her hair, and a plain white miniskirt. The only thing descript is the beautiful Emerald brooch which is fixated at the top-center of her top. She wears running shoes, the same, pure white, colour as her dress. She's an adventurer at heart and never leaves anywhere without her trusty 'compass-on-a-string' around her neck. She keeps her Pokéballs clipped to quite a small, for a traveler, hip bag. The bag is also Green (albeit a darker, more emerald, shade).

Sierra is an immensely active individual who loves nothing more than to adventure. She is obsessed with nature and wildlife, she considers Pokémon as her equals an stands strongly for their rights. Mentally she's a girl of average intelligence but considered naïve. She will do anything within her power to make people happy and is a joyous person to be around, always happy and bubbly. Ever the optimist, the glass is always half full and every cloud has a silver lining, she loves challenges and loves winning even more. She's confident and outgoing. However, due to her ever-happy nature, she's easily manipulated and sometimes she is considered to be annoying, she is oblivious to both of these facts and seems to live in her own little world and can not comprehend why people and even Pokémon are ever cruel, and believes there must be some reason why they are. She's a strong believer in the here's good in everybody' theory and will try her hardest to bring this out in people.

History: [I hate doing history D:]
Sierra is the only member of the nineteenth generation of the Agate family, and a direct descendant of Cecily Agate. Her family upkeep and preserve Ilex forest, however, every generation a child is born into the Agate family who sports mint green hair and electric blue eyes; these children are chosen to become the guardian of Celebi, the original protector of the forest. She led a life normal of the guardian, presenting offering nightly, learning from her predecessor to communicate with the Pokémon, and even summon Celebi in times of need.

At the age of ten she received her Chikorita from her mother. She lived a relatively normal life with Chikorita and her family, in Ilex Forest. However, on the night before her twelfth birthday, Celebi personally sought her out. Celebi has encountered Mewtwo in a close future and narrowly escaped being captured. With the power of time travel Mewtwo would've become near-invincible and it would make his job much easier. If Mewtwo got hold of Celebi, the time travel Pokémon, he could corrupt time and create paradoxes as he pleases. The green guardian gave the duty of her protection to the current guardian in the form of an emerald brooch. The next day, Sierra traveled to Hoenn and remained hidden until the events that Celebi foreshadowed started to unfold. It was then that, as Celebi had destined her to do, she traveled to Pacifidlog town to congress with the other chosen trainers.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani152.gif #152 Chikorita
Chikorita was Sierra's starting Pokémon and is the offspring of her Mother's Bayleef. Sierra received the Pokémon on her tenth birthday and has been a loyal and close, Pokémon and friend ever since. Chikorita is as carefree and peaceful as her Trainer and will incidentally go with the flow, whatever the situation. She's naïve, fun loving and a moderate battler who focuses on evasive maneuvers rather than head on battling. She's often out of her Pokéball and has a stronger bond with Sierra than all her other Pokémon. She has a rivallry with Ivysaur.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani002.gif #002 Ivysaur
Ivysaur was given to Sierra on her twelfth birthday, the day she left Ilex forest, and is her main battling Pokémon. Being the son of Sierra's Father's Venusaur, it was always expected to be powerful. Personally trained by her father from birth, it bloomed into a powerful Bulbasaur, and in Sierra's care an even stronger Ivysaur. Due to the training he's become an arrogant Pokémon that loves nothing more than to battle. It seems that the Pokémon's life is ruled by the obsession and as a result he's not left on his own around other Pokémon. He has a strong rivalry with Chikorita and was coincidentally hatched on the same day

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani357.gif #357 Tropius
Tropius has been a member of Sierra's party for almost a year now. She met him one day whilst venturing from Lilycove to Fortree, she was astounded how the beast used it's four x-crossed leaves to fly, so she -using her power- stuck up a conversation with it. She stayed in Fortree that night and set out back to Lilycove the following week. On her way back she was overwhelmed by shock. The Tropius she had met only seven days prior was out cold and severely injured. A bond grew as she subsequently captured the Pokémon and bought him to the Pokémon Center in Lilycove, Tropius eventually recovered and decided to stay with Sierra. Tropius is the secret weapon and 'tank' of her team which she pulls out when there is a fight too strong for Ivysaur. It's a fairly happy Pokémon that tends to get over protective infront of Sierra. He takes all battles seriously however he doesn't enjoy them much and prefers to just laze about with his friends instead. He also serves as her form of transport.

When communicating with Pokémon, humans hear her speak in their own native tongue, whereas Pokémon hear her in their own unique language. She hears everything, from Pokémon speak to every human language, in English.

RP Sample:
Originally posted in PokéMorph Liberation Force.

"Your position has been compromised. Reid ran into trouble on the way here and was followed. Commence the operation at once, I will give the orders to the other agents that have not arrived."

Well, you heard the man. So I'll make this short. I'm Clove, your squad leader. We'll be working together and depending our lives on each other. But We're much more than that, we're the ones who are going to stop these psychos and bring peace. From this moment on, the entire world is counting on us and our abilities, you're going to need to show sides of yourself you've never shown and strength you didn't know you had. Our legacy begins today, not as a group of rag tag morphs trying to rebel, but as Squad 1 of the Pokemorph Liberation Force. Lets do this." Clove let out a deep sigh, finishing his little speech. It succeeded in it's obvious purpose, to inspire and motivate.

After a brief encounter with a Sandslash-morph, the majority of the team suddenly moved out, charging at high speeds; leaded by the squad leader, Clove. Alice was left standing alone.

"Okay, they can officially be my distraction," Alice thought to herself. "The city is surrounded by an enormous wall, the gate's where they went through; there has to be some sort of reservoir or some other part of a sewage system." Alice used her Ambipom-like agility and leapt up into the tree, using her four hands she eventually reached the top. After a quick scan of the area she located a pipe erupting from the goliath walls.

"Ahaa!" she yelled as she leapt from the tree and started to sprint as fas as she could. Alice wasn't the fastest runner, but her daily training provided her with a hell of a lot of stamina. Within about three minutes she approached the pipe. The stench that was emitted from the putrid pipe was enough to make a Meowth, the Pokémon with no nose, hurl. As she took a quick rest she whipped out her phone and punched in a message to Clove. "I found a sewage pipe, I'm entering from beneath the city, keep in touch." After the message was sent Alice thrust the phone into her pocket and climbed into the steel pipe. Her thoughts shifted rapidly as she crouched through the 4' tall pipe. "He'll think I'm crazy, into a sewage system alone. He's not stupid, he'll know that Brock's not stupid either; there'll be some guards in here, I just hope he sends no one after me. I can handle it."

With each step, the pipe became darker and the smell became much stronger. Alice heard a shuffling noise, followed by a squelching one. She stopped and closed her eyes. The second she hear another noise she made her move.

"Double Team"

She moved so fast that she seemed to split into many different copies of herself, surrounding the source of the noise; a lone Grimer.

"Hmm, a Grimer, it's been a while since I saw an actual Grimer."

She closed her eyes and started to concentrate. After three or so seconds, her fists on the end of her tails illuminated and she launched them at the Grimer; not knowing which way to go because of the Double Team, Grimer couldn't escape.

"Poor Pokémon, it's not your fault you were dragged into this," she whispered soothingly to the fainted Pokémon. "You obviously have a master," With that, Alice continued her stealthy mission into the bowels of the sewer. After about five minutes she heard a voice.

"Pokémorph? this is too far! The mind of a human in the body of a Muk?! There's no human to me! Brock's gone too far this time, I want my body back!" the deep voice bawled, causing an echo. Alice got a little bit closer so she could take a look. However, her foot slipped, landing in the water next to her, causing a huge splash. "What was that?!" the voice yelled. Alice heard it get closer and closer, the same squelching sound but much heavier and louder.

"Time for a surprise attack," Alice's tail-hands started to glow a very light neon-blue colour.

"I know you're there, I can smell you!" the Muk-experiment yelled.

"Water Pulse!" she suddenly jumped from her hiding position to face the Muk, she shot a few small rings of water from her tails, as the rings got closer they transformed into a wave, like a miniature version of surf. The wave hit the Muk square in the 'face'.

"Ahhggk!" it yelled, it couldn't see through the water in it's eyes. It thrust out it's hands and started to fire random balls of sludge.


Alice surrounded herself with a yellow ball of energy, blocking all incoming sludge bombs. She quickly started to charge another Focus Punch while using Double Team; a strategy she used often.

"Focus Punch!"

She swept in closer and smashed her Ambipom-fists into Muk, sending it flying into the stagnant water of the sewer. Being an unconscious Muk, he just sank to his death. "I'm sorry," she thought, as if it would make some sort of difference. "You'll be on my list of people that I'm avenging when we crush Brock," She turned away and charged forwards, after about ten minutes of avoiding Grimers with Double Team she arrived at a pair of slime-covered ladders. She whipped out her phone. "I've reached a manhole, I'm not sure where it'll take me, but according to the map you're only about half a mile away, can you try and get a bit closer, in case I'm underneath some sort of army, I have news essential to the PLF. If the area's clear I suggest setting a rendezvous point." she sent the message to Clove. She turned on her beacon on the phone so she could be located on the phone's map, and just about any other digital map in the general area. Once he gave her the all clear they would only be a couple of miles from the fortress, and Brock.

Sweet Dreams
April 19th, 2008, 3:19 PM
((Ooc: Actually, I find “History” rather enjoyable. For me, the worst part is finding a name for my character that I can live with. Also, I swear that somebody tried to enter an RP with "looks like Gary but with a hood". What shocks me the most is that I think he actually got accepted. Honestly, I have no idea when I'm doubling on someone's Pokemon. So, I've changed him to a female Absol. Will that do?))

Name: Cara Radcliffe
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Breeder
Legendary and Ability: Manaphy, with the power to change water into a healing agent.

Appearance: Short, pale but sturdy, Cara wasn’t exactly supermodel material. Her rich, dark red hair fell just past her shoulders and was a nuisance to her. She couldn’t be bothered getting it cut, so she always tied it up in a short ponytail to the left, leaving wisps of hair hanging loose. Her frosty, steel-grey eyes matched her rather unique sense of bitter humour and did nothing to improve first impressions.

Cara always decked herself out in brown with occasional glimpses of gray, red or green. An earthy coloured shirt with sleeves that reached the elbow was worn over creamy-tan sweatpants. Her shoes were always an especially dark brown which a few people would swear was black. Whether gray, scarlet, jade or a golden-whisky colour, her wristbands always matched her earrings which were either studs or crystal droplets.

Cara’s Pokéballs hung from strings attached to her right wristband, so that whenever she shook it vigorously, they made a clinking noise. She also wore a single, silver band around her left index finger which she twisted whenever anything was troubling her.

Personality: Upon first meeting her, people usually had the impression of a rather cold, arrogant, rude and distant teenage girl. She was rarely enthusiastic about work or people, and so generally she’s content to let them continue thinking that and gossip about it. However, there are certain people whom she takes a shine to, and for them, she makes the first move.

If people are not too put out with her attitude and stick with her, they would find that she was an avid daydreamer and a rather talented artist. Whilst she really was quite cold to strangers, sometimes, alone with her few, trusted friends, she really was a warm person… if not exactly bubbly, she laughed with them quite a few times. Cara wasn’t really arrogant at all, and seldom irritated, but people mistook her silence and distance when they were talking to her for rude arrogance, and rebelliousness to boot. Little did they know or would ever realise, that she had slipped into a daydream by that point in time and was completely oblivious to their company.

As a habit, whenever something was disturbing her, she twisted the silver band around her left index finger and put a smile on her face for others to see. Oddly enough, without the usual scowl or completely blank face that she usually wore, there were a few that didn’t recognise her, especially when she greeted them animatedly.

History: Cara grew up in a small, poor house with her mother, who was an incredibly dependant woman. Watching her father one day go to work with most of his belongings and disappear from their lives along with their main form of income one day at school, she vowed to never forgive him. Her mother worked at a souvenir shop to pay the bills, barely supporting her and her daughter.

Watching unknown men come and go, listening to her and her boyfriend-for-now fight and her loud sobbing after he left like all those before him had put Cara off strangers for life.

She discovered her powers when her mother fell into a terrible fever, the doctors saying that there was a very slim chance that she could survive. Of course, this meant, and Cara knew it meant, that she would almost certainly die. In desperation, as she helped her mother drink some water in one of the times she was awake and slightly delusional, the water seemed to shine for a moment. Her mother finished it and sank back into bed, a healing sleep washing over her.

The doctors claimed it a medical miracle, but Cara kept thinking about the water glowing before her mother drank it down. She only tried again once, but it didn’t work, and thoughts like “This is stupid” or “Am I crazy?” kept drifting across her mind, so she gave up, actually feeling a little embarrassed.

Species: Manectric
Name: Dazz
Personality: Stubborn and unpredictable, Dazz does as he wishes, ignoring everyone’s orders, including Cara. At times, he can be a total snob and gleefully infuriates all around him, enjoying their irritation and also scolding them for being so uptight. However, when he does consent to work with Cara, they are a formidable duo, his speed and strength a valuable asset to her team.

Species: Haunter
Name: Dusk
Personality: Dusk is the one that succeeded in getting Cara to laugh the most about her situations, in private, of course. He frequently disappears, playing tricks on people and generally being a nuisance. His favourite target is Dazz, as he is also the only one that managed to irritate him. However, in a double battle, they were double trouble.

Species: Absol
Name: Atra
Personality: Calm, quiet and solitary, Atra is the least troublesome of Cara’s Pokémon, but also the worst choice for a tag-team battle. She did not like to work with others, not for any particular reason, but just because it was in her nature. Also, if a battle was judged by how fast it is won, then her battles would be scorned upon. Atra would win, he usually does, but she’d take the slow way, dodging and only barely hurting the opponent with rather weak moves until their combination and the opponent’s irritation and weariness brings them down.

Species: Scizor
Name: Glimmer
Personality: If anybody were to mention a certain fact that they weren’t used to seeing female Scizor around, Glimmer would be behind them in an instant, holding a sharp, metal claw to their necks. However, she would usually just knock them unconscious. She was the toughest and the fastest out of Cara’s Pokémon, and yet she didn’t really like battling for no reason. Of course, if given a reason, then she would jump in and try her best to pulverise the poor Pokémon that was sent out to battle her.

RP Sample: A large clearing, holding many buildings which in turn held many people, was an excellent place to stop for a while. Crouching, Rianne squinted at a large sign for a moment, slowly deciphering its meaning. “WELCOME TO PALLET TOWN” was painted on it in large, black letters. *Pallet town, huh? I heard ‘bout this place sometimes ago.* Of course, she didn’t pay much attention to it – she had been busy stealing some meat from the guy’s kitchen.

Silently, she slinked into the small town, blending in with the shadows. Choosing a house carefully, she weighed all the factors for and against her stealing some grub. Settling on a house with a few lights still glowing brightly in the lounge, and none from the kitchen window, she stared for a bit at a number reflecting the light shed by a nearby street-lamp. *Well, the lucky house t’day’s… ‘leven.* Rianne stalked to the side of the house, grinning inwardly as she saw the window was wide open. She slipped through smoothly, landing on the sink in a crouch before inspecting the place.

It was neat, tidy and gleaming, even in the darkness. Rianne licked her lips in anticipation, pouncing down to the floor and taking a good look around. This was a pool for good food - they even had a fridge. She was about to open the door when her keen ears picked out voices, voices that were much nearer to her than she expected.

‘Okay, time for a little intro; Diana, Terry, meet Ash, and all of you, meet Samuel here; all of you are recruits… You know that already…’ The voice sounded old. Perhaps it was a rich, delusional old man that owned this place, being cared for by an unwilling nurse.

‘Hello, how you guys doin’?’ Well, scratch that theory. She sidled closer to the door, her interest peaked, and in that moment, she didn’t pay attention to the precariously stacked books in a corner. Resounding, successive thumps brought her attention back to reality and she winced, cursing when one of the heavy books crashed onto her feet. Growling and furious at herself from being so stupid, she was frozen to the spot, knowing that she should transform and hightail it out of there as fast as she could manage. Her body wasn’t obeying her however, and she waited for the conversing people to discover her with growing dread.

((Ooc: From “Home in Armageddon: The Underworld”))

April 19th, 2008, 6:38 PM
Name: Secquoia Erin Tamayo (Prefers to be called Erin)
Age: Sixteen
Occupation: Currently Pokemon trainer, Aspiring to be a Pokemon Ranger
Legendary: Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos Clairvoyance

Appearance: Though Erin is well into her teenage years, her physical traits don't supply much evidence of it. Her overall appearance at first glance is quite young. As opposed to looking like an average girl of sixteen, Erin looks more like a giddy twelve year-old, a chipper smile almost always plastered across her pale face. From meeting new people to traveling alone through the forest, it doesn't matter where she is or who's she's with, Erin is rarely ever spotted without a smile on her face. Her shoulder-length, slightly-wavy hair cascades down to about her shoulders, and then curls slightly upward at the ends. When straightened out, it is much longer than what it first appears to be. Her hair is aquamarine in color, which she finds a bit strange since she is partial to fire-type Pokemon. A few tendrils of hair frame her pale face, and these she has dyed a bright hot pink. Her large, inquisitive eyes are of a matching color, and to top it off, she wears a hot pink headband with a tiny bow on the top. Her body is incredibly petite, and slender, from her thin shoulders to her long, elegant legs. The outfit she prefers to wear is a short, pink sundress, trimmed in pink lace at the very top, and ruffled at the bottom. It falls to about mid-thigh. A thin ribbon runs around it just below the bust, with a silken pink ribbon just sbove it. She wears flip-flops imprinted with Jigglypuff on her feet. In colder weather, she wears a long-sleeved pink fleece shirt, printed with dozens of hot pink Pokeballs. She wears a pair of blue jeans, and light furry soft-brown boots on her feet.

Personality: Erin is an extremely optimistic young girl, always trying to look on the bright side of things, and never lose sight of it. She can't stand to see another person or Pokemon upset or in agony, and even if she is completely clueless to what is going on, she will never stand by idly and just watch. Even if it is clear that help isn't wanted, she will always burst in and try to help, though more often than not, she just makes the situation worse. She tries to see the good in people and Pokemon alike, no matter how bad or hopeless they seems, and will never stop believing that at the core of every being, there is perfection and compassion, and absolutely no evil whatsoever. Though Mewtwo is out to rid her of the divine power she has been entrusted with, she has faith in him, and prays that one day she can help him realize the error of his ways, and help him come to accept himself. She doesn't blame him at all for his actions, she blames the Scientists who tampered with the legendary DNA. She has great sympathy for him, and laments his hate and fury, and hopes that one day is will just all wash away. She is sympathy for anyone and everyone who needs it, no matter how small the problem, and will always lend a ear and some good advice to anyone, no matter the circumstances. She tries not to judge people based on who or what they are, and what has occured in their past. No matter what side they are on, if they need help in the name of good, she will never turn her back on them. She is a bit naive and clumsy in her ways, which often lures people to try to take advantage of her. She is physically very weak, and this has always been a mental block for her, as she hopes to gain incredible strength to be able to protect the power granted to her.

History: Erin was born modestly on one of the small Sevii islands, the only child of Robert and Julia Tomayo. She was unexpected, and money was extremely tight between her mothing and father, so when Julia first found she was pregnant, she hadn't told her husband, for fear he would force her to terminate the prgnancy immediately. Julia was grateful to be expecting a child, though she knew she could never even hpe to afford one. She had made a mistake in marrying Rober,who had veen forced to retire as an army general when he was injured in war. Before this happened, he was a happy, eager young man, enthusiastic to fight for his region, but after he was discharged, he became bitter, and resentfule going from glorius to useless. He often took it out on poor Julia, who tried even in the hardest of times to be supportive and loving. Abused and broken, she was happy for something she could latch onto and love, though she feared the child's fate would be the same as her own. As feared, Robert reacted violently when it finally became noticeable, and his reation landed Julia in the hospital. Erin was lucky enough to be born, to say in the least. She grew up under strict rule by her tyrant of a father, and was forced into ridiculous demands, such as making straight A's on her report card and also being expected to complete an endless list of chores when she got home. When she was caught doing something other than studying or doing her chores, she was beaten raw until he was sure she would never forget. Despite being beaten nearly everyday, Erin remained happy and cheerful, convincing herself that she was better off than some people, and that she shouldt't be angry with her father. She still managed in her own way to love him, and over time, actually began to believe that she deserved the beatings. She was struck so often, she soon became almost immune to the pain...Almost. The pain was more emotional than physical. She prayed something would happen one day, something to change the bad hand she had been dealt, and soon, before she was beat to the point of bing broken like her mother. She was forced into silence, least the beatings become worse, so she spoke not a word, remaining her chipper happy self, thankful for the escape of school, immersing herself into whatever extra-curricular activities she could find just to keep from haveing to return home. Other students began to think of her as an over-achiever for this, when in reality, she could care less about her studies in School, and dreamed daily about one day setting out on her on an adventure,and pursuing becoming a Pokemon trainer. She wishes to be able to save weak, helpless Pokemon in danger, since she herself was never saved or even sympathized by another. She fled her home one night after experiencing her mother undergo a particularly gruesome beating, and wished her to do the same. Her mother refused to leave her husband, telling Erin that she still had hope that he would change and start to love the world again, and that it was too late for her to start over, but not for Erin. Reluctantly, Erin left her, but only after promising that she would return once she got stronger. Along with Phoenix and Cherub, she's been training non-stop to achieve that goal.

Nickname: Cherub
Gender: Female
Moveset: Toxic, Payback, Meanlook, Psychic
Personality/History: A very intellectual and sophisticated Pokemon, Cherub believes she is above making friends with most Pokemon, and instead tries to make companions out of humans. Erin has no clue as to why the Umbreon is so snooty, but believes it may have something to do with the attitude of her former trainer. Cherub will rarely communicate with wild Pokemon, communicating sparingly with domesticated Pokemon, and preferring to communicate with people altogether. As Cherub was taught Psychic before she joined forces with Erin, she can communicate telepathically, which is unusual to most dark-type Pokemon, unerving most people to the point of ignoring her. Nothing upsets Cherub more than this, especially when she is interested is meeting a new person, and when this happens, she will refuse combat, sulking around outside her Pokeball until she finds someone new to talk to. She is extremely social, sometimes to the point of being annoying, and no one seems to wish to chat with her for very long besides Erin, who never minds a good debate. Though Erin and Cherub have developed an extremely tight bond in the time they've known each other, and Erin knows that Cherub would comply to any request of hers, no matter how ridiculous, Cherub refuses still to dispel the reason she ran away from her former owner, though it is clear that she indeed had one. She always dodges the question when asked, and Erin doesn't mind, as she loves the little Umbreon still the same. Despite her stuck-up attitude, Cherub has a soft spot for weak Pokemon just as Erin does, and though she would never admit it, and goes out of her way to hide it, it becomes obviously apparent at times, when she unknowingly commits a noble selfless act. Erin knows that there is a deeper compassion in Cherub, and hopes that after a few years spent together, it will start to show.

Pokemon: Pidgeotto
Nickname: Phoenix
Gender: Male
Moveset: Wing Attack, Twister, Fly, Mirror Move

History/Personality: Being Erin's very first Pokemon, Phoenix is connected to her in a very unique but undefinable way. The bond between Erin and Phoenix is immense, because she rescued him in a way that no other being could. Phoenix feels forever indebted to the girl, and guards her with his life. He is extremely courageous and valiant in action, keeping a keen eye open for any Pokemon or person in danger. He has no problem what-so-ever endangering himself to save another's life, and dies again trying to rid the world of it. He is very kind, and open, and doesn't tend to be agressive, even in combat, thinking of it as being more of a sport used for fun than serious fighting. Though Phoenix is typically easy-going, he will fight to the death over an incident regarding Erin, Cherub, or any other creature's safety. On the night that he was obtained by Erin, the same night she decided to run away from home and pursue her own adventure, he was under vicious attack by an Arbok. The poor Pidgey had already been badly poisoned, and it was only a matter of time until the Arbok would finish the weak little bird off. As Erin was about to board the ferry that would take her to the mainland of Kanto, she was hit by a strange occurence. In an instant, the three birds of legend, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres passed briefly before her eyes, and before she could think anything of it, she was overcome by a strange vision, a vision of an Arbok striking down on a Pidgey. Though most people would have waved off the vision as significant and unimportant, Erin knows it appeared to her for a reason, and she was meant to save the Pidgey. Filled with compassion, she rushed to the place she had seen in her vision, a small clearing in the woods on that particular island. She chased the Arbok off of the Pidgey, and feared that she hadn't come fast enough when she found it unconscious. Rushing it to the Pokemon Center, she stayed by its side all night, feeling a bit suspicious of the vision when the Nurse told her that if she had arrived just a few minutes later, the poison would have already engulfed the Pidgey's body, and they would've been too late to save it. Since that fateful encounter with Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, Erin has been able to see events of great importance occuring in different parts of the planet, though she is unsure what to do regarding those places she can't quickly access. Those places she can though, when she sees a person or a pokemon in need, she drops whatever she is doing and rushes immediately to their aid. She has no clue as to why the great birds would grant her such an incredible power, and hopes that somehow it will someday aid an important cause.

RP Sample: A heavy but steady drizzle had settled down upon the region of Kanto, with no signs of stopping. Everyone, people and Pokemon alike, seemed to have taken shelter from the downpour, as it wasn’t common for a rainstorm this heavy and continuous to pour upon the region. Kanto was known to be a very warm and luscious region, and this storm was completely out of character for it.

“I can’t believe we got stuck in the rain.” A young girl grumbled, who at the moment looked more like a drowned rat than a fourteen year-old little girl.

“The first day on our mission, and we’re scrambling around for shelter out in the middle of nowhere! The first storm to hit all year, and we’re stuck right in the middle of it! Just our luck, huh Dahlia?”

The girl paused momentarily, glancing quickly behind her, wincing as she felt the full force of the rain come crashing down upon her thin body. She had been running across this vast meadow toward a thick patch of wood just ahead for about five minutes, running desperately, for once no clever plans in mind, her wish just being to escape the freezing rain. Up until now, her little Eevee had been running faithfully along beside her, but then mysteriously seemed to have vanished. Now stopping completely, the girl, Madelyn Maywah, stood shivering, at one time one of the most famous and powerful people in the region, now reduced to just a weak, cold little girl standing alone in what she thought was the middle of nowhere.

In actuality, Madelyn was closer to home than she realized. The thick woods she stood outside just so happened to be the woods surrounding the tiny town of Pallet, where her family had spent every Summer since she was born. If it weren’t for Maddie’s inability to find her way around, and also never having went on a trainer’s quest like most children, she would have recognized immediately where she was. Maddie hadn’t been rushing toward Pallet town specifically, she had just been running to any scrap of shelter she could find. But the fact that the shelter just so happened to be the woods surrounding Pallet was a little too important in her mission to be coincidence, and in fact, after she went back and thought about it, everything, including the strange storm seemingly thrown from the sky out of nowhere, was a strange interference by some outside force, by what most call destiny.

“Dahlia!” Madelyn screamed, her eyebrow furrowing in worry, as she continued scanning the meadow for her companion.

“Dahlia! Please come here! We’re almost there! The woods are right in front of us!” Still, there was no response. Maddie felt like just falling over on the ground and weeping, but instead squatted down and slung her backpack off of her shoulder, her chest, visable through her soaked white sundress, heaving for air as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Dahlia!” She screamed now, her voice barely heard over the rumble of thunder in the distance. “Dahlia! Please just say something!”

“Veeeeeeeeee!” Maddie almost fainted in relief when Dahlia’s all too-familiar cry reached her ears. It was a comforting sound, and immediately, she opened her arms as a tiny, drenched ball of brown fur sped down the path she had just walked, and jumped happily into her arms.

April 19th, 2008, 7:12 PM
so heres how it sits right now....

Jim - of course, still Reserved
Sweet_Dreams - I like your signup and its pretty decent. Except for one problem...I don't accept trainers with duplicates as another trainer, especially mine. haha i.e. Rapidash. If you're willing to change that, then you're Accepted
Umbreongirl - I like it so far, but I'll have you informed that I do have another RPer who asked me about a Ho-oh signup who is an accomplished writer so i thought I would let you know that currently you're in competition for Ho-oh with one other RPer so try to dazzle me :) Reserved

So the updated standings are this.

Kansas - Albrecht Pierson/Deoxys
Trainer Kat - Jett Donnovan/Giratina - Accepted
Arachnid - Alexian Cale/Mew - Accepted
Wilt - Jirachi - Reserved
Umbreongirl - Ho-oh - Reserved
Lash - Ho-oh - Reserved
Sweet_Dreams - Cara ???/Manaphy - Accepted/Pending
Jim - Sierra Ilex/Celebi - Reserved

Questions? concerns? PM me. If all of these sign ups finish soon and are accepted, then we can start quickly. We have more than enough to start the adventure

April 19th, 2008, 10:24 PM
Well my application is finished. I kind of gave up on the history part so that is my alibi to way it licks snail candy.

April 20th, 2008, 2:31 AM
Thank you for accepting me Kansas! Cannot wait to get started. =)

It had been wonderful reading all the details of everyones characters - such lovely imaginations and well thought up characters.

April 20th, 2008, 2:48 AM
Could I perhaps reserve Lugia Please?

Sweet Dreams
April 20th, 2008, 4:07 AM
I've changed it as you wished and carefully scrolled up to check if any of my other Pokemon were taken. I'm quite sure that they're not, although it would be just like me to accidentally skip over some poor person's sign up. I'm just glad I got in, actually. Like you stated, this is an extremely literate RP, and I adore everybody's characters. *sings* I cannot wait to get started.

April 20th, 2008, 8:56 AM
Name: Aspen Morsen

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Occupation: Trainer, researcher
Legendary and Ability: Ho-Oh - Power of Rebirth

Appearance: Aspen (”http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/kaito.png”)
Aspen is tall, around six feet in height. Though he appears lanky at first, he actually is relatively fit, however, his muscles don’t show. He has creamy white skin. His eyes are a piercing blue, though they have a tendency to show small flecks of green, depending on how the light hits them. The most noticeable feature about Aspen is his shocking hair color, or, rather, colors. In fact, his hair reflects every color of the rainbow, from indigo to green to red. It appears unkempt, falling down into his eyes at the most inopportune times. He wears a yellow shirt with black lining, along with Levi blue jeans. He wears a pair of black shoes similar to Vans. The black lining of his shirt and the black shoes are the only colors he wears that aren’t part of the rainbow. Aspen’s usual expression is one of kindness, his eyes half narrowed and a grin upon his face.

Personality: Aspen is an all around nice person, the kind anyone would see as good company. He isn’t the type to stand idly by while others are in pain, and will drop what he’s doing to help them out, no matter the cost. Essentially, he has the ideal personality. On the rare occasions that he actually does get upset, he becomes withdrawn in an attempt to restrain his anger, not wanting to explode at the undeserving. These are the two most commonly displayed aspects of his personality. Aspen is never one to judge others based on first impressions. He is quite docile, and tries to avoid fighting at any cost. However, if threatened, he won’t hesitate to defend himself. Though he would never dream of purposefully harming another, if it happens by accident, he will go to any lengths to console the person. Despite having a deep love for all living creatures, Aspen’s people skills are somewhat lacking. He never spent much time around people as a child, causing him to become somewhat awkward at times.

History: Aspen was born in Goldenrod City. His parents weren’t particularly wealthy, so he wasn’t given the same opportunities as children from higher-up families were. At the tender age of four, he and his parents moved to Ecruteak City. He was an only child, and didn’t have many friends, so he instead became close to a Turtwig he was given as a playmate. This sparked his intense love for Pokemon. Aspen was not entirely alone…there were other children he would occasionally spend time with, though, while he genuinely enjoyed their company, he preferred to play with his Turtwig. He cherished the turtle, always dropping what he was doing to make it happy. He would often pretend to be a Pokemon trainer, reenacting fake battles between his Turtwig and one of his action figures.

Aspen attended public school, as his parents weren’t able to afford to send him to an expensive school. Though his outward appearance doesn’t display this, he is actually really intelligent and had no trouble getting good grades throughout school. He met this girl when he was nine, and began to really like her. This girl had troubles at home. Her mom was dying of a fatal illness and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her. Aspen, being the caring person he was, would sit with her and console her, even by a simple hug. The two became close and she would rely on him for moral support. He wanted more than friendship though, and he believed he loved her. Even though he was awkward around people, there was something about her that made him comfortable, though he couldn’t place it. One day, he got a phone call from the girl, who was crying hysterically. In a flash, he rushed to the hospital, where he found her mom had passed away. He felt powerless. Aspen would have done anything to save her mom and make her pain go away. But he couldn’t. The girl and her father later moved away, and he hasn’t heard from her since.

When Aspen was eleven, he would wander the city with Turtwig. Though the two had never had a formal battle, he picked up on trainer skills by observing other people’s battles. Because he wouldn’t interact with others, his people skills just became increasingly worse. Now that the girl had moved away, he felt he had no friends left. Because he didn’t receive a lot of attention from his parents, he and Turtwig ran away together. Living only among Pokemon, he developed a deep love for them, and for life itself.

About a year after he left home, he received word that his parents had moved to Olivine. He knew that he couldn’t go and visit them. He couldn’t face them, not after what he’d done. Now that his parents no longer were near Ecruteak, he spent a good amount of time in the vicinity, befriending wild Pokemon in the area. Aspen lived with no one but Turtwig, taking up residence in his parents’ old home. Two things were fixated firmly on his mind, however. He couldn’t stop thinking about the Tin Tower and the Burnt Tower, and seemed to be inherently drawn to both. He wondered what mysteries they contained. This is when he took interest in research. He studied all he could, sometimes even forgetting what day it was (this caused him to miss his own birthday quite a bit). He made it his life’s goal to learn about all the mysteries of the Pokemon World. When he wasn’t studying, he would train his Pokemon, though this usually didn’t involve battling.

As time went by, Aspen slowly became more confident, traveling outside his hometown of Ecruteak, visiting towns directly to the east and west. His favorite place soon became the Lake of Rage, because it was a good place to study Pokemon in the wild. Plus, there had been rumors of different-colored Pokemon surfacing, and he wanted to confirm this for himself. He was a bright kid, and knew not to go where he shouldn’t. He didn’t travel to places where there was too great a risk, such as the Ice Cave. His Turtwig couldn’t generate heat, and he knew it would be too cold without. That’s when he stumbled upon a wild Vulpix. Though he had a major type disadvantage, Aspen knew that wild Vulpix weren’t easy to come across, and decided to capture it. It was a drawn out battle, and Turtwig nearly lost, but in the end, Aspen managed to capture it.

Vulpix in hand, he felt ready to enter the Ice Cave. Aspen entered and instantly released Vulpix, but it was still too cold, so he was forced to retreat. He trained up his Vulpix for weeks, making then another attempt, but it still wasn’t enough. So he set his mind to do the only thing he knew would increase its strength. He was going to evolve it. For the first time in years, Aspen entered Goldenrod City. He intended to buy a Fire Stone to evolve Vulpix. Once he owned a Ninetales, he took another excursion out to the Ice Caves, but it was still no use. Try as he might, he couldn’t get enough heat in the caves.

Now that he had been brave enough to go back to Goldenrod, Aspen found himself spending more and more time there with his Ninetales and Turtwig. By this time, Aspen was fourteen. He would spend lots of times at the slot machine, though he never became addicted. Eventually, after weeks of practice, he struck it big and won a Munchlax. He became close to the Munchlax, and they were similar in personality. By the time Aspen was fifteen, he had shown the Munchlax enough care that it had evolved into a Snorlax. Despite being huge, Snorlax often stays out of his Pokeball and walks alongside Aspen, while Turtwig loves to be on his shoulder.

One day, whilst wandering through the Lake of Rage, Aspen heard a shrill scream coming from the lake. He ran as fast as he could, and stumbled upon the sight of a wild Gyarados attacking a man. The man was killed right before his eyes, and Aspen became devastated. He ran over to him as tears streamed down his cheeks. The Gyarados had sunk back to the bottom of the lake. Aspen rushed over to the corpse. His tears fell upon the man. Even though it wasn’t his fault, he blamed himself for not being able to do anything to save the innocent bystander. As tears fell upon the man’s face, breath rushed quickly into his lungs. A miracle had just occurred…a dead man had returned to life when Aspen’s tears had hit him. It was then that Aspen noticed six feathers tattooed upon his hand. Right there, before his eyes, one disappeared, leaving only five left…

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani387.gif Turtwig
Pokemon Personality: Turtwig is a happy go lucky Pokemon, always up for a battle. It was Aspen’s first Pokemon, so the two of them have an extremely strong bond. Turtwig always wants to be on Aspen’s shoulder, and doesn’t like to be separated from him. It gets along well with other Pokemon, and is well liked by both Snorlax and Ninetales. It is very laid back and kind, though when Aspen is in danger it will not hesitate to fight.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani143.gif Snorlax
Pokemon Personality: Snorlax is lots like Aspen in personality. It is very nice and loving, and cares for many living creatures. Like most Snorlax, it is very lazy, and loves to sleep, as well as eat. It is really docile and it takes a lot to anger it. However if it feels threatened, or if it feels Aspen is threatened, it will attack, though it really hates doing so.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani038.gif Ninetales
Pokemon Personality: Ninetales is pretty arrogant, since it’s the first of Aspen’s Pokemon to have evolved. It is perhaps his strongest when it comes to battling, and thus has a confident attitude. It is very loyal to Aspen and refuses to let him down. This often leads to it pushing itself to the point of exhaustion in battle. Still, even when it loses, it retains its cocky attitude, and it truly believes it is Aspen’s most powerful Pokemon.

RP Sample: From Kats Grand Tournament

While a small amount of drama and noise had emerged from the other new trainers who entered the lab, Marcus preferred not to get into it. He released a small laugh or two, just to look like an innocent bystander. He waited in his seat, without much movement, other than crossing his arms while waiting and a yawn, since it did take a few minutes for all to get in, and for introductions. Though, he did look over at Kat when she hugged the other trainer, exclaiming that he is cute. For a moment, he let a bit of jealousy show in his eyes, but turned his head, to look mature.

Finally, Oak had made an entrance. He entered with a tray of Pokeballs in his hands, and a smile on his face. Marcus couldn't help but to smile with glee, since he was now ready to get a Pokemon, and start his journey for the Pokemon League. All the other trainers in the room along with Marcus stood, waiting for Oak to assign them a Pokemon and give them a Pokedex.

"Your name is, Marcus?"

The blonde haired boy nodded.

Oak handed him a spherical object, with a button in the middle, making the ball be like a capsule. Without even speaking up, Marcus was given a red Pokedex. A smile emerged, as he was now ready. In his hands were a Pokeball and a Pokedex. He pressed the button in the middle of the ball. Emerging was a small, yellow mouse Pokemon, standing at about 13 or 14 inches. With red cheeks, and being energetic as it could be, this was a Pikachu.

The Pokemon immediately jumped into Marcus's arms, and begin crawling around him, to explore its new trainer. Marcus laughed, since he was being tickled a little. He looked his right, seeing other trainers open their Pokeballs. The blonde haired girl, Kat, looked displeased with a Charmander. Marcus spoke up,

"Don't be too displeased if you didn't get the Pokemon you wanted. It is your partner- It is destiny that it was assigned to you."

Marcus said so while walking over to Kat. Looking down at Charmander with Pikachu hanging onto his shoulder, literally standing on it, they both looked at the starter. Marcus patted his hand on Charmanders head for a moment, and took one small glance at its trainer.

April 20th, 2008, 9:58 AM
So the decision of Lash vs. Umbreongirl has been made... in a narrow finish it has been decided that....

Lash - Aspen Morsen - Ho oh/ressurection - Accepted
Umbreongirl - Erin Tamayo - Ho oh/Ressurection - Denied

It was very close and I can tell you both worked hard on it, heres how i broke it down. In terms of character description, Umbreongirl was quite detailed with very nice imagery while Lash's... while good, wasn't as strong but the visual aid helped. Both personalities were well done but here what got you, Umbreongirl... The incident that she wont speak of where she was forced to use her powers. I had high hopes for it and wondered what it could be.... but it was just a downed Pidgey. Not so much unspeakable. The anti climax of your history lead me to side with Lash's more solid and thorough history. You ARE free to sign up for any other legend that isn't striked out from the list and I'll even reserve it for you.

Sweet_Dreams - Thank you for the change :) you're officially Accepted
Jim - Reserved
Trainer Kat - Accepted
Lash - Accepted
Arachnid - Accepted
Phanima - Reserved
Shadowfaith - Reserved
Wilt - Your signup is too funny haha Accepted
Umbreongirl - Pending

April 20th, 2008, 11:17 AM
Fair enough. ^^' Congratulations Lash, on an excellent sign-up. You deserve it. I was wondering that since Lugia is only reserved, and it isn't set in stone that Shadowfaith will have it, can I be in competition for it? If not, then i'll ask for another Pokemon to be reserved, but I would like to know before I edit.

April 20th, 2008, 11:20 AM
well, thats why i crossed off Lugia ahead of time. I'm aware of ShadowFaith's writing ability so unfortunately I wont be able to give that to someone else out of knowing what Shadow is capable of doing. Same with Phanima and Jim's reservations, which is why they're also crossed off early. The others are all fair game though. Sorry about the inconvenience

April 20th, 2008, 11:38 AM
._.' Alright then. Could I please reserve Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos then? I'll go edit my sign-up right now.

April 20th, 2008, 12:22 PM
the bird trio has been reserved for you, Umbreongirl.

On a side note, the RP is VERY close to starting so i've opened the OOC thread.

Pokemon Heroes: OOC (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3516871#post3516871)

Go there. I don't want anymore chat in this thread, just In chat posts when i start it. All late signups and any questions need to be asked there. If you don't have questions, at least just go there and post to subscribe so you know whats going on.

April 20th, 2008, 3:54 PM
Name: Aisha Lorenzo
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pokemon Ranger/ Safari Park guard
Legendary and Ability: Lugia: Ability to calm a Pokemon’s rage.

Appearance: Her hair is a mix of different shades of browns, ranging from dark brown and light brown to red and orange. It’s hard to tell what color Aisha’s hair truly is, but many have resorted to calling it a volcanic color. The mass of volcanic hair is styled in an unusual fashion: Layered and feathered so that it’s shorter at the back and longer at the front, spiked upwards and outwards to create what looks like an imitation of lava as it spurts from a volcano. A pair of goggles keeps the unruly bangs at bay, but are sometimes worn around the teens neck when the pressure on her head gets to much (this normally takes place when Aisha is under stress. A classic sign in her case.) She has sun kissed skin, emerald green eyes, a well built frame and toned body, evident of the many activities she takes apart in.

Her wardrobe consists mostly of browns, oranges and the casual jeans and denim jackets, but she does have the odd black outfit. Her typical style is rather ‘punk-ish’ in a stereotypical sense of the word with a hint of goth. She generally has her own sense of style and would never willingly go with the flow. A few bandanas of multiple colors and a line of sandals, vans and boots to wear as her preferred footwear as well as the many accessories she is so very fond of. Her favorite outfit consists of an orange, strappy crop top with another longer crop top positioned underneath it (this one black). A pair of baggy jeans (either black or blue depending on her mood) complete with three studded belts (two around the waste and one wrapped tightly around her upper leg), multiple chains hang from these belts in a mish mash of silver. Sometimes she even finds it better to wear a black or blue denim mini skirt with orange and black striped socks that reach past the join of the knee and then a pair of black vans complete with neon orange laces.

Accessories include a pair of long black fingerless gloves that reach past the joint of her elbow. A pair of trademark goggles (though she does have multiple pairs of different colors). A bandana or long strand of material that wraps around her neck, or otherwise some kind of pendant, which is most likely a choker or a cross and not forgetting the gems that complete her multiple piercing, these have always been orange gems pierced through her left eyebrow, bellybutton, tongue and the multiple piercings of her ears. And last but probably (certainly) not least are the multiple bracelets that she keeps on her.

An odd trait known of Aisha are her slightly pointed ears and fairly large canines. Though neither of them are long enough In size to be considered an inhumanity, but both give her an uncommon look.

Personality: Aisha is hot headed, overly confident in herself and sarcastic. True enough she works hard and endlessly to gain top marks in what she does, but she can never resist rubbing her success into others faces. Of course with this personality comes the inability to accept loss and Aisha looses her temper fairly easy when it comes to loosing. Fortunately Aisha does well under stress, but a classic trait of her stress is that she lowers the goggles around her head to around her neck or tugs at whatever is around her neck at that moment, letting her opponents know that she is a little flustered by the events taking place, and when this is found out, they always take advantage of her stressful moment. She is not one confused easily, but when she is she tries her hardest to figure out the answer and will loose her temper if the solution is not found soon.

In her work, Aisha is the rookie, learning the hard way to become the best at what she does. She is a klutz and though most find her to be quite lovable and cute, some find her too much of a handful to tolerate and simply just loose they’re temper with her. Many times she has managed to completely destroy a mission or fail to do what is asked of her, some even think that she is perhaps too clumsy to even consider being a Pokemon Ranger, but she still fights on and swears one day she will be the best Pokemon Ranger there ever was and ever will be. When in a life or death (stressful situation), Aisha will take a deep breath and seem to be focussing on something deep inside of herself with allows her to think up a tasteful strategy and use it to the best of her abilities, she is a strong individual and though many would not think it, she is quite the strategist, her only downfall is that she can be a little too cocky and over confident.

History: Aisha was born and raised in Kanto. From a young age she was taught how to handle Pokemon and make them feel comfortable in they’re natural habitats, she grew use to the fact that she was not much of a Pokemon battler, she was more use to looking after them and using her own companions to aid her in looking after the natural habitats of Pokemon. When she was eight she helped her father man the Safari Zone in Fuchsia city where many people took advantage of what there was to offer and would cause havoc there. She admired her father for putting up with all the miscreants that dared mess up the habitats of the Safari Pokemon by setting the grass alight or throwing rocks at Pokemon with the intention to harm them. She grew up hating those types of people and so dedicated her life to looking after these Pokemon.

When she reached the age of 11, her father, instead of letting her embark on a Pokemon Journey across the land, embarked her in a school for Pokemon Rangers. True she still got to see the lands, but from a different perspective to that of an ordinary trainer. She got to see natural sights that would make the heart skip a beat, she got to see many mysteries and wonders such as the tin tower in Jhoto and the Sevii Isles in Orange isles. She travelled all over with her education to aid Pokemon by keeping those that meant them harm at bay. This varied from the small missions such as guarding a Pokemon truck from one city to the next, to the bigger missions such as helping repel team rocket from the mysteries of the Ilex Forest where Celebi was said to roam.

In her holidays she would travel back to Fuchsia city and her Post as Safari Park guard with her father who bless him was getting a little too old to keep up with the youngsters these days, She knew that he would want her to take over his position as the Safari Park guard, but to tell the truth, Aisha has much bigger plans, she wishes to work her way to the top of the food chain in the Pokemon Ranger business. Having just left her in training years only a few months back, Aisha is only just embarking on her journey to be a fully fledged Pokemon Ranger.

Pokemon/Nickname: Arcanine/Jake
Pokemon Personality: Jake has been with Aisha since the beginning, he has seen everything she has seen and has been at her side from day one. This Pokemon is loyal, trustworthy and would do anything for his young master as she would him, Jake is her best fried in the entire world and the two share a unique bond with one another, so much in fact that Aisha refuses to put the protective Arcanine in his Pokeball as she does not believe it to be such a nice place for her best friend to be cooped up in and she is fully aware that the well groomed pooch prefers the outdoors to the clammy confines of his Pokeball. Over all, he is friendly and protective of Aisha to the very end.

Pokemon/Nickname: Flygon/ Fafnir
Pokemon Personality: Agressive is the main word to describe this Pokemon, he is Aisha's main fighter and like her hates to loose. Though he may be a ruthless fighter, he loves Aisha and would do anything for her after she had rescued him from team rocked when he was but a Vibrava. He will allow her to ride on his back whilst crossing large distances and Aisha knows she can trust him with her life as he does her. The pair look out for one another and though Jake is Aisha's best friend, she looks out for Fafnir the most because of his tendency to get hurt badly from battles because of his aggressive nature.

Pokemon/Nickname: Golduck/Kenai
Poekmon Personality: Chilled, relaxed and doesn’t really give a hoot for what goes on around him, but don’t get him wrong, its not as if he doesn’t care it just that this Golduck has such a laid back attitude it can sometimes be classed as laziness. He will do as instructed by Aisha, but this one likes to have fun more than it does work. He tries his best to make Aisha laugh in stressful times because he does not like to see his master sad or upset, he is more the comic relief than anything else. He doesn’t like to get tied up in the continuous battles so prefers to just lay low in his Pokeball until called upon or he smells fun.

Pokemon/Nickname: Flaffy/Misa
Pokemon Personality: A complete daydreamer, she can hardly be counted on to fight in a battle because its almost guaranteed she will zone out. The plus side to Misa is that she is good at communicating with other Pokemon, something which a Pokemon ranger must be able to do. She can calm a pokemon down in seconds and get the answers she needs out of them right away because there is something quite soothing about Misa's personality that Pokemon find hard to ignore.

Pokemon/ Nickname: Onix/ Kankuro
Pokemon Personality: A friendly giant is the best way to describe this Pokemon. He's friendly but knows when to get the job done. His brute strength is a god send when on a mission through caves and passes. If there is a boulder that needs to be moved or a Pokemon that needs taking fown, Kankuro is the Pokemon for the job.

Pokemon/Nickname: Riolu/ Haku
Pokemon Personality: This is the newest addition to the team, it was actually a gift to her after a mission and he has been Aisha’s main focus as of late because she heard tell from a stranger that the evolved form was powerful and boarder line legendary. At this stage, all this little feller wants to do is play and have fun and it is this that makes him a key entertainer in the life of Kenai the Golduck. The two get along like siblings at the moment and Kenai has even taken it upon himself to look after and protect the young one, but this doesn’t mean he can’t have his fun and muck about with him. Not that little Haku cares, he simply sees it as just playing. His relationship with Aisha is still on the rocky side because of her determination to get this one to evolve.

April 20th, 2008, 9:17 PM
Shadowfaith - :( i wanted the new signups in the OOC thread but thats okay. Onto the analysis of your sign up. Its an amazing signup except for one personal hitch. I don't like having duplicate pokemon in my RP's... Trainer Kat already has a Houndoom and Umbreongirl already has a Pidgeotto. If you're willing to change those two then you'll be more than accepted. Until that answer, i have to say Accepted/Pending

From here on, i want no OOC posts in this thread from anyone, all of them need to go to the OOC Thread. The link is posted on the previous page. For your opening posts, for one reason or another, your trainer has decided to visit Pacifidlog town via boat/pokemon whatever. Theres no divine forces or guidance, its all just coincidental. The reason you're there is up to you.


The pastel blue sky was crystal clear as the sun hung high in the sky which was littered with a few passing clouds. Some Wingull floated gently on the warm air currents as a gentle tropical breeze blew over the surrounding area. Albrecht Pierson, a young photographer for PokeWeekly Magazine sat among the rubble and debris of the once infamous Spear Pillar which had held so much historical and scientific mystery. It had been precisely 2 months since the Pillar's mysterious collapse. The area had once been filled with power Pokemon of every type but now was reduced to a mere shadow of its former self.

Albrecht scanned the area quietly, looking for any sign of life. Whatever had destroyed the tower was definitely powerful. Lifting a small camera from his back pocket, he snapped quick digital pictures of the area and put it back. He flipped open a small notebook, jotting down quick notes. Returning the notebook to his back pocket he held his hand at the brow of his eyes and took one last scan. Nothing. It was time to call off his search. He held his hands to his mouth and let loose an ear piercing whistle that echoed across the clearing for a moment before fading into the air. For a moment, only silence followed. Then suddenly, the earth seemed to rumble quietly and grow louder until a small Sandslash erupted from the earth, spattering dirt everywhere.

"What'd you find, buddy?" He asked the little Pokemon as it approached him.

The Sandslash returned a glance of fear and worry as it responded with a weak groan, its own way of telling his master that something wasn't right here. Although of course, Breck wouldn't be able to understand him. Albrecht sighed heavily and retrieved two small pokeballs from his bag and walked to the shoreline.

"Come on back, Sandslash... nothing to do now but head back to the town. We'll call Mr. Robertson, the editor, in the morning. Too bad we don't have any information to bring back for him...He'll be pissed" Breck sighed as he shot the red beam towards Sandslash, recalling back to its pokeball. He returned the ball to his bag and threw a blue Deep Sea ball into the air, releasing a large blue pokemon which temporarily blocked the sun and dove into the water with a large splash. The water sprayed through the air, misting over Breck's face.

"Well, you look happy, Mantine. Ready to head back?" He called out to the big Mantine. Without waiting for a response he leaped from the shore onto the Pokemon's back. Mantine knew the drill and immediately sped off through the ocean as the sea air blew through Breck's face. Pacifidlog town was already coming into view, considering the tower wasn't a great distance from the town. The pokemon sped quickly to the docks and made a sharp turn, sending a small wave towering over the area and splashing over the docks. Breck stepped off calmly and held the Sea Ball into the air, recalling Mantine to its ball.

"As always, thanks for the ride friend." He said as the blue light retracted the large pokemon. Breck turned around, slipping the ball into his bag and having already caused a scene, but he didn't care. Who could he possibly meet who would even matter in a tiny boonies town like this?

As he walked away from the docks towards the Pokemon center where he would be staying for the night, he couldn't help but be worried at Sandslash's response. Something was clearly troubling the little hedgehog pokemon.

"Whatever Sandslash found there really has him bugged out. I've never even seen that face before...He must really be scared, i'll have to look further into this...I'll go back to the island to look around one last time tomorrow." He thought to himself. It was definitely going to bother him as well until he got some answers, after all, that was his job.

April 21st, 2008, 1:50 AM
(OOC: Didn't realise towns are descripted and compared as the same as in retail games.)

Alexian’s hands gripped firmly to the metal railing as he looked out across the water – There it was, Pacifidlog. He could tell it was Pacifidlog due to the floating houses – This was possible due to the logs beneath them. It was clever architecture, and he loved how unique the town was - There probably was no other town like this one. He would stretch, bringing his arms up above his head and then shuddered as he stretched muscles that hadn’t been touched for a day or two. The captain’s voice could be heard through the tall receivers at either end of the ship. He announced the arrival of the ship, and proceeded towards the dock.

Alexian grabbed his bag with his left hand, and withdrew his right hand within his sleeve. He was nervous, and he knew it showed. He had a feeling of bold excitement and will of adventure, yet there was another feeling that dampened everything – A feeling of doubt. What if he couldn’t be the best he could be? What if this was all the wrong choice? Alexian begun to contemplate as the boat sailed up to the side of the dock and the bridge was let down to let people onto land – He stood there, watching the other trainers proceed to get off. He hadn’t spoke to any of the trainers on the boat, and none spoke to him – ‘Maybe I should just stay on the boat’, he thought to himself.

He slumped and begun to bite his thumbnail – A nasty habit he had picked up over time, but a huge symbolisation of his nerves. Another announcement was made by the captain, ‘This boat will not depart for another 3 days’. Alexian sighed to himself, ‘I may aswell find somewhere to stay then’. Alexian stepped off the boat timidly, looking around at Pacifidlog, it was fairly small, but large enough to have its own Poke’Center. After spotting the Poke’Center, Alexian made his way over to it – avoiding eye contact with anyone. His right hand was becoming sweaty, so he begun to cling to the inside of his sleeve, trying to wipe it.

The doors slid open and he entered, walking slowly up to the counter he was greeted by nurse Joy, who smiled delightfully, and asked ’How may I help you?’. He put on a crooked smile, and handed over his poke’balls. ‘Um...Er...Can you look after – I mean erm...Do what you.....Erm..’. He was cut off by nurse Joy who finished his stutter filled sentence. ‘You would like me to treat your Pokemon dear?’. He would look up with a smile, and nod. After scrounging around he placed two pokeballs on the desk and went and sat down.

He would twiddle his thumbs, avoiding any contact with anyone. Biting the inside of his mouth he begun to read the posters – there were maps of the region, leaflets on how to care for your Pokemon, and even a small guide on how to keep your Pokemon and you clean. He giggled to himself at the picture of a Chansey bathing a small Pichu.

It felt like only yesterday he left his Grandmother – Remembering how she would look after him after his mother passed away, she was always smiling – even when he was up to no good. He missed being cared for; he had hardly eaten since he left home, apart from 2 tins of beans and some bread. His stomach growled in reaction to his thoughts – his imagination begun to run wild as he thought of Beans and toast and Roasted Chicken! Mmm, yummy.

After some time – he looked down at his worn and battered trainers. He begun to remember his mother doing his shoelaces in the morning before school when he was young. Her smile fading into memory – Why did she have to leave him? His eyes watered up a bit, and a tear fell onto his trainer. Quickly, trying to hide anything, he used his sleeve to wipe away any residue, and put a smile back on his face. ‘I cant keep showing emotion like this! I want to become a Pokemon Master! I want to make her....proud.’

Sweet Dreams
April 21st, 2008, 2:13 AM
((Ooc: Pacifidlog is still a floating city, right? And this counts as coincidence, doesn't it?))

Cara scowled to herself as she stepped off the ship, wondering what insanity had convinced her to leave her comfortable, if rather rickety house. Oh yes, her own. Muttering darkly to herself about the consequences of her own actions, she examined the idly floating houses and Pokémon Centre that made up Pacifidlog Town. The wood beneath her rocked gently, forcing Cara to question her footing and walk unsteadily through the doors of the Centre before sliding into a seat. She settled herself and started twisting a highly polished, metal ring on her left index finger.

It was her own fault she ended up in the position she was in, and she knew it. She had announced her “great idea” to her mother just two days ago, on account of her mother losing everything she had on an investment that failed to come through. Her plan had entailed her going off on a kind of journey in an attempt to lessen the bills at home, and pick up odd jobs here and there for some cash - of course, she would have to sort out the means of delivery later. When her mother reluctantly let her go, she jumped on the first boat out of the town, not bothering to check where she was going… And so ending up at the popular get-away that was Pacifidlog.

Resting her elbow on the table, she cupped her chin with her hand and gazed out the window into a seemingly endless, blue sky. She wondered how her mother was doing and if she had a new boyfriend yet. The last one stormed out after her mother tried to cook, ending up with a broken oven and a ghastly burnt-to-a-crisp chicken. Remembering the awful smell that wafted through the neighbourhood that day, she drummed her right fingers on the table. The neighbours weren’t happy, tittering amongst themselves about how some people shouldn’t blow things up and have their partner pay for it to be fixed, and nor should they have children. No wonder the Radcliffe child was such a failure – no proper bringing up. Now, if that girl had been their child, things would be different.

A white cloud drifted by, caught in a breeze and incapable of breaking free. *It’s lucky I’m not a cloud. Even being here, out of all places, and trying to make my way, is better than being back there and having mom struggle to make our way.* Cara leaned back, having being brought back to reality by her thoughts, and stretched. She examined the place because she really had nothing better to do and unhooked several black strings from the flaming wristband on her right arm. Connected to those strings were capsules, their two colours, red and white, separated by a thin line on which rested a small, white button. Holding two in each hand, she pressed this button twice, and the capsules first grew in size before opening, a white light forming into Pokémon in front of her eyes.

Dusk, her Haunter, rubbed the back of a non-existent neck with a ghostly claw, swivelling his head as if some form of muscle were really sore. He never failed to impress upon her how cramped it was in a Pokéball whenever he was let out. Her Manectric, Dazz, swiftly leaped onto the spot beside her, curling into a ball and yawning. Slipping into the seat in front of her and mirroring her earlier position was Glimmer, a female Scizor who played at being hostile. Left on the floor, Atra the Absol simply lay down like one of those mythological sphinxes on the cool, tiled floor.

Cara contemplated deeply about how she was going to get a job in a place like this. Her fingers stretched out to begin worrying the silver ring again. This situation was not so hopeless, however, to cause her to slip on a smile when Nurse Joy came by, and so she coldly declined the offer of food.

Trainer Kat
April 21st, 2008, 6:24 AM
The sun was beating down on Pacifidlog that day. The hustle and bustle of both tourists and locals alike hung in the air. Waves lapped against the docks, gently misting whoever happened to be standing near the water at the time. At this time of day, the docks were usually unoccupied. This day would have been no different, if not for one boy serenely sprawled out upon the wood, a red apple clutched tightly in his fist. Jett Donnovan brought his hand up to his chest. Rather than taking a bite from the fruit, he released it into the air, catching it as it spiraled down to him. Once again, the apple took an unwanted flight before finding itself safely nestled into Jett’s palm. The boy shut his grey-black eyes, putting passers-by under the impression that he was perhaps sunbathing on the docks. One look at his skin would tell a different story, however. Jett was white as a sheet, the ebony of his hair in sharp contrast with the rest of his body. His clothes looked like those that would be worn to a formal occasion. Black dress pants ran down his legs, fading away as his shoes came into view. It couldn’t be said whether or not he wore socks. His ankles were never visible.

Jett released a heavy sigh as he brought the apple to his lips and took a bite. He had impulsively taken a trip to Pacifidlog, stumbling out of the ship that had carried him across the sea mere hours ago. It was then that he had made a beeline for the dock, and it was there that he stayed. His reasons for the spontaneous travel plans would remain hidden. It wasn’t like he had anyone to tell, anyway. Truthfully, his former best friend had always longed to travel to Pacifidlog, and, after his untimely death, Jett vowed to take the trip for both of them. A single tear rolled down his cheek, though it didn’t stay there for long. He swiftly wiped it away. It wasn’t the first tear he’d shed over Akihiko, not by a long shot. Once more, he tossed the apple upwards, catching it and taking his second bite. The sweet scent of the fruit brought tears to his eyes. Sitting up, he turned towards the water and flung the apple outwards. It sailed a ways away, finally landing with a plop in the middle of the sea, bobbing there for a minute before sinking to the bottom.

“Dammit, Akihiko,” Jett muttered, bringing his knees to his chest and encircling them with his arms. With his left hand, he wiped his face, though the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. “I’m sorry…” he whimpered, burying his face in his knees. He cried silently for a few minutes, chest heaving as his eyes pumped out small droplets of water. When he could cry no more, he stood, wiping his face with his sleeves. With that, he left his former place of rest, making his way up the rows of shops that lined the marketplace. Jett’s eyes retained a light pink hue, a vestige of his brief incident moments ago. Tourists perused the shops’ wares, squabbling over what souvenirs to bring home. The trifling arguments elicited a dramatic eye roll from Jett. There were bigger things to worry about than what to buy little Suzie for her birthday.

A light aroma wafted through the air, redolent of Jett’s seventh birthday. Cupcakes, admittedly more beautiful than Akihiko’s disheveled creation, lined the cases of a bakery. An elderly woman was standing behind the counter, attempting to coerce tourists into buying “the best sweets in Pacifidlog”. Clearly, the food was made with no love, or people would buy them of their own accord. Jett’s terminus was the Pokémon Center a few feet away. Ordinary trainers would have entered and kicked back, perhaps ordered some food while they waited for their Pokémon to recover, but not Jett. His Pokémon had been healed before his trip to Pacifidlog, and he hadn’t participated in a battle since then. Rather than go in and be somewhere he didn’t need to, he took a seat on the edge of the dock, across from the Center. The waves lightly lapped the toe of his shoes. Without thought of anything else, Jett stared out towards the horizon, eyes locked on the point where the water blended into the sky.

April 21st, 2008, 5:19 PM
“Argh, your getting too big for this Jakey” The young teen growled through clenched teeth as she held the Pokemon in place over her lap as the grand Flygon flew through the air with great difficulty. #2I’m either gonna have to get you inside that Pokeball or I’m gonna have to trade in this Flygon for a better model.” The joke was rewarded with a shaky turn to the right from the offended Dragon. She only laughed whilst holding on for dear life. “You know I’m kidding you both, but seriously on the way back were catching a boat, you’re a little too big to be sitting across my lap on Fafnir now, Jake.” It was true; the sight was quite a humorous one. A large Flygon flying through the air with a young ranger and a large Arcanine perched upon its back, it had been quite cute when the Arcanine was just a pup but now it was just getting ridiculous, the Flygon could barely hold itself up.
They had been called to Pacifidlog on a mission where a few of the villagers had reported strange behaviour from the sea Pokemon, apparently they had been making they’re way further into the village and Sharpedo were getting dangerously close to villagers. Aisha suspected that there was either a bigger Pokemon scaring them into retreating further away from its hiding place or there was something bothering them such as an unfamiliar current. She was aware of the fact that a holy place was found near by and the legendary Pokemon Raquayza was said to have made its home there so it could be that something out of her hands was happening, but she couldn’t tell for sure before she saw. She had been told to pack her swim gear anyway so she reckoned that taking a dip was probably the first thing than needed to be done.

As they flew she looked down below past the light wave of clouds and noticed that the sun had gone down a conciderable amount since they left on the mission, from the reflection of the sea she could see hints of orange mixed with blue and the day was slowly turning into night for her. Another thing she noticed was the beauty of it all, she always admired the sea for its unnatural beauty and mystery, it was one of the most exciting places for a Pokemon Ranger to visit, she had seen many wonders underneath the waves and she even swore that she had seen a giant sea Pokemon before that wasn’t registered on her Pokedex. That sighting had given her goose pimples, the thought that it could have easily been a legendary Pokemon was an exciting one and she was even lucky to not have become dinner for the great Pokemon. She sighed in content and averted her gaze from the water to directly in front of her. On a whole she was completely happy with her life. Many people set out on Pokemon adventures to become masters at training Pokemon, to her it just seemed a little boring. Sure you got to see the world and battle for badges, but they didn’t get to see quite as much as her. Battling constantly every day for the protection of Pokemon, being called to unknown areas to deal with troubles and even the odd mission to a mythical site where legendary Pokemon had been spotted. Now THAT was the life!

She sighed and patted Jake on the head. “Look Jakey, were nearly there.” She said pointing to a small ocean built village. It was an odd little town that was built on wooden planks, it was not a very popular site but she knew a mission was waiting for her so she couldn’t just ignore it. The most exhilarating sight was the large peek of the sky tower where the legendary Pokemon Raquayza was said to live. She bounced lightly on the back of Fafnir and squealed. “Hah hah! We have to take at least one look in there, okay guys? It’s been my dream to see a legendary Pokemon up close and I’m not passing up the chance to see a place where one is said to exist! Not that anyone has probably seen it but it’s worth a shot, right?” She stopped her bouncing and tapped the Flygon lightly. “Okay, Fafnir, take us down.” Nodding, the dragon began to descend; thankful that they had reached they’re destination. Before long they were sat on the rocky wooden planks and Fafnir was relieved of the heavy weight of Jake and Aisha. She turned to him and gave him a rub on the head, which he leaned into. “Thanks again, Fafnir. You can rest now.” She raised the Pokeball from her belt and held it out to the Dragon who immediately glowed red and retreated into the comfort of its pokeball. The planks gave a squeak as some of the weight was taken from it and Aisha and Jake both stumbled a little. Jake gave a sudden yelp and pulled close to his master. “Don’t worry Jakey; I won’t let you fall in, okay.” She took a look around and huffed. “Well then, guess we better get to work, even if it is getting dark.”

April 21st, 2008, 5:40 PM


"Quick, come over here! Look what I found!"

What? Another Doduo to get us lost?

"No! Hurry up and get over here before you miss it!"

Fine. But if it's anything stupid, I swear to god I won't ask another Pokemon for directions for the rest of the day.

"So you've resorted to threatening me now, huh Cherub?" A tiny smirk played across the girl's pale face, careful to keep her voice quiet, as she stared, seemingly mesmerized with the sight taking place before her. Her delicate hands were pressed eagerly against the soft Forest earth beneath her, and the fuschia streaks framing her face now hung directly in front of her circular face, gently flowing against her eyes, causing her to focus uncontrollably first from them, and then to what she was originally looking at. Annoyed, she swiped at them, trying with no avail to brush them out of her face.

"Cherub!" She pleaded, her voice growing a little louder with plea as she urged the Umbreon over.

Fine, fine. I'm coming. The Pokemon grouched, finally giving in as she appeared suddenly beside Erin, her lips stained with the tell-tale red e of a Cheri berry. Erin's eyes widened, which wouldn't imagine possible what with how abnormally wide they already were. Forgetting about the rare sight taking place right before her own eyes, she gasped, cmotivating an extreme eye roll from her Pokemon friend.

What are you looking so surprised at? I told you I was hungry. You couldn't expect me to wait until we finally found our way out of this pit of bugs. Cherub told her plainly, raising a back paw to scratch vigorously at her right ear. Blinking her crimson eyes, she smirked a bit, not an ounce of regret or guilt apparent about her being. Sighing, Erin shook her head, deciding for the moment not to argue back at her. It would be more effective if she didn't say a word, anyways. She knew Cherub hadn't been that hungry, since it had only been a couple of hours since they had last taken a lunch break and finished off the last of their food supply. By feasting on the berries that Erin saved specifically for using in battle since she simply couldn't afford any other type of medicine, Cherub was looking for more attention than she was already given, even if it was the negative kind. She was hoping that Erin would get upset and spark a debate with her, anything to release the boredom Erin knew she had been experiencing all day. Ordinarily, Erin would have gladly argued with the Pokemon to her heart's content, but what was happening right in front of them was so magnificent, so indescribable, she didn't want to miss it by running her mouth over a couple of berries.

A Caterpie stood motionless before them, not even seeming to recognize their presence as he stood on his suctioned yellow feet, nearly erect as a cascade of white silken substance erupted from his mouth. Erin's eyes shone, and without realizing it, brought her hand to her grinning lips, beginning to nibble excitedly on her nails. The Caterpie was evolving,and since Erin had never seen anything like this in the wild, the sight was a thrill to her. Cherub, realizing that Erin wasn't going to fight back with her, sighed, boredom instantly overtaking her once more as she turned away from the Caterpie, performing her infamous eye roll as she wandered away.

That's what you're getting so excited about? A Caterpie evolving? Big freaking whoop. It's just a disgusting bug covering itself with it's own spit. Now you should've been there when I evolved! That was something to drop to your knees over.
But Erin wasn't even paying attention, eyes still shimmering as the Caterpie had finished it's evolution, and was hardening into a Metapod. A grin lit up her face, and she stood, brushing off the knees of her blue jeans as she began to applaud.

"That was amazing, Metapod!" She told it earnestly, meaning every word. The Metapod blushed, flattered, and hopped up against her leg.

"Meta--Meta Pod." He purred, eyes closing as he rubbed up against her leg.

Pathetic. Cherub mumbled, shaking her head as she came back over beside Erin.

How can you let that disgusting thing rub itself all over you?

"He's not disgusting." Erin said, scooping up the bug Pokemon as she held him outstretched in her arms, waving him dangerously close to Cherub.

"He's adorable! And he's only going to get prettier. One day he'll evolve into a Butterfree, and you won't think he's so disgusting anymore."

Cherub snorted, eyes halfway closing as she grabbed her tail with a front paw, beginning to groom it with her tongue as she purposely ignored the two.

"Meta?" The Metapod questioned, looking up at Erin.

"She's just jealous." Erin told him quietly, though loud enough for Cherub to hear.

"She knows you're going to be more beautiful than her one day, so she's making fun of you now."

Yeah right. Cherub laughed, unable to ignore Erin's teasing any longer.

Like a common bug could ever be any more beautiful than I.

"I wouldn't be surprised." Erin laughed, putting the Metapod down in front of Cherub, crossing her arms as he hopped happily up to her, rubbing himself against her sleek, ebony fur.

Ughhhh. She shuddered, her elegant back arching as the hair along her spine stood up on end. Get it away from me!

"Only after you ask him for directions to the next town." Erin responded, placing a hand upon her hip as she smirked down at her Umbreon, knowing that no matter how many times she used this method of getting her to communicate, it would never get old.

No. Cherub responded, turning her head away from the Metapod as she continued with her grooming.

Erin smiled, knowing that this was all part of her little game. Cherub would refuse, Erin would beg.

Then she would refuse again, and Erin would beg even more. And since Cherub loved to make her trainer beg, she would agree, concluding with a snide remark as she finally did her bidding. It went like this everytime.

"Please?" Erin asked her, fluttering her eyelids a bit as Cherub rolled her eyes back into her head.

"You know this is the third time today you've made me ask. And all these little pests have done for us is make us get even more lost. And you want to ask another one?"

"You know i'd be lost without you." Erin told her. "Without you, your highness Cherub, I would've been wandering the forests of Hoenn mindlessly for days, starving to death until inevitably I was forced into making a stew out of Caterpies."

"Meta?!" The Metapod shuddered, looking wide-eyed up at the girl.

"Just go along with it." She whispered, winking an eye down at him.

Oh fine. She grumbled, her paws folding across her chest as she knelt down to the Caterpie's level.

Where's the next town? She mumbled gruffly, not even bringing herself to look the Metapod in the eye when she asked him.

"Meta, Pod. Pod. Meta Meta--Pod." The Metapod explained to her, every so often jerking his body in a different direction.

Cherub nodded briefly, staring straight ahead as if committing all his words to memory.

Okay. Gotcha. She communicated to the Metapod, turning away as she began to walk straight ahead.

"Thank you, Metapod." Erin smiled down at him, patting him gently on the head and setting a Berry down before him.

Before he could respond, she darted off to catch up with Cherub, who had begun to lope rather fast straight forward. As she caught up to her, Cherub looked over and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Are we going to make it before sunset?" Erin asked, already beginning to feel fatigued with the effort of running. Though she had been traveling on foot for nearly two years now, her body still wasn't in very good shape. It was worse when she had to lift things.

Luckily for you, yes. Cherub responded, looking straight ahead.

Turns out we're not too far from a little town called Pacifidlog. Have you been there before?

Erin though hard for a moment, trying hard to remember. Gasping, her mouth flew open as she skidded to a stop in her tracks.

As she has been searching her memory, she had flashed briefly back upon a vision that had come to her some time ago. A splitting image of the magnificent Spear Pillar collaspsing, and along with it, a beautiful green elagonated dragon falling along with it.

"Rayquaza" She whispered for no reasom at all, tears flooding her eyes as she was instantly overcome with grief, though she wasn't entirely sure why. It wasn't like she had known the legendary personally, or had ever even seen him in her life.

"The Spear Pillar is close to Pacifidlog town." She told Cherub, shaking her head as the tears vanished, disappearing just as abruptly as they can come to her.

Really? You think we'll be able to go see it? Cherub asked, the tip of her tail wagging a bit in excitement as she closed her eyes, clearly envisioning it.

"I don't think there's much left to see." Erin told her sadly. "And besides that, we wouldn't even be able to reach it. You have to surf or fly to reach it, so i've been told."

Cherub's ears slumped to the sides of her head clearly in disappointment, as she kicked her paw in the dust before her.

If only Phoenix would evolve. Then we wouldn't be walking around everywhere. We could fly to our heart's content.

"And you don't think Phoenix would mind hauling our lazy butts around all day?" Erin asked absently, her mind completely drawn away from the conversation as the image of Rayquaza crashing into the ground replayed through her mind, again and again and again. Erin shook her head, sighing as she again began walking straight forward, following Cherub's lead. She had continued talking, but Erin was no longer paying attention, her mind now troubled as a frown tugged at the corners of her lips. She scratched at her head, deep into thought about Rayquaza, and the vision, and wondered if someone, anyone else had seen it. Cherub was still talking, babbling along to herself, while Erin had bigger things on her mind. Though she knew that it was physically impossible, as she had no way to reach the island the Spear Pillar sat upon, she knew she had to get to it, she had to see it for herself, and hope that it didn't really look like what it had in her vision.

April 21st, 2008, 6:02 PM
Breck squinted into the evening sun as it dropped lower and lower towards the Ocean. Sandslash's worry was still bothering Breck a lot as well. He tapped his foot nervously on the wooden docks while scanning the horizon. His blank stare and deep thought were interrupted by a large thunk behind him and a consequential rocking of the floating wooden docks. Breck spun around to see a rather oddly dressed girl who looked roughly his age with a Flygon and Arcanine. She recalled the Flygon be still seemed to be looking off towards spear pillar. He looked around cautiously before tipping his glasses down and closing his eyes then inhaling deeply.

"Pokemon.... DNA Analyze!" He whispered to himself softly as he opened his eyes, revealing the beautiful Jade green shade and vertical pupils. Through his gaze he looked up and down the Arcanine, seeing what it had to offer.

"Hm... an orange aura...the same as Sandslash. Thats a pretty powerful Pokemon to just be with some tourist visiting. And she keeps looking at Spear Pillar. Maybe I should camp there tonight and keep a look out for someone who may come. If that girl knows something, I want to ask her a few questions..." Breck thought to himself analytically. He pulled his glasses back over his eyes and blinked, returning his eyes to their previous color.

He fished in his bag, pulling out a small red and white pokeball and tossed it in front of him, releasing Sandslash. The sound of the water lapping against the docks gave the little yellow pokemon a startle.

"Don't worry, Sandslash... Its just some water. I just wanted to take you out to tell you... we're going back to Spear Pillar. I want to take a look around one more time, are you up for it?"

"Slash!" it responded sternly, ready to investigate once more. Breck recalled it to the pokeball and fished out the dark blue Deep Sea Ball once again. Switching it with the pokeball he tossed the sea ball out over the ocean, releasing his large friend once more.

"Alright Mantine! We're headed back to Spear Pillar for one more look around, you up for it?" He yelled to the excited Mantine as it playfully swam in quick circles, splashing water all over the docks.

"Tine! Mantine!" It called from the water, flapping its large fins and pulling up beside the dock.

"Excellent. You have some fun swimming while I double check the supplies for tonight, okay?" He called to the large blue pokemon.

Mantine happily obliged, diving under the water for a little free time. Breck crouched down, looking into his bag and checking supplies, but more importantly waiting for the orange haired girl to make a move. He wanted to be absolutely sure she was going Spear Pillar. After firmly convincing himself that he would at least learn something more upon going to the pillar's ruins, he stood up once more, pressing his fingers to his lips and letting loose and ear piercing whistle that would crack glass.

Once more, silence followed for a brief moment then suddenly Mantine erupted from the water, gliding through the sky and coming to a soft rest in the water in front of Breck. It motioned a flipper, instructing his master to hop on board.

Trainer Kat
April 21st, 2008, 8:51 PM
"Jett, do you think we'll ever get to go to Pacifidlog one day?"

"Do I think?" The bigger of the two boys turned to his friend, his greyish-black eyes meeting the other's mint green hues. "I know we will, Aki. We'll go there one day, I promise." His face lit up with a smile. They never would have guessed that those beautiful greyish-black hues would one day become devoid of all emotion. They never would have guessed that Jett would be unable to keep his promise. At that, Akihiko gave Jett's hand a light squeeze, grinning back. Neither boy had reached their teenage years yet, both still at the fresh age of twelve. If only things could have stayed that way...

"Thanks for always being there, Aki. You're my best friend..."


A single, shrill whistle pierced the air. Even after it had stopped, the reverberations still invaded Jett's ears. His heart thudded against his heaving chest. To his surprise, Dusclops had released itself from its enclosure, and had snuggled up against him while he slept. It seemed that while this Pokémon was around, he always had dreams of his former best friend. Always. That wasn't the issue right now, though. The current problem was discovering the source of the whistle. It didn't take long. Pacifidlog was drastically undersized when compared to some of the larger towns in Hoenn. A boy stood, attentive to his Mantine, who was creating an ungodly amount of waves. Without thought, Jett reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out his final apple. In one swift motion, the fruit was sent careening towards the offender, hitting him square in the head.

"Would you quiet down?!" Jett snarled. Dusclops hovered vigilantly by his side, obviously distraught by the drastic action his master had just taken.

April 21st, 2008, 10:34 PM
Breck calmly began to step onto Mantine's back who was waiting idly for him to board when he was pelted in the head with a foreign object. He halted his step and turned around to see a boy standing behind him with a Dusclops at his side.

"Would you quiet down?!" the boy snarled from across the docks.

Breck looked at the boy through narrow eyes, rubbing the spot on his head where the apple had connected. He looked down at the ground and picked up the apple.

"you've got some nerd, kid." He said as he tossed the apple into the air repeatedly in a taunting fashion. "Picking fights with someone you don't even know, whats your name, punk?"

"Jett Donnovan." He responded sternly through gritted teeth as he eyed the apple as it bounced up and down in Breck's hand.

"Jett Donnovan? Name rings a bell.... Wait! The younger brother who killed Heather Donnovan?! That girl.... was an amazing pokemon trainer... She just won battle after battle, I did at least 6 stories on her... You've got some nerve showing your face with a pokemon next to you after killing a fantastic trainer like that with her whole career ahead of her. You better have the skill to back up what you stole from that girl." Breck responded, sneering.

He narrowed his gaze, shifting his glance to the Dusclops who was now standing between Breck and Jett.

"That your little runt?" He scoffed as he set his sights on the ghost type. He tipped his glasses down, shutting his eyes and opening them slowly, revealing his green eyes again.


"Hmpf... a Dusclops, rather small for its normal size... its only a yellow aura. Not worth my time. Throw another apple at me, punk. Watch what happens." He said with a cold tone as he turned around, returning his eyes to their original coloration.

He walked over to his Mantine who had been watching the scenario play out carefully. Albrecht tossed the apple high into the air above their heads.

"Mantine. Focused Hydro Pump."

The blue pokemon pursed its lips and concentrated hard on the rising red apple, shooting a solid stream of water through the air, connecting with the apple and blowing it into pieces which rained down on the docks and into the water around them. He looked down at the Mantine again and pressed his hand to his lips again, letting out another ear piercing whistle except staggered into 3 separate whistles, giving a different signal. He ran to the edge of the dock, jumping out over the water. Mantine quickly disappeared under the water and resurfaced underneath Albrecht's feet before he hit the water's surface. The two of them immediately jetted off through the water, splashing the docks and heading off towards Spear Pillar. The now flustered Breck was determined to find some answers to soothe his frustration upon meeting the kid who killed his battling idol.

"If I see that kid again..."

April 22nd, 2008, 2:45 AM
‘Your Pokemon will be ready by tomorrow morning’. Alexian smiled and nodded up at Nurse Joy, and went and sat back in the seat across from the desk. The lobby was becoming empty as time went on, and Alexian found himself pretty much alone, apart from one girl – Who had all her Pokemon around her. Alexian couldn’t help but look up at the girl – after staring for a minute or two, he had to quickly avert his eyes again, as the Haunter she had with her looked up at him in a weird way. Looking back down at his shoes he’d wonder where he’d being staying tonight.

His ear twitched as he heard some squabbling from outside the Poke’center – It sounded like there was quite alot of commotion, and he swore he could hear a Mantine. Alexian didn’t want any trouble and therefore didn’t get up and look; but still curious he glanced at the glass doors; it was getting dark, and the moon was already out. ‘Maybe I should call it a day – I wonder if this centre has any rooms to rent’. Alexian rose from his chair timidly, and put the end of his sleeve in between his teeth and begun to nibble at it. Before he could move over to the desk he paused, Alexian’s eyes flooded with a bright pink, and his body became immobile. He felt paralyzed, but still able to look and listen. He felt like his eyes were wondering around the room, and his ears were rocketing around the world. He felt in so much pain as his body felt like it was being binded by an Onyx. Breathing deeper he tried to calm down and ask for help – but his mouth wouldn’t open either. He felt like this was it – This was what dying felt like – This is the end for him – When suddenly his head filled with shouting and talking and muttering. He yelped as his head begun to explode with so many different thoughts. After atleast 5 seconds of endless noise, it focused in on one voice.
"I....ky I’m not a clo.... Even b.... here, out of all ........d trying to make my ....r than be.. back there ...having mom ....gle to mak....r way."

Finally - the pink rushing away from his vision, he could move again. 'What the **** was that?' - Alexian worryingly looked around him, it must of been that girl who spoke to him. But how? He didnt even see her move her lips...'Stop being a coward all your life, and just ask her! Ask her if she spoke!'.

“Um – Ex-excuse me” he would say directing his speech towards the other girl in the Poke’center.

“Did you say something to me?” he would finally mumble out with his sleeve still in his mouth; fidgeting as he awaited the girls answer.

April 22nd, 2008, 3:47 AM
Aisha stared onwards at two guy's having an argument at the edge of the docks. She raised an eyebrow and watched as the boy with the Dusclops threw an apple at the other boy telling him to keep it down. She tilted her head and watched with fascination as the other boy seemed to analyze the Dusclops and come to some sort of conclusion in his head. She couldn't help but wonder if he had some sort of power, it certainly seemed like it because after he had 'analyzed' the pokemon he seemed to snort to himself as if the ghost pokemon was nothing big. She grew curious to the fact that this boy could well be up to something, perhaps he was a member of team rocket or something that was making the waters seem in such disarray. She growled inwardly and clenched her fists at her side. 'If he is, I'll make sure he pays for it'. She was pulled from her thoughts by a wet lick to the palm by Jake. She shook her head and looked down at the obviously board canine. She grinned and ran a hand through his fur. "Okay okay, come on, lets go and find out whats causing all the ruckus, eh?" With that, the pair set off towards the pokecentre so that they could get dressed.

As they entered, Aisha took a look around. It was quite a quaint little center, nothing like the ones she was use to. Shrugging she walked towards the nurse joy stood behind the counter and gave a small grin. "Hallo there. Umm, I heard you needed a Pokemon ranger to figure out what was going on around the waters?
"Oh yes!" She squealed making her way around the counter. She held out her hand and Aisha shook it eagerly. "We have been waiting for you and you couldn't have come at a better time. Things seem to be getting much worse around here lately and were not sure whats causing it."
"I see. Well me and my companion are going to go and take a dip and see if we can spot anything unusual under the sea, would it be okay if we get changed here?" She asked politely.
Th nurse bowed her back and straightened again, "of course! follow me."
She lead her behind the counter and into a small room around back, she assumed that this would be the nurses sleeping quarters. "You can change here."
It was Aisha's turn to bow and in turn so did Jake. "Thank you."
With that the Nurse left the room and left the two to themselves.
Aisha sighed and threw her back pack onto the bed and unzipped it. She pulled out a diver suit and two pairs of goggles. She was told that the village would prove them with oxygen so she didn't need to worry about that at the moment. She turned to Jake and knelt down beside him, she ran a hand through his silky mane before strapping a pair of the goggles around his head. "There you go, we'll get you an oxygen tank soon, okay buddy?"
With that she took to getting changed herself. She threw her goggles onto the bed along with the bandanna she worse and then proceeded to remove her clothing before pulling on the diving suit. She removed the flippers that had been tied onto the side of her bag and then rammed her clothing into her backpack before turning to the Arcanine and waving towards the door. "Lets go then."
As they exited they were greeted by the nurse again who was holding two oxygen tanks, clearly they were a little too heavy for her. "Here you go." She said, holding over the objects.
Aisha accepted with a nod and her thanks and proceeded to strap the tank to Jakes back before she asked for assistance from the nurse to help her with her own. When they were all set they headed out the doors and towards the docks to be begin they're research.

Sitting on the edge of the dock, she slipped on her flippers and lowered herself into the water where as Jake had a completely different approach and cannon balled in. Aisha just stared at him amused when he tried to get his yellow mane out of his eyes, in the end Aisha had to flip his bangs out of his eyes for him to see. With that done she dove straight under the water with the canine in toe. She took a Pokeball from her belt and released the Golduck, she knew he would appreciate getting out of his Pokeball to swim a little. Here was a white flash and the Golduck emerged with a stretch and a yawn, he kicked his legs to get a feel for the water before shooting off ahead of Aisha and Jake. She smiled at the normally lazy Pokemons enthusiasm before she followed behind him. The sea was a tranquil place and held all sorts of mysteries. She loved exploring the depths and was quite exited to find out what was causing the upset in the Pokemon. She dove deeper and deeper until she was looking at the sea bed. Here she saw multiple Clampearl hidden in they’re shells, too afraid to come out of hiding. She frowned and made a mental note of the weird activity before moving on.

A herd of Magikarp whizzed on by in the direction of the village followed closely by another herd of Sharpedo and Carvanah, but the Sharpedo weren’t after the Magikarp, no they were running from something with them. She wasn’t really sure what was going on, she knew the current was fine so it wasn’t that. ‘This is weird, the Pokemon are acting weird but there is no scientific explanation for it.’ She was torn from her thoughts by Kenai tugging at her arm. She turned and the Golduck looked a little worried about something. Nodding her head she urged the Golduck to show her what was so nerve-racking to him. The arcanine followed closely behind as he swam off and up in the direction of the sky pillar. She dodged another herd of Pokemon on the way and nearly lost her goggles when a Gorbyss nearly knocked her out. She frowned and followed closer behind the Golduck to the best of her swimming abilities.

What she saw was amazing. The sky pillar was completely dead, there was no Pokemon gathered around it or anything, in fact the Pokemon had created a rather weird circle around it, as if they were staying away from something, she felt like a dear in the headlights, it was just her and her two Pokemon surrounded by herds of sea dwellers. She collected her thoughts and swam closer to the sky pillar to inspect it. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with it, and there certainly wasn’t a bigger Pokemon that was scaring them away. She frowned and pointed upwards so her Pokemon knew to follow, when she surfaced she lowered her goggles and removed the piece from her mouth. She took a gasp of fresh air and tuned to the Pokemon. “Okay, from what I can obviously tell, is that the Sky Pillar has something to do with the Pokemon’s actions, its nothing to do with the sea, so were gonna have to go take a look inside. First I need to get changed, I’m no walking around in there wearing this, so lets get a move on.”

With that, she darted back to the small sea bund village to collect her belongings, she bid a farewell to the nurse and assured her that she would return when she got to the bottom of this mystery before calling of Fafnir and flying off towards the Pillar. She landed at the entrance and gave the outside a once over. “Hmm, it doesn’t look unsteady or anything, which means there must be something inside, right?”
Jake whined and started to pull back from the pillar. Aisha tilted her head in confusion and closed the distance once again. “Whats wrong boy? Something startle you?” She asked, running her fingers through the canines fur again. “Come on, we have to find out what’s up.”
But the Arcanine simply refused to move from his spot.

Sweet Dreams
April 22nd, 2008, 4:00 AM
A whole dramatic scene played out right outside the window, although it wasn’t worth a second glance. It was just two rash idiots trying to dominate each other and mark their territory. A sudden, unwanted image rose in her mind as she remembered how many canine species marked their territory with the scent from their urine. Shuddering at the gruesome reflection, she checked to see that her Pokémon weren’t brewing trouble yet.

Dusk was seeking out his next victim, Cara knew, since he had a strange, focussed yet gleeful look about his face. She caught his eye and raised an eyebrow and shrugged slightly, the simple gesture telling him to go ahead. His eyes became fixed upon an odd-looking guy who had been silently staring at a poster. She turned away nonchalantly, pretending not to know that her Pokémon was planning to wreak havoc with the unfortunate trainer sometime that day. Quickly, her mind held onto something else to ponder excessively. One hilarious incident strayed into her mind, and she fought not to smile at the recollection.

A girl had become excessively annoying, seeming to have formed a dislike for Cara when she told her that she wouldn’t just need a breast implant to impress the guys, but a brain implant as well. Of course, after that, she had taken to creating huge scenes, loudly laughing at her fashion sense and the fact that she and all her friends were total wannabes. Of course, all this could have been easily ignored if she hadn’t started on her mother. She skipped school for the rest of the day and furiously told Dusk about her. That night, he stole into her room and acted as he pleased, obviously enjoying himself and in his element. The next day, she woke up with rainbow, permanent marker scribbles across her face, horribly short hair and totally ruined clothes. Her parents forced her to attend school in the sweater her grandmother knit her and a dress which her aunt picked out.

So absorbed in her thoughts was she, that she didn’t notice the guy nervously walking towards her table.

‘Um – Ex-excuse me’ he stuttered, effectively breaking through her reverie. She glared at him icily, her non-verbal warning to just back away slowly apparently flying right over his head. ‘Did you say something to me?’ He asked, a hand covered sleeve muffling his question. Her eyebrows rose, and she looked at him like he was insane – which, she added to herself, he probably was.

‘No, why should I?’ She glared at him, her tone indicating it was not really a question but a warning. *This guy obviously belongs in an asylum. He’s hearing disembodied voices, and I know that that isn’t Dusk – it’s not his style, and anyway, he hadn’t even moved from where he was. Then again, maybe I should give the guy a break; the hard part being deciding which limb.* This, she thought in a flash, gazing past the person-in-question’s shoulder as another incident occurred to her, this one involving a guy who told her she couldn’t beat him, and even if she could, she wouldn’t dare. The guy ended up with a broken nose and several cuts, scars and bruises. Luckily for her, his pride couldn’t handle everybody else knowing that he got beaten up by a girl, so her mother wasn’t sued or forced to pay for his medical treatment.

Dazz rolled his eyes as he noticed Cara’s blank face, before noticing Dusk who had been trying to catch his eye for a while. The ghost stuck his tongue out and spun his eyes around whilst pointing at the stranger who had unwisely triggered a conversation with their human friend. Dazz nodded, barely moving his head a fraction of an inch, and smiled wolfishly, tilting his head to ask the question of “When?”, and was answered with Dusk pretending to float, asleep, on a cloud. Tonight, then, there would be fun.

Trainer Kat
April 22nd, 2008, 7:45 AM
"Jett Donnovan? Name rings a bell.... Wait! The younger brother who killed Heather Donnovan?! That girl.... was an amazing pokemon trainer... She just won battle after battle, I did at least 6 stories on her... You've got some nerve showing your face with a pokemon next to you after killing a fantastic trainer like that with her whole career ahead of her. You better have the skill to back up what you stole from that girl."

“Wh-what?” Jett’s once complacent smile now changed to one of despair before fading away altogether. “I didn’t kill her…” His voice had evolved into a whimper, syllables quivering as they emerged from his mouth. Everything that had befallen him that day had been an accident, yet everyone held Jett accountable. It hadn’t been his fault that stupid Heather had to go and wedge her foot between the train tracks. He hadn’t pushed her, hadn’t summoned the train. Something about this boy’s harsh nature evoked memories of his father. Part of him almost expected Breck to storm over and extract a whip. Before he could protest further, the boy tipped his glasses down and shut his eyes, after which he looked straight at Dusclops.

"DNA...Analyze." His tone sent shivers down Jett’s spine, and not in the good way, either. "Hmpf... a Dusclops, rather small for its normal size... its only a yellow aura. Not worth my time. Throw another apple at me, punk. Watch what happens." Jett’s face twisted into a snarl as the boy flung the apple towards the sky, much like he himself had done prior to this incident. With a single command, Mantine shot an acute stream of water into the sky, hitting the apple with ease. The blast sent water raining down upon the two bickering boys, coating Jett’s hair with a fine layer of liquid. Breck jumped out towards the sea, kept afloat by Mantine. Dusclops gave Jett a look he had seen many times before.

“No, Dusclops, I’m not going to get sick…I’m just damp, no need to worry.” It was the same look Akihiko used to give him, a look of intense worry. Jett couldn’t help but offer up a sad smile to Dusclops, who, in turn, shut his sole eye in an expression of exuberance. The times Jett smiled were so few and far between, that Dusclops became elated whenever he saw the corners of his master’s mouth turn upward. “C’mon, let’s go inside. It’ll be more quiet.” Scooping the beckon Pokémon up into his waiflike arms, Jett wandered inside the Pokémon Center, where he took a seat as far away from the other trainers as possible. He refrained from releasing Dusclops, instead tightening his grip on his full body.

What the hell are my chances of meeting someone who knew my sister?! He thought, malice dripping from his brooding thoughts. His emotion quickly transformed into woe. Akihiko…if only you were still here… The thought loomed over him like the threat of rain. Tears spilled down his cheeks, landing softly upon Dusclops’ head. The Pokémon released an infinitesimal sigh of despondency as he wrapped his arms around Jett. The two sat there, wallowing in their heartache.

April 22nd, 2008, 8:52 AM
Still standing and fidgeting – Alexian gnawed harder on his sleeve. After what seemed an eternity, the girl finally looked up at him. Within a split second, he felt as if his heart had stop beating, and a thousand of splintered glass pieces had shattered into his eyes. Her stare was so icy and demeaning. He immediately averted his eyes again, slightly glancing at the Haunter who kept staring at him – Creepy.

“No, why should I?” she replied.

Unable to look her in the eye, he stood there quietly. Her tone was obvious, she already disliked him, just like most people he came into contact with. But if she didn’t say anything, then what was he hearing? Alexian gnawed more at his sleeve, this time fabric strands coming off into his mouth, which he swallowed – not wanting to spit them out infront of the girl. ‘No way – She must have spoke – I can’t be going crazy’.

“Um – A-are you sure?...” Alexian asked the girl – knowing he was now pushing his luck. But being worried and scared he was hearing voices, he had to confirm that the girl did indeed speak. If it was true, that he was hearing voices, people would think he was a total psycho.

“It’s just, I kinda heard you going on about a job...And um, yeah, I didn’t see your mouth moving – And um, why does your Haunter keep looking at me, I mean it’s not a problem, but um, it keeps staring and um...yeah...” he stammered out with a slight loss of voice half way through.

Alexian’s eyes widened, as he just realised he spurted out a load of crap that he shouldn’t have said. He would close his eyes in frustration, ‘Why couldn’t I just be normal, and speak to people like a normal person – AND WHATS WITH THE HEARING VOICES’.

He’d open his eyes and look down at his trainers, now using one foot to twist on the other in small circles. His hands were now even sweatier, but not wanting the girl to think he was even weirder, he left them alone, and decided not to wipe them on the inside of his sleeve. ‘Hopefully she doesn’t ask for a handshake, but looking at her attitude, I probably won’t even get another reply’.

The whole situation reminded him of asking the first girl he liked out on a date. She was a pretty popular girl in town, and used to take her Buneary for walks alot – She had a beautiful aura about her, as if every step she took left a pink footprint along with cherry blossoms falling by her sides. Of course, this is how Alexian saw it – Not how it really was. Alexian plucked up enough courage to ask her out one day, and she rejected him, and told him “I am beautiful, stunning and everything you’ll never get. You are a freak, go chew on your sleeve some more”. Ever since then – he still finds it hard to talk to people, girls in particular.

April 22nd, 2008, 10:05 AM
OOC: Check Sierra's history for this post to make sense. It was given the okay by Kansas.

The fresh, sea air was refreshing and uplifting, especially in comparison to the room in Covelily Hotel which Sierra had cooped herself up in for the past few days. It had been a while since the green haired girl had taken flight on her Tropius and the feeling was quite exhilarating to say the least. Sierra was sitting just behind the fruit bearing Pokémon's neck, embracing Tropius in an attempt not to plummet into the sea; assisted by the extra safety of Chikorita's vines being wrapped around her waist of course, forming a makeshift seatbelt. The joyous flight to Pacifidlog Town resort would usually be seen as a holiday, however when the girl remembered her true intention of the visit a shiver shot down her spine. She was the only one who knew about Mewtwo's plot, and she knew very little herself, her spirit partner had been sketchy with the details. Alas, she considered herself well prepared with knowledge and power, due to training intensely the past couple of years. Her heart jumped when the town came into view, she had only been here once before, when she first discovered Tropius could be used for transport she had flown over to see roughly how long the trip would take.

"Tropius, set down just off the dock, like before!"

In a matter of minutes, Tropius touched down and Sierra, along with Chikorita, hopped off. The huge long-necked Pokémon brought his head to his trainer's height and received a gentle petting.

"Thank you Tropius!" she squealed joyously. Suddenly her voice took a more serious tone."Rest up, I need you in top form,"

<"What for?"> asked the gentle giant.

"I can't say... that is to say, I can't tell you when or give you any prior warning either, so be ready," she muttered to her Pokémon as she pulled out a White and Red Premier Ball from her Emerald bag. She couldn't speak to Tropius or even look him in the eye, knowing what type of battle he would probably have to fight. She pushed the button on the device which initiated the 'return' sequence; the ball emitted a beam of red light which bought the Pokémon back to his spherical home. She crouched down to the other Pokémon of hers that was present. "So, anywhere you want to go, in particular?" she asked her Chikorita.

<"The Pokémon! Like before, where we just sat on the balcony!"> the Pokémon yelled over excitedly in the usual flurry of syllables that made up her name.

"Yeah, we can get Ice cream... and... lemonade... and... Yeah, let's go!" she announced to her Pokémon, getting strange looks from passers by. After all, everyone knows people can't understand Pokémon.

The duo arrived at the double glass doors within minutes, just as they were about to enter, Sierra was overtaken by a drenched male with black hair, cradling a Dusclops. She followed him inside and watched him sit down. She crouched down to Chikortia.

"Hey, Chikorita. There's a lot of people upstairs on the balcony... let's sit by this guy, who knows, we could make friee~ends!" she told her Pokémon in a very excited, and loud, whisper.

<"But, he looks kind of scary,"> Chikorita cautioned.

"Bah, nonsense. He's just... a rebel!" she said before walking over to the boy, Chikorita in tow. "Heey~y!" she yelled flamboyantly as she sat down next to the boy. "I'm Sierra, and this is Chikorita!" she said as she extended her hand out, expecting him to shake it. "And you are?"

April 22nd, 2008, 11:32 AM
Breck and Mantine quickly arrived at Sky Pillar among the rocky shore. He stepped calmly onto the slick stones and let the evening breeze float across his face for a moment. He turned back around, pulling the dark blue sphere from his pocket and aiming at his large partner.

"Thanks for the ride, friend. I think we may be camping here tonight, its getting dark." He instructed the Mantine as he shot the blue beam at him, retracting to its round home.

Albrecht made quick work of his situation, rock hopping to solid ground where he stood once again looking at the ruins of the pillar. He fished in his bag for two pokeballs, one he hadn't used today. A white ball with red lining, a premier ball. He tossed them into the air, releasing his two pokemon out in front of him. The red and white lights respectively began to take shape into the Pokemon they housed. Sandslash and Ponyta, Breck's two trusted land pokemon.

"Okay you two... we're gonna check this place out one more time." He instructed sternly. The two pokemon clearly had an uneasy feeling about the area and were tense with aggravation. "Sandslash, I want you to search the perimeter using Dig and Ponyta and I will scan above ground best we can, understood?"

The two Pokemon nodded in compliance. Sandslash immediately gave a small hop into the air before instantly tunneling through the ground. Soon after Sandslash left their company, Breck looked to Ponyta. "Come on, girl." He began jogging as she took off at full speed. He grabbed her mane, swinging his leg over to mount her back. She began sprinting around the shore of the island. Hopefully he would find that volcano haired girl so he could ask some questions. His bag flopped lifelessly on his back as Ponyta galloped in the evening sea breeze. Nothing seemed to be moving on the island at all, maybe his prediction about the girl had been wrong. Though unlikely, his reporter sense could sometimes be off. A greater mystery was at hand though. There should have at least been some of the powerful Pokemon that lived here still around. "whoaaa Ponyta" he called down, instructing the horse to slow to a stop. He dismounted, walking to the center of the island inspecting the rubble. A sound caught his ear. Dismounting Ponyta, he proceeded with caution towards the center of the island.

"Ponyta, stay on guard." He said quietly to his partner. He released 4 short ear piercing whistles. The signal for Sandslash to return to him but stay hidden. "DNA... Analyze."

His eyes once again took form with their jade color and vertical pupils. He scanned the area through the blurry sight he suffered during analysis, searching for any unseen signs of life. The center of the island left him in shock and surprise. A faint red glow he saw in the distance.

"A red aura... no way. I haven't seen a red aura since... oddly enough, since Heather Donnovan..." He said to himself in disbelief. He approached carefully to see what it was but his caution was in vain as he kicked a small pebble, causing a small chain reaction. The aura instantly began to move towards him as it became visible. "Lairon. Male. Red Aura. Very Powerful. Slightly larger than average. Surprisingly strong plating. This could be trouble." He quickly dispelled his sight, returning to normal.

"Ponyta, you better get fast. This is gonna get dicey." He instructed sternly. The Ponyta immediately complied, using Agility of its own accord, knowing what her master meant by "get fast". She began sprinting wildly around the area, making sure she was no sitting target. Breck watched her with no surprise, watching the hard work of their training at her amazing speed. But what did surprise him, was that the Lairon did not attack Ponyta like a normal pokemon would. It instead went straight for Breck, trampling him hard and sending him rolling across the ground. He weakly struggled to return upright but let out a yell in pain, trying to support himself with his left arm.

"Damnit. I think its broken. What is wrong with this thing?!" Breck screamed in his mind through internal conflict. He wasted no time springing into action, knowing what he had to do. He quickly pressed his fingers to his lips once more, letting out a long screeching whistle that slowly grew higher in pitch. He felt the ground begin to rumble slowly.

"Okay Ponyta, Fire Spin on that Lairon!" He commanded while standing using his good arm. She immediately opened fire, engulfing the Lairon in a thick column of flames which appeared to at least temporarily hold him in its place, long enough for Sandslash to appear, erupted from the earth, spinning quickly and landing a solid Dig attack on the heavy pokemon lifting it from the ground long enough for Sandslash to land and dive out of the way. This seemed to only leave the pokemon more angry. It released a powerful sandstorm, immediately dispelling the flames in a blast of dirt and gravel. It had pure hate in its eyes. The sand whipped around violently as Breck attempted to analyze the situation. Once again, the Lairon set its sights on Breck instead of the Ponyta or Sandslash. It encroached his position quickly, slamming him hard with another take down and sending his body rolling to where the water and beach met. He felt the cool water on his face. He screamed in pain as he had landed on his arm. He could hear the ominous rumble in the earth as the Lairon approached to finish him off. It was then that he noticed his Sea ball roll out of his bag. Thinking quickly he tossed it into the sea, releasing his Mantine.

"Okay you guys... if I die, then you don't have a home! So lets make this count! Ponyta, Take Down attack, head on. Hold it at bay! Sandslash! Defense Curl! and Mantine, wait until my cue, then whirlpool! Got it?" He screamed at his team. The 3 understood completely as Ponyta sprinted in front, crashing heads with the brutal Lairon, battling for ground as they stared each other down through narrow eyes. Sandslash at the side curled into a small spiked ball, ready for its next command. "Sandslash now! Cannon ball Rollout!" Sandslash began spinning in place, shooting dirt everywhere then launched from his position like a rocket, blasting the Lairon in the side and knocking it over, rolling on the ground. "alright Mantine, do it!"

"TIIINEEE!!!" It called from the nearby ocean as it summoned a gigantic vortex, engulfing the Lairon and trapping it on its back in place.

"That should do it... David Carter's famous Cannon Ball Rollout. 10 different spins on a single Rollout attack for optimum damage, combined with Defense Curl." He said smugly through a gritted pain ridden smirk. Breck used this time to finish the job. "If I don't catch this thing... its just gonna keep coming after me. This one should do the trick." He fished in his bag for a black and white pokeball, a Heavy Ball. He chucked it with his good arm, watching the red glow encompass the pokemon. It shook violently, leaping off the ground and kicking around but the ball had finally settled, turning solid white. The sign of a capture. Breck walked over to the ball, picking it up and inspecting it. "Got you... you little bastard..." he said bitterly.

He walked over to a large piece of rubble and slumped against it, sliding down on his back until he planted firmly on the ground. His arm was twisted and contorted sticking in multiple directions and mostly facing outward. Breck looked at it sighing, attempting to ignore the pain. He held his hand to his mouth again, whistling two short pitching and one long one. The signal to patrol the area and make sure no one comes. It was much too dark by now to get back to Pacifidlog safely. Mantine retreated underwater to scan the surrounding island as Sandslash immediately dug underground and out of sight. Ponyta galloped softly away to inspect the upper part of the island. Breck yelled to them out of caution as they all left.

"If you see any other Pokemon... DON'T fight them. Return here immediately, understand?" He called out to his 3 partners. He looked at the heavy ball again, cursing it with words that aren't suitable for children. He gaze returned to his twisted and contorted arm which was now turning purple and blue all over, and let loose a heavy, pain enduring sigh. "What was that Lairon's deal... such a powerful pokemon just here by itself. It wasn't even interested in battle. Once it saw me using my DNA Analyze it plowed straight for me with no restraint...could he really have been trying to get rid of me?" He thought to himself with a hint of worry as he tried to move his arm, only to be greeted with more pain.

"Yup... its definitely broken."

Sweet Dreams
April 22nd, 2008, 1:45 PM
Atra nudged her daydreaming friend’s leg, bringing her back into reality. Cara’s eyes met his again, noting the vividly frightened look on his face. Obviously, the guy had an extremely timid personality. Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, she heard Dazz softly scold her in whatever language Pokémon used. Although she couldn’t understand the words, the meaning was clear; “Be nice, the poor guy’s just a lunatic. What’s he ever done to you?” She fixed him with a disbelieving look when Glimmer nodded gravely, agreeing with the smug Manectric.

‘Um – A-are you sure?’ He asked, still chewing his sleeve. She wondered why her Pokémon were taking such a shine to this escaped mental patient. Of course, since they were, she decided to not ignore him completely. Deciding on the best approach, she flashed him a bright smile, tinged with plenty of sarcasm.

‘Oh, no, I’m very prone to speaking without knowing it,’ she told him. She inspected the room again before realising that the Centre had been very busy. Not that she really cared. A guy who looked more like a drowned Poochyena sat at the table furthest away from her, holding a Dusclops tightly. She heard him talk again, and both Glimmer and Manectric started twittering at her to pay attention.

‘It’s just, I kinda heard you going on about a job...And um, yeah, I didn’t see your mouth moving – And um, why does your Haunter keep looking at me, I mean it’s not a problem, but um, it keeps staring and um...yeah...’ *This is absolutely ridiculous! They all want me to talk to him; even Atra!* She clenched her jaw, completely aware of the fact that if she didn’t at least talk to him, her Pokémon would give her hell for the next few days. Except Atra; she just stared reproachfully, which Cara had to admit, worked better than the other’s verbal assault. Then, the meaning of the words hit her.

‘Job?’ She murmured to herself under her breath, blinking in surprise. As if from memory, her right hand found the ring and tugged at it again. Scowling, she received a gentle nudge from Dazz and forced herself to keep talking. *Dammit! There are better things for me to do than talk to this guy. When he goes away, those four are gonna get it. They know that, and yet they insist on me talking to him!*

‘Listen, dude, from the moment I came through those doors, I haven’t spoken a word, okay? What part of that sentence do you not understand?’ She kept her voice extremely icy, gritting her teeth when she finished. This was so taxing. She fought not to smile, however, when she caught the Pokémon staring widely at him, and she had to say, she admired the effort this obviously very timid guy out in. Most other people would’ve backed off by now.

‘Dusk likes you,’ she said absently, immediately shocked at what she said. In that moment of good humour, she had given him some form of slight encouragement to continue speaking. Dusk did his equivalent of nodding, zooming around the guy’s head enthusiastically.

Her Pokémon were on a fritz that day – honestly, she’d never seen them all take to someone that fast. She could tell it wasn’t pity, but actual fondness. *Must be the mousy personality.* She thought gloomily. Her fingers itched to doodle, and she was unzipping the small, scarlet travel-bag she brought with her before she had a chance to think. *I’m not going to draw in front of an escaped mental patient.* She told herself, reaching for a bottle of water instead.

April 22nd, 2008, 4:27 PM
Here we are. Scenic Pacifidlog town. Cherub muttered drably, her tone dripping with sarcasm as Erin tiptoed slowly onto the edge of the floating wooden docks cleverly forming a pathway to a couple of small houses, and most importantly, a large Pokemon Center directly in the middle of the town. Erin's eyes lit up, and a strange smile played at the corners of her lips as she noticed it, though she wasn't entirely sure why. A market lined with tiny little cunibcles of shops also loomed somewhere away in the distance, lost amid the identical wooden planks, and even though was vast, and much more interesting a sight than the Pokemon Center, failed to capture Erin's attention. Her eyes practically shone at the sight of the Pokemon Center, though there was nothing extraordinary about the large, plain building, being the same infamous red and white scheme as every other Pokemon Center she had come across.

What are you smiling at, weirdo? Cherub queried, her question interrupting Erin's daydream. Erin shook her head, tossing her aquamarine mane around a bit, instinctively reaching up to straighten the tiny pink bow on her headband as she did so. Cherub had stopped for some reason, and it was only after glancing down at her own stationary feet that Erin realized that she had stopped moving for some reason.

Forget how to walk? Cherub sneered,moving over to stand beside Erin, and bumping up against her playfully. Erin's body wavered a for a moment, and for a brief instant, she thought the impact would send her plunging down into the ocean's depths. Erin shuddered, wrapping her thin arms around her chest as she moved as far away from the edge as she could get. Though she had grown up along the seaside, the little island she had been born to swallowed by what she had thought for so long was a never-ending mass of water, Erin had always hated the sea, from the iciness of it's frigid hue to the fact that no matter how far you swam into it, you could never come to an end. To this day, Erin's worst fear remained that one day the ocean would swallow up the rest of the world, burying the masses of land that were the regions into it's deep pit of a being, and drowning every living thing on land. Erin shuddered again, shaking her head at Cherub's statement, knowing that the little Umbreon had only been playing by bumping against her, and choosing to ignore it as she regained her footing, and bravely hobbled toward the Center.

So now you've forgotten how to talk too? Cherub asked, leaping delicately in one fluid bound over to her trainer, jumping up against her and pressing her paws to her quaking knees.
"You know, you're awfully rude for a Pokemon who eats the majority of our earnings up." Erin grinned, twisting her headband around nervously as she approached the door of the Pokemon Center. Through the glass windows lining the front of the Center, she already noticed a couple of trainers kicking back and relaxing with their Pokemon. She knew that Cherub was looking for another debate, and to appease her, Erin went along with her bickering.

"I haven't forgotten how to talk." She said matter-of-factly, sticking her tongue out at the Umbreon as she pushed gently against the door. A pink flush crept across her pale cheeks, and soon she felt her face burning with instant humiliation as she threw her whole body weight into opening the door, cold sweat running down her face as her heart began racing, embarrassment burning throughout her entire being as she finally gave up, hands still pressed against the door as longingly she stared inside.
You were going to say something else? Cherub asked smugly, her tail lifting as daintily, she stepped up against the double glass doors. Sighing, she stood on her two hind legs, effortlessly pushing open the door with one paw, holding it open for her flustered trainer. Erin stepped inside the door, and was instantly greeted by a cold gust of frosty air.

Finally. Someplace with air-conditioning. Looking back down at Cherub, she picked the Umbreon up, pressing her lips close to her elagonated ear, the ear twitching as the hot air of her breath entered it.

"I was going to say that I believe the Pokemon Center here sells Moon Pies, and I know of a certain Umbreon who won't be getting any if she can't keep her trap shut."

Erin grinned, the corners of her mouth curling upward as she watched her statement take effect on her Umbreon, her tongue instantly darting out, dripping with saliva as she ran it across her mouth. As much as Erin hated to admit it, Cherub was nearly perfect in every way, and always kept every weakness tightly concealed--if she even had any, and shared them not even with her trainer. But Erin knew that she did have one, at least that she could be bribed with. Moon pies. Qualot berry flavored. For once, Cherub was speechless, on her best behavior as Erin knew she would be, at least until the Moon pies were purchased for her. Glancing around the small area, Erin began scanning over the other trainers, her heart sinking as she noticed that each and every one of them was already sitting with and talking to another person, so turning her face away from them, she sat down at a booth table alone. Cherub. jumping out of her arms and onto the top of the table directly in front of her, leaned in so that her face was only inches away from Erin's, crimson eyes locking onto hers eerily in what could only be her Mean Look attack. Erin huffed, knowing that she wouldn't be able to escape Cherub's fixated death stare, as beside from Umbreon being the best Mean Looker out there, Cherub was exceptional for an Umbreon, her mental power especially being far more advanced than any other Pokemon Erin had come face to face with.

Why aren't you socializing? She asked nonchalantly, looking around.
I never knew you to be a shy person. No. That's definitely not it. You're always sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. It doesn't make sense for you not to be interfering now. Why don't you go talk
to someone?

"Because they all look busy, and probably don't want to be bothered." Erin muttered.

Because they all look so confident, and strong, and wouldn't want to meddle with a weak little pest like me.

Thankfully, Cherub hadn't heard that, so she couldn't lash out at it with her sarcasm, as Erin knew she would've, though the Umbreon was acting concerned about her behavior for once.
"Why don't you go make some friends?" Erin asked quietly with a smile. "They'd be much more interested in a talking Umbreon than a babbling girl with the grace of a Slowpoke."
"I even see an Absol over there. It looks pretty strong. Maybe you two can intimidate each other with how strong you are for awhile? Or you could try picking fights with someone other than me for a bit. You'll soon come to realize that not everyone will sit there and take all your bullcrap like me." Erin smiled teasingly down at Cherub.

"Maybe it would be good if someone knocked you down a few pegs."

Ha. And I was actually concerned about you. Cherub snorted haughtily, jumping from the table, muscles taut with fury as she stalked angrily away.

Come get me when it's time to go to the Market. Erin sat still for a moment, watching her Umbreon storm off, then turned to look at each of the two tables beside her. Each containing a girl.. and a boy.

She slumped back in her seat, sure that the two must be young couples out on a date, and just sitting in her seat alone, twiddling her thumbs around, as she really didn't wish to interfere.

April 22nd, 2008, 8:47 PM
The sea was quiet. A gentle sea breeze blew over the small dingey as the sun began to disappear. In the small boat laid a sleeping teenage boy. His jacket lay over him keeping him warm, which was probably why he fell asleep in the first place. From the fishing pole in the front of the boat it was apparent he had gone fishing and had drifted a little too far out. The sleeping Reiji rolled over knocking one of his pokeballs off of his sash.Upon hitting the the wooden floor beneath him a bright red light started to shine, forming a rather worried Zangoose. The pokemon looked frantically around the boat for a trace of land, but sadly found nothing but the now dark blue waters. Now more nervous than before the Zangoose went over to his sleeping trainer and delivered a hearty punch to his stomach. Rousing from his sleep Reiji yelped in pain. He stared at Kenta still half asleep pondering what he was thinking punching him like that. Reiji stood up ready to scold the pokemon before loosing his footing and falling backwards. Thats when he noticed it, he fell asleep during the fishing contest in Mossdeep city, but that was more than 7hrs ago.

"How could I be so careless." Reiji muttered to himself sitting down contemplating his poor judgment. He had messed up yet another easy task, one that required almost no skill at that. Kenta looked up at Reiji trying to catch his attention. Reiji didn't pay him much attention as he was already lost in thought attempting to figure a way out of their predicament. Knowing his owner wouldn't listen to him in the given situation he nibbled on Reiji's leg, snapping him back to consciousness. The ferret pokemon pointed into the darkness to a faint light in the distance, and after shortly picked a pokeball off of Reiji sash. Looking down at the furry creature Reiji understood where Kenta was coming from. "You know your my favorite pokemon right." he said to the pokemon a smile returning to his face. He took the poekball from his fuzzy companion and threw it into the air. The red and whit ball cracked open revealing his Buizel. "Alright, Tina I need you to do me a big favor. I going to need you to use your water gun to propel us towards that light" Nodding her head the pokemon hopped toward the rear of the dingey and let out a powerful stream of water.With the situation now taken care of Reiji was able to relax and enjoy the gentle spray of the water as the boat pressed forward. Kenta had found a spot next to Tina and seemed to be doing a sort of cheer to keep the orange colored pokemon's spirit up.

After roughly ten minutes of travel the party had reached their destination. They had made it to Pacifidlog Town. Reiji had recognized the town due to the fact that every building and walkway was supported by a bundle of logs. Upon stepping off of the dingey, Reiji immediately began searching for a pokemon center. He was carrying buizel on is back, since it was obvious she was worn out by her appearance. Her face was pale and was also breathing rather heavily. He only hoped he hadn't pushed the pokemon too hard due to one of his own foolish mistakes. Spotting it around the corner Reiji raced around the corner and bolted through the door towards the counter. "Excuse me Nurse Joy" he said panting as if he were a dog on a hot day "Can you please heal my Buizel, I think.....I think I may have pushed her a bit too hard." "Oh dear, this pokemon is in pretty bad shape" Replied the nurse examining the pokemon. "Try not to let this happen again or your pokemon may loose faith in you. "But don't worry we should have her fixed up in a jiffy, just hand me her pokeball." Reiji plucked the small center ball from his sash and handed it over watching his pokemon disappear behind two doors. Knowing everything would be fine Reiji walked over to a vacant table and sat down laying his head against the back of the seat. Kenta jumped onto his lap and curled into a ball in hopes of comforting the trainer. Reiji started stroking him softly. Soon enough he fell deep into the depths of his mind.

April 23rd, 2008, 2:29 AM
There was a loud bang from somewhere across the island, her pointed ears dipped a little in fright and her eyes scanned the area thoroughly. “What was that?”
Arcanine gave a whimper and started to back off behind his master, she rolled her eyes and stepped aside so she could kneel besides him. “Look, Jake. Were not gonna get anywhere if you continue like this okay?” She ran her hand through his mane again and smiled lightly. “Now shhh, take a deep breath and lets just get this over, yeah?” It seemed a purple glow emitted around the Arcainine for a split second before it was gone and then he was suddenly in tip top shape again. He took a large breath inward before he let it go again and before Aihsa knew it he was leaning down for her to hop aboard his back. Aisha grinned widely and complied, making herself comfortable atop the large canine. “Okay then, lets go and find out what that bang was.”
Jake took off at full speed along the ruined island, hoping over rubble when he needed to. It came as quite a surprise when they came up along side a Ponyta running in a circular motion around the ruins. Aisha raised an eyebrow and watched the Ponyta who slowly came to realize that it was being stared at, but it continued its patrol of the area. ‘That’s…just a little weird.’ She thought.
She followed the Ponyta for a while and before long she could make out a figure from afar. She squinted in order to get a better look at the person and as she got nearer she recognized it to be one of the boys that had been fighting at the village not long ago. She huffed “Whats he doing here? Okay Jake, just stop by here we need to see if he’s okay at least before we continue.”

The dog did as ordered and came to a stop along side the boy. Aisha jumped off and brushed herself of the fur. “I think you need a brush” She stated and watched in amusement at the dog backed off and growled. She chuckled before turning her attention to the boy slumped against the rock. “Hey, are you okay?” She asked, stepping closer and as she did so her face twisted in shock. “Man, you’ve been beaten up pretty bad.” She took off her backpack and threw it at the side of the boy., she then continued to kneel in front of him. She took up his arm in her hands and inspected it thoroughly. It was not looking good, from what she could tell it was dislocated at least, she could fix that, but the rest was going to have to be attended to properly. She looked up at the boy and so that he was in more pain now than what he would be if she popped the arm back into place.
“How the hell did you do this?” She asked, taking up her backpack from the side of the rubble and unzipping it. “You must have got yourself into a bit of trouble to wind up with an arm like this.”
She rummaged through her back and let out a light ‘ahaha’ when she found what she was looking for. She took a few bandages and wipes from her bag and a box of needles and tablets.
“Which must mean that I was right and there was something out here.” She muttered. “The sea is a mess from this place and I just knew there was something going on out hear for the Pokemon to be acting so weird. I could just tell from the mission report.”

She unravelled some bandages and took the top off of one of her injections. She tested the injection and looked up at he boy cheerfully. “I’m a professional, don’t let my age fool you, I’ve been properly trained in this and besides, you need to treat these things as soon as possible and then we can get you to the nurse. You ready?”
Jake whimpered and bowed his back so that he could put his paw over his eyes, he hated it when his master did this. It looked so painful.

April 23rd, 2008, 4:43 AM
‘Listen, dude, from the moment I came through those doors, I haven’t spoken a word, okay? What part of that sentence do you not understand?’

Her words would echo violently in his ears as she spoke them. It was evident she was completely uninterested; he could feel her looking straight through him, as if he was a window. He felt awkward after her rhetorical question, so he decided it would be best for him to go sit back down and leave the girl alone. Instead of saying anything, he just stammered a bit and went to turn away. He would grab both sleeves with the same hands, left in left and right in the right. With both hands sweaty and clammy, he begun to wipe them on the inside, folding the hole of his sleeve into his clenched fists, rubbing vigorously. He noticed the Haunter flittering around again. With his back now to her, he heard a different tone of voice come from behind him;

‘Dusk likes you’

He ignored it, knowing it was probably in his head again. He couldn’t believe he was hearing voices – ‘Great, another ****ed up characteristic, just keep gaining them, eh Alexian’, he aggressively thought as he went to sit down in the chair next to his original seating. During his ‘adventure’ with the girl, there had been quite a few new faces that had entered. One girl was sitting a little way to his right, and a few people had entered the Pokemon centre and had been speaking to Nurse Joy.
Alexian didn’t pay any attention to the other people, he was more focused on the incident before, he still couldn’t understand why he did what he did. ‘Maybe I’m epileptic?’ he thought to himself, knowing the answer already. ‘Maybe I could make it happen again?’ – he contemplated. He thought about it, maybe its some sort of inner power like in the movies. ‘I might aswell try...’ he said clenching both fists. Doing so he started to squeeze his hands really hard, and closed his eyes tight – this was sure to work. Gritting his teeth, he started to make a noise...


Obviously – anyone spectating would think Alexian was constipated. Inhaling deeply he stopped and sighed. 'Obviously I don't have any super powers then, or that would have worked'. Opening his eyes he looked around to see if anyone saw him – Catching Nurse Joy’s eye, she looked quite frightened. She smiled a plastic smile with a true emotion of worry. ‘Great – She’ll probably take my Pokemon away from me, coz she thinks I’m some nutcase’. Alexian couldn’t wait to get out of there – he just wanted to get his Pokemon, and go back to his grandmother now. If everyone was like that girl towards him, then he doubted he could handle the life of a Pokemon Trainer. He knew it’d probably be a disappointment for Clang and Runt, but he just wasn’t ready for this.

Trainer Kat
April 23rd, 2008, 12:53 PM
Jett released a sigh. He knew by now that crying wasn't going to bring Akihiko back, nor was it going to stop people from blaming him for Heather's death. He knew that, but that didn't preclude tears from careening down his cheeks at the most inopportune moments. He glanced down at Dusclops who, in turn, looked back up at him. Once more, it was the look he had consistently received from Akihiko. Jett hastily returned Dusclops to its Pokéball and stood, wandering over to the front desk. He returned to his seat with two apples, taking one in his fist and bringing it to his mouth. The boy was just about to sink his teeth into it, when he was startled by a shrill screech.

"Heey~y!" He looked up.

"Oh. my. God." he mumbled, jaw dropping. He had never seen anyone this flamboyant in all his life. The offender was a girl a year or two younger than he, long mint green hair cascading down her back. Instantly, he felt a twinge of sadness deep inside. The color was nearly identical to that of Aki's eyes. She was clad in far too much green and white for his taste. In fact, the hyperactivity was not to his liking at all.

"I'm Sierra, and this is Chikorita!" With that, she thrust her hand into his personal space before adding, "And you are?" Jett sat there for a moment, his eyes bugging out of his head and his mouth agape. When he finally regained his composure, he set the apple down on the table near its companion and slapped her hand away with the back of his hand.

"Who do you think you are, coming up to someone you don't even know and introducing yourself?" At this point he glanced down at Chikorita. "What is that thing? A turtle with a leaf sprouting out of its head?" He laughed. "It looks ridiculous!" With those words, he placed his feet upon the table, finally bringing the apple to his lips. It made a loud crunch as his teeth cut through the skin. He was effectively ignoring her.

Sweet Dreams
April 23rd, 2008, 2:14 PM
Cara sighed with relief, rolling her eyes before she noticed all four of her Pokémon staring at her reproachfully. She froze, giving them all looks which they knew to mean “What the hell’s gotten into you?” Instead of answering her, Dazz and Dusk simultaneously headed towards the guy, ignoring the odd face he made along with the sound for no apparent reason. Glimmer followed, arriving at the boy’s side first. Contemplating for a moment, Atra stretched and, with a stately dignity, swept herself to the table as well. Cara gaped after them furiously.

She knew what they were doing; they were trying to make her go over there – and she had to, eventually, to get them back in their Pokéballs. Rather than give them what they want right away, however, she just took a swig of water before trading it in for her sketchbook. The thing was old and worn, not because she had been using it for a long time or anything like that, but because she found it in her attic. She had only used five pages or so out of the sixty-nine allocated to the book. Her pages were filled with people and Pokémon, interacting together, and although they seemed to be mostly in dissent, there was the occasional glimpse of happiness, too.

Inspecting the room carefully, her eyes kept being drawn to the guy with her Pokémon gathered around him. *Fine then, I’ll draw them; it’s lucky for me that they know when I’m drawing, I forget the time.* She thought, quickly sketching the outline for them. That done, she spotted another couple which consisted of a guy with his feet on the table, and a girl with odd-coloured hair who were intermingling fairly poorly. Flipping to another page, she sketched the two in roughly, as well, holding all their faces, clothes and body shapes in her mind. She held a pencil up, measuring the proportion of their bodies against it, before correcting a slight mistake. She worked quickly and sketchily to get their main characteristics on the page, making notes about the shadow and light that fell on both the couple and the guy.

Of course, unknown to herself, she felt content when she was sketching, and a smile played on her lips. She tried to flick her hair out of the way, leaving it alone when it fell back to where it was. It was hard to accurately draw living beings, for they were constantly moving and changing, which was why her first sketches were complete and utter failures. She focussed on the details first and only completed as far as the head before they moved or changed. It was hard going before she finally worked it out. Drawing people was so much more fun than talking to them.

April 23rd, 2008, 2:40 PM
"Who do you think you are, coming up to someone you don't even know and introducing yourself?" The boy remarked, the phrase sounded quite critical, however, Sierra wasn't one to take offence. "What is that thing? A turtle with a leaf sprouting out of its head?" He laughed. "It looks ridiculous!" With those words, he placed his feet upon the table, finally bringing an apple to his lips. It made a loud crunch as his teeth cut through the skin.

"Don't be silly, I just want to be your friend!" she yelled enthusiastically, giving the boy an ear to ear smile. Sierra placed her arms on her hips. She displayed a face that indicated deep thought and placed her index finger on her chin, inquisitively. Affter about three seconds of this posed she turned her attention towards Chikorita. "Chikorita! What've I told you about offending people?! Say sorry to the nice boy!" she articulated before scooping the Pokémon up. After which she practically thrusted the leaf Pokémon into his face. "See, she's a Chikorita, not a Turtle."

<"Put-me-down!"> Chikorita protested as she tried to struggle free from her Trainer's surprisingly strong grasp.

"Mmk," she said to Chikorita. She placed her gently on the floor. "See if you can grab me a spot in the Ice Cream queue!" Sierra told her Pokémon. Chikorita seemed only happy to oblige; probably the thought of Ice Cream. Sierra's electric blue eyes fell on the boy. "So, you like Apples? I prefer Bananas, my Tropius grows Bananas... you wanna see?!" she asked, or rather yelled, as she started to rummage around in her bag for the Premier Ball.

April 23rd, 2008, 3:11 PM
Why did this place ever appeal to me so much? Erin thought absently, extending a delicate hand to her lips to supress a yawn. Her other hand lay on the shining red surface of the table set before her, tapping almost insanely to a soundless beat all of it's own. Erin blinked, raising the wrist upon which her Poketch was wrapped around,checking the time, which much to her dismay had only progressed two minutes since she had last checked it. Frowning, Erin's gaze slowly began to expand across the room, surveying the others around her for the first time since she had entered the building. After she had sat down at the table, and Cherub had left her side in a rage, Erin hadn't removed her eyes from the table in front of her, her focus intense on the hand still tapping along madly before her. But now, Erin was finding herself enthralled with this strange bunch. They weren't your average bunch of Pokemon trainers, that was for sure. Erin couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she felt something different about each and every one of them, something uncommon. But then again, maybe she was wrong. Maybe she was just so desperate not to be the only one with the seemingly useless Psycho visions that she couldn't even be sure were really happening, that her disillusioned mind was now creating false companions for herself.

Yeah right. She thought, feeling like an idiot for even allowing herself to dream up such absurd thoughts.

There's nothing wrong with any of these people. I can't believe I even thought-- what would be the odds of us all finding each other here in the same building in the same town? Like one in a million?

Erin chuckled lightly, careful not to let it be heard aloud by any of the other trainers surrounding her. She was sitting alone in a booth staring at a hand and a Salt Shaker. There really was nothing very humorous about that, and if she suddenly burst into laughter now, she would be regarded as a moron, or a lunatic most likely.

Or maybe they would just ignore me. Erin thought, the statement popping spontaneously into her head, almost as if somebody else had said it.
That would be the worst. Erin frowned, picking up the Salk Shaker, holding it up close to her eye, her eye following the tiny crystals of salt as they tumbled about each other in side.

Well, i've definitely lost it. She decided, setting down the salt shaker. My mind can't be all there if i'm looking to Salt Shakers for entertainment. Just as Erin had arisen from her seat, deciding to round up Cherub and move on, a strange sound stopped her in her tracks.


Erin raised an eyebrow at the sound, a tiny giggle erupting from her, as her gaze instantly averted on the boy who had made it. He looked a little disappointed, and she noticed immediately the sigh that escaped his lips. Holding a hand up to her mouth in an attempt to muffle the giggles that came bursting out simultaneously, Erin tried to stop, but to no avail. Finally, she gave up, turning to the boy as a crooked smile settled across her pale face.

"Are you okay?" She asked, feeling sorry for laughing at him.

Not ten seconds after she had uttered this sentence, she sensed a commotion coming from the corner closest to her, at one of the tables she had seen seated with a boy and a girl. Obviously she had been wrong, horribly wrong, about the relationship between the two people at both tables. She couldn't hear every word that was being exchanged between the two, but she could clearly note a hostile tone in the boy's voice, his expression making it quite clear that the girl sitting across him's presence was unwelcome. Erin shuddered, chills rapidly descending down her spine, and she cringed, as he slapped her hand away from him. He then only proceeded to make matters worse, insulting the cute little Chikorita that sat obediently at her side. Erin felt her eyes narrow, and her brow dip down, but she said nothing, simply glowering for several seconds in his direction, knowing perfectly well that he wouldn't give a damn what she thought about his actions, but deciding to let it be known anyways. She felt like going over and asking the girl if she would like to sit with her, but then rejected the idea, convincing herself that all she would get in turn for the offer is a laugh in the face. Her cheeks flushed red, and turning away from the two others, glanced behind her to see what the other girl was doing. To Erin's surprise, she was sketching. Erin peered over a little to see what she was sketching, and saw roughly the shapes of the boy and the girl, along with her Chikorita, taking form across the sheet. Erin smiled, obviously amused, as she continued to watch the girl's pencil move rapidly across the page.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she felt her head exploding with what felt like the impact of a train, and she gasped aloud, grabbing fearfully at her head as she knew what was coming. Now instead of staring at the other girl's hand, she was staring blankly into her eyes, her own flashing first a frigid ice blue, then burning red and orange with flame, and finally dancing with bolts of electricity. Her mouth fell open unknowingly as a series of images all flooded into her mind at once.

A Heavy ball wiggling once, twice, three times, the pinging, signifying something caught. A thin-looking ebony-haired boy sinking back against a pile of rubble. A glimpse of a corner of the Spear Tower as a girl with oddly-colored hair popped an arm back into place. An Arcanine with his back arched, growling.

While most visions that came to Erin were clear, and straight-forward, and had no gaps in the events occuring in them, this one was a bit different in nature, as it had shown her only snippets of different scenes compiled together, and not an event as a whole as it usually did. Erin shook her head instantly as a reflex, once the brief vision clearing out a horrible throbbing filling her head.

"He's hurt." She said aloud, to no in particular, as she noticed a sick feeling eating away at the pit of her stomach. She clutched at it, and stood, ignoring the intense migraine filling her head now. She had no clue as to what to do about it, as having the location of the two people didn't seem to help much, because if she told Nurse Joy or any other person of that sort, they would just think her crazy and lock her up. How would she know, anyways? Erin could just picture it now. Or else they would arrive at the Spear Tower, and the surrounding land would be completely deserted. That would be just her luck.

So sitting back down quietly, avoiding the eyes of every other person in the room, Erin moved about anxiously now, thin arms shaking as she bit her lower lip, cursing her powers and wondering why the legendary birds hadn't granted her something more useful, like super-strength, or healing abilities.

I really hope they're okay. Erin thought sincerely, shoulders slumping glumly as the vision replayed through her mind, over and over and over again, refusing to be forgotten.

April 23rd, 2008, 5:31 PM
"You know I don't think you should mix those chemicals together, You may end up blowing up the chem lab again." declared the small girl, her amber eyes fixated upon the beaker in Reiji's hand. "Look Reiji if you're not going to do something stupid again don't bother bringing me down with you." Angrily the girl yanked the beaker from his hand and left the work station. "I can't believe I messed up again." Reiji muttered to himself in embarrassment. He could feel the glares of the entire class on his back. He knew by now not to turn around when these things happened. It always ended up worse, especially when he tried to defend himself. "Guess I'll have to keep working on my own" Head hanging down Reiji picked up another beaker this one containing a purple liquid and began to stare at it. It had no label to tell what chemical it was so it would be impossible to say what would happen. going against the basic rules of his chemistry class he decided to mix the strange liquid with yellowish solution sitting in front of him. Pouring the purple substance slowly, Reiji grew anxious to see what reaction it would have. As the two liquids mixed they turned a dark gray before fizz. While observing his creation, Reiji noticed that the simple fizz was growing more violent. Within seconds it began to pop and spew over everything within 3 feet, covering Reiji's hair and most of his clothes. Immediately the class erupted into laughter as they watched Reiji try to quell what he thought had been the best chemical reaction ever. The teacher soon quited the class down and proceeded to aid the distressed boy. While helping Reiji the teacher caught a whiff of something horrible. Never had she smelt a stench more odious and repulsing as this. With the situation growing worse the teacher began to evacuate the floor of all students and faculty. The student lined up outside Reiji in the back wishing he were invisible at the moment. All he could hear was the whispers of the children around him, mocking him, jesting about how he smelt. "Hey are you the kid that did........"

"So, you like Apples? I prefer Bananas, my Tropius grows Bananas... you wanna see?!" exclaimed an unfamiliar voice.

Stirring Reiji opened his eyes in attempt to focus on where the voice had come from. It was a girl probably a couple of inches shorter than him. It appeared that she was talking to a rather pale boy, who oddly enough was wearing dress clothes. From the looks of it the two seemed to be okay with each other, though gray haired boy did seem to be ignoring her or at least trying to do so. Averting his eyes from the two teens over toward the doors behind which his water pokemon had disappeared. He started to worry knowing that Tina detested most if not all humans other than himself. He could picture her struggling and fighting against the nurse. Hopefully she hadn't become violent, as that never ended well. Last time she had an outburst the trainer needed to get sixteen stitches on his left thigh. That unfortunate event cost him almost all of his money, which was the purpose of him entering that fishing contest in the first place. But he couldn't much now but wait and hope for the best. After all it was the best thing for Tina to be treated by people who knew how to help her. Now gazing down at the table in front of him Reiji watched the sleeping Kenta. It seemed that the two always watched each other while they slept. The pokemon rolled over toward Reiji while beginning to stretch, his legs brushing gently across Reiji's jacket. This action though involuntary eased Reiji's nerves making it easier for him as he continued his long wait.

April 24th, 2008, 5:11 AM
After sitting in his comfortable yet small seat, contemplating his actions on whether he should just throw in the towel or not, he noticed the girl with an attitude problem was alone. ‘I wonder where her lol went’. While looking around, he flinched as his head turned left and then right, realising that he was now being accompanied by her companions. He was shocked – Why would they follow him over here? They looked like they wanted to be friends. ‘Dusk likes you…That must be the name of this Haunter’ he remembered what he heard earlier, coming to the conclusion they were most probably pulling a trick on him.

He would sigh again, and with that he looked up and was surprised to see a girl giggling. ‘Great, I must have something on my face. Don’t wipe it yet, just do it slyly while turning away’. Alexian tried to look cool, and put his sleeve up to his face. Swiping quickly like a cat grooming itself.

“Are you ok?” she had asked him in a concerned tone.

‘OH NO, she saw me…Doing that…What do I say…’ Alexian was lost for words, he kept the girl waiting atleast 3 hours for an answer – Well that’s how it felt, it was more like 30 seconds;

“Yeah, I am fine uh – um…I thought I had super powers…”

‘…Dude…Are you NUTS?’ he scolded himself, while smiling faintly up at the girl. He just knew when he went to go out those two glass doors, there will probably be people in white with straight jackets waiting for him. ‘Quick, quick, think of something to say….’

“…Have you got superpowers?” he would stammer out with a goofy smile.

‘….<PalmFace> You really are pathetic….’

He found it harder to breathe, and found his eyes flittering around the room, avoiding eye contact with the girl. After his last sentence, he immediately brought his sleeve to his mouth, and begun to nibble like crazy. He could feel the fabric fraying at the ends, swaying along with the remains of his spit as his throat became dry. He really wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole. But instead, she just looked absently at nothing, and then walked away to sit back down. She looked a bit shaken...

April 24th, 2008, 11:48 AM
The night air swept through Breck's hair as he lay against the cold stone. The chilled sand underneath him didn't make the situation any better, he would definitely need to set up camp soon. A familiar light appeared in the distance and grew closer.

"Oh good... Ponytas back from her rounds, I'll have her start a fire. Then I should be able to warm up and at least inspect my injuries... wait whats that behind her?" He said calmly to himself as he squinted. "Could it be.. another crazed pokemon?" His self observation was cut short as his partner trotted alongside him.

"You were followed." He said scorning the small horse. "DNA...Analyze"

His eye quickly changed colors as he inspected the enclosing figure. Half of it shown a bright orange glow while the top half had no aura. He shut his eye, letting it approach closer. "So its the Arcanine from Pacifidlog.... the figure on top must be the volcano haired girl. So she came..." He said softly aloud. She grew closer until she was at his location. Ponyta stood at ready, awaiting her master's command.

"Hey, are you okay?" She said upon arrival. He attempted to muster a response but the pain was starting to definitely grow on him. His first aid talents were very lacking for a trainer, but then again he didn't travel the world like a normal trainer. He had no badges... nor a need for survival techniques. Long trips were funded by the Pokeweekly employment department. She continued to ask questions until finally asking the question Breck knew was approaching

"How the hell did you do this to yourself?" She asked, inspecting the vicious injury. He paused for brief second, trying to even figure out where to start.

"It was a pokemon... it didn't even attempt battle with my pokemon, it just attacked me. A Lairon, it was unusually aggressive especially since the Aron evolutions are normally quite Docile, spending their time digging for iron to eat and don't attack unless provoked... Long story short, i got hit with Iron Head... then a Take Down. I'd show you but he's not exactly tired out in this ball..." He said as he rolled the Heavy Ball over to her.

She began inspecting his arm more while pulling out bandages from her bag. "I'm a professional, don't let my age fool you" She said while approaching him. She came closer to his arm, as alarm began to raise in Breck's mind.

"A professional WHAT?! What're you doing? Get away from that!" He began to squirm trying to get away but she was too quick. With samurai speed she injected his arm with the foreign substance.

"HOLY SH*% WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM OH MY %$#^ YOU ^$#@$" Breck wasn't one to appreciate forced treatment, but he had to admit it made his arm feel better. Ponyta instantly jumped on guard, her flames ignited, licking the dark night sky the enveloped them. Albrecht slowly reached up with his good arm, blowing two high pitched whistles. Instantly, Ponyta pulled back her flames to a calm height. He gave another long, high pitches whistle. Within moments, the large Mantine erupted through the surface of the water a few yards away on the shore and Sandslash popped from under the earth next to Breck, both of them with faces of attacking intent. Another two whistles instantly put them at a relaxed position as Mantine left for deeper waters to play around. It was Breck's way of showing the girl that he had been ready to defend himself at any time but for the moment, but a degree of trust with her.

"Sorry about that... I wasn't really ready for it. But.. thank you. I should introduce myself, the name is Albrecht... Albrecht Pierson. Please call me Breck though. You may know me if you read PokeWeekly, i'm a photographer there. These are my 3 companions, Ponyta, Sandslash, and Mantine out there playing in the ocean. We're here inspecting the collapse of Sky Pillar but we were kind of... attacked. So we're stuck here until morning." He explained to her. "So theres my reason, whats a young girl like you doing here with such a strong Arcanine and medical expertise doing on this island by yourself at night? I doubt you're meeting your boyfriend for a date." He remarked sarcastically.

He quickly realized that he hadn't seen her Arcanine in action yet and probably had said too much.

"Maybe she wont notice that I know the strength of her Arcanine... at least I didn't say what attacks it knows, that would have taken some explanation..." He thought to himself scornfully.

Awaiting an answer, he leaned back against the cool rock and sighed while the medicine continued to take it's pain numbing effect.

Sweet Dreams
April 24th, 2008, 2:36 PM
The shapes were slowly becoming sharper on the page, each person and Pokémon attaining a certain character to their being. The way their body language spoke volumes of who they were, who they thought they were, and what they wanted other people to think of them as was a remarkable thing. Dimly, she was aware of somebody who was sitting in front of her gasping, but ignored it. She was absorbed in catching the expression of the guy’s face as he bit into an apple, and the girl’s undeterred smile. She lay out their clothes precisely, making sure to add every rumple and crease onto the paper. She heard someone say something in worried tones, but paid it no attention.

Now that she had drawn in enough detail and made enough notes to continue working on it later, she flipped back to the outline of the guy and all her Pokémon surrounding him. Glancing up, she spied the girl she was drawing before hold up a premier ball, shouting “I prefer bananas, my Tropius grows bananas… Wanna see?!” Cara made up her mind then and there that everybody in the town was mental. *Oh well, it makes them much more interesting to draw.* She thought before turning to analyse the guy. Slipping once again into the trance-like state that was brought on by either daydreaming or drawing, she painstakingly recorded and captured the expressions on their faces with just a pencil and some paper. However, in the back of her mind, she lamented the absence of her paints so that she could take on the challenge of mixing every colour to as close to the original as it could possibly be. She was especially interested in the shade of green that coloured the girl’s hair. However, she had the next best thing, and that was enough.

Dusk levitated around the guy’s head, wondering what his name was. Of course, he couldn’t resist looking him in the eye when their faces were level, and sticking his hand through the guy’s face. Dazz laughed along with him at the guy’s reaction. Glimmer twitted at them to stop scaring the kid, but they shrugged it off. Since they really did like him, however, Dazz hopped onto the table and licked his face apologetically, whining to Glimmer all the time about the thing being a bit of fun. Dusk joined in, clasping his claws in a begging motion. She started lecturing the two on feelings, snapping her claws, when they lectured her back on fun. Atra just laid her head on the knee of the guy who should’ve been pretty confused by then.

Getting tired of the table, Dusk sped off to examine the other trainers in the area. There was a girl who looked quite shaken with long, blue hair. He brought himself suddenly to face her, his head only inches away from hers, grinning. Dazz watched from the table before turning back to the interesting guy and barked happily. Glimmer just huffed at them both, before noticing that Atra was signalling at her to look at their friend. She was sketching, and they all knew about her trances. But, if the guy didn’t go anywhere, then they could wait.

April 25th, 2008, 2:41 AM
‘How does he know about Jake’s strength?’ She wondered, raising an eyebrow but quickly regained her control and smiled warmly at the boy. ‘Maybe it was just a compliment’. She proceeded to pack her things away into her backpack apart from the bandages and replied “My names Aisha Lorenzo. I’m a Pokemon Ranger from Fuchsia City. I have to know how to use medical equipment a little if there’s no Nurse around to perform the action in a dire situation, so that’s where I got my medical ability from and as for why I’m out here: We’ll I came out here on a mission. People say that there has been some strange goings on around here with the Pokemon and they didn’t know why. I assumed it was something to do with the current but we have all ready been underwater, so my second guess was that there was something wrong here. The sea Pokemon are staying well clear of it, even after it collapsed.” She sighed and for a moment looked as if she was in deep thought. Almost instantly she was torn from her thoughts by Jake nudging her side, she grinned and ran a hand through the mane yet again. “Oh yeah, this is Jake, I’ve had him since he was just a small Growlithe pup and that’s Kenai…” She nodded towards the Golduck who was lazily staring up at the darkening sky. “Argh…he’s just lazy.” She took the pokeballs from her belt and let the rest of her team out. “This is Haku, Kankuro, Misa and Fafnir” The Riolu immediately ran off to go and play with Kenai, The Flaffy went to strike up a conversation with the boys Ponyta and both the Flygon and Onix curled up on the floor ready to go to sleep, they were in no mood for anything else tonight.

She shrugged her shoulders. “Looks like we’ll be camping here with you and no I wasn’t meeting my boyfriend. Being a Pokemon Ranger means that I have no time, I’m always on the move. It would be kinda unfair on them unless they wanted to travel with me or were a Pokemon Ranger themselves, ahahaha!” It was a little lame that she was laughing at her own loneliness in that department, but she had her Pokemon and that was really all she needed. “Oh well. Sorry about the pain.” She apologized, unraveling the bandage and proceeding to wrap it around the boys arm and shoulder so it hung in a sling. “Dislocations are the worst, even more so than a broken bone. But the medicine will keep you alive and kicking for a while until we can get you to a nurse or something tomorrow morning to get some medicine or something. I have a limited supply on me and I don’t think I have anything edible for you to have, only injections.”
Jake came to her side and curled up behind her to act as some sort of makeshift pillow. She leaned back against the warmth and the Arcanines tail immediately wrapped around her like a blanket. “You have something to keep you warm for the night?” She asked.
If he didn’t she always had Misa that would keep him comfortable and warm, she knew the Flaffy wouldn’t mind, in all honesty she was too dopy to even know she was being used as a pillow. Aisha chuckled at the thought and made herself comfortable, she watched as Haku pestered Kenai who was obviously warn out for the day and not in the mood, this was evident from the fact that the Golduck was trying his best to rid himself of the annoyance.

“Oh and you say a Larion attacked you. Why?”

April 27th, 2008, 1:37 AM
"I could've sworn the guide said something about there being Mago Berries here...I wonder where they are..."

He had been scouring the beach for almost an hour since he arrived and hadn't come across a single shrub, let alone a berry tree, which was really the whole reason for him coming out to Sky Pillar. After hearing word that there were hordes of Mago Berries growing there, he immediately set off for the island with the hopes of finding some to use for a new recipe he had come up with; a recipe so fantastic that it'd completely redefine the meaning of 'sweet' into a whole new sensual orgy of flavour. The only problem was...there weren't any.

Proceeding along the rock-scattered beach, the Pokemon Chef continued his search without much luck.

"Oi Camerupt!" he suddenly called into the distance, where an unmoving Pokemon stood, its head buried in the sand. "Did you find anything?"

In response, a spout of steam erupted from the sand's surface where the camel's head lied. Shaking off the millions of golden grains encasing his fur, the camel looked up at his trainer before shaking his head.

"No luck, huh?" he sighed, seeing the Pokemon's response. "I guess we'll just keep at it then, there's bound to be something around here..."

Grunting, the camel let out a snort of its own name, tired of searching for something that didn't exist. It was then that he heard one of the most blood-curling cries in the distance, followed by a number of unexpected and unwarranted expletives.

There were other people on the island? He thought he'd be the only one there at this time of day, let alone ever, and he had come just for the berries, the reason why someone else would come to Sky Pillar mystified him. Maybe they were natives, but that didn't make any sense considering the size of the place, as well as the lack of vegetation on the island, no one could survive there.

"Must be travellers..." he muttered to himself, motioning his sandy partner to follow as he led the way across the beach, towards the source of the commotion, "I wonder if they're alright."

Turning the corner, a rather unusual scene came into view. Stopping in his tracks, causing his Camerupt to run into his backside, he looked up to see a party of Pokemon made up of all different shapes, sizes and types. Most of them weren't even native to the region, so why were they there? Curious as to where the rather obscure assortment of Pokemon had come from, he continued to make his way towards the crowd before once again stopping in his tracks as something else caught his attention, invariably causing a rather irrate Camerupt to run into his backside again.

"S-Sorry buddy," he waved off with a nervous smile, "but I think we just found out who was yelling before."

Seeing the two individuals, one male and the other female, he proceeded to make his way towards them to see who they were and if they knew about what had happened only a few moments ago with all of the flying obscenities. Nearing the site, he saw that the girl was using one of the accompanying Pokemon, an Arcanine in this case, as a cushion, while the boy continued to lie against an upturned stone beside her. Noticing his beaten and bruised arm, he suddenly piped up in concern, now even more curious as to who they were what they were doing.

"Whoa! Hey, are you alright?" he started, stepping up to the strangers. "What happened here?"

April 27th, 2008, 8:38 AM
So she was a Pokemon Ranger, that explained quite a bit, but the question about what happened to him once again arose in conversation as she nuzzled against her Arcanine. One would think a Ranger would have been a little bit more observant at the conversation since he had already mentioned what happened, but you never know, everyones different. As Breck prepared to explain again, he was soon cut off by an unfamiliar voice and figure approaching.

"Whoa hey are you alright?" he said startled, looking at Breck's arm. "what happened here?"

Breck sighed with an aggravated tone. This would be the third time he's tried to explain even if he didn't know this kid. He looked around as once again, his team was on guard, eying the newcomer maliciously. Albrecht reached his hand to his mouth, tweeting two whistles, once again putting them at ease. He could tell just by looking at this kid that he wasn't a threat.

"I was attacked... by a Lairon who seemed to battling my pokemon to try and take me out. But the thing is, it didn't start attacking until i unleashed my....um nevermind. I don't know, it must have just been crazed..." He quickly covered up his slip of tongue. "All that being said, who are you and what are you doing here?" He asked sternly, cutting to the chase.

After receiving his answer, Breck leaned back against the hard stone, looking to the stars then back to his team. He pulled the small emergency blanket from his backpack and turned to Sandslash and Ponyta.

"Sandslash. Fire Wood. Ponyta. Campfire" He said with short authoritative words. Sandslash soon returned with a bundle of sticks and wood for burning as Ponyta ignited them with a small ember. The glow was warm as it lit the small area.

"Well new guy, you're welcome to camp with us until morning. I'll be leaving for Pacifidlog at that point to get this arm looked at. But until then, goodnight everyone." He said softly, he couldn't roll over from fear of rolling on his arm, so he just slumped down on his back and drifted into sleep, awaiting the next morning.

April 27th, 2008, 4:15 PM
The injured boy seemed somewhat annoyed with his sudden intrusion, which he could understand considering the state he was in, but past that, he just looked like an irritable person. Still, he explained what had happened, all much to his surprise, before starting to question him about his reason for being on the island.

"That's some story, kid," he started with a broad grin before noticing three specific Pokemon, who had been stink-eyeing him the whole time, retreat at the sound of their trainer's whistle, "anyway, I'm Korin, nice to meet you. As to why I'm here? Why, I'm here to find the ever delicious, the ever sweet and the ever sexy fruit, only known as...the Mago Berry!"

Seeing the boy's rather lacking reaction, the Pokemon Cook quickly composed himself and added, "Cause, you know, I'm a chef, and Mago Berries are sweet... They make good ingredients."

There was a brief pause between his explanation and the boy's response, to which he simply turned to his accompanying Pokemon and gave them orders to start setting up camp. He then offered, although rather reluctantly, that he was welcome to join him and the girl until morning, which was when he announced he would be returning to Pacifidlog.

"Oh, well, that might be alright," he started, looking cautiously around out of instinct, "yeah sure, why not?"

Quickly digging his hands into his trouser pockets, the Pokemon Cook retrieved two additional Pokeballs and threw them into the air, where each spun until they reached their maximum height before bursting open in a flash of light, releasing his two other partners.

"I hope you don't mind the intrusion," he continued with another grin, "but I'm good for it! Although I don't have a lot left, I can still make a pretty good soup out of what's left in my bag. These guys'll help too!"

The other boy, who now seemed completely disinterested, simply leaned back and closed his eyes. So much for gratitude. Still, the girl was there, along with a huge party of Pokemon, all able participants in trying out his ration soup. Then realising he hadn't yet introduced himself to the girl, he offered her the first bowl.

"You should try it," he laughed as he started laying out his tools of the trade, "it's good!"

Placing the pot onto the open campfire that the boy's Ponyta had so obediently produced, he then issued his newly summoned partner Octillery, to fetch some water for him to boil. Thinking about the octopus and its ability to filter water in itself, he realised that all of his Pokemon had some use or another in the kitchen, although that wasn't surprising considering he had caught them for administering such techniques. It was just the first time he had thought about them altogether, it was really quite remarkable.

"Thank you," he smiled as the orange bulb with legs returned and shot a jet of water into the steaming pot, "let's get started then."

It was as if something inside him awoke as he started preparing the meal, a force powerful enough to completely take over his body if its desire to do so was absolute, yet it didn't. It was a fleeting feeling that only arised during his preparations of food and disappeared just as quickly as it came, once he finished. He had first thought it was just his passion for cooking that got him all riled up but lately, the feeling had gotten much more intense. Of course, it wasn't exactly a bad feeling, it made making meals unlimitedly more enjoyable, but it did perk his curiosity.

"Oh crap! I forgot to start stirring!" he exclaimed, looking into the bubbling pot filled with an assortment of vegetables, stock and meat before grabbing a ladel from his bag and throwing it into the water. "Eheh...i-it's looking good."


"I didn't have a lot of dishes so some of you guys'll have to share!" he called out to the freshly laid array of soup sitting not too far away from their camp, made especially for all of the on hand Pokemon. "And that's all I got, so eat while it's hot or you'll spoil it!"

Turning back to the campfire, he scooped what was left in the pot before handing it to the girl who had yet to tell him her name, while simultaneously placing another bowl by the sleeping boy's side.

"Dig in," he whispered with a grin as to not wake the slumbering casualty.

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Trainer Kat
May 13th, 2008, 4:03 AM
"Don't be silly, I just want to be your friend!" The girl was practically shouting...there was no way that she knew just how loud she was, or she'd close her mouth. Jett offered her the sweetest smile he could muster.

"I don't want friends." After the words escaped his lips, he raised his shoulders and tilted his head to the side, eyes shut. In fact, had his sentence not been so anti-social sounding, passers-by might actually believe Jett to be a nice boy. Moments after he spoke, the Chikorita was thrust into his face. "Blech, get it away, it stinks," he shot back. He hated grass Pokémon, they all emitted odd odors. Though, some of the less...smelly grass Pokémon, he liked. Like the Bellsprout line. When he looked to Sierra once more, her electric blue eyes met with his slate ones. "What?"

"So, you like Apples? I prefer Bananas, my Tropius grows Bananas... you wanna see?!" She was screaming now. The green-haired girl began to rummage through her bag, apparently searching for the large grass Pokémon's Pokéball. Jett grabbed her shoulders and began to walk her to the other side of the Pokémon Center.

"Do not release that thing in here." He stopped when he reached the opposite corner of the room. "...Stay here," he mumbled, returning to his chair. A light yawn passed out of his mouth, and he released Duskull as he curled up into the plush armchair. The ghost Pokémon buried its face in Jett's chest, and, as Jett closed his eyes, his arms found their way around Duskull's body. What the people in the Pokémon Center were about to find out was that Jett was not a peaceful sleeper. How could he be? After all, his dreams only ever revolved around one of two things, both linked by one common thread. Death.

May 18th, 2008, 8:33 AM
I can't just sit around and do nothing. Erin thought anxiously, the sole of her flip-flop making a loud clacking noise as thoughtlessly she tapped it against the hardwood of the center's floor. Her brow furrowed her concentration, as absently, she raised a nail to her mouth to bite at it. It was one of her worst habits, really, but it was very calming, she thought, and with her hands-on occupation, Erin supposed perfect nails were virtually useless. As Erin attempted to hone her focus on her super-natural predicament, another had eased up just in front of her face, staring at her with what appeared to be a combination of fascination and bemusement.
As Erin's foot now tapped loudly in beat with her rapid nail-biting, the thing, which appeared to be a ghost-type of sorts, shifted slightly, catching her attention.

"GAH?!" Erin cried out, startled, as fear instantly penetrated her being. Her eyes nearly bulged from her skull, and as the shock finally passed from her system, she just edged as far back from the creature as she could be, her thin body hugging the booth as she stared petrified at the pokemon who continued to stare.

Why is it staring at me? Is it because it knows about my powers? Did it pry into my mind and see my vision?!

Erin was really creeped out now, and as she shuddered, goosebumps arose along her thin arms. The pokemon was a Haunter, she now realized. Not only a Ghost type, but also a Poisonous type. A deadly combination.

N-nice ghost thingy. She thought, just in case the pokemon was reading her mind. Erin didn't know a lot about Ghost-type pokemon, except that they were incredibly eery, and all seemed to have an ominous presence about them. Then, just as soon as the Haunter had appeared in her face, he soon seemed to lose interest and disappear, reappearing again at the opposite side of the room. Erin breathed a heavy sigh of relief, and after making sure he wasn't coming back, resumed in her thoughts.

But really, what am I supposed to do about it by myself? She responded to her own statement, letting her head drop so that it was cradled within both slender hands. Not a person occupying the Pokemon Center had even seemed to hear her spontaneous declaration, and even if they had, what would she say to them?

Hi, Nice to meet you. My name's Erin Tamayo, and I have some pretty sweet super-powers granted to me by Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. They let me see stuff that happens somewhere else, and there's a boy at the Spear Tower who got attacked by a Lairon.

First of all, are there even wild Lairon at the Spear Tower? Erin thought, her heart sinking at what the sure reactions of whoever she tried to tell would be.

"It's alright, miss. Everything's being taken care of. Just go quietly, and we won't have any problems."

Erin raised an eyebrow at the thought, trying to envision herself sitting within a padded room restrained by a straight jacket.

Huh. She thought, clearing her head of the vision. Well, it would look cute on me. She thought absently, standing up and immediately pulling the sundress that had begun to ride up her thighs. She meandered up to the Counter of the Pokemon Center, and picked out a couple of Moon pies, Cherub's favorite known treat as she slid them across the counter. She began flipping through a magazine while she waited for Nurse Joy to ring the items up, and nearly had heart failure when her eyes settled specifically on one page, on one face. A boy thin in appearance with ebony hair. Erin's eyes nearly popped out of her head as her mouth fell open, and she read the headline of the article again and again.

"Breck Pierson, renowned Journalist predicts another successful match again!"

Apparently, the face in the magazine page was the face Erin had seen in her vision, and this face of fame was pretty seriously injured. From what the article said, Breck Pierson was quite a character, being able to successfully predict the winners of hundreds of pokemon matches.

The article presented in this magazine was commemorating that. Here Breck was depicted in a full-body color picture taking up approximately half the page, standing side by side with a rather proud-looking Charizard and its trainer who were the apparent victors.

He must be a pretty big deal. Erin thought, closing the magazine abruptly and sheepishly handing over a handful of money to Nurse Joy who stood before her impatiently, arms crossed as she huffed. Erin took the Moon Pies and looked around for Cherub, who at the moment seemed to be conversing with an Absol. Erin grinned, and walked over to the Umbreon, slipping out one of the Moon Pies and waving it in front of her.

"Ready to go, Cherub?" She teased, slipping the snack cake open and pretending to take a bite. Narrowing her crimson eyes, the pokemon leapt daintily into the air, ripping the Moon Pie from between Erin's fingers, beginning to nibble happily at it as she lifted her nose high into the air, and began to walk in front of her trainer. Effortlessly, she pushed the door open with one delicate paw, and Erin rushed to get ouside before the door closed, fearful that she again wouldn't have the strength to open it. After scouring the town for at least several hours and not finding a single place cheap enough to lodge for the night, Erin and Cherub eventually just settled on the outskirts of town, taking shelter under a large, shady tree.

May 19th, 2008, 9:31 PM
The new arrival had definitely made himself comfortable among the group and Breck really had no idea how he had ended up camping on this island with two strangers but that was the least of his concerns.

He awoke the next morning to a gentle aroma wafting into his nostrils. He lazily woke up to see the late arrival from the night before bustling around busily preparing food. He sat upright as he scanned the surroundings through drowsy eyes. He picked up the bowl of soup and sipped it silently.

"...thanks" he said overtop the bowl to the boy.

The new day had brought a partly cloudy sky with Wingull gliding on the warm air currents above the island. It seemed peaceful enough... nothing like the previous evening's events. It almost seemed like a dream but the Heavy Ball laying on the ground near his feet and his bandaged arm were definitely painful reminders that it definitely happened... Breck brought himself to his feet, wincing slightly at the pain but standing none the less. He held his fingers to his mouth and let out a short, but incredibly loud high pitched whistle. In no time at all, Ponyta awoke from her slumber as did Sandslash. Mantine who had been playing happily in the early morning Ocean poked its head slightly above the surface of the water.

"Come on you three, we're leaving. Thank you for all the hospitality you two. I'll be sure to mention you in my next article, aye? I'm gonna head back to Pacifidlog and probably leave on Mantine from there. What were your names again?" Breck said as he pulled his camera from his bag with his good arm, taking quick pictures of his two companions.

"Hm... i'll remember those then..." He responded to their names. He walked to the shore line looking at Mantine as he prepared to hop on his back. "Come on buddy, we're headed to Pacifidlog."

Mantine's usually joyful face turned to a quick frown at the sound of their destination. It looked down into the water, flapping its fin and diving under water and coming back quickly, signaling a single direction under the surface.

"Whats up Mantine? Something down there?" Breck asked curiously. It was very uncommon for his pokemon to disobey. He looked to the other two who also seemed very restless about going to Pacifidlog. "Okay... well since you three seem so insistent about going down there. We'll go. But we need to go to town first got it? remember this?" He scolded his pokemon with the broken arm he held at his side.

The guilt trip of his team had worked as Mantine let Breck board his back. Breck stood tall, recalling his two partners. He sat cross legged on Mantine's back as he slowly pulled away from the shore.

"Hm... i'll need some equipment to go down there... not to mention i'll need to at least get this arm bandaged properly... so much to do. But we'll definitely see whats down there tonight. These three have me worried... last time they acted this way was around the time Deoxys gave me this eye..." He commented silently to himself.

Him and Mantine glided silently across the ocean surface towards town. Once they were done at Pacifidlog... the next stop... the Ocean Floor. There was definitely something down there.

Trainer Kat
May 21st, 2008, 11:50 AM
"Get it away from me!" The voice that emerged clearly sounded alarmed. Jett Donnovan's chest heaved as he slowly backed away from his 'assailant'. Just moments before, he and his Nidorino had been engaged in battle with the Starly that now pecked lightly at his dress shoes. In response to the fear that consumed him, Jett pulled his foot back and struck the Starly with one black-clad foot. The bird let out a shriek, causing his once-staunch trainer to withdraw her Pokéball, along with her Pokémon. She stormed off, though not before leaving Jett with a few choice words about his mistreatment of Pokémon. The pale boy slumped against the wall of the Pokémon Center, letting out a heavy sigh. If there was one thing he hated, it was bird Pokémon. Of course, he hated multiple things.

That morning, he had awoken, recalling Dusclops before grabbing an apple for breakfast. After leaving the Center, he had been promptly challenged by a brunette wearing next to nothing. The battle had gone smoothly, that is, until she had pulled out the Starly. In his panic, Jett had let Houndour get knocked out by the small bird, and Nidorino had taken a bit of damage. The Starly's trainer had erupted in laughter, at which point Starly had begun to peck at Jett's shoes. Now, as his head fell back against the brick, his thoughts were interrupted by the loud crash of waves falling back on the ocean. When he looked up, his eyes met with a figure he was certain he'd never lay eyes on again. Cross-legged on a Mantine, the male appeared to be favoring one arm. Jett, always one for conflict, stood and made his way towards the path on which the Mantine would certainly dock.

"Breck!" Jett growled. With his arms crossed and a scowl upon his face, he exuded rebellion. It was a stance he had often taken when his parents compared him to Heather (though unlike then, he would not recieve a beating this time). He grinned slyly. So. We meet again.

Sweet Dreams
May 23rd, 2008, 4:31 AM
The Ghost Pokémon chuckled at the girl’s reaction before speeding back to annoy Nurse Joy and disrupt her preparations for the night. Dusk passed the time by scaring small Pokémon, pressing brightly coloured buttons on unoccupied machinery, annoying other patients and “burrowing” things out of other, unimportant trainers’ pockets, forcing them to either chase after him or just be furious and seething.

He gave these items back in the end, of course; he had absolutely no use for them. It was funny to see puffed up young boys try and get their underwear back, however. He checked up on his human friend every once in a while because some of the other trainers and their Pokemon looked shifty.

Her head rested in her arms as she slept, having fallen unconscious sometime during sketching. The pad and pencil lay at the edge of the table, slipping onto the floor as Cara shifted slightly.

~ ’Daddy! Daddy!’ A six-year-old girl yelled, laughter bubbling from her as her father picked her up and spun her around in a circle.

‘Yes, what is it, Princess?’ He asked, rubbing their noses together.

‘I have a new friend!’ She exclaimed brightly, eager to tell her dad the good news.

‘Oh really? Who?’ He asked, watching in amusement as she scrunched up her face, remembering the levitating, deep purple orb that she was sure was a Pokémon.

‘They don’t want me to tell you. And I promised I wouldn’t, so I can’t tell you, but they’re real nice!’ She nodded, happily.

‘Well, then, you’ve got to keep your promises them, don’t you, Princess?’

‘Yeah!’ She hugged her father tightly, safe in his arms. ~

A long groan rang through the Centre as a grinning Haunter nudged a teenage girl awake. She stretched, wincing slightly as her muscles flared in pain, protesting the awkward position that she had kept them in during the night. Rubbing her eyes, she slowly stood, trying to relieve some of the soreness. It didn’t work.

Dusk chuckled behind a hand which was more for effect than to genuinely hide his amusement. His laughter doubled as she scowled at him and attempted to swat the Ghost away, bringing the rest of her Pokémon slowly to her. Then she remembered; she needed a job that payed halfway decently and that she could actually accomplish. Her stomach grumbled in a reminder that she hadn’t eaten anything since the boat trip last afternoon, effectively preventing her from marching out the door and getting herself into trouble.

Of course, breakfast was provided at the Pokémon Centre much cheaper than you could find anywhere else. Cara polished off two slices of toast and jam in record time before leaving the dishes for Nurse Joy, picking up her bags and striding out without a backwards glance. Her Pokémon, having finished their meals long before, followed her out the door.

Thus, the party did not notice the worn sketchbook lying closed on the floor, with only a name scribbled on the front in ink.

A content Glimmer, having received a good polish from the Nurse, watched another argument between two males beside the wharf, much like a couple had the day before. Then she had a vague suspicion that the two were the same as, or really quite similar to, the ones that had confronted each other the day before. Subconsciously, she had stopped in her tracks to watch, which caused the others in the group to turn and see what had caught her eye.

Loudly, a snort sounded somewhere to the left of the Scizor as her trainer smirked at the duo whom were, again, battling over their territory. It was easily compared to two male Rhyhorns, battling over their territory. When one lost, it nursed their wounded pride and trained itself by charging at anything unfortunate enough to get in its way. After a while, it would go back and challenge that same Rhyhorn and tried to win.

Since she only had a probably rather unprosperous morning ahead of her, Cara settled herself down, surrounded by the Pokémon who took their cue from her and watched the confrontation as if it were a soap opera. Dusk even managed to get some popcorn for himself, although Cara did not particularly want to know how. Leaning against Atra and crossing her arms, she gingerly rubbed a crick in her neck before raising an eyebrow in amusement, popping one of the buttered snacks of Dusk’s in her mouth.

May 28th, 2008, 12:53 PM
Aisha shrugged her shoulders as the boy left for shore. She patted Jake on the head and got up from her sleeping space. She stretched her limbs and smiled at the cook. “Well, I’m off too. I gotta go find out what’s causing the Pokemon to be causing such a fuss around the town.” She returned the most part of her Pokemon and heaved Jake up onto the back of Fafnir with little difficulty, having heaved the Arcanine onto the back of the Dragon countless times she was getting use to lifting the canine. “Your heading back to town right? I would give you a lift, but I have never put Jake back in his Pokeball since I got him and I don’t think he’ll appreciate me starting now.” She looked at the dog who sat proudly atop the Flygon, she shook her head at it and turned back to the boy. “Umm, are you okay getting back to town on your own or do you want me to force him back in his Pokeball, it won’t kill him.”
As soon as she had said the last word a small fire ball hit her arm, crisping the hairs, she clutched her arm and ground her teeth together. She tore her eyes from the boy and swiftly cast her gaze on the Arcanine. “Don’t you dare do that again, Jake! Were friends remember? But even so, you’re a Pokemon and you can get in that Pokeball for a few minutes when I give him a lift back, got it?”
The Arcanine whimpered and bowed his head in shame, he knew the fireball was a step to far.
Aisha whipped a bandage from her pocket and professionally curled it around the abused arm within the blink of an eye. She sighed, but the smile was soon back on her face. “So whaddya say?”

(OOC- I know it's short, I'm sorry, but there was little much I could do without seeing if a lift was needed XD.)

May 28th, 2008, 5:13 PM
Breck and Mantine slowly glided along the surface of the water to the docks of Pacifidlog. Splashing water onto the wooden logs. Mantine whipped around, settling aside the docks and pulling up next to it. Breck stood up slowly, carefully taking a step onto the floating city.

"Nice work as usual, Mantine. Go play for a bit.." Breck said to his partner, letting out a small short whistle. The signal allowing Mantine to leave his company.


Breck's ears perked at the sound of his name, let alone from an unfamiliar voice. He looked up curiously, cradling his injured arm then flicking the hair from his eyes. He straightened his glasses, bringing the figure into focus.

"Oh...its just you. The kid from before, Heather Donnovan's little brother right? What was your name? Chet?" He said with a curious and tired tone. "What do you want? A hand out? Maybe some battle tips? I don't have time. I'm a busy guy, why don't you go play with your pet pokemon somewhere."

He continued to walk passed Jett, ignoring the boy's presence and going straight into the pokemon center. The door slid open, greeting Breck with the morning crowd of people in the center. He approached the desk casually with a familiar look. He leaned on the counter towards Nurse Joy giving his best smile.

"Oh Mr. Pierson! An uncommon visit from you, and to what do we owe the pleasure this time? Another vacation?" Nurse Joy asked him cheerfully as he leaned near her.

"Hiya Joy! Call me Breck... you know that. But on to the matter at hand, no vacation this time. Strictly business. I'm gonna need some gear." He responded with a suddenly serious tone. "I'm talkin scuba tanks, goggles, maybe a wet suit. I'm going down."

"Oh? Whats down there? Hunting treasure?" She joked to him

"mmm maybe? So what do you say? Got any gear for me?" He joked back.

"Well we do have a bit, would you like me to treat Ponyta, Sandslash, and Mantine while you wait?" She asked cheerfully.

"Mantine is out to play a bit before we leave. But you can take Ponyta and Sandslash...." He leaned in closer over the counter, lowering his voice. "I've also got a new addition to the team... Its a bit... eccentric. I want to train it but its...well...aggressive." He added, motioning to his arm. "Be careful with it, okay? Its a Lairon, i don't know whats wrong with it." Breck finished with a serious tone

Joy resumed a serious look as well, taking the pokeballs from Breck.

"Go take a rest, Albrecht! Maybe get that arm checked out, i'll have everything ready for you shortly, okay?"

"Thanks Nurse Joy, I'm okay though, i'll be right over here waiting." He called to her as he walked across the center to a small corner table. He opened up his sketch pad and began to try and recall the image of his new pokemon, Lairon. He began to feverishly draw the image that was burned in his head, Lairon charging with a horrific red aura around him. No one would know what the aura really means but he didn't care. The Lairon was starting to become the center of his thoughts.

"That pokemon could be great...there definitely hasn't been a red aura since Heather Donnovan...If he could rival the power she had, then it would be a force to be reckoned with, not to mention if it evolved into Aggron..."

He looked out the window at the open sea sparkling under the bright sunny day and let out a heavy sigh at the adventure ahead of him that day. What could have had his pokemon so spooked.

May 29th, 2008, 12:00 PM
Jett grabbed Sierra's shoulders and began to walk her to the other side of the Pokémon Center.

"Do not release that thing in here." He stopped when he reached the opposite corner of the room. "...Stay here." And with that, the ebony haired boy returned to his seat.

"Okay! I'll be right here!" she yelled joyously. "What a great friend!" chirped the little voice in her head. After about ten minutes of standing stationary, Sierra was approached by Chikorita, clutching two ice creams in her vines. "What took you so long, Chika?!" Sierra asked as she seized her mint flavored ice cream, nearly camouflaged against her clothing, and immediately started to devour it.

<"I don't have money! I had to use my feminine charm to get them!"> Chikorita yelled. Sierra pretended not to hear her Pokémon's rant and continued to eat her ice cream in peace. Once finished she glanced over to where Jett was. He'd fallen asleep.

"Chikah~! I'm tired!" she yawned.

<"Go to bed then, there's plenty upstairs.">

"I can't, my new friend told to stay here... He's a really nice guy!" she chirped.

<"Okay... I'll just go and GRASSWHISTLE!"> Chikorita yelled, before starting to whistle a peaceful, yet ominous, tune. She whistled extremely quietly, so to only affect Sierra.

"Chika- Jett - told- ... vroooom!" she yelled in a dazed state. Eventually the tune got the better of her and sleep took over, she fell backwards but was immediately caught by Chikorita's vines, which the Pokémon wrapped around her waist. Chikorita went and placed her on a nearby chair. Chikorita leapt onto the girl's lap just as she let out one huge snort before starting to snore.


The Pokémon center was dark. Illuminated only by a small lamp near Nurse Joy's chair, where the Nurse was sitting solitary, reading a magazine.

Sierra's PokéGear Alarm had woken her up, she always had the time set for this early for training purposes, any time between dawn and noon was the best time to practice Solar Beam. Sierra quickly shut off the alarm, careful not to awaken anyone and crept outside with the sleeping Chikorita in her arm. Upon exiting the Pokémon center, she was greeted by an amazingly beautiful sunrise. The light from the sun gave the sky a pink-orange tint which was gloriously reflected by the crystal clear ocean, currently of the same colour. Sierra smiled and rummaged in her bag for two Pokéballs, which was quite hard with Chikorita under her left arm. She threw each of the two Pokéballs, one at a time. In the evanescent light that followed the opening of each Pokéball came the shapes of two Pokémon. First was a small, reptile like, Pokémon with four tattered leaves and a bright pink bud on it's back. And he second was a Dinosaur shaped Pokémon with a long neck, four huge leaves that served as wings and, most distinctively, Bananas growing from it's chin. Ivysaur and Tropius respectively. After waking Chikorita up, she gave her instructions. She threw her arm out over to the empty ocean.

"I want as many Solarbeams from each of you over the next thirty minutes. Then Ivysaur and Chikorita will practice combat and Tropius can continue with his aerial maneuvers, Mewtwo will be here later on today, you need to be ready."

<"Hehheh, I'm the best, you both know it. I'll win!"> Ivysaur yelled to the other two Pokémon.

<"Win what?"> Chikorita responded, rubbing sleep from her eyes with the leaf on her head.

<"If you're talking about the amount of Solarbeams... again..."> Tropius interrupted. <"I always win,"> he grinned, feeling proud of putting the arrogant Pokémon in his place. Chikorita laughed.

"Okay... Start...Now!" she yelled, timing the Pokémon on her PokéGear.

8:00 AM

"Okay, Chikorita, Ivysaur. Stop, you've done enough for today." she called to the two sparring Pokémon. "I'll take you into Nurse Joy in a sec, I just want to see Tropius's most powerful Solarbeam!" she yelled, turning to Tropius. "...most powerful Solarbeam!" she repeated, apparently Tropius didn't get the hint.

<"Oh, sorry!"> he apologized, before turning back to the sea. Tropius closed his eyes and began to gather the light energy radiating from the sun. Every part of his body that was floral -all the green parts and the Bananas- started to glow white, getting brighter and brighter. After about fifteen seconds Tropius opened his eyes and mouth, a ball of energy formed at is mouth which he then fired, as a beam, into the distance. The beam was so powerful that it was bigger then the Pokémon himself. It went so far that it nearly vanished into the horizon.

"Tropius, watch out!" Sierra yelled. The Solarbeam had nearly hit a docking cruise ship. Torpius hastily turned his head to redirect the beam somewhere else, hitting a bird Pokémon in the process. As the beam faded, the white seagull Pokémon that took the Solarbeam plummeted into the water. "You two, wait here! Sierra yelled, hopping onto Tropius's back. "You hit a Wingull!"

<"I sorry,"> Tropius muttered.

"Take me to it, I'll bring it to the Pokémon center." and within seconds, the grass-flying Pokémon took off. He soared majestically over the surface of the water. They approached the landing sight. "It landed around he-" Sierra was interrupted by a bright white light from under the water. The light subsided after a few seconds and an entity burst from underneath the waves. "Th-the Wingull you hit, it's perfectly fine... That was a full powered Solarbeam and it just got up and evolved." Sierra articulated flatly, dumbfounded by the endurance of the Pokémon. The silence was quickly broken by the Pelppier pulling off a successful turn in the air, and swooping down towards Tropius with an Aerial Ace. Sierra shrieked and Tropius dodged. "Tropius, Magical Leaf!" Sierra yelled. The tropical Pokémon flapped his leaves, summoning a lot of sharp, colour changing leaves and hurled them at the Pelipper. The Pelipper effortlessly used a Gust attack to repel the wings and followed up by firing a huge torrent of water towards the two, which Tropius narrowly dodged. "Th-that was a Hydro Pump!"

<"I can't fight if my wings get wet and waterlogged, what shall I do?">
Tropius asked, rather calmly.

"Uhh... Nothing, hold on." Sierra stood up on Tropius's back. "Hey, Pelipper! We're sorry! It was an accident!! If you're hurt, we can take you to a Pokémon center or something, but we won't fight you! We want to help." Sierra yelled in an attempt to reason with the Pokémon.

<"A trainer? I didn't see you there!"> Pelipper responded as it gently swooped down to her level. <"I love humans!"> it yelled, before landing on Tropius's back, next to her. <"What's the point in living in the wild, when I could live the pampered life with Trainers I always say but do the other Wingulls listen no? Just the other day I said to my buddy Wi-">

"Can I stop you there? You can come with us, defiantly! You're amazingly powerful, if not too over powered! Plus I need to use the Lure Ball I was given anyway." she told Pelipper, pulling out the red Pokéball, tipped with blue stripes. She touched the button against it's beak, which enveloped the Pokémon in a translucent red light. "Anything to stop you attacking us". The red light on the button vanished and Sierra called her new Pokémon from it's new spherical home. "Welcome aboard!" she yelled. "I can't wait for you to meet Ivysaur and Chikorita... and Jett! I'd love you to meet my good friend Jett!" After flying back over to Pacifidlog, Sierra introduced her new Pokémon. The three grass-type Pokémon welcomed the new addition and the five of them set back to the Pokémon center. The sun was high in the sky now, and people were starting to fill the outside of the center. A certain person caught Sierra's eye.

"Jetty~!" she yelled, running over to the boy and embracing him in a forceful head-lock-hug. Her four Pokémon caught up with her. "Jett, I'd like you to meet my other Pokémon. She pointed to Ivysaur and Tropius. "These are my main two battling Pokémon. They're really strong and so funny!... uhh, I mean they would be, if they could talk." she paused. "Oh! and this is my team's newest addition! He's really powerful! Meet Pelipper!" she yelled, yanking him from the sky by his wing and thrusting him in Jett's face. "Isn't he cute?!"

Sweet Dreams
May 30th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Cara scowled as one of the pig-headed boys simply walked away. The guy was obviously the one that won last time and had something more important on his mind. And here she was, having had prepared herself for a show of some sort. She sighed, leaning further into Atra until she was almost laying flat. The clouds were starting to gather, which meant that a shower was in store sometime in the near future. She sighed, closing her eyes.

She missed her mother.

For a while, Cara just lay there, almost dozing off when something occurred to her and caused her to jump up, inevitably making herself stumble and almost fall back down. Recovering quickly from that, she examined the area around her with a sinking heart. Three of her Pokémon were nowhere to be seen, and she had no idea where they were. Well, except Dusk. He would be out in the town, wreaking havoc on others, and Dazz would be either right with him or as far off as possible from the ghost. Glimmer would be with one of the two, arguing all the way.

Growling under her breath, she turned back towards the Pokémon Centre when an unexpected current rocked the planks beneath her. This time, she really did fall; but it was her good fortune that she didn’t fall into the water. It was an inconvenient time to remember that she couldn’t swim.

Well, it didn’t faze her before, and it wouldn’t then.

She hurried back to the glass doors of the Centre, knowing that her Pokémon would look for her there in their own time. The main commotion in the room emanated from the same couple whom she had drawn before.

‘Meet Pelipper! Isn’t he cute?!’ A girly, rather high-pitched voice yelled. Cara winced and reached up to rub her ears. She spotted another person; the guy that denied her something to take her mind off her own life. To say that he was sketching would be slightly inappropriate. He had a certain gleam in his eye and an aura of excitement about him as his hand moved across the page at an alarming rate. He was another one of these insane people that seem to converge here.

Her hands had already unzipped her travel-bag and were rooting around for that worn sketchbook of hers without her consciously thinking about it. Her brow furrowed and her search became slightly more urgent as her first search wielded no results. And neither did the second one.

After about the fifth search, she had to admit to herself that it was gone. Just like those nuisances of Pokémon that had all wandered into the city.

Cara sank into the nearest seat, twisting that silver band fixed around her left, index finger. She cursed under her breath and wondered if Nurse Joy had seen it, as unlikely as that was. Smiling to cover her anxiety, she approached the lady dressed in white with hair of a vivid, unnatural pink.

‘Excuse me, uh, Nurse Joy?’ She asked, her voice wavering with uncertainty. The nurse smiled brightly at her, an expectant look on her face.

‘Yes?’ She prompted when Cara didn’t say anything. She wasn’t really used to approaching a total stranger and asking for help, and in that respect was almost as shy as the guy who had come up to her and asked her if she was sure she hadn’t spoken.

‘Um, have you-have seen a sketchbook anywhere around here, because I think I lost it and I’ve only really been in here yesterday after I arrived at port, although I drew in it yesterday and then today it wasn’t in my bag…’ Cara trailed off as she realised she was babbling. This really reminded her of that instant with the odd guy. *Maybe next time I should let him off easier?* She wondered, thankful that it seemed all Nurse Joys were nice. Giving the nurse a nervous smile, she cursed herself inwardly.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t think I have,’ the pink-and-white Joy told her, the sincerity of the statement somewhat marred by the patronising look she subconsciously gave her.

‘Right, well, thanks anyway,’ Cara said, desperately trying to keep her tone light. Turning away, she groaned and resumed twisting the ring on her left hand, plonking herself onto a random seat.