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Sup everyone!!

Pokemon is a thing that I have grown up with, its like 50% of my childhood, I have collected as many pokemon cards as their is pokemons, I did tragicly lost my collection though. I also lost my collection of pokemon toys and pokeballs (which comes with the toys) :'(
But I am reading the pokemon diamond and pearl manga and I am watching the episodes, and of course I am playing the OLD games on nintendo DS.
How much more pokemon fan could I be??

Gotta catch 'em all ;)

My interests?

Well I love pokemon of course, but I watch a ton more animes and read many mangas. I am dancing also. Every week I go to a breakdance cource. I am also always with my friends after school. YES, I go to school :/
And my opinion is that even if I was going to a, I dont know, a rest-home, I would still like pokemon.

Youre never, I repeat, NEVER too old for pokemon :)
Sweden - The Land Of Snow
Male ♂
Also Known As
Captain Squirrel
Favorite Pokémon
Lugia, Celebi, Entei and Mew Two
are my favorite pokemons, they have
touched me so much in their movies,
I love them all :D