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Hiroshi Sotomura
October 24th, 2003, 5:11 PM
Steve given me permission to post the Halloween Party's chain story early here. So here it is. Basically it's a chain story with anime/games/cartoons/your own self crossovers. Contribute by adding your reply of the story with more characters, like cartoons, other anime, game characters or even your own self.
PokCommunity Halloween Party Chain Story
It was a bright summer day as Ash, Misty, Brock travelled along the coast.
"It feels great to relax during before the Silver Conference, don't you think Misty?" yawned Ash.
"It's a beautiful day... no clouds in the sky... it's perfect for a picnic..." replied Misty.
"I have some sandwiches and Indigo Tea if any of you want any..." said Brock calmly.

It was a while since Sakura had passed Eli's test. Sakura and Maddison walked along their home street.
"It's getting quite peaceful and boring around here..." said Sakura.
"I need something to record... I have at least 20 more tapes..." sighed Maddison.
A dark cloud approached them.
"What's that?!?" shouted Sakura.
"I don't know..." said Maddison.
Sakura got the Key of Clow out.
"I call upon the..." Sakura stopped as the cloud drew near and zapped them.
They were being warped by the dark cloud somewhere.........

Johto Cliffs
Ash looked at the sky and spotted it.
"What's that?" Ash saw the cloud and pointed.
Suddenly, the cloud struck at the ground and Sakura and Maddison same out of it. Misty came running down towards them.
"Oh dear..." she said.
"I know you!" said Sakura, "You're from the anime show, Pokmon!"
"And you..." Misty said, "Are from... Cardcaptors..."
"We've been warped to your show!" they both said.

October 24th, 2003, 5:25 PM
Then the Grim Weaper came out of thin air and then everyone ran for their lifes.

Sakuta: NOOOOOOOOOO! Not the Grim Weaper!

October 24th, 2003, 5:34 PM
Yu-Gi-Oh; Battle City Finals
Rolin: "Congratualtions on your victory Mr. Kaiba but don't you think we should land because of that storm?"
Rolin points towards a dark cloud just like the one that teleported Sakura and Maddison to Johto.
Kaiba: "No. Nothing cancles this tournament."
Joey: "You're going to get us all killed if you keep that up!"
Yami Yugi: "Joey's right, land this now Kaiba!"
Kaiba: "We continue with this tournament, storm or no storm."
Joey: "That's it! I'm landing this blimp right now!"
Joey runs inside of the blimp which heads closer and closer to the dark cloud.

Pokemon; Mt. Silver
Shadow and his Nidoking, Seviper, Nidoqueen, Tentacruel, Venomoth, and Crobat are laying on the ground.
Shadow: "It sure is nice being able to relax and not worry about that twerp and his Pikachu, huh Nidoking?"
Nidoking: "Yep."
Sevper: "Ssssseviper"
Shadow: "Eh, what is it?"
Seviper points in the sky with its tail. The dark cloud appears and out comes Kaiba Corp.'s blimp. It heads for the ground, out of control. Yami Marik falls off and lands in front of Shadow. Shadow walks up to him and picks up the Millineum Rod.
Shadow: "Hey its Marik from Yu Gi Oh. Cool."

~~Meanwhile at the blimp crash site, which is about a mile away from where Shadow is~~
Kaiba: "Grrrr...I want Wheeler disqualified from my tournament now!"
Mokuba: "Actually Seto, there's no rule against crashing the blimp or taking control of it."
Ishizu: "Where is my brother?"
Tea: "I think I saw him fall off while we were crashing..."

~~Back where Shadow is~~
Marik wakes up and sees Shadow holding the Millineum Rod.
Marik: "Give that back!"
Shadow: "Make me."
Marik: "Give it to me!"
Shadow: "No."
Marik: "Then face the wrath of my Egyptian God Card, Ra!"
Shadow: "So you are really Marik, aren't you?"
Marik: "Of course I am, fool!"
Shadow: "Then I propose we work together. We rule the world together! You Pharoah and me king!"
Marik: "What's in it for me?"
Shadow: "I am great at makign evil plans which we can use to beat poor little Yugi, Hehehe. Deal then?"
Marik: "Deal."
Shadow: "Ok. Great. I'm Shadow. And I beleive this is your's."
Shadow hands Marik the Millineum Rod back and they laugh evilly.

Out of Story:
Here is a sprite of my character, Shadow:

October 24th, 2003, 6:13 PM
(Lol, I don't know a thing about Yu-Gi-Oh! so I can't reply to your post Shadow. o_o')

Johto Cliffs

Kayleigh was walking down the route with her Pichu, staring down at a Hoenn map.
Kayleigh: "Ohh... I can't figure out where this path leads. This dumb map is useless."
Pichu: "Chu?"
Suddenly she heard a faint noise and glanced up to see several different people running towards them.

Sakura: "AHH, HELP!!!!"
Misty: "Ash! Use one of your Pokmon, NOW!" She gave him a death stare as she continued running like crazy, still holding tightly onto Togepi.

After seeing everyone running towards her, she noticed a black figure chasing them, and holding a scythe.
Kayleigh: "Ehh.. Should we start running now?"
Her Pichu nodded as a sweatdrop appeared on its head, then took off towards the nearest safe place it could find, with its Trainer running close behind.
Kayleigh: "Hey! Aren't you supposed to be protecting me?!"
Pichu: "Chuu!!!"

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 24th, 2003, 6:41 PM
Sakura: "What on earth is the grim reaper doing here?"
Sakura summons the Fly card, which then gives her wings and goes toward the grim reaper. She then summons the sword card, and hacks at the Grim Reaper, which makes it instantly disappear.
Ash: "Phew..."
Maddison: "What action!"
Some decayed hands start coming towards them, ripping at the soil and grass.

October 24th, 2003, 6:55 PM
Sakura: "Eew! What's that?"
Ash: "They're hands.. but not real ones. They look all dried up an-"
Misty: "JUST RUN!!!!"
Ash immediately grabbed Pikachu and ran off after everyone.
Brock: "Over there! I think I see some sort of building that we can go in!"


Kayleigh: "You can't just leave me down here with that thing!"
Pichu: "Pichu pi."
Her Pichu had managed to climb to the very top of a huge tree, while its Trainer stood down on the ground fidgeting nervously.
Kayleigh: "What if that thing comes back..? It's probably spying on us right now. And you knew I couldn't climb up there!"
The Pichu snorted and pointed at one of her Pokballs.
Pichu: "Chuuu."
Kayleigh: "Huh? Well, I guess you're smarter than I thought. Hmm, atleast one of my Pokmon will help me!"
She quickly grabbed the Pokball from her sidebelt and threw it into the air. As soon as it opened a cute little Chikorita came out. (My posts sound too happy for a Halloween thread, lol. O_Olll)
Kayleigh: "Alright, Rita. Get us up to the top where Pichu is."
The Chikorita nodded and extended its vines to lift its Trainer into the air, then gently set her down onto a large branch.
Kayleigh: "Okay, thank you. Return now."

After scanning the area she immediately scrambled up the tree and finally reached the spot where her Pichu was sitting.

Pichu: "Pipi!" It happily hugged Kayleigh in relief.
Kayleigh: "Ha, well I think we're safe no-"

In a split second the tree suddenly shook, as if something were trying to knock it down...

October 24th, 2003, 7:08 PM
At the bottom of the tree, Shadow was chopping a hole in the tree using the Millinieum Rod.
Marik: "Stop it!"
Shadow: "Do have any other plan to kill that zombie?"
Shadow points at a zombie on the other side of the tree moving slowly towards them.
Marik: "It won't kill it!"
Shadow: "That's right we need a silver bullet or magic to defeat a zombie."
Kayleigh: "You can't use a gun! Its PG not PG 13!"
Shadow: "Then we need magic, but Harry Potter isn't here is he?"
Just as Shadow says that Harry Potter flies down out of the sky on his broomstick.
Harry: "Someone call my name?"
Marik: "Get rid of that zombie!"
Harry uses the and it destroys the zombie. Suddenly an ear-piercing scream is heard and it paralyzes everyone.
Marik: "What was that?"
Shadow: "That was a Redead...."
Harry: "And how do we stop it?"
Shadow: "With the Master Sword."
Harry: "And who has it?"
Shadow: "Link, but he isn't here now is he?"
Everyone stands there but nothing happens except some crickets chirp and the Redead draws closer to the group.
Kayleigh: "Your losing your touch...."
Pichu: "Pipichu!"
Shadow: "Shut up."

October 24th, 2003, 7:49 PM
Kayleigh: "Hey! Just who are you telling me to shut up?!" Her eyes narrowed at him as she turned her head in disgust.
Pichu: "Pi.."
Kayleigh: "And who is this Link person? I've never heard of him before."

After reaching the building, everyone stopped and looked back to see if the decayed hands were still coming towards them.

Madison: "There they are!"
Misty: "Brock! Hurry and get the door open!"
He nodded and pulled at the handle, but it wouldn't move.
Brock: "It's stuck! I need you guys to help me pull it! I can't get it open by myself!"
Ash: "Y-Yeah!"
He grabbed onto Brock's shirt and stepped backwards, holding out a hand towards the others.
Misty: "Madison, hold Togepi for me."
Madison: "O-Okay.. I will."
Sakura: "Be careful with it, Madison.."
Misty grabbed onto Ash's jacket, and Sakura held onto Misty's arm as they began pulling at the door.
Suddenly they stopped when they heard a scream...
Madison: "AHH! Help!!!"
Brock: "Those hands are attacking her!"
Misty: "And Togepi's falling!"

October 24th, 2003, 8:26 PM
Shadow: "He's just the stupid Hero of Time...Hey I can move again! Go Nidoking! Hyper Beam the Redead!"
Nidoking comes out and blasts the Redead skyhigh.
Marik: "What is that?"
Shadow: "A Pokemon."
Marik: "Wha?"

Kingdom Hearts
Sora, Doanld, and Goofy are chasing Pluto when Pluto goes over a hill and disappears.
Sora: "Arrgh We lost him!"
Goofy: "What is that?"
The black cloud appears in front of the 3.
Sora: "I have no clue."
Goofy: "Ya think maybe it's a Heartless?"
Donald: "I don't want to find out..."
The dark cloud zaps them.

Banjo-Tooie; Cauldron Keep
A secret doorway behind the Tower of Tragedy stage opens up and Mingella and Blobbelda step out.
Mingella: "Worked our robot decoys did! The fools did not know that we were safe the whole time and during the quiz we controlled robots."
Blobbelda: "Fortunate we are, bear did not deactivate B.O.B. charging sequence. They only fired it in reverse."
Mingella: "Then go get Grunty's head you must if we are to restore her body!"
Blobbelda runs to the top of Cauldron Keep while Mingella preps the B.O.B. Blobbelda soon comes back down with Gruntlida's skull.

Gruntilda: "A change of plans girls. Instead of firing on Isle 'O Hags fire at Banjo's home, Spiral Mountain!"
Mingella: "Beguinning firing sequence has. Revenge will soon be ours!"

~~Spiral Mountain~~
Tooty runs up to Banjo's house.
Tooty: "Big brother! I'm home! Hey what's that?"
The B.O.B. hits Banjo's house and sucks all the lifeforce from the surrounding area including Tooty's, turning her into a zombie.

~~ Meanwhile at Mayahem Temple's Kickball Stadium~~
Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo Jumbo, and Humba Wumba are watching the kickball game of the Moles versus the Jinjos.
Banjo: "Go Bottles!"
Kazooie: "Beat those Jinjos, Google Boy!"
Mumbo: "Game much fun. Food is good too."

~~Cauldron Keep~~
Mingella: "Enough lifeforce we have. Ready to restore your body we are."
Blobbelda: "Unfortuante though, bear and bird were at kickball game elsewhere."
Gruntilda: "OK girls, let's get my body back, then Banjo's furry butt I'll whack!"
Mingella: "Told you we did to quit rhyming!"
Gruntilda: "Sorry."
Blobbelda palces Grunty's skull on the paltform and the machine restores her body to normal.
Blobbelda: "What's that?"
Blobbelda points outside to the dark cloud which is approaching their castle.

October 24th, 2003, 9:07 PM
Kayleigh: "Don't you know what Pokmon are?!" She gave him a confused look, then shrugged.

Suddenly another black cloud appeared over them, and a huge flash lit up the sky.
Three figures came falling down, then they landed right on top of Shadow and Marik.

Kayleigh and her Pichu both gasped and ran over beside them.
Kayleigh: "Are you all okay?!"
A sweatdrop appeared on her head as soon as she saw Goofy.
Kayleigh: "Whoa, that fall must've really damaged your face! Does it hurt?! I could call a doctor or something for you with my Poknav!"
Her Pichu just stood there shaking its head and sighing.

John Denver
October 25th, 2003, 1:28 PM
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October 25th, 2003, 1:30 PM
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John Denver
October 25th, 2003, 1:34 PM
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BOO ya!

October 25th, 2003, 5:31 PM
Ash: "Thunderbolt the hands! Full Power!"
Pikachu shocks the hands and they disinegrate and Maddison sits there burnt to a crisp.
Maddison: "Thanks a lot."
Togepi hits the ground and starts crying making everyone have to cover their ears. Tehn a little white thing with large ears flies up to Togepi.
White thing: "Please don't cry. It hurts my ears. I'm Calumon."
Ash: "Never heard of you..."
Calumon: "I'm a Digimon. Everything around here is scary... I've been scared since I arrived, but mostly I've been hungry. Anyone have any cream puffs?"
Everyone falls down. Then a random man runs in front of them and falls down and his heart comes out of his body and it creates a Soldier Heartless. Then his body disappears and the Soldier Heartless warps away.
Brock: "What in the world?"
Then several Shadow Heartless appear and surround the group.

~~A local Party City~~
One of the animatronic Count Draculas eyes lights up red, and it rips through the box it's in. All of the other Halloween animatronic monsters do the same. They break out of the store and go on a rampage in town.

Kirby: Right Back At Ya; Dedede's Castle
Dedede: "Your stupid black cloud hasn't even fought Kirby yet! I want a refund!"
NME Salesman: "First of all, you didn't pay any money for it. Secondly, let me explain what it is for."
Dedede: "You better..."
NME Salesman: "You see recently we have been receiving orders from people who can't beat their enemies and our monsters can't stop many of them because they are so strong. So we figured why not send them all to the same place so we can wipe them out all at once!"
Dedede: "If you can't stop them individually then what makes you think you can beat them al at once?"
NME Salesman: "Because we are also warping our clients there and several other thigns including our monsters. Then once everyone is there we can wipe them out!"
Dedede: "Hmmm I see. As long as I can get rid of Kirby...."
NME Salesman: "Who was just recently warped there. Your next Triple D!"
Escargoon: "Answer one thing first. Why all the zombies and scary things?"
NME Salesman: "Because its almost Halloween! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha"
The dark cloud zaps King Dedede and Escargoon.

NME Salesman: "This plan is actually working out..."
Nightmare: "Yes, I must admit is is quite good."
???: "Well thanks gentlemen. We do make a pretty good team. Your monsters and resources and my plans and power. And also remember your end of the bargain. I don't have to face any zombies myself."
Nightmare: "Agreed."

October 26th, 2003, 1:14 AM
Miyu: *sighs* I think we're lost...
Pikachu: Chu! *runs away*
Miyu: *looks at map* We're in the middle of nowhere. Huh? Where's Pikachu? *looks up to see Pikachu running away* Hey! Do you hate being with me that much! >"<
Pikachu stops in front of a Pichu and it's trainer.
Pikachu: Chu! *waves to the Pichu*
Miyu: *blushing a little because of embrassment* Umm... Hi. We're lost, do you know where this is? (She's speaking to Kayleigh, by the way. ;P )

October 26th, 2003, 1:52 AM
At Wars World : Orange Star HQ
Andy : Where is an airport?
Someone else : There.*point at top of Mt.Everest*
Andy : Okay, thanks a lot.
OS Inf. : What is your command, commander?
Andy : Go to top of Mt.Everest.
OS Inf. : For what?
Andy : There is dark cloud over there, prepair for Anti-Airs and Missiles.
OS Inf. : Yes, sir.
Andy : Ehh...what was it again?
OS Inf. : *fell down*
Andy : What is that...? Yellow Mine? It run very fast...
To be continue...

October 26th, 2003, 8:12 AM

Ash: "What are those?!"
Brock: "I dunno but I'm not waiting around to find out!"
Misty: "RUN!!!"
They all ran off in one direction, with the Heartless following close behind...

Kayleigh glanced over to see another young girl standing there, along with a Pikachu.
Kayleigh: "Ohh! I was just wondering that. I think we're somewhere near Lavaridge Town..."
Pichu: "Chuuu!" It happily jumped over to the other Pikachu and waved.
Kayleigh: "I see you have a Pikachu. How cool! I can't wait until my Pichu evolves into one. So where were you both going?"

A Local Party City

The Dracula's eyes lit up red as a thin laser beam shot out of its eyes, disintegrating the large door in front of it. It slowly walked into the building, towards another door...

Sengoku Jidai (Uhh... InuYasha World o.o)

InuYasha swiftly ran through the forest, jumping on top of tree branches and rocks along the way.
InuYasha: [thinking] "Hmph. They better not have left without me or else I'll.."
Kagome: "InuYasha! Hurry up or we'll be late!"
InuYasha: "Kagome! Where are the others? Didn't you tell those idiots to come?"
Kagome: "Calm down. They'll be here in a little while.."
InuYasha: "What about that old hag? When's she coming?"
Kagome: "Her name's Kaede. She'll be here any minute."
InuYasha's ear twitched as he turned his head and jumped onto a large branch.

October 26th, 2003, 8:26 AM
At Mushroom Kingdom where is Flak lost.

Follow Flak (And possibly other COs) and his four goons... Glock the Mech, and Infantry No. 1-3 as they try to get the **** back where they came from. Oh yeah, they might use some tanks and crap too... but no promises!

Flak in Mushroom Kingdom:
Totally Flaked! Episode #1:
Flak Ain't in Wars World No More...

Totally Flaked! Episode #2:
Capture... Stuff
Totally Flaked! Episode #3
Step 1: How to Capture Stages...

Hey there folks. I just wanted to say that Flak isn't the only Black Hole CO to have touched down in Super Mario 3. Adder is there too and hey... let's watch. He seems to have found something rather interesting...

Totally Flaked! Episode #4
Adder and Airships...

YAY! It's a new Totally Flaked! This time we showcase Lash's perdicament. Where she has landed? In the world's biggest sandbox! Or at least, according to her...

Totally Flaked! Episode #5
Lash's New Sandbox!

Totally Flaked! Episode #6
Capturing the first Stage is Free...

Hey there guys! It's time for the next Totally Flaked! This time we go deeper into Stage 3! Oh yeah, and we address the confusion facing Inf. 1-3. Remember, No.3 says "Dude!" and No.2 likes the color Orange. So that leaves No.1 who is normal like Glock.

Totally Flaked! Episode#6
Paint Jobs and Killer Ducks

Totally Flaked Episode #9
Sturm's Big Reason

October 26th, 2003, 11:40 AM
Shadow: "Lavaridge?!?! We are at the base of Mt. Silver!"
Kayleigh: "How do you know?"
Shadow: "It says so in my first post and I just ran down Mt. Silver and started cutting that tree you were in."
Marik: "At least you guys are on your own planet...."
Donald: "And our Gummi Ship isn't here so we can't use it..."

Ash and everyone else run past Shadow, Sora, Shadow, Kayleigh, Donald, Goofy, Marik, and Miyu. Then the Heartless come by, chasing them. Then several White Nights appear and surround Shadow and Kayleigh's group. Sora pulls out the Keyblade, Shadow pulls out a Pokeball, and Donald and Goofy pull out their staff and sheild. Shadow sends out Nidoking and pushes a button on a transmitter. Sora, Donald, Goofy, Pichu, Miyu's Pikachu, and Nidoking start fighting the Heartless.

~~Team Rocket HQ~~
Grunt: "Shadow requests helicopter evac."
Kent: "On it."
(Kent is Shadow's second-in-command)

Final Fantasy 7
Cloud, Aeris, Barret, Red, and Tifa are traveling along the World Map towards Kalm. They see a dark cloud approaching them. Zidane, Vivi, Garnet, and Steiner fall out of it.
Cloud: "What the....?"
Steiner: "Princess! Are you alright?"
Garnet: "I'm fine Steiner..."
Steiner: "And you Masater Vivi?"
Vivi: "I'm OK..."
Zidane: "Yeah, just forget about me Rusty..."
Steiner: "Gladly."
Zidane: "Why you..."
Garnet: "Quit fighting you two."
Barret: "Where did you come from?"
Steiner: "We are from Alexendria on the Mist Continent."
Cloud: "Never heard of it..."
Aeris: "What's that?"
Aeris points towards the drak cloud which is back.
Zidane: "Not again."
Steiner: "It's that blasted cloud again!"
Cloud: "Hey!"
The cloud transports them all away.

Sonic Adventure 2; Space Colony Ark; Cannon Control Room
Dr. Robotnik/Eggman holds the 7th Chaos Emerald.
Dr. Robotnik: "This completes my plan to dominate the world....what the?"
Ark starts to shake as the black cloud approaches it about to teleport it.

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 26th, 2003, 9:36 PM
W00t! This is getting really exciting...
Oh and Shadow you need to be aware that Ash has no idea who "Shadow" is so don't bother.

Somewhere at Johto Cliffs
Jessie: "It appears the twerps are hanging out with a bunch of weirdos and are chased by..."
Wobbuffet: "Wooooobbufffetttt!!!"
James: "Errr... no they aren't being chased by Wobbuffet..."
Jessie: "Arbok, can you be a good Pokmon and put this little microphone in that twerp while he's not looking, will you?"
Just then, Link drops out from nowhere.
Link: "What on earth?"

October 27th, 2003, 6:39 AM
I know! ^_^ *sets aside a huge mallot for the day that her character meets Brock*

Too..many..fanfics to reply.. >_>


Kayleigh: "Hey, who were they?"
She signaled over to her Pichu to come and then glanced at Miyu.
Kayleigh: "They might can help us find out where we need to go. Coming?"

Somewhere at Johto Cliffs

Meowth: "Hey! Who's dat guy with da sword?"
James: "You got me.."
Jessie: "I don't know, but he better move before we make him! Arbok, remove this pest now!"
James: "You too Weezing!"
Arbok and Weezing immediately began attacking Link, not expecting what would happen next...

October 27th, 2003, 8:08 AM
Mad scientist: I have finally completed my experiment! Now, I need someone to be my test subject! *Sees Jamie, Blaziken, and Swampy the Swampert walking outside of his spooky mansion. Jamie is wearing a pharaoh costume, Blaziken is wearing a neo costume, and Swampy is wearing a loincloth.*
Swampy: That is one big mansion.
Blaziken: :D
Swampy: Can I eat it?
Jamie: No.
Swampy: Please?
Jamie: NO!
Swampy: Please?
Jamie: I SAID NO!
Swampy: *Sweatdrop.*
Jamie: Now lets go trick or treat some more!
Swampy: Good idea. *Farts on Blaziken.*
Blaziken: *Glares at Swampy and fires appear between them.*
Jamie: *Jumps in between them.* Stop it you two, you're driving me nuts!*
*A net falls on Jamie and Blaziken, and they are hoisted into the mansion.*
Swampy: JAMIE! DON'T LEAVE ME! Oh, well. *Eats someone's car.*

Jamie: *In net.* What the- *Is placed into receptacle.*
Computer voice: Commensing molecular transfer.
Mad scientist: Now, it begins. *Flips switch.*
*Door opens and Jamie steps out.*
Jamie: Blaziken.
Mad scientist: Ive done it!
Jamie: Blaze? *Sweatdrop.*
Mad scientist: Dont worry, Blaziken, shes okay. *Flips switch and Blaziken steps out.*
Blaziken *thinking*: Okay, where am I? *Sees Jamie.* Did he clone me? Better ask.
Blaziken: Blaze blazi ken! *Spits fire all over the place.*

October 27th, 2003, 12:40 PM
Pokemon; wherever Kayleigh's group is now....
A Shadow Inc. helicopter nears the group and Shadow and Nidoking jump on.
Miyu: "Are you just leaving us with these things?"
Shadow: "Of course. Besides, I'm tired of helping the good guys anyway. I'm on the Heartless' side."
Marik: "But what about our deal?"
Shadow: "Almost forgot...Go Venomoth!"
Venomoth uses Psychic to lift Marik's duel disk off his arm and the Millieneum Rod out of his hand. Shadow takes out the deck, pulls out a few cards, and throws the rest back to Marik. Then the helicopter flies away.
Shadow: (on Megaphone) "Hehehehehehehe...."

~~Viridian City~~
Shadow's helicopter flies towards Shadow Inc. HQ hidden in between Saffron and Fuchsia, when suddenly a star-shaped object flies through the tail of the helicopter breaking it off. The helicopter starts to spin out of control when a large witch flies into it making it fall to the ground. The body of the helicopter lands on the witch burying her. Shadow crawls out of the helicopter's wreckage.
Shadow: "Ow my head.... What in the world did we hit?"
Suddenly the ground starts to shake and a giant drill machine with the license plate Hag 2 comes out of the side of Diglett's Cave. The front opens up and Mingella steps out.
Mingella: "Again it has happened. Hurry we must or bony Grunty will be again!"
Mingella walks over to the crash and Blobbelda comes out of the Hag 2 and joins her. They lift the body of the helicopter off of the witch revealing her to be Gruntilda. Gruntilda gets up off of the ground.
Gruntilda: "Thanks sisters, you saved me from a bony fate, now that little puffball we shall creamate."
Grunty: "Sorry, I don't know what came over me, that bump on my head must have caused it to be."

Shadow: "Since you wrecked my helicopter can you give me a lift? Help me and I'll make sure that you will get your revenge...."
Blobbelda: "Improved Hag 1, Hag 2 is. Enough room we have to carry 10 people."
Grunty: "Sure as long as I can get that bear, and revenge I can snare."
They all board the Hag 2 which heads back into Diglett's Cave. Kent and another Rocket Exec. run towards them.
Kent: "Wait for us!"
Shadow: "No you stay here and call Shadow Inc. HQ and explain all of this."
Kent and Exec: "Yes sir!"

October 27th, 2003, 6:33 PM

Kayleigh: "Hey Shadow! Get your skaggly butt back here! You're supposed to be helping us!" She tilted her head and put her arms around her waist as she glared up at him.
Pichu: "Pi pi chuu!"

Mad Scientist's Lab

Kayleigh was walking in front of the laboratory when she heard an explosion.
Kayleigh: "What was that?!"
Pichu: "Pi?"
Kayleigh: "Well, let's go check it out! Someone could be in trouble.."
They both ran off towards the lab as quickly as they could.

October 29th, 2003, 12:57 PM
Pokemon; Outside Shadow Inc. HQ
Grunty: "Come on Shadow, hurry up, I need a plan so Banjo's butt I can whup!"
Shadow: "Can't you even wait until we get inside?"
They walk to the door and it is completely dark inside. A lady dressed up like a witch walks to the door.
Lady: "What do you want?"
Shadow: "I want to get in my building!"
Lady: "I'm sorry but this is the new home of the Ministry of Magic until we can figure out where we are and how to get back. I'm Dolores Jane Umbridge. Now I must send you away and wipe out your memory and.....Gruntilda Winkybunion? We finally found you! You have 10,674,373 charges against you..."
Gruntilda: "I wnet to another planet to get away from you, now give him his building back or I'll putt you in a zoo!"
Dolores: "I don't think so...."
Dolores snaps her fingers and two Dementors come towards Shadow and the three sisters. Shadow screams like a little girl.
Mingy: "Muggle you are, see them you should not..."
Shadow: "I can see them..."
Dolores: "Hmmm...this must be another planet or we would have known he wasn't a muggle."
Shadow: "I don't care! Go Venomoth!"
The Dementors come closer to the group.

Hiroshi Sotomura
November 9th, 2003, 2:54 AM
Shadow: "Dementors are really..."
The dementors start approaching them and Grunty, Mingella and Blobellda start swaying side to side.
Shadow: "I thought..."
Grunty: "Expecto Patronum!"
A Patronus makes the dementors flee.
Dolores: "But wait... there's more... Let's see how you fare against the Cruciatus curse..."
Grunty tackles Dolores Umbridge.
Grunty: "Oh SHUT UP!"
Blobellda squashes Dolores Umbridge. Mingella throws her in a bag and puts a locking charm in effect.
Mingella: "Don't think you can get out now... and don't even think of asking how!"
Grunty: "Come sisters and Shadow. Let's..."
Fudge: "I don't think that will be possible."
At least half a dozen Aurors surround them.
Shadow: "Cornelius Oswald Fudge... the person who believed Albus Dumbledore wanted to take over the Ministry of Magic with a Dark Arts Army?"
Shadow: "Not when you've taken over my place."
Fudge frowns.
Fudge: "Your place? Oh Dolores............."
Mingy opens the bag.
Dolores: "Charge them!"
Fudge: "Should we look for a new place, because from what I understamd we've taken a place we didn't know belonged to someone?"
Dolores throws a bag over Grunty, Mingella and Blobella and locks it up.
Dolores: "Lock up the witches... throw away the key... keep them in for 40 days and see what they will say..."
Fudge: "We must find a way out of this dreaded place... in the meantime the witches will be locked up."

November 9th, 2003, 4:23 PM
Shadow: "Then I'll just be going...."
Fudge: "No you won't."
The Aurors close in on Shadow. Suddeny millions of bats come out of nowhere and attack the Aurors. After a minute the bats disappear and Shadow is nowhere to be seen.

~~Roof of Shadow Inc.~~
Shadow wakes up to see two boys, that look just like him, looking at him. One has a golden staff, the other is in a miniture tank.
Shadow: "Wha? Its you."
Boy: "Yep, Black and Grey, your counter-parts."
Shadow: "Except you are after Yugi and the digi-destined. What are you doing here?"
Black (boy with Staff): "We don't know for sure. I think it may be the work of our boss."
Grey (boy in mini-tank): "Who I believe is mad at you for using his name, Rocket."
Shadow: *sweatdrop* "Ehehehehe, I don't know what you are talking about."
???: "Yes you do Rocket."
Rocket: "Sorry boss, err, Shadow sir. Just spreading your name around this place."
Shadow: "Sure you were. You can use my name, since it's your last name, when I'm not here. And only when I'm not here."
Rocket: "Yes sir."
Black: "Brown is almost here with our transport."
Rocket: "Thanks for saving me though."
Grey pushes a button on his tank and a vampire-like thing comes out.
Grey: "Thank Myotismon, he did most of it."
Rocket: "I wish I had a Digi-Beetle, so I didn't have to worry about losing it, like I have to do with Pokeballs..."
Grey: "Then you should have choosen the Digi-Destined, intead of Ash."
Rocket: "There were too many of them for my taste."
Black: "And I took the cards you stole from Marik. Ra should help me beat Yugi..."

A giant battle-ship flies near the Shadow Inc. building. A walkway comes out of the side and everyone uses it to board the ship.

Hiroshi Sotomura
November 10th, 2003, 2:20 AM
Fudge: "Now how will I explain thissssss toooooooo Loooooorrddd Voldeerrrrmoorrt........"
The Fudge robot explodes. The Auror Robots catch fire. The Dolores Robot goes boom!
A bag with the real Cornelius Fudge, Dolores Umbridge, and a forgotten Percy Weasly, sit there moving this way and that.
Shadow comes back in. The watere sprinklers turn on and the robots melt into a pile of silver and green-colored goop.
Shadow: "Unlock the witches, blah blah blah..."
Shadow opens the bag. Instead, Fudge, Umbridge and Percy come out.
Shadow: "Uhhhhhhh..."
Fudge: "What is this place?"
Umbridge: "What's inside the other bag?"
Percy: "More paperwork, sir?"
The bag is opened and Grunty, Mingella and Blobellda come out.
Fudge: "No Aurors here......"
Grunty: "What in the world is going on, what should we do, with the bon bon bon?!?"
Dolores: "Gruntilda Winkybunion you are under arrest under charge one - kidnapping an innocent girl......"
Grunty: "We have no time for this!!!"
Fudge: "She's right at this point you know... we need to get back to England..."

Ash: "Hello?"
Ash, Misty and Brock look at the big hollow tree, of where else but...
Brock: "Why did we just go through that weird pad and now we're at some mysterious place?"
LABRYANNA - The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Maku Tree: "I don't know why you people are here... shouldn't you be on TV?"
Nayru: "Oh dear oh dear..."
Sakura: "Well............."

November 10th, 2003, 11:32 AM
Ooh, I don't know a thing about Banjo Kazooie, Yu-gi-oh!, Zelda, Harry Potter, etc. -_-; Don't forget I'm a girl! *sighs* I need my brother to come do this... He knows all about those.


Kayleigh: "Well... I guess he's gone for good." She sighed and turned back to the others. "Now what?"
Her Pichu glanced over as she said that, then suddenly perked its ears up and jumped on top of its Trainer's head.
Kayleigh: "Hey! You're pulling my hair!"
Pichu: "Pi pi CHU!" It pointed to the top of a nearby hill, then shuddered.
Kayleigh: "Ehh... I don't see anything. Are you sure?"
As soon as she said that a tall black figure came racing down the hill carrying a huge sword.
Kayleigh: "Okay, nevermind! Let's go!"
Miyu: "Y-Yeah!"
They all ran off like crazy to..wherever. >_>;

November 10th, 2003, 1:05 PM
~~Giant Battle-Ship~~
Brown: "Welcome to my invincible ship, S.T.O.R.M. Super Terriozing Orbiting Rocket Machine." *sweatdrop*
Black: "Let me guess, you're not good with names."
Rocket: "None of us are."
Black: "I was being sarcastic..."
Grey: "Sounds like Kids Next Door...."
Brown: "The name doesn't matter! What matters is that we can use this thing to dominate the universe! It is invincible, super strong, and semi-fast."
Rocket: "But Ash will just have Pikachu overload the core causing it to explode."
Grey: "No, the Digi-Destined will split up and take out necessary parts of the ship."
Black: "Yugi will come and put the pilots mind in the Shadow Realm, thanks to 4kids for him not killing you, and the ship will go out of control."
They all sigh. Shadow walks in.
Shadow: "Did you all forget? All the heroes and villains are here."
Rocket: "Right. We just have to seperate them all when they attack the ship, pit them against enemies they can never defeat, and then we will wipe them out, one by one."
Brown: "Then use this batlle-ship to destroy any other forms of resistance that are left."
They all start laughing evilly.