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  • I am never too busy to grab the code cards when they come out, wasn't expecting them to have the early though.
    Why them and not me? JK, but I went to GS today and they miss me there, haven't been for awhile, but Darryl gave me 7 cards already.
    I didn't know you were still running the Gen 6 one ^-^; I made the mistake of transfering everything to Gen 7 so I don't play in Gen 6 that much anymore either lol
    Anyway, let me know if I can get you something like an Event or Shiny! I really appreciate what you do :)
    The Ditto giveaways. This must be draining so much of your time, yet you continue :)
    281021695765 my apologies sir im still trying to figure out how to add my FC to my account but I inquired earlier about the perfrct IV dito give away and wasnt sure if you needed this thans again in advance.
    Hola buenas tardes, disculpe quería preguntarle si usted sabe alguna web aparte de pokecommunity que trabajen en pokémon ruby, lo que pasa es que quiero mejorar pokémon light platinum y ponerle algunas cosas nuevas pero no encuentro muchas cosas en pokecommunity, ya he seguido su tutorial de nuevos tipos y de mas ataques, también ya he puesto nuevos efectos de movimientos tanto defensivos como ofensivos, también ya he puesto el sístema Físico, Especial y Estado, también expandí los pokémon con los bytes que dejo chaos rush, ademas de poner el repartidor exp de andrea que usted porteo, usted cree que me pueda dar un poco de información y si no pues de todos modos muchas gracias por leer este mensaje :).

    Hello good afternoon, sorry I wanted to ask if you know any web other than pokecommunity that work on pokémon ruby, what happens is that I want to improve pokémon light platinum and put some new things but I do not find many things in pokecommunity, I already followed his tutorial New types and more attacks, I have also introduced new effects of both defensive and offensive moves, I have already put the Physical, Special and State system, I also expanded the pokémon with the bytes that I left chaos rush, in addition to put the dealer exp Of andrea you porteo, you think you can give me some information and if not then anyway thank you very much for reading this message :).
    K; I can relate since I have that problem from time to time to with my fan games.
    I was wondering if you ever considered making a Pokemon Game using that tool? I think it would be an efficient way to make the Ruby Destiny games.
    Sorry to hear about BT's cancellation. Still, it's better to cancel a project than to keep going with no motivation. You've already done amazing work on the Ruby Destiny series, so be proud of that.
    I'll try to be more active and to answer your question from about a year ago, I am into spriting still lol.
    Heck no, not too much to ask, always offer you one first, I will PM you one.
    Hey do you need a lycanroc code? I going to pick a few up now and wanted to see if you wanted one.
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