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  • That's a bit more extreme than here. Those extremes are once a decade things at their most frequent, we typically don't get colder than -35 C and don't typically get warmer than 35 C. Still big enough swing for it to be the the most extreme swings among all American metropolitan areas larger than 1 million inhabitants, though.
    I can only imagine. IIRC you're far enough north that your snowfall also doesn't melt away because it doesn't get warm enough to, right?

    Our snow banks can get that high, but it depends on when in the season you are and whether you're on the flat prairie or in the old "Big Woods" where there are more hills and trees to block wind. Single snowfalls like that pretty much don't happen in my area.
    still a huge dealer markup either way

    I'd just rather have a heavier car and not go any lighter than I already have. I've yet to get stuck in snow anywhere other than backing out of my parents' driveway in my previous two cars (old 2000 Taurus and a '98 Ford Windstar) and hitting an ice patch in a roundabout to get stuck on a median, but control is an issue. Especially living in an area heavy on pickup trucks and SUVs that are flying down these county roads even though they're 3 or 4 inches deep with snow.

    Shelling out for snow tires is something I haven't bothered for because we don't usually get obscene levels of snowfall and the all-seasons they sell here can handle all but the absolute coldest weather we have (and literally everything slides on ice).
    I've legit only heard of The Smoking Tire of those 3. If I wasn't trying to scale back my YouTube consumption, I'd give them a try.

    60k CAD right? Wow, you guys were being asked to pay $7k US more than what US dealers were marking the thing up by already, which was $10k US over MSRP on it's own. Hot damn.

    I'd get an ST but as it's lighter than my '11 Fusion and FWD like it as well, I'd probably have traction issues in the winter, which are something I already have in my Fusion in deeper snowfalls. Though I suppose with either one I'd have to buy proper winter tires.

    Also, have an amazing weird video made by a YouTuber I used to watch who is a big Doug DeMuro fan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23FRwX5aDWQ

    yes daddy doug demuro hit me with those quirks and features
    kinda yeah

    i'm not super hardcore into cars but I do really enjoy watching a handful of youtube channels on them to up my knowledge and to hear those engines

    You familiar with Doug DeMuro at all? Or Regular Car Reviews? Or Visio Racer?

    also i'm a super hard stan for the Focus RS because I can see myself being able to afford one within 5 years
    Hahaha I'd have to admit, I wasn't expecting you to say that game :D I guess youll be touching on this in your review, but how are the 3D aspects of that game? Asking just cause I know how for many of the N64 games that was hit-and-miss lol
    Things are okay - currently searching for a job so I'm just counting down the days till I actually land something haha. What game do you think you're going to review first? (: I forget which consoles you own.
    Oo ì_______í oO Yours can go fast...

    ...but mine can go anywhere O|||||||O

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