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July 23rd, 2013, 11:56 PM
Yoh guys. sup. :)) welcome me great in this pokecommunity :D

July 24th, 2013, 12:23 AM
Hey there! Welcome!

You're intro is pretty short, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I wouldn't mind getting to know you more! I'm sure you came for Pokemon, but do you like anything in particular about Pokemon? Like for example, I really love the games the most and have been playing them since I was 7. :D Do you like just the games or do you also like the anime or manga? What about the trading card game? Don't be afraid to tell me, I want to help you out! Are you interested in ROM hacking? There's many boards for Pokemon here and there's a lot to explore. Once you post around in a few places you should be starting to fit in well. Have you heard about Pokemon X and Y and are you excited for them? I'm very much looking forward to them and can't wait to get them! They look really promising so far and I'm buying a 3DS just for them.

I'm sure there's other interest that you may have besides Pokemon, so would you mind sharing any thing else you like? It's okay if you don't want to, but I'm curious and want to know you more. There's many members here who love to meet new users and get to know more about them. We're a friendly community so don't be shy to talk to anyone here. Plus alot of are members are very helpful so you can ask any questions you may have, particularly in the Questions & Feedback (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=4) section and you'll have many people helping out in no time. Also, if you want, you can send me a visitor's message and chat with me if you like. I don't bite at all I swear! :)

Anyway, I really hope you can friends here and have any enjoyable time. See you around and have fun!

July 24th, 2013, 1:59 AM
Hello there choktober, and welcome to PC! My name is Zach, and it's a pleasure in getting to know you! {:3}

Looks like my good friend AWSquared has everything covered around here at PC! But yeah, feel free to tell us a little bit more about you, it's a great way for the community to get to know you better, and it's completely okay if you don't want to! (:

As a reminder, please be sure that you look over the rules here so that you don't wind up getting into trouble, since the last thing we want to see here is a new member getting an infraction just by breaking a small rule :(

If you have any questions, follow the advice AWSquared said above and contact anyone around here on staff. They are the users with the bold usernames, and they'd be more than glad to help you out anytime you need it! :D

Hope you enjoy your stay here at PC! You are more than welcome to send me a friend request, too! Also, always feel free to leave a VM on my profile or send me a PM if you ever wish to chat! ^_^

July 24th, 2013, 8:04 AM

Welcome to the forums, choktober! It is a wonderful pleasure to meet you. ~ You've come to the right place to talk Pokemon and to meet a lot of friends here that love the same thing as you do. :D It's really the best place to be. Are you interested in Pokemon XY? They're the games coming out soon and you can discuss them RIGHT NOW in their very own section. What else you might be interested? I'm very sure we have all you need in the community, just a matter of exploring.

Well, since these...other two peeps got you covered, there's not much for me to say other than read the rules, contact any staff member if you have any questions or shoot me a message if you wanna talk! I'd love to be your very first friend. :3 Have fun and see you 'round. :D

July 25th, 2013, 2:41 PM
Hiya choktober; welcome to PC! <3 Great to meet you!

So.. tell us about yourself. You seem rather excited to be here, which is a wonderful start, but we certainly want to know more. Our lovely regulars are already itching to know you better so we can all become good friends. I'm sure we have something in common as well, right? 8D; While the forum is huge and has many members we're still one big happy family where people know everyone else. I'll start off by telling you about myself: I'm 22, a big Pokemon fan and have been since I was 7, love electric, ghost, and grass types, and am very excited for Pokemon X & Y. I love to draw and write fanfiction about Pokemon as well as involve myself in communities like these. :) Maybe you see some of yourself in me already? I'll echo the others, are you excited for the upcoming sixth generation? Seems like a lot of new members come here to discuss these games so it always makes me curious where people stand in that regard. All this news has been making me more and more ecstatic.

But anyways, go check out amazing boards like Pokemon General (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=17) if you're looking to discuss the Pokemon world as a whole, or perhaps more casual places like Pokemon Trivia (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=116) would appeal to you? You can play Pokemon forum games there with members and it's a very active board that's likely one of the coolest places to make friends. You can look into starting a new game there if the existing ones don't strike your fancy, but of course it'd probably be good to run that by the moderator of that area first. Should be easy, though - our staff are lovely and here to help you! You can also ask forum-related questions in Questions & Feedback, the area AWsquared linked you to, so don't be afraid to make a post there as well. Keep in mind that specific questions unrelated to the forum, like how to play a ROM hack or where to go in a Pokemon game, would belong in the appropriate forum. But if you don't know where to post what, you can just give us a holler in Questions & Feedback.

Enjoy your stay around here and be sure to explore and get your daily dose of foruming in! I'm around to chat with you about whatever anytime, as are our other members. Just find your interest zone and poke around - show off your art/writing if you like, roleplay, chat about Pokemon, discuss music, and other neat things!