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May 15th, 2012, 2:00 PM
Okay so we've all dreamt about owning a team of Pokémon yes you have don't lie, but what would be in your team? By dream team, I meant the team that you would have in real life; they don't need to be strong and they aren't affected by game mechanics - based them more on the anime mechanics if anything. Also its recommended to select one of the Pokémon as your partner since that's what the majority of trainers do. Also, teams of 6 Pokémon only please! If you want to be extra cool then comment on other people's teams too!

Make sure you give reasons for your choices and you'll be forever famous as that person that once made a very detailed post about their dream team in a thread on a Pokémon forum \o/

So without further adieu; here's my team!
Buizel - My partner Pokemon. Buizel is a Pokemon I've always adored since I first saw it; it's a Pokemon I've always wanted to have the opportunity to befriend and it'd make for an incredible ally. It's a Pokemon with a multitude of skills whilst not being 'over the top' - plus its utterly adorable! It manages to maintain and air of toughness whilst being incredibly fun-loving and cute; what could fit my personality better?

Sandshrew - An all-time favourite of mine. Sandshrew has always been amongst my top 5 Pokémon so it'd be a crime if I didn't train one; I feel like it'd bring a bit of diversity to my team with its method of digging in and out of tunnels and attacking with its sharpened claws; plus as with Buizel its both very cute and very tough - this is a trait that most of my favourite Pokemon seem to share.

Leavanny - Leavanny is a Pokémon I could not do without! This'd be my main fighter. Ideally I'd start with a Sewaddle since that's utterly adorable and one of my top 5 Pokémon, but then I'd train it and it'd evolve into two more of my favourites, becoming a powerful and impressive Leavanny. Then Leavanny would be able to help me look after the other Pokémon whilst being a formidable fighter and it'd generally be a wonderful Pokemon to take care of.

Stunfisk - Stunfisk is once again another favourite of mine; the interesting type combination and very strong stature makes Stunfisk a pleasure of a Pokémon to train. It learns interesting and diverse moves with a very useful ability and some interesting quirks such as the ability to glide and the ability to live underwater; I think it's a Pokemon that could survive anywhere and it'd be an amazing asset to any team. Plus it'd be great for scouting out areas as it can camouflage and check for danger!

Dwebble - Dwebble is utterly amazing in my opinion. It's adorable, it's powerful, it's unique and it's quirky. The way it fashions its own home out of a rock to carry around with it is an incredibly respectable trait in my books; plus the general cuteness and power of Dwebble is something to behold. It is about to fight either defensively or offensively (through the use of Shell Smash) and I think this alone would make it a very interesting Pokemon to train; not to mention the very interesting Rock/Bug typing! This isn't a Pokemon I'd let evolve though; I'm not a big Crustle fan and I honestly think Dwebble is a much better fighter given its speed and ninja-like skills.

Muk - Last but not least; Muk! Poison is my favourite type so it'd be senseless not to train a one of them! Muk is amongst my favourites of all the Poison types and training a Muk would also give me the pleasure of training a Grimer; another Pokemon I absolutely adore. Muk is an immensely powerful Pokemon that I feel could easily be used in a multitude of different situations to the best of its ability and it'd really add a spark to the team. The other choices for this spot for me were Swalot or Amoonguss, but I'm not sure I'd be able to put up with Amoonguss's abysmal speed and Swalot wouldn't give as interesting training sessions as Muk would.

So there's my team; now show me your's!

May 15th, 2012, 3:51 PM
These Pokémon are not to be a competitive team - I think if we have fun in training we'll all get stronger quicker. And what better way than to have a wonderful team of Pokémon that I like? I know, I'm so generic


Grovyle - It's my favorite Pokémon, and so even if he wasn't my type of personality, I could still put up with our differences. It's not "badass" so to say but I just seem to like it an unhealthy amount.


Cyndaquil - It's so cute...I don't know what else to say other than that. I think I would have some trouble because two opposing types as my favorites...oh well. In battle, I think it could cover Grovyle's weaknesses, which could help a lot in tight situations.


Axew - It's cute, and any Pokémon Master has to have a Dragon Pokémon with them! I would prefer if Axew was a little bit calmer than what I want the other two to be, but that's up to chance. In battle however...I think it'll do great!


Oshawott - Who doesn't like them? And I just need a good personality around me some days...And in battle, we could complete the starter ring, and we could be unstoppable! I don't know why I have a predesposition against starters, but they're all so coooool


Pichu - Free electricity! But um, it's one of my favorites - I just have to have one! I think it would have a great personality, and knowing Electric moves could help us against Flying types.


Totodile - Having an energetic duo being around me is something that I would like. However the only problem is that Pichu is an Electric type...Oh well, we'll all learn from our mistakes, won't we?

Well there ya go. My dream team.

May 15th, 2012, 5:01 PM
Well, here goes. I've been too focused on competitive teams, so it's a good change of pace to focus on my dream team:

Gallade: it's my favorite Pokemon, so it has to be in there.

Lucario: it's my second favorite in terms of aesthetics and competitiveness

Archeops: I need a flier to get me places and hit hard when possible. I also have a soft spot for prehistoric creatures.

Porygon-Z: I'm a technology geek. Its origins are very interesting too.

Empoleon: Water is my favorite type, plus I really need a classy-looking Pokemon in there somewhere

Infernape: It's strong, it's fast, and it can also be a tad mischievous at times.

May 15th, 2012, 5:50 PM
For the freaking win. I'm positive this is my most favorite pokemon ever. I mean, he looks awesome, is such an awesome fighter in general; and what the heck, if anyone bothered messing with me I'd have this guy to back me up. Perfect partner <3

I'm not usually a person who likes cute things, but Zorua is like, the best thing out there besides Scizor. IT'S A SHAPESHIFTING/ILLUSIONING(illusioning?) FOX. I swear I'd cuddle with it every day ;o;

Arcanine- Another one of those epic-looking pokemon I just adore. All of that fur looks so comfy. Also, free rides! Who wouldn't want to have this fluff-monster just run you anywhere you needed to go? Screw cars! Ttly eco-friendly(as long as it doesn't start setting things on fire).

Flygon- ... I just really like Flygon :I And again SCREW OTHER MODES OF TRANSPORTATION

Sandslash- I've always had this soft spot for this ground type. No idea why... and even if I don't understand how that would fit well in a rl situation, this guy is pretty cute and badass at the same time. Gotta put him in.

Last one...

Sky Shaymin- Don't ask why. I really don't have a flipping clue how a legendary popped in my mind. But this guy is adorable, and just looks like the cutest little sh*t. Even if Scizor is my most favorite pokemon ever, I'd want to have this guy as a partner. It's small, it can fly, and reflects this really happy mood. Only grass type I really truly adore.

Nearsighted king of Ice
May 16th, 2012, 5:46 AM
Whimsicott- I got in my first egg swap so it's kinda a special pokemon to me, plus it was the only pokemon I trained specially for competitive play

Froslass- Froslass has been my sidekick/partner since Gen 4 and I kicked multiple butts with it

Empoleon- I have this thing with Steel types, and my empoleon has been able to defeat stronger pokemon than it

Flygon- My favorite Dragon Type...for flying

Sceptile- My favorite pokemon

Liepard- My favorite Dark type, it's quite speedy and It's been sorta my partner in Gen 5

Mr Cat Dog
May 16th, 2012, 7:16 AM
Ooh, this sounds fun!

I'd start off with a Rotom, mainly 'cause its so cute, but also due to its versatility - in life and in battle. Presumably I'd have the real-life stuff so that it could change its form on demand. After that, I'd have to have my favourite Pokemon: Aerodactyl. For one thing, it's a mo'fo' pterodactyl! For another, it can provide free transport, so long as I attach some sort of cushion to it; I imagine sitting on one for long stretches would get very uncomfortable without it. Continuing along the transport lines, I'd have a Lapras to get me across those choppy ocean currents when need be. An Espeon would be a great help at work - I think I've mentioned this in another thread! - and could do lots and lots of research for me, as well as be super-cute to boot! Heracross could do all of my heavy lifting for me, and maybe do a bit of gardening on the side. Truth betold, I was torn between Heracross and Excadrill for that slot, and while Excadrill's great at digging, it probably wouldn't know anything about trees: which are Heracross' forte! The final slot goes to Ditto, and its sole purpose would be to play pranks on unsuspecting people. 'Cause that's what it does best.

May 16th, 2012, 7:33 AM
Dream team you say...


Well he is my favourite pokemon of all time so why would he be on my list. Anyway I always choose cyndaquil on any 2nd gen games and there remakes.


Well I like him because he is an electric wolf. And wolf is my favourite animal.
He is also my 2nd favourite pokemon.


Well crobat he is my third favourite I love him since he is bat and he is cool I used him in many of my playtrough.


He was my favourite pokemon for a long time so yeah I always wanted him in my team. He is also my 4th favourite pokemon.


Well Jolteon was my partner pokemon on soulsilver one time only run of a johto game that I didn't use Typhlosion. He is also fast and I like fast pokemon. And he is my 7th favourite pokemon OMG I broke the line


Well the legendary I want to own. He is my favourite water types and legendary. He is my 6th favourite pokemon. I think legendarys could be on a team.

Hope that will do.

Overlord Drakow
May 16th, 2012, 12:23 PM

Always. Anyone who even remotely knows of my existence on this forum knows Hydreigon is my number one Pokemon of choice. With excellent bulk and great offensive stats, a wide and diverse move pool as well as a decent speed stat, there is more than one reason people flee in terror against such might.


Well, my current theme is based around this guy. Since his recent release into the Pokemon TCG I have gained a new found affection for Darkrai. I always knew he was a badass mothertrucker but since he was an uber Pokemon, I didn't really pay him too much attention most of the time, so here's to make up for the neglect all these years!


An old favourite of mine, I do love Tyranitar. Huge mass of power and a real tyrant to handle. Solid statistics across the board too, barring speed, makes Tyranitar one of the most feared Pokemon out there.


This guy just reminds me of myself so much. The whole Dark / Fighting type with a bit of a draconic side to him too. He just oozes coolness out of him and once he sets up, there really isn't much that's going to stop him from annihilating everything.


Garchomp was my number one favourite dragon type once upon a time. I actually quit competitive battling and eventually faded away from PC for a few years because this guy got banned. Even though he got banned again not too long after my return to PC, I decided to weather it out and stick around.


Last but sure as hell not least, Zekrom. One of my favourite legendary Pokemon ever. I adore everything about Zekrom. The design, what it represents, the statistics, the typing - everything.

May 16th, 2012, 2:43 PM
Oh, this sounds like a challenge:
Though Treecko is my favorite Pokemon, I would evolve it just because an evolution is stronger. It's has high speed, the best of all the starters and I'm a person who loves Speed.
Ampharos was basically my partner Pokemon in HeartGold. People seem to underestimate it. Training it from a little Mareep to Ampharos is worth it in my opinion.
As a lover of Dark types, I have to have at least one. And seeing Umbreon is my favorite Dark type, it's is it.
As Drakow mentioned, Scrafty is a pretty good powerhouse. Dark/Fighting is a pretty good combination and it's one of the coolest Gen V Pokemon. Helped me defeat most of the E4 in White as well.
Definitely the coolest flying Pokemon ever. It's a freaking BA looking bald eagle what not to love. Plus it one of the best flying types with a good range of moves and great HP and Attack. I can also use it to fly around. And he helped me defeat Marshall in White.
I always wanted a dog as a pet. And it's fast so I can ride on it to get to places faster. Plus everytime needs a little fire power and this is my favorite fire type.

And with most of these in B2W2's Pokedex, this team can basically become reality except Sceptile will be Serperior till post-game.

May 17th, 2012, 10:00 PM

Charizard was my favorite since i was a little kid. Always thought they were so epic.


Can never go wrong with Pikachu. I'm a sucker for the most well known Pokemon


I was always fascinated with Dragonite. Dragons are awesome :P


I feel that if i explain my reasons i will loose my manly pride


Sticking with the first gen. Venasaur appealed to me for some reason


Just so i can fly places on a giant bird

May 18th, 2012, 9:01 AM
Ninetales - All time favourite pokémon!! :D
Vaporeon - Favourite Eeveelution since Pokémon Stadium (partial to Umbreon too though!)
Swellow - Favourite bird type, it just looks so fluffy and I'd want to hug it all the time lol xD
Venomoth - Saved my butt in so many battles, my team wouldn't be a team without it!
Manectric - I've honestly never really loved an electric type like I love this one
Hitmonlee/Kadabra - I can't decide!!!! I love Hitmonlee's kicks and Kadabra's always been a faithful member of most of my teams so I cannae pick lol :P

Ephemeral Euphoria
May 18th, 2012, 9:38 AM
My dream team would be something like this. Nowadays, mostly focused on stalling out the opponent through tried and true tactics but can switch between differing playstyles to my liking as well.

http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/ae/Spr_5b_630.pnghttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/3/39/Spr_5b_561.pnghttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/a5/Spr_5b_460_m.png http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/a1/Spr_5b_365.pnghttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/06/Spr_5b_646_s.pnghttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/ec/Spr_5b_579_s.png

For Mandibuzz it basically mixed my love of vultures and stallers together, basically peanut butter and chocolate for me basically.
For Sygliph I found its design to be weird yet intriguing like myself, also very surprising battle wise too.
For Abomasnow I grew up around trees covered in snow almost year round back where I was living at the time, mostly a giant nostalgia trip there.
For Walrein it was one of the guys I regularly used back in the Battle Tower in Ruby and easily one my my best battlers back then, netting me win after win.
For Kyurem this thing is just a monster which I fell in love with upon sight, easily one of the best dragons I've used.
For Reuniclus it was easily one of my strongest Pokes when battling the E4 and Team plasma at the time, that and I love its design.

And yes I know this team would get thrashed by literally anything else out there competitive wise nowadays but it has been a while since I played with personal favorites and I wanted to make a team more progressive rather than nostalgic tbh even if Walrein and Abomasnow are mostly nostalgic to me personally.

That and I love using hail nowadays lol, I swear I feel like a villain when using teams similar to this which is a feeling I need to get more of nowadays if you ask me haha.

May 18th, 2012, 12:35 PM
Scrafty - This guy just looks plain awesome. Hes a great fighter, great defences, AND HES A GANGSTER!

Scizor - A powerful bug Pokemon with great typing, great attack, and defence. It would sweep everything...

Blastoise - Its a turtle, WITH GUNS ON ITS BACK! How can you go wrong with that? It would also be a reliable surfer, and pretty bulky in battle.

Metagross - Its freaking Metagross. Every argument you have against it is invalid. Cause its Metagross. Ya Metagross.

Hydreigon - I would use this is scare the crap out of the people who randomly challenge you. He would fly me everywhere, and if I wanted to rule any town, Id just use him.

Chandelure - A haunted piece of house furniture? Sign me up! Would destroy everthing with its massive SPA stat, and it would make my house prettier...
Wait, why am I even dreaming about this? I have all the baby forms...

Ima go make this team now...TO THE DAY CARE!!!

May 18th, 2012, 1:31 PM
My team you say.....

Dragonite - Had one since my first game and have one in every version. I really like Dragonites :D
Alakazam - Another pokemon I've had since my first game and have in every version. I really enjoy using its high Sp. Atk and Spd. :)
Leafeon - Favourite of the Eevee evolutions by a small margin (second being Espeon). Personally, I think it's pretty cool and with nice Atk, Def, and Spd.
Lucario - Probably my favourite pokemon of the 4th Generation. I like the looks + stats.
Eelektross - Who can be unimpressed about not having a weakness? Plus it's good at battling.
Blastoise - My first pokemon (from being a Squirtle). I'm kinda nostalgic when it comes to him.

May 18th, 2012, 5:42 PM
Dusknoir: He could scare the heck out of anything. Excellent bodyguard.

Porygon-Z: Freaks people out. I could use it to fix my computer. Plus it's cute.

Meganium: Free Flower Dino rides, anyone?

The others don't have much uses.

Kung Fu Ferret
May 20th, 2012, 7:03 AM
Let's see...

Machamp, because it would help me throw my foes around like rag dolls.

Slowking, because it is quite a smart being, like me.

Scizor, because it's just epic.

Tyranitar, to scare my enemies.

Slaking, because it's awesome, despite its ability.

Salamence, because it's my favorite Dragon.

I just noticed this is Evice's Team in Pokemon Colosseum.

May 21st, 2012, 5:50 AM
I wish my dream could come true in real life, my team would be:

Persian - #1 favorite, and in the games it can learn 3 electrical TM's (one would be a male)
Persian - with a different attacks, amazing in team battles (other would have to be female)
Delcatty - #3 favorite, with Assist and some ice moves
Wartortle - my favorite water Pokémon
Flareon - my favorite fire Pokémon, and non-cat
Abra - my favorite psychic - it can learn some attacks with TM's. It could teleport us back to a Pokémon center

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
May 21st, 2012, 6:52 AM
Well, it would be the same team I gave to my own trainer character Lisa, with one exception.

Persian: My favorite Pokemon and the best looking of all of them IMO. Its elegance and class are a perfect match for me. It would be my "Partner" Pokemon.

Electrode: Replaces Jolteon on my trainer's actual team. Despite weaker special attack, I prefer Electrode's looks as it's a giant happy ball that goes boom.

Flygon: My favorite of the Dragon-types for its looks. It's more graceful looking than other Dragon-types. Also would serve as my flying Pokemon.

Metagross: You can't argue with a four-brained giant steel creature that gazes down on you with those piercing red eyes. I'd prefer shiny since its silver color is a better match for it.

Weezing: The two headed purple ball of poison would be great for throwing up smoke clouds in order to get others to leave me alone.

Walrein: Giant walrus FTW. This big guy looks impressive and would serve me quite well for water based transportation.

May 21st, 2012, 7:19 AM
Well, it would be the same team I gave to my own trainer character Lisa, with one exception.

Persian: My favorite Pokemon and the best looking of all of them IMO. Its elegance and class are a perfect match for me. It would be my "Partner" Pokemon.

Electrode: Replaces Jolteon on my trainer's actual team. Despite weaker special attack, I prefer Electrode's looks as it's a giant happy ball that goes boom.

Flygon: My favorite of the Dragon-types for its looks. It's more graceful looking than other Dragon-types. Also would serve as my flying Pokemon.

Metagross: You can't argue with a four-brained giant steel creature that gazes down on you with those piercing red eyes. I'd prefer shiny since its silver color is a better match for it.

Weezing: The two headed purple ball of poison would be great for throwing up smoke clouds in order to get others to leave me alone.

Walrein: Giant walrus FTW. This big guy looks impressive and would serve me quite well for water based transportation.

Do not forget that you will be able to take part in pokemon races with electrode like a boss.

My team would be....
an Eeveelution team:
Sure I lack the ability to fly on my own volition,but there are airplanes and other means of transportation (which you cannot use in pokemon games *sigh*)

Every Eeveelution is my favourite pokemon but I prefer Flareon over Jolteon from gen1
I have good type coverage,team is kinda balanced,now GF needs to give Flareon actual fire moves that will benefit from both stab and high atk. stat.I lack the opness of the OU/U but who cares,they are goddamn Eeveelutions.

May 21st, 2012, 8:01 AM
well if this is just for your favourates and ignoring stats and abilities.
Arbok-partner I know big suprise. A bit big for my partner a guess but its just too cool for me to pass up, not gonna go into much detail.
Mightyena- hyena has long been one of my favourate animals and I was pleased to see one come into pokemon. Improved significantly after the dark type changed from being special attacks.
Gengar- Ghost types would be very usefull. Gengar is loyal to its trainer and unlike some other ghosts doesn't actually do anything evil or too creepy (by comparision) also the nostalga places it above other ghosts.
Vaporeon- my teams been looking a little dark and somewhat evil if you go by sterotypes of species so Vaporeon is my favourate eevelution and will add some much needed happyness onto my team.
Vulpix/Ninetails- Not sure if I'd evolve it. But Vulpix is cute and Ninetails is gorgeous. A strong and wise fire type, rooted in legend. Also very loyal. Everyone needs one like this.
Dragonite- Everyone needs a Dragon. The happy go-lucky Dragonite is able to fly you anywhere at amazing speed. Without going into legendary pokemon its one of the strongest around.

May 21st, 2012, 8:41 AM
Glameow: My most favorite Pokemon. We'll probably doing some Contest combos here or something, and that's what would make my parents like her as well (hopefully). I believe removing body waste would be a problem either, which means there's nothing foul-smelling coming from her that my mom could complain about. Moreover, I've been wanting to have a cat for so long, and a Glameow would be the perfect one. Oh, and, she'd practically be my partner whenever I'm being mean. :3

Arcanine/Flareon: They're both dog-like and Fire-types, and I'm fond of them, so it's kinda hard to pick between the two. They'd be nice for hugging, but I like it when a dog can stay on my lap for a while, so Flareon's more favorable if that's taken into account.

Luxio/Luxray: I've been fond of them for as long as I can remember, though the issue is whether I'd evolve the cute Luxio to the fierce Luxray. I'd prefer for them to be shiny -- it makes them look more of a lion or something. They'd sure be useful whenever there's a blackout, too. Heh.

Glaceon: Pretty~ It'd be really helpful if she can lower the temperature in summer days, or I can just hug her for coldness. I hate it when it gets too hot, so having an Ice-type like Glaceon would be nice.

Staraptor: I think riding a bird Pokemon to soar high up in the sky would be a magnificent feeling. Since Staraptor was the first bird Pokemon that I ever liked, I'm choosing him as my flying buddy~

Vaporeon: Not exactly a favorite, but at least I'd have a swimming buddy~ Also, playing hide and seek with her in the water would be epic. Haha.