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Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 14th, 2005, 7:29 PM
Sprites are fun, pixel art is timely, but I SHINE when allowed to draw on paper. Sorry if it's big, I did shrink it, but if I made it any smaller the detales are lost. It's a character from my fanfiction. (Done with a clicky-pencel.)


This second one is the Vulpix from the Japanese Vending Set (I believe it never came to America.) The origanal was by Atsuko Nishida, it's a Vulpix in a field of grain. I looked at the card and drew it on a full 9x11 piece of paper, once again I've shrunk for space. (Done with colored pencels, sadly I color very unevenly.)


And last a bad first attempt at a pixel art. It's me! (Done in MSpaint.)


Please say what you think. Rate it if you want.

May 15th, 2005, 12:16 AM
I like your fan fiction character the most ^ ^ the shading is great and the only thing I can really pick out from there is that the face is a bit to long in my eyes XP, but apart from that, it is really well done, good job on it ^_-

The Vulpix is also very well drawn, I dont recall that card, but it probably never came to the UK if it did not reach America, but very well done none the less. The shading is good, but the bit of the body you can see, is a bit to small for the head (There I go again, picky, sorry)

Your pixel art is good, better than what I can do with a mouse, XP and seeing as a mouse is frightfully hard to work with, I would give you the thumbs up for it ^_-

Over all, good work and keep it up!

May 15th, 2005, 6:59 PM
I love the first two. So much detail.

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 15th, 2005, 7:28 PM
Thank you both! I was a collage art student, mostly in anime style when I do works, but I also oil paint, charcoal, pastels... they're too big for my scanner though.

Forest Grovyle
May 16th, 2005, 11:44 PM
Those are very nice! ^_^ I especially like the first one - you've paid great attention to detail and it's paid off! :D Nice work! I can't work at all in pastels or paint so I admire those who can ^_^

Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
May 30th, 2005, 2:37 PM
I drew a better picture of Demoonica, a free-hand line art.
I'm thinking of making a comic like this.

Sumomo & Kotoko
May 30th, 2005, 3:45 PM
Nicely done Lady DD!! I like all your pictures. Your a good artest. ;)

Hey hey, your rateing is: 20/20!

May 30th, 2005, 4:32 PM
very very awesome art!!
i have a suggestion for you though :3
i find the first picture to be a bit grainy (most likely because of your scanner) and i know that you dont want to shrink it because you dont want to lose the details..

remember that you shouldn't use any blur tools to make the grainy-ness go away.. because unless you're a pro at it, the picture might end up looking totally blurred and horrible (but you probably already knew that)

anyways, what i suggest is that if you are using a more advanced paint program (such as photoshop or Paint Shop Pro) you can always fix it first with "hightlight middtone shadow" tool, so that the different tones are more defined, and THEN shrink it.
this way, you loose the grainy-ness, but the details of the picture are still there..
(oh, and if you dont have some of the advanced programs, you can go on the Jasc Paint Shop Pro main site and get a trial version for free. i highly reccomend it, and if you cant get it, it's alright.. most other programs have tools like "middtone hightlight shadow")

._. overall, i'd have to say that you're a very very good artist :3
keep up the great work :3 i'd like to see more from you soon!!
@@ btw, i really like your lineart and sprites *thumbs up* :3
thank you for listening to my suggestion

June 1st, 2005, 7:31 AM
I like the two first ones! I think I'm geting inspired of those o.0 hehe