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October 9th, 2008, 2:06 PM
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In the latter years of Pokemon mythology, it has been believed that Ho-oh and Lugia were forgotten by all, resenting the world and letting it fall into despair. Storms ravage the lands on a daily basis. Droughts are occuring far more often than not. Pokemon are struggling to survive, and life is understood as a barrier between happiness. Lugia and Ho-oh were planning on speeding up the process of the destruction, so they made their own warlords. Soon, it became a game between the two birds, and it all got out of hand. They became to hate eachother for reasons unknown, creating warlords too powerful for their control. Lugia created the sky birds, known only as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres to counter Ho-oh's ability to fly. Ho-oh created Entei, Raikou, and Suicune to easily confront Lugia without revealing himself to the Pokemon in purgatory.

Very soon, legendary's became powerful military leaders. Kyogre and Groudon were made to rule the surface of the planet beside Lugia. Rayquaza became into this world to stop the power of those two from combining, born by Ho-oh.

Things were near literal end, when the one known as the God, Arceus, intervened. Using his power to create things at will, he made two deities: known as Dialga and Palkia who rule time and space, respectively. They were supposed to instantly eradicate every legendary on the planet, when there powers negated eachothers. They needed to destroy either one of themselves to save the world, but neither were willing. Arceus had to bring others, such as Heatran and Giratina into the mess, to get one of them destroyed.

Soon, four Pokemon made a legion.. the Legion of Liberating Light, or LLL for short. They were governed by Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Shaymin. Each led a different sector of the LLL, there main purpose was to prevent the forgotten Pokemon from extinction. There second goal was to stop the clashes between the four groups: Lugia, Ho-oh, Dialga/Palkia, and Arceus's legion.

Though two of the leaders died off (it is unknown which ones), the force still fights today, unseen and unheard, without a motive. They fight for the good of all Pokemon, yet they have no reward for themselves.

Most of the LLL have died off, but they live on in secrecy. They have not revealed themselves to the ethnic countries, and we are the only ones who are neutral.

Some centuries later, the deity known as Rapharam the Blaziken rounded up an army, and declared war. With a quick victory, Rapharam soon ruled nearly the entire world, except for the Holy Region. He ruled as a dictator, but brought the world under relative peace. Things were becoming better, and war was at a temporary hault.

That was what was in the scribes, anyway, of ancient times. But now..

Rapharam has died away decades ago, his successors taking control. Those who believed Rapharam was one of the Deities mentioned in the legend revolted against their new leaders, and revolution was quick to occur.

The world has become silently unstable and opressed. In a major economic downturn, Pokemon everywhere (beside the Holy Region) live in severe poverty. Gold and Silver Islands of the Sunken Region have been mysteriously swallowed into the endless depths of the sea. Thieves plunder travelling Pokemon on major routes, and the Holy Region has cut off all monetary assistance to the rest of the world.

There is a long time paranoia of a Shadow Pokemon outbreak. Pokemon fear that it is highly contagious, one not knowing that they have it until it's too late. Riots have uprisen, towns are being ransacked. An old tradition from Pokemon around the world has been to travel to either the North or South Poles, asking mercy of the Legendary Pokemon. Though none have succeeded, the belief is highly doubted by the majority of the population. Those who do follow the tradition are often ridiculed and beaten severely in the center of town. In fact, most towns have established slaughter houses. It wouldn't be a problem if every Pokemon believed in the same legendaries, but due to the conflicts, one cannot stand his or her beliefs in public.

Weather around the world is unstable. It snows yearly in port towns, and Brayport has recieved so much rain that it has virtually been wiped off the face of the planet. Constant tremors threaten the modernizing Dunlop Land. From war, famine, and disasters, te Pokemon population is dwindling away..

Where you come in..
You are a Pokemon, living in one of four regions, the main regions that cover the world. No matter where you are, you realize that you and your beloved/trusted/befriended/etc. ones are in grave danger. You need to travel to the North and South Poles to meet the legendaries to call off the everlasting battle. You are known as "The Undercovers". Your name truly applies, as you must escape detection by the town officials, and avoid severe punishment.

Or, you are a supporter of the battle, one of the four clans that work in high class. Your bosses are representatives for the legendaries mentioned in the tale. You believe the legendaries are real, and work for a better purpose. You are known and feared throughout the world, and known as "Invaders". Many Pokemon are Invaders merely because they are promised some rewards. Some towns have Town Halls to hire elite Pokemon as Invaders. Unlike the old RP I made, Invaders have a high reputation, and are usually lethal or savage.

"Loners" are Pokemon who are completely unaware of the war, and travel the region as gypsies. There are none of these in the Varain Region.

*There are no loners at this junction*

Places to live
You live in one of four regions, and one of their cities. They are explained below.

-Varain Region
This is the region where the battle was said to start. It is a bustling, city-like region, rich in material goods. It is famous for its intense folklore. The region itself is split in two, said to be from the doing of Groudon. There are many gigantic bridges spanning miles connecting these two "sub regions". The Varain region may very well be the resting place of peace itself..
--Docklynn: a port town located to the upper left corner of the region. It has a gigantic statue of Deoxys, where Deoxys itself was said to reside. It was later deemed to have no significance to Deoxys whatsoever. Many Pokemon call Docklynn home.
--Brayport: a big city, with scyscrapers made of sand. It never rains here, and is always sandstorming. Pokemon that would normally live in deserts make settlement here.
--Vinap Town: A town in the middle of a thick forest. It has small caves all over, providing homes for a lot of grass type Pokemon. Many Bug types also live here as well, except in trees.
--Iceolated Village: a very small town, north of Docklynn on small island. It is in no way connected geographically to the region, but citizens lately have considered themselves to be from the Varain Region. Iceolated town is covered by a huge dome of ice, covered by snow. It is extremely cold, as only ice types can truly appreciate its diving temperatures.
--Dystorm City: a city located on the sub region. It is in a small crater, next to the Yaibo Canyon, where the sub region is further split. Pokemon that love fighting have made room in their hearts to call Dystorm there home, as it contains the battle site, a tournament like area.
--Tradesville: Although this town has the word "Trade" right in it, it is very isolated. No city helps it with its growing poverty, and it is quite often known as the Peasant Village.

-Peciples Region
This region is always engulfed by the fires of war. It is a land driven by hunger, as it is always in a constant drought. Many Pokemon have had to flee to actually survive. Those who stay are often driven to cannibalism. It is very empty, with hints of a once prosperous lifestyle.
--Dunlop Land: a desertlike region where very few Pokemon live. They have all refered to the desert as "the one place that is actually inhabitable". Nothing real special here. Construction has taken place, and a new style of life is being arranged. Many officials have high hopes of this place.
--Hanabo: The name, being of the native language, has a lost meaning. Once again in the middle of the desert, this place boasts pyramids from ancient times. Homes are often made of dried mud.
--Flare Land: A field at the base of a volcano. The volcano rains volcanic ash that appeals to fire types. The extreme heat make it completely uninhabitable to any other type.

-Sunken Region
This region is almost completely underwater. It has only 18% of the land it once had.
--Peciples Island: Long ago, this was the scene of a war in which the Pokemon of Peciples won. They claimed the once beautiful island, but now it seems useless and utterly destroyed.
--Liteflow: The entire underwater world is known as Liteflow tranverse. It resembles almost an exact underwater Varain Region. It is considered to be the most organized city, as those who have adapted to it live hear. Lines of Chinchou light the underwater.
--Rainbow Archipelago: This set of islands is unique; each island is composed of different minerals. They go as according, and named after what they are made of.
-Emerald Island
-Ruby Island
-Sapphire Island
-Crystal Island

-The Holy Region
This region is mainly made up of palaces and kingdoms, like those of fantasy stories. There are no cities, but Pokemon live in these Kingdoms.
Cities(or rather, Kingdoms)
--Air Kingdom: This kingdom is a vast forest with a floating castle in the center of a hill. Pokemon that fly are normally known to live here. (Ruler: ???)
--Terrain Kingdom: This kingdom is in a cave where no light has ever pierced. It is very dark, and aligned with rubies that light up, strangely enough. Pokemon that can dig well live here. (Ruler: ???)
--Aquan Kingdom: A kingdom set on the coasts of the Holy Region. It has many cities above and below water. The most beautiful houses are found off the coast on secret islands. (Ruler: ???)

Here are your overall objectives:

"Undercovers": you are to make it to either of the two poles (north or south), and compromise with the legendaries there. Your journey will be long and harsh, but you must be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. Avoid those known as invaders, as they are willing to kill you for there own personal gain.

"Invaders": you are to annihalate any who oppose you or your leaders. Convince loners that the legendaries in the myth are true. Stop the ones who call themselves undercovers at all costs.

"Loners": Survive. Pokemon will be playing with your head, saying things like, "Arceus is real," or, "peace is for all, why not help others." It's a Poochyena eat Poochyena world out there, and you need to live no matter what. Kill, share, help, etc. whoever you want.

*As I already stated, no Loners at this point

And Finally..

The Rules

Basic PC and Role play rules.

You are to sign up as a Pokemon. I want NO human characters. Not even relevances to human characters.

If you are confused about anything in this thread, please PM me. I need to know if I have to improve, change, etc. anything.

No Godmodding.

No Bunnying, unless you notify me and the controller, first.

Only mild blood. Just 'cuz its pg14, doesn't mean there are others younger than 14.
(Same goes for romance and swearing)

If I feel I need to, I hold the right to kick out any RPer at any time if I feel it necessary.

Only a max. of two characters at a time.

Please write with good grammar and exceptional spelling


No Playing as a Legendary/overpowered Pokemon

And PLEASE, if you sign up, please don't complain if you aren't excepted at first. You can be accepted if you simply edit your sign-up (saying if you weren't accepted the first time).


Pokemon Species:

Name (yes, I require a name):


Job (Undercovers, Invaders, or Loners. What they do, who they support, etc. The info will be different depending on what job you do.):






RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too):

Are the legends real? Is all this just in vain? If so, why is the world ending? This is the mystery you joined to answer.

October 9th, 2008, 6:59 PM
Pokemon Species: Snorlax

Name: Mishra

Gender: Male

Job: Undercover

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varain Region/Dystorm City

Appearance: He is a very large albino Snorlax. All white with piercing red eyes for those that don't know what albino is. For more clarifacation on size, he is twice the size of normal Snorlax. He also has a very big scar going across his stomage from a battle with a Kabutops. He also ware's a cloak, which is little more then a small cape on him, passed down his family line for a long time(no ones knows how long). He has pants. Big expencive navy blue torn almost to shreads pants.

History: Born from an extra large egg, Mishra's family always knew that he would do great things. Too bad as an egg he was kidnapped. He has never known his real family or where he was originaly born. He was rased in Dystorm City by a family of Medicham who found his egg laying on a road just outside Dystorm City. Mishra was rased to be the greatest champion of Dystorm City ever. Because of who rased him (Medicham parents and a Meditite sister named Ashnod ) he knows mostly Fighting and Psychic type moves. He was born as a Munchlax, and because of that he was given a pretty hard time by any one not of his adopted family. That just mad him tougher though. Now he can defeat almost any Fighting type.

Others: His catch phrase "this won't end well" used for both good and bad situations.(thou mostly bad ones)

RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too): Reconize this Sil? :) "Well isn't that intersting," Xaki said. He creaped his hand around to the pouch under him and pulled out a small water sack and said "I need some water, even Fire types need some small amount of water." Of course it wasn't water in that sack, it was moo moo milk. He didn't think that little trick would fool them so he chuged it down choking on some. Xaki felt compleately revitalized and leaped into the air. He landed about tewnty feet away and called out "I am an Undercover and my name is Xaki. And now I bid you fair well." After that he took off at incredable speed. He had to find Nim. That was his last friend.

Zeta Sukuna
October 9th, 2008, 8:37 PM
Pokemon Species: Raichu

Name (yes, I require a name): Rei

Gender: Male

Job (Undercovers, Invaders, or Loners. What they do, who they support, etc. The info will be different depending on what job you do.): Dialga/Palkia (But more Dialga)

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varaian, Docklynn

Personality: Rei is an optimist (Believe it or not) who is loyal to Dialga. He is usually not caring, but likes to look on the brighter side. He also takes great pride in the fact that he has only lost once in his life, but to be fair, he was still young.

Appearance: Rei is 2'5" tall with orange fur that is a little darker than normal. His left ear has been bitten, and torn through. His tail is also a little bit longer than a normal Raichu's tail, and it has a silver streak on the end of it. His feet have a blueish tint to them as well. Rei also has a scar on his back from a fight a few years back, but it looks like it's almost better.

History: Rei was born under parents who were 'Undercovers', but the lifestyle they were teaching just didn't seem to fit the Pichu(At that time) and made him uncomfortable, so when he evolved into a Pikachu, he challenged his parents to leave... obviously he won and became a loner. Rei was happy with that lifestyle for a while, but soon grew bored of it and started fighting other pokemon. Soon enough he found a powerful Venusaur, but as a Pikachu, he didn't do much damage. But during the fight, he came across a Thunder Stone and evolved into a Raichu before running away. A year later, Rei found a cult that lived under Dialga, so he joined up and worshipped the being like everyone else. Soon enough though, Dialga joined with Palkia which angered Rei so much, but his loyalty kept him in. Rei has secretly killed a few of Palkia's agents.

Others: Rei can use Extremespeed, thanks to Dialga.

RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too): Chapter 47: The Battle on Bikers Bridge (Part 2)

"Did you get my assistant?" Asked the man as he observed his scientists drag in Captain.

"Umm... yes?" Said one of the scientists as the two showed the sleeping man. "Is this him?" The man on the throne laughed a bit before saying.

"Yes, that is the world famous Captain, Captain E. Jones." Said the man. "He is one of the best to work in this operation.

"His name is Captain?" Asked the male scientists. The man nodded before getting up.

"Yes, his name is Captain. But we have bigger issues to worry about. Our base is about to be discovered." Said the man. The female scientist blinked before saying.

"Base? Our base is three rooms. A jail cell, this room, and the bathroom." Said the female scientist.

"We have other bases, our secret society is full of members." Said the man as he opened the door. "Now, we must go and retrieve our 'project'."

"Yes sir, Lord Samuel Perry." Said the male scientist as they too walked out of the base, still dragging Captain.


"Come on out Crobat!" Yelled Chris before sending out his bat. Bob smirked before pulling out a pokeball himself.

"Let's go, Blastoise!" Yelled Bob sending out the water turtle. "Ice Beam!" Blastoise took a breath before firing the Ice Beam. Crobat was able to dodge it. "Mega Punch Now!" Blastoise smashed its fist into Crobat, sending him to the ground.

"Crobat!" Yelled Chris, afraid that Blastoise's punch was fatal, but Crobat easily got up. "Phew, Use Air Cutter!" Crobat fired a blast of air, sending Blastoise back a bit. "Now use Poison Fang!" Crobat bit down on Blastoise, but the poison didn't sink in.

"Hydro Pump!" Yelled Bob, but before the cannons fired, Chris returned Crobat and sent out Ivysaur. "What?!"

"It's life or death! Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf!" Yelled Chris. Ivysaur fired the leaves, hitting Blastoise for quite a bit of damage. But the giant turtle was able to get up quickly.

"Blastoise, use Ice Beam!" Yelled Bob. Blastoise fired the Ice Beam at Ivysaur, but before the Ice Beam reached Ivysaur, Chris tossed his already wasted Pokedex, absorbing the beam, but totally destroying it.

"Now, use Razor Leaf!" Yelled Chris. Ivysaur ran up to Blastoise before tossing the leaves at point-blank range, knocking it out.

"Wow, that was kind of cheap." Said Sandy, but she then saw something out of the corner of her left eye... it was the male scientist, the female scientist, and Samuel Perry, all riding on Crobats. "It-It's them!" Yelled Sandy as Samuel's Crobat fired a Hyper Beam, sending the bikers into the air.

"Heh, so Chris, you were the one to protect Sandy when Drake attacked before you made it to Vermillion City." Said Samuel.

"Yeah, but Drake is dead. We don't have to worry about him killing us." Said Chris, but Samuel just laughed.

"Drake dead? Ha! That's like saying En-lightning doesn't exist!" Yelled Samuel.

"Don't you mean lightning?" Asked Chris. Samuel flinched, realizing the mistake he had just barely missed.

"Yes, thank you." Said Samuel, covering up his mistake. Chris decided to not question it farther and just continue glaring at the evil man. Suddenly the two scientists grabbed on to Sandy.

"Huh? Let me go!" Yelled Sandy before being lifted into the air.

"Sandy!" Yelled Chris, but Bob grabbed his wrist. "Let me go!"

"You still have me to deal with." Said Bob, but Chris just kicked Bob's shin and ran towards the scientists. But before he got there, the scientists and Samuel had flown off on their Crobats. Chris grabbed a randon motorcycle before chasing after them.

"Hey! Get back here!" Yelled Bob before getting on his own motorbike and chasing after Chris. A few bikers followed, as did the man in white, and the man in black.

(ooc: This is now complete.)

October 10th, 2008, 1:53 AM
Pokemon Species: Houndoom

Name (yes, I require a name): Haelii

Gender: Female

Job: Undercovers

HomeRegion/Hometown: Peciples region/Flare land

Appearance: Haelii looks everyway like normal houndoom...except that she has abnormal colours to all others. She is a deep blue all over her body besides her snout, belly, and the rings around her ankles(imagine a shiny houndoom). Also, her horns and tail are more lengthier than others and she has a six pointed star on the triangel of her tail.

History: Haelii was born in the harsh lands of the peciples region in the Flare lands. Abandoned in a magma cavern by her mother because her father said that he would eat her as there was no food left in the hoard for an extra mouth, she grew up cared for and nurtured by a stray Torkoal who had lost it's own children to the clan village leader. Her foster mother knew that Haelii had more luck and strength than many pokemon that were considered to be elites in the area and helped to properly train her to fight for herself. She eventually lost her foster mother later when three blood thirsty Arboks who were driven to cannabalism attack them and she managed to escape as her foster mother's cries receded. Haelii then began to wander the area, fending for herself yet refusing to eat other pokemon even if she was utterly famished. She managed to survive and live, promising herself that one day, she'd do something to make the wars stop no matter what.

Others: ......nope, nothing else.

RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too):
~Tandra sat in a small corner, petting Tantum quietly. An odd breeze seemed to be hanging around for a while now and she couldn't quite place what it was. Mina suddenly then shouted QUIEEEET! so loudly, she was sure her eardrums had exploded. Mina seemed to have also noticed the breeze and started telling everyone about it. Tandra shut her eyes, they were here to find a magical pokemon only spoken of in legends, how is it that a pokemon that rare would be in a lowly cave in the midst of no where? but the breeze that came out of no where did make it seem as if a pokemon were doing it.

Okay! there! my sign-up!

October 10th, 2008, 11:01 AM
Pokemon Species:Gengar




HomeRegion/Hometown:The Holy Region/Terrain Kingdom

Personality: Quiet and naive, he believes everything at face value. His view of the world may differ from others, he believes everything is black and white, or to be more specific, he believes that a person is either completely correct, or is completely in the wrong, with no middle ground. Although, due to the recent skirmishes between the opposing forces, he has become more aware of the world, and has started to believe that two people are able to be correct.

Appearance:His size differs from the regular Gengar, weighing at 76.2 lbs, at a height of 4'05, due to this, his form is more lithe then the average Gengar, allowing him to move quickly, and more precisely. When he is either not hiding in the shadows, or is fighting, he wears blue sleeves on his arms and legs. This is because of his excessive use of hyper extension of his arms and legs. Wearing the sleeves is to prevent anymore uses of this skill, as, if he were to use it any longer, the possibility of his limbs breaking would be high. Due to birth defects, his left eye's color is of a glimmering gold, while his right eye is of a clear blue.

History:As you may have guessed, as a typical ghost-type, Orion has lived in the Terrain Kingdom cave most of his life, raised by a Mismagius mother, and a Gengar of a father. He was one of the ten born at the time, and was the third hatched, although his parents hadn't noticed his hatching until after he hatched, two days after. Due to this, he quickly learned how to nourish himself, feeding off the dreams of various pokemon inside the cave, such as Zubat, Rattata and Diglett.

Four months after hatching, he and his siblings had evolved into Haunters whilst his Misdreavus brethren were training with his mother, they were then sent on a task from their father to hunt for a elusive item known as a Dusk Stone. This would act as proof for them to evolve, although in other places it was not required for a Haunter to hunt for one, it was an alternate way for a Haunter to evolve. During his search, which took him three months to find, his stamina, strength and ability to fend for himself were tested, and to Orion, it seemed as though everything up until the point he found his Dusk Stone, he was being evaluated as to see if he had earned his right to evolve. After finally finding his Dusk Stone, he was the second to find the it, the path to evolution afterward was quite simple, as his father had brought him to the Sacred Alter, which incidentally, was the place of his birth. Offering the Dusk Stone upon the stone dais, a bright light had enveloped him, and while inside this light, his molecular structure began to change, afterward, his appearance had finally taken upon the final stage of his species.

After two more grievous years of intense training with his father, he learned of four attacks he uses primarily in battle; Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch and Thunderbolt, although, his Shadow Ball is seldom used, as his control over that particular attack amongst Gengars isn't the best, meaning he can't use it too many times without becoming extremely tired.

Others:Nothing I can think off the top of my head, at the moment at least.

RP Sample:
(First time roleplaying Pokemon, so my RP Sample may be lackluster. As a side note, this happened fourth months ago.)

Slipping out inconspicuously from the shadows, Orion cast a quick glance of the surroundings around him. Another fight between the opposing forces minions, causing yet another sector of the Terrain Kingdom to fall.

"Orion, what are you doing here? Get back inside, happenings from the outside do not concern us."At this, he turned to the voice that had sprung seemingly from no where.

"Andrew, what do you mean this doesn't concern us? Have you not seen what has happened to our so called "kingdom"? Nearly half of it has been decimated from the aftermath from their fights! If anything, each region is concerned with the squabbles of these meaningless fights!" His usually calm demeanor breaking, as he glared at his elder brother. He couldn't believe his brother's arrogance, how could he not care as their people's kingdom was crumbling before them, and they did nothing but wade it out.

"The leaders of each region won't allow that to happen, they'll do something before it-"

"Stop! Just stop! Do you really believe that? It's been years since this has happened, and nothing, absolutely no progress in stopping this meaningless fighting! How much more do we have to endure before it finally ends? I'm honestly getting tired of doing nothing but watch as the land before us is destroyed!"

"Brother, please calm down, you know how you tend to run rampant when you lose it..."Silence for a moment as Orion began to recompose himself."I know you're getting impatient, but we can't do anything at the moment, you know that, we're no where nearly powerful enough to fight against them all."

"I'm thinking of leaving on my own, and go with a group of Pokemon that are gathering for each of the poles. It'll be the quickest way for us to stop this age-old war, and since the rest of you aren't willing to fight, then I'll go."Staring at his elder brother intently, he had hoped that Andrew would agree with him on the subject, and join in the fight, but unfortunately, his brother had a different way of thinking.

"Orion!What are you thinking, if you do that, you'll become an enemy of the Regions, if we just wait it out, surely the legendaries of each pole will listen to our prayers, and stop!"

"If that's what you believe, then our conversation ends here. I'll be leaving at sunrise, if you want to join me, then meet me near the outskirts of the kingdom, if not, then good luck brother."

(This was done rather haphazardly, as I wasn't sure how quickly I needed to get my sign-up in, so if needed I can revise it to contain more information, or length, etc.)

Blue Screen of Death
October 10th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Pokemon Species: Scizor

Name: Dwayne

Gender: Male

Job:Invader (Ho-oh)

HomeRegion/Hometown: Holy region-Air kingdom

Appearance: Obviously, Dwayne has all of the normal traits of a Scizor, with a few differences. Due to genetic reasons, his skin (armor?) is a crimson color, not much difference compared to a Scizors regular color. He is missing the point of one of his horns, thanks to a rather snippy Pinsir (get it?). His other traits are quite normal for a Scizor, except for his pincers. His pincers, due to some form of gentic mutation, have a black line down the middle of his fake eyes. Otherwise, he is, like said before, a normal Scizor.

Personality: Dwayne loves to have fun and has trouble being serious, which makes many pokemon think he is annoying, not that he cares. He doesn't pay much attention to other people when he isn't talking to them. He sleepwalks sometimes, mostly because he dreams that he is awake, and is usually found either in a tree or in a bush. He doesn't like to wake up in the morning, but when he does he isn't annoyed by it. When he gets in a fight his personality is the exact opposite, as he becomes serious, and aggressive. He is adamant about his beliefs, and will attack anyone who disagrees with him.

History: He had a normal childhood, up until he changed into a Scizor. Unknown to most Scythers evolve naturally when they obtain a metal coat. When he became thirteen (in pokemon years) his parents gave him a large chunk of metal for his birthday.

What is this for?" He said, looking at his parents with a confused look.

"Say evolve real loud and you will find out." His father said.

"Okay then. He replied, doing as his father had instructed.

The chunk of metal he was holding started to melt in his hands. He was baffled at how this was happening, but before the metal hit the floor it quickly changed direction and wrapped itself around his feet and legs, causing him to fall over. It then made is way up around his body, forming somewhat of a cocoon around him. He panicked while inside this metal entrapment and started wiggling. After five minutes of his thrashing about he noticed some things where changing on him. He could feel his blades shortening and becoming round, then another thing popped out of the bottoms of both his hands, which made him realize that he now had pincers instead of blades. He managed to create a small crack in the cocoon, allowing himself to catch a glimpse of his face. His face was red, and he could feel his skull change as well. He saw three small lumps on the back part of the top of his head, which continually grew until they where three long horns, sticking straight out. he was freaked out by this, considering it didn't hurt. Then he started to glow, and all sorts of other changes happened. First his wings gained a small amount of metal coating at the base, and then his feet narrowed into small, rounded points. After this his thorax moved forward and stuck out some. Finally, he became red everywhere on his body except for his feet, his wings, a few spots on his abdomen and most of his thorax, his eyes, and a black and yellow mark on each hand, which looked an awful lot like eyes.

Finally, once he stopped glowing, he could punch his way through the metal cocoon. At this he looked at his new body, and made a startling discovery. He had evolved!

"Mom, dad, thank you so much! He shouted, nudging his new horns against his mothers (what we would call kissing) and locked his new pincer with his dads ( what we woulc call a handshake).

Others: I added personality, thought it might help my chances. Little question, why wasn't that in there in the first place though?

RP Sample: (taken from something you may recognize, not using this
character though). Setzer was walking through the forest, enjoying all of the sights and scents of the plant life. The green of the tree leaves mixed quite well with the flowers scattered throughout the forest. The wind caught his cape, causing it to blow up and stick straight out backwards. This continued for another five seconds, until his cape blew off. He chased the piece of black cloth through the forest, until he saw it land in a Pidgeotto's nest. He shouted at the nest, hoping someone was in it "Hello? I'm afraid my cape blew up their and I need some help getting it down." The pidgeotto in the nest was not happy with this, as he was just woken up quite suddenly by the cape hitting him directly in the face. "You want it? Here take it!" The bird pokemon shouted, swooping down, dropping the cape, and creating a long gash down Setzers arm. He wanted to fight back, but decided he had better go find some berries and other medicinal plants to help the long gash in his arm. "Sorry for the trouble sir, I'll leave you be now." He shouted, grabbing his cape an leaving. "Wierdo." The pidgeotto said, watching Setzer leave.

EDIT: I simply could not think of anything else for the appearance.

October 10th, 2008, 11:48 AM
Alrighty! Let's see. I can accept you three with about another line to appearance. Other than that, they were great and will be accepted upon edit (Rubii Naruto and Orasion can be reserved!). Oh, and lookalikeanalager (Can I just call you look or something?), I suppose you would need one, just to make things fair. My suggestion is to just copy something you did from an older RP you were in, and use that (because the sample doesn't have to be an intro to this RP).

Okay, if this RP gets far enough to start, I will be creating an ooc thread. Y'all just gonna have to be patient.

EDIT: Whoops, I never answered your question, SupahFunk. I don't know why it wasn't there, to say the least. I guess you all just got lucky. I'll add it in, and those who haven't signed up yet will have to, I guess..

Ok, Rubii, you're good (the personality was a bit short, but it wasn't really required by you..)

October 10th, 2008, 7:19 PM
You can call me L. HA HA HA HA!!!!

October 11th, 2008, 4:12 AM
Sorry for leaving half way through the last one.

No problem with using the same character as last time is there?

Is this a sequel or did the last one fail?

Pokemon Species: Arcanine

Name (yes, I require a name): Volco

Gender: Male

Job (Undercovers, Invaders, or Loners. What they do, who they support, etc. The info will be different depending on what job you do.): Undercover

HomeRegion/Hometown: Emerald Town

Personality: Volco is brave but sometimes too brave which leads to him hastily diving into battle. He relies on others such as his flying pal Tropius, RazorWings.

Appearance: Scars On his front paws which he got mysteriously at a young age.
Slightly tall for a usual Arcanine.

History: His history is very shrouded and he remembers little of his childhood as a Growlithe. Has been outside of the world's battles after being trapped by the same orange blur, despite many years of being under his capture, Volco never knew what species his captor was. He now makes it his quest to find him as he helps the undercovers on the brink of death.

Others: ????

RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too):

I'll just find one from the last thread.

EDIT: Here we are.

"Agh! Much too powerful. Must follow." Volco stuttered. But he was much to weak and came close to fainting point.

"Tropio!" He shouted as loud as he could. RazorWings wasnt too far away and heard the native Tropius call.

He flew back and through threw a tower window to find the Charizard and Volco layed on the floor. "How could you? Why?" RazorWings asked the Charizard who he believed to have done this. He put Volco onto his back and started to fly back to Emerald Island, ignoring a mischeavous looking Blaziken on the way out.

'I hope he's alright.' Thought RazorWings. He took one last look at the ruins of the two islands. 'What a mess.'

Twilight Wolf
October 11th, 2008, 4:28 AM
I hope that this one won't die. Will you be so kind as to reserve me?

Pokemon Species: Rapidash

Name: Stalight

Gender: Female

Job: Loner

HomeRegion/Hometown: Vinap Town

Personality: Starlight would seem to be your average Rapidash at a quick glance, but when you look at her face to face, you can see that she's different. Her indifference had a one in a trillion chance of happening. Starlight has had a little white star on here forehead since birth. She wasn't teased by it, but revered. Starlight was given a high place in the herd she lived in. The star is four sided and curved on each side. Her horn alo seems to be illuminated in the darkness. Her eyes are a beautiful blue, and her mane and tail burn fiercely.

Appearance:Starlight is known as a good leader, to be trustworthy, and secrete. She is thoughtful, but when it comes to a life, she will not think and just help, even if it means dying for whom she is saving. Starlight grew up well nourished and healthy, so her maximum speed is about 200 mph instead of the average 150 for a Rapidash. When angered, she tends to rear up and lash out with her sharp hooves. She is very sweet and caring towards others that she knows and trusts. Starlight can be a bit mouthy, which is the not-so-sweet side of her. She is always confident, but is able to stop herself before she becomes too overconfident.



RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too): Are you kidding meh?

October 11th, 2008, 7:54 AM
Orasion- Your sign-up is great, and didn't need to be rushed. Since its fine, you don't need to edit, but nothing's stopping you if you want to.

Skii- indeed, this is a seqeul. It wouldn't hurt to use the same character. I mean, I know its physically impossible, but that would mean that rpers of the old rp wouldn't be able to use the characters they wanted to. Gladly reserved.

Vanessa-reserved also.

October 11th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Okay my sign up sheet history will be edited along with anything else you believe lacks information.

I'll just be alot older in it so that doesnt make it psychically impossible. (Thinking on that I have a story twist, since it'd be spoilers I wont post it in the thread but if you want to know, Blanch, then pm me.)

October 11th, 2008, 8:40 AM
Can I join?

Pokemon Species: Lucario

Name: Lucius

Gender: Male

Job: Undercover

City: Crystal Island

Personality: Now calm & quiet. When Lucius was born, he became paranoid and had a very untrustworthy personality. Even though he is now calm and quiet, he likes to have a laugh with his togepi friends and not many people see his caring nature. His personality changes when ever he hears the name "Heatran". He becomes dark and moody, his tail jerks up and he automatically attacks whatever's behind him with aura Sphere, regardless wether friend or foe.

Appearance: Tall , Thin, The Spike on his chest in cracked because he fought, lost and survived a battle with Heatran. His eyes are blood red and filled with anger which he releases in his battling. His tail is usually relaxed and drooping and his furry middle looks dirty and slightly burnt from his battle with Heatran. Carved on the spikes on his left and right hand is a spiraling pattern which to him means the bottom will eventually become the top; in other words, he and all Pokemon alike will triumph over the rogue legenadries and restore peace and order.

History: He was the first to hatch and the last to evolve due to being paranoid. He trained in the Crystal Island with his family. They all lived in an abandoned village and then it was attacked by Heatran and destroyed. Now only he survives with his frightened Togepi friends, a washed away Lapras and an outcasted Pidgeot who are in danger. Henceforth he goes on a mission to stop the war.

Others: Loves sushi and mangoes. Hates Heatran. His Aura Sphere is really big because he ued to be paranoid and looked deeper into Aura, to find trust. His Aura Spheres can become 1 metre in diameter. His most common moves are Aura Sphere, Earthquake, Ice Punch and Dark Pulse. Every now and then he uses Close Combat, Metal Claw, Water Pulse and Dragon Pulse.

RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too):

October 11th, 2008, 10:01 AM
Ok, pokepal, could I ask you to add to personality and appearance until you have 4 lines? If you have trouble with thinking of anything, pm me and I'll help you out.

Skii-I know your potential to RP, but everything will have to be 4 lines (things that require explanation, anyway). I don't exactly know if you're done yet, so I won't bother you any more than I have.

All- I will be back Monday, along with an OOC thread, my sign-up, and the start of the Roleplay! Until then, I will be accepting sign-ups.

October 11th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Pokemon Species: Buizeru (Buizel)

Name:: Montana

Gender: male

Job: Undercover

HomeRegion/Hometown: Sunken Region/Liteflow

Personality: Montana is a hot-headed young Buizel, always the first to do something, never listening to anyone else. For this reason, he often gets himself into trouble. He is always going off and doing his own thing. His friends and the other Undercovers sometimes see this as a disadvantage, sometimes as an advantage.

He has reason to go find the legendaries, and he won't stop until he finds them, no matter who gets in his way, be it Invader or town official or even a legendary itself. He acts as the group's personal cheerleader and has a kind of one-track mind, blind to everything else around him.

Appearance: Montana, as a Buizel, is an orange weasel with two tails. The ends of the tails are tipped with white, and he has a life preserver around his neck that helps him float. Small blue fins on his arms help him to swim fast underwater, and also to be able to turn and stop on a dime. Montana's coat is a little darker than a regular Buizel's, however. His eyes also shine a brilliant red, visible to many and a bit of a weakness as people can find him easily. They glow in the dark, also.

History: Montana had a pretty normal childhood. He had a sister, and two little brothers who were always looking up to him, being the older Buizel he was. But his parents were always a little worried about his overconfidence, so they tried to tone it down a bit. Montana, being Montana, wasn't even fazed. He was still the same Buizel he always was.

Then he heard the legend of why the world was like it was. He always thought this was the way the world was supposed to be, but now he knows there used to be something else. And, against his parents' wishes, he's going to find out what it should be like. His siblings think it's the coolest thing ever, and he's doing it for them, and for a special someone that he loves...

Others: n/a

RP Sample:

Good. He'd seen the bone of another Pokemon she'd Chased when the Game was still older. She'd laid it there purposefully, for anyone to find, and become afraid of what could be lying ahead. She hadn't known if anyone would find it, though. As she drifted through the darkness, she looked into his mind.

He was scared. Slightly scared. She could tell that. He wouldn't ever admit it - he was that kind of Pokemon - but he was scared. He was brushing the bone off.

Damn. No one had ever done something like that before. This was usually the part where they started panicking and dropped to the ground, screaming and crying, and then she could dig her claws into them and rip out their souls and kill them.

She wondered why her mindset continued to change. One minute it was 'kill the Player' and the next it was 'why?' She couldn't ever be sure of which one it was going to be.

Damn Abusoru. Made her think twice.

<I hate you,> she said to herself. <I hate how you're doing this to me.>

It was telepathy, but no one else could hear it, not the Chasers, not the Players, and not that Abusoru either.

She wasn't paying attention and a leaf rustled, then fell into the water, making ripples. Instantly, Ninekun felt herself melt into the shadows as she tried to follow Aya deeper into the woods. But there was a patch of light there - certainly, she would be seen. The invisibility shadow-melting didn't work in the light, and you could faintly see her outline.

She decided to risk it - after all, Aya didn't seem to be paying attention.

In and out, there went the flash. She hoped he hadn't seen her.

Hope it's good ^^ This sounds really fun!

October 11th, 2008, 12:23 PM
Blanch Sil can I have a Pokemon sidekick who sometimes helps me?

EDIT: Do I have to use only 4 attacks?

October 13th, 2008, 11:42 AM
Okay, Pokepal17, it looks.. alright. I suppose I can accept you. No, you are not limited to 4 moves. Ratiosu, can you make appearance at least 4 lines? Everything else was great. Everyone else (beside those who are editing) are pretty much accepted. I will give time to those editing, so don't hurry (just don't take forever, as you don't want to miss out!).

Will edit this post when I finish typing out my sign-up and the RP prologue.

Pokemon Species: Crawdaunt

Name: Khison

Gender: Male

Job: Invader, but kind of like a mercinary.

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varain, Dystorm

Personality: Khison is a brute that uses his sheer strength to the fear of others. He wishes to see blood every day, and would prefer if it spilt from his own doing. Though he loves to kill, he would still want to be payed for a dirty deed he was hired for. Fairly greedy and scary, there seems to be no light left in him at all. Not even the tiniest trace of goodness. He uses his burly appearance and tough talk in succession to scare away foes even bigger than him. When he's not on a mission or scaring foes, he's working his body to become the strongest it can be. While he's a nasty Pokemon, when he brags, he's not lying. Very strong and competent, he will not back down from any foe. Of everything he is, he's not a coward.

Appearance: His appearance matches his personality. Very large and hefty, but in a muscular way. The way his plates line up seem like muscles, the way he shifts them. His scales are considerably darker red from the normal Crawdaunts. Some believe that it is blood stained to him. He has a four-pointed star on the top of his head, missing one point. Along with that (which is the most noticeable), he has numerous battle scars that are certainly not candy to the eye. He's roughly average sized, give or take a little. With huge pincers, it almost seems like he has trouble holding up the bulk of his body. But, in battle, he moves quickly and roughly. When he charges, his body trembles with his power. This is truly the creature that introduced the Dark type to the Crawdaunt species. He wears a small, black cape behind his shoulders, making him noticable in a crowd.

History: When Khison was a small Corphish, he was always feared. For he was born with the star on his head, which normally wouldn't appear until after a Corphish evolved into Crawdaunt. This was a sign of pure toughness, and he was one of the most popular Pokemon in the city. Though he was tough, he was still young. Some other Pokemon invited the small Corphish into the Dystorm annual tournament, which he accepted. He trained harshly, without any of the other Pokemon in town knowing. He would leave town, disappearing for days at a time to train. As a result of his training, and his birth defect, he evolved horrifically early. Upon returning to town on the last day of his training, the tournament was starting. The Pokemon who he was up against in the first round was so terrified that he gave up before even launching an attack.

After reaching the last round of the tournament, he came to fight a tall, purple dinosaur-like creature, a Nidoking. With a humiliating defeat, Khison left his hometown permanently. After finding out that the Nidoking was an Undercover from rumors, Khison officially became an Invader. But, he was no ordinary Invader. Instead of following one boss, he travelled the land of Varain, creating a prestige. Soon, he became a mercinary, hired for henious crimes. After a few months, he became an underground murderer. Eventually, he was hired to lead a raid to the town of Dystorm, in order to kill all of the apparent Undercovers. To Khison's delight, the Nidoking was on this list.

When the raid arrived to Dystorm in the mid of night, he ordered his group to leave the Nidoking to him. After a couple of hours, he finally found the house that the Nidoking lived in. But, to his despair, the Nidoking and his family had fled, leaving Khison with an unbearable feeling. He vowed to kill this Nidoking, who had defeated him.

Others: Has a relative who is a Pinsir, but is anonymous to name.

RP Sample: Instead, I'll write the opening post to the Rp. Sound fair?
Ok, there's my sign-up. I'll now..

Start the RP!

It was a dull, gray day in the forest, like usual. Everyday, a light, careful haze hung over the region of Varain. The only Pokemon that lived here were small insect types, that generally stayed retreated underneath rocks or in trees. When one dared to venture out, the Spearow that resided in nearly all of the trees dove down to devour it. To Khison, it was a sport to lure out unsuspecting Bug Pokemon with a small pile of delectable leaves, and watch a Spearow swoop down. Before the Spearow could scoop up its meal, Khison would leap out from behind the tree and snap the Spearow in two. But today, he walked past his supply of leaves, and kept going to the end of the forest. He had been hired by a Gengar to find a Ninjask, who had announced that he was an Undercover. Khison was specifically ordered to kill him, but would recieve a little.. extra if he could kill him before he left Vinap town.

He entered Vinap town, and a Beedrill looked at him funnily. It was odd for Pokemon to go into towns where their 'type' was rarely seen. For Vinap town, Bug and Grass Pokemon called this place home. Water pokemon were of the very least seen here. He rushed up to the Beedrill, and clashed his pincer on its throat with surprising force, leaving the Beedrill instantly dead. He tossed the thing into the brush on the side of the road, and looked around to make sure know one saw. He hoped they did, because he wanted to see more death. But, no Pokemon were even around. Even if they were, they probably wouldn't notice him in the now-condensing fog.

He entered Vinap town, and pulled out a map. He saw a random Gloom passing by, and walked up to it. It had a happy face on until Khison slammed it up against a huge boulder.

"Where does the Ninjask live?" he growled. The Gloom nearly fainted.

"W-what Ninjask?!" it said, almost apologetically. Khison stared it down, tightening his grip with each passing second, "Oh, the one who *choke* said he was an Undercover?" it asked, struggling for air underneath Khison's crushing claw.

"Yes," he said, slightly letting off some of the weight off of the Gloom. He only did it so he could hear it.

"He already left town, I'm afraid sir! But would you like some tea?" the Gloom said, with its happy face back on, like nothing had happened. Khison rolled his eyes, and ripped the tea out of the Gloom's grasp, which had 'magically' appeared. A little spilt to the ground, and Khison stared with disbelief at the cup. It's tiny, he thought, putting the entire cup in his mouth, and crunching it up. He swallowed it, and easily threw the Gloom to the side. Great, no extra money he thought, before leaving town again.

October 13th, 2008, 11:54 AM
I changed it. Thank you!


October 13th, 2008, 12:45 PM
Ah, yes, Ratiosu, accepted.

Attention, all, I have created an OOC thread that is [hopefully] accepted XD. Look for it soon (unless I discover it isn't accepted for some reason). Anyway, when an OOC thread is eventually posted, I'd like most, if not, all OOC discussion to be placed there. We may also discuss plots and other details of the RP there. Look for it ;).

Blue Screen of Death
October 13th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Here you go peoples, I'll attach more in a little bit. It would be nice is you credited me...

October 13th, 2008, 1:17 PM
That's neat. Great idea^^ I'll credit ya for sure. But lets not spam this up (I know it doesn't help w/o an ooc thread)..

Blue Screen of Death
October 13th, 2008, 1:18 PM
I wonder if these will be merged...

Zeta Sukuna
October 13th, 2008, 1:22 PM
(ooc: Thanks for the banner SupahFunk)

"Money... money is all that matters in the world of today. Everything else... family, religion, school... all of that is not as important as money... or so my family has taught me... but all of that ended when I ended their lives. I later found my master while looking for work, and he showed me... he showed me the future if we worked together. The sight was so beautiful, I will never forget it for the rest of my life."

-Rei, two years before the events in this RP occured.

Rei walked down the streets of Docklynn, knowing full well that the other pokemon were cowering on the inside, but hesitated to show it in fear of being attacked. But one decided to take a stand.

"Y-y-you ar-are u-un-und-d-der arr-re-e-est." Stuttered the Growlithe, trying to do his job, but Rei simply smacked away the young pup.

"Hmhmhmhm... they don't make good police agents like they used to." Said Rei before touching his fingers to the Growlithe's head. "You run along now, before I decide to finish you off after all." The Growlithe didn't hesitate as he ran away, whimpering. "Heh, that's a good boy." Said Rei before firing a Thunderbolt at the Growlithe, killing him. "Too bad you're so gullible." The people around looked shocked at what Rei did, some people grew angry, but they knew they couldn't do anything about it.

October 13th, 2008, 5:21 PM
Ooc: Hey Blanch, is it ok if my charater knows about yours. If not I will edit.

This was one tough foe, thought Mishra. She's fast, silent an... What was that. There was sound in the bushes behind him. He stalked over (which still shook the ground) to the bush, then it leaped out!

"Just a dumb Buneary" sighed Mishra. He sat down, causing the trees to shake, and called out "Why the heck can't I find you!!!"

"What do you mean, I'm right in front of you." Is what she tried to say, but was stoped half way through because Mishra grabed her with speed unexpected of his great bulk. He held her by her neck and huled up into the air. "Now what do you say we "renigoshate" our deal," said Mishra.

"Alrighte, you can have the last piece of chese. Just put me down bro" said Ashnod. Ashnod was now a Medicham and sucsesful fighter. Both her and Mishra had heard that servral fighters had left the city, and diceded to take a brake and look for them. Mishra has found and defeated all but one. "Are you sure hes hear. That family said they never saw any water types go through here in a year. They must think were crazy nut jobs," said Ashnod.

"Don't worrie, I have enough proof," he said. They had started walking after Mishra finished off the chese, and were srprisenly at the gates of Vinap town. On the ground was a dead Beedrill, choped in half. "By a crab like claw no doubt," said Mishra.

"I can't tell one bloody mess from another, how can you."

"That's just it, the bloody mess. A Syther slice would be more clean. Not like this, chuncks every where." said Mishra waving his hands around in the propre motions. Ashnod went to puke in the bushes.

"Hes here, now lets go say Hello." he said.

(Ooc: nice banners by the way SupahFunk)

October 13th, 2008, 11:05 PM
"grrrr...can this day get any worse?" Haelii muttered underneath her breath. She tucked her tail and paws underneath her even closer, away from the entrance of the small hollow she had found. Outside, the pitter-patter sounds of rain pouring down could be clearly heard. She laid her head down on a pile of moss she had collected and watched the drops of rain hit the ground. Maybe now was a good time for a nap.

Haelii sniffed the air hesitantly, making sure not to run into any savage pokemon. She had been traveling for days around the area near her home, wondering where to go next, as the condition of her home was worsening and she wanted to stop it before it degraded entirely. She had managed to find, on the eastern bordor of flare land, a dusty, old tome describing the mythology on the land around here. Deciding to act of what the tome said, she had searched the abandoned village for days on end, looking for a map to lead her to the south pole. In the end, she had to tear all of the small maps off the wall in a community hall and use those. Haelii padded towards a dense bush, staring at the plump blue berries adorning it's rim. She opened her mouth slightly to pluck one from it's branch before hesitating, 'If the berries weren't poisonous, wouldn't they have been eaten by now?' she fought a raging battle in her head between logic and hunger. Sooner or later, logic eventually won and she stepped away from the bush. Suddenly, an undersized Trapinch scrambled out and plopped onto the ground, landing at her feet. "eh? just what is a Trapinch doing out here in the middle of a volcanic ashland?" Haelii accused it. The Trapinch looked up at her with large eyes, "I can help you find the south pole" was all it said.

October 14th, 2008, 11:35 AM
It will only be a matter of time before they know I'm gone, Khison said in his head, not caring if he caused detection. In fact, he just wanted something to do. But instead, he kept his mind on his mission; he would never forgive himself if he let the Ninjask go. Without this job, he would be nothing. Just another slime on the ground of Dystorm. But no, he told himself, no, I won't end up like how I did before. The only thing he hated worse than Undercovers were Undercovers who had defeated him. And, with a few more years of experience under his belt, he could now confront the Nidoking and stand a chance.

Just then, he snapped into reality, and bit his tongue. A few pieces of porclain were still in his mouth, and cut open a tiny hole. He could taste blood, which was fairly unsatisfying. Khison was never one to really eat blood, but merely enjoyed seeing it. He spat on the roadside next to his feet, and stepped on it. He thought at how much fun he was missing in the forest, doing this instead of ruining a Spearow's day. Oh well, the more money the better. With his money, Khison would buy gear for his quests; food, weapons, maps, you name it. With him, though, he carried nothing. He thought that he could just get into Vinap, kill the Ninjask, and carry on. But the stupid thing had to flee town.

One thing he hated more than Undercovers who had defeated him were Undercovers who fled. Yet, he hated the Nidoking because it had done both. When Khison finally snapped to, he noticed a lot of Pokemon on the trail were looking at him funnily. Either it was his odd physique, or the blood running down his pincers. By these looks, Khison figured it was the blood. He eyed down a Sandshrew, and it looked fearfully back for a second, then scurried away in terror. Khison followed the path until he reached a split, one of the paths leading East, which would eventually take him to Tradesville, or North, which would take him miles up to Docklynn. His answer would depend on how the Ninjask was thinking.

If the Ninjask was determined, and was truly an Undercover, he would head way up North. There was no way that Khison could outrun a Ninjask, so he could only think of one thing. He started for Tradesville.

October 14th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Montana was tired. But he was so restless at the same time that he couldn't help but run around in circles to try and keep himself awake.

Dakota watched him with interest. "What are you doing?" he asked after a while.

"So...hyper...but...so...tired..." he said, breathlessly.

His little sister, one of four, came out of the cave they called home (the truth was that they'd just moved into a vacant cave - they'd been doing that for a while, all over Liteflow as stronger Pokemon demanded their caves) and swam up to the small island on top of the underwater world.

"What's wrong with you?"

Montana had a feeling that the rest of the Pokemon would come out soon, all Buizel like himself, so he just waited until his family (four sisters, three brothers, him being the oldest) were all bobbing along on the water.

"I'm just running, I have like Restless Leg Syndrome or something, okay?"

All of them just looked at him.

"That's stupid," said Virginia, a young sister of his.

"Yeah, why would you do that?" asked the third youngest sister, Tennessee.

Montana stopped and sighed. "No reason. Since when does anything I do ever have a reason?"

He felt himself thinking about the thing he would do very soon that did have a reason...he would journey up North and ask the legendaries to stop fighting so that he could see what the world used to be like. His siblings would be so excited. But he couldn't tell them yet - half of them would go telling on him. He had to wait until he was ready to leave, and tell the more trustworthy ones so they could break the news after he was long-gone.

He felt like he had a double life.

OOC: Montana's family--

Brother, 3 in human years - Washington
Brother, 6 in human years - Texas
Brother, 9 in human years - Oklahoma
Brother, 12 in human years - Wisconsin
Sister, 4 in human years - Michigan
Sister, 7 in human years - Virginia
Sister, 12 in human years - Tennessee
Sister, 14 in human years - Arizona
Himself, 16 in human years - Montana

Because I have no originality, they are all named after states.

Shoot me, I dare ya. xP

October 14th, 2008, 7:38 PM
It was pretty easy to track the Crawdaunt. He left a trail of fearful and unhelpful pokemon. "How bad is this guy anyway?" asked Ashnod.

"Pretty bad. I hear he kills for fun. Likes to watch blood and guts get spilled," said Mishra. They wandered around town for a little bit to see if any futher damage had been caused. Aside from that first Beedrill kill, not much except frighented pokemon. They were so frighented that when one was questioned five whole blocks closed down. "This is a major pain," growled Mishra. "Do you think he left town" questioned Ashnod.

"No clue. Hey you Sandshrew. Did you happen to see a large Crawdaunt come through here?" asked Mishra.

"N-n-n-n-n-n-n-north r-r-road." studered the Sandshrew, then fainted. Mishra started for the for the North road, but was stoped by his sister.

"Hold on. What if he's too tough for us. Dark types are super effective against Psychic types," she said.

Mishra paused, and turned around. In a kind voice said, "Your right. You stay, or go home. I'll fight him myself." He started to go north.

"No way you can't go, you might be killed," yelled Ashnod.

"Are you going to save the Ninjask. Hes an Undercover. You must save him," said a random Pineco. "I think that the Crawdaunt is going to kill him."

Mishra looked at his sister, smiled and said "Now I have a reason."

Ashnod frowned and flowed her adopted brother.

October 14th, 2008, 8:52 PM
aw man! I wanted to sign up...

October 15th, 2008, 7:25 AM
Lucius looked down from the cliff top at what had once been his home. It was now a derelict village with overgrown bushes and grass. A small Togepi approached him.

"What's up Lucius?" asked the small Togepi.

Lucius gave the small Pokemon an intimidating stare. The small Togrpi backed away in fright. Lucius bowed his head and sighed.

"Sorry, its just that I'm confused. I don't know what to do. My life has no meaning to it," he breathed.

"Well," chirped the little Togepi, "Maybe you should try and think beyond the box."

"What do you mean?" Inquired the Lucario, with a puzzled look.

"You can't stay on this Island to protect us forever. Maybe you should try and do something that will stop this crazy war," said the little Togepi.

Lucius looked at the spike on his wrist; there was a spiraling pattern carved onto it. To him it meant that one day he would eventaully emerge on top and restore peace and order the world. But then the he thought to himself. If he couldn't have saved his family from the attack by Heatran, what was the point of trying to save everyone. Would it pointless?

"Lucius, are you worried that Heatran my attack again?" blurted out the little Togepi.

Upon the sound of the Togepi's words, Lucius' normally relaxed tail jerked up and he did an aggressive Aura Sphere behind hime, shattering a small tree. He lay flat on the ground, ignoring the Togepi's apologetic whimpers. He thought for a moment.

"Tell the village I will be leaving tomorrow to stop the war," he told the Togepi.

Then he jumped down the cliff and thought to himself. Nobody else was going to stop the war, so he would have to go to the legendaries and do it himself.

October 15th, 2008, 1:15 PM
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I don't want any more OOC discussion in this thread (less it be something simple). Kk^^?

He kept walking down the dark, twisted jumgle path. Heading East meant that Khison was going to hit Tradesville, which transformed the forest into a jungle. With dense groves of trees, and high amounts of moisture in the air, this was a hot and humid place. Dark, grass, and ground types found this awful place as home. It wasn't awful to Khison, however, as he was dark type. Perfect conditions for a fight or match.

pat.. pat.. pat..

His heavy footsteps came down on the ground at regular intervals, warning smaller Pokemon to beware, as a bigger Pokemon was coming through. It was at times like these when Khison actually wished he could see all of the scared faces on the little Pokemon who could see him in the dark. Khison hated the dark for that reason. It helped him remain stealthy, but he could not see the blood from his victim. He chuckled at himself.

I'm obsessed with blood.. haha..

Knowing full well he wasn't normal, he kept along, but then his head started to become numb. It was almost a stinging. He reached his head back, and..


He roared, echoing for what seemed like miles. This was sure to send small Pokemon scurrying away. This reminded him of his Spearow game. He started to laugh at his sneeze, but quickly stopped when he figured he was going off track of his mission.

Just a mile or two, he thought, until I reach Tradesville..

Zeta Sukuna
October 15th, 2008, 2:41 PM
Rei had left Docklynn to the relief of the city in question and had decided to go south to seek out possible threats. "Hmm... I wonder if there is any challenge left on this earth for me." Said Rei. "I mean, Ever since I beat that Torterra, I haven't had any real challenge."

"You want a challenge? Here's a challenge you fiend!" Yelled out a voice from behind the rat, but Rei was able to dodge the strike fairly easily.

"Heh, what was that?" Asked Rei to the newcomer whom was an Arcanine. "I heard you coming from a mile away... oh, and here's a tip. Don't announce yourself to your opponent."

"I am Police Lieutenant Michael, and I am placing you under arrest." Said the Arcanine whom was now known as Michael.

"Well, I'd get out of here if I were you, but since you police officers are stubborn, I'll give you a challenge which should entertain me... I will put one hand behind my back." Said Rei. Michael bared his fangs before rushing towards Rei, but the mouse leapt back in an attempt to escape the strike.

"How dare you mock me!" Yelled Michael before firing a Flamethrower, but Rei used Agility to get out of the way in time.

"Come on, are you that pathetic?" Asked Rei as he secretly used Agility again. Michael leapt at Rei, but the mouse easily evaded the attack and used Agility once again. "You're so slow... and here I thought you Arcanines were fast."

'Grr... that Raichu is fast, and it feels like he's getting even faster.' Thought Michael before using Fire Blast, but Rei used Agility once more to get out of the way. "Grr... You're making me mad." Said Michael, but Rei just stood there. Michael started charging a Hyper Beam.

"Oooh, a Hyper Beam, I'm so scared." Said Rei sarcastically. "You'd better hurry up, or I will kill you right here... and with only my left arm, and dodging abilities."

"Hyper Beam!" Yelled Michael before firing the deadly beam, but Rei dashed out of the way quickly. The Hrper Beam hit a rock a few yards behind Rei, causing it to explode.

"Mega Punch!" Yelled Rei before slamming his fist into Michael's head, finishing the Arcanine off once and for all. "Heh, pathetic." Rei then began walking on his original path, as if nothing had happened.

October 15th, 2008, 5:03 PM
"Where did you say you saw a suspicious looking Crawdaunt?"Orion was with a feeble looking Nincada, his eyes trained intently on the bug ninja Pokemon. He had recently heard news of Invader Pokemon becoming more active in converting and killing other Pokemon, and he wanted to do whatever he could to help to stop them.

"H-he, s-said t-that h-he w-was l-looking f-for a N-Ninjask."Quirking a brow upwards at the young Pokemon's speech impediment. Quickly shaking his head of the thought, he resumed his questioning.

"Did you hear about and other information? Where he is? What he looks like? Any other objectives?" Orion was staring at the Nincada expectantly. He was hoping that it had at least a bit more information for him to go off of.

"I t-think h-he s-said t-that h-he w-was h-heading f-for...B-Brayport city." At this, a quick smile cast upon his mouth. With a curt nod of his head, the Nincada quickly ran off, fear struck in his erratic run. It was either due to his mismatched eyes, or the Nincada believed that he was being threatened for information.

"Brayport city, huh? I wonder what a port city will be like, I've never seen the ocean before. Heh, this could be fun after all."Quickly turning his body to the west, he was extremely excited to visit a city near the ocean. Being a ghost Pokemon, he'd spent just about all his life living in that cave known as a 'kingdom'. As such, he'd wanted to know what the smell of the sea was like, what colour the ocean was, what the temperature of the ocean was, just about everything he COULD learn about a seaside city.

It would be just like the first time he had ventured far out enough to see actual green trees, he had freaked out. At first, he thought that the mass amount of trees were the legendary Pokemon's army. After realizing that the trees were in fact trees(Which was after attacking about, fifty or so trees, with numerous Focus Blasts and Focus Punches)he had very much stayed in that exact same spot for two weeks, practically studying the tree to it's very core. So, if an ocean was anything as interesting a tree, he'd certainly be staying in Brayport for quite some time.

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Blue Screen of Death
October 15th, 2008, 6:19 PM

It was dark in the tunnel right before Ho-Oh's chamber, a special touch by the great bird himself (herself?).


The dank, brick hallway would be lined with the finest carpet in all the land, it the floor wasn't so dirty.

File #112545 loaded. Subject "Dwayne" selected.

The effect was set up so that the great bird pokemon's throne room looked like a light at the end of a tunnel, as many a pokemon have been sentenced to death there.

Ability assessment opened, currently being displayed.

As I entered, the two Rhydon guards that were following me moved to either side of the doorway, and I saw the spectacle that was the great chambers of Ho-oh.

Ability assessment closed, voice recorder opened.

I looked around me, staring at the gold plated bricks that formed the walls.

Document " Agent Dwayne" opened, currently being edited by user 'king'.

And in the torch slots, fires. The sacred flames.

Document "Agent Dwayne" closed, user 'king' logged off.

"Speak, knave." A deep, rumbling voice echoed through the room, shaking my very bones.

Porygon unit #1 shutting down.

"Sir, I come bearing news of movement in a large group of undercovers." I replied, my voice unwavering.


This caused much mumbling in the room, until an ear-shattering screech filed the room, and the great one himself (herself?) descended upon the group.


"Entei, Suicune, Raicou. I will deal with this matter myself. Dismiss the guards and do their job yourself." Ho-oh said, in a way that to disobey would be impossible.


"Sir Dwayne, I hope you bear good news." I heard, realizing that I was being addressed.

System overide code activated, silent investigation launched.

"I do sir, I have learned of a large group of undercovers are moving in the Pecibles region, toward us here in Hanabo. We are not certain if this is coincidence or not."

Silent investigation closed. Overide code used by hacker. Notifying superior authority at once.

"Mobilize our forces, set up a defense around the city at once." The great king had spoken.

Contact to Suicune made by Porygon unit #2, action being taken now.

Suicune jumped over me and shouted to her king, "My lord, we have an intruder in the castle!"

Preparing compression bomb, system meltdown in five-four-three-two-one-zero.

"Move, stop the intruder! NOW!" Ho-oh roared in reply.

Suicide. Porygon unit #1 committed suicide to protect our cause. We shall all mourn him, and bear his data as our own. Send this message to the next in line.

We all rushed, Raicou at the front, closely followed by me, with Entei abnd Suicune in the back. Nothing could stop the juggernaut that flew down the castle hallways, towards the Porygon room.

Prepare for system ritual code named "mourn".

When we got there, I was stunned at what I saw. Moltres, Articuno, ad Zapdos were there, with a fellow Scizor behind them, destryoing what I could was a dead Porygon.

Our cries will be heard from Varain to Pecibles, from The sunken region to the holy region. Our loss shall be known!

"Go, stop that female. We'll deal with these wretched birds." Raicou said to me, sending a jolt towards Moltres. I obeyed, following this female Scizor to the window.

None shall forget our comrade, who fell by his own choice, for a cause most noble.

"Dwayne, don't you remember me, sweetie?" She said, jumping out the window. I would have attempted to chase her, had she not threw a red tipped object at my face.

This was his fight! This is our fight!
A rose. She had thrown a rose at me.


Later that evening, back in Ho-oh's throne room, I recieved my new assignment. "You, sir Dwayne, shall find this intruder, and extract all information from her at once!


"Yes my lord." I said, leaving the room. My assignment would not be easy, if this Scizor was who I thought she was.


October 16th, 2008, 10:20 AM
"What the-" Volco said under his breath. An army of Electrodes rolled out from behind some tall bushes. 'If they use selfdestruct this couldnt get more annoying.' Volco thought before quickly weaving in and out of them to get past. They swiftly rolled after him but he was much faster. 'This place is just full of traps.' He thought. a Pidgeotto dived down at him. He threw himself through a hole in the maze hedge. He needed a quick breather, maybe he was a bit too old for this sort of job.

He quickly started running again, a small ditch of water was down the side of all the lanes in the maze and more water pokemon began to appear. Volco stopped at a crossway, left had no water, so it was better for him. He ran left quickly and turned the next corner, the water reappeared and he was at a dead end. Type disadvantage, Air disadvantage and with a whole lot of damage possible from the Electrodes he had no chance...

EDIT: Looks rather short, I'll add a bit more.

'How am I going to get out of this one.' Volco thought. A pink blob suddenly appread in the sky, a Jigglypuff. Volco knew all about them and just about in earshot heard it sing, he covered his ears, somehow. The singing got louder and louder and suddenly everyone was sleep, except Volco. The singing stopped and Volco uncovered his ears. He clapped, to keep it pleased. "Any chance you could help me?" Volco asked.

"Sure." Jigglypuff replied. Jigglypuff dropped a map before blowing itself up to fly away. Volco read the map and ran back to the crossway, he turned right then turned again, and he was there. If the LLL were going to do anything about the world's econmoic problem, removing the majority of shadow pokemon would help and so Shadow Tower was probably the place to be, well at least they thought that.

October 16th, 2008, 11:02 AM
As Lucius arrived on the foggy mainland, at the crack of dawn, he waved by to his Lapras freind.

"Bye Misty!" called Lucius through the thick fog. He wondered to himself wether he should have asked Feather (his Pidgeotto friend) to come with him. He walked through the docks, Aura guiding him through the mist. He stopped for a moment and then wandered on.

Suddenly the fog disappeared. It was a frightened Starly using De-Fog. It caught a glimpse of Lucius and immediately flew away. Lucius muttered to himself and carried on walking. Every step made him colder as he finally reached the end of the docks. STOMP. An Abomnasnow and a Scizor jumped down, barely missing him.

"Look it's a Lucario," said the Abomnasnow.

"It must be lost!!!" hissed the Scizor.

They both darted towards Lucius, but he was too fast. He jumped up in the air and hit the Scizor with a fatal Fire Punch. The Scizor smashed into the ground, it's shiny, metallic, red body lay there, lifeless. It was covered in a purple ooze, presumeablyits blood! Lucius stared at himself in a mixture of amazment and regret. The Abomnasnow, filled with rage from its partner's death, charged towards Lucius. Lucius jumped backwards and Aura Sphered the Abomnasnow, pushing it back with a deadly force into 10 crates of explosive. There was a big BOOM! as the whole dock set alight. Lucius jumped into the air and ran of into the molten sunrise. He thought to himself over what he had just done. He had killed TWO Pokemon! Then he thought: if persuasion won't work, it's time for force!

October 16th, 2008, 1:03 PM
In another part of the world:

"Master, what are these little.. yellow.. um.. things on the ground?"

"Those, my friend, are Bellsprouts, and they provide food for the herbivores."

"What are those things, then, crawling up the tree?" said the inquisitive voice.

"Caterpie. They eat the plants. They provide food for the carnivores," said the older sounding voice, "It's good to see you're learning, my dear child."

Khison kept on his way, biting his lip. He was bored to bitter death. Things were not looking good. If only he could see where in hell he was going. He cursed under his snarling breath, and broke out in a fury, cutting down a tree, and unintentionally stepping on a Mankey's tail. It hissed, and pounded a sharp fist into the Crawdaunt enemy. The Mankey recoiled in pain, feeling as if it had punched a rock. Khison looked over, but couldn't see a bloody thing. He sighed.

"This is truly bothering me--oof!" he said, as he stepped on another Mankey. Instead of just the tail, he stepped on the Mankey itself, tripping him. He got back up, and felt something wet on his back. Unfortunately for Khison, the Mankey urinated on him.

"DAMN!" he roared, swiping this way and back, before he cut down another tree. This time, it provided some sunlight from above. He saw that the Mankey was squashed flat, a sure death. Whoops he said to himself, smiling a bit at the comic of it. He swept the urine off of his back, and scowled at the smell. There was nothing worse than monkey urine.. well, maybe some of the times a Spearow let loose droppings when they saw Khison, but he was used to that. Khison decided it was now time to bathe, but no water was even in his limited sight. He spouted a fountain of water from his claws, and cleaned off the best he could. It was awfully difficult, as he couldn't see his own back.

He made his way easily through a bunch of vines, a tangled mess. When he chopped through, he saw a bunch of tree houses lining a path. He finally made it back on track. This wasn't Tradesville, but he knew he was getting nearer. He stopped, and saw that there was a small tent. He walked over to it, and entered. Inside, there were some Kadabras behind a desk, meditating. They looked up, seeming unafraid of Khison's intimidating form. The female spoke.

"You wish to rent a Whisper Weed?" she asked coolly. Khison couldn't face her, but nodded. Instantly, he found himself with the whisper weed, and walked outside. He spoke into it.

"Gengi, I've lost my target. Can you send some thugs to stall him for me? I'm right outside of Tradesville," he said. Miracuously, the Whisper weed spoke back.

"Gengi present. How could you fail, Khison? *Sigh* I guess I can stall him, but none of my thugs are getting their hands dirty," he said, before ending the transmission. Khison walked back inside, and put down a couple of coins on the front desk, in front of the male Kadabra.

"I'm keeping this," he said, making sure he had no eye contact with anyone in the tent. He didn't want them to read his mind, as he had bad memories in this place.
"What, that crab thing? Isn't that a.. erm.. Krabby, right?!" said the inquisitive voice.

"No, that's a Crawdaunt.. the one who is interrupting us," said the older voice.

October 16th, 2008, 5:53 PM
"We're lost," said Ashnod. They had been travleing for about a day and half. Mishra sat down and said "Ok, we're lost are you happy!!"

"No, we're lost. Why would I be happy. I should have gone home when you told me to." She kept on ranting for about a half an hour. After about ten minutes Mishra fell asleep. Unlike most Snorlax, Mishra was a silent sleeper, which ment his snores were more like a slight rumble then the volume of an alarm clock. When Ashnod finaly noticed she was alreaty done ranting. She thought she might look around to see if she could find any landmarks. She knew she could find her way back to her brother, because all she had to do was highten her senses with Meditate. As she moved along she came across a small clearing with tree houses and a tent. She heard indstink sounds coming from inside the tent. She started to move toward the tent when all of a sudden a large and terraffing Crawdaunt steped out.

"Gengi, I've lost my target. Can you send some thugs to stall him for me? I'm right outside of Tradesville," said the Crawdaunt.

Oh no, oh no thought Ashnod. She found him. She thought about going back and telling her brother. No I can't. He doesn't know enough or the right moves. He will lose for sure. Then she got an idea.

As soon as the Crawdaunt steped out of the tent again, she leaped on him and used a super powerful Thunder Punch!

October 17th, 2008, 12:19 AM
"Tch, what is it with stupid vaporeons these days?" Haelii prodded at a nearby vaporeon, checking to see if they were all actually unconscious. "h-how di-d y-you just d-do th-hat?" the Trapinch by her front paw stuttered. She poked a claw through the remains of a few days worth of supplies which the leader of the pack was carrying. "you just SAW me do it," she replies, swinging the entire pack of food and items over her head, "I'm sure your eyes work fine enough, don't they?" she stood up and headed off towards the direction of a village, which you could see in the distance. The trapinch scrambled to keep up with her, "but should we really just leave them lying there?" it asked her. She eyed it suspiciously, 'he really must be too young' she thought, "a small note to you, the world is a lot harsher than you think" The Trapinch dropped it's head dejectedly, "that was what my mother use to say," it mumbled. Haelii patted it's head with her tail, "no use thinking about that now, we have to get to the village quickly before sunset" they hastened across the desert.

Haelii had heard of hanabo, where the Trapinch-Saetra-had lived. She ignored the many eyes that watched her as she led the Saetra towards his home. Like all the others, his home was made of mud and sand, patched together to form a small hut with a door just big enough for her to crawl through. Haelii sat outside, waiting for him to prepare his items. She sighed, laying down, the sun blazing over head. If she wasn't a fire type, she'd have definitly been burnt into crisp by now. "Oi! hey you! your not from these parts are you?" a rough voice with sounded in front of her. Haelii lifted her head up to stare at the menacing pokemon above her, it was a rather stupid looking cacturne, yet a sense of high authority radiated in every direction, showing that he had a high rank in the village. "nope. I'm from flare land, your neighbours in the south" she replied haughtily, not liking the cacturne's accent at all. The cacturne smirked, "then what the hell are you doing here then? shouldn't you be back at the volcano with you mommy and daddy?" it teased. The cacturne laughed, she thought it so full of itself. Haelii stood up, "why are you talking to me then? shouldn't you be minding your own business, too?" she replied, this was one of the reasons why she mostly avoided towns, how that small Trapinch had convinced her to let him join her in return for iinstructions on how to get to the north pole? she shouldn't have taken the risk.

A vein pulsed in the cacturne's forehead, "you dare mock me?! to hell with you!" it roared, firing a barrage of pin missiles. Haelii flicked her tail at the missiles, firing off a dark pulse at th same time. "aarrgghh! demon!" the cacturne yelled, pokemon were rushing everywhere, trying to shield themselves from the attacks and also the missiles that it kept firing. She breathed a flamethrower at it's head, successfully knocking it out against a boulder. "eeehhh? what happened?" Saetra tumbled out of it's small hut, loaded with enough supplies to last at least three months. She stared at Saetra before turning to the hut, "how big is that thing exactly?" she asked cautiously, "very," replied saetra, "it is mostly underground, you see" he explained. Haelii nodded, "come on then, we better get going before I end up getting anymore attention"

October 17th, 2008, 2:05 PM
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The Kadabra looked briefly up at Khison, grabbed the coins bluntly, and stuck them into a small sack that seemed to jingle as he opened it. It must've been the money storage or something for this shop. Khison turned around to leave the shop, when he heard a very deep, old-sounding voice.

"Khison, please remain in the tent," it said straight forwardly. Khison gasped, and hurried toward the entrance, but he was stopped by some kind of mental pull. This old voice was using 'Psychic' on Khison. He turned around, and faced the elder Alakazam. It looked at him, and nodded shamefully.

"I know you stole some Whisper Weeds from this place about a year back. Please pay me the money," it said solemnly. Regrettingly, he reached into his wallet, and placed to coins on the desk. He started out the door, when he was stopped, "I also remember you, Khisor."

"It's Khison, not Khisor," he said, sounding out the 'n' slowly. The Alakazam chuckled, "Yes, I remember when you were young, and I--"

"Enough!" Khison said before he stormed out the tent. Just as soon as he saw the daylight, he was pounded in the side of his arm by a fist. It was a good ThunderPunch, Khison was quite sure that this was a good adversary. Firstly, it had to be good (or insane) to even want to fight Khison, and secondly, the Thunder Punch was well aimed, and a direct hit. With a bit more effect than a normal punch due to the electricity, he leapt back a bit, the ground shaking under his awesome weight.

"What now?" he hissed, feeling a little anger rise over him. He gnashed his teeth, seeing the small Medicham looking ready for a battle. He rushed up in a mix of anger and frustration, and clashed his gigantic pincers in front of her face, merely inches before crushing her.

"I think you have the wrong guy, deary," he said slyly. He started to circle the little Meditite, "or perhaps you want me to demonstrate my power!" he said, slowly raising one claw, a little bit of sun gleaming off of it. He peered down at the young Medicham. He brought his claw down heavily on the ground, sending small rocks and bigger pebbles everywhere, battering the foe with them. The Medicham leapt courageously through the air in an attempt to strike Khison with a kick. Khison defended, expecting a kick, but some sort of reversal brought his guard down. He was punched with quite some force.

Two super effective hits in a row.. Gotta end this now, he thought to himself. He charged up to the Medicham in his trademark way, and clashed his pincers again, in the exact same way as before. The Medicham was instead caught, rather than last time. She was knocked out, unconscious. He looked around, seeing as how he brought attention to all of the surrounding Pokemon. He threw the Medicham over his back, and began to whistle. He dared not look back to the tent.

Khison continued on his way to Tradesville, the Medicham obvious, hanging over his back.

October 17th, 2008, 8:34 PM
Mishra woke up a little while later and noticed that Ashnod was not any where to be seen. Probaly just exploring, she likes to do that, thought Mishra. He felt like apologizing. He had gotten a little too angery, then fell asleep on her. He decided to sit and wait. After about a half an hour though Mishra got a little worried. She always did something when he slept, even sleep herself sometimes. But she was always there when he woke up. Always. "I just seem to know when you are about to wake. Wireid right?" she said one time. He got up to look for her, and after an hour Mishra came upon a small treehouse village. "How am I supposed to ask any one if they saw her, I'd destory the tree tring to climb it. Actualty thats a good way to get atention," said Mishra.

He chose a tree with no house on it and aimed a punch when he noticed a tent not to far away.

"Why hurt a tree when someones on the ground," said Mishra.

He walked to the tent and went in. Inside were a couple of Kadabra and an Alakazam. He was about to ask when the Alakazam said "I am sorry for your loss."

That pushed him over the edge. He raced over with such speed he was a blur. He grabed the Alakazam by the thort and yelled, "How dare you read my mind you foul fool. What gives you the right to read my personal thoughts like a book."

"I can tell you what happened to your sister," he said. That stoped Mishra in his tracks. He realesed it, steped back, bowed(which was an amsing feat to see consitering his bulk) and said, "I am sorry. Please tell me."

The Alakazam sighed, looked down, looked back at Mishra, sighed again, then finaly said it and imeadly Teleported out, the Kadabra seconds after. Mishra was in such a rage that the tent was torn to shreds in seconds. The rest of the village, as well as much of the jungle suroundings, were destroyed in a few minutes. After Mishra let out a roar so loud the pokemon could hear it for miles around. The roar was ful of rage but also pain and sarow.

October 18th, 2008, 5:57 AM
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I am in two other RPGs, however, that are pretty easy to keep up with, one never goes anywhere, and the other does but that would mean I'm pretty much only playing 1 and that's all I have time for.


October 19th, 2008, 1:52 AM
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October 19th, 2008, 8:55 AM
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IC: Volco walked around a few dark corridors. 'This place is very, very creepy.' Volco thought countless times. He approached a small set of stairs which led up to a door. The door was also very dark and then it opened and an amazing pink light shone through.
"Jigglypuff!" A loud screech came from the doorway. Volco was blinded and just went blank. It took a few moments for him to regain any vision at all. Volco walked on through the door and the next corridor was suprisingly quiet just like the last, no shadows to be seen. Volco found a microphone on the floor. He left it as he couldnt carry anything, he walked onwards to another set of stairs and a door. Still nothing, another whole corridor with nothing in. He went through the next one and was at the top of the tower. Well maybe not the top but there was no exit other than the door he came through. Volco went through all the maze trouble to end up in an empty, round room.

Volco saw the back of a pink pokemon cringing in the middle of the room. "Whats wrong?" Volco asked loudly. The pink pokemon pointed up and Volco looked up to see ten Kricketunes jump off the ceiling, all with a shadow aura. 'Oh....' Volco thought.
"Jig..." The scared pokemon spoke, terrified. 'Easy way out of this' Volco thought as he charged a flamethrower. Very powerfully, he released it. It should of knocked out any normal level pokemon, especially with a type disadvantage but it had nil effect. Volco looked on in terror, there wasnt much he could do now.

October 21st, 2008, 12:13 PM
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Khison was walking with the unconscious Medicham over his shoulder, slung like a sac of something. He walked, looking at this foe. A thunderpunch, huh? He'd have to teach her a thing or two about fightning foes of the same size. He walked, the trot underneath his feet barely any heavier, though there was a passenger. Khison pulled out the Whisper Weed, and communicated with Gengi, planning to tell him how things were going to be done.

"Okay, I have an unexpected visitor whom I believe is an Undercover. What do I do--" he was cut off by a trememdous roar, bellowing so loudly that Pokemon for miles could hear it. It was probably a pretty big Pokemon. Khison whirled around, and glared down the pathway. He had only gotten perhaps a half a mile before he heard this. "Great," he thought, "more people trying to stop me," he said, before whirling around the right way. But then, he thought. He was tired of these dirty foes and their disgusting belief in these legendaries. Eradication. That's what he wanted. He whirled around to go back to the pathway to face this foe, when another roar occured. This time, it sounded more like an explosion. He whirled around again to see what it was.

"What's going on?" Gengi said through the Whisper Weed. Khison looked up at the noon sky. Suddenly, he saw smoke coming from Tradesville, his destination. He started back for Tradesville, then remembered that he was going to fight this bigger Pokemon. He decided against it, and, in haste, hurried for Tradesville. Hopefully, his only way to Docklynn wasn't destroyed..

October 22nd, 2008, 7:04 PM
Filled with unbareable wrath Mishra raged on every thing, living and not so much. His apperence was so much so that any pokemon passing might think the gates of hell had borke open and one of the demons had escaped. Eyes wide and glowing crimson, fur standing on end and mouth drooling spit and blood. He suddenly charged off in to the remaining jungle destorying any thing in his path not careing for any wounds he obtained. That also contributed to his looks. He ran around so much that a couple miles worth of jungle was again destoryed. Off in the distance a huge explosion went off, but while on his war path he didn't notice it. All Mishra cared about was finding Ashnod. Suddenly he came upon a large Crawdaunt. Holding a Medicham. After standing for two minutes.

Mishra screamed, "LET HER GOOOOO!!!!!!"

Without warning he let loose a roar similer too the last one as well as a Hyper Beam. He didn't wait for the attack to hit and fired off two more Hyper Beams. Normaly one could not fire more than one Hyper Beam at a time, but Mishra's rage gave him unmatched strangth for a short time. After that he would fall asleep for a while. A sleep so deep, it was almost like a comma.

Zeta Sukuna
October 23rd, 2008, 1:53 PM
Rei was fairly close to Tradesville, when he looked back. "Hmph, come on out... I know you were following me since I crossed the path."

"Heheh, nice job." Said a Weavile as he stepped out. "I never thought you would notice me."

"Notice you? You were really loud back there." Said Rei as he turned to face the Weavile. "But, you have an aura of confidence around you."

"My name is Alexander... I will be the last person you meet." Said Alexander. "I have been hired to kill you by someone."

"Heh, then they're not very smart. I am the fastest thing here." Said Rei as he got ready to battle.

"Let's go!" Yelled Alex before dashing at Rei.

"Agility!" Yelled Rei before dashing in as well. Alex swiped at Rei, but the mouse dodged before trying to Tackle, but the rodent jumped over the attack and cut Rei, but the mouse shot lightning into the mouse.

"AAAH!" Yelled Alex before jumping back. "Take this, Ice Beam!" And Alex shot out a beam... but Rei dodged it and fired a Thunderbolt, and the opponent swiftly evaded it.

"Extremespeed!" Yelled Rei before slamming into Alex at Mach 2, but Alex was able to rebound and shoot out mini Ice Beams, but Rei was able to dodge it before kicking Alex into the air and jumped up. The Mercenary then grabbed the Rat and tossed him into a giant hollow tree.


"Heh, that was stupid." Said Rei to himself, before Alex jumped in. "Of you..." And that irritated Alex to a point.

"Ice Beam!" Yelled Alex before firing the beam, but Rei dodged it and preformed a Tail Whip, knocking Alex through the 'wall'. Alex started charging power as he was falling. Rei jumped through the hole and aimed an attack of his own.



And with that the two attacks collided, struggling for control. "Hahahah! I win!" Yelled Rei as he pushed harder overpowering Alex's and slamming into the Weavile for a knock out. "Hahahah, you never stood a chance against me." And Rei then fired a Thunderbolt, but Alex was able to dodge. "Grr... hold still." Rei then fired a bigger Thunderbolt, hitting Alex for a fast KO. "Heh, I win once and for all... but cheer up, I'll leave you alive. Train harder and you may be able to beat me... but chances of that are slim. Hahahah, look on the positive side though." And with that, Rei started running towards Tradesville.

October 27th, 2008, 7:31 AM
"Jig!!" Jigglypuff shouted before blowing up like a balloon. It bought a few seconds but for nothing, there was nothing to do with a few seconds. Volco thought continuosly but nothing would have worked.
They were outnumbered and outdone. With nothing doing any effect there was no chance and no escape. Fire spin could trap them but Volco was simply too old to do it. 'Wait a minute.' Volco thought.
"Get ready to use mimic, Jigglypuff." Volco ordered. Jigglypuff looked confused but prepared anyway.

Volco started up a horrificly slow fire spin, "Now!" He shouted. Jigglypuff copied the move and quickly used it, Jigglypuffs werent natural runners but it was just fast enough. The Kricketunes were trapped.
"Now to get out of here before they break free." Volco said.

Jigglypuff looked around the room to see no exits, nothing except Kricktunes and Volco.

"You may go free today, but dont expect this genourosity next time." A voice said through a non-visible speaker. The voice was very familiar to Volco but he couldnt get exactly who it was.

A portal appeared in the middle of the room and Jigglypuff quickly bounced into it. Volco looked around oddly before following.

A third pokemon went through without anyone around to see except the Kricketunes.

A pokemon that hadn't left for many years.

October 28th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Khison was walking down the gradually-brightening path, wondering what all of these wierd noises were. First an explosion, then a roar, then a scream-like..

"Whoa!" he yelled as he narrowly dodged a mad Hyper Beam. Two more came his way, lighting up the entire wood. He leapt out of the way of one, then pulled a hostage-like move. He held up his victim Medicham in front of him as a shield, with no way to dodge the beam. It tore at the Medicham at full strength, flinging her out of his claws. Khison was hit with the remainder of the weakened beam. It didn't hurt too badly, with most of the damage being absorbed into his hostage and his armour. He shook it off, realizing that he had more than one foe. Three Hyper Beams was impossible by any random Pokemon. Khison knew he needed to get back to Tradesville, but yearned to fight. His lust got the better of him, and he smashed into a tree, toppling it over. He roared a deafening roar into the air, and water started dribbling from his claws. He held up a martyr-like position, with more and more water pouring out of his claws. Soon, it was rushing out like a water fall. He cursed in his mind, but through his mouth, his rage formed these words:

"Surf!" his voice crackled. Instantly, a wave of water tore at the forest, destroying everything in its wake. Trees hundreds of feet high were swallowed into the rushing salt water, toppling over numerous Pokemons' homes. This was sure to bring the small passage way he left earlier into rubble. Hoping to clear the entire forest of his enemies, Khison waited a short while, completely still. He then heard no noise, and grunted a grunt of satisfaction. He had been training for that move for a very long time. His training had paid off.

He began on his way, finally reaching the clearing of the forest. There, he heard another explosion. To his surprise, Tradesville was surrounded by large catapault-like machines. Controlling them were Pokemon surrounded by a purple-like aura..

Zeta Sukuna
October 28th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Rei rushed into Tradesville, and saw the whole place as a wreck. He narrowly dodged a stray attack before running in. "Heh, there are a few invaders in here... I have to find them for Master Dialga." Said Rei as he dashed through the town. Rei looked around and saw a giant wave destroy the forest. And then faint glimpse of a bunch of catapaults.

"Hmph, this is not good... I'm guessing. Oh, well. Not my problem." Said Rei before dashing through the streets once more. He then ran into something. "Hey, watch where you're standing!" The Ursaring turned around and there was a now visable black aura. "...Oh, crap." The Ursaring hit Rei into a building. "Oww... that thing hits hard." Rei disappeared, for his Extremesped, but the Ursaring jumped back and avoided it.

"Is that the best you have?" Asked the Ursaring emotionlessly. The Ursaring slammed into Rei from behind.

"Grrr... Substitute." Said Rei as he got up. Ursaring charged in again, but Rei fired a powerful lightning blast... which sent it to the ground. "Got to get away." Said Rei as he dashed away using Extremespeed. The Ursaring started running after Rei.

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October 30th, 2008, 1:00 PM
A Hitmontop and two Miltanks leapt down from their perch on the seats of the catapults. The Miltanks stayed back while the Hitmontop slowly made its way to Khison, the visible, purple aura dense in the air around it. Khison, though was considered 'evil', hated, more or less, 'shadow'. He knew that he couldn't think for himself if he were to become a shadow Pokemon. His mind would close in on him, as would his heart, and he would never be able to get revenge on the Nidoking.. not as a shadow Pokemon. He was getting angrier than he ever had. He grabbed the Hitmontop, and flung it viciously into one of the catapults, knocking it over.

The two Miltank started to spin in a Rollout effort, as two Magnemite buzzed out from the Catapult controls. A Mismagius and Magnezone revealed themselves as well. Knowing quite well that he was surrounded, outnumbered, and had no chance for escape, all Khison could do was fight. He crashed into one of the Miltank, as both Magnemite used Thunder Wave at the same time on Khison. Hardly effected, Khison grabbed the knocked out Miltank, and threw it heavily into one of the Magnemite, which then crashed into a catapult and toppled it over. He was hit by an overwhelming combo of Rollout, Dark Pulse, and Thunder Bolt, which put him into cardiac arrest.

He knelt on the ground, as his entire body was becoming numb from his heart attack. A last move by the Magnezone, Thunder Wave, put him into an unconscious state. The remaining Magnemite carried out a gun-like item to the Magnezone, which aimed it at Khison. His unmoving, unseeing eye stared up helplessly, as his heart failed to protect him from the shock. His heart began to close up, aura poured into his mind, and his conscious was jailed behind the bars of the Shadow Aura. Khison was now a Shadow Pokemon.

"Now, my child," said the old voice, "now, we can let the game begin!"

October 30th, 2008, 4:05 PM
As Mishra lay there in a deep slumber, he dreamed. He dreamed about his life so far, good and bad. He dreamed about friends made, enemies fought, and people never known. As he dreamed he learned, and upon waking he knew (yay I know, sounds wierd. trying to go for a mystic sence). He got up and walked over to Ashnod's dying form, and looked at her.

"Sorry, bro. Just trying to help," she said. She was breathless and weezing.

"It is ok. I understand. Rest now, please," Mishra said. And with that she died. Mishra notice that everything was a bit wet and destoryed. Just then he heard sounds of destrustion coming from his left. When he got there, he saw the Crawdaunt get pounded, and then turned to a shadow pokemon (that is what happened right?). He was not noticed right away so he looked around. Tradesville was in ruins. Just then five shadow pokemon came up behind him and fired four Fire Blasts at him before he could do anything. Normaly that attack would have killed him, but in his new state he was able to notice and use a protect move just in time. He turned around to look at the shocked pokemon. All three were Arcanine, and defiently shadow pokemon. Mishra used a Water Pulse on them. They didn't die, but wouldn't be geting up any time soon. He chuckled. He had not gained any more strength then before, but new understanding of what power he had. As well as the abilty to use his power more efficently.

He looked at one of the catapults and fired a Focus Blast, destroying it in one blow. After that good test of power, he turned around to face the pokemon that had took down the Crawdaunt and said "I would like you to turn him back, if possible. I have a score to settle."

November 1st, 2008, 5:08 AM
In the portal, Volco could not see anything but blue space. He had to drift through it for minutes, it still hadnt transported him. A shadow appeared, standing tall. "I'm back and your out." The shadow grunted. The portal dissapeared and Volco reappeared just outside his home. Volco swiftly ran to RazorWings' house to get help figuring out what had just happened. He went in to see RazorWings lying on a bed. "It...It...did...this.." He stuttered before falling unconscious. Volco turned around to see Chansey. "Whats wrong with him?" Volco asked. Chansey picked up a clipboard and showed it to Volco it listed :

The patient is suffering badly from an attack by what seems to be a powerful force.
Something also appears to be growing inside him.

The text was followed by scan results and pictures of what seemed to be an extra organ growing inside him, a very dark organ.

"How do we stop it?" Volco asked. Chansey shook her head and looked scared to answer.

"We...cant" Chansey replied slowly. "The organ is the shadow organ, it grows inside every shadow pokemon. RazorWings has been implanted with it through a very dark force." Chansey added.

"Raph..." Volco heard a slight noise in his head, it was hard to make out.

November 3rd, 2008, 1:47 PM
A rock crashed through the roofs of the town of Tradesville. Innocent Pokemon ran amuck, trying to save themselves, and were caught with a quick end by the Shadow Devices, small, gunlike weapons that turn a Pokemon into a Shadow Pokemon instantly. Either they were captured that way, killed, or crushed by catapult rocks and left to suffer. Khison was put into a commander duty right away, as he was known around the Varain region. But, all commanders are governed by higher status, and the leader of the entire clan stepped out of his small tent, pitched on the outskirts of Tradesville.

There, surrounded by guards, emerged an old, sunken figure, a Hypno. Surrounded by a bunch of Drowzee and a Hypno, was the leader of what he sought was the world. For years he had conquered it, and eventually ruled all other forms of leadership out. Those who opposed him were to meet a fate similar to Khison's. They would be turned into Shadow Pokemon.

"Advance," said the old Hypno, "and learn upon what you see here, my child. Learn the ways of war, and destruction, my student. Return to your once-prosperous people, and show them who will lead them to their.. triumphant past, Rapharam." The one in the center of the ring nodded, and flames started to swirl. One by one, the Drowzee forfeited their strenght to add to the Blaziken's. They disappeared, as his powerful flames reappeared. Those who ran from Tradesville knew what was happening, and ran even faster, for Rapharam had been reborn by the Psychic powers of the Hypno.

Finally, with the last of the incantations, the Hypno lied down to a peaceful slumber, supplementing the realization of Rapharam's true strength.

November 3rd, 2008, 6:43 PM
They ignored him! Thuogh Mishra couldn't blame them. Rapharam did just come back right in front of them. Okay, Rapharams back, and looking powerful. What should I do, thought Mishra. Well, I could attack him and most likely die, or disrupt the summoning. Or I could gather an army to fight him and his shadow drones. In the end Mishra decided to run and think of a plan. He couldn't be turned into a shadow pokemon so he wasn't worried about that just death. But he couldn't turn any shadow pokemon into enlightened pokemon ether. Or back to normal. So running sounded like a good plan. But just when he got ten feet away, something stured inside him. It was like a deep hatered for Rapharam. Sure most enlightened pokemon hated him, but not this much. There was a lot of hatered here.

Then against his will he turned around and sceamed in a slightly different voice "DIE RAPHARAMMMMM!!!!!!" and fired a Blast Burn at Rapharam. Wait, I can't do Blast Burn. That's impossible, thought Mishra. Finaly Mishra gained control of himself again, and in a confused state ran. More from fear of something he could not understand. For an enlighted pokemon, that pretty frightening. Then a voice in his head said "Don't worrie. All will be explaned later."

November 5th, 2008, 10:36 AM
Volco touched RazorWings for support, only to be transported by a portal, similar to the one he used to leave Shadow Tower, which sucked him in uncontrollably. He reappeared to see a Blaziken standing tall.
'Rapharam?' Volco thought in his mind. Rapharam shoved him to the ground, without realising who Volco was. Volco saw shadow pokemon surrounding Rapharam and some old Hypnos in a nice slumber.
Volco had no-one else beside him.

"Soon we shall fight, my shadow minions have the power to transport anyone they can get their hands on to this point." Rapharam chuckled darkly, inside Volco's earshot. Pokemon started to appear, by the minute. This was going to start a deadly battle between anyone and the shadows, Volco only dreamed the Enlightentment would appear. This had little change of happening as they tried only small missions, but it would be the only hope in stopping this, unless Volco could discover a miracle about himself. Volco looked at his scar and wondered. Volco looked back at the hundreds of pokemon behind him and saw a Jigglypuff standing tall, it was the same, it must of been. "Jigglypuff!" Volco shouted. Jigglypuff walked to stand at his side. A Tropius appeared by Rapharam's side, RazorWings for certain. Volc had to prepare for battle.

November 13th, 2008, 2:03 PM
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"Rapharam, the deity of peace. Blaziken, the ruler of the nations. How could this rude Arcanine be so mean to me?" he asked out loud, "I only helped to create the wonderful world we are in today. You all should consider it a blessing to even be allowed to mention my name!" he said, purple flames of aura wrapping around him. "Who ever you are, you have the chance to join me! I am not bad, ask my minions!"

The droid-like Pokemon around him nodded, and silently watched their master float slowly up off of the ground, being consumed by purple flames. "Weary my summoner may be, but power I hold. You would be wise to either step to the side or join me. What will you do? How will you react?" he started to almost chant. It almost sounded like he had practice saying this.

"For when darkness consumes the earth in these harsh times, you will come to me, and I will deny you rights to live. What will you do? Join me now, or suffer?" He glared down at the Arcanine and the pitiful army he had behind him. More purple flames surrounded him, and suddenly shot down into the ground, creating a wall of shadow flames around Rapharam's small group.

"What is your choice?" He asked, a demand hinted in his voice.

November 15th, 2008, 12:46 PM
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Two Hours Later

"Wow! That's a lot to take in.. What did you say your name was?" Mishra said. After Mishra regained control of his body, he started running, and ran for a long time, all the while having a voice in his head talk about his adventures in a previous life.

Not your past life. Remember at my death I sent my soul in to that cape you wore, and had it given to a famile of Medicham, said the voice. And I never said my name. it's not time yet. You must learn.

After a while he stoped running and sat to listen and try to take it all in. But even for an Enlightened pokemon it was a lot. "That's hard to belive. Then again I did just see Rapharam get brought back so I gess it's not impossible. So what do i have to learn.

You must learn to fight him and the other Shadow pokemon who follow him. He is very dangeris. I fought him once, but did not win. That same fight taught me how to defeat him though and I am not the one who can do it, said the voice.

(A quick image of whats going on is Mishra is just sitting down and to anyone who passes by he is talking to him self)

Mishra gets up and says "Ok! Lets do this. How do you kill Rapharam!"

Not yet. First we must find the family that originaly had the cape. We must find the true heir of the cape. Only a Medicham can do it.

"Well I'm not sure who had it first but we can easly find out. I was found as an egg by a family of Medicham. I am sure they will ether know who or find us along chain of people who had the cape," said Mishra

Good. Let us go to them. Once we find the heir you give them the cape so I can transfer to his or her mind. Then we can defeat Rapharam. After we find the heir I will tell you my name.

Mishra stood up and started to go when he rembered a couple of things. "First off we need to bury someone, then we need to get directions and a map, because i'm lost.


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November 23rd, 2008, 2:55 PM
"I don't have time for your self pity! You will rue the day you die!" Rapharam laughed hysterically to his foes. He snapped his fingers, and two Mismagius appeared from behind him, "Why don't we allow them to flee? Use your Shadow Storm!" Rapharam commanded. At once, the Mismagius started to glow with dark powers, and the sky turned black. Rapharam looked up in delight as small chunks of pure shadow aura rained down on all of the Pokemon. Only Shadow Pokemon could truly understand the beauty of its power. It irritated all else.

"It does no good to be dark or ghost type.." Rapharam said facing the small unit of rebels, "You must be shadow, to overcome your heart and emotions. Emotions hold back true power, and you will be free of sorrow, pain, and anger!" He shot purple flames at Volco in an attempt to kill him. Volco was tossed to the distance by the flames. Rapharam didn't care what would happen to him afterward. He turned around, the rebels not able to give chase to Rapharam. He and his unit made way for Docklynn, one of the most important cities in Varain.

November 24th, 2008, 11:17 AM
After they buried Ashnod they started looking for the nearest town that was not being attacked by shadow pokemon. "So your the first Enlightened pokemon, eh? Well thats cool. Any clues how to get out of here?"
Find a map.
"I know that. I mean any cool trick or something. You know, like some enate sence of direction, an internal compass....an internal map of the world?" Their was no anwser. For about two hours they walked in what ever direction Mishra felt was right. Eventualy Mishra rembered something. "Wait! We can follow the tracks."
What tracks?
"The traks I left coming here. And me and Ashnod were following someones tracks here as well."
Well, where are they?
"....Aw Man!"

November 28th, 2008, 7:00 PM
Rapharam was sitting at his throne, placed inside of the huge Deoxys tower of Docklynn. Deep underneath the ground was his lair. He sat there, playing with a small object. It was the Heart Gun. It was what he used to close the hearts of Pokemon, and turn them into shadow Pokemon. There was only one threat that opposed his empire that stood a chance; it was the LLL, an ancient organization that worked undercover to seek out mercy from the legendary Pokemon. Suddenly, his darkness was interrupted by a bright light. It was dark again, with a slamming sound following it. He swirled around, and saw a Ninjask. It skittishly approached Rapharam, knowing it could die with ease at his hands.

"S-sir?" he questioned.

"..." Rapharam stared at him, waiting for his question.

"I was forced into joining you. Can you accept me?" he said, hesitantly.

"..Forced?" Rapharam slowly looked up to the Ninjask, making it nearly faint.

"Er.. uhm.. I mean, I wanted to join, but I never had the time.." He trailed off, worrying that Rapharam was going to kill him.

"Never had the time? You don't have enough time for me, a diety of this world?" He said, raising his voice.

"I'm sorry, that came out wro-" he was cut off.

"You're not explaining yourself. I don't have time for you. You are a part of sector Z11. Don't cooperate with your group, you get this," he said, holding up the Heart Gun, looking at it, "now, be gone."