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March 3rd, 2006, 3:05 PM
I have the full story at serebii's forums, but here I'll wait for replies to post new chapters. Don't worry, the chapters do get better, this first one I have to admit, kinda sucks

Rating [for chap.1]: G

Chapter 1
The Beginning

"Blaziken, try another Blaze Kick!" Yelled a young girl. Her Blaze pokemon jumped up and furiously kicked through a Raichu, an electric mouse Pokemon, with a flaming clawed foot.

She was in a contest, it's like a Pokemon show! The coordinator that displays the best moves in a battle will win! But it's not that simple.

First, the coordinators must go through the appeal round, where their Pokemon combine beautiful moves to impress a panel of judges, if they give a high score for a preformence, coordinators go on to the battle rounds!

In battle rounds, coordinators usually have 5 minutes to battle against another coordinator. They have a point board, their points go down if their Pokemon does not show beauty and strengh battles! This was where the young girl was fighting.

The girl flipped her deep brown hair out of her face and grinned happily. "Finish it Blaziken!" Shouted the girl again.

Blaziken grabbed the Raichu and spun it around by its lightning bolt tail and slammed it to the ground. The orange rodent tried desperatly to get back up but eventully fell back to the ground.

The panel of judges were watching the whole battle quietly. The minute the Raichu hit the ground, the judges put x's on a little screen on their stand.

"After another great battle, May and Blaziken win again! That means they'll both go on to the finals!" Shouted the beautiful announcer, Vivian.

May's sapphire blue eyes seemed to be lost in thought for a moment but then she heard the annoucer and smiled at her well trained fire pokemon.

On another stage, two trainers were also finishing up a battle. A quiet boy and his Flygon would also be going to the next round.

Back on May's stage, May hugged her Blaziken tightly. The soft feathers of her Blaziken made her want to stay in the postition forever. She was proud of her Blaziken for doing so well.

The crowd behind her cheered too, but who wouldn't? Blaziken put on an impressive display!

May exited the stage and went back to the lobby to find out where the next battle was to be held.

"The finals will take place on stage 2, good luck!" Said the lady at the front desk.

May walked through the long hallway. She already knew where stage 2 was and wanted to get there quickly.

May was about 15 or 16 years old. She wore a red poke ball bandanna, red T-shirt, black biker shorts, and had a white sweater wrapped around her waist. Also tied to her waist, was a yellow fanny pack in which she used to carry around her ribbons and pokemon. May had experience with contests before, so this one was easy.

May entered stage 2. The ground was dirty from previous battles but you could see a little bit of green peaking out, a panel of judges were on a wall close to her, and all around her was a crowd of cheering fans.

The strange boy came out from the other side of the stage. He had green hair and green eyes. He wore a black long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved purple jacket, and he had light blue jeans.

"We'll put 5 minutes on the clock as always. Now start the match between May and Drew!" Called Vivian.

Drew quietly sent out a red and white poke ball. Out of the ball came Flgon, a mighty dragon pokemon. It's red and green scales shone in the bright lights.

May got a little tense, but sent out her poke ball as well. Blaziken came out. It noticed the crowd and decided to show off a little.

Blaziken roared and shot flames out of its wrists. The crowd was impressed by the two strong looking pokemon.

May hesitated at first but then called, "Blaziken, Flamethrower!" Blaziken shot red hot flames out of its beak at Flygon.

Flygon beat its large wings swiftly and rose a few feet in the air and dodged the Flamethrower. "Flygon, Hyper Beam!" Said Drew calmly.

The fighting fowl pokemon took a direct hit and fell to the ground. The score board showed May's points drop dramatically.

May was a little entranced by the boy. He was a little cute and did have an awsome pokemon. "Flygon dodged Blaziken's flamethrower without its trainer's command!" Said May.

Flygon released another Hyper Beam at Blaziken. May's Blaziken tried to dodge, but it was too late and Blaziken fell once again.

"Come on Blaziken! I know you can do it!" Screamed May.

Blaziken tried as hard as it could to get back up, but eventually gave up and fainted. Once again, the judges put x's on their screens.

The scoreboard showed Drew and Flygon's picture with the words "WINNER" below.

"Drew and Flygon have won the Abouto contest! Please some accept your ribbons!" Exclaimed Vivian.

Drew walked up to Vivian and that's all May got to see. She queitly walked off stage. This was the first contest she had lost in a long time!

Back on the stage, Drew placed a ribbon on Flygon and proudly showed his to the cheering crowd. Drew walked off stage as well and noticed May.

"Nice battle!" He said with a friendly smile.

"Shut up!" Snapped May.

"What a sore loser, besides I've seen a Magikarp fight better than that!" Said Drew.

May didn't reply, but pouted instead. "You didn't do much better!" Pouted May.

"Well at least I won this ribbon." Said Drew and walked out.

May knew she lost because she was thinking more about Drew's looks than his fighting skills.

"Even if that jerk is in the next contest, I know I'll beat him!" Said May.

She walked out into the freash air. The contest had gotten her all fired up. May had parked her bike next to the contest hall and went to get it. She wanted to get to the next town.

May got herself on her red bike and began to peddle down the road.

"I wonder if Drew really is in the next contest? I'd really like to see him again." Said May to herself. "What am I thinking!! I just met him and now I want to see him again!?" Yelled May slapping herself with her gloved hands.

May forgot that she couldn't ride her bike without using both hands and crashed into a large tree.

"Ow, that really hurt." May whimpered.

"You ok?" Said a familer voice.

May looked up. It was Drew. He has a worried expression on his face, he had obviously seen May fall.

"Yeah, I'm fine now." Said May.

Drew helped her up and got on his green bike and drove away.

"I never knew a guy could be so nice." Said May a little dumbstruck.

Before she got on her bike again, she looked at her map to see how to get to the next contest.

She got back on her red bike and started riding towards the sunset. She couldn't stop thinking about Drew.

The sun was setting and May knew she would have to try and find a Pokemon Center.

A green and purple tent lie just ahead. May thought she was dreaming, but rode up to the tent.

"Maybe the person in that tent knows where a Pokemon Center is!" Exclaimed May.

May rode her bike up to the campsite. A fire still blazed in front of the tent. May parked her bike on a nearby tree, and walked up to the tent.

Chapter 2
May, Blooming flower of love?

Who is in the tent and will May ever find the Pokemon Center? May gets emotions she has never felt before!

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March 3rd, 2006, 4:12 PM
You posted it in serebii....I thought the title looked familiar!!! Anyway I don't know what you mean, I thought this chapter was great and I can't wait to read the rest!!! *runs to serebii* :D

March 3rd, 2006, 4:36 PM
GAH!!! PERFECT STORY!! MUST READ MORE!!!! Its exactly like the act in the show! Please post the rest here!

March 5th, 2006, 8:51 PM
This is kawaii too! I loved it, are you going to post the rest of it?

March 6th, 2006, 7:13 PM
Don't worry, the chapters do get better, this first one I have to admit, kinda sucks

[asddgd;h'sfhjoisidgh;ogishjmgs] If you know your first chapter isn't up to standard, then why do you insist on posting it anyway? o_O Don't try to reassure the readers that the story will get better later on; try to focus on what's important now, rather than putting it off later.

Anyway, you have consistent grammar errors, including dialogue ones, as well as spelling errors...far too many for me to nitpick. Just try editing or getting MS word to do it for you. Also, although this problem is fairly common amongst new writers, blocks of description aren't exactly the way to appeal. Try to find more ways of introducing your characters and such.

Plot wise, it's alright to start off a chapter with a battle..but as I said before, rather than supplying the readers with all the descriptions (which makes the piece a bit bland), introduce it in another matter. Lol...well, since it's a shipping fic, not much I can say. Drew did seem a bit OOC...he said 'nice battle' with a friendly smile, then just outwardly insulted her. o_o

Anyway, hope you do better on the next installment~

March 12th, 2006, 5:10 PM
Thank you for the comments everyone, soory it took me so long to get this next chapter. Lily, your comments especially help, thanks :D Yes, I am a newer writer, it will take awhile to get really good. I post chapters at serebii first so anything that you don't like in the next few chapters I will try to fix if I'm not too busy [That includes description blocks]

Rating: PG[swear words are like this D***]

Chapter 2
May, a blooming flower of love?

"La, La, La, Da, La, La." Hummed a cheerful man. He was preparing to eat his dinner which he had slowley cooked over a fire.

He had long purple hair and dressed himself to look like a Cacturne. Pointed green hat, green and black shirt and pants too.

He loved Poison and Dark typed pokemon. Cacturne was his favorite. A little bell rang by his bag. "Dinners done Cacturne" Shouted the man.

A scary scarecrow cactus pokemon jumped up and ran to the man. The man grabbed a bowl of scolding water, but burned his hand in the process.

"Ow!!! Stupid piece of s***!" Screamed the man.

The bowl he was holding flipped over on Cacturne's head.


Outside the purple and green tent, May walked up to the tent flaps. She opened one flap.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Asked May.

"What the h*** you want!" Yelled the enraged man holding his burnt hand.

"I was hoping you knew where the nearest Pokemon Center was, I'm a coodinator." Said May nervously.

"Coodinator? You should have said so sooner!" Said the man.

"The name's Harley, come in for a minute!" Said Harley cheerfully.

May followed Harley inside the large tent. "So what's your name little missy?" Said Harley.

"Oh, I'm May." Said May quietly.

"No need to be shy! Sorry about before, had a little cooking accident." Said Harley.

May noticed a ticked off Cacturne by a small sink. It had a steaming bowl on its head. The cactus pokemon looked pretty angry.

"So anyways, you said you wanted to find a Pokemon Center?" Asked Harley.

"Yeah." Said May.

"Well you're in luck, there happens to be one a few yards ahead of here!" Said Harley.

"The sun's just about down, so I better get going now!" Said May, she just wanted to get away from the Cacturne.

"Hold it! You're a coodinator right?" Questioned Harley. His purple eyes looked very truthful at that moment.

"Uh, yeah. Why?" Asked May.

"Well then I guess I see you at the next contest, 'cause I'm a coodinator too!" Exclaimed Harley. He did an odd little pose.

"Oh, that's nice." Said May nervously. She ran outside to find her bike missing!!

"That's just great!" Pouted May.

"That guy was kinda weird too, and I'm not going back, so what do I do?" May asked herself.

The sun was down, but Harley's campfire still burned brightly.

"Well, I have to find my bike, I mean where could it have possibly gone!" Said May.

May searched everywhere but could not find her bike. Tears welled up in her eyes. "I left all my pokemon with my bike!" She cried.

Then May heard a rustle from a nearby bush. She walked up to the bush and saw some Aipom playing with her bike.

"Give it back bananna brains!" Screamed May.

The purple monkey pokemon just laughed and kept on playing.

May grabbed a small stone off the dusty ground and threw it at one of the Aipom.

The rock hit an Aipom directly in the head. The little monkey turned around and glared at May.

"Aipom!" Yelled the Aipom May hit. The rest of the Aipom began to throw clumps of sand at May.

"Petal Dance!"Commanded a voice.

A small green pokemon with roses attached to the ends of each of its skinny wrists, jumped out of a nearby tree and shot swirling pink petals at the Aipom.

The Aipom were scared and ran down a trail.

"You know, there are better ways to fight without pokemon." Said the voice again.

May turned to see Drew leaning against a tree. He slowly flipped his green hair with his hand.

"Oh yeah?! You got any better ideas?" Yelled May.

May ran to her bike and got her yellow fanny pack. She strapped it around her waist as if she was prepared for another Aipom attack.

"You're lucky I was there to save you." Said Drew.

"You're lucky I don't hurt you!" Said an enraged May.

"Well, I need to get back to my training, come on Roselia." Said Drew.

Drew began to walk down the same trail as the Aipom with Roselia at his side.

"What a jerk." Said May.

She knew that Drew had saved her, why was she mad? She was more mad at herself foor blowing another chance to learn about this mysterious Drew.

May got back on her bike and headed in the direction of the Pokemon Center.

Harley seemed to be right, the ride to the Pokemon Center was a short one.

Once she got there, she rented a room. Then May went to the pokemon hall, a place to let your pokemon out for play while the trainers did something else.

There were a few other pokemon in the room already. Flygon, Masquerain, Charizard, and Gardevoir.

May threw out her six pokeballs.

First one to come out was her Blaziken. Then Venusaur, Blastoise, Delcatty, Beautifly, and Snorlax.

All of her pokemon looked happy to be out of their pokeball and ran to the other pokemon in the room.

May walked back out to the main room. A worried Drew threw the doors to the Pokemon Center open.

He carried a very exhausted Roselia in his arms. He put it on the desk in front of Nurse Joy.

"Please! You've got to help it!" Cried Drew.

Nurse Joy took a good look at the thorn pokemon.

"Our Chansey will heal its wounds and it should be fine!" Said Joy. She called her Chansey.

The pink egg pokemon ran up and put Roselia on a white hospital cart and carried it to the E.R.

May hid a little, if Drew knew she had seen that, she would have never heard the last of it. May had never seen Drew act that way before. He always seemed so calm.

May decided to try and forget what just happened as she walked back to her room, but May couldn't help from feeling sorry for Drew and Roselia.

May walked back to the Pokemon Hall to check on her pokemon. Just as she opened the door she saw Drew.

She closed it to a little peak and watched Drew.

"How's your wing feeling Flygon?" Said Drew petting the dragon pokemon.

"That means that those other pokemon belong to Drew." Said May quietly.

"These other pokemon look pretty tough, I wonder who they belong too." Said Drew commetning on May's pokemon.

May leaned on the door a little too hard and it flung open.

"May?" Said Drew surprised.

"Oh, uh, hi". Said May nervously. She had fallen into a weird pose and was a little embarresed.

"So, do these pokemon belong to you?" Asked Drew.

"Yes they do!" Said May proudly remembering Drew's earlier comment.

"They look pretty weak to me." Said Drew.

May's jaw dropped. What other things were Drew hiding if he hid the fact that he said May's pokemon looked "tough"?

"Uh....how's Roselia?" Asked May.

"Why would you care?" Said Drew rudely.

"if that's how you want to be then fine!" Said May and ran to her room.

This time May knew she was poilte to the boy and he was mean to her!

But still an odd feeling overwhelmed her. Something she had never felt before.

It was a good feeling but none she had ever had before.

The feeling was, love.

Chapter 3
Hurry May! Save Roselia!

Roselia is seriously injured and Drew disappears! Can May save Roselia?

March 13th, 2006, 5:23 AM
^^, another great chapte! I didn't think you were going to post it but, yay XP XP! I liked the part where he said her pokemon looked tough then when she walked inside said they looked weak, that is DEFINATLY something Drew would do! And the characters were more IC this time, which helped the story flow, great job! ^^

March 13th, 2006, 3:32 PM
^^, another great chapte! I didn't think you were going to post it but, yay XP XP! I liked the part where he said her pokemon looked tough then when she walked inside said they looked weak, that is DEFINATLY something Drew would do! And the characters were more IC this time, which helped the story flow, great job! ^^

That's funny cause the people at serebii liked that part too, I'll have to remember that!

Next chapter ready! Sorry reviewers, you'll have to post about two chapters! I warning you on this one though, I was extremely tired and it turned out rather odd and if anyone actually likes it, I'll be surprised

Rating: PG

Chapter 3
Hurry May! Save Roselia!

May sat on a bed in the room she had rented for the night.

She had put on her night outfit, a yellow shirt and a fleece pair of blue pants.

She took her bandanna out and combed her hair straight. Her gloves lie on a nightstand next to her bed.

"Why would he be so mean? I was worried about his stupid pokemon!" Yelled May.

"And he said my pokemon were weak! What nerves!" Said May.

She then decided to get a glass of water for bed. She walked through the main hallway and past the E.R. rooms.

In one room was Drew's exhausted Roselia. It looked like it was having much trouble breathing as a Chansey watched over it.

"I hope it's ok, come to think of it, Drew never did tell me what happened." Said May.

She continued walking down the hall to get her glass of water. When she returned, she walked past Roselia again.

A bright red light was flashing in the room as a flushed looking Chansey rushed out the door.

May looked a little closer at the little table where Roselia had been, and found it gone!

"Oh no, what happened to Roselia?" Panicked May.

"The only reason I'm worried is because it's a pokemon!" May lied to herself.

She ran to Drew's room to tell him what happened. She flung open the door and started shouting, "DREW!!! ROSELIA IS MISSING!!!!"

Then she realized that Drew was not in the room. The sheets on his bed were ruffled as if he had already been there.

May rushed all through the Pokemon Center looking for Drew, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Maybe Roselia went outside and Drew followed." May convinced herself. Her brown hair was messy and her deep sapphire eyes glowed with fear.

May ran up to the main desk. "Nurse Joy, where is Drew and Roselia!" Screamed May.

"My Chansey has imformed me that Roselia has disappeared, as for the boy, he should be in his room." Assured Joy.

"He's not! And I don't think he knows about Roselia!" May yelled.

"Now calm down, go back to your bed, I'm sure they'll both turn up in the morning." Scolded Joy.

Joy lead May back to her room and locked the door. May sat on her bed, thinking of what to do.

May then got an idea and looked towards the window. "That's it! I'm coming Drew!" Exclaimed May.

She put back on her normal clothes and ran towards the window. With much strength, May opened the window and climbed out.

May ran back towards the forest. "Drew! Roselia! Where are you guys!" Called May.

"I can't believe I'm worried about that jerk! It's not like I love him or anything!" May thought to herself.

Just then May saw a bloody trail shining in the moonlight. "Oh no, I've got a bad feeling about this." May gulped.

She began to follow the trail nervously. "This is creepy, but I really hope Drew and Roselia are ok." Said May nervously.

All of a sudden, she saw a thorny figure in the moonlight. May cautiously ran up to it.

It was a Cacturne and something seemed familer about it. May noticed an evil grin on its face. It's scary yellow eyes glowed brightly.

A few feet away lie Roselia, with cuts and bruises all over. But it wasn't bleeding, so what made the trail?

"Is Cacturne able to make fake blood?" May asked herself.

The Cacturne started shooting poison spikes at May. She just barely by dive jumping. She fell right next to the injured rose pokemon.

"Roselia..." May cried.

Just then, Cacturne ran towards a dark tree at the edge of the forest. May grabbed Roselia and ran after the Cacturne.

On the other side of the tree trunk was Drew. He was unconcious and tied to the tree. He had many cuts and was losing blood rapidly.

"Drew!" Screamed May horrified.

The Cacturne prepared a Pin Missle and aimed at Drew. The spikes shot out of its pointy arms rapidly.

May jumped in front of Drew and got hit by the attack. May knew that if Drew took one more attack he'd be finished.

May just layed on the ground, almost to weak to move.

"Crap, I left my pokemon back at the Pokemon Center." Cried May.

May looked back up at Drew. She wondered how all this had happened but especially how a Cacturne tied Drew to the tree, or did someone else?

Then the Cacturne began another Pin Missle, this time at Roselia. The flower was just barely breathing. One more attack would kill it.

May got up and rammed into the Cacturne as hard as possible. The spikes hurt her but she didn't care. The only thing on her mind was Drew.

May fell to the ground unconcious. The Cacturne fell too. It jumped back up and stared at the fallen girl.

The sun began to come up. Cacturne hate sun, so it ran away.

May, Roselia, and Drew were all unconsious.

Officer Jenny pulled up in her motocycle. "The pokemon got away again, but we found some kids!" Called Jenny into her radio.

She untied Drew from the tree, and with some help from her Growlithe team, put the injured kids on the motocycle and sped towards the Pokemon Center.

Next chapter:
Chapter 4
When Shadow turns to sun! Pokemon and Human revival!
As May begins to learn more about Drew, Drew starts to become a different kind of person, and the relationship gets a little deeper

March 13th, 2006, 3:55 PM
Awesome! Thanks for posting it so fast! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!

March 13th, 2006, 5:11 PM
Uh, thanks for the fast reply, do you want the next chapter? I'm trying to get caught up with serebiiforums

March 13th, 2006, 5:23 PM
Yes, that would be awesome!

March 13th, 2006, 5:33 PM
Ok, this one is weird too so be warned

Rating: G

Chapter 4
When Shadow turns to sun! Pokemon and Human revival!

May opened her deep sapphire blue eyes. All around her were white walls and bright lights.

"Where am I?" Asked May. She sat upright. She looked behind her and saw a white hospital bed.

Suddenly, a Chansey ran in happily. "Chansey!" Exclaimed May. She was happy to see another living creature.

The Chansey called Nurse Joy. Joy ran in to see May, her orange locks flowing wildly behind her.

"Oh, I'm so glad you're ok!" Exclaimed Joy.

"What happened?" Said May.

"We found you and another boy at the edge of the forest!" Said Joy.

"Drew! Is he alright?" Asked May anxiously.

"He hasn't woken up yet, but he is going to be all right thanks to you." Said Joy. "And..... I'm sorry I didn't believe you before..."

"You mean he's all right! I was worried!" Said May.

"Of course, you can't get out of bed for awhile, you are not fully healed yet." Said Joy.

"Oh man, how is Roselia doing?" Asked May.

"Just fine! It has fully recovered and is by its trainer's bedside as we speak!" Said Joy. "Now please rest, you need it after all those injuries!" Scolded Joy.

"Oh ok." Said May.

May pulled a green blanket back over her head and fell back into a deep sleep.

In the room where Drew was, Roselia watched nervously.

Drew's eyes were tightly shut and his body was still. A few bandages covered his arms that lie over his blanket.

"Rose, Rose!" Cried the worried pokemon.

A Chansey nearby reassured it that everything was going to be just fine.

Roselia watched its unconscious trainer. Its eyes welled up with tears just at the thought of everything that had happened a few nights before.

As for Drew, he lie in a deep sleep. He was dreaming about a girl with brown hair and sapphire eyes. She had brought him joy and he dreamed of spending lots of time with the girl.

Who was this girl? She seemed very familiar in some other strange world.........

The next day, May awoke with a start. Joy was already in her room.

"Good morning May! Did you sleep well?" Smiled Joy.

"Yeah, I guess." Said May.

"Your friend still hasn't awoke yet, but I do have good news! You are fully healed and may get out of bed and do as you wish!" Said Joy cheerfully.

"Well, I'm going to go see Drew!" Exclaimed May.

"Please go back to your other room first and change back into your clothes." Said Joy.

May looked down at herself. She had a white shirt with white flannel pants on and her hair was combed straight without her bandanna.

"Uh, ok." Said May and ran to her other room.

Her normal clothes were already waiting for her. She quickly changed and ran up to a Chansey wandering the halls.

"Can you show me to Drew's room?" Asked May.

The pink egg pokemon smiled, nodded, and ran off. May followed it swiftly.

The Chansey then put its hand to it's mouth, as to tell her to be quiet.

May nodded and quietly followed the Chansey to a door.

May quietly pushed open the door and walked in. Drew still lie in his bed with Roselia asleep at his side.

"Roselia!" May said quietly.

Drew looked almost as if he was enjoying the deep sleep. Roselia shared his expression of happiness.

Drew's dream only got better and better......


"So Drew, where do you want to go today?" Said a cheerful girl.

"I dunno, you choose today!" Said Drew smiling.

The brown haired girl smiled and flipped a strand of Drew's green hair out of his face.

The two lie in a peaceful meadow filled with ever blooming pink flowers and warm sunshine.

"I found this flower for you, I think it's rare." Said Drew to the girl.

He handed her a purple flower that stuck out among the pink flowers around them.

"Oh Drew! It's beautiful!" Exclaimed the girl as she gazed at the flower.

The girl's sapphire blue eyes glowed with joy as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Oh Drew! You're so charming!" Smiled the girl.

"I feel..." Started Drew.

"Feel what? What's wrong?" Asked the girl.

"I feel as if I knew you from somewhere before, in another world, another life...." Said Drew.

The girl chuckled and gave Drew a little kiss. Drew blushed a little but then looked serious again.

" I feel as if someone out there is missing me, I want to see that person again." Said Drew.

"Who is it?" Asked the girl.

"I can't exactly remember the details but......" Said Drew.

"Ooo, please tell me Drew! I want to know all about this other person you know!" Squealed the girl, her brown hair jumped a little bit and her deep sapphire eyes glowed with excitement.

"Well, if you really must know, she was a girl, who looked much like you, brown hair, sapphire eyes, good natured..." Said Drew.

"Really! She sounds nice! What's her name?" Exclaimed the girl.

"I.....I can't remember, but I guess it doesn't matter much now...." Said Drew gloomily.

"Drew, does that mean that if I ever went away, you'd just forget me?" Said the girl with a serious look in her sapphire eyes.

"No, of course not, and what makes you think I'd leave you?" Chuckled Drew.

"Oooo, I just love it when you smile Drew! It makes me happy too!" Squealed the girl.

"But, I do wish I could meet that other girl again.........someday." Said Drew.


May watched as Drew's expressions changed while he was unconscious.

"I wonder if he's dreaming now." Said May. "I don't think I dreamed of anything or if it's possible but who knows..."Said May.

After awhile, May got bored and started squeaking her sneakers together. Roselia woke up and looked at her.

"Oh, sorry Roselia! I didn't mean to wake you!" Said May embarrassed.

But instead of angry, the pokemon smiled at her. Even though May didn't know it, Roselia really trusted her for saving Drew.

Roselia really cared about Drew. Roselia had been with Drew since the beginning of its life.


A young green haired boy sat under a bush to cover himself from the rain.

The sky was a deep gray, and no one was around for miles except the boy.

He had a saddened look in his green eyes as he stared down a muddy trail by the bush he was under.

The rain was starting to flood holes on the trail and the water level would soon reach the boy's make-shift umbrella.

Then he saw the whole sky turn from gray to pitch black. He jumped up and ran to the source of the darkness.

Behind a larger bush than the one the boy had been under, was a Duskull.

A baby Roselia lie just ahead of it. THe Duskull shot Shadow Ball after Shadow Ball at it.

The baby rose pokemon looked weak from all the hits it had taken. The young boy couldn't stand to see the Duskull hurt the baby any longer.

"Stop it! Stop hurting that pokemon! Why do you have to do that!" Screamed the boy.

"Who are you?" Said the pokemon in telepathy.

"My name is Drew! I won't stand here and let you hurt that pokemon!" Yelled young Drew.

The injured Roselia watched Drew. It was impressed by the boy's bravery and was glad he was there to save it.

"Fine then! You fight me now!" Yelled the ghost.

Drew rammed into the ghost with all his might. The pokemon disappeared and reappeared a few feet away.

"I waste no time on weaklings!" Said the Duskull and teleported away.

Drew stared at the spot where the Duskull had been and ran over to the baby Roselia.

"Are you going to be ok?" Said Drew worried.

The Roselia smiled weakly and simply replied, "Rose!"

Drew knew from the pokemon's look, that it meant "I want to come with you and fight by your side".

Roselia fainted as Drew picked it up. Drew grabbed a pokeball out of his bag and put the Roselia in it.

He had never wanted a pokemon and simply used the pokeball for fun, but the Roselia was different.

Young Drew walked down the muddy tail into the distance.


May looked hard into the pokemon's eyes.

"Rose!" The rose pokemon yawned.

May then stared at Drew. "Please be okay, for Roselia, and me...." Said May softly.

Roselia still looked a little thoughtful from remembering how it met Drew.

"Rose! elia!" Exclaimed the pokemon pointing at May's ribbon case sticking out of her fanny pack.

"Oh, my ribbons! You want to see them?" Said May.

The little rose pokemon nodded and jumped up. May opened her case to show Roselia her ribbons.

"I have only one right now, but I have participated in the Grand Festival before, and I even won once!" Explained May.

Roselia jumped in excitement. Drew stirred a bit, which attracted Roselia and May's attention.

Drew's green eyes were still tightly shut.


"Drew! Ever since you thought about that other girl, you haven't been the same!" Yelled the girl.

''I told you, I want to see her again, know her name....but I can't figure out how!" Yelled Drew.

"I am sorry to make you upset...." Said the girl sadly.

"It's not you...." Said Drew.

"How can I help? I just want to see you happy, even if it means leaving you" Said the girl. Her sapphire eyes looked sad but Drew could tell she just wanted to help.

"How? How can I get out of this meadow?" Asked Drew sadly. " I never want to have to leave you, and I will return someday!"

The girl sighed, "This world is a paradise. created in your imagination. You fell into a deep sleep somehow, and dreamed all this land up. You simply must wake yourself up."

"No! It can't be! I changed my mind! I'm not leaving you! I love you!" Screamed Drew with tears in his eyes.

"Drew.....you have to go back to your real world, it does exist. The other girl you mentioned, she's probably real too and you need to go back to her!" Said the girl gloomily.

"But!" Said Drew but got cut off.

"Drew! You have to stop dreaming! The real world is more important than your dreams! Now go!" Screamed the girl. Her sapphire eyes were tearful as well but she wanted the best for Drew.

"Remember Drew, no matter where you go, I'll always be there, in your imagination, if this other girl is like me, you'll always be happy."

"But, how do I get back?" Asked Drew.

"Hold my hand, I shall help you!" Said the girl.

Drew put his hand up to hers. Her hand felt soft, like a Skitty.

Suddenly, the whole world and the girl glowed with blue light.

"Good-bye Drew! In your other world, the girl you really love awaits!" Said the girl as she slowly disappeared as well as the whole meadow of flowers.


Drew strirred a bit more, and finally opened his eyes.

"Drew! You're ok! I was so worried!" Exclaimed May and gave him a big hug,

"What the......" Said Drew staring at May.

"Oh, erm, it was only a get well soon hug!" Said May blushing.

"Right, where's Roselia?" Questioned Drew.

Drew couldn't remember anything that happened in his dream, and still couldn't remember the girl that had just given him a hug or her name.

"Right over there!" Exclaimed May and pointed at Drew's cheering Roselia.

"Excuse me but, what is your name again?" Asked Drew.

"May! How could you forget?" Said May.

Just then, all of Drew's memories of May came back to him.

"Oh yeah! I guess I was sleeping too hard." Chuckled Drew.

The two kids laughed together, finally reunited.

Next chapter:
Chapter 5
Bokuto contest of love!

May and Drew have finally reached the next contest hall where they both hoped to earn a ribbon. A familer rival appears as Drew remembers a horrifying memory comes back to him!

March 13th, 2006, 9:10 PM
I knew I saw this somewhere! Serebii! XD I still love this story!! Anyways yeah grammar mistakes and blah blah... but I like the plot. ^^;

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Good! Glad you like, I may not be able to get the next chapter up until tomarrow as serebii forums is down and that's where I have the other chapters posted :(

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^^! I really liked this one too, I liked all the flash-backs and dreams and all, that made it all the more interesting!

March 14th, 2006, 1:29 PM
Yup, made the chapter the longest one so far! I'm so disappointed about not being able to post the next chapter :(

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You know You should have saved all the chapters on like notepad, wordpad, or Microsoft Word.. That way if the forums were down again you could just go to the Chapter's file and Copy then Paste! That's what I do when I write a Fic(Which I suck at) But that might help you out.

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I sorta agree, but the gap in time just builds susoense! ^o^

March 15th, 2006, 4:20 PM
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Rating: PG
Chapter 5
Bokuto Contest of love!

Drew walked down a trail though a thick forest towards the next town. His mind was buzzing with strategys for the next contest. May walked a few feet behind him.

"Why are you following me!" Yelled Drew at May. "I dunno, aren't you going to the next contest? I don't know where it's at, so I followed you!" Said May cheerfully. "I know you have a map! So what's your real reason for following me!" Said Drew annoyed.

"Ok, I was wondering if we could travel Hoenn together!" Said May shyly. "What!? No way!" Said Drew. "But, why not!" May whined. "Cause I don't need girlfriend yet!" Yelled Drew. "Huh?" Said May stopping. "Oh, er I meant I don't need a friend." Said Drew nervously. "Why not? Everyone needs a friend!" Said May.

"I don't!" Said Drew stubbornly. "Please!!!" Whined May loudly. "Oh, ok, but you better keep up with me!" Said Drew. Drew knew he really did want May to travel with him, but he couldn't bring himself to admit it. "Yay!! I can keep up!" Said May. She was acting very childish today. She was excited to see Drew still alive after the Cacturne inccident.

"You do know we have the next contest soon right?" Said Drew. "Duh, you'd have to be a Slowbro not to know that!" Said May. Drew flipped his hand through his green hair. "May! You didn't tell me you were a pokemon!" "I'm not stupid!" Said May, she didn't quite get his sarcasm.

"Well then I'd expect you know the next contest is in Bokuto Town right?" Said Drew. "Of course I do!" Said May. She didn't really know but she didn't want to sound stupid.

"Kuto in ancient Hoenn langauge means "love" and Bo means "young"." Said Drew. "What's your point?" Said May. "It means, in the next contest, only coordinators25 and under may enter, and it's double battling, but it has to be with the oppisite sex." Said Drew.

May was speechless. She clasped her gloved hands to her face. "Do I have to be paired with Drew?" She thought to herself. Drew smiled and chuckled a bit at her lost expression.

"So what pokemon are we going to use?" Smiled Drew. "Ah! Partners?" Said May in surprise. "May, I don't love you, I just want to enter this contest and win ok?" Said Drew trying to assure the young girl.

"Um, okay I guess." Said May as her face turned red in embarresment. "Look! Straight aheadd, there's Bokuto Town!" Exclaimed Drew.He took off in the direction of some large buildings.

"Hey! What up!" Yelled May and ran after him. She lost her bike awhile ago and still wasn't used to so much walking. She closed her sapphire eyes and ran with all her might. Unfortunatly, Drew had stopped at a skinny cliff over looking a grassy meadow with a path that lead to the city.

May accidentally crashed into Drew and they both tumbled off the cliff. May landed on top of Drew. "Oh er, sorry about that!" Said May quickly and jumped off. Her pale face turned into a deep red blush. She had to admit, it was kinda nice.

"What the h*** was that for?" Said Drew in surprise, it seemed he even enjoyed the fall. "It was an accident! I was running and a closed my eyes and..." May rambled on.

"It's ok....." Said Drew softly. "Are you ok?" He asked. "Oh, yeah I'm fine, but we should hurry to that contest!" Said May trying to get off the subject. "Oh, sure, let's go" Said Drew queitly.

There was long grassy trail ahead and it would take some time for the two to get to the end of it. A few short trees were scattered throughout the meadow and there wasn't a living soul to be found except for May and Drew.

"This path seems to go forever!" May whined. "This is the perfect oppertunity to have fun! Try and catch me!" Drew yelled and ran down the path.

"Wow he's weird" Said May. She giggled and chased after him. The two played until they could hardly walk. "I'm tired now, we may not make it to the next town." Complained May again.

"Shut your trap, if you keep whining, we'll never get there!" Snapped Drew. A few more boring hours later, Drew and May arrived in Bokuto City. "Look at all the clothing and jewlery stores!" May squealed.

Drew rolled his eyes and walked towards the Bokuto Contest Hall. "Come on May, we need to sign up for this contest!" He yelled at her. May ran up to his side, "Heh, sorry"

Drew pushed open the doors of the hall, which were shaped like hearts. He walked up to a lady at a desk. "We'd like to enter this contest...."Said Drew and handed the woman May's contest pass and then his.

" Aww, what a cute couple!" Squealed the woman as she scanned the cards in her computer. "We're not....." May started, but Drew put his hand over her mouth. "Just in time! You just got the last space for this contest!" Said the woman.

"Now go down that hall over there with the Luvdic sign, and you'll find the coordinator's lobby!" Said the woman pointing at the left side of the main room.

Drew pulled May down the hall as she rambled on about, "We do not like each other! We wouldn't make a good couple!" She had her arms folded tightly around her chest. "May, stop thinking about that, we need a good strategy!" Scolded Drew.

Drew pushed open a door that said "Coordinator's lobby". Inside were couples kissing on the benches and doing other love related activites. May scanned the pink and purple room, then she saw Harley.

"You're actually here Harley, who are you with?" Said May rushing over to Harley. "Oh, May, this Carla!" Said Harley pointing over to a mean looking lady. She had long curly blond hair and was wearing a white tank top, green pants and purple flip flops. She smacked some pink bubble gum in her mouth.

"She has green pants! She's perfect for me!" Squealed Harley. "And who are you with, May? "I came with a friend, Drew" She said cheerfully and pointed at Drew who was staring at one of his pokeballs on a nearby bench.

Harley's eyes got an evil look in them when he saw Drew. "Yuck, why are you dating that loser?" "He's not a loser!" Yelled May. "Whatever, now come on Carla, it's out turn to appeal!" Said Harley and grabbed the girl's butt as they walked out to the main stage.

May and Drew watched eagerly on a screen in the lobby, heat shaped of course. "We're almost finished with appeal rounds! Now it's Carla and Harley's turn! Remember folks, every couple must show love in their appeal!" Shouted Vivian.

Carla sent out a Fearow and Harley sent out his Banette. "Banette, do a heart shaped Willow Wisp!" Shouted Harley. His possesed doll pokemon jumped up and blue flames appeared around it. It threw it's flames together which created a firey blue heart.

Next, Carla's Fearow weaved threw the blue heat and made an arrow. "What an amazing appeal!" Shouted Vivian again. Harley snickered, "Easy!" As the "so-called" couple walked off stage, Vivian called, "Up next, May and her partner, Drew!"

May and Drew walked up the steps of the stage. They were the only team to come out not holding hands. May quickly grasped Drew's hand as they walked to center stage. "Now, what appeal will Drew and May use?" Exclaimed Vivian.

"Hmm, go Beautifly!" Called May. A sparkling butterfly pokemon emerged from the pokeball she threw. "Beautifly, eh? Go Masquerain!" Said Drew as he threw his pokeball. The pokeball released a white butterfly pokemon with orange wings.

"Silver Wind!" Both coordinators called. The butterflys were at different sides of the room as they shot out Silver waves through the air at the ground. The curvy waves made a heart shape on the floor, the heart shape on the floor sparkled with elegance.

The people in the crowd cheered really loud, and Vivian said, "How incredible!" When the appeal was over, May and Drew bowed and walked back to the lobby. On the screen where they had watched Harley, it now showed the two teams that advanced.

"We made it!" May squealed. "It wasn't that hard." Said Drew flipping through his hair. "Harley and Carla made it too! Looks like we're gonna have some tough opponets tomarrow!" Said May.

"Yeah.........." Said Drew. He stared at May closely with his deep green eyes. He had seen that man, Harley, somewhere before.

Next chapter
Chapter 6
To win an an impossible fight! Bokuto contest finals!
Drew remembers something horrifying about Harley, and the battle gets a lot tougher! Can Drew face his deepest fear and help May win the fight?

March 16th, 2006, 2:08 PM
Wow! Such a suspenseful ending ^^, I can't wait to read the next part :P

March 16th, 2006, 4:16 PM
ooooh i liked, it kept me on the edge of my chair ^^ I'm sorry i ahvent posted in a while!!! anyway I love your story so far and i can't wait to read more :D

March 17th, 2006, 1:05 PM
Thank you guys!! Next chapter up!

Rating: PG

Chapter 6
To win an an impossible fight! Bokuto contest finals!

"Which team of coordinator couples will win the Bokuto ribbon? We'll see in this match between May, Drew, Harley, and Carla!" Shouted Vivian. May smirked and Drew looked confident as usaull, while Harley glared at Drew with evil eyes and Carla put on lipstick.

"Beautifly!" May shouted as she threw a pokeball. "Go Masquerain!" Shouted Drew as he fiercely threw his pokeball. Carla tossed out a Seviper. Harely continued to watch Drew.

"I'll get you! And you're really gonna be sorry for what you did earlier!" Harley thought to himself. Carla elbowed him in the side hard. "And I know just how to get my revenge" Finshed Harley as he sent out Cacturne.

Harley gave his pokemon an evil smile. The Cacturne nodded and pretended to shoot at Masquerain but planned to hit Drew instead. Drew had lost all his memories from the day a Cacturne nearly killed him, so didn't seem to notice the attack.

"Urgh, Beautifly! Silver Wind!" May shouted. She knew what the Cacturne was doing. "Cacturne, Sandstorm!" Shouted Harley. "Wait, Cacturne can't use Sandstorm!" Said Drew. "Well mine can ha ha ha!" Laughed Harley.

The Sandstorm didn't come close to Beautifly, it hit May instead and blinded her. Her brown hair whipped in front of her face as she struggled for a breath. She choked on the whirling sand. Harley knew that she knew what he was doing and didn't want her to get in the way.

"Harley! What are you doing?" Screamed Carla. She was very mean natured but even she couldn't bare to watch the young girl suffer. "Don't interfere Carla!" Chuckled Harley.

"And now, Cacturne, use your Pin Missle on the boy!" Screamed Harley. The evil cactus sent out poison needles right at Drew. Drew was watching May struggle in the twister and he turned around to see Pin Missle coming at him.

Then, at that very moment,he remembered everything that happened the night he was so badly injured.

Drew sat atop a tree branch and watched the full moon. He sighed as he thought about his injured Roselia back at the Pokemon Center. "Roseil!" A pokemon called.

Drew looked down at the ground and saw his rose pokemon standing below the branch he was on. "Roselia! You're supposed to be healing at the Pokemon Center!"He scolded.

A worried look came over his pale face. Drew jumped off the branch and landed perfectly in front of Roselia. He picked up the flower in his arms and climbed back up to the tree branch.

"Just look at that moon Roselia!" He said happily. "If only I could bring May here to see it" He started. "Rose?" Asked Roselia. "No! Are you crazy! I don't like her!" Shouted Drew.

Just then Drew heard a scream. He and Roselia jumped of the branch and ran towards the scream. There was a large tree. A man dressed like a Cacturne leaned against the tree trunk.

He had pinned a Tailow to a tree and was punching it for fun. "Leave that pokemon alone!" Shouted Drew. The man turned hs face to Drew, it was Harley!

"And why should I?" Said Harley as he punched the pokemon once again. "Leave it alone! Go pick on someone your on size!" Drew yelled. "I can do what I want, and some little brat like you isn't going to get in my way!" He yelled.

Drew had left all his other pokemon back at the Pokemon Center and he didn't want to risk hurting his Roselia anymore. Drew flung himself at Harley. He managed to get Harley to let go of the Tailow which then flew away.

Harley grabbed Drew by the neck and punched in the stomache. He then slashed at places all over Drew's body. Drew felt weak but still tried to fight back.

Harley dragged Drew to an even larger tree. Behind him, he left puddles of blood which Roselia followed. Once the rose caught up to them, Harley had now pinned Drew to a tree.

He sent out Cacturne and the Cacturne's eyes glowed brightly. In a full moon Cacturne are very powerful. "How perfect.." Chuckled Harley. "Urgh, help.." Cried Drew weakly.

"No one can save you now!!" Screamed Harley. He threw Drew down to the ground and grabbed a rope out of his bag. He pinned Drew to the tree again and tied the rope on too.

Drew was to weak to fight back and just allowed Harley to tie him to the tree. ''I'm going to let Cacturne finish this one! And maybe you'll let me kill a pokemon the next time, that is, if you live!" Said Harley and ran into the thick woods leaving only his Cacturne behind.

The Cacturne peirced Drew's body over and over again with Pin Missles. Then Roselia jumped in and protected Drew from at least 5 attacks. "Roseila.......no...." Said Drew weakly, there was nothing he could do to stop it because he was still tied to the tree.

Roselia gave up and fainted then Cacturne slammed into Drew and made him unconsious as well.

Drew watched in horror as the Pin Missle was about to hit him, but Masquerain jumped in a used Bubble to knock the glowing missles down. "Thanks Masquerain!" Drew smiled at his pokemon.

May was finally freed from the sand twister. "Beautifly, Silver Wind that Cacturne!" May yelled with anger. Silver Wind hit Cacturne hard but it got back up.

Oficer Jenny and Vivian tried to run up to Harley, but he thrust them back with his arm. He jumped over to May and Drew's side a grabbed May by the neck and jumped back over to his side.

"Let her go!" Yelled Drew. "Let's not make this like the forest inncident!" Chuckled Harley. May struggled in his arms but couldn't break free. "Seviper, Poison Tail!" Commanded Carla.

The snake's tail glowed purple as it smacked it against Cacturn's face and knocked it Cacturne out. "Carla? Why?" Said a puzzled Harley. "I can't watch you hurt other people and pokemon! I hate you!" Screamed Carla as she returned Seviper to its pokeball and ran away.

Drew slammed into Harley hard. May fell out of his arms and into Drew's. She was unconsious and luckily still alive. Harley got back up but Officer Jenny came behind him and put handcuffs on his wrists.

"D*** you! D*** you all! I'll get you back! I will!" Shouted Harley as Jenny took him away. Drew gently srtoked May's hair and clasped her hand tightly. "May........." Said Drew softly.

She slowly woke up to find her head lying in Drew's lap. She swiftly sat up. "Drew! What happened?" Exclaimed May. Officer Jenny got 'em! And you're ok too!" Said Drew happily.

"And you?" Asked May. "Not a scratch!" Said Drew. He gave her such a warm smile, one she had never seen before. Vivian ran up to the two. "I think you two deserve these ribbons." She said softly.

She handed them both a pink ribbon. "I'm sorry for the battle mix up..........." Said Vivian.

May and Drew walked outside the contest hall."I should have never trusted Harley...." Said May quietly. "What really happened the night with the Cacturne?" She asked.

Drew told her the story with every detail. "How could you forget that?" Said May. "I dunno, being unconsious must have messed with my memory or something..." Said Drew.

The two walked through another quiet forest path talking togther. They both had two ribbons now on their journey through Hoenn.

Next Chapter:
Chapter 7
Sableye Surprise!

A strange new Pokemon has discovered May and Drew, it finds them very interesting! Drew and May just want to have a good night's sleep, will they get it with a Pokemon poking around?

March 17th, 2006, 1:22 PM
THAT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!! :D and wow Harley is mean, butt hats ok I'm not to fond of hm anyway, as i said b4 keep up the great work and I can't wait to read even more :D

March 17th, 2006, 3:54 PM
Yeah, not a fan of Harley etheir, I plan to bring him back, every story needs a bad guy! Glad you like it, "Sableye Surprise" will be up soon!

March 18th, 2006, 2:09 AM
Rating: PG [Swear Words]

Chapter 7
Sableye surprise!

Drew and May walked slowly through a wispy forest, almost all the tree's had no leaves, it was Fall.

The colorful leaves that littered the ground crunched under Drew and May's feet.

Drew had not talked to May since they had left Bokuto Town. Every once in a while, May would open her mouth to speak, but then stop herself.

May's pretty blue eyes looked ever hopeful that Drew would eventully say something, to reassure her she wasn't alone.

Drew stared the ground queitly. He didn't even try to look at May once.

Finally May got tired on waiting for Drew to say something and blurted out, "Why won't you talk?!"

For the first time in hours, Drew lifted his head to look at her. A gentle breeze blowing through the leafless forest blew his green hair around a bit.

"And why should I talk?" Said Drew smirking.

"Well! Because.......uh..." Said May.

"Ah hah! There's no good reason!" Said Drew and went back to quietly staring at the tan brown trail they were walking opon.

May scowled at his remark, but realized there was nothing she had to say to him anyways.

May stared at him as they walked along for another few minutes, but got bored quickly and pulled out her contest guide.

"Ah, the next contest is in Iokota City! It says here that they're famous for having high tech contests!" Said May excitedly.

"Looks like you need to study your contests more" Said Drew.

"What do ya mean?! I already know about all the contests!" Yelled May.

"Don't you have the contests memorized by now? Any real coordinator would have known every contest hall by heart" Said Drew flicking his hand through his hair.

"Shut up! I don't need to hear your bragging!" Said May who was red-faced.

Drew smiled at her and murmed something very softly that sounded like, "She's so cute when she's angry"

The bright orange sun was slowley disappearing over the horizen, which could be easily seen through all the dead trees.

"Ok, I don't like dark, let's set up camp!" Said May nervously.

"Aww, afraid the boogy man is gonna get ya?" Said Drew sarcastically.

"Argh, shut up!" Said May furiously.

Drew and May set up their camp for the night. The sun was almost fully down.

"Make fire!" Said May and threw two sticks which hit Drew directly in the forehead.

"You do it! And watch where you throw those sticks!" Said Drew rubbing his head.

"Oh, you wouldn't honestly expect a poor innocent girl like me to make a fire?" Said May with her best impression of puppy dog eyes.

"Oh fine whatever...." Said Drew.

Drew began to rub the two flimsy sticks together with all his might. He rubbed harder and harder until his face strained and the sticks broke.

May giggled from inside her Torchic themed tent. Drew turned around at her, his expression was quite funny to May.

"It's not funny! Why don't you try it Miss Perfect!" Yelled Drew.

May walked over to the logs and the broken stick bits. She kneeled down, grabbed some of the larger broken stick peices and began to rub them together over the fire.

Within a minute, a fire had sprouted from the two sticks.

"Arrg! How did you do that!" Said Drew stunned.

"Have I already told you this? Girls are just naturally better!" Chuckled May.

She secretly hid a match in her hand so Drew wouldn't know anything. Drew grumbled a bit but then said, "Why don't we let the Pokemon get some exercise?"

He threw out his three Poke Balls. Roselia came out of the first one, then Masquerain, and finally Flygon.

May let out her Pokemon too, but all the Pokemon seemed to enjoy the crisp evening breeze that blowed through the small forest.

"Know how to cook?" Asked May.

"Uh, no you?" Replied Drew.

"Just try it! I bet you're a great cook, you just haven't realized it! I've got some supplies in my bag!" Said May excitedly.

She ran into her tent and came out with loads of ingredients. Drew nervously looked at the pile of food.

''Uh...what do you want me to make?" Said Drew.

"Ooo, surprise me!" Said May and ran into her tent with her Delcatty.

"Oh great" Mumbled Drew. "How'd I get myself into this job..."

About an hour later, Drew stared at the dinner he had cooked. It was in ball form and was brown, it almost looked like mud balls that he had seen people put in secret bases.

"Er...May, dinner's done..."

May sprang out of her tent over to Drew. She looked carfully at what he had made.

Drew stared at her twisted expression. He could just imagine her yelling at him for the poor job he had done.

May gave the food a wide smile and said, "Looks delicious!"

Drew stared at her in amazment. May quickly grabbed a plastic plate from her tent and plopped the brown blobs onto her plate.

Within minutes, all the food [or whatever it was Drew had created] was gone.

May simply smiled and said, "It's the best thing ever tasted! Told ya you were a great cook!"

Drew sighed but smiled a little, he felt happy to make May happy. By this time, the sun was completely down, the only light came from a few stars and a small slit of the moon.

The tall outlines of the dead trees stood out especially. May tremebled a but and ran into her tent with her Pokemon. Blastoise and Venusaur slept outside the tent, but May snuggled up close to her Blaziken and Delcatty.

Drew slept in a small green and purple sleeping bag by the warm fire.

About midnight, a strange purple Pokemon with jeweled eyes climbed through the tree branches near the camp.

It noticed the glowing fire and curiously jumped from the tree down to the camp.

The strange purple creature stuck out a clawed hand into the fire. It pulled it back quickly because of the heat in the fire hurt it.

It turned around and saw Drew. "Sableye..." Said the mysterious Pokemon.

The Saybleye stared at Drew for a long time with it's large blue jeweled eyes, but it eventually got bored and noticed May's tent.

The Sableye crawled swiftly to the tent, careful not to wake the sleeping Pokemon just outsid of it.

The purple Pokemon jumped on May's tent and crawled all over it to examine it. It apparently was so loud, that May was awakened quickly.

May saw a strange shadow crawling all over her tent. May let out a peircing scream in fright which woke Drew up too.

The Sableye was examining the back of the tent, so Drew didn't see what had scared May.

He slowly got out of his sleeping bag and walked towards May's tent to find out what was wrong.

May busted out of her tent and bumped into Drew. She was only half awake, and didn't notice that she fell back asleep in Drew's arms.

Drew blushed as he stared at May, but his happy feelings were quickly destroyed as the curious Sableye came out from behind the tent laughing to itself.

Drew was frozen in his place as the weird Saybleye climbed back up a tree and out of sight.

Drew sighed with relief to see the weird creature gone. He too, was still very tired and slumped to the ground, May still in his arms.

The next morning, May awoke in Drew's arms by the fire, or at least what was left of it.

She jumped up quickly and tried to hide her blushing because Drew awoke too.

"What the h*** happened last night?!" Demanded May.

Drew slowly got up from his sleeping postion and simply said with a handsome smile, "I dom't remember............"

Next Chapter:
Chapter 8
Jounery through the mountains! Mysterious caves!

Drew and May must walk through a difficult cave if they want to reach the next contest! The really bad part is, it's almost completely dark, and that's one of May's worst fears! Will they make it?

March 18th, 2006, 6:41 AM
yes every story does need a bad guy :D . another great chapter (i really should be more original with my comments :P) this was a very cute chapter and as always can't wait to read the next chapter!! ^^

March 18th, 2006, 8:16 AM
Cool, now this place is gonna be all caught up with my posts on serebii, so chapters will start to become less often

Chapter 8
Journey through the mountains!

After days of walking through the dead cold forest, May and Drew came to a stop just outside the last tree of the forest.

Before them was a steep path that led up to a large cave opening on the side of a large gray mountain.

"That mountain is huge!" Exclaimed May.

"Gee, ya think?" Said Drew sarcastically.

May eagerly ran towards the mountain path's starting point. A few yellow daises grew in the soft dirt along the path.

Drew eventully caught up with May, he did not like running. May's eyes sparkled at the sight of the tall mountain.

"Why are you so eager to get up there?" Asked Drew. He gently flipped through his hair, which sparkled in the afternoon sun.

"I want to get to the next contest like any other good coordinator!" Said May.

Drew sighed as May began to walk the steep path. Drew followed behind her. In a few spots on the mountain, there were flat ledges where a few Pokemon were playing.

Only a few pine trees grew near the path. In one of the pine trees, a familer purple Pokemon sat in a branch cackling as it watched Drew and May walked down the path.

The Pokemon had realized that Drew and May had gotten further down the path while it was laughing! "Saybleye!" Said Sabyleye as it hopped into a branch of the next pine tree.

May and Drew were almost to the cave. "Just in time! Looks like the sun's just about going down!" Said May.

They finally reached the flat area that lie just before the massive cave opening. Drew propped himself against a tree and eventually just sat down.

"What are you doing?!?!? We have a cave to explore!! We can't just sit here!!" Screamed May.

"Geez, I thought I'd take a rest, got a problem?" Said Drew, but just as he finished his sentence, May began to run closer towards the cave.

Drew groaned but slowly got up and followed her. As they walked in, a few lamps sparkled along the wall.

"Looks like some one has set this up for travalers!" Said May.

She kneeled down to a small wooden sign that read:

"Beware of Pokemon and....."

The rest of the last word appeared to be chipped off.

"Beware of Pokemon?" Said May nervously.

"It's proably just some stupid kid trying to scare people, get a grip" Said Drew slightly annoyed.

"Oh, uh ok...." But May was not convinced.

A little further through the cave and May said, "With all this light, we'll be in the next town in no time!"

May had spoken too soon. Sabyleye was clinging to the long chain of lamps and started chewing the wires. It chewed through and the lights all went out.

The Sabyleye laughed at the darkness. It stared right at May and Drew, it's jeweled eyes sparkled.

"Wha..What is that?!" Said May nervously pointing at the Sableye's shining eyes.

May grabbed Drew's arm quickly. Drew looked at her and his pale face turned a little red. He enjoyed May getting scared now, it was an excuse to touch May.

May closed her eyes as tight as she could as Drew looked around in the dark, hoping for the light to come back on, even though he knew it wouldn't.

May looked as if she was about to faint. "What's wrong with you May? I've never seen you like this!" Said Drew watching May.

"I...I....I don't....I don't like.....d-darkness" Said May stuttering.

Drew felt as though he could be a hero and bravley carried on through the darkness, May hanging on his shoulder in fear.

Sableye could see better in the dark, as it followed them through the cave. Drew had no idea where he was headed, but strangly, with May he felt brave.

"SABLEYE!!" Shreiked the Pokemon through the darkness.

May slowley and very quietly whimpered, "W...what was that?"

Drew cautiously looked around himself, but only saw darkness.

The Sableye was having a good time watching the two lost coordinators. It giggled with glee and shot a huge dark purple ball at Drew and May.

The Shadow Ball hit the ground at Drew and May's feet, the floor collapsed.

Drew and May fell down through the deep laberinth. Drew held on to May tightly, although he could see nothing.

Drew felt himself hit a rock solid ground hard.

"Geez, anyone here ever heard of a soft landing" Said Drew sarcastically.

"May? May, where are you!"

Drew waited for reply, but heard nothing but a few bits of rock crumble.

"MAY!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!" Called Drew desperartly, but again heard no reply.

He scrambled to his feet and began to feel his way through the dark.

Drew heard a steady breathing noise. He leaned down to the ground to see what the noise was.

He reached his hand out and felt something soft. "May!" He exclaimed.

He leaned down closer and saw her face a little. Her eyes were shut tight, but she was not dead. She had become unconsious during the fall.

"May...." Said Drew sadly. He helped pick her up.

"Grr, don't worry May, I'll get us out of here" Said Drew bravely.

He pulled May's limp body over his shoulders and trudged through the darkness of the cave.

"Light!" He exclaimed. It was true, although small, there was a peak of light.

Drew pulled himself closer to the light, which he found to be coming from a fire lit lamp.

It was still part of the cave, but it was lit up by the fire. Drew pulled May towards the lamp.

He examined her just to make himself feel better. May eyes were still tightly shut, her breathing still light.

"I...I...I miss her..." Said Drew shakely.

It was true, he stared at her blank face as if he expected her pretty blue eyes to be full of excitement like before.

"I shouldn't have picked on her"

"What? Is someone there?" Called a strange voice.

Drew leapt up and quickly looked around him. An experienced looking adult was making his way torwards Drew.

"What are you doing here?" Asked the man. He stared at Drew with his gray eyes, which strangly made Drew feel warm.

The man had matching hair color, and a purple and black outfit.

"Oh...yes we were trying to get to the next contest through this cave, and we got lost" Said Drew.

"Lost? Oh, well my name is Steven, former champion of the Hoenn League. What do you mean by we?" Asked Steven.

Drew turned sadly towards May. "Oh my! The poor girl, let me have a look!" Said Steven who expressed a worried look on his face.

He leaned down to May. "Unconsious, yes....I see..." Said Steven.

"How did this happen?"

Drew explained the cave in and how they just mysteriously fell through the floor.

"Odd, the floors here are too sturdy to just fall on their own, must have been a Pokemon!" Said Steven.

"So, what are you doing here?" Asked Drew.

"I heard of some rare rocks, it's a hobby of mine, so I've been studying this cave for months now! Not a trace of rare rock though" Said Steven.

"So, that means you know this cave pretty well, maybe you could help us get out?" Said Drew hopefully.

"Oh yes! Of course! Hold on, that girl..."


"Yes, that glittering, by her head....." Said Steven.

He ran over to May and pulled a glittering stone from underneath her.

"A Thunder Stone! How fortunate!" Exclaimed Steven as he examined the yellow rock.

"But yes, I have promised you a way out, we should go now" Said Steven quietly.

He shoved the stone in his pocket and said,"Come this way, bring May too!"

Drew hoisted May on his shoulders again and followed Steven a few yards away from the spot where he had found the stone.

Steven stopped at a short but steep wall. "If you can climb this, the exit is just at the top!" Said Steven.

"I dunno, I've never really been a good climber, and with May....." Said Drew.

"Hmm, yes that's a problem al right..." Said Steven. "All I've got are steel types!"

Drew thought hard and then exclaimed, "May's Venusaur!"

"Excellent thinking, its Vine Whip can easily get you out of here!" Said Steven, a kind look was set in his deep gray eyes.

Drew dug through May's yellow pack around her waist. He finally pulled out a poke ball and through it at the ground.

May's green plant Pokemon appeared. "Venusaur!" It roared. It saw May quickly and ran over to her.

"Don't worry, she'll be ok, but we need your help" Said Drew.

The plant Pokemon stared at Drew for a moment, not sure if he could be trusted. Then it looked back at its trainer and nodded bravely to Drew.

"Can you use your Vine Whip to get May and I to the top of that cliff?" Said Drew gently.

Venusaur agreed and grabbed Drew around the waist with a thick vine, and put him atop the cliff.

Next, it put May next to Drew. Still unconsious, May fell over, but Drew caught her and held her up. He returned Venusaur to its poke ball.

"Thank you Steven!" Called out Drew.

Steven smiled and waved. "Good luck in your next contest!"

Drew grinned and his emerald eyes sparkled in the sunshine coming through the cave's exit.

May's sapphire blue eyes fluttered open. She was still pale, but managed to stand up straight.

"Drew!" She exclaimed.

Drew chuckled and said, "Have a nice nap?"

May smiled back as the two young coordinators walked out of the cave into the nice morning sun.

They had only just gotten outside the cave when a beautiful city full of skyscrapers shined before them.

May had spotted the contest hall through all the tall buildings.

"Come on Drew, that contest is waiting for us, and I'm not gonna miss it!" Exclaimed May as she took off down the trail to the city.

Drew smiled, a bigger smile than ever before, and ran after May.

This next contest meant another ribbon, one step closer to the Hoenn Grand Festival!

Next Chapter
Chapter 9
The spotlight is on May!

May and Drew try to enter the next contest, but the contest only has room for May! Can May win this contest, alone?

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Chapter 9
Harley's Revenge! Double Rescue Misson!!

"Ugh, May come on! We're gonna miss registration for the next contest!" Shouted Drew. May was slowly following him. They were on a pretty trail not far from the mountain's exit. The trees shimmered in the sunlight and various Pokemon curiously watched the two pass through the forest.

"But I'm tired" Whined May.

"Too tired for the contest May?" Said Drew.

Those words perked May up a little bit. She finally sped up to Drew's side and a tad bit faster. "When is the contest registration over?" Said May curiously.

"It's over in an hour, you should know that already." Said Drew irritably.

May blushed, embarrased but then resumed to one of her favorite activities.

"Reporter May on the scene!" Said May holding her fingers in a camera like position. "We're on our way to the next Pokemon Contest where exciting adventures await us! But for now, we appear to be lost in a forest with only the guide of Drew!"

"Give it a rest May, besides, we're not lost you know" Said Drew impatiently.

"Well at least I'm trying to keep myself entertained! Better than you staring at the ground all the time" Said May angerliy.

Drew seemed flushed for a moment, but realized May was right. Looking down seemed like an odd habit to him. He had done it ever since he got Roselia and was alone. Now that he was with May, he felt like he wanted to look at her, but his habts forced him to look down. He truely wanted to see May's shining grin every morning, her happy-go-lucky nature, but he also felt like it wouldn't be cool to act like he was interested in a girl.

"Uh, Drew? Are you ok?" Said May.

Drew blinked and realized he had stopped suddenly just to think about May. "Oh....er sorry about that, just thinking about something........."

"Ya know, I was thinking about something too." May sighed. "Do you.....Do you ever think that one day we might be.....More than just friends?"

Drew stopped again and looked up at May speechless. Somehow, Drew was very good at staying calm and keeping his cool in these situations, so he simply shrugged and said, "I dunno.....maybe someday if we always stick together...."

By Drew's reaction, May suddenly realized the seriousness of her question and blushed. "Drew.....I can tell you have something on your mind. You think about it when you stare at the ground. What is it?"

"I'm not thinking about anything that serious" Said Drew cooly.

"I don't care if it sounds stupid to you, just say it, I might be able to help you!" Said May.

Drew sighed. He didn't want to have to tell May what he had always been thinking about, but he felt he had to do it sometime, and May requested now. "Ok......well....you know how you always get mad at me for not talking..." Muttered Drew.

"Yeah?" Said May.

Drew looked as though he really didn't want to say what he was about to. "Well ya see, I've never had a real friend like you before May, I don't know what it's like. I'm an only child, I have had no one my whole life until I met you! I want to talk to you! I want to see you! I can't......" Shouted Drew.

"Drew......" Said May gently. "Does.....Does that mean you had no parents there?"

"Yes, my parents loved and cared for me a lot and supported everything I did, but I had no other kids my age around. You remember what it was like being little and just wantng someone your age around who really understands you!" Said Drew sadly.

"Yes.....yes I suppose..."Said May quietly.

"What's wrong wth you now?" Asked Drew.

May sadly shook her head. "I don't know what happened to my parents, or my little brother Max....."

"Max?" Said Drew curiously.

"Yeah......" Murmered May.

"How come? Or would you rather not talk about it here?" Asked Drew.

"It's ok.....if you really do want to know...." Said May. Then she explained to him everything she remembered.


"Now kids be careful in the water, May watch your brother please" Said a middle aged woman. A younger, 8 year old May, was splashing water at her brother on the shores of a large sandy lake. May was in a blue bikini, her mom was in a pink one, and her brother had on green swim trunks.

"Oh mom, we're ok! We don't plan to go in the water!" Said May.

"Yeah!" Exclaimed her little brother.

"See, Max agrees! You can trust us mommy!" Said May happily.

"I know, but as a mom I just have to worry sometimes......" Said May's mom.

"Come on Max! Sand Castles!" Exclaimed May as she pointed to a sandy spot of beach a few feet away.

"But I like the game we're playing now!" Whined Max.

"But we've played it for so long now, why can't we just build a sand castle?" Argued May.

"Sand Castles are stupid " Muttered Max.

May sighed. "Fine, have it your way" May splashed a giant wave right into Max's face.

"That wasn't funny! You'll pay!" Shouted Max, but deep down May knew Max enjoyed it as he flung a clump of sand into May's mouth. She immeaditly spit out what she could. Max giggled happily as May tried everything to get all the sand out of her mouth.

Then Max looked towards the horizen line on the water and saw the setting sun turn into the seven colors of the rainbow. "Mommy! Mommy look! The sun!" Squealed Max.

May and Max's mom looked at the sun. "That's odd. The sky does weird stuff sometimes" Said their mom sleepily as she lie back down on a lawn chair and closed her eyes.

"Ok....." Said Max, still not convinced.

Suddenly, a large beach ball hit Max and flung him into deep water. May looked over and saw some careless people hitting the beach ball back and forth.

"May! Mommy! Help!" Screamed Max flailing his arms around madly in the water. May couldn't believe her mom hadn't heard him. May sighed and dove into the water and swam over to her thrashing little brother.

"Max, calm down I've got you" Said May patiently.

May pulled her brother into shallow waters when the rainbow sun suddenly blinded them. It appeared the sun was moving towards them, but as it approached May saw that it was a Ho-oh. Its firce eyes glowed red and it's beautiful orange feathers glowed in seven colors.

It took one of its large talons and tried to grab Max, but May pushed him out of the way and got caught in Ho-oh's massive talon instead.

"May!" Screamed Max. Ho-oh slowley rose higher and higher and it took May out of Max's reach and flew away. May fainted in fear.

She only remembered waking up somewhere really strange. People around her said she was in Littleroot Town of the Hoenn Region.
************************************************** ********************

Drew quietly stared at May. "Oh......um...I'm sorry...."

"But it's all in the past now! I try not to think about a lot" Said May.

Drew went back to staring at the ground. He didn't really want to admit it, but he did feel a little sorry for May. Drew had always remembered having his parents around to cheer for him when he first started contests. He knew that they had to stay home, but watched him in every contest with pride. Before Drew had met May, he had always thought og it as his inspiration to keep trying and get better with every contest.

May sighed, she was a little tired of Drew never talking. If he had such nice parents, why is he so quiet? Even if he didn't have any brothers or sisters.....

"Hello little Drew, we meet again!" Said a familar voice from a nearby tree.

"Who was that?" Asked May.

A man dressed like a Cacturne jumped down from a shadowy tree. "Heh, thought you'd reconize me, it hasn't been that long!" Said the man.

"Harley!" Shouted May.

"Yup, that's my name, and don't wear it out!" Said Harley with a smirk.

"What do you think you're doing interupting us on the way to our next contest?" Demanded Drew.

"Oh, you should know Drew! I of course, was eavesdropping on your little conversation! A little unexpected though......" Said Harley.

"Shut up with those lame excuses, what's the real reason you're here!" Shouted Drew.

"Glad you asked, see, that little Rose thing of yours, it's pretty cool, perfect for someone like myself, the thorns are amazing....." Said Harley, but was inturupted by Drew.

"Get to the point!"

"Ok, Ok, no need to get all worked up now!" Said Harley in a falsey sweet voice. "Anyhow, I'm here to steal that little Roselia! So hand it over like a good boy!" Demanded Harley.

"Drew would never give up Roselia! Especially to a creep like you!" Shouted May.

"Oh is that so? I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way then, let's have a little battle, your Roselia VS. my Aridos" Said Harley.

"Drew! Don't do it!" Cried May.

"If he doesn't, I'll just get Roselia anyways" Said Harley with a wide grin.

"I guess I have to.....Go Roselia!" Said Drew as he threw out his red and white poke ball. Out of the ball came Roselia. It smiled at Drew. "Ok Roselia, battle your best today, this creep really wants you and I don't plan to lose you" Said Drew.

"Rose!" Chirped the Pokemon and stared fiercley at Harley.

Harley grabbed a black and purple poke ball and threw it at the ground. It opened to reveal a creepy, colorful spider Pokemon.

May watched the spider nervously, then looked into Harley's cold purple eyes. It suddenly hit her what Harley was planning to do.

"String Shot!" Commanded Harley.

Aridos shot out a thick, sticky white string that was aimed right for Roselia. It was going very fast and that's when Drew caught on to Harley's plan too.

"You dirty cheater! I should have known! You're just going to capture my Roselia with String Shot without any battle at all!" Shouted Drew.

"Oh, too bad for you!" Said Harley with another smirk of delight.

Drew attempted to have Roselia dodge, but the string was too fast! All of a sudden, May jumped in front of Roselia and prevented the attack from hitting Roselia. May got hit instead and the sticky thread had her stuck in place.

"Ooooo! This works nice too! Aridos, reel her in!" Said Harley.

Aridos grabbed the string with its skinny legs and pulled the trapped May right to Harley. Harley pulled May from the string and then grabbed her around the waist and held her there.

"Let her go!" Screamed Drew.

"Oh no! That wouldn't be any fun at all!" Giggled Harley, holding the struggling May without much force. "But I still don't plan to leave without getting what I came for! Aridos, make this String Shot the fastest you've ever done!"

Aridos once again shot a sticky thread at Roselia, but this time, the string was going really fast! Aridos managed to catch Roselia like May, and pull it to Harley.

"No!! Not Roselia too!" Cried Drew.

"Heh heh, this turned out so much better than planned! Sorry Drew, I have places to be!" Said Harley as he jumped back into the tree with May and Roselia.

"Drew!! Help!" Cried May at the last second.

Drew ran to the base of the thick tree, but by the time he got there, Harley was out of sight. "D*** him. He won't get away with this...."

"Rrr, go Flygon!" Said Drew throwing another poke ball out. This time, Drew's fierce green and red dragon, Flygon, came out.

"Fly!" It Cried.

"Ok Flygon, we need to find May and Roselia, let's go!" Said Drew as he climbed onto Flygon's back. The large dragon beat its massive wings a few times before lifting off the ground.

Drew scanned the trees below him, no sign of movement except for a few wild Pokemon. Drew forgot all about contest registration, but it wouldn't be important anyways. Not with May and Roselia missing........


Meanwhile, Harley had taken May and Roselia to a small, one-roomed cabin in the middle of the dense forest.

"Oh Roselia, your trainer is so thick! The only reason I really want you is to get my revenge! That Tailow may have gotten away, but you will not!" Said Harley. "Oh yeah, Aridos, please make sure our guests stay for awhile......"

Aridos shot the sticky string once again. After a few minutes, Aridos stopped shooting the string and looked happily up at Harley. May had her hands and feet tied together with String Shot, while Roselia had its roses tied together.

"Good work Aridos!" Praised Harley. "Drew will sure be missing you two, ha ha!" With that, Harley returned Aridos to its poke ball and walked out of the house, leaving May and Roselia alone and defenseless.

"Ha, that ought to teach Drew not to mess with me!" Said Harley, very satisfied with himself.

He jumped back into another tree to try and find Drew to taunt him more.


Drew gave up on the aerial search and tried a ground search with Masquerain instead.

Suddenly, a small green Pokemon landed on Drew's shoulder. "Ahhh!" Screamed Drew. The Pokemon flew off his shoulder and landed neatly on the ground. Drew recovered from the surprise and looked at the little Pokemon.

"Treecko!" It said in a soft, high voice. The Pokemon had a large green tail, red belly, and bright yellow eyes.

"Oh....it's only a Treecko..." Said Drew.

"Ko! Tree! Ko!" Exclaimed the Pokemon, pointing its finger at something.

"I'm sorry Treecko, but I'm looking for a friend, I'll play with you some other time"

Treecko looked as if it were about to explode. "Tree! Tree!"

"Do you know something about where my friend is?" Asked Drew in amazement.

Treecko nodded and jumped back onto Drew's shoulder. It pointed towards a small path.

"Wow, you sure aren't afraid of humans, well, if you're willing to help, I'll take it!" Said Drew as he ran in the direction that Treecko pointed.

After a few minutes, Drew and Treecko heard a rustle in a tree, and Harley jumped down. "Ha! I was looking for you!" Exclaimed Harley.

"Let go of May and Roselia!" Shouted Drew.

"Too bad I no longer have them! Go find them or else!" Said Harley gleefully and then ran off.

"Ko....." Muttered Treecko, but was soon pointing Drew to May and Roselia's location once more.

Finally, with Treecko's help, Drew found the small cabin. "I'll bet you anything that's where Harley put them!" Said Drew angerliy. Treecko nodded and jumped off Drew's shoulder and ran towards the door. Drew caught up with just as it was using a powerful Pound attack to break down the door.

Drew silently slipped inside. He flipped on a light switch by the door, and the lights turned on. In one corner of the room, Drew caught sight of May and Roselia all tied up.

"Ah! May! Roselia!" Cried Drew happily.

When he reached them though, both appeared to be in great pain, but were'nt moving at all. "Uh.....May? What's wrong with you two?"

Treecko ran over to Drew's side and carefully examined the two still bodies. Treecko nodded and sent out a puff of orange, sparkely powder.

"Oh I get it! But no! Not a Stun Spore attack!" Cried Drew."What can I do to save them?"

Treecko paced back and forth a few times but then suddenly bolted out of the cabin. "Oh great, that's a real help" Said Drew sarcastically. He had Flygon Flamethrower through May and Roselia's binds, but still couldn't figure out how to help them recover from Stun Spore.

Treecko came back about an hour later with an odd leaf. It was shiney and blue! "What is that Treecko?" Asked Drew curiously.

Treecko didn't say a word, but instead cut the leaf in two. It walked over to May and Roselia with a smile on its face. First it put one side of the leaf over Roselia's mouth. Roselia woke up slowley, but when it saw Drew, it jumped into his arms.

"Roselia! You're ok!" Exclaimed Drew as he hugged his Pokemon. After a minute, he set Roselia down and anxiously prepared to watch Treecko awaken May. Treecko repeated the process and put a half of the shimmering blue leaf over May's mouth. This time, it didn't work. May was still frozen and in major pain.

"What! No way! It didn't work!" Cried Drew. Treecko looked surprised too. "Uh.....anymore idea Treecko?"

Treecko sadly shook its head. "Well there's got to be some kind of cure, I'll take her to the Pokemon Center, they'll know what to do! Hey Treecko, do ya think you could navigate me again? You can use my Poke'Nav if you know how" Said Drew.

Treecko nodded and Drew handed it his Poke'Nav. Treecko stared an awe at the little yellow machine. Drew returned Roselia to its poke ball and hosted May on his shoulders. "Poor May....."

With Treecko's navigational help, Drew managed to safely get out of the woods and reach the Pokemon Center, but it was sun down.

"I'm glad you brought her here when you did, any longer and I'm afraid......" Said Nurse Joy.

"You can heal her right?" Asked Drew anxiously.

"Of course!" Said Nurse Joy as she sprayed a little bit of medicene on May's body. "There! A good night's sleep and she'll be all better!"

Drew sighed with relief. "That's good" Then he suddenly remembered the Pokemon Contest. "On no! We can't enter the contest now!"

Treecko tugged on Drew's purple jacket. "Oh yeah, thanks Treecko, I almost forgot that some things are just more imporant than battling! Hey Treecko, you should go back to the forest before it gets too dark ok?"

Treecko sighed sadly. "I think that Treecko wants to go with you!" Said Joy with a cheerful smile.

"Is that so Treecko? Do you want to come with me?" Asked Drew. The Treecko smiled and jumped into his arms. Drew couldn't help but smile too at his new contest partner. Things were actually going to work out afterall!

May, still unconsious, had to be helped to bed by Drew, who looked forward to seeing her bright, cheerful smile the next morning!

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Chapter 11
Treecko's training! A new sun, a new day!

The early morning sun rose high into the sky as the hours went by. Drew, was of course, up early. Even though Nurse Joy had said May would be fine, he couldn't help but worry a little. By now it was 8:00 and most of the trainers and Pokemon were all still asleep.

Drew and May were staying in an average Pokemon Center room. Two oak bunk-beds, a window, and a nightstand. Where there wasn't beds, the room had enough space for trainers to walk around a little bit. Trainers weren't expected to do anything but sleep in the rooms anyways.

Drew had lie in bed staring at May's stiff body for what felt like hours. He had finally decided to get his mind off of it by doing a little training with his new Treecko! He had gone outside the Pokemon Center in an open field not far away. He had taken May's Poke'Dex as well to learn a little bit more about Treecko.

The field that Drew was in was clear of any other trainers and Pokemon. Drew guessed that they were all still sleeping like the people and Pokemon in the Center.

"Ok Treecko, let's go!" Called Drew throwing out a poke ball that released Treecko. "Hello Treecko, or I should say good morning!"

"Tree!" Exclaimed Treecko happily as if to be saying hi back.

"I'd like to see a little bit of your skills so I know what to do with you in a contest!" Said Drew gently. "I already know you have advanced navigation skills, and can even read a Poke'Nav, but I'd like to know some attacks that you can do."

Drew pulled out May's Poke'Dex and pressed a green button. Immeaditily, a mechanical female voice told Drew all about Treecko. "Treecko. The Wood Gecko Pokemon. Treecko has small hooks that enable it to scale verticle walls. Treecko attacks by slamming foes with its thick tail"

"Well I guess I know who to call on when I need to climb a tree! Let's see what attacks you can learn!" Said Drew happily. "Ok, so do you know Pound attack?"

Treecko nodded and walked over to a nearby rock. With a powerful jump, Treecko did a cool twist and hit the rock hard with its tail. The rock crumbled to pieces.

"Wow! That's pretty good! Do you know Bullet Seed?" Asked an impressed Drew.

Treecko nodded again and shot glowing yellow bullets from its mouth.

"A strong Bullet Seed too, I guess you're pretty strong already!" Said Drew. "So, how about a practice battle to warm up!"

"Tree!" Said Treecko, accepting the battle.

"Alright then, go Masquerain!" Called out Drew throwing another poke ball that released Masquerain.

"Ok Masquerain, do your best against Treecko!" Said Drew to his Pokemon.

Treecko and Masquerain faced each other. Drew stood behind Treecko. "Alright Treecko, start by using Bullet Seed!" Commanded Drew.

Treecko happily obeyed and shot the glowing yellow bullets from its mouth. All of a sudden, the attack was shot down by an Overheat attack!

"Who stopped by battle?" Said Drew.

Suddenly a happy looking Blaziken appeared a few feet away from Drew.

"Oh! Blaziken!" Exclaimed Drew. He reconized it as May's Blaziken immeaditly from its nature towards Drew. May's Blaziken had always been playful and kind around Drew and his Pokemon.

"You look so happy, and you're out of you poke ball, that means May is awake?" Asked Drew anxiously.

Blaziken nodded. Drew smiled and Treecko climbed to his shoulder as Blaziken led the way back to the Pokemon Center.

Joy stopped him when he first entered though. "Quiet! Just because she's awake doesn't mean you can't wake other trainers!" Scolded Joy.

"Sorry, I'll be more quiet" Said Drew. He wasn't really paying attention to what Nurse Joy had said and ran down the hall to his room as soon as Joy let go of him. He was about to burst open the door, but figured May probably wouldn't like it much.

He slowly opened the door and walked up to May's bedside. "Blaziken! I thought you told me she was awake!" Whispered Drew.

"I am" Said May sleepily as she opened her eyes. "I was simply taking another small nap while Blaziken was out" May fully pulled the blankets off of herself. Still dressed from the day before. As she tried to get out of bed, she fell back down.

"May! What's wrong?" Said Drew.

"Oh...well I guess I'm still not fully recovered yet" Said May.

"Stay in bed and rest then. Stun Spore is a harsh attack, anyone would have to rest for awhile to fully recover from it! My Roselia still isn't fully recovered yet etheir!" Said Drew.

Then May noticed the Treecko on his shoulder. "Hey Drew, who's Treecko is that?"

"Oh, this is my Treecko, it helped me get you here and it liked me a lot so I caught it! I think Treecko will be great in contests!" Said Drew proudly.

"Speaking of contests, you missed it didn't you?" Said May sadly.

"Oh, yeah......but don't worry about that now! You just concentrate on getting strong again!" Said Drew.

"Yeah, I won't be getting out of bed today it looks like. Hey Drew, will you take my Pokemon out to get some exercise?" Asked May.

"Uh....sure! Not a problem, they could use some more strength" Said Drew.

"Hey! My Pokemon are plenty strong! The only way their gonna stay that way is by getting out of their poke balls often.

"Yeah sure, now give me your poke balls, I'm going back out to that field." Said Drew.

May pulled her yellow waist bag off and pulled out 5 poke balls and gave them to Drew. "Blaziken is already out, so that's one less Pokemon you have to worry about!" Said May with a little smile.

"Ok, well, get some rest May, I'm gonna go train" Said Drew flipping his finger through a strand of his shining emerald colored hair. "Oh yeah, got something for you" Drew flipped a very pretty rose into May's lap and walked back out of the room.

May stared at the rose for a moment then smiled and just imagined what it could mean. She put it on the night stand next the her bed and sunk back into a deep sleep.


Meanwhile, Drew, Treecko, Blaziken, and Masquerain all headed back down to the field. When they reached it, Drew threw out all 5 of May's other poke balls.

Out of the first one came Venusaur, who roared happily to be out in the sunshine. Second was Delcatty, who simply meowed and fell asleep. Third was Blastoise, who shot out a colorful jet of water at the sun. Next was Beautifly, who's wings sparkled and shone brightly. Last to come out was Snorlax, who as you can guess, was asleep.

"Well, since May's Pokemon are all out, go Flygon!" Said Drew throwing out one of his poke balls. Flygon came out beating its wings and cheering. "Now May and I have all our Pokemon out, come on Treecko, ket's have some fun!" Exclaimed Drew.

Drew led all the Pokemon to a carnival that was near by. Blaziken, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Flygon all went for the Haunted Ghost Pokemon House, while Delcatty, Beautifly, and Masquerain went to an obstacle course. That left Snorlax who just decided to sleep through everything. Treecko stayed by Drew the whole time.

Drew watched the Pokemon all go on the fun rides in the park. Drew was worried Treecko might get jealous, but Treecko seemed to be happy staying next to Drew.

"Tree" Said Treecko twitching its nose.

"What's wrong Treecko?" Asked Drew.

"Ko!" Said Treecko as it sneezed hard. Its hand glowed for a moment and it crushed a giant hole in the gound

"Wow, that was cool!" Said Drew taking out the Poke'Dex.

"Crush Claw. The user tears at the foe with sharp claws to reduce HP" Said the Poke'Dex.

"Wow, you learned Crush Claw just like that! Incredible!" Said an amazed Drew.

Treecko smiled happily. Then it heard a voice and sharply turned its head to see. "Hey! That was a pretty good Crush Claw attack!" Said the voice.

A kid, not too younger than Drew, ran up to Treecko. He had jet black hair, large glasses, and a warm smile. His shirt was green, his pants brown, and he carried a small yellow backpack on his back.

"Uh thanks?" Said Drew uncomfortably to the kid.

"Oh! So you're this Treecko's trainer? Hi, I'm Max!" Exclaimed Max.

"Nice to meet you Max, I'm Drew! And this is my Treecko" Said Drew.

"How'd you like to battle? I have a pretty good team of Pokemon, but I wanna face that awsome Treecko!" Exclaimed Max.

"I'll take a challenge anytime, Treecko and I were just about to do some practicing!" Said Drew. "You up for a battle Treecko?"

"Let's go to a more clear space, I want to have room to attack!" Said Max.

The two boys went back to the empty field, Treecko sticking close to Drew's side. "Ok Treecko, I choose you!" Said Drew to Treecko.

Treecko nodded and faced Max in a battle ready position.

"Ok then, go Kirlia!" Commanded Max throwing a poke ball out. Out of the ball came a graceful Pokemon. It focused its deep red eyes on Treecko and struck a pose.

"Treecko, use Bullet Seed!" Commanded Drew. Treecko obeyed and shot the yellow bullets from its mouth. Kirlia glowed with a blue light and suddenly made the bullets disappear!

"What happened Treecko?" Said Drew nervously.

"Kirlia stopped your attack with Psychic!" Said Max happily. "Now Kirlia, use Psywave! Use speed to your advantage!"

Kirlia's eyes glowed blue and shot massive blue waves at Treecko swiftly. The attack hit Treecko straight on, and Treecko hit the ground with a thud and fainted.

"Treecko? Can you keep battling?" Said Drew.

Treecko didn't speak. The match was over and Max had won it.

"Great battle! That was an impressive Bullet Seed! I wouldn't expect you to beat me though, that Kirlia evolved from my Ralts, which was my first Pokemon! We've been training hard for years!" Said Max helping Treecko up.

"So Max, are you a Pokemon Coordinator?" Asked Drew.

"Oh....no. That's not what I do at all. I'm not really a trainer or a coordinator! I sorta research Pokemon and train them, while looking for someone" Said Max.

"Looking for someone?" Repeated Drew.

"Yeah, my big sis, disappeared when I was really young, so I set out to find her again" Said Max. "So I take it you're a coordinator then?"

"Yup! I'm traveling with a friend right now, and we participate in contests together!" Exclaimed Drew.

"So how many ribbons do you have already?" Asked Max curiously.

Drew pulled out his case and shoved it in Max's face. "3 already here in Hoenn!"

"Three already? I don't know any coordinators with that many, I've never met one with more than one ever before!" Exclaimed Max.

"Oh, well my friend has two I think" Said Drew.

"Two! Your friend must be really good too! If your friend travels with you though, where are they?" Said Max.

Drew sighed. "Well, ya see. This guy attacked us yesterday and she got Stun Spored pretty badly. She's already awoken once, but she's still not strong enough to travel again, she can hardly get out of bed! So I lefther to rest back at the Pokemon Center so I could train Treecko a little bit. Her Pokemon are with me though"

"Oh, that's so sad! Can I see her Pokemon though? I bet they're cool!" Exclaimed Max.

"Uh, sure! They're all enjoying the carnival though" Said Drew.

"There's no point and ruining their fun then! In that case, can you tell me their names?" Said Max.

"Ok, let's see.....Blaziken, Blastoise, Snorlax, Delcatty, Venusaur, and........Beautifly!" Said Drew trying hard to remember all six of May's Pokemon.

"Wow! Those sound like some awsome Pokemon! What's your friend's name by the way?" Said an amazed Max.

"May! You know what's funny, she said she got seperated from her brother named Max when she was younger as well" Said Drew with a chuckle.

"No way! My sister's name was May!" Exclaimed Max. "I'll bet its really her! I've been searching all my Pokemon journey to find my sister! Can I please go see if it's really her?" Said Max excitidly.

"Well sure, I see no problem, but be quiet, I think she might still be recovering" Said Drew.

Drew returned Treecko to its poke ball and led Max back to the Pokemon Center, and once inside, to Drew and May's room.

Max and Drew slowly crept inside. Drew went to May's bedside and slowly woke her up. "Huh, what is it Drew?" Said May sleepily.

"You have a visitor, check it out" Said Drew quietly pointing to Max. "This is Max!"

May stared at Max for a moment and then said, "Max.....is that really you? My little brother?"

"May! It really is you! Remember! We got seperated when we were younger and I came to find you!" Said Max happily.

"I do remember....I missed you so much! I'm sorry you have to see me this way" Said May sadly.

"Drew told me what happened, are you going to be ok?" Said Max with a worried tone.

"I'm sorta weak now, but I'll get stronger and I'm sure I'll be ok!" Said May confidently.

"May......who ever that crook is! I'll find him and give him what he deserves!" Said Max angerliy.

"It's ok Max, Officer Jenny is already on the search and besides, maybe I want to be with my little brother a little longer" Said May.

Max giggled and smiled. May smiled too. Drew enjoyed the moment as well, in his own way of course. He was glad to see May happy when she was still hurt from the day before.

"I'm going to go out with Treecko for a little while longer, May here are your poke balls, I think your Pokemon enjoyed themselves" Said Drew gently putting May's poke balls on the night stand next to her bed.

"Thanks Drew! Hey Max, you were always facinated by Treecko when you were younger, so why don't you go out with Drew too?" Suggested May.

"Are you sure? I do want to go, but I don't want to leave you alone" Said Max.

"Oh Max! I'm older remember! I can take care of myself now! Now go enjoy your time with Drew and Treecko ok?" Said Max strongly.

"Alright then, if you say so!" Said Max happily.

"Come on Max, back to the field, and May, just rest....."Said Drew.

He and Max walked back down to the field, Treecko clinging to Drew's shoulder.

Max pulled out a poke ball. "Sceptile go!"

Out of Max's ball came a tall green Pokemon with calm yellow eyes. It smiled and called, "Scept!"

"A Sceptile! It looks pretty strong too! My Treecko will be like that too someday!" Exclaimed Drew patting the large Pokemon.

"Tree...."Said Treecko nervously.

"It's ok Treecko! My Sceptile is very friendly, I think you two could get along well together!" Said Max.

Treecko nodded at Max and ran over to Sceptile. The two Pokemon appeared to be training and playing on and off.

Drew and Max talked until nightfall and watched the Pokemon. Max told Drew of all the places he had travled and trainers he had met. Drew told Max about his and May's travels and how awsome Pokemon Contests were.

When the crescent moon was visible in the clear night sky, Drew told Max that it was getting late and that he was going to go back to the Pokemon Center. Max had agreed to meet them at the next contest.

Drew wearily made his way back to he Pokemon Center. He slowly crept into May and his room so he too could rest. He noticed May sleeping quietly and she had a cute smile on her face.

Drew leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Once you're all better, I will be too" Said Drew as he removed his purple jacket and threw it on the ground as he fell into May's bed sleepily. He almost immeaditly fell asleep.
"Ahh! What are you doing in my bed!?!" Shrieked May, smacking Drew hard in the back of the head.

Drew groaned and sat up. "I see you're feeling all better now"

"I know! But that still doesn't answer my question!" Snapped May.

"Hey, take it easy, I just wasn't thinking straight last night" Said Drew, although it seemed as if May knew the truth.

May gave Drew another sharp blow to the head before she felt satisfied with herself. Drew rubbed the spot where she had it him and rolled out of the bed. He picked up his jacket off the floor and slipped it back on over his black sweater.

"Ok, enough drama already! It's bad enough we missed the contest" Said Drew as though he was trying to bring up new topics.

"We missed it?! Makes me hate Harley even more" Said May bitterly.

"I wouldn't exactly say you were quite ready though. I haven't seen you train once" Said Drew.

May opened her mouth to speak, but said nothing. She knew Drew was right, but from now on, it wasn't going to be that way! May was going to train the moment she got outside! That would show Drew!

The two set off again in search of their next contest and their next adventure!

April 29th, 2006, 4:37 PM
Chapter 11 Whiscash in the dark forest! Finding the light in darkness!
Rating:PG [Uh just to be safe I guess]

Drew and May had stopped for a break by a large but beautiful crystal clear lake. Drew had no intrest in the lake, but had let Treecko out of its pokeball to enjoy the nice day. May however, couldn't keep herself away from the lake.

"Ah! Monster!" Screamed May suddenly.

Treecko jumped to Drew's shoulder as he ran to May's side. "May! For crying out loud! It's a Whiscash! Not a monster! Just a fish Pokemon! It can't do anything but flop around!" Said Drew, a little annoyed. Just then, the fish shot a thick stream of dirty mud in Drew's face, Treecko jumped off Drew's shoulder just in time to dodge.

What he said looked to be pretty true. The "monster" that May had seen was just a Whiscash dropping in for a visit. It was about the size of a meduim sized dog. It was a shiney blue with sleek yellow whiskers coming from the sides of it's mouth. It had a big stupid looking smile.

May giggled. "Ok, so it shot out a little mud puddle, it's still weak!" Said Drew. Once again the Whiscash opened its mouth and this time, shot Drew in the face with water.

"Guess you got your daily bath!" Said May, still giggling.

"WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT!" Yelled Drew. The Whiscash however, did not stop enjoying itself. It rammed Drew hard in the stomech and he fell back into the water.

"Hey Drew! Stop playing around!" Said May in a sing-song voice.

Drew's head came back up above the water, his emerald hair drenched and hanging over his eyes, and his clothes were soaking too. Even Treecko couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Great, this is perfect...."Said Drew sarcastically.


After the little ordeal with the Whiscash, Drew and May were forced to take an even longer break. Drew had to get his clothes dry. He took off his purple jacket and hung it over a tree branch as well as his pants.

This left Drew in his boxers and black sweat shirt. "What are you laughing at?" Said Drew looking over at May who was now giggling uncontrollably and pointing at Drew's boxers.

"You are so perverted..."Muttered Drew as he sat down on the grass and sighed. The Whiscash still
flopped along the shore of the lake.

May ran over to play with the fish. "Aw, it's so cute Drew! Look at that little smile!" Squealed May.

"If it's so cute, then why don't you catch it?" Said Drew bitterly.

"Yeah! Great idea! I'll catch it! This will be great for Pokemon Contests!" Exclaimed May, already pulling Blastoise's pokeball out of her pack.

"Ok Blastoise! Let's catch Whiscash!!" Said May throwing her ball in front of the Whiscash. Blastoise looked fierce today. It's brown shell gleamed in the bright sun and it showed of it's thick mucles.

"Try a Hyrdo Pump!" Commanded May. At her words, Blastoise's cannons game up from it's shell and it shot a powerful jet of water at Whiscash. Whiscash didn't dodge, but got hit by the attack. It hadn't been affected at all!

"Hey! That was supposed to do some serious damage!" Said May.

"Duh, it's a water type, your water type moves aren't going to do much against it" Said Drew.

"Oh that's right! Uh.....Rapid Spin then!" Said May.

Blastoise pulled its head and limbs inside its shell and began to spin swiftly and spin towards Whiscash.

Whiscash shot mud from its mouth and stopped Blastoise in its tracks! "What happened!?"Said May puzzled. With that, Whiscash jumped back into the lake and out of sight.

May sighed. "Return Blastoise...." Then she turned to Drew. "You know we're not leaving until I catch that Whiscash right?"

Drew looked stunned for a moment. "But May! We've got to get to the next Contest Hall!"

"I know, that can wait" Said May proudly.

"No it can't! May do you even understand how much time we have before the next contest!" Said Drew, almost hysterical.

"Yeah, a year, that's a long time" Said May.

"No it's not! There are limited contests May! We can't just skip of a few just like that! No!" Said Drew stubbornly.

"Ok fine. We'll stay for one day and then move on!" Said May.

Drew sighed, one day was a lot of time to him, but just glad that May wasn't staying forever, he said nothing.

"Alright Blastoise, search that lake! We've just gotta catch that Whiscash!" Said May confidently. Blastoise obeyed and jumped into the sparkling blue lake to find Whiscash.

Drew felt himself leaning on a nearby tree and then suddenly sunk down. May sunk down beside him as though she really wanted to chat.

"What?" Said Drew irritably.

"Nothin'! Just thought you might wanna talk or something" Said May cheerfully.

"Not really" Said Drew quietly.

May didn't reply and Drew was glad as he was tired of talking about pointless go-nowhere topics. May and Drew sat quietly against the tree for a few moments, not daring to look at each other. Drew's mind was buzzing. He was thinking about the night before when he had kissed May. It was certainly not like him to even like a girl!

Finally, a loud splash from the lake broke the silence. Blastoise's head appeared and it waved a large claw to May.

May stood up. "Did you find it!?" She Exclaimed.

Blastoise nodded and showed May it's hands which were holding a wriggling Whiscash. Blastoise threw it to the shore and jumped after it.

"Yeah! Ready for another battle!" Said May, but then she noticed that the Whiscash was already knocked out. Thinking quickly and grabbing an empty poke ball, May threw it at the shining blue fish Pokemon. When the ball hit Whiscash, it was absorbed into May's poke ball in a red light. The ball wobbled back and forth before finally stopping. May had caught it.

"Yeah! I caught a Whiscash!" Said May happily as she picked up her poke ball of the ground.

"Impressed with yourself?" Said Drew. "Blastoise should be getting the credit for this"

"I know that!" Snapped May. "Like any of your Pokemon are as good"

"Oh really? Is that what you think? How about a little battle then? Your Whiscash verses my Treecko, we'll just see who's better" Said Drew with a confident smirk. Then he flipped May a bright red rose. "Good luck to you May"

May threw her poke ball to the ground, and Whiscash reappeared, flopping around with the same goofy smile. Drew threw his too, which of course released Treecko.

"Uh....let's see.....what moves can Whiscash do?" Said May trying to remember the attacks it had used on Drew earlier. "Oh yeah! Use Mud Shot!" Said May.

Whiscash stopped flopping and shot a large dirty mud ball at Treecko. Drew found it hard to command an attack. Treecko got hit hard in the stomech.

"What's wrong Drew? Too good for you?" Said May with a smirk.

"Uh no, not at all....Treecko use Ember" Said Drew.

Treecko turned and looked at Drew as well as May. "Uh Drew, Treecko can't learn Ember" Said May, forcing to hold back a giggle.

"Yeah, I was just tricking you" Said Drew nervously. He wasn't afraid to attack the Whiscash, but it was May's and well....Drew felt like he couldn't attack.

"Not such a show off now huh? Go Whiscash, finish it with a Body Slam!" Called May confidently. Whiscash used its small light blue tail to lift itself into the air and on to Treecko. Whishcash made a clean hit and practically killed Treecko from its massive body weight. Drew recalled Treecko.

"Wow Drew! I was convinced you were a really good trainer!" Said May happily hugging her new Pokemon.

"I am....."He muttered. Why didn't he attack her? Or dodge any attacks? Was it a weakness to Whiscash? Or May? Drew thought to himself for a while, slumping back against the tree and falling into a deep stare at a pretty, fluffy white cloud over head.

"Oh yeah! In all the heat of the battle, I forgot I can only carry 6 Pokemon with me at a time! I'll send
Venusaur back" Said May. She pulled out her poke dex and placed Venusaur's poke ball inside. It glowed white for a second and disappeared. "There...."Said May.

May realized Drew was acting even more quiet than usual, if possible. "Drew?" She said suddenly. Drew jumped at the sound of his name but then went back to thinking......staring at the one cloud......

"Are you.....ok?" She said slowly. "Is it the battle?"

"Uh.....no! Not at all!" Said Drew quickly. May shrugged and went back to play with Whiscash.

Drew's mind started to wonder. Why did he get in bed with her the night before? Why had he kissed her? He hadn't known her that long. It wasn't that Drew was mad at himself, just curious at his own acts. Was it the right thing to do? To get the point across to May?

Drew got up and walked into the darker shades of the tree. May hadn't really noticed, who would? Drew was way too quiet. He sighed and walked further. '

This side of the forest was very different from the breezy field he and May stopped to take a break. It was dark from the thick branches belonging to the giant trees. The ground was muddy, no sunlight came through so grass couldn't grow. Drew didn't mind much. He just wanted to be left alone for a while.

All of a sudden, blue flames appeared out of no where and surronded Drew. Drew panicked for a moment, not knowing what was going on. He tried to duck and go under the flames but they always went to his level. Drew was scarred to touch the flickering blue flames and tried calling for May.

On a branch in a near by tree, Sableye sat lauging as it directed the flames with its clawed hand. The flames were just an illusion, and Drew fell for it......

"That was an awsome battle Whiscash, you really are better than you look!" Praised May holding the slippery blue fins of her Whiscash. Whiscash smiled and nodded.

She turned around to brag to Drew again about her victory, but realized he was gone! "Such a strange, strange kid" Said May. "Where could he have gone then?"

Whiscash tugged at May's leg and then pointed its head towards a dark patch of trees. "In there?" Said May nervously. "I guess......"

"But then again, maybe I should just leave him alone? Nah, not in my nature to stay out of other's business!" Said May cheerfully. She pulled Whiscash into her arms and began to stroll into the forest.

Once inside, May began to lose confidence. "It sure is dark in here" She said nervously glancing at the dark outlines of trees.

Then May heard a familar voice, "May!!".

"That sounded like Drew! Hold on, I'm coming!" Said May. She started to run towards the sound of Drew's voice.

She came to a wide clearing, there she was Drew crouched on the ground with his arms over his head.

"Drew! What's wrong?" Said May.

"Don't you see the flames! Help me out here! Don't just stand there!" Snapped Drew.

"I think your being cranky has caused you to see mirages Mr.Smarty Pants!" Said may sarcastically.

"Huh?" Said Drew standing up. He put his hands through one of the illusions. "Hey! It's just an illusion after all!"

"Geez, and they call girls crazy..." Said May quietly.

All of a sudden, the flames glowed a bright blue. "Hey I can see the flames now!" Said May pointing at the blue balls of fire circling Drew's head.

"Ahh! That means--"

"It's a Willow-o-Wisp attack! Drew watch out!" Finished May.

The flames started to take turns dive bombing Drew, and Drew was some how managing to dodge them all, but with difficulty.

Then, Whiscash jumped out of May's arms. It's tail fin began to glow and lighten the dark forest brighter than the eerie blue flames. Next, Whiscash used its glowing tail to jump up and slam something small up in a near by tree.

Sableye tumbled down, and the flames it was apparently controlling, disappeared. "May! That was an Iron Tail attack!" Exclaimed Drew.

"And that's that pesky Sableye again!" Said May.

"Uh May, I think it's knocked out, let's just get out of here for now" Said Drew, grabbing May's hand and pulling her out of the forest, Whiscash flopping along.

"Ah! I'll never complain about the sun ever again!" Said May as she put on a big smile.

"We'll see about that in the next contest" Said Drew with a familar smirk.

"Oh yeah!? And why is that?" Said May.

"Ugh, of course I wouldn't expect you to know. The next contest happens to be in Solarzia Town, in that contest, you use Fire and Grass type Pokemon only." Said Drew.

"Of course I knew that!" Said May, turning a little red.

"Yeah ok, save your talking for the contest, we still have a while to go, according to my Poke'Nav" Said Drew.

The two walked down a new path, looking towards a brighter future, and a very promising Solariza Town waiting ahead. What new adventures await? What challenges are just ahead? May and Drew are soon to find out!

May 1st, 2006, 12:54 PM
please continue! this story is really good! :t134:

May 2nd, 2006, 12:49 PM
The you spelled willow wisp wrong, so yeah . . . It is Will-o-wisp. That was funny when Drew told Treecko to use ember!

May 2nd, 2006, 2:44 PM
Chapter 12 Shuppet the Peace Maker!

"May! How many times do I have to tell you! We always follow the Poke'Nav's directions, but you insisted we follow your's and now we're lost!" Yelled Drew furiously.

"We're not lost! We just don't know where we are!" Yelled May.

"Same thing! Now that you've got us here, maybe you can get us out!" Drew yelled.

"Use your Poke'Nav then! Or is that too hard for you!" Shouted May.

May and Drew had been on their way to Solarzia Town, following Drew's directions, when May thought she knew a short cut. Following this new trail, May and Drew ended up lost in the middle of a large tundra.

"I think it would be too complicated for you to even know how to turn it on!" Added May.

"Just shut up, I'm trying to get a signal! We're lost and it's your fault so you should be helping the most!" Snapped Drew.

"What a jerk...."Muttered May.

"Out of range, well, the Poke'Nav can't help us" Said Drew.

"How convient" Said May, purposly saying it loud enough for Drew to hear.

"This wouldn't be happening if you hadn't of gotten us lost in the first place!!!"Drew yelled.

Near by in a frozen bush, a Shuppet was watching the two argue. It suddenly glowed a bright red. Seconds later, May glowed the same red.

When the red faded away, Drew and May were quiet for a few seconds, then May exclaimed, "Oh Drew! I don't know why I was ever angry! Let's get us out of here!"

"Now what are you so happy about?! If you hadn't noticed already, We're still lost!" Said Drew.

The Shuppet disappeared and seconds later, re-appeared in front of Drew. It's purple body glowed red again, this time, it was Drew who was glowing red as well.

The red glow faded away and Drew grinned. "What a beautiful day! This is perfect for training Flygon!"

"But what kind of Pokemon is that?" Said May pulling out her Poke'Dex.

"Shuppet, the puppet Pokemon" Said the mechanical female voice. "Shuppet feed on strong human emotions such as anger and fear. It is said though, that Shuppet are very shy and prefer to watch strange creatures from a distance"

"This little one certainly isn't shy" Said May happily.

"Shup! Shup! Et!" Exclaimed the Pokemon. It then started to float away and Drew and May started to chase after it. It lead them to a large, old house that looked abandoned.

"What's a mansion doing here?" Said Drew.

"Quit asking stupid questions! Let's just go, it looks creepy!" Said May nervously.

"What wrong May? Scared that the ghosts are going to get you?" Teased Drew.

"No...." Said May flatly.

"Well I would like to leave so we can try to get to Solarzia." Said Drew.

Shuppet smiled and floated up to a large oak and brass door. It opened by itself in Shuppet's presence.

"Uh yeah, this doesn't look good, come on Drew let's go" Said May anxiously.

"Come on May, maybe there's someone here who can tell us where to go" Said Drew following Shuppet inside.

"Wait! I'm coming" Said May as she caught up to Drew. They both walked inside the old house, the door shutting by itself. May shivered.

"You're such a scaredy-Meowth May." Said Drew.

Inside the creepy house, red,velvet furniture lie in different spots along the room. Cobwebs hung heavily over all off it, giving the effect the furniture was actually gray. A cold fireplace was carved into the wall close to an armchair. It was pretty dark except for small rays of sunshine creeping through the torn curtains draped over the window.

"Shuppet!" Chimed the Pokemon.

"There you are!" Exclaimed Drew.

"Drew.....it's kinda dark in here" Said May quietly.

"Geez May! Just use your Pokemon!" Said Drew, getting very annoyed with May.

"Oh...yeah....ok" Muttered May clutching a poke ball in her hand. "Help me out Delcatty, use your Flash!"

Out of her ball came Delcatty, who meowed happily before it sent out an explosion of bright light. "Thanks, now return" Said May softly.

Shuppet stared weakly at the light and disappeared.

"Nice job May, you scarred it away"

"Why do you always have to make fun of me?! It was your stupid idea in the first place!" Yelled May furiously. She stomped out of the room Drew and her had been in.

Drew was speechless for a few moments, but followed May. "May...."He said sadly.


May had found another room with couches and chairs and sat down on one. "That Drew.....that nerve of him! Thinking he can just insult a girl like that!"

Then Shuppet reappeared, floating near May. It glowed a familar red color and May glowed the same.

"Thanks Shuppet! You made me feel so much better! You're not only cute, but very useful! Let's go find Drew!" Said May, now feeling very happy.

Shuppet grinned and followed May as she retraced her steps out of the room. She eventually got back to the room that she left Drew in.

"Oh! Drew is gone, he must have went to look for me!" Exclaimed May and started to head back down the hall to find Drew.

"Pet! Shup!" Said Shuppet suddenly.

"You want me to stay here?" Said May, confused.

Shuppet nodded and disappeared again.


"Come on May, do you always have to make things difficult?" Said Drew to himself. Although he could not hide that he was feeling very guilty for making May feel so bad.

Then Shuppet appeared in front of Drew. "Shup! Et! Shup!" It exclaimed. Then it glowed a blue this time, Drew did the same, and they disappeared.

A few seconds later, they both reappeared in front of May.

"Oh Shuppet! I should have known you'd think of something like that!" Cheered May.

"Oh hello May...."Said Drew.

"Drew! I'm so sorry I yelled at you, thanks to Shuppet, I'm feeling pretty good!" Exclaimed May.

"Yeah, let's get out of here already, I don't want to waste any more time" Said Drew.

Shuppet looked sadly at the too before teleporting them just outside the door.

"Oh I'm sorry Shuppet, we have to go to the next town, but someday, we'll come back and visit! Right Drew?" Said May.

"Yeah sure....."

"Well bye-bye Shuppet!" Said May as she waved to Shuppet and drug Drew along the snowy path.

"What the heck is wrong with you? Why didn't you say good-bye to Shuppet?" Said May after dragging Drew a little farther down the path.

"I'm tired and getting a little impatient. I just want to get to the next contest!" Snapped Drew. "Oh yeah, and we're still completely lost.

"Ugh, boys sometimes" Said May grabbing Drew's Poke'Nav from his pocket.

"It's out of range remember?" Said Drew irritably.

"That's not what I'm doing..."Muttered May. "Ah yes! Here it is, the Match Call!"

"Uh Match Call?" Asked Drew.

"It's usually used to call people for battle, but it can be used to make regualr calls" Said May pressing a few buttons. Then she put the Poke'Nav up to her ear like a phone.

"Hello!" Said May. "Is this Steven?"

Drew couldn't hear the reply, but May still continued her conversation.

"So you're close? And you know the way to Solarzia Town!? Cool, then we'll meet you at that spot!" Said May as she hung up and gave Drew his Poke'Nav back.

"I called Steven and he says he'll meet us by the beginning of this Tundra" Said May. "Which happens to be right over there!"

It was true, the edge of the snowy forest was just a few feet away. There was Steven, his usual friendly smile. May and Drew happily greeted him and they walked down the normal forest's path, Steven promising to get them to Solarzia and their next contest.....

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I usually skim a chapter but I had to read that one, Sapphire May! keep up the good work!

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Same thing for me too. I usually read it whenever I help you revise the thing, though. That way I can be productive yet enjoy myself at the same time! I like the idea that the next Contest is going to be something that makes it different and better than it already is. I bet you got that mentality from Ama, didn't you? Well I'm hoping for the next one, as well. Keep up the good work and remember not to rush into things, okay?

May 5th, 2006, 2:05 PM

May 6th, 2006, 9:13 PM
Woo, I only had time to read the first chapter(and skimmed through the second one XD I'll read it all tomorrow), and I have to leave, but I'll read the rest over the next few days. *nods*
Anyway, from what I've read so far its a really good fanfic. ^^
If I remember correctly I've read some of your other stories too. Good fics, good fics.

Hurray for ContestShipping!

May 12th, 2006, 8:20 PM
THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!!! You are really all too kind, and since you have taken the time to read, next chapter!

Chapter 13
Heated Battles in the Solarzia Contest! Grass and Fire Competetion!

Drew and May stared eagerly at the large town that lie before them. It was quite an interesting looking city too, it seemed as if the sun was shining brighter than anywhere else! The city's marble buildings sparkled in the bright light. Solarzia Town was beautiful!

Drew seemed the most stunned though, but not because of the sunshine. A very large Solarzia Contest Hall stood straight ahead. It, like all the other buildings here, it was painted in bright colors and sparkled in the blazing sun.

"Wow Drew! You didn't mention how pretty this town was!" Exclaimed May, happily glancing around. "Or how big it was, there must be a millon malls here! We gotta go shopping!"

"Later May" Said Drew sharply. "We have to get to that Contest Hall and register remember?"

"I know that! I meant to say we'll shop later" Said May turning suddenly sour. May brightened a little after a quick glance at the sun. "But Drew..."

"Yeah?" Said Drew.

"If this contest is for fire and grass types, it's not really fair is it?" Said May.

"What are you talking about?" Said Drew, though not paying much attention anymore.

"If I entered my Blaziken, and you with your Treecko, I have a clear advantage!" Said May.

"Ugh May, of course you wouldn't know" Said Drew, raising a hand to flip his hair.

"Just say it Drew!" Said May, raising her voice a little.

Drew lowered his hand with a sigh. "You did notice didn't you? You see how bright the sun shines here? Well, it's no ordinary sun like the one that powers Solar Beam. That sun gives off special rays that really power up grass types, making them better than fire types. Oh and also, I won't be entering my Treecko."

"No way, I didn't know the sun could shine brighter in some places than others! Amazing! So then what are you going to enter?"Said May.

"You'll see" Said Drew with a smirk. "Let's go register"

May nodded and followed Drew as he eagerly walked towards the beautiful contest hall. Drew quickly pushed open the glass doors, May not far behind.

The inside of the Solarzia Contest Hall was just as beautiful as the outside. The walls were painted a calm green, with wonderful paintings of magnificent grass Pokemon in tough battles.

"Those paintings are so awsome!" Exclaimed May.

Drew apparently didn't notice as he made his way to a small yellow desk with a woman typing away on a small labtop behind it.

"Excuse me but, could my friend and I please register for this contest?" Said Drew politely.

"Oh sure! I'll need to see your pass!" Said the woman in a squeaky voice. Drew dug his Contest Pass out of his pocket and slid it across the desk so the woman could scan it to make sure it wall real.

The woman pulled a small device and put it over Drew's Pass. The woman glanced at her computer for a second or two before handing Drew's pass back to him. "Ok Drew, this contest will begin shortly, please make sure you are prepared"

Drew nodded, but he couldn't hold back his excitement. A small smile, not a smirk, appeared on his face before he told May to register.

May did as Drew had done, handing the woman her pass and having her scan it. This was it! May and Drew were officially registered for the contest!

The two coordinators quickly walked down the hall to the Coordinator's Lobby, where they would wait for their turn to appeal. When they entered the room, May noticed that the decorations and colors were the same as in the main room.

"Why do you care about that now May? Come on, let's get ready for that contest!" Said Drew.

May sighed and sat down on a comfortable green and yellow chair. Suddenly, a slit in the ceiling close to the wall opened and a very large TV screen came out.

"Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to Solarzia's Contest Hall! Today we plan to bring you all the excitment and fun of last year's contest as you see coordinators from all over compete in our contest! My name is Vivian and I'll be announcing for this contest!" Said a young woman who suddenly appeared on the screen. Vivian's outfit had changed since May and Drew's last contest. It seemed like she was themed for the contest with her short green skirt and yellow tube top.

The battle hall was amazing! There was no roof, that bright sun could be seen clearly in the clear blue sky above. The crowd was very large as well, but Max was in a front row seat ready to watch his sister preform.

"And now, let's meet our panel of judges! First up! We have Solarzia's very own Nurse Joy!" Announced Vivian.

The screen then showed Vivian pointing towards three small podiums with little screens. Behind them were the judges, one of them being Nurse Joy.

"Thank you everyone!"Said Joy, enjoying the crowd's loud applause.

"Next up, Mr.Saysoku! Also known as the Name Rater of Lavaridge!" Announced Vivian.

An older looking man was who Vivian was pointing at this time. "Glad to be here, a real pleasure" He said. But no one clapped.

"And last, but certainly not least, Jeff! Winner of last year's Grand Festival!" Said Vivian.

Jeff was very young looking, maybe about 19 or 20 years old. He had on a stylish red tee and jeans, his hair was about Drew's hair length, and it was a pretty chocolate brown, like May's.

"Yo" He said with a small wave.

The crowd cheered louder than ever at the sight of this hot looking teen. Jeff smirked.

"And now! Here we go with coordinator #1!" Said Vivian.

A young looking boy came out, confidently throwing a poke ball that released a Nincada.

Back in the lobby, Drew and May were being very quiet, watching carefully. That is, until a girl about Drew and May's age walked up to Drew. She had on a pink tanktop, and super short jean shorts. Her white sandals were also very noticable. She had short blonde hair and whispy bangs.

"Drew...."Said the girl nervously.

"What do you want?" Said Drew, but not really paying much attention.

"Uh, my name is Shannon, and I'm.....I'm your biggest fan" Said Shannon.

"Oh great" Said Drew, still not paying attention. May however, eyed the girl suspicously.

Finally Vivian annouced, "Ok, are you all ready for coordinator #25? Well here we go! Please welcome Drew!"

Drew got up and walked through a door that led to the stage. May and Shannon watched as Drew casually walked on the stage, a poke ball in his hand.

Then he threw it to the ground and it released his Roselia, who sparkled in the sun. "Solar Beam" Said Drew queitly.

Roselia automatically formed a energy ball in its roses. But this beam was different, it was the most powerful that many had ever seen! Then, from the ball, a large beam was sent up at the sun's direction. A shower of beautiful sparkles came from the end of the beam.

"Drew has started with a beautiful display of Solar Beam, by smartly using the power of the sun!" Said Vivian.

"Now do Petal Dance" Said Drew confidently.

"Ro! Zel!" Chirped Roselia as it shot out shiny, sharp, pink petals that started to spin in twister form around the Solar Beam. Finally, the petals cut through the beam and made it disappear. The petals turned soft and gently fell towards the audience.

"What a stunning appeal! Drew has managed to pull off one of the most beautiful combinations I've ever seen! But now, what did the judges think?" Said Vivian excitedly.

"Very pretty!" Said Nurse Joy. A 10.10 appeared on her little screen.

"I agree! The combination worked great, it must have taken them hours to work that one out!"Exclaimed Mr.Saysoku. A 10.10 appeared on his screen as well.

"No, I'll have to disagree. Sure, the combination was fine, but where's the style?" Said Jeff with a mean smirk. a 3.2 appeared on his screen.

"Ok! Let's add up the score.....Drew's score is 23.4!" Announced Vivian.

Drew returned Roselia and walked back to the lobby.

Meanwhile, Shannon was having her say on Drew's appeal. "Yay Drew! You rock!"

May was annoyed, but she didn't say anything. However, when Drew's score was calculated, Shannon was almost to tears.

"He only got a 23.4! That stupid Jeff! Drew was awsome, I'd have given him a 100000.100000!" Said Shannon bitterly. Drew then walked in and she immeaditly stopped talking.

"Oh Drewsy! That was simply amazing!" Said Shannon, hugging Drew's arm. May looked curiously at Drew, feeling a little hurt.

"And our last coordinator will now appeal! Please welcome #26, May!" Vivian Exclaimed.

May pulled out Blaziken's poke ball from her bag and walked through the door that led to the stage. May wasn't nervous, but looked very proud as she entered the stage.

"Blaziken! Take the stage!" Said May, doing a cute little twirl as she threw her ball. Just as planned, Blaziken appeared and stomped a powerful clawed foot on the ground which triggered the flames from its wrists to start up.

"Ok Blaziken, use Flamethrower!" Commanded May. Blaziken mimicked Roselia and shot blazing flames at the sun. Small embers showered from the top.

"Now use Blaze Kick and finish with Tackle!" Exclaimed May.

Blaziken jumped up, its clawed foot surrounded by flames. Then, with a cool twist, Blaziken dived into the Flamethrower. Then, the flames disappeared, and Blaziken could be seen landing gracefully on the stage.

"Now that was one awsome appeal!" Exclaimed Vivian. "May, like Drew, has taken advantage of the sun with an awsome heated appeal, let's see what the judges thought about May's preformence."

"It was a very cool, the only thing that disappointed me is that she mimicked Drew's appeal in a way" Said Joy. A 9.2 appeared on her screen.

"What a talent! I love the style of it!" Exclaimed Mr.Saysoku. An 8.9 appeared on his screen.

Jeff was staring at May excitedly, but it wasn't for her appeal. "Yes, that was....hot..."Said Jeff slowly. This time, a 10.10 came up on his screen.

"Alright folks! Let's calculate May's score!" Said Vivan. "Wow! A 28.2! That's the highest score so far!" Announced Vivian.

May returned Blaziken to its pokeball and happily skipped back to the lobby.

"Oh Drew! My score! Did you see!"Exclaimed May.

But Drew wasn't there. May looked around. Then she saw it. Drew was sitting on a bench a few feet away, Shannon talking to him.

"What? Oh well, I don't need is support" Said May, folding her arms and walking away.

Back on the stage, Vivian was about to annouce who would be going on the the Battle Rounds.

"Let's see the four coordinators that will go on!" She announced. On a TV screen in the Battle Hall, four pictures started to appear, as Vivian named them. "Ok....the coordinators who will go on are.....May, Ricardo, Shannon, and Drew!"

Back in the coordinator's lobby, Shannon looked especially excited. "Drew! You made it! I did too! Yay!"

"You're in this contest?" Said Drew suddenly.

"Well of course!"Said Shannon.

In a corner nearby, May was watching the two. "Pathetic!"

"Ok, let's see the pairings for the semi-final match!" Said Vivian. "The first battle will be between Shannon and Ricardo, and then Drew and May!"

"Oh geez, you have to go against that loser?" Said Shannon.

"Hey, May's not that bad, and she's not really...."Drew sighed. "A loser"

"Yeah right Drew, you don't have to make everyone feel good about themselves" Said Shannon in sweet voice.

Shannon then got up and walked to the stage. About six minutes later, she came back looking satisfied.

"I won" Were her first words.

Then, Drew and May walked out to the stage, May didn't say a word to Drew.

When May and Drew took their places on the battle field, Vivian told them to start.

"Blaziken, take the stage!" Said May as she threw Blaziken's pokeball once again.

"Heh, go Roselia!" Said Drew confidently.

"Ok, let's put 5 minutes and the clock, and.....Begin!" Exclaimed Vivian.

"Ladies first" Said Drew, flipping through his hair.

"Fine! Blaziken, Blaze Kick!" Shouted May. She wanted to beat Drew! No matter what it took! That would show Shannon!

"Roselia dodge and then use Petal Dance" Said Drew calmly.

Blaziken leaped into the air and prepared to furiously kick Roselia, but Roselia jumped up and shot sharp pink petals at Blaziken. Blaziken tried to dodge but was too late. The petals roughly hit Blaziken.

"What?!" Yelled May suddenly. Blaziken was lying weakly on the ground. "But! But Petal Dance is super effective on fire types! That shouldn't have done that much damage"

Drew chuckled. "May, do you remember what I told you when we first arrived here?"

May ignored him and looked up at the large TV screen, only to see her points drop dramatically.

"Um.....Blaziken use Sky Uppercut!" Said May nervously.

Blaziken slowly got up and began to charge towards Roselia with its claws glowing. Roselia dodged again.

"D****!"Yelled May.

"Finish with a Magical Leaf!" Said Drew.

Roselia obeyed and shot glowing leaves that gently fell to the ground.

"Hah! Wow Drew! Leaves I'm sooo scared!" Said May sarcastically. That's when the leaves suddenly sprang up and hit Blaziken hard. Blaziken collapsed with a loud crash on the floor.

The judges all put little X's on their screens except Jeff. Still, he was over ruled and the battle was over.

"No it's not over! Blaziken get up!" Shouted May.

Vivian quickly walked up to May, looking very angry. "The battle is over! You can't push your Blaziken like that!"

"Yeah that's cruel!" Added Nurse Joy.

Then May's eyes began to water. She sunk down to her fallen Blaziken. "I'm so sorry....I'm the worst trainer ever.."

Blaziken's eyes remained closed. May knew she had really pushed it to its limit. Drew walked over to May, returning Roselia first.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. "Come on May, you tried but you got too caught up in winning." He said gently.

May returned Blaziken and allowed Drew to pull her back to the lobby. Shannon was standing nearby looking happy.

"Good job Drew! I knew you'd beat her!"

"Yeah sure" Said Drew, although pretty much ignoring her. This was the final straw. May pulled herself away from Drew's grasp and ran through a door that led to a locker room with her face buried in her hands. Drew was stunned...

"Ok everyone! It's half time! Judges will take their brakes and the audience may do the same" Announced Vivian on the TV. Jeff stood up and walked towards the Coordinator's lobby.

He looked around and didn't see May, so he then went to the locker room. There was May, sitting on a bench in the corner, her face buried in her hands.

"May?" Said Jeff.

May lifted her head to see who had come in. Her eyes were red, she had obviously been crying.

"What do you want?" Snapped May.

"Well, you were really good out there and I.....well I.....I think you're very pretty too"Said Jeff slowly.

May wiped a tear from her eye. "Really? But I still lost"

"That doesn't matter! Losing doesn't change your looks..."Then he looked at May's red eyes. "Well emotionally yes, but you are still hot"

"Thanks Jeff. Can I have a little bit more privacy though? I'll come out soon" Said May turning her back to Jeff.

"Uh sure, do what you gotta do!" Said Jeff. He walked over to May's side and gave her a kiss. By instinct, May raised her hand and smacked him hard across the face.

"Oh so you're a tough chick huh? Well alright, see ya later" Said Jeff rubbing his face as he left the room. Then Drew walked in.

"Oh it's you" Said May.

"Yeah, it's me. Are you ok? You were acting pretty weird out there" Said Drew.

"Yeah I'm just fine. I just let my Pokemon down, embarresed myself, and got kissed by a guy I just met." Said May sarcastically.

"Well you don't have to be smart about it." Said Drew.

"Hey where's your new little girlfriend Shannon?" Snapped May.

"Girlfriend?" Said Drew in a confused tone.

A few more tears started to come from May's eyes. "Yeah girlfriend! I saw you with her! I get the idea now Drew, I'm not stupid!" Yelled May.

Drew smiled and flipped back his hair. "New little girlfriend huh?"

"I don't see anything funny about this Drew!" Shouted May.

Then Drew pulled a rose out of his pocket and threw it gracefully. It landed neatly on top of May's lap.

"What's this stupid rose for?" Yelled May.

"Just calm down May. I'd like to tell you that rose is the most beatiful I've ever found... And I wouldn't even give a rose to Shannon" Said Drew.

"Your point?" Said May.

Drew sighed. "You see May, ever since I caught Roselia, I've always loved roses. I wouldn't give a rose to just anyone"

"Drew I don't have time for your stupid riddles" Snapped May.

"Maybe this will help you understand..."Said Drew. He walked over to May like Jeff and gave her a small kiss. Only, May didn't slap him. When Drew pulled away, May smiled brightly. Drew left the locker room without another word...


A few minutes later, Drew and Shannon were facing each other in the Battle Hall, pokeballs clutched tightly in their hands.

"And now! The final battle has finally come between Shannon and Drew! Let's put five minutes on the clock and.....here we go!" Exclaimed Vivian.

"Go Roselia!" Said Drew, thrusting his pokeball onto the stage, releasing his pretty rose Pokemon.

"Ro! Zel!"Chimed Roselia.

"Ok! Go Firelight!" Exclaimed Shannon throwing a pink pokeball onto the stage. Her pokeball released a cute looking Torchic.

"Chic! Tor!" Chirped Firelight.

"Ok Drew! Go easy on me!" Yelled Shannon from across the battle stage.

Under his breath, Drew muttered, "Yeah, I'll go easy on you for what you did to May"

"Roselia, Solarbeam!" Commanded Drew.

Like in Drew's appeal, Roselia formed a green energy ball in its roses and sent a power beam right at Firelight. It hit Torchic harder than ever.

"No Firelight!" Cried Shannon.

Firelight jumped back onto its feet, but just barely. "Do an Ember attack, but not too hard ok Firelight?" Said Shannon.

Torchic nodded and shot tiny embers from its mouth at Roselia who easily dodged. "Finish with Petal Dance." Said Drew calmly.

Roselia as usual, shot swirling, sharp, pink petals at Firelight, which of course was a direct hit. Firelight fainted, the judges displaying X's on their screens.

Shannon returned Firelight to its pokeball, but she didn't look mad! She had a big stupid looking smile spread across her face. "Oh Drew! You are so strong!"

Drew sighed, he was happy to be leaving this annoying Shannon soon.

"Congratulations Drew! We now present you and your amazing Roselia with the Solarzia Ribbon!" Said Vivian, holding out two ribbons shaped like a green a yellow flower with pink stripes.

Drew put one of the ribbons around Roselia, and then proudly displayed his for the crowd to see. The audience was cheering very loudly for Drew and Roselia!

Then May came out, smiling. Drew smiled too and showed her his new ribbon. May nodded happily as she watched Drew stow it away in his ribbon case.

Later on, as Drew and May were leaving, Shannon and Jeff ran up to them. "Oh! You're taken!" They both said at the same time. Then they looked at each other.

"Wow you're cute too!" Said Jeff, looking at Shannon.

"And you're so cool!" Replied Shannon.

Then it struck them. "Wanna......wanna go out sometime?" Said Jeff.

"Yeah, that would be fun" Said Shannon nervously.

"How perfect!" Exclaimed May.

Drew chuckled. "Yeah a perfect match, I'm just glad my stalker is gone"

"Oh shut up, you know you liked it" Said May happily.

Drew then turned his back and started to walk away, May following as usual.

Then Shannon called out, "Congrats Drew!"

"Geez, she's still at it!" Said May.

And then Jeff said, "You too May! Great battling!"

"Looks like you've got an ex-stalker too May" Said Drew with a smirk.

The two laughed and waved good-bye to the new couple. Drew, now one step closer to reaching the Grand Festival, found new hope. May learned from her mistakes and planned to win next time!

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Wow! a shapter that had romance in the begining and middle and humor in the end, and Jeff and Shannon didn't end up alone! what a perfect chapter!!! :t134:

May 18th, 2006, 9:46 AM
Didn't you publish this fanfic on the Pokemon Fan universe site? I remember reading the whole thing there. It's a great story so far!

May 22nd, 2006, 4:07 PM
Didn't you publish this fanfic on the Pokemon Fan universe site? I remember reading the whole thing there. It's a great story so far!

Yes I did, and I pretty much post it at every forums I join, I don't like wasting hard work just to keep it all stopped up at one little forum, and no offense, but if we're talking about Pokemon Fan Universe, a very tiny weeny microscopic forums :knockedou

May 22nd, 2006, 4:24 PM
XD Shannon is one of those character that kind of annoys you, and you her want to leave....but then if she did the story would be lacking in something.. ><; I like her because she adds to it though. ^^;

'I wouldn't give a rose to just anyone.'

o__o *gasp* I love that quote... its so....ContestShippy! XD

Yet another awesome chapter. ^^

May 22nd, 2006, 9:10 PM
hey its a very good story i love it too.

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I Loved It! Please write another romantic chapter like that. i'm sorry wobbuffetds, but i think you can learn from Sapphire May.

May 28th, 2006, 8:39 PM
Wow! Thanks all! Those are some of the nicest compliments I've gotten! Well, I do have the next chapter, and I'm sorry to say, but it's not as romantic. I'll try next time, I swear >_<

Chapter 14
May & Drew! Tag Team Battle With Treecko!

"I'm surprised you're not bragging about that new ribbon Drew" Said May.

"What good would that do? I'll brag about my ribbon at the Grand Festival" Replied Drew.

"You made that contest look easy" Said May, pouting a little.

"I know, and my Roselia worked especially hard out there, didn't you notice?" Drew asked.

"Ugh, of course! While you just lazed about saying random attacks, Roselia was out there kicking butt!" Said May confidently.

"Isn't that what you're supposed to do?" Replied Drew. May sighed and was silent, she knew Drew was right.

The two had decided to go through a shortcut to get to the next town. The shortcut wasn't easy though. It was dry and barren except for a few Sandshrew and rocks.

"This is boring Drew" Whined May.

"Then why did we agree to come this way?" Said Drew with a familar smirk.

May sighed. "Whatever..." Then she made a camera lens with her fingers and began to pretend she was a new's reporter, one of her favorite things to do when she was bored.

"May's Expedition travels into a rocky valley, full of.....well stuff." Said May. Then she turned her finger-camera towards Drew. "With not a living soul except for this poor, weak, defenseless boy, this place is soooo boring!"

"Hello?! You're the weak one. Who had to save you from Aipom? Who had to save you when you fell down that cliff? Who had to rescue you from Harley? Me. I think you're pretty wrong if you think I'm weak!" Yelled Drew.

"I also rescued you from Harley once if you remember!" May shouted back.

"Once! But I have saved you three times, and did I get a single thank you?" Said Drew.

May turned silent. She stared at her feet in a Drew-like manner. May was trying to forget what happened at the Solarzia Town Contest. Drew kissed her, and May was stunned still. But, May was trying to think about it. It seemed as though Drew was doing the same.

Then a thought came to her mind. "Hey Drew, where's the next contest?"

"Why haven't you memorized the towns by now!? Am I going to have to tell you every time?" Said Drew.

"Just say it, please?" Said May in a sweet voice.

"The next town is called.....Ritsuya Town, but it's pretty far away" Said Drew looking at his Poke'Nav.

"And let me guess, you're going to wanna get there as soon a possible?" Said May.

"Of course! May, the only reason I hurry to these contests is so that we don't miss out on the Grand Festival" Said Drew, getting a little annoyed by May's tone.

"So, here we are again, still in the boring valley, but this time, May's Expedition has discovered the location of the next Pokemon Contest!" Said May, putting her fingers back into a camera pose.

May apparently ran out of ideas and she was just as quiet as Drew. That is, until Drew's Treecko decided to pop out of its pokeball.

"Treecko!" It cried.

"It looks to me like Treecko wants to enjoy the fresh air too!" Said May cheerfully. May apparently got it right because Treecko nodded and then jumped onto Drew's shoulder.

Drew sighed but said nothing. They contuinued walking again.

"I'm hungry!" Whined May suddenly, collapsing dramatically to the ground.

"And why do I care?" Said Drew.

May sat bolt upright and looked bitterly at Drew. "Becuase I do, okay!?"

Drew sighed. "Ok fine, we'll take a quick snack break if it will make you shut up"

May jumped back to her feet. "Great! I saw a Pecha Berry Tree a little while back!"

So May and Drew started to walk back the trail they had come from, but Drew didn't seem to happy about it.

May stopped at a large tree filled with peach shaped pink and orange berries. May reached out to pick a large one near the trunk, but suddenly, a tan and brown streak tackled May's hand.

"Ow, what the heck was that?" Said May rubbing her hand.

"Picking berries isn't that hard May" Said Drew, flipping his hair.

"Oh yeah? Then why don't you try!" Snapped May.

"Fine, just watch, maybe you'll learn something" Said Drew, reaching towards the same berry May had gone after. Drew picked the berry and started to walk back to May.

"See May, that was easy" Said Drew, in a very taunting tone.

Just before he was able to give the berry to May, a yellow and blue streak snatched the berry out of Drew's hand.

"See! I told you!" Said May.

"What was that?" Said Drew, looking around. Then he saw it, the blue and yellow streak landed a few feet away.

"Is that a Pokemon?" Said May pulling out her Poke'Dex.

"Manectric, the Discharge Pokemon. Manectric is the evolved form of Electrike. It stores powerful electric bolts in its mane and releases the energy later in battle" Said the familar machine-like female voice.

"Look May! Another Pokemon!" Exclaimed Drew. He was pointing to a small, but long tan and brown Pokemon stading to the right of Manectric.

"I'll check that one too" Said May, turning her Poke'Dex towards the mysterious Pokemon.

"Lioone, the Rush Pokemon." Said the Poke'Dex again."Lioone uses its long body as an advantage to speed. However, when it is racing on a curvy road, it is greatly challenged."

"So Lioone and Manectric huh?" Said May, shoving her Poke'Dex back into her waist bag.

"Yeah, but why'd they attack us?" Said Drew.

Lioone stood up on its hind legs and glared at May through its deep blue eyes. Manectric stomped the ground and its yellow mane sparked with small charges of electricity.

"No way!" Exclaimed Drew.

"What is it?" Said May.

"I think they want a double battle! Them against us!" Said Drew, already grabbing a pokeball from his belt.

May grabbed his hand quickly. "No! Those Pokemon are way to strong, lets go!"

Drew started to give in a little and let May rush him away from the two fierce looking Pokemon, but Manectric caught on and used a Thunderbolt to block their path.

"I guess we'll have to battle" Whined May.

"Treecko, I guess you can battle" Said Drew, tucking away pokeball he was originally planning to use.

Treecko jumped from Drew's shoulder and faced Manectric, eager for battle.

"Alright, if I have to.." Said May throwing one of her pokeballs. Her Beautifly came out, fluttering its colorful wings and spreading a beautiful sparkling powder through the air.

"Let's get this going already, Treecko, Bullet Seed!" Said Drew.

Treecko quickly obeyed and shot shining yellow seeds towards Manectric. Too bad Manectric was faster because it jumped out of the way just in time to dodge. Then Manectric jumped back and unleashed a powerful Shock Wave on Beautifly.

"Hey! I wasn't ready!" Cried May.

"May! Come on and attack, help with Lioone!" Yelled Drew.

"Um, ok, Beautifly, use Silver Wind!" Commanded May. Beautifly flapped its wings harder and fast silver cuts flew towards both Lioone and Manectric. It was a hit, Manectric however, shook it off like it was nothing.

"That Manectric is really tough, your Beautifly isn't going to do much, just get Lioone"Said Drew.

"Treecko! Crush Claw!" Yelled Drew suddenly. Treekco's hand glowed with a red energy and with great force, brought it down opon Manectric. Once again, Manectric dodged.

"D***! I can't hit it, now what do I do?" Said Drew in a frustrated tone.

Manectric tackled poor Treecko into a tree while Drew wasn't attacking. Treecko looked badly injured, it was rubbing its shoulder where it was hit the hardest. Then Treecko started glowing white.

May stopped battling and turned to see Treecko's glowing body grow taller and wider. "Drew! I think it's evolving!" Said a mystified May.

Treecko stopped glowing, but it wasn't Treecko anymore. The Pokemon that stood in its place was about a foot taller. It had a long leaf coming from the top of its head, and three smaller leaves growing on its long arms. "Grovyle!" Cried the Pokemon.

"Grovyle huh? Let me check the Dex" Said May reaching for her small red device.

"Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokemon. Grovyle's sharp claws are perfect for climbing trees in a forest. The sharp leaf on its head serves as a powerful weapon" Said the Poke'Dex.

Drew looked excited, but put on a serious expression before saying, "We can celebrate later, we still have a battle to win here"

Grovyle looked confident too, but suddenly, the leaves on its arms started glowing and transformed into a spear shape. "Drew! That's a Leaf Blade attack!" Exclaimed May, an excited shine in her pretty sapphire blue eyes.

"Any unexperienced coordintor wouldn't know that" Said Drew flipping through his hair. "But I guess you've really grown up now, May."

May just stared at Drew, at loss for words. "Drew just complimented me right? Maybe he isn't such a jerk after all" Thought May to herself.

"Now Grovyle, finish that Leaf Blade attack!" Said Drew suddenly.

Grovyle sprung into action, crossing the two glowing blades on its wrists and charging towards Manectric. It was a direct hit! Grovyle had beaten Manectric's speed and sent it flying! Manectric landed with a loud thud a few feet away, Grovyle's leaves stopped glowing and changed back to their normal form.

"I think you beat it" Said May.

May was right, Manectric didn't pull itself back up. Meanwhile, Beautiful used a powerful Silver Wind and sent a fainted Lioone crashing into Manectric, causing it to get injured even more.

"A nice preformence May" Said Drew with a smirk.

May apparently wasn't catching on. "Your Grovyle was so awsome out there!"

Drew sighed, grabbed Grovyle's pokeball and returned it in a flash of red light. "You're returning it already?" Said May.

"Why keep it out? The battle is over, and I'd like to get going" Said Drew, attaching the pokeball to his belt.

"Um.....ok.....I guess, I'll return Beautifly too" Said May, still feeling confused, but still returning Beautifly to its pokeball. But Drew was already walking down the path. "Hey! Wait for me! Don't leave me!" Yelled May, chasing after him.

"Then go faster" Said Drew in his usual calm voice.

"Rrrrr! don't mess with me! I just beat a Lioone you know!" Yelled May.

"Correct, but I just had my Treecko evolve and beat a Manectric" Said Drew, still in a calm voice.

"Whatever! I'll beat you in the next contest and maybe you'll stop being such a stuck-up jerk!" Yelled May.

Drew stopped smirking, and he didn't reply. "So she thinks I'm a jerk now, just great, I gotta teach myself to get along with girls better" Thought Drew to himself.

"Ok, whatever May" Said Drew, pretending like he didn't hear May.

The two continued walking, the next adventure lying just ahead!

May 29th, 2006, 9:16 PM
Awesome chapter, as usual. But it wasn't as good as the others. Don't know why, but it didn't really catch my attention as much. Still great ^_^ Keep it up ^_^

May 30th, 2006, 12:04 PM
Yeah, I hear ya, I didn't really feel the fun vibe I usually get when writing the other chapters. But I've got the beginning for the next chapter already done, I think so far, it will make up for this one.

June 8th, 2006, 5:15 PM
wow! what a fantastic chapter! :)

June 9th, 2006, 6:31 PM
Here ya all go, next chapter, FINALLY!!!!!

Chapter 15
Chika the Shining Hero!

"Wow! Look at all the shops! There are so many malls for this little town!" Exclaimed May, glancing around.

"Yeah, great" Said Drew quietly and sarcastically.

After a day of traveling in the woods, and Treecko evolving, Drew and May had reached a small little town. May hadn't been too excited about stopping somewhere so small, but after seeing the malls, she had changed her mind.

"What is this town called Drew?" Asked May.

Drew pulled out his Poke'Nav and looked closely at a small, red dot. "Uh, well, the Poke'Nav doesn't say, this town is to small"

"Woah! That's weird, well, we'll ask somebody" Said May, although her tone suggested that she was interested anymore.

Suddenly, a strange colored Chikorita ran out from behind a small green and yellow house and crashed into Drew.

May ran up to the now dazed looking Chikoita. "Oh my gosh, are you ok?" Said May.

"Why don't you ask that to me?" Said Drew slowly getting up from the fall.

May pulled out her Poke'Dex, ignoring Drew.

"Chikorita, the Leaf Pokemon" Said the Poke'Dex. "Chikorita's leaf is said to bring aromas that calm foes."

May looked at the picture of the Chikorita displayed her on Poke'Dex, and then the Chikorita that crashed into Drew. "That Chikorita looks different!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, something's up" Said Drew, quickly glancing at Chikorita. That Chikorita was yellow and dark yellow, unlike a normal Chikorita, who's colors are green and dark green.

"Oh thank you so much! You found Chika!" Yelled a girl who looked about Drew and May's age, running up to Drew and May the from the same way Chikorita did.

"Uh, you're welcome, but really, this Chikorita found us" Said May.

The girl had soft looking brown hair, pretty dark green eyes, a dark green jacket with no sleeves but many pockets, and regular blue jeans. "Hello, and I'm sorry to yell, I was just so worried about my dear Chika, um, my name's Lily" Said the girl nervously.

"Oh, well my name is May, and this is--"Said May, but was interupted by Drew.

"It's Drew" He said calmly.

"Cool! I've heard of you two! You're those really awsome coordinartors right? And now it looks like you're traveling together?" Said Lily.

"Awsome coordinators? If you say so" Said May, looking at Drew.

"Ahem, May, I'd like to remind you who has more ribbons" Said Drew, looking irratated.

"No really! I think you are both really great! I wish I could be strong like you, my poor Chika has to suffer when I'm around, and that's why I think it keeps running away" Said Lily, suddenly frowning.

"But can I ask, how did your Chikorita get to be those colors?" Said Drew.

"It was just born that way, before I set out to become a trainer, my grandma told me it was a shining type Pokemon, and that it's very rare" Answered Lily.

"Shining? I've never heard of it, but it really does look cool!" Said May.

"Of course you haven't heard of it, May" Said Drew.

"Just shut up, you apparently haven't ethier, you were the one who asked first!" Said May furiously.

"Hey, I know, why don't you two come to my house and stay for the night? You do like tired, and I can tell you more about Chika" Said Lily, trying to stop May and Drew from arguing.

"Hey, that sounds good to me, and by the way, what is this town called?" Said Drew, remembering his question from earlier.

"Oh yeah, Devon corp. didn't add our town to the map" Said Lily bitterly. "It's called Fairleaf Town, but yeah, hardly anyone ever visits anymore"

"Oh, but why? This place is so cool!" Said May.

"Uh, just come back with me to my house, I'll explain everything." Said Lily.

"Ok, come on Drew, let's go!" Said May happily.
Lily's house, or cabin, was mostly made of wood. The roof was painted a warm red though. "Wow, your house is beautiful!" Exclaimed May.

"I know it's not real big or anything, but I need somewhere to go at night" Said Lily.

Once inside, it was also very pretty. A cozy looking fire blazed in a cute fireplace, soft furniture was placed neatly around the room, and a few small windows let in the light coming from the blood red sunrise.

Chika immeaditly ran to a large, over-stuffed chair close to the fire and fell asleep. "I'd say your Chika was pretty tired" Said May with a small laugh.

"Nah, Chikorita have a habit for sleeping near heat, but mostly in the sun. What's weird is that Chika loves fire, but most grass Pokemon hate it, but then again, my Chika is not like other Pokemon" Said Lily.

Lily went to a small kitchen area in a corner, and grabbed some cups to make drinks. Meanwhile, May sat down on the loveseat, while Drew sat on the couch opposite of her. A few minutes later, Lily returned with three cups full of what looked like tea. Then, she herself sat on the same couch Drew was on.

"So, you were asking about Fairleaf not being on the Poke'Nav's Map?" Said Lily with a sigh.

"Yeah, it's not really too convient to make a map but not include all the cities on it" Said Drew.

"Well, I don't actually know a whole lot, but I do know that it was because of a criminal who did some really awful things to the people and Pokemon here. I guess Devon didn't want trainers and coordinators to visit such a dangerous place. But the weird thing is, the criminal is gone now, and he's been gone for quite a few years now, so I dunno why they still haven't put us on the map." Said Lily, sipping from her cup occasionally.

"But! That's awful! What kind of criminal was it?" Said May, thinking of Harley.

"I dunno May, but what I do know, is that he was really crazy about Dark type Pokemon, he really liked Cacturne" Said Lily.

Drew gasped suddenly. "A Cacturne? We have a guy who likes to follow us and do bad things, and he is also obsessed with Cacturne, May, what if Harley is the one who got this town off of the map?"

"Calm down Drew, I can't be, Harley is too stupid to do that stuff" Said May.

"Ugh, don't tell me to calm down, and you never know May, Harley is not that stupid" Said Drew.

The three discussed for awhile, until the full moon shined brightly through the windows of the small cabin.

"Well, I think I'm going to go to bed now, It's getting pretty late and as a good coordinator, I like to be ready" Said Drew with a smirk.

"Yeah, you think you're just so great..."Mumbled May. "But yeah, I'd like to go to bed too, a beautiful girl like me needs her beauty sleep"

Before Drew could reply, Lily clapped her hands together, once again sensing an argument. "Great idea you two! Let's all go to bed, I'll bring you some blankets!"

"Uh...ok" Said Drew, lying down on the couch.

Lily walked to a door and disappeared through it. May also stretched out on the loveseat, awaiting a blanket.

Lily returned a moment later with only one blanket. "Uh, sorry guys, I've only got one blanket, you two might have to share" Said Lily. "And the other bad news is, any time there's a full moon in town, it gets really cold at night"

But before May or Drew could reply, Chika awoke and jumped towards Lily's hands, grabbing the blanket. Chika then ran back over to the chair, pulled the blanket over itself, and fell asleep.

"No Chika! Give that back!" Yelled Lily.

"No Lily, it'll be ok, I'll just sleep without one tonight" Said May.

"Yeah me too" Agreed Drew.

"Well ok, if you insist, but I think you'll be sorry" Said Lily, walking back to the door and leaving again.

Drew closed his emerald eyes, which were extrememly red from not sleeping, and fell asleep as fast as Chika had. May however, just lie there watching Drew.

Her mind was racing. "Maybe if I didn't argue with Drew so much, he wouldn't be so arrogant. Then again, he is a guy and there's no changing them, but maybe...." Then May thought back to the first day she met Drew in a contest. He was so quiet, so strange, but he was worried about May in the end anyways. "Maybe he really does care deep down..."

After another ten minutes, May also fell asleep. And another hour later, Drew awoke. "Weird, it's so late, and so cold"

Then he noticed May across from him, shivering from the cold. He chuckled for a moment before getting up, pulling off his purple jacket, and slipping it over May. May stopped shivering and sleepily pulled Drew's jacket more over herself. Drew smiled and returned to his make-shift bed.

But soon, both May and Drew were sound asleep, not even stirring. Not until Midnight when Chika suddenly jumped up and woke May and Drew up with its vines. "Ugh, what is it Chika?" Said May with a yawn.

"Chika! Chika!" Cried Chika, pointing to the full moon outside that could be seen shining brighter than ever.

"Is it something outside?" Asked May, starting to look worried.

Chika nodded and ran to the door looking determined. "Well they say Pokemon are more sensitive to nature than us, so let's go check it out, if it's really nothing, than it'll be no big deal, right?" Said Drew, walking over to where May had been sleeping and grabbed his jacket.

"Drew? Why was your jacket over there?" Asked May suspiciously.

"Oh nothing, maybe later ok May?" Said Drew, his face turning a little pink.

"Um, alright.....maybe we should get Lily too?" Said May.

"Nah, no time, let's just go, Chika looks pretty anxious about whatever it is" Said Drew grabbing the door handle and opening it a little.

"Ok, well don't leave without me!" Exclaimed May, running towards the door, and following Drew and Chika out when Drew fully opened the door.

Fairleaf was a different town at night. The same warm, crispy air didn't blow, it was freezing cold. It was a really creepy scene, the glowing full moon still hung high and clear and the sky.

"Hey Drew, don't you just think this is a little scary?" Asked May nervously, but keeping her eyes on Chika who had run far ahead already.

"Not again May, it's called nighttime, there's nothing scary here" Said Drew, irritated.

Chika ran all the way into town and stopped in front of a community stage with only two torches, that was darkened by the night. "Ok, it's a stage, what's the problem Chika?" Said May.

Chika looked very upset, "Chika!" It kept chanting. Suddenly, the two torches on the stage lit up with a cold blue flame. "Um, Drew, what was that?" Asked May, sounding nervous.

"It's probably just a Pokemon" Said Drew, but he sounded worried too.

Then, a dark figure appeared in the middle of the stage, when it stepped closer, it turned out the be Harley, his dark Cacturne costume lit up instantly by the flames. "Hello, long time no see huh?" Said Harley in a creepy voice.

"Chika! Chika!" Chika kept on crying, as if to be shouting at Harley for something. Harley sneered, and then his Cacturne came charging out of the darkness, it's spikes glowing, and then crashed hard into Chika, knocking it a few feet away.

"Chika!" Cried May.

"What are you doing here Harley?!" Drew demanded.

"Not that it's any of your business really, but I'm here to finish up my father's job, this little town is in need of someone like me!" Exclaimed Harley.

"Wait, that means that it's your dad's fault this town was taking of the map?!" Exclaimed May.

"You guessed it sweetie, now if you don't mind, I have some unfinished business to take care of" Said Harley, looking down from the stage coldly at May and Drew.

May and Drew, however, didn't move. "Ok, so you prefer this the hard way? Well, easy for me, I should say" Said Harley with a mean chuckle. "A little rest would do you kids some good"

At Harley's cue, Cacturne jumped down to May and Drew, who were still watching Harley, and shot a pink powder from its hands. "But wait, that's Sleep Powder!" Yelled May.

"Yeah, and Cacturne can't learn that attack!" Added Drew.

"Never underestimate the power of a Cacturne under the full moon of Fairleaf Town!" Said Harley.

The powder was taking its effect, May and Drew suddenly felt tired, and collasped on the ground, asleep. "Hah, the brats shouldn't be meddling in my plans, for that, I think I'll get myself some new Pokemon!" Exclaimed Harley happily. He, like his Cacturne, jumped down to Drew and May, but this time, he grabbed the four pokeballs of Drew's belt and May's yellow waistbag. "Sweet dreams suckers" Said Harley, returning Cacturne to its pokeball and laughing.

Meanwhile, Chika was recovering from the Needle Arm attack, but then it saw what Harley had done and it looked angry. "Chika!" It cried, but quietly. Then it charged towards Harley and rammed its head into him, causing him to drop May and Drew's pokeballs.

"What the h***? Oh, it's that stupid Chikorita again, you know, you'd make another excellent addition to my team" Said Harley, brushing off Chika's attack as if it were nothing.

Chika looked extremely angry now. But then, it took a deep breath and lifted its leaf up high and began to absorb light. "Are you supposed to scare me with a leaf? Hah, stupid Chikorita" Said Harley.

Then his cold purple eyes widened as he watched a massive beam come from Chika's leaf. It hit Harley hard, knocking him to the ground. "Chika!" Cried Chika, standing confidently next to Drew and May.

"Ok, so you wanna play dirty, we can do the same" Said Harley, looking just as mad as Chika, he grabbed one of his pokeballs and threw it so it landed perfectly in front of Chika, and releasing Aridos.

"Ari!" Hissed Aridos. Chika looked a little intimidated by the large Pokemon, but a few seconds later, it gained its confidence back and glared at Aridos.

"Constrict Aridos!" Commanded Harley. Aridos looked happy to obey as it grabbed Chika with its front legs and started to crush it.

"Chika!" Cried Chika. Then a purple powder started to float from its leaf. When the powder hit Aridos, it let go of Chika and fell over, looking weak. "Poison Powder huh? Not bad, that's why you're gonna be my Pokemon soon!" Yelled Harley, releasing his Cacturne from its pokeball.

"Go on Cacturne, just show this little Chikorita your full moon powers!" Said Harley. Cacturne nodded then suddenly released a giant beam of orange energy from its hands. But right before the beam hit a very terrified looking Chika, a Masquerain jumped in front of it and used Protect.

Chika turned its head to see Drew standing up right with a smile on his face. "Great fighting Chika, Masquerain and I will take it from here" Said Drew. "Think you could wake May up?"

Chika looked surprised for a moment, but then it nodded and ran to May's side. It first tapped May gently with its vines, but May slept on. Then Chika slapped May hard in the back with its vine which caused May to bolt up. "Oh geez, what was that for?" Yelled May rubbing her back.

"It's because you wouldn't wake up and we have to get rid of this twit!" Yelled Drew back.

"Oh yeah! Harley, ok, I'll help!" Exclaimed May, skipping to Drew's side.

"What did you just called me?!" Yelled Harley.

"A twit, duh" Exclaimed May.

Harley, looking enraged, suddenly started yelling attacks. "Cacturne! Teach those brats a lesson with Spikes!"

Cacturne looked please to release such an evil attack. The spikes suddenlt glowed white, and then many smaller spikes started raining down through the cold night air.

Chika giggled to itself before releasing Razor Leaf, which knocked off all the spikes as well as knocking Cacturne out. Harley, sighed, then returned his knocked out Cacturne to its pokeball.

"Hah, you may have ruined my plans here, but Harley always finishes what he starts, this won't be the last of me you'll see!" Yelled Harley, and slowly stepped back into the large, looming shadows that were cast from the torches on the stage. Harley had disappeared without a trace, and the blue flames went out.

"God, will he ever just go away?" Whined May.

"That piece of crap got away this time, but next time, we'll finish him off, right May?" Said Drew, sounding angry but determined.

"Uh....yeah...ok! We'll beat Harley, we can't let a loser like him bring us down!" Exclaimed May, her voice getting stronger. "And Chika! You were amazing, Harley was totally p*****!"

Chika smiled and nodded, a ray of sun hit its face, while doing so, the sun was finally starting to raise, the moon started to become dimmer. But then Chika started to glow like Treecko had when it was evolving.

"Ah! Drew look! Chika....." Exclaimed May.

"Is evolving.."Said Drew, watching as the glowing Chika grew taller, the leaf shape on its head expanded. Then the glow faded away. In Chika's place, stood a new creature, taller as expected, and the leaf on its head was much larger and stronger-looking then the original leaf.

"Bay!" Cried Chika.

May cheerfully pulled out her Poke'Dex. "Bayleef, the Leaf Pokemon. The aroma that wafts from Bayleef's leaf is much stronger than that of a Chikorita. This aroma is said to calm even the fiercest of foes." Said Dextett.

"Bay! Bay!" Chimed Chika happily. May noticed that Chika kept its special colors though the evolution process.

"But what will Lily say?!" Exclaimed Drew suddenly.

"Oh yeah! Lily, oh no...."Said May in a worried tone. But then a smiling girl came up behind May and put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's ok May, it isn't your fault, and I really like Chika even more now" Said Lily.

"Lily!" Exclaimed May.

"Yeah, I came to check on you guys and when you were all missing, I went looking for you. I saw Chika evolve and everything, and I'm so very impressed" Said Lily, petting Chika's head.

"But Chika doesn't really fit a Bayleef to well" Commented Drew.

"I know, uh, I know, Chika, your new name is Bayla! Do you like it?" Asked Lily.

"Bay!" Cheered Bayla happily.

"I'd say that's a yes!" Said May, now forming a wide grin on her face.

"Well, I hate to leave so soon, but this whole incident has put us far behind, so I think we're gonna leave now.."Said Drew.

"Ugh Drew! Do you have any manners, you just walk out of town for a contest?! Leaving a friend with no good-bye's or anything?!" May seemed to want to rant more, but Lily interupted.

"May, Drew is absolutly right. You need to follow your dreams, make them reality. Even if it means leaving friends. After all, it's not really good-bye, you can always come back and visit!" Said Lily.

"But..."Started May.

"That settles it, well Lily, thanks for letting us stay at your house, we might come back sometime!" Exclaimed Drew, though trying to keep a calm voice.

Drew started walking down a path that led out of town. May started to follow but called back to Bayla and Lily. "Bye! And thanks for everything!"

Drew continued walking, staring down at the ground as usual. "Admit it!" Demanded May suddenly.

"Admit what?" Asked Drew confused.

"You liked Bayla" Said May, folding her arms over her chest.

"Well duh, I'm always interested in Pokemon, I just want to get to the next contest" Said Drew stubbornly.

"Yeah sure, whatever" Said May rolling her eyes and walking a little closer to Drew.

May slowly did it, hoping Drew wouldn't notice. Drew looked at May and smiled, but not where she could see it. He had noticed, how could he not when he cared for her so much......

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June 10th, 2006, 1:50 PM
Nice Chapter, .::Roselia::.! (Jeez, your username was hard to type xD)
I like how Drew thinks that he cares for her...Aww! Cute! ^^
You had a couple of spelling mistakes...but, I don't think I'll point them out...(Too lazy too XD)

Anyhow, I can't wait for the next chapter! ^^

Thinks? I think Drew does care for May, but what am I saying?! This is my story, so I should know ^^;

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Drew does care for May, and May does care for Drew too...-murmurs-Wonder Drew meant when he kissed her...=D

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murmurs-Wonder Drew meant when he kissed her...=D

Interesting question!

It was to show May, he did care for her, more than Jeff, and to kinda make her feel better. And also, just because he had always wanted to XD

June 11th, 2006, 6:34 AM
It was to show May, he did care for her, more than Jeff, and to kinda make her feel better. And also, just because he had always wanted to XD
XD He must be getting some kind of...'teenage hormones' XDD But hey! 10/11/12 years old is too...young, right? But then again...he's matured...O_o...And, boys get those kind of things earlier then girls...
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XD He must be getting some kind of...'teenage hormones' XDD But hey! 10/11/12 years old is too...young, right? But then again...he's matured...O_o...And, boys get those kind of things earlier then girls...
Anyhow, they kinda forgot about that thing...T_T...WHY? -strangles the author, AKA .::Roselia::.- Anyhow, I can't wait for the next chappie soon! ^_^ (But by the time, I'll already reply to you on Serebii...XD) Anyway...
KAWAII!!! <- Random.
I just reread the last sentence of your last chapter, and I found it...KAWAII!!! AWW! Drew finally admitted he CARES FOR MAY! -throws confetti-

Sorry, I can't write the next chapter if you're strangling me. Uh, well, I did mention in one of the more recent chapters, they were both trying to forget about it, re-read, and read carefully, sometimes I put little stuff in ;)

Here's the preview for the next chapter, the beginning is already done, that's a start!

Perappu a Star? May and Drew's Musical Journey!

Arriving in a small village that is known for music, May and Drew also encounter a rare Perappu! The town's people treat the Perappu as a star, May and Drew have to find a way to follow along! Even if it includes going to the extremes, can they do the impossible on such a short notice?!

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XD Holy mothers... Chapter 14 was like... the chaper of non-stop arguments! x3 Very amusing though, in strange way 'dang-they-seem-like-they-hate-eachother!' way. xD

I'll read the next chapter real quick too, and edit this. x3

1. '"Calm down Drew, I can't be, Harley is too stupid to do that stuff" Said May.' XD Its been said! Wahaha! ...even though I don't think Harley is that stupid...but he's annoying, so I like that quote. x3
*keeps reading*
2. 'Drew closed his emerald eyes...' ...Dang I knew there was a reason I liked Pokemon Emerald so much! (...what I'm suppose to think of when I'm reading the 'Emerald' in a Pokemon fic? XD
Okay...no more random comments, I swear. *keeps reading*

*Finally finishes* Hehe, cute chapter! I liked the way it ended.
and Chika evolved! x3
I liked the fact that Harley was in it too... even though he semi-annoys me. It amusing at the same time.

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June 13th, 2006, 9:45 PM
I like the story, yeah never know it might become popular today :)

June 14th, 2006, 10:28 AM
Thanks RayquazaX, compliments always help make my story better ^^

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June 21st, 2006, 4:05 PM
hey .:roselia:. when will your latest chapter be up?/

June 21st, 2006, 5:09 PM
hey .:roselia:. when will your latest chapter be up?/

I'm not really sure, but soon I hope. I can't force myself to write, otherwise, the chapters come out bad, but I will get it done, the good news is, it's already half-done!

Sorry, I know, I'm so lazy XP

June 29th, 2006, 9:49 AM
Chapter 16
Perappu a Star? May and Drew's Musical Journey!
Rating: PG (Mild Swear Words)

"Today on May's Expedition, we travel to a well known town called Suyroi, famous for music!" Exclaimed May, holding her fingers in a camera-like pose over her eye.

Drew just sighed, May did this a lot, although it was annoying, there was no stopping her. What he didn't understand was that she became a coordinator instead of a journalist, but then he remembered that May was just mysterious sometimes.......

There were so many things he really didn't know about her. Drew had the general facts, but he never knew the details. May and him had traveled so much together, he figured they should at least know each other....

But then again, this wonderous Suyroi Village, it was really cool! As May had said, the town was well known for their music, even though it was small. Cute little red and black colored cabins were placed in rows throughout the village, and many little fun shops were randomly placed around the houses.

Suddenly, a cute little bird Pokemon flew over to Drew and rubbed its beak gently on Drew's leg. "What the?" Said Drew, looking down at the bird. It had a music note shaped head, and colorful blue and and yellow feathers, while its body was a calm green.

"Pe! Rep!" Chirped the bird.

May, although in love with the cute bird, pulled out her small Poke'Dex and listened to its explanation of the new Pokemon. "Perappu, the Music Note Pokemon. Perappu's singing can bring happiness to the listener. Its ability to sing any pitch makes this Pokemon a favorite among humans" Said the Poke'Dex.

"Ah! A Perappu, that's a newly discovered Pokemon, how rare!" Cried Drew.

"I don't care about any of that, its just so cute!" Squealed May. She leaned down to see the bird closer, but suddenly, Perappu looked frightened, and hid behind Drew.

"Wow May, you're a natural with Pokemon huh?" Said Drew sarcastically.

"Oh shut up, it just needs to know me a little" Said May.

"Rep! Pe! Rep!" Chirped Perappu, flapping its wings to lift itself of the ground and then landing in Drew's arms. Perappu smiled and blushed, staring hard at Drew.

May bitterly folded her arms. "What did you bribe it with Drew!" Snapped May.

"Hey May, is it possible that the Pokemon just likes me for being me?!" Yelled Drew.

May wanted to fight back, but just looked down, feeling a little hurt. Perappu apparently noticed as it started chirping a sad tune.

Drew felt guilty, but just turned his head. "So Perappu, do you have a trainer?" Asked Drew. Perappu shook its head, looking a little sad. Drew, feeling even worse, then said, "How would you like to come with me then? Participate in Pokemon Contests?"

"Pe! Rep!" Exclaimed Perappu, chirping happily.

"Cool! Hey May, check out my new Perappu!" Exclaimed Drew. May shot Drew a dirty look, making Drew quiet again.

Having a new Perappu, the three continued walking, until they reached the front of the village. Not speaking, May and Drew entered the town. Suddenly, a whole crowd of people surronded Drew and Perappu.

"A Perappu! Everyone come look!" Yelled a woman.

"No way! It can't be a real Perappu!" Exclaimed an excited teen.

Drew and Perappu looked overwhelmed by the large crowd, but May just watched from behind, looking angry and jealous.

"Thinks he's so great, what a jerk. I could have caught that Perappu just as easy!" Mumbled May.

"Hey, May!" Yelled a familar voice. May turned around to see Max running up to her. He stopped just in front of May, panting. "May! What brings you here?" He asked.

May looked surprised, but answered, "Somehow that jerk convinced me to come here"

"Jerk? Do you mean Drew?" Asked Max.

"Duh!" Snapped May.

"I don't think he's a jerk at all, May, what happened?!" Asked Max, sounding worried.

"First he thinks he's all great catching a Perappu, then he gets this giant crowd, he always just thinks that everyone loves him!" Yelled May.

"If I were Drew, I'd brag about a Perappu too, those are pretty rare Pokemon, and I'm thinking he's not really enjoying that crowd as much as you think" Explained Max.

"Of course! Side with Drew, I should of known!" Pouted May.

"No May! Stop acting like that! I think you're just jealous!" Said Max, trying to sound mad.

May blushed and didn't reply, but instead looked over to where the crowd had surronded Drew, realizing, maybe her brother was right....


Poor Drew, he was dealing with many people who were trying to grab his Perappu. Until a woman an a police suit pushed through them all, and standing next to Drew. She had long purple hair, and pretty purple eyes to match. "Ok, back off everyone, please, you can all see it later!" She yelled.

The people all groaned, but returned to thier cabins, conversating about Perappu. "I'm sorry for the rude welcome, my name is Officer Elizabeth, but I prefer it that you called me Ellie" Said the woman.

"Oh, it's ok, I'm Drew, but why are they all so crazy over my Perappu?" Asked Drew.

"Oh, yes, Perappu are rare as you know, but the people consider them as gods of music, and our town being known for music, heh, it makes sense right?" Explained Ellie.

May and Max walked up to Drew and Ellie. "Uh Drew....I'm sorry" Said May.

Drew gave May a kind, yet sarcastic smirk. "It's ok, we all have our moments right, especially you?" He said. "And I see Max is here, well I have someone new to introduce you too, this is Ellie"

Ellie waved and smiled. "Hi everyone, I take it you're friends of Drew?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," Said Max.

"Well come back to my office, I have some more stuff I wanna talk to you all about!" Said Ellie, turning away to lead them all to her office.

"Ok, well, we aren't in a big hurry, so I guess that's ok" Said Drew. May rolled her eyes, since when was Drew not in a hurry?


Ellie had taken them all to her office, a nice little room with white walls, three small chairs and her desk. May, Max, and Drew took the chairs, waiting to talk with Ellie, who was pacing across the room. She had changed back to her normal clothes, a sky-blue tank top and a long jean skirt.

"So, a Perappu huh?" She said, looking at Drew's Perappu, who was now sleeping in his lap.

"Yeah, I guess so, I had no idea it was so rare!" Exclaimed Drew.

"Yes, and well, I hate to ask something of you, especially something so big, but I need you, May and Drew, to take part in the Perappu Festival!" Said Ellie.

"Perappu Festival?! Well it sounds cool, you can count me in!" Exclaimed May.

"Well I can't refuse now can I?" Said Drew, nodding and smiling.

"Great! May, Drew, and Perappu, you three are the stars, so here's what you have to do. Since our town is famous for our music, we need you to form a band! Perappu has to be the singer though!" Said Ellie.

May's eyes got wide. "A band?!"

Ellie now looked worried. "Can either of you play any instruments?"

"Yes! Why do you look so worried!? I used to play guitar when I was really little, I really wanted a chance to try it again!" Exclaimed May.

Drew looked nervous too. "Um....Ellie, I don't know how to play any instruments"

"It's ok Drew, this really works out, May, if you can play Guitar, Drew can learn how to play the drum, it's pretty easy and will be useful to the band!" Said Ellie.

"Why can't I be in it?" Asked Max.

"Oh, I'm sorry Max, I need the two oldest," Said Ellie in a kind voice, as though Max were still a little kid.

Then Ellie left the room for a moment, returning with an awesome looking electric guitar. It was black, with flaming music note pattens on it. "Ok May, will this work?" Asked Ellie.

May appeared too mystified to answer. She nodded, still looking at the cool instrument in awe. "And Drew, we'll work with you later, May I'd like to hear you play a little, can you read music?"

"Yeah, of course!" Said May, putting the strap around herself and placing the guitar in a comfortable spot. Drew snorted, knowing May, she was probably faking.

"What do you want me to play?" Asked May, ignoring Drew.

"Anything, do you know any songs?" Said Ellie, still looking pleased.

"Yes, but give me a second to remember the chords," Said May. A few silent minutes later, May moved her fingers into shape of an easy chord, but then she started to strum across the stings skillfully and gently, moving her fingers to a new chord every so often. Drew stared in awe, but realizing this, he folded his arms and looked unimpressed. But he did have to admit, the cute little tune May was playing sounded really nice. Perappu, hearing the music, woke up with a start, spreading out its colorful wings, which surprised Max a little.

Then, folding its multicolored wings back, it started to chirp out the tune May was playing, which made Ellie smile even more. "Wow May, you and Perappu seem to really be together on this, hmm, yes that's why you're so perfect for this festival, I knew Perappu brought luck...."

May stopped playing, which also caused Perappu to stop chirping. "Okay Drew, the drums are pretty simple, so please don't worry to much about that," Said Ellie. But Drew didn't exactly looked worried, but really confident, the usual.

"Argh, Drew! Why do you always have to act like that?!" Growled May.

"May, calm down, remember you can be a little over confident too," Said Max, trying to calm his sister down. May shot him a scary look, which caused Max to sink down in his chair.

"Come on, there's no reason to get all worked up over little things," Said Ellie, now looking a little concerned. "Now May, here's the music, I suggest you start practicing considering the Festival is tomorrow. Now Drew, come with me, and Max, I dunno, there's plenty of things to do in this town, maybe you could entertain yourself for a while?" Said Ellie, already leading Drew to the room where she had gotten May's guitar.

Max nodded and replied, "Okay, and hey Drew, mind if I borrow Perappu? I might be able to teach it to sing!" Exclaimed Max.

"You don't need to worry about that, Perappu can pick up on any tune just by hearing it, but it's a nice offer," Said Ellie, in her kind voice again.

"But you can borrow Perappu if you want, just don't let the crazy people here get to it," Said Drew, with a smirk. "And by crazy, I mean May."

Perappu chirped happily, then jumped to Max's shoulder. The four seperated, Drew and Ellie going to the room in her office, May going to a quiet place outside, and Max and Perappu also going outside.

May found a nice place, just outside the little town. A large tree was her shade, and a medium sized boulder was right under it. May sat down on the rock, shifting her guitar back into the right spot, then she placed the music sheet on the soft grass in front of her.

"Wow, this song is pretty easy, only four different chords, hah," Said May, looking over the music. Then, watching her finger carefully, she played the first line, slowly to start. The she tried it faster and faster, until she had it perfect and memorized. Then she played though the rest of the song, it was a cool song, it sounded somewhat modern, yet still old style.

May practiced over and over, sounding better every time, she loved the part towards the end of the song, it sounded so cool and mysterious.

Meanwhile, Ellie had brought Drew to a nice looking room, with white tiles and walls, many instruments were placed around the perimeter of the room, some were cool, others were fancy.

Ellie brought Drew only one, medium sized drum. "See? I told you it was simple, you simply have to memorize the beat of the song." Ellie pulled out a pair of drumsticks and handed one to Drew. Then, she played the beat, it was not a slow beat, nor a fast one, just about medium, making Drew realize, it was simple.

"The only tricky part is keeping the beat when you're playing the drums along to other instruments." Explained Ellie, pulling a strand of her indigo colored hair out of her face.

Eventually, Ellie gave Drew both sticks, and he played the beat perfectly, feeling fully confident that the whole song was going to be easy. He looked forward to hearing his new Perappu sing along to the beat he played.

Max had taken Perappu to a small forest that was close to the town. He planned to train it for Drew, to earn his respect.

"Go Perappu! Uproar!" Commanded Max.

Perappu opened its small beak, screeching so harshly, the smaller trees shuddered and some of their leaves blew away.

"Very good, and now, Hyper Voice!" Yelled Max.

This time, the sound emitting from Perappu's beak was much worse, not only was it louder, but more high pitched too. Max looked impressed, but because he was out of ideas, he grabbed his Poke'Dex from his belt and looked up Perappu's attacks.

"Perappu can learn:
Hyper Voice
Fake Tears
Screech Wave
More>" Read Max's Poke'Dex.

"Screech Wave? I've never heard of that attack, but hey, let's try it out, ok Perappu, Screech Wave!" Exclaimed Max.

Perappu looked scared, but it obeyed, producing such a terrible sound, the waves were visible, Max watched in awe. "That looked powerful! Another one!" Yelled Max.

Perappu repeated its last attack, but this one was even more powerful, it even pushed Perappu back. Then the little bird looked upset, giving Max a sad look. "What is it Perappu?" Asked Max, looking worried.

Perappu attempted to sing, but all that came out was a small, scratchy sounding screech. "Oh no! Not before the festival! Perappu, do you need water? Yeah I bet that's it, here," Said a panicking Max, pulling a bottle of water from his backpack and giving it to Perappu.

Perappu drank the water slowly, then it tried to sing again, poor Perappu only sounded worse. Max groaned. "Now what do I do? May is gonna kill me."

Pulling Perappu back into his arms, Max began to walk towards Suyroi, feeling sad. He made his way back to the police station, but Drew and Ellie came out first. "Oh Max, hey, how's Perappu?" Asked Drew.

Max gulped, handing Perappu back to Drew. "J-just f-fine," Said Max in a nervous voice.

Ellie looked up at the sun that was slowly sinking in the sky, causing the the surroundings to turn yellow and orange. "We'd better go get May, it's getting dark."

"Yeah, we all know someone has to keep an eye on her at all times," Said Drew, rolling his eyes and smirking. Max giggled nervously, staring at Perappu who fell asleep again.


Later that night, Drew and May practiced together, everything was perfect, now they just needed Perappu, who was still sleeping soundly on Ellie's lap. Ellie clapped at the end of their song. "Very good, this is all going to be so perfect tomorrow."

May and Drew smiled, they were both all ready, and were also feeling excited to preform in front of so many people. Secretly, Drew was looking forward to preforming with May.

"Ok guys, I think that's enough for tonight, we need you all ready for tomorrow, so I guess it's bedtime," Said Ellie. "Sorry but the Police Station doesn't have have any beds, so you'll have to stay at the Pokemon Center for tonight."

"Okay, that's fine, and see you tomorrow, Ellie!" Said May, following Max and Drew, they had already left. Ellie smiled and waved, watching May close the door behind herself.


At the Pokemon Center, it was almost full except for one room that only had two beds. Nurse Joy had told them that many people from other towns were visiting to see the Perappu Festival.

The room they were staying in was small, with wooden floors, and the usual night stand, and the window. There were only two beds, which were on opposite sides of the room. "Max! Sleep on the floor!" Yelled May.

"No! You!" Argued Max.

May gave him a light punch on the head. "Floor!" She yelled. Drew chuckled, watching the siblings argue, he never knew what it was like, being an only child.

Suddenly Max pointed at Drew. "Sleep with him, since you guys like each other!"

Both May and Drew blushed, yes, perhaps this did sound nice, but it was embarassing. "Shut up Max, you sleep with him, we all know you practically drool on him!" Yelled Max.

Drew, now getting annoyed, suddenly yelled, "**** it May! Just make up your mind!"

May looked somewhat hurt, but then noticed Max giggling. A few seconds later, Max was lying on the floor, holding his head in pain, his sister looking satisfied. "I told you to stay on the floor," Said May.

Max quickly got up and jumped into one of the beds, giggling and covering himself with the thick green blanket that once covered the bed. "Hah, now I have to get one!"

May started to yell at Max, but Drew stopped her. "Don't be so childish May," He said calmly.

May paused, staring at Drew. "What are we gonna do then? There's only one bed, who's gonna get it?" Asked May.

Drew wasn't quite sure if it would be ok to say what was on his mind, so he simply said, "You go ahead, I'm going to go train my Grovyle for a while."

"Are you sure, Drew?" Asked May, a little confused. Drew didn't reply, but just left the room, turning out the lights. Perappu jumped to May's bed, folding its wings and falling asleep next to May's head. May sighed, staring out the beams out moonlight the shone though the window and hit the wooden floor. "He's so reckless sometimes..."

Drew, went up to the spot where May had practiced her guitar earlier that day. He let Grovyle out of its pokeball, but that night, he didn't intend to train. Drew sat down on the rock, looking at the crescent moon that was now almost completely covered by clouds.

"Sleep with him, since you guys like each other!"

The thought of Max saying this raced through Drew's mind. Did he like May? He felt like he had just met her, yet he'd already kissed her and slept with her. But wasn't it normal for a teenage boy? Drew had never had experience with love, he'd never liked a girl, but May, she was different. Even when she got mad, or upset with him, Drew loved every second of it, as long as May was there.

But was the kiss too soon? What if it made May feel akward towards him? Drew felt like a total idiot, May was pretty and funny, she probably knew how to handle love and her emotions from experience, it wasn't fair! He didn't want to look stupid in front of her.

"Vyle?" Asked Grovyle, watching Drew carefully.

"Oh sorry, I'm just a little confused right now, Grovyle," Said Drew, giving Grovyle a friendly pat on the head. "Before I had caught you, well maybe before I ask that, do you know what love is?"

Grovyle nodded, even though as a Treecko living in a forest, it knew what love was.

"Then have you ever fell in love?" Asked Drew, not looking at Grovyle, but at the moon, the light reflected off of his pretty emerald eyes, making him appear to be in deep thought. Grovyle shook its head, looking a little sad. "I haven't either, not until I met.....May..."

Grovyle didn't look surprised to hear Drew admit. Instead, it put a claw on Drew's knee and nodded. "I know you can't speak english, but I have to admit, it's nice to have you here," Said Drew. Grovyle smiled, as if to say, 'It's nice to have you too'.

The next morning, May and Max awoke to find Drew missing. May smiled, her instinct told her exactly where Drew was. She led Perappu and Max to the tree, and as she expected, there was Drew and Grovyle. Both of the were sleeping, Grovyle leaning on Drew a little.

May smirked, this was her chance. Quietly, she released Whiscash from its pokeball. "Water Pulse, okay Whiscash?" said May sweetly.

The blue fish looked excited as it shot powerful rings of water at Drew and Grovyle. Taking the full hit of the attack, the boys jumped up in protest. "Good morning Drew!" Exclaimed May.

"What the hell was that for?!" Yelled Drew.

"Uh let's see, you were being lazy, duh," said May, sticking her tounge out.

Drew was about to argue again, but then stopped, thinking about the previous night. Grovyle noticed and smiled, looking confident.

"Are you ready for today, May?" He asked.

May didn't look convinced. "Okay, what do you want?"

"Nothing, I was just checking, jeez, you don't have to jump on me for little mistakes that we all know you most commonly make, am I right May?"

May growled, but then said, "Whatever, we need to get the ready, the festival starts in an hour."

"An hour?!" Yelled Max suddenly, glancing at Perappu nervously.

"Uh yeah, what's the problem?" asked May.

"Oh erm, nothing! Everything is just fine, especially Perappu!" Exclaimed Max nervously.

"I don't believe you..." said May. "But for now, Drew and I need to go set up on the stage, see you there, and will you take care of Perappu for awhile?"

"Uh.....oh yeah, sure! Great, I'd love to!" said Max, scooping Perappu in his arms again. Perappu whimpered, wondering if Max was planning to train again. Max watched until May, Drew, and Ellie had disappeared, then went to talking to Perappu.

As though Max read its mind, he said, "Don't worry Perappu, today is all about getting your voice back before the preformence!"

Max set Perappu on the ground. "Ok, try to sing."

Perappu opened its beak, preparing to sing a tune, but once again, all that came out was a hoarse screech. "Oh no, May is so gonna kill me for this...." Said Max, groaning.

"There has to be something I can do to get your voice back.....wait a second, May can't get mad at me if she doesn't know I did it! That's it, I won't tell her, she'll never know!" Said Max. Perappu still looked worried though.


An hour later, May and Drew came back to pick up Max and Perappu, then headed to the center of town. A large and very pretty stage was set up, a projection screen set up to serve as the back. Colorful ribbons decorated the sides of the stage, and many people were already waiting to see the show. On stage, there was Drew's drum, and an amp to plug May's guitar into. But there were two microphones at the front of the stage, one was very small, obviously for Perappu.

Max pushed Perappu on the stage, but it looked back at him nervously. "Don't worry, you'll be great!" Encouraged Max. Drew and May also got on stage, but from a set of stairs on the left side of the stage, Ellie following.

The sun had almost set, the perfect light for the Perappu Festival. May plugged her cool electric guitar into the amp, and set up in the spot where she and Ellie had practiced, Drew doing the same.

Ellie walked up to the tall microphone, she was dressed in her police uniform. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to yet another Perappu Festival! As you all know, we celebrate every time a Perappu comes to our village, and this time, we were lucky enough to have these two young coordinator's, Drew and May, to come along with our lucky Perappu! And now, for some of Perappu's music, with its trainers playing along!" Announced Ellie. Then she walked off the stage.

Just as they had practiced, Drew started by playing the beat, then May came in with her guitar, which added a very pleasent mix, people in the audience were already clapping. Then it was Perappu's turn to come in, but instead of chirping along, it looked back and forth nervously, feeling confused. Drew and May looked confused as well, but they kept playing. Ellie motioned for Perappu to start.

Feeling comforted by Ellie, Perappu opened its shiny pink beak, and tried its best to sing. Once again, the terrible screeching noise came out, causing people in the auidence to flinch. Max looked ashamed, watching poor Perappu. Then he got a quick idea. "Perappu! Sing!" He shouted.

Perappu suddenly snapped out of its confusion, attacks were easy! So then, Perappu began to sing in its normal voice, and it actually matched the tune! But the problem was, everyone, as expected with a Sing Attack, fell asleep.


It wasn't until morning that everyone woke up, well at least Drew. He looked over at May, who was lying on her back, guitar still on, and snoring. "Jeez, what a slob," Said Drew, embarassed.

Slowly, more and more people began to wake up, but most of them went back to their houses. When only Drew, May, Max, and Ellie were left, it was then that Drew realized the time.

"Listen, I have something I should have told you about last night...."Said Max.

"What is it Max?" Asked May.

"Well, you know Perappu's voice? I forced it to use this one attack, and it made its voice come out like that," Said Max.

"Max! Why didn't you tell us, Ellie has a special drink at the Police Station that can heal that!" Yelled May.

"I didn't want you to get mad at me," Murmered Max.

May sighed. "Oh Max, that's what siblings do, right?"

Max smiled, then jumped into his sister's arms, a loving hug. "After not being able to see you for all those years, well, there's a lot I didn't get to know about you!" Said Max.

"Yeah, I know, and the same would go for me," Said May. Then she noticed Drew standing by the edge of town, Perappu at his heels. "Great, not again. Sorry Ellie, Max, Drew always seems to be in such a hurry."

"Well yeah, I have to get going I guess, there's a Pokemon Breeder's Convention today that I really want to see, so see you at your next contest May!" Exclaimed Max, turning towards the opposite path.

Ellie smiled. "Thanks May, and like I said before, sorry it didn't work out. But really, your friend Drew, he's pretty cool, I'd be more nice to him if I were you."

"Yeah right, like he's ever nice to me!" Said May.

"Hmm, ok then, well just remember, him being in a hurry, it will only help you become stronger, so just remember that, ok?" Said Ellie.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Well Ellie, I hope to see you again someday!" Exclaimed May, waving good-bye to Ellie and then running up to Drew.

"You like dramatic endings?" Asked Drew.


"Dramatic endings, you always have to take like an hour just to say good-bye, you know the Grand Festival isn't going to wait for us!" Scolded Drew.

"Sure, whatever, with all this stuff going on, I almost forgot about that..."Said May.

So, with a new Pokemon and a friend, May and Drew are making their way to the next contest, in hot pursuit of the Grand Festival......

*~May sweetie~*
June 30th, 2006, 8:51 PM
OMG that was such a good chapter i loved the band idea and the way drew talked to grovile was sooo sweet ...you really have a gift for this writing

July 5th, 2006, 6:31 PM
Thanks as always *~May sweetie~*

And now, a preview for Chapter 17!

The Many Twists of Love! May's Chance.
Drew becomes ill, but still wanting to get to the Grand Festival in time, he denys it. Forcing himself into traveling, Drew struggles to keep going. Can he make it? Or will he have to give in to May.

The title may not make sense now, but when you read the ending of chapter 17, you'll understand. Jeez, I love this chapter ^_^

*~May sweetie~*
July 11th, 2006, 12:19 PM
ohhhh it sound soo good i cant wait

July 13th, 2006, 7:38 PM
Geez, Mays so cold towards Drew...
But, yet another good, very long, chapter. XD
I love your fanfic. ^^

ooooh 17 sounds interesting. I can sorta guess at how the title fits... x3

July 18th, 2006, 9:48 AM
Chapter 17
The Many Twists of Love! May's Chance
Rating: PG
Pages: 7

A bright morning sun shone through the large and clear window of May and Drew's room in the Pokemon Center. They had been traveling as usual, but decided to stay the night at the Center. But Drew had told May that they'd leave first thing in the morning. So much for that idea.

Drew awoke with a start, panting and sweating. He glanced over at May who was still sleeping. "D***, why do I still feel tired!"

May slowly sat up, "Morning already?" She yawned, but remembering what Drew had previously said, she jumped out of bed and headed to the showers.

Drew felt weak, tired, and hot. But he got up, forcing himself to the showers as well.


Everything was done, May and Drew were ready, but they were sitting on their beds still. "Well come on, it was you who said we should go," Said May, getting up.

Drew followed, still sweating and panting. He followed May slowly. "What's wrong with you, Drew? You look like you're sick," Said May, looking a little worried. They were in a hallway of the Center, the one that lead to the door.

"No, I'm fine..." Said Drew slowly.

"No you're not! Drew, if you're sick, I'll tell Nurse Joy we need the room for another night and..."May Paused, frightened by the look on Drew's face.

He grabbed her shoulders, pushing her back into the wall. "I am FINE! Now come on, we are leaving!" He yelled.

Nurse Joy came behind them, giggling at their position. "So I guess this means that you're leaving?"

"Yes, thanks for the room," Said Drew, dragging May out of the Center.


They were now traveling through another dense forest, but the sun still shone through. May was still feeling upset over what Drew had done. Drew though, still lagged behind, feeling weak.

May didn't dare say another word about it. Sometimes she felt as if she never understood him. May wanting to get Drew back for earlier, suddenly whirled around, waiting for him to catch up. "Hey Drew, if you're so desperate to get to the Grand Festival, why don't you go faster!" She yelled.

Without warning, Drew suddenly collapsed. May's anger turned to worry. She leaned down by his head, gently lifting one his emerald green bangs out of his face, so she could see him. His eyes were shut; he had become unconscious from fever.

"You idiot..."Murmured May.

"I guess we'll have to find somewhere to stay for the night, hmm..." Said May, pulling Drew's Poke'Nav out of his pocket. "Whoa, this forest is huge!" She examined the Poke'Nav's map, looking for a clear spot to camp. "Ah hah, this will work. Go Blaziken!"

May threw a poke ball from her waist bag. It released Blaziken as expected. "Okay Blaziken, you don't mind carrying Drew, do you?"

Blaziken nodded, scooping Drew's limp body in its strong arms. "Okay thanks, now just follow me, I know where we're headed." Said May.

May and Blaziken walked until they found another small path that led off of the main trail. "This is it, we just travel this path, and we should see a clearing!" Exclaimed May, already heading down the trail.

This trail was a lot deeper into the forest. The sun just barely peeked through the tops of the trees. But May and Blaziken continued walking until they found it, a small dirt patch that was just big enough for May and Drew to stay at.

May set down her waist bag and pulled out her tent and prepared to set it up. Meanwhile, Blaziken watched, still glancing down at Drew every so often.


An hour later, May's cute Torchic tent was all set up. She had returned Blaziken and pulled Drew inside the tent, letting him use her pillow and sleeping bag. May stuck her head outside the tent to see what little of the sky was visible. "Hmm, sunset already. Well, I guess I was feeling tired anyways!" Said May, pulling herself back into the tent.

She glanced at Drew again, feeling worried. She carefully pulled her gloves off of her hands, and with one bare hand, she placed it across Drew's forehead. "Still got a pretty bad fever...Oh Drew, I wish I knew how to help you..."

May now lie back, staring at the top of the tent. Sighing, she closed her eyes and fell asleep...


The next morning, May awoke with a start. “Oh, just a dream…”

She glanced over at Drew, who was still unconscious. Though, he was still sweating and breathing quickly.

“When are you going to get better?” Asked May, though she knew there would be no reply. May sighed, the feeling of being alone, it was a horrible feeling. She missed Drew, even his sarcastic remarks.

“What am I supposed to do while he’s sick? There must be something out there for me to do,” Said May. “Wait a minute! Drew said his Grovyle was really good with medicine and stuff, maybe I can help Drew!”

She grabbed Grovyle’s Poke Ball from Drew’s belt. She held it up, so Grovyle could be released.

“Vyle?” It asked, looking at May. Then it looked over at Drew, surprised.

“It’s okay, Grovyle, Drew will be fine, but I need your help with something,”

Grovyle nodded, still looking at its weakened trainer. “Drew told me you know a lot about medicine, so maybe we could go out in the forest to try and find some herbal plants?”

Grovyle finally looked away from Drew, then smiled at May. It quickly ran out of the tent, May slowly following.

“Wow, you sure are energetic!” Exclaimed May, having to speed up to the swift forest Pokemon.

Grovyle came to a sudden halt at an old looking tree with red leaves as if it were Fall. Using its strong claws, it pulled itself up the tree’s scratched up trunk, reaching for a particularly large leaf. It swiped at the leaf, successfully plucking it from the branch, but by doing so, Grovyle lost balance and started tumbling down to the hard ground below. It closed its eyes, bracing itself for the pain, but instead of hitting the ground, it landed in May’s arms.

May just giggled. “It’s true! Pokemon really are like they’re trainers! Drew taught you to be reckless!”

Grovyle jumped down from her arms, still holding the large, but beautiful red leaf. It handed it to May, and then took off running again, as though it knew where to find the next herb.

About an hour later, May and Grovyle returned. May of course, was carrying a variety of different leaves, plants, and a few other things.

They both entered the tent, May glancing at Drew yet again. It seemed as if the fever had gotten worse, Drew’s face was now a light shade of red, and his breathing wasn’t so steady anymore. May was now really worried, but it seemed that Grovyle had calmed down. It put a claw on May’s shoulder to assure her that everything was going to okay. She nodded, it helped, but what she couldn’t help was worrying about Drew.

“So, what do we do now, Grovyle?” Asked May, giving the medicine ingredients back to the Pokemon.

Grovyle grinned, then ran to Drew’s side, but more accurately, his bag. Grovyle pulled out a plastic bowl from it.

May was amazed by the Pokemon’s intelligence. She watched in awe as Grovyle prepared itself. But Grovyle broke her concentration. It stood in front of her, holding out its claw.

“What? Do you want something?” She asked.

Grovyle nodded, giving up hope of explaining to May, it grabbed two poke balls from May’s waist bag.

“Hey!” May yelled in protest, but Grovyle ran out of the tent with the poke balls, leaves, and bowl.

She sighed, but she trusted Grovyle enough, it probably needed her Pokemon for some reason. If it were going to help Drew, it would all be worth it…

When the sun went down, May started to get nervous. Drew’s fever still hadn’t gone down. She stared at his lifeless state. Although she didn’t want to say it, she really did miss him. He may have been a jerk at times, but still…there was something about him….

When the harvest moon was fully set in the sky, Grovyle returned to the tent, handing May her poke balls. “Oh! You used Blaziken and Whiscash! How did it go?”

Grovyle looked tired, but it held up the once empty bowl, which now contained a green liquid. “So, is this medicine?” Asked May.

Grovyle nodded, handing the May the bowl, then rushing to its trainer’s side. It was then Grovyle noticed Drew’s fever had gotten worse. Noticing its poke ball laying a few feet away, it poked the opening, and was absorbed inside by a red light.

“Poor Grovyle….” Whispered May. “It worked so hard today.”

Then she looked at the medicine. “Ah! Poor me! I don’t know how to do this! What do I look like? I doctor?!” May sighed. “I guess I’ll just have to do my best…”

“Grovyle didn’t really give too many instructions….” Said May with a nervous giggle.

Finding a spoon in her bag, May leaned in, closer to Drew, a spoonful of the thick green liquid. May groaned as she shoved the spoon in his mouth, dumping the liquid. “I will never, and I mean NEVER, do this again!”

May pulled the spoon from his mouth. Drew seemed to swallow the medicine, but with a little bit of struggle. May set the spoon in the bowl, and set it off to the side. Then, grabbing a poke ball, she released Whiscash, who was happily flopping around.

Then she dug around in Drew’s bag, finding a small rag, exactly what she was looking for. “Whiscash, gently Water Gun this for me, okay?” Said May, holding the rag in front of Whiscash. The blue fish nodded, then shot a gently spray of water from its mouth.

With the rag now soaked, May carefully folded it into a long rectangular shape, then placed across Drew’s forehead. “There, that should help….”

The next morning, May awoke slowly, but when she was fully awake, she was busy. Taking care of Drew. He still hadn’t awoken, but his fever had gone done a little.

Over the next few days, May kept taking care of Drew, even though it made her tired, she felt she had to do it, as Drew would do the same for her. She gave Drew the medicine once a night, which was what she decided, was best. Even without the help of Grovyle, she managed to help bring Drew’s fever down by a lot.

Finally, about five nights of busily keeping Drew healthy, she felt too tired. May tried her hardest to stay awake, for Drew, but she eventually gave in, falling into a deep sleep…

The next day came, the sun rising slowly; the sky was in light shades of pink and purple. May awoke with a start, glancing at Drew. Except, Drew wasn’t there!

“Drew!” May yelled, a little scared. “He’s such an idiot! He probably went to train, what happens if he gets really sick again?!”

May rushed outside the tent, accidentally running into something large and green. Looking up, she noticed Drew’s strong sand dragon. “Flygon!” She exclaimed.

But there was something odd about the look on Flygon face. May noticed a beautiful, scarlet rose sticking out of its mouth. It leaned down, bending its wings back, as if it wanted May to get on.

May guessed this too, as she jumped on its back. Grinning, Flygon skillfully beat its wings, slowly rising higher and higher into the sky. “What is going on here?” May demanded. Flygon didn’t reply, but instead, it sped up.

May looked down. They were pretty high up, but she saw a field of what looked like red flowers, a few pink trees stood above the red mess.

Flygon slowly lowered itself, landing by a specific tree. Getting closer and closer, May noticed the pink trees were actually cherry blossoms, and the red flowers were like the scarlet rose that Flygon had. “Woah!” Was May’s only comment on the beautiful scenery.

Landing carefully at the base of a cherry blossom, May jumped off, noticing a quiet green haired boy leaning against the trunk. “Drew?” She asked.

The boy turned his face to May. Those emerald eyes, and the grin on his face, this was most definitely Drew. “May…” He answered softly.

“So, what’s all this?” Asked May, sinking down next to him.

“Just a little thanks from me,” Drew replied, staring out at the stunning field of roses.

“You knew?”

“How could I not? I don’t just get better on my own,” Said Drew with a chuckle.

“I didn’t really do that much though, it was Grovyle really,” Said May, blushing.

“True, Grovyle did contribute, but really May, I know you worked hard,” Said Drew, now staring into May’s eyes deeply.

May’s face turned even redder. “Well okay…I guess…”

Drew grinned again. “Nice isn’t it? I never expected to find this,”

“Nice?! It’s beautiful, Drew! And the timing is perfect, look at the way the sky looks!” Exclaimed May.

Suddenly, a gentle breeze blew through the little field. A few of the pink petals blew of the cherry blossom tree, creating an even more attractive scene. Drew chucked again.

“What’s so funny, Drew?” Asked May.

“Think of a contest, May, the appeal round specifically. Now, imagine you have the perfect combo that you know will get you a perfect score…”


“Well, as planned, the appeal goes perfect, but then, something happens, such as, if you were using a grass Pokemon, the sun comes on, offering the perfect opportunity to use a powerful Solar Beam. It adds to the appeal greatly, except, your score can’t get any better,” Said Drew.

“Okay, what’s so funny about that?” Asked May.

“It reminded me of this field. I didn’t plan the cherry blossom petals, or the sky, but yet, it worked out so well,”

“You’re weird sometimes,” Said May, giggling.

“Look who’s talking,” Said Drew with a smirk.

May continued to giggle, she missed the sarcasm, so now she enjoyed it.

Drew flicked a strand of hair from his face, although May knew he did it to look cool, as always.

“So Drew, you must be in heaven here, check out all the roses!” May exclaimed.

“Hmm, well I was when you came…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Asked May.

“Oh, nothing really, just forget that I said that, okay?” Said Drew, his face now turning red.

“You’re acting kinda weird today, Drew, are you still sick?” May asked suspiciously.

“Nah, I’m just in a good mood,” Said Drew, smiling.

The sky was now starting to turn back to a light blue, but the sun was still just rising, and from May and Drew’s position, it was a clear, beautiful sight.

Flygon was gracefully soaring through the sky, still keeping an eye on May and Drew. But it was also enjoying the fresh morning atmosphere.

It dropped the rose it was carrying in between May and Drew. They both reached for the rose, May’s hand landing on Drew’s, which was on the rose’s delicate stem.

May pulled back, blushing and laughing nervously. Drew stared ay May, thinking, maybe their feeling were the same?

Drew picked up the rose, but then he handed it to May. “It was for you anyways…”

May accepted the rose. She held it with both hands, over her heart. “Thanks.”

Drew grinned again, sharing the same grin as his Flygon, who zoomed in to watch the two.

May moved in, a little closer to Drew…

But they both were watching the sunrise, neither realizing that their hands were now bonded closely together.

Perhaps they did notice, but if this was true, it seemed as if they didn’t care. Staring at the sun that was slowly coming up, May and Drew’s next adventure would begin……

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ohhh that was so adorable i loved when their hands touched ;)

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This fic is really awesome. The way you described the field of roses and the cherry blossom scene was really great. Is chapter 18 going to be up soon?

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Very impressive, this fic is entertainment and at the same time very catchy. Sure there are some small spelling errors but who doesnt make mistakes, right? anyways nice fic, hope it makes it to the fic of the week or month.

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Hmmph. I've read this and think that it's a little past decent. There are many errors that seem to be overlooked by Drew+May fans. Good work with the building up the relationship between the two. I need work on that. It seems like in my fic the relationship is already built up, but don't be fooled...back to the review. Also, Drew getting in the bed with May...? HE'S the perverted one! (Scene with his boxers)

That was bold and uncharacteristic of him. I wonder where this is going. Btw, that was kinda sad for Drew when he had to wake up from that fantasy world of his. If I were him I'd have "imagined" that I remembered who this brown-haired fantasy-girlfriend resembling girl was. That way he could stay with DREAMAY (my name for her) and still be unconcious. LOL anyway, keep up the writing. I'll be checking this place out as you progress with the story.

July 28th, 2006, 5:02 PM
I give it a 10/10. or in pokemon contests, 30. at first i thought the medicine grovile made . was a meal made from wiscash and blazican(eww). any way ProtrainerEon gave a nice reveiw.
I love the suspence!

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Yeah, I got the beginning of the next chapter started, but please understand, with school starting, I'm gonna be pretty busy, but the good news about this is that I have decided to take many Language Arts/English Enrichment classes this year, meaning, less errors! Being a kid still, I got a lot to learn ^o^

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Okay, I guess I can't say no to that face LOL ^^


Haunted House! Sableye, Friend or Foe?
May has convinced Drew to stop at a carnival, only because of the "Pokemon Contest" within. There's something strange about all of this, what's a contest doing with the carnival? A familar Pokemon, Sabeleye, knows! Will this be the last contest for the two young coordinators?

Oooh, that's suspenseful. If you like the suspense in this, I've been puting it off, but would you like me to post my Contest Shipping mystery story? It's quite a bit more shippy than this, and more suspenseful, a mystery!

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Sorry guys, I didn't know this place was still around! But I have quite a few chapters done, I'll keep posting them as you comment :)

Chapter 18
Mysterious Sableye, Friend or Foe?
Rating: PG

“I’m hoping you know that the next Pokemon Contest will be in the next town we pass through,” Pointed out Drew.

May didn’t reply, knowing that if she were to be honest, Drew would be mean. The two were walking on a dirt trail through what seemed like an endless plain, no houses, Pokemon, just grass and dust.

“This place is boring…” Whined May.

“But this is an excellent place to train our Pokemon up before the contest!” Exclaimed Drew. May sighed, she didn’t feel like practicing, she was tired and thirsty, how could Drew possibly have the energy for it?

She groaned, Drew was pretty hyped about the idea, and she didn’t really want to tell him no. “I guess, but not for too long….”

“Great!” Drew exclaimed, already walking through the taller weeds that lie just of the path. May slowly followed, trying to keep track off Drew, as the dry plants got taller and taller, that is, until the pair reached a wide opening, but like the path, there was nothing for miles around, except an old house.

“Someone actually lives here?” Said a stunned May.

“Well duh, of course not, I mean, who would live in that old dump?” assumed Drew.

“I would….” Said a mystified voice coming from behind Drew.

There stood a girl, she appeared to be about Drew and May’s age, but her hair was a dark green, her tattered dress was green with one yellow half-stripe running down the center. On each wrist was a green wristband with a small rose on their respective sides, one being cobalt, and the other a dark pink. She also wore dark green boots that went up to her knees, which were hidden by her dress.

“Drew!” Scolded May.

“Don’t worry about that…. my name is Rosalie…” Said the girl in a hoarse whisper.

“No please, just excuse Drew, he’s not really good with girls,” May told to Rosalie.

Drew sweat dropped then replied with a fierce, “Hey!”

“So, you are visitors here? We never get anyone here…” Said Rosalie.

“Actually, we came here to practice our coordinating skills, so now we’ll be going,” Said Drew. May delivered a sharp blow to the back of his head.

“You jerk, this girl probably doesn’t ever get any company, we could at least stay here train!”

Drew sighed, while rubbing his head, though it didn’t hurt much, as May did it a lot. “Okay, at least it’s some training…”

“Excuse me, but may I watch you practice? I do not ever get to see any battles around here,” Said Rosalie shyly.

“Sure! And don’t be shy if you want something!” Exclaimed May, running off to the left side of the open space, while Drew calmly paced to the right.

“I’ll beat you this time! I need the ribbon!” Yelled May. “Go, Delcatty!”

May stylishly tossed her pokeball into the air, releasing her prim Pokemon, who meowed with delight to be out. Then it faced Drew, feeling competitive.

“Delcatty, huh? Go, Masquerain!” Said Drew, smirking, and simply holding out his pokeball to release the hyper eyeball Pokemon.

May glanced at Rosalie, expecting her to get excited over the Pokemon, but she still had the same bored look. May frowned slightly, but then focused back to the battle. Her Delcatty’s tail was glowing with a strange white light that had a green tint to it.

“Masquerain! Silver Wind, and hurry!” Commanded Drew. Masquerain vigorously flapping its little wings, creating a gust of silver and sparkles. Just as Masquerain neared Delcatty, a small beam shot from its tail, knocking the bug back a little.

“Wow Delcatty! You used Solar Beam!” Exclaimed May.

“It seems to me that Delcatty learned that attack on its own, just a little tip, if you want to use a powerful attack like that in the contest, you’ll have to practice more, especially since it still hasn’t perfected the attack completely yet,” Said Drew, observing Delcatty with slight awe.

“You haven’t seen anything yet! Now use Blizzard, full blast!” Exclaimed May. Delcatty meowed, then shot the powerful snow attack towards Masquerain.

“Dodge, then Bubble…” Said Drew calmly. With lightning speed, Masquerain jumped out of the way just in time, then with a cool little twirl, it shot spiraling bubbled at Delcatty, which it was unable to dodge.

The poor cat fell down at May’s feet, but with determination, it pulled itself back up. “Good job, Delcatty! Now how about an Assist?”

Delcatty nodded, then gathered power and released a powerful Flamethrower. The flames were suddenly reflected by something. “Drew! How did you do that without saying anything!”

Even Drew looked shocked. “I’m not sure…my Masquerain definitely can’t do anything like that!” Masquerain nodded in agreement. “Oh and watch out, er, too late…”

May turned to see what Drew was talking about, then remembering that her attack had reflected, watched as Delcatty got hit full blast. Rosalie giggled, causing May to get a little ticked off.

“This is our last chance, Delcatty, come back with Iron Tail!” Said May nervously; it was all or nothing now.

Delcatty’s tail lit up again, but this time, it was pure white. It charged at Masquerain, doing a flip before preparing itself to strike. Then, Masquerain used Water Pulse, blowing Delcatty back and knocking it out.

May sighed, returning her tired cat to its poke ball. “Something’s not right here….” She muttered, shoving the pokeball into her yellow pack.

Drew seemed a little confused too; the unusual look of surprise was spread across his face as he returned his Pokemon as well, with a little praise of course.

Rosalie appeared to be giddy, but her eyes still seemed lost in thought. May shot her a dirty look, starting to doubt herself for being nice to the weird girl.

The golden sun spread across the horizon, turning the sky shades of blood red to a deep violet. “Aw jeez, another delay, I’m telling you May, if we don’t get to that contest tomorrow…” Muttered a ticked off Drew.

“Sorry, but at least we can say we got some practice in,” Said May, trying to cheer her friend up.

“If you would like, you can stay at my house for the night….” Said Rosalie, already drifting back, then through the front door of the creepy old house.

“I suppose we don’t have a choice, I can’t sleep on the ground for a while after the last few days,” Said Drew, though he didn’t exactly look thrilled.

May nervously agreed, slowly following Drew into Rosalie’s strange house. The inside reminded the young coordinators of a scary mansion from a movie, as cobwebs draped over the old chestnut furniture, and the windows were cracked and broken in places.

“Er Drew, maybe we could sleep outside for the night?” Squeaked May, the occasional creaking and moaning of the house made her jump.

“Stop being such a baby, though we are going to have to sleep on the floor, there’s a large rug over there, so come on!” Scolded Drew, then dragging May to the spot he’d mentioned.

Pulling out his sleeping bag, Drew neatly set it out before him, and then moved himself inside, falling asleep quickly. May knew he wanted to get up early the next day to travel some more.

May’s blanket was built into her Torchic tent, which she was unable to use due to the size. She groaned, but then poked Drew. He grumbled something, but didn’t wake up.


May knew there was only one thing she could do, but didn’t dare attempt it. Instead, she found herself slowly dozing off, leaning against a dusty loveseat. But suddenly, she woke up, only a few minutes later, doing the exact thing she had been avoiding. There she lie, in Drew’s large sleeping bag, he of course, was still sleeping soundly next to her.

“Drew! You perv!” She screeched, trying to pull away. Drew slowly opened his emerald green eyes, turning around to face her.

The fact that another being, that being May, was there, in a shocked voice, he replied, “Uh May, I didn’t do anything!”

May sensed the sincerity in his voice, and quickly apologized for waking him up. “But, if you didn’t then who did?”

Her question was answered only a few short seconds later, as a large pair of glowing eyes crept out of the shadows, revealing its small purple body, the glowing came from its large, jeweled eyes.

“Sableye!” Drew and May exclaimed at the same time. The small demonic creature giggled, pointing at the sleeping bag.

“So it was you!” May yelled, suddenly remembering her previous problem. Rosalie appeared as well, smiling evilly like Sableye.

“So, you made the mistake of entering my house, or should I say, Master Sableye’s Mansion!” Exclaimed the weird girl.

“What kind of stupid game are you trying to play?” Demanded Drew, pulling himself up.

“You see, I was created by Sableye for the sole purpose of bringing you two closer together!”

Both Drew and May blushed, but it was Drew to speak first, “Bring us closer together? What kind of stupid crap is that!”

“Heh…” Giggled Rosalie weakly. “I can’t stay around much longer, but Sableye will finish the job, just wait!”

Just as she had said, Rosalie slowly began to just fade away, leaving May horrorstruck, and Drew bored.

“So stupid….” He mumbled.

Sableye cackled again, its goal had been fulfilled for the night, and it disappeared as well.

“Jeez, this has got to be some kind of joke, and now I’m going back to bed, May, you can use my blanket, I wasn’t really cold anyways….” Said Drew, yawning and sinking down against the loveseat that May had previously done.

May felt somewhat guilty, but then had an idea, as she knew Drew really was cold. Still in the sleeping bag, she crawled over to him, “Why don’t we share it again?”

Drew’s face became pink again, “Wha-What? Are you joking?”

“Um, no…”

Drew was hesitant, but eventually crawled back into the sleeping bag with May, the two gently hugged, just to keep warm though. Still, May had an odd smile on her face, perhaps, Drew wasn’t the jerk he appeared to be….

December 8th, 2006, 4:42 PM
Aww..... How romantic! Please update soon!!

December 18th, 2006, 4:07 PM
Chapter 19 Contest Surprise! Legendary Pokemon Enters
Rating: PG-13 (Mainly for violence)

A large bustling town lay ahead, the sun’s awesome energy reflected off the tinted black windows. May squinted, yet a strange sense of excitement flowed through both her and Drew. This bright town was home to the next Pokemon Contest!

Drew grumbled, “Well at least we got some training in…”

“Drew! Quit complaining, don’t ruin the moment! I’m gonna win this contest for sure!” Exclaimed May.

The two walked through the city, enjoying the occasional shade of the towering buildings above. Finally, after what seemed like at least an hour of walking, May and Drew could see a colorful Pokemon Contest Hall at the edge of a dense forest.

“This one looks really pretty!” Said May enthusiastically.

The two young coordinators entered through two large glass doors, revealing a surprisingly small room. Like always, a little old lady sat a desk, ready to register trainers and their Pokemon into the upcoming Pokemon contest.

“Two entries?” Asked the lady sweetly as the two approached.

“Yeah,” Said Drew, giving her his pass, while May did the same. With a kind smile, she scanned the cards on a device attached to her computer. May got in a quick glance of her and Drew’s coordinator info appearing on the screen. The lady handed the passes back and wished the two luck.

“So, we have until tomorrow, what do we do until then?” Asked May.

“I don’t know about you, but I need some alone time, I’ll go outside so you can have the room,” Said Drew calmly.

May attempted another sentence, but for what purpose? She could sense that Drew was nervous, so she let him have his space while she returned to the room they rented in the Pokemon Center.

She sat on her bed, staring at all of her pokeballs and thinking hard. “Hmm, I’m not going to use Blaziken, it’s worked hard, so I’ll give it a break, Beautifly isn’t ready for a contest like this, I haven’t trained Snorlax in a long time…Who can I use?” May thought to herself.

Then she grinned and grabbed two from the pile. “Okay, this will work!”


Drew didn’t really stop to relax anywhere, he walked through the city’s streets, just wondering, but not really thinking about anything in particular. Though he was thinking about what Pokemon to use tomorrow. He’d heard rumors of it being one of the toughest contests ever, so he’d have to use some reliable, tough Pokemon. But it didn’t take Drew long to figure it out, “This will be perfect…”


Drew returned later that night, only muttering a quick “Yo” to May, then almost immediately fell asleep. May had more trouble, but after awhile, she too had gone to sleep. Drew seemed extra tense, but why? He never had problems with any contest like this…


“Welcome to our annual Pokemon Contest!” Shouted a young, cheerleader like announcer, but this wasn’t the usual Vivian. “We promise to give you the most entertaining show around today!” Her little blonde ponytails waved as she ran across the stage, yelling into the microphone.

May and Drew were in the usual preparation lobby, waiting their turn. “I thought of a really complex appeal last night!” Said May, smiling at Drew. He turned to her, looking confused.

“May, there are no appeal rounds in this contest,” He said quickly.

She looked frustrated, “I’ll just save it for next time…” She grumbled.

“The first battle will be between Drew and Josh, will you two please come to the battle stage now?” The announced declared with an annoying giggle. Drew sighed, but left May sitting there without a word. A few seconds later, May saw Drew on the battlefield facing a rather plump young teen, who looked like a total nerd. But with surprising haste, he tossed two pokeballs into the air releasing a Plusle and Minun.

Drew’s smirk returned, the two cheering Pokemon really didn’t look that tough. He threw out his two pokeballs as well, this time showing Grovyle and Flygon.

“Okay, let the battle begin!!”

“Flygon, Sandstorm, Grovyle, hide, then attack!” Drew coolly commanded. The Plusle and Minun shielded their eyes with their ears, and still couldn’t attack. Suddenly, Grovyle busted out of the swirling sand using a strong Leaf Blade and knocking the little Pokemon over. The sandstorm subsided, but the other two Pokemon were knocked out.

“Easy!” Exclaimed Drew.

“That’s it! The battle is over already, thanks to Drew’s wonderful combination of Sandstorm and Leaf Blade!”

Drew couldn’t help but put on his usual, boastful sneer. He grabbed two pokeballs from his belt and returned his Pokemon. He walked back to the preparation lobby, expecting to get in a quick chat with May. She wasn’t there however, and it was just then that he realized she’d been called up for her battle already.

On the stage, May nervously stared at the two pokeballs in her hands, had she made the right choice? But still, she tossed them out onto the stage, releasing her Delcatty and Whiscash. The other trainer, whose name May figured out was Kate, threw out a Persian and Vibrava. The elegant, white cat Pokemon leaped forward, it’s claws out, but something was very, very strange. The Persian was aiming for May, not her Pokemon! The cat slightly scratched her on the arm, but May still cringed, just from not being used to this in battle.

When the Pokemon finished, May turned to the judges, waiting for them to disqualify Kate for attacking a trainer, but they actually just sat there, observing the battle as always. The MC noticed May’s confused look, then turned to the audience, “I’d like to remind you all of our special rule, we’re the only contest that does this, but Pokemon are allowed to attack trainers too!”

Both May and Drew were in shock, how was this possible! It all seemed so mean; Pokemon shouldn’t be trained to attack people. May snapped out of her trance quick because Vibrava was aiming an attack at Whiscash now. “Um, Whiscash! Dodge, then use Mud-Slap!” She commanded. The large blue fish obeyed with ease, flopping away from the attack then it shot a fast jet of mud at Persian. Then, without command, Delcatty used a powerful Blizzard that knocked the Persian out, and almost made Vibrava faint. Whiscash finished it up with one last Water Gun, which made the bug like dragon faint real fast.

After a couple more quick battles, May and Drew both made it to the semi-finals, but they were luckily not battling each other. Instead, May quickly beat a trainer with a Muk and Golbat and moved on to the finals. She waited on the field for Drew, but another trainer walked onto the stage instead. “D-Drew lost?!” May gasped.

“That’s right, he was weak too, in my opinion though, you all are, so girl, you ready to lose?” Said the cocky trainer. May had learned from the loud MC that his name was Damian. He looked about twenty-five, his hair was a cool red, and his outfit totally matched. May frowned; this wasn’t going to be an enjoyable battle.

“Now, come out, Tropius, Regirock!” He yelled, tossing out two pokeballs. The first pokeball released a tall green and brown Pokemon with strange yellow fruits growing on it. Enormous palm tree like leaves grew from its back, which were beating quickly, keeping the Pokemon in the air. The other pokeball revealed an even bigger Pokemon, a very strange one too. Its body looked like it was made of many rocks, but there was a strange pattern that May concluded must have been its face.

Drew had found a seat in the front row of the audience; he had gotten to see both coordinators release their Pokemon. But he watched the Regirock with concern, remembering his last battle with Damian, it had been ruthless. Drew understood why this Pokemon was considered legendary and he wished he could have at least warned May of its awesome power.

Regirock charged towards Delcatty with surprising speed. With one of its long rocky arms, it easily knocked the cat out of the way and continued to advance towards May. Repeating the process with May, it knocked her out of the way and stopped. Then it turned itself around to face May who was just getting back to her feet. She looked at the massive Pokemon in panic. Delcatty watched helplessly, at the moment, it was lying on the ground still, in deep pain, unable to help its trainer. Whiscash was busily keeping Tropius from getting to May like Regirock.

Regirock grabbed up May then tossed her into a wall with all its strength. Drew was watching still, worrying about how long May could last. Surprisingly, she slowly opened her eyes again and somehow managed to stand up. Regirock finished up its damage by using a quick Rock Tomb around May, and then it broke through the rock. May was yet again sent flying, then found herself lying against a wall, but this time with a painful looking gash along her shoulder.

Delcatty finally stood up and faced Regirock angrily. It jumped up and rammed into the rock Pokemon hard, but it only did damage to Delcatty itself. Whiscash had managed to keep Tropius down for a minute or two, and turned to help Delcatty. May saw this as her chance and weakly called out an attack. “Fissure, Whiscash…please…please work…”

Drew had heard her command and hoped for the best, it was very unlikely for this attack to even work, but if it did, it would greatly help May out. Whiscash closed its eyes and focused its energy. It slammed its tail on the ground hard, which sent off a massive rumble through the whole Contest Hall. But nothing happened. May looked down; there was no hope now.

But suddenly, a small crack started forming on the ground. It gradually got bigger and bigger, heading towards Regirock. May looked up, hearing the crowd cheer. She saw Damian returning a fainted Regirock to its pokeball, and a huge, deep crack formed in the ground. May confidently smiled and stood up.

“Delcatty! Use Assist! Whiscash! Mud-Shot!” She called out with more strength.

The two Pokemon combined their attacks, Delcatty’s Assist turned into a Silver Wind, which sent the balls of mud flying at Tropius faster than ever. The combo attack hit the Pokemon hard. Tropius groaned in pain then fell over. It attempted to lift its head back up, but it fell back down with a thud.

Damian was taken aback, but he returned his other Pokemon to its pokeball. “You cheated, no one ever beats me! No one!” He yelled angrily.

“That’s it! That was an astounding comeback from May! And now we’ll present her with her new ribbon!” Cheered the MC. Drew smiled, but made sure he quickly made it down to the stage to congratulate his friend. Damian turned to leave, disgusted. The childish MC gently placed a cute little pink and yellow ribbon in May’s hands. The audience members were slowly leaving, and Drew had finally made his way to May. “Look Drew!” May exclaimed, shoving her new ribbon in his face.

Drew smirked, “Wow, you actually won one.”

Normally, May would have been mad at him for saying something like that, but she just smiled. Finally, she passed out, but Drew was there luckily. May woke up the next morning, lying in the bed of the room they had rented in the Pokemon Center.

Drew walked in, a towel around his neck. “Morning,” He muttered. May sat up, feeling unusually cheery, especially for it being so early in the morning.

“Good morning, Drew!” She exclaimed.

“So, are you ready to get going?” He questioned.

“Go! But, I didn’t even put on fresh clothes on!” May cried.

“Well hurry up then,” Said Drew.

May giggled, but headed for the showers, taking some new clothes with her. When she was all done, she knew that Drew and her would be out as soon as possible. But, that was later, and for now, May just took her time, maybe Drew needed to relax a little bit anyways…

__________________________________________________ _________

There you go, May gets a new ribbon! Be happy people, who know's how long it will be before I can get a new chapter out...


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