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Started by G-Money October 8th, 2004 12:27 PM
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:boogie: :pink_boogie: Congratulations, shiny hunters!!! :boogie: :pink_boogie: Your amazing shiny hunting skills have won us...


:laugh-squinted: :pink_boogie: :laugh-squinted: Woot woot!!!!11 :pink_laugh: :boogie: :pink_laugh:

Ok the club is already known by much

but ill state some rules here

1. Have full respect between all members of the club; any insult or disrespect will result in an infraction.

2. To join, all you need to do is post! In your first post, please list the shinies you own and what you're currently hunting.

3. You don't need any shinies to join! The only requirement is that you look for shinies, at least some of the time. :)

4. Please don't lie. Having more shinies doesn't earn you extra status in the club, but compulsive lying could earn you an infraction. We can tell. ;)

5. All members of the club are completely equal. However, some members hold duties to make sure that the club is as fun as it can be:

FOUNDERS - These are the people who came up with the idea of creating a Shiny Hunters Club. It's thanks to them that we have this thread for discussion with our fellow hunters! The club founders wield absolute power and can help out the club in any way they see fit.

OWNER - The owner watches over the club and makes sure that it's a fun place for members to talk about shiny hunting. He or she can give infractions, promote members, create rules, and create contests in which members can participate.

CO-OWNERS - Co-owners wield the same power as the owner and make sure that the club is a fun place to be; however, they cannot promote or demote members. If the owner has not posted in 3 months or more, the co-owners will decide who will become the new owner.

RETIRED CO-OWNERS - These are great shiny hunters of days past who have really helped the club. They are "dormant" co-owners and may reclaim their co-owner status upon their return.

6. Founders, owners, and co-owners may only use their power when absolutely necessary. The SHC is a forgiving club, and we understand that some members might make mistakes or forget a rule. For this reason, 3 infractions are required before a member receives a six month ban; 2 more infractions after the ban will result in a permanent ban.

Infractions expire after 30 days. Once an infraction has expired, it's as if it never happened. :)

7. If the owner goes 3 months without posting, ownership is transferred to the co-owner who has had at least one post for the most consecutive months. If the two longest-active co-owners are tied for the same amount of months, ownership is transferred to whoever's post came first in that month.

8. No one is above the rules. Founders, owners, and co-owners can receive infractions just like everyone else.

I don't want to look aggressive or too formal, but we genuinely love hunting shinies and want to make sure that everyone is at liberty to discuss freely, without fear of being insulted or excluded.

If anyone disagrees with any rule, feel free to post your concerns and we'll be more than happy to talk about it.

And last but certainly not least, the most important rule of all:

9. Have fun!


Members List

Aaryn -> FOUNDER
PazzKat -> FOUNDER
ryan -> FOUNDER
SkinnyGreenMan -> FOUNDER

G-Money -> Owner

Paulthagerous -> Co-Owner

Retired Co-Owners:

MetalMario -> Retired Co-Owner
Lady Demoonica Darkmoon -> Retired Co-Owner
Yami_Zidane -> Retired Co-Owner
Latios Master -> Retired Co-Owner

Banned Members:


Now go and hunt some shinies! ;)

Current Contests:

No Quests available at the current time. Contact G-Money (that's me! :laugh: ) or post in the club what kind of Quest you'd like the next one to be! :pink_smile:

Good luck and have fun!

SHC Leaderboard:

1) Maserati777: 5 points
2) G-Money: 3 points
T3) UberRoimel: 1 point
T3) Chr. Draco: 1 point

Complete Quests to gain points and rise in the SHC Leaderboard!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for the club, feel free to post them for discussion or PM one of the owners or co-owners and we will be more than willing to discuss implementing new features or contests to the club!

Shiny FAQ

Q: What are shiny Pokemon?

A: Shiny Pokemon are simply Pokemon colored differently which have a 1/8192 chance of appearing anywhere a wild Pokemon can be obtained from Generation II on. The difference may
be barely noticeable, or drastic.

Q: In what games do shiny Pokemon appear in?

A: Shiny Pokemon have a 1/8192 chance of appearing in any game other than Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Note that they do appear in Red and
Green’s remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen.

Q: Are shiny Pokemon more powerful than normal Pokemon?

A: No. Shiny Pokemon have the exact same stats as a normal Pokemon.

Q: Is there any way to make shiny Pokemon appear more easily?

A: Yes. Starting in Generation IV, the Masuda method, used by putting two Pokemon from a different language game into the day-care and breeding them, obviously included as an extra incentive to use the GTS, will increase the odds to 1/1639 in Generation IV, and 1/1366 in Generation V. Note that to do this the two Pokemon can NOT be from the same foreign language, nor can any one of them be from an in-game trade. In G/S/C if at least one of the parents is a shiny, the odds are 1/64. The Odd Egg you receive in Crystal has a 14% chance of being a shiny, 50% in the Japanese version.

Q: Will breeding two shiny Pokemon have a higher chance of hatching a shiny?

A: No. There is no way to increase the chances other than the Masuda
method, except for in G/S/C, detailed above.

Q: Does a dry internal battery in Ruby and Sapphire affect shiny Pokemon?

A: Yes. If you get the message “The internal battery has run dry. The game can be played, but clock-based events will no longer occur” when starting your game, you can no longer obtain shinies by soft resetting the game. You can still obtain shinies by encountering, however.

Q: What is the supposed “Broken RNG” in Pokemon Emerald?

Essentially, The RNG in Emerald is set from the beginning of when you start your game, so you'd have to pick a whole new character, ID number, etc. each time you reset because the sole factor in the RNG calculation is amount of time since you turned on your game. You'll see a certain set of characteristics (shinyness, nature, etc.) for every Pokemon you see 1 second after turning on the game, another for every Pokemon you see 2 seconds after you turn on the game, etc. This means that it's possible to hunt in Emerald in the wild as long as you leave your game plugged in and just run around in the grass endlessly.

FAQ by ShinySearcher01.
Emerald RNG section by G-Money.
G/S/C info by Latios Master.

Club News

Want to chat while hunting shinies? Now you can! TheShinyEevee has been kind enough to make a new chat for the SHC! This one has more features than the last and has been personalized for SHC use! I highly recommend that everyone checks it out!


We now have club userbars! Feel free to put them in your sig, in your posts, or even print them out to put on your forehead! A huge thanks to ShinySearcher01 (again!!) for making them! :)

URL: http://www.pokecommunity.com/picture.php?albumid=7931&pictureid=63417

URL: http://www.pokecommunity.com/picture.php?albumid=7931&pictureid=63415

URL: http://www.pokecommunity.com/picture.php?albumid=7931&pictureid=63416

URL: http://www.pokecommunity.com/picture.php?albumid=7931&pictureid=63418

URL: http://www.pokecommunity.com/picture.php?albumid=7931&pictureid=63414

URL: http://i.imgur.com/PyqpJ.png

By southpark32:

URL: http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab119/southpark32/oshawottub_zpse2aec950.png

URL: http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab119/southpark32/snivyub_zps0c0b8ab0.png

URL: http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab119/southpark32/tepigub_zpsb114e73d.png

Club banners:

- by MetalMario

URL: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y168/MetalMario201/SHC/shcbanner4reg.png
Path of the Ghost: 15/18
Path of the Starter: 15/18


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[i] Bulbasaur (Aaryn)

[i] Ivysaur (Aaryn)

[i] Venasaur (Aaryn)

[i] Charmander (Aaryn, feraligatr master, shiny legendarys, MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon)

[i] Charmeleon (Aaryn, feraligatr master, shiny legendarys, MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon)

[i] Charizard (Aaryn, feraligatr master, shiny legendarys, MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon)

[i] Squirtle (kool dude)

[i] Wartortle (kool dude)

[i] Blastoise (kool dude)

[i] Caterpie (MetalMario, tyranisneasel, Haunter Master)

[i] Metapod (MetalMario, tyranisneasel, Haunter Master)

[i] Butterfree (MetalMario, tyranisneasel, Haunter Master)

[i] Weedle (shido)

[i] Kakuna (shido)

[ ] Beedrill

[i] Pidgey (PokeMunna, Aaryn, tyranisneasel, Haunter Master)

[i] Pidgeotto (PokeMunna, Aaryn, MetalMario, tyranisneasel, Haunter Master)

[i] Pidgeot (PokeMunna, Aaryn, MetalMario, Haunter Master)

[i] Rattata (Aaryn, BG pokemon freak, shinycollector)

[i] Raticate (Aaryn)

[i] Spearow (PazzKat, Yami Zidane, Shuko, MetalMario)

[i] Fearow (PazzKat, Yami Zidane, Shuko, MetalMario)

[ ] Ekans

[ ] Arbok

[i] Pikachu (Haunter Master)

[ ] Raichu

[i] Sandshrew (Shiny Shuckle)

[i] Sandslash (Shiny Shukle)

[ ] Nidoran (F)

[ ] Nidorina

[ ] Nidoqueen

[i] Nidoran (M) (Aaryn)

[i] Nidorino (Aaryn, shiny legendarys)

[i] Nidoking (Aaryn, shiny legendarys)

[ ] Clefairy

[ ] Clefable

[i] Vulpix (Aaryn, Haunter Master)

[i] Ninetails (Aaryn, Haunter Master)

[ ] Jigglypuff

[ ] Wigglytuff

[i] Zubat (ryan, Iron Spriter Josh)

[i] Golbat (ryan, Iron Spriter Josh)

[i] Oddish (PokeMunna, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, shido)

[i] Gloom (PokeMunna, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Vileplume (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Paras (SkinnyGreenMan)

[i] Parasect (SkinnyGreenMan)

[i] Venonat (+Alex+)

[i] Venomoth (+Alex+)

[ ] Diglett

[ ] Dugtrio

[ ] Meowth

[ ] Persian

[ ] Psyduck

[ ] Golduck

[ ] Mankey

[ ] Primeape

[i] Growlithe (!Dragonite!)

[i] Arcanine (!Dragonite!)

[i] Poliwag (MetalMario)

[i] Poliwhirl (MetalMario)

[ ] Poliwrath

[i] Abra (Aaryn, Shiny Shuckle)

[i] Kadabra (Aaryn, Shiny Shuckle)

[i] Alakazam (Aaryn, Shiny Shukle)

[i] Machop (shido)

[ ] Machoke

[ ] Machamp

[i] Bellsprout (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Weepinbell (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Victreebel (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Tentacool (Runastaru, renji)

[i] Tentacruel (Runastaru, renji)

[i] Geodude (PokeMunna)

[i] Graveler (PokeMunna)

[i] Golem (PokeMunna)

[i] Ponyta (Aaryn)

[i] Rapidash (Aaryn)

[ ] Slowpoke

[ ] Slowbro

[ ] Magnemite

[ ] Magneton

[ ] Farfetch'd

[ ] Doduo

[ ] Dodrio

[ ] Seel

[ ] Dewgong

[ ] Grimer

[ ] Muk

[ ] Shellder

[ ] Cloyster

[i] Gastly (ryan, Aaryn, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, shinycollector)

[i] Haunter (ryan, Aaryn, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, shinycollector)

[i] Gengar (ryan, Aaryn, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, shinycollector)

[ ] Onix

[ ] Drowzee

[ ] Hypno

[i] Krabby (BG pokemon freak)

[ ] Kingler

[i] Voltorb (Haunter Master)

[ ] Electrode

[i] Exeggcute (Shiny Shuckle, Shuko)

[i] Exeggutor (Shiny Shuckle, Shuko)

[i] Cubone (Aaryn, Lord Jaws)

[i] Marowak (Aaryn)

[ ] Hitmonlee

[ ] Hitmonchan

[ ] Lickitung

[ ] Koffing

[ ] Weezing

[ ] Rhyhorn

[ ] Rhydon

[i] Chansey (Aaryn, shinycollector)

[i] Tangela (+Alex+)

[i] Kangaskhan (Aaryn)

[i] Horsea (Aaryn, Zooster)

[i] Seadra (Aaryn, Zooster)

[ ] Goldeen

[ ] Seaking

[i] Staryu (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Starmie (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[ ] Mr. Mime

[i] Scyther (Aaryn)

[ ] Jynx

[i] Electabuzz (Haunter Master)

[i] Magmar (Aaryn)

[ ] Pinsir

[ ] Tauros

[i] Magikarp (Aaryn)

[i] Gyarados (Aaryn)

[ ] Lapras

[i] Ditto (Haunter Master)

[i] Eevee (shido, MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon)

[ ] Vaporeon

[ ] Jolteon

[ ] Flareon

[i] Porygon (MetalMario)

[ ] Omanyte

[ ] Omastar

[ ] Kabuto

[ ] Kabutops

[ ] Aerodactyl

[ ] Snorlax

[ ] Articuno

[ ] Moltres

[ ] Zapdos

[i] Dratini (MetalMario, !Dragonite!)

[i] Dragonair (MetalMario, !Dragonite!)

[i] Dragonite (MetalMario, !Dragonite!)

[i] Mewtwo (Aaryn, feraligatr master)


[ ] Chikorita

[ ] Bayleef

[ ] Meganium

[i] Cyndaquil (Yami Zidane, Aaryn)

[i] Quilava (Yami Zidane, Aaryn, tyranisneasel )

[i] Typhlosion (Yami Zidane, Aaryn, tyranisneasel)

[i] Tododile (feraligatr master)

[i] Croconaw (feraligatr master)

[i] Feraligatr (feraligatr master)

[ ] Sentret

[ ] Furret

[ ] Hoothoot

[ ] Noctowl

[ ] Ledyba

[ ] Ledian

[i] Spinarak (MetalMario)

[i] Ariados (MetalMario)

[i] Crobat (ryan, Iron Spriter Josh)

[ ] Chinchou

[ ] Lanturn

[ ] Pichu

[ ] Cleffa

[ ] Igglybuff

[ ] Togepi

[ ] Togetic

[ ] Natu

[ ] Xatu

[ ] Mareep

[ ] Flaaffy

[ ] Ampharos

[i] Bellossom (PokeMunna, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Marill (shiny legendarys)

[i] Azumarill (shiny legendarys)

[ ] Sudowoodo

[i] Politoed (MetalMario)

[i] Hoppip (MetalMario)

[i] Skiploom (MetalMario)

[i] Jumpluff (MetalMario)

[ ] Aipom

[ ] Sunkern

[ ] Sunflora

[ ] Yanma

[ ] Wooper

[ ] Quagsire

[ ] Espeon

[ ] Umbreon

[ ] Murkrow

[ ] Slowking

[ ] Misdreavus

[ ] Unown

[i] Wobbuffet (Iron Spriter Josh)

[ ] Girafarig

[ ] Pineco

[ ] Forretress

[i] Dunsparce (shido)

[i] Gligar (Aaryn)

[ ] Steelix

[ ] Snubbull

[ ] Granbull

[ ] Qwilfish

[i] Scizor (Aaryn)

[ ] Shuckle

[i] Heracross (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, ryan)

[ ] Sneasel

[ ] Teddiursa

[i] Ursaring (tyranisneasel)

[i] Slugma (shido)

[ ] Magcargo

[ ] Swinub

[ ] Piloswine

[ ] Corsola

[ ] Remoraid

[ ] Octillery

[i] Delibird (shinycollector)

[ ] Mantine

[i] Skarmory (Aaryn)

[ ] Houndour

[ ] Houndoom

[i] Kingdra (Aaryn, Zooster)

[ ] Phanpy (shido)

[ ] Donphan (shido)

[i] Porygon2 (MetalMario)

[ ] Stantler

[ ] Smeargle

[ ] Tyrouge

[ ] Hitmontop

[ ] Smoochum

[ ] Elekid

[ ] Magby

[i] Miltank (Yami Zidane)

[i] Blissey (shinycollector)

[i] Raikou (feraligatr master)

[i] Entei (feraligatr master)

[i] Suicune (feraligatr master)

[i] Larvitar (Aaryn, feraligatr master)

[i] Pupitar (Aaryn, feraligatr master)

[i] Tyranitar (Aaryn, feraligatr master)

[ ] Lugia

[ ] Ho-oh

[ ] Celebi -NOT AVALABLE-

[i] Treecko (Aaryn, feraligatr master, shido)

[i] Grovyle (Aaryn, feraligatr master)

[i] Sceptile (Aaryn, feraligatr master)

[i] Torchic (Aaryn)

[i] Combusken (Aaryn)

[i] Blaziken (Aaryn)

[i] Mudkip (Aaryn, shido)

[i] Marshtomp (Aaryn)

[i] Swampert (Aaryn)

[i] Poochyena (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, Zooster, Seth30, Iron Spriter Josh, feraligatr master, shinycollector)

[i] Mightyena (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, Zooster, Seth30, Iron Spriter Josh, feraligatr master)

[i] Zigzagoon (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, renji, shido, Iron Spriter Josh, tyranisneasel)

[i] Linoone (MetalMario, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, renji, shido, Iron Spriter Josh, tyranisneasel)

[i] Wurmple (Akidatheart, shido)

[i] Silcoon (Akidatheart)

[i] Beautifly (Akidatheart)

[ ] Cascoon

[ ] Dustox

[i] Lotad (MetalMario)

[i] Lombre (MetalMario)

[i] Ludicolo (MetalMario)

[i] Seedot (shiny legendarys)

[ ] Nuzleaf

[ ] Shiftry

[ ] Taillow

[ ] Swellow

[i] Wingull (MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon)

[i] Pelipper (MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon)

[ ] Ralts

[ ] Kirlia

[ ] Gardevoir

[i] Surskit (Aaryn)

[ ] Masquerain

[ ] Shroomish

[ ] Breloom

[ ] Slakoth

[ ] Vigoroth

[ ] Slaking

[i] Nincada (Aaryn)

[i] Ninjask (Aaryn)

[i] Shedinja (Aaryn)

[i] Whismur (MetalMario, Seth30, shinycollector, A Strong Trainer!)

[i] Loudred (MetalMario, Seth30)

[i] Exploud (MetalMario, Seth30)

[ ] Makuhita

[ ] Hariyama

[ ] Azurill

[ ] Nosepass

[ ] Skitty

[ ] Delcatty

[i] Sableye (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, shiny legendarys)

[ ] Mawile

[i] Aron (Iron Spriter Josh, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Lairon (Iron Spriter Josh, Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[i] Aggron (Iron Spriter Josh)

[ ] Meditite

[ ] Medicham

[i] Electrike (shiny legendarys)

[ ] Manectric

[ ] Plusle

[ ] Minun

[ ] Volbeat

[ ] Illumise

[i] Roselia (shinycollector)

[i] Gulpin (renji)

[i] Swalot (renji)

[ ] Charvanha

[ ] Sharpedo

[ ] Wailmer

[ ] Wailord

[i] Numel (MetalMario, shido)

[i] Camerupt (MetalMario, shido)

[ ] Torkoal

[ ] Spoink

[ ] Grumpig

[i] Spinda (Shiny Shuckle)

[i] Trapinch (Aaryn)

[i] Vibrava (Aaryn)

[i] Flygon (Aaryn)

[ ] Cacnea

[ ] Cacturne

[i] Swablu (Shuko, MetalMario)

[i] Altaria (Shuko, MetalMario)

[ ] Zangoose

[i] Seviper (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon)

[ ] Lunatone

[ ] Solrock

[i] Barboach (Barboach)

[i] Whiscash (Barboach)

[ ] Corphish

[ ] Crawdaunt

[i] Baltoy (SkinnyGreenMan)

[i] Claydol (SkinnyGreenMan)

[ ] Lileep

[ ] Cradily

[ ] Anorith

[ ] Armaldo

[ ] Feebas

[ ] Milotic

[ ] Castform

[i] Kecleon (shinycollector)

[i] Shuppet (Barboach, Akidatheart)

[i] Banette (Barboach)

[i] Duskull (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, feraligatr master)

[i] Dusclops (Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, feraligatr master)

[ ] Tropius

[i] Chimecho (Aaryn)

[i] Absol (Aaryn, Haunter Master)

[ ] Wynaut

[ ] Snorunt

[ ] Glalie

[ ] Spheal

[ ] Sealeo

[ ] Walrein

[ ] Clamperl

[ ] Huntail

[ ] Gorebyss

[ ] Relicanth

[ ] Luvdisc

[i] Bagon (Aaryn)

[i] Shelgon (Aaryn)

[i] Salamence (Aaryn)

[i] Beldum (Aaryn)

[i] Metang (Aaryn)

[i] Metagross (Aaryn)

[ ] Regirock

[ ] Regice

[i] Registeel (Crytuf)

[ ] Latias

[i] Latios (shinycollector, Akidatheart)

[i] Kyogre (Aaryn)

[ ] Groudon

[i] Rayquaza (shinycollector, Aaryn, shido)

[ ] Jirachi

[i] Deoxys (Aaryn)


[ ] Unown A

[ ] Unown B

[ ] Unown C

[ ] Unown D

[ ] Unown E

[ ] Unown F

[ ] Unown G

[ ] Unown H

[ ] Unown I

[ ] Unown J

[ ] Unown K

[ ] Unown L

[ ] Unown M

[ ] Unown N

[ ] Unown O

[i] Unown P (tyranisneasel)

[ ] Unown Q

[ ] Unown R

[ ] Unown S

[ ] Unown T

[ ] Unown U

[ ] Unown V

[ ] Unown W

[ ] Unown X

[i] Unown Y (tyranisneasel)

[i] Unown Z (tyranisneasel)

[ ] Unown ?

[ ] Unown !

Note: I replaced my version of the dex with Lady Demoonica Darkmoon's version for now, but I will update it myself to make sure all the shinys are recorded soon.

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Hey Aaryn, it's me, Pazz, I suppose I'll join too, but, do us a favor, will you make a list of the original 150 pokemon, with boxes "[ ]" next to each pokemon, each shiney caught put a "[X]" so that we know we've captured it, and at the end of the name put the user name of the person who caught it so we know who to give due credit to? That will help us in our shiney hunts greatly. Have a good day.
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Ok ill list here the members that have a place reserved

Pazzcat->FOUNDER (since the idea was hers)

rsgh5->COFOUNDER (since it was also his idea and he and pazzcat had the decency to PM to let me found this club)

!Dragonite!-> SENTINEL hes been hunting for so much and posted so much he disrves this

SKinnygreenman-> Forget about member, your SHINY MEMBER with much points to be upgraded! a lot of posts and support also.


Tyranitar dude is SHINY MEMBER.

others post here and youll know

YOu dont know how much i thank pazzcat for this. I think she has the right to be founder with me just because the idea was hers. ANd i supose i can be founder cause the idea of shiny hunters was mine.

Well rsgh5 if you dont agree with your grade tell me, but please dont be angry, no one be angry PM for anything.

and as rsgh5 said, we all have equal rights. Powers will be used only in extreme cases, a FOUNDER COFOUNDER can never treat other members differently, we are all equal. But i hope you understand than in case of problems there has to be someone that can decided what to do

so FULL POWER goes for me pazzcat and rsgh5.

and nobody is better than anyone just for having higher grade its just something representative. If you guys dont like it well take it away, general votation.


one more thing, any good ideas like skinnygreenman's can be done with no permission.

Just as i stated before, Im equal to you, i can aonly use power in extreme cases so that wont probably happen.

list is above, for the moment. but if i forgot some one post it.

and about double posting

Skinnygreenman, i sware that when i post there is a post that is not mine in last position.

Maybe its my browser or maybe its lag, but when i posted i saw in the screen that you posted las so sorry for that. ill have to try and fix it.
~>{*Shiny hunters Club*}<~

Full credits to MetalMario for the card and for the banner!


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*sigh*, this is the third time ive reminded you about the double post rule today, Aaryn. It's just as easy to edit a post as it is to post a new post.

You can delete your latest post, and edit the privious one to put the information into it.

Thanks. Sorry for making such a big deal about it, but I tend to notice thigs about rules quite often.

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I Want a DS!!!

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oh and i have to go right now so pazzcat is in charge since rsgh5 doesnt give life signals.

Explaining my little presence-... i have to study a lot and dont have much time but i do hunt at night, ive spent the last 2 hole nights hunting for charmander.

So srry for not posting and thx to everyone for the support.

ill do the 150 poke list tomorrow.
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Thanks a lot for the 'power' I suppose Aaryn, I don't really care what posistion I'm in. --- Anyways, thank you SO much Shiney Green Men for posting the list of poke'mon. I was too lazy to do that for the time being -nervous laugh.- Anyways, can you do me a favor, and Post a red X in the box, if it's not too much trouble. -Nervous laughter again,- Also, swap your posts, since YOU have the second post. If so, cool, if not, no worries.

[X]Vulpix[Caught by ---]

EDIT!:Just play your game, we are NOT looking for specifics (all though we might later). Just make catch em all! =P Thank you for your enthusiasm in all of this guys.

EDIT!:Also, I can take care of the list for you if you want. I'd take it as an honor -geekishly salutes.- ^_^;
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