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  • From what I've done with him in the trial run, he's really cool. But he probably won't find his way onto a team any time soon since I have Jean and Sucrose at 90 and I'm working on Kazuha now too.

    Let me know what you think of it when you do! It's really good.
    It'd be pretty easy for Jean to do it honestly. She charges her big heal really fast and passively heals the party as she's doing damage. In other news, I'm still enjoying the archipelago stuff and I just got Heizou so it's back to saving those primos haha.
    Honestly, most of the healers are quite good. I use Jean on my main team and Barbara on my second and both are great. I don't really use him, but Bennet is arguably the best healer in the game. Shinobu seems to be really solid too. From what I can tell, Diona and Sayu are both solid as well. The only healer who isn't very good at healing is Noelle and she's got shields to make up for it.
    I don't really use her outside of the Abyss either lol. I have other good healers too :').
    So. I have just experienced emotional whiplash. I pulled Qiqi again (c2, all from losing out on other banners) and was ready to rip apart my computer. Then immediately after I got Kazuha lmao.
    Her story stuff was really cool. I started off ambivalent but liked her a lot by the end. It's so weird she's completely dropped off the map.
    It's weird. I feel like everyone just immediately forgot about Shenhe and I don't know why.
    Just saw. It's Heizou, Thoma and Ningguang for the Kazuha banner. I'm not super eager for any of them but I don't dislike them either so works for me!
    I haven't played in a couple of days, whoops. I'm all set though. Do you know who the four stars on the upcoming banner are?
    Both the toymaker and the slime platformer thing are both very easy ways to make up a bunch of primos. So I wouldn't fret too much!
    You know, I bet you're right. I think the curve might still throw me a bit but I could see it being easier on mobile. What do you think of the toymaking event?
    I finished the drumming event ages ago. I got all the Primos from it but the curved layout really messed with my perception of where the beats were lol. The chasm mines one is legit tricky. I haven't been able to get through mission 3 yet. The new toymaking event is super easy though.
    They both pair well with Gorou... well every Geo does haha. You can do a legit really good full Geo team.
    I mean, when her skill is up it heals over time as well as doing electro damage. What team did you have in mind?
    Me too haha
    Not going for Itto/Shinobu is hurting. Itto is just a really fun character and Shinobu is mechanically really fun even if her personality is lacking.
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