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February 21st, 2004, 7:35 PM
I admitt it, I'm kinda(really) ditzy somethimes(all the time) but I still know how to write! Everyone else was posting there poetry so I thought I would too^_^ I'd love to hear your opinions or suggestions. By the way I'm afraid I only have two poems but they were made with alot of hard work. Poems don't come to me very often but when they do things like this are the result:
P.S I'd also love to hear other peoples poetry, so show it if u want^___^

I feel it
The night, the cold, the black.
My heart greives in the darkness, it secretly hopes and waits for the warm day.
The dark blanket covers the land like a blanket of fear prevailing over courage,
But lo! I see the light.
A beam of hope breaks through the abyss.
I feel it
The light warm sun decides to end its punishment,
It breaks through the dark winning a war it will never lose.
No obsticle shall ever defete the great sun for it holds the majestic weapon of light.
I feel it
Plants bend tward its mighty glow
Oceans glimmer and shine to greet it
Flowers bloom to color its walkway
All life awakens to bask in its glory,
And yet,
Light is never thanked.
I feel it
The sun is noble and proud,
And yet,
loyel as well. The sun with all its light,
With all its might shall never abandon us, when the dark cloud attacks and seems to overcome the sun it is but a plan,
For the sun and its partner the light are exquisite strategists,
When the dark cloud is off gaurd the sun weilds its meighty light and breaks through the shadows once again.
I feel it
The deeds of the day have been done ,
The sun looks down and remembers all that has occured,
As the sun and acomplice are proud they are also stern,
The suns begins its punishment once again and we are abandond,
Left to the cruel night and darkness while the great glowing protecter keeps its ever watchfull eye on all.
Evensongs are played and the sun and light prepare for the next walkaway over the darkness.
I feel it

February 21st, 2004, 9:36 PM
Ohhhhh! Very very very nice Teara!! What a wonderful poem! I have to admit, I was a tad bit skeptical when I first heard you wrote poetry....but now all that is gone!! hehe....
I love your poem! And I'd love to hear your other one too!

February 22nd, 2004, 11:08 AM
Thanks 100Marios! ^_^
whoops! I forgot to post my other poem,
such a scatter brain
anyways here it is! I have a third one I thought of last night but I'm still editing it. I also have a haiku, but I'm not sure if I'll post that.^_-

Can you feel it?
The wind blowing against you,
The mighty sun endlessly gazing upon you,
Life around you beating the ground on which you stand,
The voices of flowers blooming amongst you.
Can you hear it?
The majestic blue surging over the earth,
The wind singing and speaking of days to come,
The howls and cries of the weak the strong the innocent the guilty,
The mourning of death,
The celebration of new life.
Can you sense the flow of life around you?
The circle of life is always turning.
Where are you in it?
Do you even know?

Sorry If these are a little hard to understand.

February 23rd, 2004, 1:46 PM
Errr...I hate to double post but I have a new poem.
It's really depressing but I got the idea while listenign to Evanesance. If you've ever heard her you'll understand.

Cold, grey, alone,
A bare garden marked by a single stone,
No flower brings color,
No visitor brings life,
The stone sits alone,
Dismal as it is I am bound to this stone,
No matter what I do, I can not leave it,
I wish to leave,
To fly away and leave this stone forever,
But I can not leave,
An uncertainty forces me to stay,
I feel as though I have not lived my life well,
This stone reminds me so,
The night comes and the stars burn brightly as I gaze up at them with my empty eyes,
I feel no fatigue,
I only feel the burning need to flee,
I try to run, to get away,
But as I move farther and farther the gate of trees I must pass become closer and closer,
I have never passed these trees, for they mark my freedom, something I can not gain,
I reach the gate,
So close is the outside world,
As I reach out I feel the sudden pain of my squandered lifes memory wash over me,
I turn, the stone still stands,
I must stay with this stone longer,
Day breaks, the gate begins to sway, and I know the wind has come again,
I long to drift away with the wind,
A leaf dead as my sole blows by me,
I see it and try to snatch it, to stop it from accomplishing what I can not,
Whether I touched the leaf or not, I do not know,
I am so numb I feel nothing,
My sole screams to follow the wind,
But I can not leave this sone,
When time has taken its affect and the stone is naught but a empty plain I shall still remain here,
Bound by the memory,
For this stone,
Marks my grave.

I swear I don't need therapy!

February 26th, 2004, 9:20 PM
"I feel it... I feel it..."

lol, Great job Teara but personally I never tried to understand anyone's poem when I read them. :laugh: